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I started working on this when page 22 (first chapter) of the Caretaker comic came out. Which was …uh…..some months ago. Originally I wanted to make a silly little fancomic about the whole knife situation.

In the end I was too lazy to do it and now it turned into this.

A nice shot of Chara from the @caretaker-au

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Hi, wonderful❤❤ Have you ever thought about making a post and showing your process and tools you use/do when you make a picture :) I'd looove to see that! Like someday when you have time or if you feel like it!

Hey, Shay! ❤️ I have actually never really thought about it since my editing is pretty inconsistent and I tend to change styles all the time, but since I am finally somewhat happy with the way my pictures look, I guess I can make that post! My editing process is a bit wonky, keep in mind I am a total noob in Photoshop! How I edit my pictures under the cut! (edit: it was originally under the cut but I am afraid you can’t read it in my theme so it is no longer under the cut until I fix this, sorry!)

1. I use Reshade! Which, actually, makes a tremendous difference. I use this preset right over here. 

2. Then, I open up Photoshop, select the picture I want to edit and run early-grape’s action opal from the angelic ace action pack, which can be found here! The action is amazing but I actually do prefer it without the lilac-ish tones, so what I do is remove the layers that give the picture such tones. Here’s a picture: 

After you run the action your picture should look like this, what I do is delete the selected layers which I also attempted to circled around in red. So, to put it simply, after I have run the action I just press del.

3. After this is done I use Topaz Clean, which you can download herewith these settings:

4. After that is done I use smart sharpen (found under filter > sharpen > smart sharpen) with the following settings: 

5. Once this is done, your picture should look sort of like this:

So now, we crop! I usually crop all my pictures to 1366 x 610 (so I just select the crop tool and insert that ratio).

6. After this is done I usually adjust brightness, however in this picture, it wasn’t necessary, so we go straight to the next step which is adding a light leak, drag it over the picture and screen it! I just googled light leaks and found this one and so I just screen it, here’s a couple pictures below: 

7. Because I stopped using DOF sometimes, very rarely, when I feel like it, I select my sims with the selection tool, then I select inverse and blur the background using Gaussian blur (found under filters > blur > gaussian blur). And, that’s it!

Side note: I am a complete noob with Photoshop, but I am glad I know enough to be able to use what this community gives me to make my pictures look good! So a big thank you to those who provide actions and presets and all the tutorials, you are all so useful and kind for sharing these, so thank you, for helping out a noob like me! 

Strength of Spirit- Part 1

Dean Winchester walks into your laundromat looking very much like your next one night stand. Instead, tragedy strikes, and you end up in the middle of a nightmare, with only Dean (and his brother Sam) to help you navigate it.

Warning: canon-typical violence

Word Count: 1800ish

A/N: It’s been a while since I’ve done a series that wasn’t just smut. I’m hoping we’ll all have some fun with it! XOXO

There was a thunderstorm in the air. The clouds were rolling in and you could feel the heat about to break as you hauled your laundry across the street. Your apartment building really needed its own laundromat. This one was close, of course, which was nice. But if it started raining, you were stuck there until it was over.

Still, you took a deep breath and grinned. This was your favorite type of weather, gray and still, something forceful brewing, something wild and unpredictable.

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Warnings: a fluffy ed, a jealous oswald, implied sex, vvvvv slight nygmobblepot

Prompt: B being strong enough to pin A down and A having to bear through every tickle attack.

A/N: I had way too much fun writing this. WHY IS THERE BASICALLY NO FANFIC FOR EDDIE LIKE???? rip 💚🐧


You smiled as you remembered last night’s festivities with Ed. You leaned over and pecked the base of your boyfriend’s neck, slowly trailing kisses to his lips. You began to whisper sweet nothings into his ear and noted that he was awake from the faint smile he had and his arm that was wrapped around your waist held you tighter. “Last night was fun.” You said softly in his ear while you ran your fingers through his deep chocolate brown hair. It was one of the things he loved so much.

“Mm- yes, it was.” He said in his a deep gruff morning voice. You melted right in his arms. His hand rubbed the small of your back, then traced over your sides. You squirmed with a giggle and Ed gave you a confused look, but it then turned into mischievous grin when realization hit him. Your eyes grew wide as he flipped you both over in one swift movement. You were looking up at him which was always a good thing. He pinned your arms above your head with one hand and you tired to squirm out of his grasp but he was way stronger than you which would come as a surprise to some people because he doesn’t exactly look like the biggest guy in the world. “You’re ticklish aren’t you, (Name)?” He asked with a hint of curiosity and mischief in his eyes.

“No..! That’s ridiculous.” You tried to play it cool but you’re a terrible liar. You knew this. Ed knew this. Literally everyone knew this.

“Oh really?”


“You should really work on your lying, sweetpea.”

With his free hand, Ed tickled your sides relentlessly and your face was getting hotter and hotter by the second from your laughter. Ed enjoyed seeing you like this, these were the days he cherished the most and if he could, he would spent his every waking moment like with you.

“No! Please! Eddie! St-St-Stop!” You felt the tears running from the corners if your eyes from your constant laughter and you squirmed trying to get away but there was no use. He stopped for a second letting you breathe.

“Edward, That was enough!” You pouted like a 6 year old.

“What was enough?” He grinned.

“You pinning me down and tickling me!Plus you didn’t even give me a chance to put up a fair fight.” You protested. You knew for a fact that you couldn’t take him down in a million years but it didn’t hurt to try. Ed threw his hands up.

“Fine, fine. This time we’ll have a fair fight. I’ll give you a chance to take me down.” He bargained with a raised eyebrow. You thought about it for a second and agreed with smile. The both of you got up from the bed and stared each other down.

“I’m ready whenever you are.” Ed said with a smirk.

“Confident are we?” You asked with a tiny smirk and a raised eyebrow.

“Lil bit.” Ed shrugged with that same grin on his face. You rolled your eyes and ran at him and jumped attempting to knock him over but he caught you putting you over his shoulder. He spun a few time before gently slamming you on the bed and you giggled biting your bottom lip.

“Mm, you’re such a strong boy, Eddie.” You teased him and he looked at you with his eyebrows furrowed.

“Boy? But you were calling me daddy last night.” He chuckled darkly and pinned your hands over your head leaving you helpless.

“Did I say boy? I meant-” He cut you off by tickling your sides and neck.

“Ed! Edward-” You bursted out in laughter and Ed couldn’t help but to laugh with you. You were absolutely adorable.

“I’ll do anything! I’ll do anything!” You cried out through your laughter.

“Anything?” He stopped momentarily, letting you catch your breath.

“Anything.” You nodded.

Oswald just so happened to be walking past Ed’s room and heard muffled moans and whispers. Oswald, being the nosy person he is, pushed his ear against the door and was taken back to hear what he heard.

“Mmm, Eddie..” Oswald heard you moan. “(Name), that feels good,” Ed whimpered. “Don’t stop.”

Oswald’s eye twitched and he now had two choices: Burst in and bust you two for getting busy or leave you two in peace. Obviously he picked the first choice.

“UM EXCUSE ME BUT-” Oswald stopped mid sentence at the sight in front of him. You were on top of Ed, giving him a back massage.

“Oh my.” Oswald said. “Hi, Ozzie.” You gave him a small smile and a wave. Oswald returned the wave and awkwardly backed out of the room. “Bye, Ozzie.” You said simply and shrugged your shoulders.

“What just happ-” You cut Ed’s sentence off.

“I have no idea.” You laughed lightly and shook your head.


So after many failed attempts and a lot of swearing I finally found a way to make a template that works! Feel free to use it you should be able to adjust it fairly easily. The dots are all 1 inch apart.
• I made the paper myself by laying it over my handy cutting board which has a grid on it each line is exactly an inch apart. My first couple of tries I was drawing the full line onto my paper but that was very confusing and hard to sort out so I just marked the 1 inch intervals wih dots which worked a lot better. You can also do this using a ruler it just might not be as precise but that’s ok.
•I highly recommend you make a paper mock up tape it together and try that on to make sure it’s going to fit you before you cut into your materials.
• I used EVA foam to make my armour. I was able to get a huge roll of the stuff at canadian tire in their carpet and rug section. When cutting EVA foam if you mess up a line don’t try recutting it just sand it down with a bit of sandpaper otherwise it ends up looking choppy and really rough around the edges. I used contact cement to glue everything together.
• I had to put elastic on the back edge of the side panels to attach it to the back panel so I could fit it over my shoulders without ripping it. This seems to work pretty well so far.

If you have any questions let me know I’ll be happy to help you out if I can! Good luck

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When you first started losing weight how did you start? Like what steps did you take and what steps are you taking now?

I was over 400 pounds when I decided to lose weight, I had been trying for months with no success, but after a suicide attempt and spending some time in a mental hospital I finally found the motivation to change. 

I guess that’s the hardest step isn’t it? Finding motivation to change something negative about yourself, even if it seems impossible. I started by going to the gym and changing what I ate. I have lost weight before so I knew the steps to follow it was just a matter of discipline. 

Get a Gym membership. This is crucial and I know it’s a step that is a lot harder for some people than others but it is absolutely my number one recommendation. Go there, talk to the trainers, introduce yourself to people and ask for advice, surround yourself by the change you want to become.

As for what I did personally I cut out soda completely, I actually only drink water now even after having lost the weight, it’s just a healthier way of life really. Then you make yourself a list of foods that are okay to eat and foods you’re going to stay away from. In this step you can choose to follow specific diets or just follow your own feelings, I suggest sticking to a specific diet at first just so you have a guideline to follow until you feel comfortable.

One thing that helped me above anything else food wise was drinking tea, it helped me reform my body and my metabolism and I couldn’t be any more grateful for it. You can find teas that suit you by doing your own research but if you’d like to try it I recommend they have a variety of teas for different purposes and they’re very clear and upfront about it and I like that. I personally drink teami skinny and teami detox, although you should feel free to try any variation that works for you. They’ve actually sponsored me thanks to my huge success with them so you can get 15% every order you make if you use my coupon code “BENJI″ 🌞

Along with all these steps you have to follow physically what you do mentally is just as important. Changing your lifestyle to a healthier one is more than just changing what you do with your body on the outside. Surround yourself with positive and encouraging thoughts and behavior. Having a clean room and a clean environment helps you stay stress free which helps your body out in the long term and cutting off toxic relationships does the same. 

So you see being healthy is more than just reducing the number on the scale, it’s a process of healing for both body and mind. I hope this helps anyone who is having a hard time finding the motivation to start or struggling to maintain their path remember that it’s all worth it. I lost close to 200 pounds and it has been absolutely world changing. Not only did I make sure I can be there for my daughter in the future but I saved myself from my depression by freeing myself of the physical cage I had built for myself. It’s super cliche but I promise you if I can do it so can you. If you need any more help feel free to reach out to me, I am always willing to lend my experience and knowledge to help those who need it. Good luck <3

The Lie

Synopsis: Seungri finds out that when you were a teenager you put his child up for adoption. 

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 3,456

Originally posted by seungrisvip

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Y'all gotta learn to give ppl they space. You can’t expect ppl to have unlimited emotional energy to be able to help you and always give you advice when you need it. Ppl got they own baggage to deal with without having to help you sort through yours too

A Spell to Escape: “Get Me Out of This Mess”


o   An airtight jar or bottle.


o   A Copper Coin: For luck and prosperity so that you can afford to escape this mess.

o   An Unlit Match: For a sulfuric light in the darkest of messes.

o   Black Pepper:  For protection against those involved in this mess.

o   Honey: To sweeten the ears of though who can provide assistance.

o   Garlic**:  For the willpower and strength to get out of this mess.

o   Onion*: For personal growth, endurance, prosperity and protection.

o   Quartz: For the clarity of mind and strength to make it through this mess.

o   Red Pepper**:  For a slightly aggressive banishment towards those who are causing this mess.

o   Sewing Needle: To provide direction and a way for you to weave your way out of this mess.

o   Tiny Glass Shards:  A much more aggressive banishment towards those who are causing this mess; also a strong protective agent.

·*Tip 1: You don’t have to use a literal onion; dried onion, onion powder, onion skins, onion flakes – they should all work as well.

**Tip 2:  You can obtain red pepper for free in small packets at most pizza places; same with garlic & onion flakes.

§  Other possible ingredients:  Apache Tears (a type of obsidian), Bay Leaves, Flourite, Hematite, Labradorite, Moss Agate, Tea Leaves, Tobacco


Spell Steps:

Step 1:  Add each of your layers slowly (see below) and carefully, using a funnel if necessary.  As you add each ingredient, feel its associated energy flowing into and infusing your spell bottle with intent.

Step 2:  Don’t your dare injure yourself on that needle or glass.  Wear gloves if you have to.

Step 3:  Seal your jar or bottle tightly.  If you choose to say a few words with the spell, try:

o   “I’m in a huge mess, I need to get out, please help me escape what this trouble’s about.”

Hold your bottle and take a moment to really focus on your willpower and intent.  If your situation makes you angry, channel it into the glass.  Channel your desperation into the honey.  Use what you’ve got.

Step 4:  End the spell and ground yourself.

Step 5:  Put the bottle somewhere safe and close.  When your struggle is getting out of hand, take the bottle and GENTLY shake it while thinking of your intent, and reciting the words you used when you first did the spell (or as close to them as you can recall).


Ingredient Layers

Layer 1:  Cover the bottom of your jar with black pepper.

Layer 2:  Add in your garlic, onion, and red pepper.

Layer 3:  Add in your unlit match, sewing needle, and glass shards.  Be careful!

Layer 4: Drown the whole thing in honey.

(by tarigrove​)

Mob Psycho 100 fight meme: who should you fight?

Kageyama “Mob” Shigeo:

  • um why the fuck would you wanna fight this boy
  • literally he’s the nicest person on earth and he’s already beating himself up plentily enough is there any reason at all
  • I mean if he does fight you one-on-one seriously then you’d lose. there’s no alternative. you can’t win
  • well considering any fight he ever participates in ends with him befriending a buncha people I can understand why you’d wanna fight him. but this boy is also rly easy to be friend with why would you go the hard way.

Kageyama Ritsu

  • as long as he has his shit together he’s gonna win. and this is the boy who has his shit together in captivity of a bona fide psychic organisation. 
  • but you will have a chance if you use bugs
  • but then you have to remember that touching ritsu equals dragging mob into this and he’ll be serious about it. and you know how that’d go so

Reigen Arataka

  • bring earmuffs and keep your aim true. don’t let the arms distract you
  • also you’ll need a lot of luck because that is where he will almost always one up you

Hanazawa Teruki

  • you’re not gonna win unless you’re mob
  • you’re not even gonna be able to get a rise out of him now so what’s the point
  • isn’t he fun enough to observe from armlength why must you fight him all you’re gonna get is defeat and a lecture from a 14 yo kid do you want that

Suzuki Shou

  • no sorry you dont have a chance. this boy sees you and already knows if you want to fight him or not. he’s gonna be ruthless on you without actually doing any harm. he has an army of psychics twice his age. if you have a way to go up against that please tell me
  • unless you somehow can make him loathe you, then maybe he’d slip. not guaranteed tho


  • please fight this bitch
  • us commonners dont stand a chance of winning but it’d still be worth it
  • just fucking quantity over quality if we can even land a hit I’d die happy

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9 and 29 for the prompt thingy <3

Because these guys kinda work together I assume you want me to use them in one drabble? If I assumed wrong then i’m super sorry and I owe you another drabble haha <3 

9. “Quit it or I’ll bite.”

29. “Come over here and make me.”

Isak was staring at his Biology assignment in anger. “What the fuck is this supposed to mean? Why can’t I get this one stupid question?” he shouted to literally nothing. ah fuck this. 

he rested his head on his laptop in defeat. 


his head snapped back up in alert immediately at the sound of his phone beeping. 

he checked it and suddenly all of his stress seemed a little less suffocating and he smiled fondly at his screen. 


Hey genius, have you finished your assignment so I can come over yet??

Isak smiled, ever since he scored a 4 on one silly assignment that one time, him and Even agreed that they could not be in the same room when serious work was in need of being done. 

I mean they complained about it constantly, but it was all for good reason. When Even was around Isak he couldn’t concentrate knowing that his lips, his hands, his eyes, his everything; was right there waiting for Isak to touch every single part of him. 

ugh even when he wasn’t around that was all Isak could think about. 

he began typing a reply. 


It’s too hard. I give up 😥


Don’t give up you got this ❤️

Isak laughed hard and shook his head. His boyfriend was such a dork and he loved it. 


That wasn’t very convincing


Well maybe this will be…

Isak waited, a smile already permanently stuck on his face.


Finish your work or else


Why don’t you just come over here and make me?


I would…

But that’s against the rules Isak!


Totally knew you were all bark and no bite


Aw Isak did you just make a dog pun? 😍

But shut up, I can totally bite. 




You know I can 😉

God dammit have you finished your work so I can come over and bark and bite in person??


Just come over now. 


…….I shouldn’t 


I was thinking of having a shower later.


Ah fuck


Isak grinned. This was so much better than biology. Like that can wait. He can do it during his free tomorrow. 

“Okay okay, You should do your work now.” Even pulled back and gently stroked Isak’s cheek. 

Isak shrugged “I’ll do it tomorrow.” he pressed his lips back against Even’s, his hands threading into his damp hair. 

When Even got here they had both decided that the shower must be pushed up to that very second. and then for the last couple hours they have just been lost in each others arms and lips. 

Even laughed and pulled away again “I’m serious! Do your work.” 

Isak threw his head back and groaned “Ahhhh it’s fine.” 

he tilted his head back up waiting for his kiss. 

“No Isak. We are not going to be one of those couples who sacrifice their education just to make out.” 

Isak squinted his eyes at him “Isn’t that what we just did?” 

“Exactly! Now get off me and do your work.” 

“No.” Isak snuggled closer to Even and kissed his neck.” 

“Isaaaak” Even half warned half moaned. 

he trailed kisses up Even’s chin and then gently pressed his lips against the soft spot behind Even’s ear that sent shivers down his body. 


Isak replied by kissing Even’s lips again making him moan against his mouth. 

They were lost again until Even finally gained some control and pulled back, while holding onto Isak’s golden curls. 

“Quit it Isak or I will bite.”

Isak rolled his eyes “ahhhh it’s just so confusing.” 

“Hey” Even brushed his fingers over Isak’s lips “You are good at this. Just trust your instincts. Don’t be so hard on yourself.” 

Isak nodded and looked down at their laps. 

“Listen you finish your work and I’ll cook us something special, and then by the time you’re finished we can eat and watch something boring so we just end up making out instead.” 

Isak laughed “I love you.” 

Even brushed his lips against Isak’s briefly “I love you, my genius. Now go do your work.” 

Isak rolled his eyes and reluctantly got off of his beautiful boyfriend and back to where he left his biology. 

But not before he looked back one more time and thanked the universe for bringing this Even to his Isak. 

This ended up being so mushy but I hope you like it <3

Affectionate - John Shelby

Request: You and John are together and John gets drunk and you bring him home to try and sober him up but he just keeps saying lovey dovey stuff to you and acts like a fool idk something fluffy 

Affectionate - John Shelby

“He’s drunk,” Arthur instructed as he led John further into your house. He had knocked on the door at two in the morning with John slumped against him.  

“He’s always drunk Arthur, but I appreciate your attempt at making it sound unusual.” You replied, shutting the door and following Arthur down the hall. “Will you walk him up the stairs?”  

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i need to like… say something about this trend i keep seeing. i feel like i say this a LOT actually on nearly all my blogs but it can’t be said enough tbh.

so like -seinfield voice- what’s the deal with all the tragic abuse stories?

and no, not like.. “haha that’s not a thing that happens” because i’m sure we each of us could say “oh but it does, here is how it happened to ME” and it would be varying degrees of abuse.. going from emotional to verbal to physical and even sexual. like i get that, i know that is a thing, trust me.

what i DONT get is how it seems to be used as The Trend that Gives Your Character A Plot or Makes Them Interesting.

Like if you remove that and your character is boring as fuck then even with it your character is boring as fuck. like ????? abuse plots/pasts/bios/whatever can be used in a way that works and a way that doesn’t make using it a gross trend or fetish or something either???

like ok if ur gonna tell me ur character is anna jo whitelastname here (bc lbr, YALL, the amt of bland white girls that this pertains to is out of fucking control. this is COMING from a white girl.) and she had the perfect parents until one day randomly they were not perfect and either they abandoned her or like, began to “show their true selves” like ???? like wtf??? and then u never explain it u just constantly write “and then they were gone! and they just had to go! it was just the way it was!”  you are not writing a background character very well. you give a background character THAT much crazy story in your muse’s story then u need to explain some shit and motives and explore that and if not…

man it feels not only tropey as FUCK but like you didn’t even try? you just wanted to put as many tropey events for “abuse” as u could to justify why your bambi whitegirl is the way she is? and the way she is… is typically STILL very boring or if not boring .. wildly illogical as to where she goes next.

like i’ve seen it go from bambi whitegirl FINALLY stops being scared and lives on her own and she goes to school and that’s it!! that’s the end of the bio, welcome to her life of… going to school??? serving coffee maybe? being cute but flinches every time u touch her???


and it’s weird and it’s gross and it’s just fucking boring. dude what is the DEAL with this? can we please stop writing these OCs that are nothing but a white bread and processed cheese sandwich of abuse tropes? let’s learn to craft a background character that can remain as such until necessary that doesn’t invalidate or make weird our muse’s stories. let’s learn to not rely on having our muses get beaten or talked shit to or what the fuck ever just to give them a hump of a plot that you can say you walked over as if you just climbed mt everest.

i mean, shit, you could leave that out and keep the BORING shit and still make that interesting bc writers do all the time??? i mean??? seinfield=a story about nothing but it’s funny as shit. most dumb sitcoms manage this and can be interesting while still doing mundane things. it is possible but the crutch of abuse as a storyline or the whole THING behind your muse is getting fucking old. yall we can do better.


For the Anon who asked me something with Kanjiklub. I hope you like it!

Best spots to clean first - physical cleansing for Spoonie witches

I know when have any disablity, cleaning your entire room or house can be hard to do even in a week. So I made a list of some things to tackle first whenever you get energy/spoons to clean. 

-Your altar/witch tools- This is the first place I clean every month for the new moon cleansing. That way if something happened and I’m suddenly out of spoons for the week, at least my sacred space is cleansed for me to escape too and do magick. 

-Your nightstand- If you have a cluttered nightstand, it can make you have a difficult time to sleep, leading to fatigue and so on. Clean up the junk on your night stand and make your bed while you’re at it! 

-Your mudroom (or place where you dump your keys/phone/shoes/etc)- Coming home should free you of the stress of work and/or school. Clean up the first places you see when you come home. 

-Your computer desk- I read somewhere in psychology that a cluttered work space leads to a cluttered mind and causes more stress. Pick up your desk and dust it, clean it, etc. 

Gooner Rant

Gooners lets get this straight PORN is all that matters. Embrace your addiction. Block everything else from your life. Ignore all your family and friends they are not important unless they are encouraging your GOONING. Your Mother and Father are not important unless they encourage you and GOON with you. Distance yourself lose all connection for PORN. Save up move out of state dont tell no one. Get to know other serious GOONERS about meeting and GOONING together and who know possibly going in on a GOON SHACK together. Let PORN completly isolate you from anyone who dosent support you. PORN IS LIFE….PORN OVER EVERYTHING!!! Ignore your mommy for PORN GOONER….FUCK your life up for PORN GOONER!!! PORN OWNS YOU!!! The only thing that should keep you away from PORN is work and the only reason you work is to support your ADDICTION, and even at work you should be worshiping PORN at any free moment. Nothing else should keep you from your ADDICTION not family. friends , weddings, funerals , get togethers . etc.. PORN IS ALL THAT MATTERS!!! The last time i talked to my mom a month ago i asked for 100 dollars for bills, told her i would give it back in a week, i bought weed and a PORN subscription lol and havent attempted to contact her since. She texted once about two weeks ago but i didnt respond.. Fuck you mom your not important…PORN MOMMYS OWN ME!!! You need to realize what you have is an ADDICTION there is no cure for. Dont waste your time doubting your PORN ADDICTION or even think about rehab. Its just a waste of money and time you could be spending with PORN and face it you know your just going to RELAPSE harder then before!

@servuspornonis2 @itsbetalars @worship-porn-my-goddess @confessionsofapornpiggy @goonerforsadists @goon-my-brain-out

well i made a ball-jointed Sans doll template

but as it turns out i cant get my hands on materials and tools to make this as of now (and probably wont anytime soon)

so idk maybe someone can make use of this since i already made it???

if you do make anything using this whether it is a drawing or a doll please credit me lmao, and maybe show me cuz im curious