should've been a model


I’m planning a rather ambitious post-canon fanfic telling the story of Kuvira’s fight to redeem herself. I’ve got most of the plot planned in my head, I just need to get said plan on paper and then start writing! 

My art will also be an important part of this, so I wanted to share my design for Kuvira’s “hero” outfit once she’s out of jail (ok this isn’t the first time I’ve drawn it but whatever).

I recommend fullview on these. Tell me what you think!

Text ✉ Gigi & Louis
  • Gigi: Hey lovebug, are you busy? I could need a bit of help with something and you seem like the best, and obvious, choice in the matter
  • Gigi: Oh, maybe I should've been a little clearer. My bad. It's Gigi. You know, blonde model, have a thing for junk food, friends with Cara and an awesome role model? At your service
  • Louis: for a second i was going to text murder and scream loudly. it's a bit easier when you say who you are, i'd question the awesome though.
  • Louis: what do you need my help with?