should you give yourself a headache from laughing this hard at a picture of yourself

Uni || Jack Maynard

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Word Count: 1.2k

A/N: This is the first request I’ve fulfilled in a while, so I really hope you enjoy this anon and everyone else too!! I’ve missed writing for Jack so much tbh xo

“I can’t do this.”

Jack looks up from his laptop and frowns at you as you groan and push your piles upon piles of coursework away angrily. “You okay babe?”

You sigh and look over at him with a reassuring smile. “Yeah, I’m fine. Just a little stressed about my exams.”

That was a lie; in fact, you were definitely not okay. You had bruises on your arms from pinching yourself and urging your body to stay awake, you constantly had a headache, you were exhausted and you couldn’t remember ever consuming as much caffeine as you had in those last three months.

You’d known since the beginning that Uni was going to prove itself a challenge, but you never imagined that things could get this bad. You didn’t sleep, you were constantly stressed out and all you thought about was when your next deadline was.

And now here you were, sat in your boyfriend’s living room on a Saturday evening, your course work covering up every inch of his breakfast bar. Your hair was a mess from you constantly fiddling with it, you had dark circles under your eyes and your lips were more chapped than they ever had been before.

There was an anatomy book open in front of you, and as hard as you tried to force yourself into being interested in the subject, you physically couldn’t. All you saw were words on a page alongside a few scribbled drawings of human body parts.

You chew on your bottom lip, and inhale deeply, picking up a pencil and staring intently down at one of the many questions on the page. With your hand shaking from the high amount of caffeine running through your veins, you write down the answer and try to feel proud of yourself for knowing the answer automatically, but you couldn’t.

That was when you dropped the pencil and sat back, your eyes wandering over the textbooks and the thick folders of work that you’d done over the past year. The fact that you’d made it this far should’ve been an achievement, something to be proud of, but instead, all you felt in the pit of your stomach was regret.

You didn’t want to be a doctor, you’d never wanted to be a doctor. Your parents had wanted you to be a doctor, just like they had been once upon a time, and for years you’d convinced yourself that you wanted it too. But now, here you were, with tears in your eyes as you stare at the pictures in the book with no emotion at all.

You stand up and shake your head, inhaling shakily before something in your brain clicked and all you felt was utter devastation. You’d wasted the most precious years of your life desperately trying to pursue a career you had no interest in whatsoever.


You look up from the spot that you’d been staring at on the floor and watch silently as Jack stands up and walks over to you, concern on his face as he stops in front of you and cups your cold cheeks in his hands.

You look up into his eyes, leaning into his touch and pressing your lips together softly. “I- I can’t do this anymore.”

“Do what?” Jack frowns, his hands falling from your cheeks as he takes a step back. “Are you- are you breaking up with me?”

Your eyes widen in shock. “What? No! Of course I’m not!” Shaking your head violently, you stick your arm out and point toward the mess of paper on his countertop. “That. I can’t do that anymore.”

“Uni?” He clarifies, and you nod, brushing a stray tear away from your cheek just seconds after you feel it fall. He scrunches up his nose and looks down at you in confusion. “Well then, pretty girl, if you don’t have any plans for the next few weeks, how about we take a little trip?”

You furrow your brows. “Wait, why aren’t you trying to convince me that I should stay in school and focus solely on my studies because my future relies on me becoming a successful doctor?”

“Because I think you’ve already tried to convince yourself that enough times for it to not work when I try.” He smiles softly, shaking his head and running his fingers down your arms. “You’re so exhausted all the time and drinking as much coffee as you do can’t be healthy. You spend more time studying than you do living your life and that isn’t okay.” He speaks with such sincerity that you feel yourself melting into his words. “You deserve a break, love. Whether you completely give up on becoming a doctor or just focus on something else for a while, that doesn’t matter. All that matters to me is that you’re happy.”

There was a moment of silence as you stare into his eyes, tears pooling in your own before you move forward and wrap your arms around him, hugging him tightly and pushing your head into his shoulder. “I love you so much.”

“I love you more, pretty girl.” He mumbles, wrapping his arms around you equally as tightly as you had yours around him, only letting you go when your grip on him loosened. “So, where should we go? Maybe America to visit Conor, or maybe we could go to Dubai to see your Aunt?”

You look up at him, laughing slightly in shock. “Wait, are you being serious?”

“Mhm.” He nods, glancing over his shoulder at the mess that you’d made in his kitchen and frowning. “I don’t want to force you into doing or not doing anything. All I want you to do is follow your heart and do what you think’s best. But this?” He gestures toward you and the work. “I can tell that this isn’t making you very happy.”

You nod in agreement, fiddling with the bottoms of your sleeves for a moment before looking at him. “I wanna drop out.”

“Then drop out.” He nods, and you eye him in surprise. “You can drop out, and find something you’re truly passionate about. It’s not like you’re relying on Uni for anything just yet, so just do it. You have me and all of the boys to fall back on if you ever need too. All we care about is you.”

“What about my parents?” You ask, your face falling at the sudden cringe back your boyfriend took.

“You’re gonna have to find a way to break the news to them.” He smiles apologetically, shuddering at the thought of your father’s threatening voice. “If your dad asks, I tried to convince you to stay in school.”

 chuckle and nod, glancing between your boyfriend and the kitchen counter, biting your lip.

Never had you been more sure as you were in that moment. Being a doctor wasn’t what you wanted to do with your life, and that was okay. Because you were still young, still finding yourself, and you still had a long journey ahead of you yet.

But for now you had Jack by your side, and he was all you needed.

something more (a paulo dybala imagine)

Your head is pounding, and that’s pretty much all you can think about.

Never mind the fact that Paulo, your best friend of 3 years is asleep and drooling next to you or the fact that you’re pretty sure that you’re wearing his shirt. You wince, as the sunlight seeping in from the haphazardly closed blinds makes your head twinge and you rub at your eyes, before glancing at the clock on the bedside table.


In other words, you were 3 and a half hours late for work.


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her art ; l. taeyong

» halloween au

» the art of distinguishing art from reality can only leave one loss for words because art is reality.

Hushed several shuffles of noises could be distinctly heard from outside. A woman, who was fortunately blessed with such beauty and power, all clad in a dark long gown took it upon herself to silently walk towards the loud knocking from the wooden door. Then two children came stumbling down from upstairs, both teary eyed and holding paint brushes in their tiny hands before the husband reappeared from behind, ushering the kids to go back to bed. After the children was out of sight, the woman let out a muffled cry, sharing the same exact look her husband was giving her. Worry.

“Where are we heading to, mother?” Came the unanswered question that left past your lips. On the corner of your eye, you caught a glimpse of the smiling woman shaking her head in silence before placing her hand on your back and giving you a small push towards a glass door. You glanced back to her before letting your eyes roam the small sight in front of you, before deciding to go inside the seemingly old antique store.

“Woah, this is amazing. What is this place?”

“This, my dear, was your grandfather’s shop.” You watched her pick herself up slowly before walking towards a framed picture of a man, picking it up before examining it with a smile never leaving her face.

“Was?” It came out in disbelief tone, with you looking at her with such shock, and your mouth opened agape. With all the years of existing, never once did your mother tell you about your grandparents, nor did she mention once about what they were like as people.

She hummed in response, and you figured she didn’t want to continue the talk so you wandered throughout the whole shop, although you kept glancing back to her looking down at a picture with a sad smile.

“What are we going to do?” The woman cried out to her husband as more loud knocking emitted from the door. The man looked behind to see the empty canvases and paint brushes and cans of colored paint, before giving his wife a smile and engulfing her in a hug.

“Get out of here, take our children with you. I’ll take care of this.” He ushered his wife to go upstairs, because there, was a secret passage way out the house that led to a river - and if you followed that river it’ll lead you to a new town village. The woman hugged her husband tightly, as tears uncontrollably left her eyes, shaking her head no continuously.

“No! I can’t leave you! Not now!” He stopped her crying with a plant of sweet kiss on her lips before cupping her cheeks with a smile, a tear escaping the corner of his eye.

“They can’t hurt me, for I am nothing but a mere painting that became living, my love.”

A few hours later, you found yourself standing in front of a room, art club, before knocking and peeking inside only to see everyone placed on stools with empty canvases in front of them and giving you a confused look. A sheepish smile crawled up on your lips as you waved, “Can I join this club?” In the back, you managed to make eye contact with two of your friends; Mark and Taeil who gave you cute smiles.

A clear of throat came from a woman, who looked like the president of the club, earning everyone’s attention, including yours. She scanned the room before looking at you with a nod, gesturing for you to enter and to take a sit. After a plenty of minutes had passed from all the interview she did with you, the class once again resumed.

As soon as you sat down on a stool, you picked up a brush and for some reason, it brought tingles through your whole body making you shiver. And looking at the empty paper in front of you, why did you had the urge to paint? To deliver a beautiful image out but somehow your mind is blank as you stared down at the cans of paint, it was staring back at you with such mock, waiting to be used and refilled.

“Okay, dismissed! Tonight, I want you to paint something, a person - to be exact. Try to visualize a person, someone you haven’t seen in your entire life, that’s it. I know it might be hard, but if you think about giving up, feel free to leave and never come back.” The club president barked out, letting out a laugh soon after when one of the people fell down from their stools in surprise.

That night, you found yourself sitting on your dorm bed and staring at the mocking canvas. And after a few cups of coffee and blasting instrumental music, you again, found it upon yourself to look at the now paint covered canvas. The once mocking canvas that stared at you and eager to be filled with such color and sketches.

You smiled to yourself, feeling sleepiness take over you. Your mind was half awake from all the hours of staying up and the fact that you have to wake up early to present your work at the club soon was making you earn a headache. A proud feeling filled you as you let your hands graze on the soft feeling of paper, eyes staring back at the intense gaze of a man whom you painted - whom you did not knew - but at least you got your club leader’s instructions right, right?

The only thing left is what you’ll name him. Your work of art.

You searched for various of names on the internet but nothing seemed to fit his handsome face, until you came to a final name. And you smiled sleepily to yourself. Lee Taeyong would be his name.

“Mother, where is father?” The girl sniffled, as she locked hands with her brother, both looking at their mother in concern as they desperately looked to their left and right in search of their father - and her husband. The beautiful woman remained silent, face full of dried tears and mouth formed into a small frown as she tried her hardest to appear strong for her children, their children.

“Mother, where’s daddy?” The boy asked, after his sister asked. Both children stopping from their walk and looking up to their mother in hopes of her saying her father was just right there.

Poor children, how can she tell her kids that their father will never be coming back?

You woke up to the smell of food lingering in air, making you sit up with eyes widened. You didn’t have a roommate to begin with, so who was this person?

You quietly walked out of room before stopping on your tracks as you saw a man humming to himself, his back faced to you. You cleared your throat, only to feel something stuck on your throat as soon as he faced you.

Looking back at you was the person you painted. But instead of an intense gaze etched on his face, a smile was forming on his lips as he waited for you to talk. You hurriedly walked back to your room to wash your face, and you may or may not have slipped a few hard pinches on your arm to make sure you aren’t seeing this. What sorcery is this?

You returned to the kitchen and gawked. “Who are you?” It surprised you how calm you are about the situation, how you aren’t running around screaming. He blinked back to you before laughing.

“Didn’t you name me Taeyong? Lee Taeyong?” Oh god, if you were fully wide awake you would’ve drop down to the ground in shock. But instead, you stood, frozen in place as your mouth was stuck in a circle. He slowly walked towards to you and that was probably enough for you to wake up from your trance - putting out your hands out to him, stopping him.

“Where did you came from?”

“I dont know? I just opened my eyes and now I’m here.”

“Oh my god.” A hand brought up to your mouth as you stared at the man, Lee Taeyong. He was the man whom you painted last night, how is here? Alive and in flesh?

“Is that a bad thing? Oh, I-I’m sorry.” Before you could say something back, he immediately took your hand and a burst of shivers crawled up your arms.

“Fuck, you’re real.” You gawked. “You’re coming with me. To my mother. No questions asked, just stay here and don’t touch anything, alright?” Although Taeyong seemed intimidating to begin with, he seemed to obey your instructions and sat down quietly, fiddling with the ends of his sweater.

You quickly dressed up and when you came back to the kitchen, everything was cleaned off. You sighed to yourself, it seemed like he got rid of the food he cooked and cleaned his mess. “Come on.” He hurriedly stood up from his spot and and walked towards you to the door, almost stumbling on his own feet.

It didn’t go unnoticed that he even intertwined his hand with yours, slightly trembling from fear.

“No matter what you do, never touch a paint brush, and don’t paint.” The woman told her children after a few years of her husband’s disappearance.


“Because my loves, we are no ordinary people. We have the ability to paint and make things alive. That’s why you should never paint, that is dangerous, okay?”

As soon as you visited your mother, the smile on her face as she greeted you slightly faltered. “Oh, who’s this fine gentleman?” Taeyong’s hand tightened around yours, which you presumed is from nervousness, he remained quiet beside you as you started explaining to your mother.

“I think this is better to discuss inside the living room, mom.” In which she led you two and sat you two down before crossing her legs and giving you two a look.

“This is Taeyong, I painted him.” Was the first thing that came out of your mouth. Your mother seemed unfazed though, only letting a shaking smile crawl up on her lips, before pointing at Taeyong beside you. “I-Is this true, dear?” He let out a mere nod, hands fiddling with the ends of his sweater.

“My child.” Your mom called out, making you look up as she stood up before heading towards a room, then returning with a picture - the same painted photo she was staring at back at the antique shop. “This is my husband, your dad.”

“Where is it? God, where are you?” The woman, kneeled down, searched for a particular painting. A frustrated cry left her lips as her hands desperately clawed at the clothes before her hand came in contact with a hard surface of a canvas photo. There, she found the remains of her husband, the painting she made.

“I knew this would happen to you no matter what. Because our ancestors power would continuously be passed down to new generations, and this time, it’s you. I hope you don’t make any wrong mistakes, love. It’s up to you whether you would love this young man right here or throw his painting. It’s completely up to you.” Taeyong’s hands came to rest on your shoulders as he stared at you, looking at you with those two eyes that said one thing. Worry.

“I don’t know mom, this is too much to take in.” His shoulders fell down in limp, hands falling down to his lap as he looked down at his shoes, sighing.

Your mother gave a sad look at Taeyong before glancing back to you. “I don’t think that is the right thing to say. You should take things into consideration, like, he might be helpful and maybe, sometime in the future, you two might fall in love, maybe?”

You and Taeyong came home after a few hours later of talking to your mother. And the moment you two entered your room, his hand left yours as he stood unmoving. Eyes fixated on the painting of him on the bed, he bit the inside of his cheeks.

“Are you going to get rid of me?”

You watched him walk towards your bed and sit on it, eyes trained on the painting as took it in his hands and examined it with a depressed look.

“No.” He looked up from his position to see you staring back at him with a worried look, you walked towards him and sat beside him. “This might be a lot to take in, but i’m pretty sure i’ll get used to this. And Taeyong? Don’t worry, I have no intention of getting rid of you.”

teen choice awards

requested: “can you do one where shawn meets y/n backstage or something and shes like shy but interesting at first and occasionally he gets her to sing, she sings a whintey houston-ish song you know a big ballad and he’s blown away and wants to make her famous.”

also requested: “hi bb I love your writings!! Could you please write something where y/n is a famous singer and meets Shawn at the Teen Choice Awards and they hit it off/flirt/exchange numbers? Probably kinda weird but I would love it!!!! xoxo” authors note: i thought i would sorta combine these two and i hope y'all don’t mind. also, this imagine is rather long and it takes a bit of time to get to the point so i apologize. i was just trying to figure everything out and make sure it all made sense. idek.

“Please work.” You mumbled to yourself while messing around with the lens on you camera. For some reason it wouldn’t click right whenever you tried to put it on, and you were terrified at the fact that it could be broken. You worked as a photographer and tonight your job was to take pictures of the celebrities who performed at the Teen Choice Awards. You’ve been photographing moments for as long as you can remember but you’ve never had this big of an opportunity until now. You had already met several celebrities backstage and you were in awe at how humble some of them were, and also how rude some of them were. Everyone was different and it was interesting to see.

“Are you okay?” You heard a voice say and you quickly looked up, taking your glasses off and resting them on your head. You really only needed glasses to see things up close, but whenever you were talking to someone or doing anything else, you didn’t need them, and sometimes they’d give you a headache. Before you could respond, the voice spoke up again.

“Oh cool, what kind of camera is that?” It took you a minute to realize, but once you blinked hard a few times, you finally noticed that Shawn Mendes was talking to you. The Shawn Mendes from Vine, the kid you had a huge crush on when you first discovered him in Magcon.

“Canon 5d mark iii.” You said shyly trying hard to hide your flustered cheeks and pounding heart.

“Cool. My friend is a photographer and he’s actually here taking some pics. I assume that’s what you’re doing too? Oh sorry, I totally forgot to even introduce myself, I’m Shawn.” He smiled wide and stuck out his hand. You awkwardly put down your camera on the nearest table and stood up to shake his hand before saying, “I’m Y/N.”

“So is everything okay? I didn’t mean to eavesdrop but it sounded like you were having some trouble.” Shawn said politely. He was just as sweet as his fanbase always said he was.

“Oh yeah, I’m fine. I was just having trouble putting my lens on. But it’s okay.” You said laughing a little, trying to make things more casual. You always laughed whenever you got nervous. After a few extra minutes of small talk with Shawn, he eventually had to go on stage to perform and you had to be out there too, taking pictures. You got some good shots of several different celebrities so you were proud of yourself. As the evening went on, it got later and you got tired. Your photography instructor told you take however many pictures you wanted, and she didn’t give you any time frames, so you figured you would give yourself a small break, and sit backstage on one of the couches and listen to Ariana Grande’s performance. She sang her powerful song Dangerous Woman which you loved. Ariana’s voice was strong and beautiful and you always wished you could sing something like that. After you sang along to Ariana’s performance, you decided to sing the song again but by yourself since it seemed that no one was around to hear your mediocre singing voice.

“Makessss me feel like a dangerous wommannn.” You flipped through snapchat stories on your phone as you belted out the rest of her song. You sang the last line, and your heart jumped out of your chest when all of a sudden you heard someone clapping. You almost dropped your phone.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. But that was incredible Y/N!” It was Shawn. Shawn Mendes was talking to you again. You sat there wide eyed, with bright red cheeks feeling a bit embarrassed about the fact that he just heard you sing, but you also felt slightly confused about the fact that he said it was incredible. You never thought your voice was really any good. You sang in choirs before, and you sing in the shower and in the car, but you always looked at singing as a hobby. You wished for it to be something more, but that never seemed realistic to you.

“Uh, thank you!” You said with a small smile, and putting your phone in your back pocket.

“That voice of yours deserves to be on the radio or something, seriously. How long have you been singing?” Shawn walked over, and sat down next to you on the couch.

“I don’t know, for as long as I can remember?” You laughed shyly, and looked at him, still wondering why he even thought you sounded good. Was he messing with you? Were you being pranked?

“You shouldn’t be sitting on a couch backstage, you should be performing, on stage.” Shawn was sitting rather close to you, and his voice was soft. He sounded genuine. You were in shock. Shawn Mendes, someone you thought had the voice of an angel, was saying that you had a good voice. And you didn’t know what to say, so you just looked down and smiled, trying to remain as humble as possible.

Two years later

You played with the cord of the microphone as you tried to keep a straight face, while being interviewed backstage at the Teen Choice Awards. “You’ve gotten quite popular so quickly, do you ever miss when you weren’t famous?” The woman said to you with a smile on her face.

“Of course, but I love this job. I’m grateful either way.” You said simply. After a few more questions, you finally finished the interview. You sat backstage while people reapplied makeup, and you chatted with whoever else was getting their makeup done. Several people congratulated you on your new album that was just released, and you thanked them. Your life has drastically changed after your old friend Shawn Mendes had convinced you to post a over on YouTube. After you did, he shouted you out, causing you to gain thousands of followers and soon enough you were signed. But that was two years ago. You and Shawn talked as friends for maybe 6 months and then stopped. You don’t know why but it just happened. Both of your lives were busy, so you didn’t really let it bother you. Just as you were thinking of someone you haven’t spoken to for so long, Shawn walked into the room backstage. You pretended not to notice by looking at yourself in the mirror, fixing any mistakes your makeup artists made. You weren’t a makeup expert but sometimes your makeup artist didn’t know what looked good on you.

“Y/N?” You heard him. Shawn. You saw him now too. You saw him behind you in the reflection of the mirror and you quickly turned around.

“Shawn!” You said kindly giving him an awkward hug.

“It’s been so long. How are you? Congrats on your album by the way.” He scratched the back of his neck as he spoke.

“Thank you! And I’m great, how are you?”

You remembered very well when you met Shawn two years ago, at this exact place. It was crazy how you went from taking pictures of celebrities, to actually becoming a celebrity and now you watched people take pictures of you. You and Shawn talked for about 20 minutes or so. The awards show was technically over and you were supposed to be attending an afterparty but instead you were here talking with Shawn. You both caught up on each other’s lives and eventually you exchanged numbers. You had his number from two years ago, but apparently it was changed.

“I’m sorry for not talking to you for so long. I’m glad we caught up though, and I’d love to take this conversation further sometime, somewhere else.” Shawn’s cheeks were a pretty pink and it made you smile. Was he asking you on a date?

“Like.. Where?” You teased him and laughed, titling your head.

“You ever been to that coffee shop downtown?”

“I haven’t actually.” And so Shawn and you skipped the afterparty and went on a simple date to the coffee shop, and talked for the rest of the night.

Warm - part 2

Warm - part 2/3 | Joe Sugg | imagine
Word count: 2598
Request: The reader meet Joe randomly in the street and then they start to date and are really in love but they are both worried about the difference age because Joe is 25 and the reader is 17-18
A/N: In case you forgot what happened, you can check the part 01 in here! I’m new in this whole imagine/fanfic thing on Tumblr so send me a message saying if you prefer a long imagine (with more than 10k words) or an imagine split in different parts!
See you at the ending of this (part 3 up soon)! Have a good reading!
You can find more Buttercream Squad content here | Requests are open 

Oh. That was what you received. You almost could see Joe staring at his phone, looking to your message shocked, his room messed because he was getting ready to come to Brighton… Well, that was a shame, wasn’t it?

You decided to wait until the end of your Math class and, in between periods, you told Joe your age. Right, it wasn’t like you loved Joe, you only fancied him, so his response was a strike to your ego, but not to your heart.

You sighed, what did you expect to have as answer? Of course he wouldn’t continue this thing, you were ages apart! He was 25 and you… 17.

“So…?” Y/F/N asked, meeting you at lunch time.

“What do you think?”

“I told you, you didn’t need to tell him how old you are.”

“And what, Y/F/N? I would let him believe I am older than I am and take me on a date so he would freak out afterwards?”


“It isn’t right with him.” you snorted, pissed. “Fuck, why I have this need to be mature and do things in the correct way?” you asked, not knowing if Y/F/N should answer it.

“Well, if you had told him after that date he invited you, you at least would prove his kiss and sorted out if Joe Sugg is a good kisser.”

You looked at her, surprise. “You have a boyfriend! Stop thinking about my could’ve been something!” You both laughed.

“So what are you going to do now?”

You knew what she meant, however you didn’t want to answer her. “Grab some food and put it in my belly?”

Y/F/N rolled her eyes. “For real, Y/N.”

“I’m really going to the cafe and crying about this.” she raised an eyebrow, saying “Are you serious?” without words. “Not cry about it, but I really need a coffee if I’m going to think that my fucking age is the reason why I never got with Joe. I mean, I sorted the most difficult part of it that was meet him and actually have his number.” You shrugged.

“Good luck with that.” Y/F/N said, this was the point she would leave to eat wherever Y/F/B/N and her decided while you would feel pity of yourself in that cafe. Someone should give you a “most capable of being a fucking teenage cliche” because it was almost nearly depressive what you were going to do.

“Yeah, thanks.” you gave Y/F/N a little smile and walked away from school.

You looked at your phone again, that same notification of “Oh” still there, in a conversation you weren’t capable of opening, so it seemed that you never read it. You were a bloody coward. Your first “no” like that. It hurted that much when you said “no” to boys? Your ego was bleeding, really. You could feel the blood in your hands. Poor, poor ego… So young, so dead. You laughed to yourself, what a loser.

You walked for a few more blocks trying to feel least sorry for yourself. “Oh” was bad enough, behaving like this was reacting to an heartbreak when it wasn’t one. Feeling like this was too much for Y/N Y/L/N, you loved yourself more than that.

You opened the front door of the cafe and entered in there thinking about what would you order. Cappuccino seemed good enough for your pity party.

You usually walked looking to your feet afraid you would fall or step on a bubble gun, specially if you were alone. So when you arrived at the cafe, you didn’t see anything but your shoes and the sidewalk, you pushed the door and just entered it.


Joe was lost in his thoughts, anxious. He didn’t had a clue about what he was doing.

Through all the meeting he couldn’t think about anything more than the fact that the nicest girl he met in a while was really younger than he. Joe forgot that dating was so fucking hard. Getting a girlfriend in 2017 was in his plans, but having this much of headache wasn’t. He was looking for someone who was funny and interesting and he thought he was really lucky for finding that when he met you. Not only you checked those items, but you were beautiful and smart too, so he just followed his instincts and, when he knew, he was already there.

Joe could hardly sit still. The palms of his hands were sweating and he smiled automatically to a picture he was ask for. The fan went away and he was left there to agonize on his own.

He leaned on the armchair, his hands getting warm because of the cup he was holding. He would look to every single person who entered in there, wishing for a certain girl to show up, holding to the feeling that it would be just like the first time he wished that she appeared. You didn’t disappointed him.

The door opened, he looked at it with all his hope. His heart raced, he saw who he was looking for. Taking a deep breath, he stood up and entered in your way as you walked to order your drink.


Your heart stopped beating for a second. Seeing him there, in his green “Sugg Life” hoodie, his pair of black jeans and white Converse just let you out of words. It was a surprise, you didn’t know if it was a good surprise or a bad one, though. You were about to find out.

“You seem to be a little lost, don’t you?” You asked, trying to show a little smile despite your almost-to-explode feeling. “London is quite far away from here.”

“Well,” he shrugged, none of you wanting to make eye contact “I told you I had a meeting in Brighton.” Joe had lost his speaking skills, he couldn’t make his thoughts turn into words… Actually, he didn’t know in what he was thinking about.

You didn’t know what to say either, so you just kept the small talk going. “Still, it doesn’t seem to be your way home.”

“It isn’t.” he finally got the guts for looking at you.

You couldn’t stand seeing his blue eyes, you forgot how light they were, how the blue was almost grey, how they were darker in the iris’ edge. It was insane that someone could have eyes like those, it stole the breath you already didn’t had.

“What? GPS send you the wrong path?” you joked, even though your whole being was locked into Joe’s eyes.

He took a deep breath. “I guess it is the right one.” he told.

Your eyes closed. “Fuck, Joe. Don’t say this kind of thing to me” you asked, barely containing your nerves. It was your turn to take a deep breath and then you opened your eyes, meeting his again.

“Look,” he passed his hand through his hair “I don’t know what the hell I am doing here.” he admitted and you could see he was truly nervous about this. “All I know is that you are a really nice girl and I probably am getting into a lot of trouble for sticking to this idea, but…” he sighed “I guess we could figure it out.” he gave you a unsure smile.

You bit your lips, insecure too. “I don’t know, Joe… I mean, I literally have class in one hour, you will be fine with that?”

He lifted his shoulders. “One hour is a lot of time to get coffee.” You couldn’t help but smiled, cracking.

“Just to see how it goes, right?” you confirmed.

He nodded. “I promise, Y/N.”

“Well, you must be really sure of yourself for getting out on the street wearing your own merch.” you commented as you went to the queue. Joe’s smile grew bigger.

And it went pretty fine.


Joe was on Snapchat, bored about having nothing to do. It was friday night, but he had a family lunch in the next day so he couldn’t go out, Zoe would kill him if he get late to the event. He posted a video of him with the bee’s filter and went look the stories of his friends.

“Oh my God, Y/N, no!” Y/F/N shouted in one of your videos, in which you jumped into a pool.

“Oh, fuck, it’s freezing!” you screamed too, above the loud music, and the video finished, going to the next.

“Come on, Y/F/N! You need to get in here too!” you said. “Brian,” a guy appeared in the screen. “say to Y/F/N that she needs to come here.” you were clearly drunk.

“You need to come here, Y/F/N.” the Brian boy said, not really interested in what he was saying, he pulled you as a joke and you screamed, having fun. The video ended there.

In the next one, Joe was about to get up and go to Brighton to ask you what the hell was happening, but instead of doing that, he continued to watch you.

You were laughing, Brian’s arms were around you. You were singing the song that was playing with all your strength as you filmed a lot of people into the pool.

That was it. That was how Joe simply knew how things should go next.


Joe, please! You asked, snorting as you looked to your cell phone.

It’s a surprise, love. He sent to you. Where is the fun in telling you what we’re going to do?

Sugg! If you don’t know, honey, I’m a girl! Girls need to know where they’re going so they can dress the proper outfit!

I’m sure you will be lovely in anything, Y/N.

Fuck you, Joseph!

Someone is getting upset…

Of course I am! You told. I’m standing in front of my wardrobe for half an hour now! Pleaaaaase tell me where we’re going!

You could see him rolling his eyes. Dress something nice, ok?

Your stomach gave a loop. It was a date? You and Joe agreed you were going to take things easy. Not only because you were this young, but also Joe was risking a lot by dating a 17 year old girl. So, in spite all the little flirtatious jokes, you two just hang out to do chilled things.

Nice like movie nice or nice like club nice? You asked, trying to remain calm although what he just said.

Nice like date nice. He informed, pretending it was nothing. And you’re 17! You can’t be at clubs!

You wanted to go to your window and scream. It was a date! As a substitute, you rolled your eyes at the scream. That’s what a fake ID is for, honey.


I got my weapons, yeah.

I’m seeing that! Ok then, I’ll be at your house in 10’.

For fuck’s sake, Sugg! You just told me where we’re going! No way I’m getting ready in 10 minutes!

Fine! He agreed even if he didn’t want to. I’ll take another 30 minutes to let you get ready.

You didn’t answer this. If Joseph Sugg was going to take you on a date in half an hour, you better rush. No way you could get ready in less than 40 minutes, but, for him, you were giving it a go.

You thought it would be nice if you looked a little older, so you put a dark magenta skirt, a white cropped and a nude high heel. You put your usual go-out makeup and, as you hold your lipstick, you received a message from Joe saying he was already in front of your house. You finished your look in a hurry and almost forgot the perfume.

You ran downstairs saying you were out, without giving any chance for your parents saw you and how you dress up really nice for this one night out, because you didn’t told them yet that the guy you were talking to was 25.

You opened the car’s door, smiling at Joe and giving him a kiss on the cheek as hi.

“You look good.” he said, driving.

“Thanks.” you said, a little bit nervous “I mean, I really wanted to do something to my hair, but you didn’t give me time, so this is what we were blessed as result.” you joked.

Joe gave you a side look. “You look amazing, Y/N.”

You blushed a little. “You don’t look bad too… As always.”

Joe laughed. “As always? That’s a compliment, huh?”

“Shut up.”

“We aren’t on the date properly and you are already telling me to shut up!” he complained.

“Yep. So you don’t get cocky.”

You two laughed, suddenly you didn’t feel anxious anymore. It was really easy to talk to Joe.

You parked in front of this fancy local restaurant.

“Oh, wow.” You commented. “That’s… elegant.”

Joe looked at you, worried. “Hum… Yeah. I asked Zoe where I could take you and I thought here was really nice. I mean, we can go anywhere else if you want to. I don’t know where to take you, actually, but you…”

You gave him a tender smile. You was worry because you never been to a place like this, however this feeling went away as soon as you saw Joe being nervous.

“Here is perfect, Joe. Relax.”

“Oh,” he stopped freaking out. “ok.” He jumped out of the car and opened your door for you.

You entered the restaurant and Joe landed his hand in your back, your stomach jumped. He said his name to the maître and he led you two to your table. You bit your lips as you sat down.

“I was carried away with the idea of the dating thing, right?” he asked.

As much as you wanted to say no, you stick with the idea of being honest. “Yeah, a little.” You laughed. “Actually, it is only because I’m not used to be in real dates. Even the normal ones.”

“Oh, thanks for saying I’m abnormal.” he spoke.

You gave a little laugh. “You understood me.” you rolled your eyes. “By the way, are you going to tell me why you all of a sudden decided we are ready to the dating thing?”

You asked in the most casual way, you were really curious about this, but Joe started being nervous again.

“Well…” he sighed. “I might saw your Snapchat’s story the other day and…”

“Oh!” you laughed. “So you were stalking me!” you joked for lighting the mood. “We have a stalker here, everyone!”

“Are you going to let me tell you the story or not?” he teased, giggling.

“Sorry. Please, continue.”

“This is embarrassing…” he took a deep breath. “Fine, I was checking your Snapchat and I saw you at this pool party and in there was this random boy named Brian and he just pissed me of. I mean, I hate this age thing we have as obstacle, but I hate even more that he were all over you and I can’t say anything because we are just friends, although I really like you.”

You started laughing and Joe looked at you confused.

“I’m sorry, but I’m just so happy right now.” you confessed. “The only reason I drank that night was because I wanted to be with you and now you are just saying all that I wanted to hear.”

He started laughing too. “I guess we sorted things out, then.”

You smiled at Joe. “I guess, yeah”

Part 03

I’ve Got You (part 9)

Pairing: Jongdae x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Canon AU, Smut

Description: You work for SM as it’s public relations specialist, and Jongdae is one client that you have to deal with far too often. Sometimes though, he isn’t all that bad.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19, Part 20, Part 21.

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Alone (12)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; part fourteen; part fifteen; part sixteen; part seventeen; part eighteen; epilogue.

bonus scenes: one

Hot chocolate – check.

Fluffy blankets – check.

A handsome Chanyeol holding you with his long, strong arms – check.

Could your evening get any more perfect?

In preparation for you meeting Chanyeol’s family the next day, you were looking through all the photo albums he’d brought over to help you learn names. It was hard though, not just because there were sixteen people to learn about but you kept getting distracted by all the cute photographs of young Chanyeol.

Seeing the rare few photos he had of him and his grandmother and then the mountain of photos once he was adopted, made you feel such mixed emotions. He was so cute from such a young age and you felt closer to him because he was showing you such a personal part of himself but you couldn’t help but feel envious of him. He had all these memories captured eternally from his childhood and in comparison, you had nothing, just your faded recollections of your foster home.

Chanyeol nuzzled you on the back of your neck, resting his chin on your shoulder to pull you out of your daze. “Think of all the new memories we’re going to make together. All the memories we’ve already made,” he murmured softly in your ear, sending shivers down your spine.

You laughed a little, sipping on your hot chocolate slowly as you stared at a picture of Chanyeol at his graduation. “Are you always going to be this nosey?” you joked playfully, looking over your shoulder to meet his eyes. “You’re going to have to teach me how you block me out of your head one day.”

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Maybe We Should |Kwon Hyukwoo

Originally posted by callmeloco0

Reader(You) x Loco

Genre: Romance with a dash of drama

Rating: Fluff

A/N: italics are your thoughts.

You sat in the doctors office in complete disbelief. You had the doctor retest you three more times but the damn test still came back positive. There was no way this was happening to you. There was no way you were pregnant. 18 week? You looked down at your stomach, you had a small bulge but you’d just thought you’d gained weight. You placed a hand on your stomach and felt a flutter? That’s what the doctor called it. You’d just thought you’d bad gas. You rubbed your belly an felt immediate joy despite the abruptness of the situation. 

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You Make Me Wanna

Reid x reader

You make me wanna leave the one I’m with
Start a new relationship with you
This is what you do
Think about her and all the things that come along with
You make me
You make me

You’d had that song stuck in your head on repeat for the past six weeks. You knew what had triggered it and you just wanted it to fuck off. Everytime you found yourself humming it, you felt yourself getting more and more confused. It was like the damn song was mocking you.

You’d been singing it at work earning strange looks from Spencer, and you’d been singing it when you were at Chelsea’s apartment, earning curious looks from her.

“Didn’t know you were an Usher fan?” she’d asked you one night, wrapping her arms around your waist as you washed the dishes together.

“He’s okay….” you’d shrugged her off, feigning a headache and that you needed to be at work early the next day and heading off to bed.

You didn’t technically need to be there early, but Spencer was always there at least an hour before everyone else was so you’d started going in at the same time so you could spend longer with him away from the team.

Which was bad.

So bad.

You told yourself that it was just because you didn’t get to spend that much time alone with him now and that you missed your best friend. But you knew you were lying to yourself. And you were lying to Chelsea. And to an extent, you were lying to Spencer as well. Your mornings together were no longer full of the fun and witty banter, they were a tinged with a slight awkwardness. But you still couldn’t stop yourself going in early and everytime you did Spencer was waiting for you with your favourite coffee and pastry ready for you. He couldn’t stop either.

It wasn’t like you were doing anything wrong by spending time together. Not technically.


When did this all get so fucking complicated?

Rossi’s annual fourth of July party, that’s when. Chelsea hadn’t been able to make it, she’d been called away on a business trip. So you and Spencer had ridden there together, sharing a cab there and home again.

You’d invited him in for a night cap and you’d lounged on your couch together, your head in his lap. You’d carried on drinking, watching crappy late night movies together and you both fell asleep. When you woke up later, you’d managed to twist positions and you were lying side by side. With just the light from the TV you’d found yourself studying his face, his eyes searching yours. There’d been no words between you, but you suddenly found yourself pressing your body against his, your hand tracing his jaw bone, his own hand lightly skimming up and down your arm causing your hairs to stand on end.

This was your best friend, the person that had introduced you to your girlfriend of eighteen months. She’d been a member of a book club he was part of and Spencer had known that you were bi, it wasn’t a secret.

This was the man you bitched about her to when things got a bit rough, the person you made you laugh so hard that you cried. He was the person you knew you could count on out in the field, who would come and hug you when a case had gotten too hard.

In the three years you and Spencer Reid had known each other, you’d become the best of friends. You’d learned everything about each other and had become each others rocks. You could tell him anything.

Yet that night on your couch there was one thing you couldn’t tell him. And that was that at the particular moment, you’d wanted nothing more than to press your lips to his and to kiss him. From the look he was giving you and the stroking of your arm, it seemed he was having the same thoughts. You’d lain together for what seemed like an age, just looking at each other, your breathing growing heavy as you both waited.

Nothing happened. You didn’t end up banging each other. You didn’t even kiss. But there’d been a connection there deeper than friendship. You’d communicated with each other through the small actions of your bodies that night. His fingers trailing on your arm, you gently caressing his jaw, his eyes closing as you ran your thumb over his stubble.

It was….weirdly intense. But that small moment had changed everything.

Before anything came between us
You were like my best friend
The one I used to run and talk to when me and my
Girl was having problems (that’s right)
You used to say it would be okay
Suggest little nice things I should do
And when I go home at night and lay my head down
All I seem to think about is you
And how you make me wanna

Since that moment, all you could think about was what Spencer would be like as a boyfriend. You weren’t picturing him between your legs or anything like that. Not all the time at least, although there had been one heated night alone in your bed where you may have let your imagination run wild.

You were imagining going home with him and curling up on the couch. Taking him home to meet your friends and family, spending holidays with him. You were imagining him doing everything you and Chelsea would be doing together. And in your imagination, you were happy. So fucking happy.

You weren’t certain of what exactly was going through his head, but you knew him well enough to know that SOMETHING was. His eyes would linger on you for longer and when you’d sit next to each other on the jet or in the meeting room, he’d press his leg against yours or find some reason to touch you.

And then you’d heard that bastard song on the radio one day. And the whole song resonated with you.

You make me wanna leave the one I’m with
Start a new relationship with you
This is what you do
Think about her and all the things that come along with
You make me
You make me

Spencer and you needed to talk about this. And soon. But you didn’t know how to approach the subject, what to even say?

“Hi, I know we’ve been friends for years and currently I’m in a relationship with someone you introduced me to, but I’m fairly certain I love you and I think you might feel the same?”


That was not how to do this.

But you had to something. It wasn’t fair on anyone, especially not Chelsea.

Things hadn’t been great recently, even before that moment on the couch. You’d been drifting apart, not spending as much time with her as before. And now, when you were with her you wished you weren’t.

You couldn’t even pin point what was wrong, it just wasn’t the same anymore. But you couldn’t bring yourself to do anything about it. You both kept trying to make it work, because you did still love her. She was a great girl and for the most part, your relationship had been great. She was kind and considerate, funny and loving, and the sex was unbelievable.

Except you hadn’t let her near you since that moment on the couch and that was six weeks ago. You didn’t dare. You couldn’t trust yourself not to close your eyes and to fantasise that it was someone else doing those things to you.

Did he sit at home wondering this same things?

Now what’s bad
Is you’re the one that hooked us up
Knowing it should’ve been you
What’s sad is I love her but I’m falling for you
What should I do
Should I
Tell my baby bye-bye
Should I
Do exactly what I feel inside
‘Cause I
I don’t wanna go
Don’t need to stay
But I really need to get it together

You were minutes away from leaving work for the day and you’d just finished up in the ladies restroom when Emily walked in as you were washing your hands.

“Hey Y/N,” she greeted you.

“Hi Em,” you gave her a smile back. You liked Emily.

She was about to go into the cubicle when she paused, turning to you at the last minute.

“Y/N. I don’t wanna pry but… You know I’m here for you if you ever wanna talk about something right?”

She must have seen your face drop in shock. How did she know?

“You’ve not been yourself lately babe, that’s all. You’ve been quiet and I can see those cogs turning behind those big eyes of yours. Is everything okay at home, is it you and Chelsea?”

Oh god. This was why working with profilers was the absolute worst sometimes. But still. Maybe a fresh perspective could help. And Emily wasn’t one to judge people.

“I don’t know Em, that’s the problem. I just…..oh fuck, it’s all a bunch of shit,” you were struggling to hold it together now and your friend walked towards you and rested her hands on your shoulders, squeezing them lightly.

“Hey… Just breathe okay. You don’t have to tell me, just know that I’m here for you.”

“Em… I… I… think I’m in love with someone else. I haven’t, I haven’t cheated on Chelsea, I swear. But… If the opportunity arose, then I’m not sure I could stop myself again. I love her but… I love him too.”

“Oh honey.” She pulled you in for a hug, smoothing your hair down, “Does this other person know? Do they feel the same?”

“I think so. I can’t be sure because I haven’t actually asked them. I’m scared of the answer.”

“Y/N, I can’t tell you what to do here. But I remember someone saying once that if you fall in love with two people, pick the second one. Because if you truly loved the first person that much, then it wouldn’t have happened. You’re sure it’s love and not obsession or infatuation?”

You nodded, now you’d said those words out loud, you knew it was true. “It’s love, Em.”

“Then you need to have a conversation with Chelsea about this. It’s not fair on her and you’re not being fair to yourself either. Even if this other person doesn’t feel the same, although if my suspicions are right about who it is, then I’m fairly sure they do. But even if they don’t, it’s not fair on either of you for you to stay in a relationship with someone if you have feelings that strong for someone else.”

She released you from her embrace. “Talk to Chelsea. And then talk to Re… him.”

She knew, and the flicker in your eyes as she started to say his name just confirmed it.

“I… I will. I’m just scared to. I don’t wanna hurt her.”

“Y/N. You’re hurting both of you by not doing anything about this. And you’re hurting him to. I’ll be home all night if you need someone to talk to, or to cry on and to feed you wine and ice-cream. Okay?”

“Okay. Thanks Em. I know that you’re right.”

You make me wanna leave the one I’m with (oh baby)
Start a new relationship with you
This is what you do
Think about her and all the things that come along with
You make me
You make me

You’d pulled yourself together and had gone back out into the bullpen, gathering your things ready to go. A shadow fell across your desk and you looked up to see Spencer stood there, his messenger bag over his shoulder.

“Any chance I can get a ride?” he asked softly and you nodded. He didn’t live far out of your way.

The drive to his apartment was silent. The whole way you could hear you both going to start a sentence so many times and then stopping. This was not going to be easy, at all. As you pulled into a parking space outside his building, you took a deep breath. Staring straight ahead and not looking at him, you blurted out.

“What would happen if I wasn’t with her? If we broke up?”

He didn’t speak for the longest time, but he made no move to exit your vehicle.

“I think….I think… It depends on why you broke up,” he said quietly.

“Does that matter?”

“Yes. Because… You might be ending it because you’re just not happy with her. That doesn’t mean anything for m….. I mean, I’d be sad for you and her, but I don’t know what would happen.”

Okay. You could see what he was getting at. He was asking for a reason you’d end it.

You shifted in your seat and turned to look at it.

“What if it ended because I had feelings for someone else. Feelings I don’t want to hide anymore, feelings that have probably been there for a lot longer than I’d care to admit but only came to light recently… Say on the fourth of July.”

Theres was no way you could be anymore obvious here without coming out and saying it. But you didn’t want to, not whilst you were still in a relationship.

“Then I’d… I’d be happy. And… I think that you and this person would be wonderful together. It’s probably all he’s been thinking about for a while now too, but he’s just not wanted to say anything. He was scared of having his feelings rejected and he knew that it would be wrong to say something because you’re with someone else.”

Nicely done Spencer. Refer to yourself as ‘he’ so as to avoid actually saying it.

God this was so fucked up.

“Spence… Are you… Are you in all weekend?”

Because there was a definite chance you’d be turning up at his door.

He nodded. “All weekend. Doesn’t matter what time it is.”


“Okay….Y/N…?” his brown eyes connected with yours as he opened your car door.

“Be sure she’s not what you want. And be sure that he is…..” He gave you a pained expression as he slid out of the car and shut it, not looking back as he walked into his apartment.

You drove around the streets for an hour after that. You needed to think, come up with a speech. You went back and fourth in your mind, still not sure what to do even though you knew you had to do something.

Emily was right. It wasn’t fair on anyone.

Finally, you found yourself outside Chelseas building, not even remembering driving there. You trudged into her building and up the stairs, not using your key to open her door. It didn’t feel right anymore.

You knocked and she answered a few minutes later, a smile plastered on her face.

“Y/N, hey! Did you forget your key?”

You held up your hand to show her it, already separated and off your key ring. Her face dropped when she saw that, and you felt your heart begin to break.

“Chelsea… Can we talk?”

At this point
The situation’s out of control
I never meant to hurt her but I
Gotta let her go
And if she may not understand it
Why all of this is going on
I tried
I tried to fight it but the feelings just too strong

Three hours later and you were now outside another apartment door.

That had been one of the hardest things you’d ever had to do. Your eyes were red and puffy from crying and your make up was streaked down your face, but here you were.

She’d asked, of course she’d asked. “Is there someone else?”

You couldn’t lie to her, not now. “Yes. But we haven’t done anything, I swear.”

“It’s Spencer, isn’t it. Who would have thought it, the man that introduced us, being the man you leave me for. Guess I’ll be changing book clubs.”


There’d been shouting, she didn’t believe that nothing at happened. Spencer had apparently been acting off around her the last few times he’d seen her. You couldn’t blame her for not believing her. You weren’t sure you would either if it were the other way around. Finally, you’d left. She’d pack up the things you kept there and leave them at the front desk of your building and could you please do the same.

You’d nodded sadly, hating every minute of this. She looked so…. Broken. And you’d caused that.

But you needed to do it, and when you walked out of the building, you felt like a weight had been lifted.

You hadn’t intended on going straight to Spencer’s either, you’d go home or to Emily’s. But ten minutes later and you were outside his door, waiting for him to answer.

He did, quickly; almost as if he’d been waiting for you. His eyes raked over your face, taking in your tear stained cheeks. He went to open his arms to you and then hesitated.

“It’s done Spencer, me and her are over,” you whispered, watching as he breathed a sigh of relief having the confirmation he needed, and then pulled you to him enveloping you in his arms.

You make me wanna leave the one I’m with
Start a new relationship with you
This is what you do
Think about her and all the things that come along with
You make me
You make me wanna leave the one I’m with
Start a new relationship with you
This is what you do
Think about her and all the things that come along with
You make me
You make me

It was done. You could say it.

“I think I’m in love with you, Spencer.” You murmured into his chest.

“I know that I’m in love with you, Y/N.”


#86 Jai Brooks - Restroom*


You and Jai sit in a restaurant at a huge table with your friends, talking, eating and drinking. Jai’s hand is on your thigh and he rubs up and down, while you try to concentrate on your friends. “Are you okay, (Y/N)? you look a bit tensed up?” Jai whispers into your ear, chuckling.

“Stop Jai.” You give him a warning look and take his hand off your thigh, but he just puts it back. You don’t want to cause a scene so you let it be for now. But then he his hand wanders down to your inner thigh and squeezes your skin softly.

“Jai, seriously.” You give him yet another warning look as you laugh awkwardly to play it off. Jai leans over to you and puts your hair to your back.

“I know you want it.” He whispers into your ear and kisses your temple.

“Is everything alright between you?” A friend of yours asks.

“Yeah, (Y/N) just has an headache.” Jai smiles and looks at you. “Isn’t that right, princess?”

“Yeah, right.” You smile and then put your hand on Jai’s thigh before leaning over. “We both know that you want it more than me.” You whisper into his ear and start to rub up and down, just like he did to you. Then you slightly stroke his penis over his pants and he takes a deep breath. Jai chuckles quietly and puts his hand between your legs, slowly rubbing over your clit. You swallow all saliva in your mouth and hold onto his hand, stopping his movements.

“I’ll be right back.” You say and get up. Jai takes his hand away and walk away to the restroom, feeling Jai’s eyes on you. Arrived at the restroom, you take your phone out and lock yourself in a stall. You pull your shirt down and take a picture before sending it to Jai and going back to the table. When you’re approaching the table, you see that Jai is looking at his phone. You sit back down as he puts his phone away. Jai’s face is red and hands are sweaty.

“Are you okay, love?” You ask your boyfriend, smiling. Jai takes a deep breath and leans over to you.

“Listen, I’m going to wait for you at the woman’s restroom and you’re going to say that you lost an earring and come after me. Understood?” He groans into your ear. You nod and then he stands up. “great.” he gets up and leaves the table.

“Where is he going?” A friend of your asks. You just shrug and touch your ear, as if you lost something.

“I think I lost my earring in the restroom. I’ll be right back.” You say, stand up and go back to the restroom where Jai is already waiting. He pulls you in and locks the door, before pushing you against it.

“Jai.” You moan as he lifts one of your legs.

“you got to be quiet of they’ll catch us.” He mumbles before kissing your neck. You pull his pants down to his knees as he pulls your shirt up to your boobs. Jai pulls down your jeans and panties as you pull down his boxers. He then puts his hand over your mouth and pusses his dick into your already wet wall.

“Fuck.” you mumble. That foreplay at the table already made both of you super horny and you both know that neither of you is going to last very long.

“Shh.” Jai smirks, attaching his lips to yours. You start to make out, as he thrusts in and out you. Jai keeps one of his hands on your waist, pressing you against the door, while his other hand goes down to your clitoris.

“Fuck baby… tell me who made you so wet.” He demands whispering as he starts to speed up.

“You did, Jai. You made me so wet.” You moan. Jai chuckles and kisses your neck, leaving wet kisses.

“We don’t have a lot of time.” Jai groans and starts to rub your clit. You tilt your head back, taking deep breaths as he starts to rub in circles. He starts to speed up and hit your g-spot.

“Fuck baby, I’m so close.” He groans as he starts to fuck you fast. You’re breathing heavily and your heart is racing as Jai makes you cum.

“I’m cuming.” you moan and he fucks you through your orgasms. Seconds later Jai cums in you and his thrusts get sloppy. When he pulls out, he rests his forehead on yours.

“We should get back or else it gets suspicious.” He whispers into your ear and kisses your neck.

“We should.” You take a deep breath, trying to calm yourself down. Jai pulls away from you and gets dressed while you do the same.

“Just wait until we get home and I’ll fuck you hard.” Jai chuckles, kisses your cheek and then leaves. You go to the sink, splash your face with water and then follow him out.

“Did you find it?” Your friend asks.

“Find what?” You ask back as you sit back down next to Jai.

“Your earring.” Your friend makes clear.

“oh yeah right. I found it.” You say blushing.

Jai just chuckles. “I love you.” he whispers and kisses your temple.

Josh WashingtonXReader oneshot

So… I have been working on this for a few days.. Give me some leeway because I am really bad at second person POV. 

Prompt:  reader accidentally sends josh nudes and they send sexts to eachother but josh is hanging out with chris??

Pairing: Josh and Reader

Word count: 3,441

Warning: There is sexual content… Poorly written but still nsfw. I am new to the tagging and I hate it. So, if you are sensitive, sorry for ya if I missed anything.

You could feel all the color leave your face as you stared down at your phone’s screen. This couldn’t be happening, sure you had had a lot to drink the night before, but Sam and Hannah had promised they wouldn’t let you drunk text… But this was worse than that, you had sent pictures, and not the drunk girl selfies that you find a ton of after a night out either. No, these were nudes, you sent nudes to your best friend’s brother. You weren’t sure how you were going to even be able to look him in the eye. What if he showed them to someone, he wasn’t the type but guys showed their friends things like that all the time. You were startled when someone knocked on the door.

“Han, is that you in there? Get out I need to use the bathroom.” It was Josh, you had been hoping to leave the house without seeing him so you could avoid him for the rest of your life.

“Uh,” You clear your throat when your voice breaks, “Just a minute.”

“Oh, [YN], I uh, I didn’t realize you were still here.” He sounded a bit embarrassed as well. “I’ll uh, I’ll just use the one downstairs then.”

You waited until the sound of his footsteps retreated before exiting the bathroom, you quickly made your way to Hannah’s room. You could feel the embarrassment bubbling up, you want to cry. You most likely wouldn’t have done it if you hadn’t had all that teasing from your three friends and a large dose of liquid courage.

“[YN] what are you doing up so early?” Hannah mumbled form her spot on the bed. “You were pretty sloshed last night so I had assumed you wouldn’t be waking until well past noon.”

“Han… I did something bad…” You really don’t want to tell her, Josh is her older brother after all and it is a bit awkward since you have only been crushing on him since you realized boys weren’t gross and carriers of cooties. “I may have… Sent your brother some pictures of me.”

She eyed you suspiciously, “Like selfies?” Hannah was clearly beating around the bush.

“No Han,” Sam cut in from the bundle of blankets on the floor, “She sent him nudes.”

You and Hannah gasped, yours was more in confusion, Hannah was genuinely shocked. It was like she had never expected it of you. Hell, you never expected it of you, but that didn’t answer how Sam knew. “How did you know?” You felt tears welling up in your eyes, you wanted a hole to open up in the floor and take you away from this hell. “D-did Josh tell you… Oh God! Did he show you?” Your voice broke on the last bit.

“[YN], girl, calm down. You told me.. It was after I found you two practically eye fucking each other. You disappeared and when you came back you giddily told me that you sen Josh some pictures that he could add to his, ‘spank bank'” Sam air quoted on the last part. You then proceeded to tell me how much you loved him and how you wanted to name your first son D'artagnan… I suggested something easier to spell. You settled for Joshua Jr.”

The longer Sam went on the better that hole in the floor was starting to sound. You hadn’t even given your friends a chance to prevent this… You felt your phone vibrate, quickly glancing down at the screen you see it is a text from Josh. There was no avoiding it now, he was probably texting you to tell you how offended he was and that he never wanted to see you again. Instead of looking at it you shove your phone in your pocket and go to grab your overnight bag. “Well, it is nice to see that I am such a slut when I’m drunk. I’m going home now… I have lots of wallowing in self pity to do and if I want to get it all done tonight I am already behind on my schedule.” You laugh humorlessly, pulling your bag over your shoulder and saying your good byes. When you got downstairs to leave Beth stops you.

“Are you leaving so soon? I had assumed you would be staying another night, if you want we could watch chick flicks… Force the boys to watch with us… I’m sure Josh wouldn’t mind spending time with us.” She grinned at your obvious discomfort, “I could even convince him to sit next to you, all snuggled up. Maybe we can watch a horror movie it would be a great way for you to get close.”

“Beth, I..” You didn’t need anyone else to know about your snafu, “Fine, just let me go put my bag back upstairs.”

“Oh, [YN], text Josh to let him know what the plan is. He went to go hang out over at Chris’ house. I just want to make sure they are back by dinner so we can eat before the movie.” Beth had a glimmer of something that could only be described as mischief in her eyes.

You decide that you want to be alone, and it wasn’t because a certain unread text message was making your phone burn a hole in your pocket. So, you let Hannah and Sam know the plans and tell them that you are going to nap for a bit in the guest room. Saying that you had a headache and hoped the quiet would help. When you are alone you throw yourself onto the over sized bed and fish your phone from your pocket. You’re a bit anxious, but in the end, if you had to you could always ignore whatever he said and do what Beth told you. Just go on forever pretending nothing ever happened. That your biggest crush has pictures of your exposed breasts among other things.

Josh: I didn’t mean to embarrass you… I just didn’t know what to say. I have been thinking about you all night.

Your a bit shocked, even if his thinking about you could be bad, you plan to see it as a good thing. So you text back.

You: I wasn’t embarrassed, I was just caught off guard. They were all good things I’m hoping.

You didn’t need to wait more than five seconds for a response.

Josh: Defiantly good. Well… depending on your definition of good. ;)

You: I don’t know, you would have to give me some examples…

Josh: I’d much rather show you, but seeing as you aren’t here I guess I can just tell you. When I got your message last night it was instant hard on. I didn’t realize what you were hiding under those hoodies and jeans. I wanted to know what your skin would feel like under my hands. The sounds you would make when I used my tongue.

You fell you face heat, you were not expecting that. You reread the text three times, you couldn’t think of what to say, you wanted you say something sexy but your experience was a few fumbling make outs with Mike in the back of his car freshman year.

You: Well, I’m not one to brag but I do have a pretty banging body. ;) And I would love to find out what those big hands would feel like all over me. What are you doing right now?

Each second it took for him to reply felt like an eternity.

Josh: Jesus! How am I doing to explain my erection to Chris? He is going to wonder why I’m hunched down like this. You have no idea what you do to me.

You laughed, you didn’t think you would have made such an impression on him. Before you could text back he sent you another.

Josh: What are you doing? Are you alone?

You: Yes, I went to lay down in one of the guest rooms. Claimed I had a headache, so I’m just lying here… Talking to you.

Josh: Really? Well, what would you do if I was there?

You: Oh, I don’t know, I’d probable ask you to lay here with me. Any excuse to get closer to you. What would you do if you were here.

Josh: Well first, I crack a few jokes, something to lighten the mood. Then while we are laying in that big 'ol bed I would cuddle up behind you. Maybe rest my hand on your hip as I kiss along your neck.

You felt heat pool in your stomach, you could almost feel his lips on your skin.

You: That does sound awfully nice.  I would most likely tilt my head a little to give you better access and push my hips back a bit to feel you flush against me.

Josh: I would already be so hard for you, would you be wet for me? [YN], just the thought of you all hot and bothered makes me so hard I could hammer nails. I would move my hand up, under your shirt, touching along your stomach and then I’d stop over your bra.

You: I’m not wearing one. I would moan when your fingers brush against my nipples. But I would want you over me… On top of me. The though of your weight over me, the skin on skin has kept me occupied many nights.

You send it before you loose your nerve, not sure if you had gone too far. You weren’t lying. He was the only thing you thought about when you were lonely late at night. Even the times you fooled around with Mike you thought of Josh… That was why you two ended it, Mike didn’t take too kindly to you moaning another man’s name when he was trying to get you off. You could say Josh was the reason you never really dated anyone since. He was taking too long to respond, he couldn’t leave it like this. You needed to know he was just as into you as you were him. But right before you could send him another message he replies.

Josh: That is so fucking hot! Are you touching yourself now? Hoping that it were me? If I was there I would touch you nice and slow, with my fingers and then my tongue. [YN] do you want me to taste you? I think about it a lot… What it would taste like, my tongue buried in your pussy as you came.

You did know what to say, you could feel your clit throbbing, your hand made its way down and stopped at the button of your jeans… Should you be doing this? What if Hannah or Sam or Beth came looking for you? You got up, locking the door, you took off your jeans before laying back in the bed. At least now they would have to knock if they needed you. You get back on the bed, deciding that you are going to send Josh a picture as your answer. You bring your hand down letting your fingers slide under the waist band of your panties. You snap a few quick pictures choosing the best before attaching it to a message.

You: Wish you were here.

Josh: I’m coming home… I will be there in ten minutes. Wait for me.

Your heart felt like it was pounding, you set your phone down next to you, were you ready for this? Did you really want to go through with this? You knew deep down that this is all you’ve ever wanted. That he was everything you have dreamed of. You were even saving yourself subconsciously for him. You start when your phone dings. It was a picture message, and in that message was Josh… Well, a part of Josh’s anatomy. You almost swallowed your own tongue, he was larger than average. That was at least what the picture would lead you to believe, but you were going to find out first hand very soon.

There was a knock on the door. “[YN], hon, are you feeling okay? If you are feeling better Josh and Chris just got here. Hannah and Sam are downstairs talking to them, we were going to eat and start the movie if you are feeling up to it.” It was Beth, you stomped down the disappointment that bubbled up. You had hoped he made good on the open promise he had sent you.

You sigh, “Yeah, I’ll be down in just a minute.”

Dinner was agonizing, you couldn’t make eye contact with Josh without blushing or making a skeptical of yourself, it also didn’t help that Hannah and Beth kept making sly comments about it. Asking you why you were blushing, and then they made sure you and Josh sat next to each other when you started the movie. You could feel his leg pressing against yours, it was becoming hard to concentrate.

“Hey, [YN],” Beth whispered, “A really scary part is coming up… I’m sure Josh would love to comfort you is you were to get really scared.”

“Shut up Beth,” You stiffened when you heard Josh chuckle quietly, but Beth wasn’t lying, the next scene one of the monsters jumped out causing you to let out a yell and turn to bury your face in Josh’s shoulder. You realize a bit too late that that had caught everyone’s attention. “I… I’m sorry.” You stood quickly leaving the room, you couldn’t stop the heat that flared in your cheeks or the pounding of your heart from the embarrassment. “I’m so stupid!”

“I don’t think so…” Josh’s voice makes you jump, you had not heard him follow you out of the room. You had hoped to escape without having to face him. “I rather enjoyed that you turned to me in your time of fear.” There was that stupid smile, the one that you found irresistibly attractive.  

“Why would you follow me?” You ask, “They are going to think something is going on between us.”

“I’m sure the girls would be delighted that their efforts have been working.” His smile grew wider. “Come on, [YN], don’t tell me you haven’t noticed that they throw us together every chance they get. Even last night, you would have talked to me if Han and Beth hadn’t abandoned you in the kitchen with me and Chris. As for the result of that skillful planning, I should that them…”

You made a disgusted noise, “I have never sent pictures like that before! I wouldn’t have sent you those either if Sam had taken my phone like we agreed upon at the beginning of the night.”

“Well, I was the one that suggested you give me a preview of what you had going on…” He shrugged his shoulders. “I contemplated sending you something back… But I hear women do not appreciate dick pics and you were pretty out of it. I didn’t want you to become scandalized when you woke up to the return message.”

You are blushing again, “I haven’t really done anything like this…”

“Are you saying all those times I heard Sam and Beth talking about you and Mike he never.. You know?” He seemed to be embarrassed as well, like he had made assumptions.

“Well, we fooled around a bit.. He is Mike, what do you expect.” You laughed at the look on his face. “Are you saying that you were jealous?”

“Pfft! No…” He looked away, “Well, lets just say I did give Mike a lot of shit while you two were together.”

“Aww, look at you, big bad Josh, jealous of-” You were cut off when Josh kisses you. You don’t respond at first because you are taken off guard, but after a second you snap out of it. Your eyelids droop closed and you part your lips to allow his tongue access. One of his hands came up to cup your cheek, the other pulled your hips to his.

Josh pulled back, “Yes, I was jealous, I didn’t want him to ruin you. But that was what you wanted.” He smiled sadly, “And I just wanted you to be happy.”

“Josh..” You whispered pressing your lips to his again. He kisses you back like this is all he has ever wanted. It didn’t take too long for him to work his hand under your shirt. “Josh, we can’t do this here, someone could come in here.”

“You’re right,” He gripped you by the hips hoisting you up, you immediately wrapped your legs around him and grip his shoulders so you don’t fall. He carries you to his room, kicking the door closed behind him before dumping you on his bed. The room is a bit of a mess with clothes on the floor and the bed unmade but you don’t have much time to observe anything else before he is kissing you again. He pushes your shirt up past your bra leaning back to admire the view. “I think we should get rid of these.”

You could only nod, this is more than you can handle and still be able to speak in full sentences, but you sit up and pull your shirt over your head as he discards his own. You had seen him without a shirt before, usually while swimming or when you had stayed with the twins, you would always blush and look away quickly. Now you stair as he leaned in kissing your neck, nipping a bit. He reaches behind you working open the clasp of your bra, sliding it off, using that distraction to kiss down along your neck while he lays you back down.

“[YN] you’re beautiful.” His voice is husky, it sends a shiver down your spine and you could feel heat pooling in your stomach.

“Josh,” His name came out as a moan when he took your hard nipple in his mouth, scraping his teeth along the sensitive skin. His hand skimming a path along your stomach to the button of your jeans, popping it open he made quick work of the zipper and then his hand disappeared inside.

“You’re so wet.” He mumbles against your skin when his fingers dip inside your panties. He might have said something else but you couldn’t hear anything past the blood rushing in your ears when he brushed against your throbbing clit. It didn’t take him too long to have you sobbing out his name as you climaxed around his fingers. “This is okay?” He sounded unsure, you don’t know when he had taken off his pants but now he was as naked as you were. He was settled in between your legs waiting for your answer before he enters you.

“Josh this is what I have always wanted… It has always been you.” Your voice is breathless, you lock eyes with him. “You are all I want.”

He grinned, “This may be uncomfortable at first… It will get better.” He wasn’t wrong, when he first entered you it was uncomfortable. It didn’t hurt like everyone told you it would, it was more the feeling of being overly full. He gave you time to adjust to the intrusion before he started to move. His pace was slow at first and it wasn’t doing much to ease the discomfort, but then he hit just the right spot and you gasped. He took is as his queue to pick up the pace and soon you were seeing stars, gasping out his name and trying to stifle your moans in his broad shoulder.

He came shortly after you did your name coming out as almost a growl. When he collapsed on top of you you relished in the closeness before he moved situating it so he was spooned behind you. “So, what does this mean for us?” You ask him almost wanting to hit yourself for ruining the mood.

“I’d say this means we are together… What do you want it to mean?” He sounded almost unsure of himself.

“I want that. I want to be with you.” You turn in his arms, kissing him on the jaw before he rested his chin on the top of your head.

“Good,” He whispered before you drifted off to sleep. You were almost sure you heard Hannah knock and ask something through door but you were too busy listening to the rhythm of his heart as you drifted off.

[Pentagon] One Hit Wonder

↪Member: Yeo One

↪Genre: Fluff-ish?

↪Words: 1.1k

i feel like this came out kinda cheesy but i hope you all enjoy! (this kinda reminds me of Nick Jonas’ song jealous) the title is a pun and completely necessary!!


You walked hand-in-hand with your boyfriend, Changgu, through the post-holiday crowd in the mall. His family was hosting a fancy New Year’s Eve party, and he took you out to buy a nice dress to wear. You were absolutely excited, although nervous, to attend and meet his family.

“They’re going to love you, Y/N! What’s not to love?” he said with a smile as you two walked.

You replied, “I’m just worried about all the ‘what ifs’. Like, what if I accidentally trip and spill food all over my dress? Or, what if I can’t keep up with the conversations? Or, and hear me out on this one, what if all my hair just falls out? Boom. All gone. Right then and there.”

He burst out in laughter and moved his arm around your shoulders. “You worry too much, Y/N. Stop overthinking.”

You felt your stomach growl violently and said to Changgu in an aegyo voice, “Ah, I’m so hungry!” You dramatically put your arms around your stomach, earning a small laugh from your boyfriend.

“Come on, let’s go to the food court and get something to eat. We can look at shoes after.”

You sat patiently, reserving a table for you both in the mass of people. Changgu insisted you not lift a finger while he got the food for the two of you. You decided to pass the time on your phone while he waited in the long line.

You felt someone sit in front of you who you assumed to be your boyfriend.

“Finally!” you exclaimed. “I’m starv-”

You looked up to see that it wasn’t your boyfriend. In fact, you didn’t know who exactly it was. Your eyes widened as you gave the guy a weird look.

“Hey, what’s your name?” he slyly asked. You weren’t in the mood for this again.

“None of your business,” you said, making it clear you weren’t tolerating any of his nonsense.

He tried complimenting you despite your rejection. You made as little eye contact as possible, switching from your phone to looking for Changgu.

“Look. I have a boyfriend. Back off,” you said, surprising even yourself with the coldness in your voice.

He arrogantly laughed and said, “That’s cool and all. But I don’t give a damn.”

“Well you should,” a familiar voice stated behind the man. Changgu stood behind the man, carrying the tray of food. The look on his face was angry. No, beyond angry. His grip on the tray made you think he would break it in half right there. His chest was puffed out, and his stance was dominating.

The man stood up, and by this time, a few people were already glancing over, eager to catch a glimpse of the brewing drama.

He got in Changgu’s face, and said in a quiet yet threatening tone, “Oh yeah? Who’s gonna make me? You, pretty boy? Not a chance.”

He walk towards you and whispered to you in an appalling tone, “I know you would prefer me anyway, baby. I bet I could be so much better to you.” The voice sent shivers throughout you mixed with a feeling of disgust.

The creep made a move to grab your hand. Before you could pull your hand away and slap him into next week, your boyfriend moved quicker than lightning.

It all happened so fast. Changgu dropped the food tray and punched the man so hard that it hurt you just watching. You were actually still hungry and rapidly mourned the loss of the food that was now spread across the floor. The man fought back, hurting your boyfriend in the process.

A crowd stood around them as they fought. You tried yelling for them to stop, wanting to jump in yourself and pull them apart.

Men in the crowd separated the two and mall security quickly came and held them each down with force to stop the fighting.

Your only wish at that moment was to be invisible.

Back home, Changgu waited on the couch while you got him some ice and pain killers for his throbbing headache. The swollen lip that was once bleeding still pained him, and he had a couple bruises on his face. 

 "Here you go,“ you spoke as you handed him the makeshift pack of ice and pills. 

“Thank you, Y/N”, he said, trying to smile in a funny way. He took both pills in a single gulp of water.

You gave him a light smack on his shoulder and quickly spoke, “What were you thinking?! Who knows if he had a weapon on him! Or what if he would’ve pressed charges on you! You’re so lucky you didn’t get jail time!" 

He gave a half-hearted laugh, leaning back on the head of the couch, pressing the ice pack against his temple. "There you go again, always worrying. Besides,” he continued proudly, “That guy looks ten times worse than I do right now.”

“But it’s true! We probably won’t ever be allowed back in there. Well you probably won’t be allowed.”

“I’m sorry, Y/N. But that creep was hitting on you, and I could not stand to see him making way towards you. I probably wouldn’t have punched him if he had been the first guy to act this way. But he wasn’t. Y/N, I know you don’t see it but you are so pretty. Guys are always hitting on you or checking you out, and it makes me mad. No, furious.”

You never knew he had this side to him, and this was the first time you were hearing these thoughts. You secretly enjoyed it a bit that he was jealous and protective though. It showed he cared.

You looked at him sympathetically and kissed him lightly on the cheek. Moving his arm around you, you snuggled underneath and rested your head on his chest.

“I hope you know it’s not just me people are looking at,” you stated.

“What do you mean?” he asked you.

“Oh come on! You can’t be that blind Changgu! Girls are always looking at you!”

“Really?” he questioned. You nodded in reply, and he said, “Honestly, I have never even noticed that. I don’t pay attention to them because I’m too busy looking at you.”

His sweet words gave you little butterflies in your stomach. You kissed his lips, careful not to hurt them further.

“Ow!” he gasped, pretending to hold his lips in agony. When he saw the look of terror on your face, he burst out laughing. 

“That’s not funny!” you said, but you joined in the laughter. 

“Besides,” he started. “Just picture the guys’ faces when I tell them about this one.”


Title: Collide

Warnings: Cussing, adult situations, au cliche’s, etc.

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader

Summary: This is an AU, obviously, where Dean Winchester and the Reader are actors. They are both trying to make it in a tough industry when they are thrown together for publicity. Too bad they don’t get along. Dean Winchester, the reader will find out, has a lot more depth to him than it seems.

Tagging: @dancingalone21 @jotink78 @perpetualabsurdity  (if you want to be tagged and I missed you let me know.)

You hadn’t starting acting because you thought you were pretty or talented. In fact, you were shit at selling yourself in any situation, had a sailor’s mouth, and you were even more shit at socializing. You truly enjoyed the entire process of making films. You didn’t enjoy the publicity or attention and you tried to avoid that part of it as much as possible. Sure it was a heady feeling to have fans, and you appreciated it, but you surely didn’t think it was on the same level of creating world peace. The attention made you uncomfortable, but you did your best not to be a bumbling idiot whenever you were spoken to.

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The One Where He Finds Out (Draco)

holy noodles so im rewatching the tv show Friends and i just watched the episode (spoiler lol) where Ross and Rachel kiss for the first time so dingdingding heres a Draco imagine lololol im so hyped. 
If you haven’t seen the episode its season 2 episide 7 and it happens towards the end its so amazing im crying okay read the imagine now ily bye 

* * *

It was a known fact that Draco had liked you ever since first year. You had only found out a few months ago and since then he was always on your mind and you had to keep convincing yourself that you didn’t like him. However, over the holidays you had come to terms with it

‘Come on.’ Pansy had said as you two sat in your pajamas on your bedroom floor. ‘Just give it a go. I mean you two are already so close! Everything will be just like normal except now you can kiss him.’ She smiled. You looked at the floor and nodded slowly, ‘Maybe you’re right.’ 
‘Of course I’m right!’ Pansy smiled reassuringly. ‘I know you both better than anyone else. You two are perfect for each other.’ 

On the first day of school you stood at Kings Cross with Pansy and waited excitedly with Pansy. You were nervous as hell but all you wanted to do was tell Draco that you felt the same way. Soon enough you spotted his white-blonde hair in the distance and you looked to Pansy. ‘Go for it.’ She smiled, before squeezing you hand. You grinned, breathing out, and started to walk towards him. As Draco was quite tall, you could see him above everybody else. You saw him look down, smiling and talking - to his mother you assumed. I’ll need to take him aside, You thought to yourself, Confessing my love to a boy in front of his mother isn’t ideal romantic, you smiled to yourself. As you got closer, and in between a few people you saw that the person he was talking to wasn’t his mother. Although the girl he was with had blonde hair, it didn’t have the black streaks that Narcissa Malfoy portrayed. Your smile slowly dispatched from your face as the the crowd dispersed and you saw the girl Draco was walking with was Daphne Greengrass, a girl in your year and in Slytherin. The smile was completely gone by the time you saw Draco hand-in-hand with the girl. ‘Oh god.’ You whispered to yourself. You immediately turned around, to go back to Pansy, your face red and your heart beating a mile a minute. ‘Y/n!’ You heard him call your name. You spun around, a wide, fake grin across your face. ‘Draco!’ You cried, ‘I totally didn’t see you! How are you?’ You smiled. Draco smiled also, ‘I’m really good!’ You looked to Daphne, ‘Hi Daphne.’ You said. Although you were smiling you couldn’t be more broken and embarrassed. ‘Hi y/n!’ She said sweetly. 
‘Um, Pansy is waiting for me, actually. So I’ll see you guys on the train yeah?’ You said, feeling yourself well up. 
‘Alright! Bye.’ Draco said as he and his girlfriend walked off towards the Hogwarts Express. 

Ever since then you had tried and managed to keep things normal, apart from the fact that all you could think about was Draco and his smile and his eyes and his laugh…

‘You just need closure.’ Pansy said to you one Saturday night. 
‘How do I get closure, Pansy? It’s not like I can just go to Hogsmeade and ask Madame Rosmerta for one large closure.’ You sighed, putting your hands in your head. ‘Okay,’ Pansy laughed, ‘Madame Rosmerta can’t give you closure but she can give you this.’ Pansy pulled out a bottle of Firewhisky from inside her robes, grinning. 

You awoke the next day with a pounding headache, the empty bottle of firewhisky laying at the end of your four poster bed, as well as a sleeping Pansy. Your rubbed your head, ‘Dammit Pansy.’ You sighed. You got up and rolled her under the covers of your bed just as Draco walked in. He smirked, ‘I see you two had a little fun last night. Y/n, I didn’t know you were into girls.’ He winked. ‘Ha Ha.’ You rolled your eyes. Draco laughed, 
‘Daph and I are about to go to the Quidditch pitch for a date.’ Draco sang happily, ‘But I just wanted to check that you two were okay.’ He said, raising his eyebrows at Pansy. ‘We’re fine.’ You said, a little put out at the mention of Daphne. You suddenly looked at Draco, cocking your head to the side. 
‘What?’ He asked. 
‘I don’t know.’ You said, ‘I just feel like I had a dream about you, but I don’t remember.’ You said slowly, thinking hard. 
‘Okay.’ Draco laughed. You sat back down on your bed, 
‘Did we talk last night?’ You asked. Draco shook his head,
‘No but you two were so loud the whole castle heard you yelling, so I put a silencing charm around your dorm.’ Draco said casually. ‘If you want I can take it off.’ 
‘It’s probably better on.’ You smiled. Draco laughed nodding, 
‘That’s true. Anyway I’ll see you later. Oh, I have to grab my jumper quickly,’ He added, ‘It’s freezing outside.’
As Draco left the room you remembered. 
‘Oh god.’ You whispered. You ran out of the room and down the hallway, just missing Draco as he entered his dorm. ‘Draco!’ You yelled. You finally reached the end of the corridor and burst through his door. ‘Draco!’ You cried again, almost breaking the door as you flung through it to find him standing by his draws, a slightly ripped piece of parchment in his hands.  ‘Did you write me a letter last night?’ He grinned, as he began to read the paper. ‘Draco put that down!’ You screamed. You ran over to him and jumped on his back, almost tackling him to the ground as you yanked the letter from out of his hands. You both fell onto Draco’s bed which was conveniently in the way of you crashing to the floor, both breathing heavily at the commotion that you just caused. 
‘You’re over me?’ Draco said. You closed your eyes, jumping off of him and standing up, ‘Oh god.’ You whispered into your hands that were clasped over your mouth, ‘Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god.’ You repeated over and over, covering your face. ‘You’re over me?’ He said again. 
‘When were-when were you…under…me?’ Draco stuttered. 
‘Draco.’ you whispered. 
‘Do you…did you have feelings for me?’ He asked. You nodded. ‘Oh my god. Oh my god!’ He said, ‘I can’t um, I can’t deal with this right now.’ He said, very stressed. ‘I’m sorry.’ You said. He nodded, his eyes wide, 
‘Yep okay. Um, I have to go because Daphne is-is waiting. Okay.’ He said, shutting the door behind him. 

That night you sat alone in your dorm, looking through the pictures of a book you had no interest in when the door opened. ‘Hi.’ You looked up to see Draco standing there. ‘Hey.’ You said softly. 
‘We-uh-didn’t end up having our date.’ He said, sitting on Pansy’s bed. 
‘Oh, why not?’ You asked. 
‘She had homework to do, and anyway I was a bit out of it.’ He said. 
‘Oh, that’s interesting.’ You said, unsure of what else to say. 
‘No, it’s not “interesting”.’ Draco said, starting to get mad, ‘You had no right to tell me you had feelings for me!’ He cried.
‘What?’ You said, standing up. 
‘I was doing great with Daphne before I found out about you!’ 
‘Hey, I was doing great before I found out about you!’ You yelled back, ‘You think it’s easy for me to see you with Daphne?’ 
‘Well then you should have said something before I started dating Daphne!’ He yelled. 
‘I didn’t know then!’ You cried. ‘And how come you never said anything to me?’ 
‘There was never a good time!’ 
‘Right, because, you only had-what-five years! And we only hung out ever single day!’ 
‘Not every day!’ Draco said, running out of ways to defend himself, ‘And it’s not like I didn’t try! But things got in the way!’ 
‘Do you even have a point?’ 
‘The point is, I don’t need this right now! Okay? It’s too late. I’m with someone else and I’m happy. This ship has sailed!’ 
‘What so you’re just going to suppress your feeling or something?’ You shouted. 
‘I’ve gotten pretty good at doing that!’ Draco shouted back, leaving you silent. 
‘Alright fine.’ You said lowly, ‘You go ahead and do that, alright Draco? Cos I don’t need your stupid ship!’ 
‘Fine!’ Draco yelled before storming out the room and slamming the door behind him. ‘And you know what?’ You yelled as loud as you could, ‘Now I got closure!’ You screamed. You sat back down on your bed, in tears, ‘Stupid fucking silencing charm!’ You cried, sobbing into your hands. You sat in the quiet for a few seconds, the only sound in the room was your heavy breathing as you sat with your head in your hands. 
knock knock. You heard knuckles on the back of the door. You stood up and went to it, opening it to find Draco. His face was expressionless but you could see the pain in his eyes, as he could yours. You blinked and breathed out. Draco stepped in and didn’t stop as he went straight for your lips. You caught him and your hands shot up to his face as you kissed him back, and you felt his hands on your back and your foreheads touched as you kissed passionately. 

Someone drugs you and Henry makes sure your okay

Requested by theroyalmuffin who also wrote some of the imagine check out her blog! 

When your best friend Henry asked you to go to the bar with him and his friends you were beyond excited. You needed a night out and were happy to get dressed up although you never suspected the night would take a frightening turn. 

Henry was currently chatting away with his actor friends while you got yourself a drink. The two of you had been at the bar for a couple hours and we’re having a great time. You ordered a drink from the bar and scanned the room until your eyes fell upon Henry engaged in conversation with some fellow actors. You smiled and headed back to the group. As you took a sip of your drink you paused noting it tasted a bit strange. You never had a bad experience with drinks being spiked so you cautiously took a second sip before abandoning your drink and joining the conversation. 

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Welcome. First time with BTS?

A/N: Annyeong! On to part 5. Let’s see what happens next to our Heroine. Characters are based on this post. Enjoy the story.

Story Summary: You wish your life was normal again, but you know it will never be the same. Not with what you’ve experienced since joining one of the most dangerous Gangs in Seoul: Bangtan.

Genre: Gang/Mafia!AU

Included: Reader, Namjoon, Hoseok, Seokjin, Jungkook, Yoongi, Jimin

Word Count: 2707

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10

Warnings: Strong Language, Mentioning of drugs and violence You have been warned.

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I need you like air (Sam x reader)

Words: 1356

Warnings: swearing

Fic song: RBD- Un Poco De Tu Amor

A/N: Here’s another Sammy one shot :) Season 11 is officially confirmed and I’m so excited that we’ll be able to watch our sunshines for another year :D

Your name: submit What is this?


The doors opened and giggles filled the hallway, again. You rolled your eyes, trying to overhear drunk giggles of today’s girl. Sam probably whispered sweet nothings into her ear and there was no way you would admit that this hurts you.

This was the third girl he brought home in last three weeks. And that means another sleepless night. Neither Sam or his new girl tried to keep quiet so you and Dean could sleep. So you spent most of those nights searching for new cases, because only this kept Sam from bringing home strangers.

The doors next to yours closed, so you got up, heading to the kitchen. It was the calmest place in the bunker. Surprisingly, you found Dean, making second dinner.

˝Can’t sleep? ˝ he chuckled and offered you some of his food. He knew about your little thing about Sammy and you were more than surprised when he kept quiet and teased you only when Sam wasn’t around.

˝If this continues, I’ll just send a bullet into someone’s head and went to sleep, ˝ you cried ˝I just want to go out and not listen to those screams anymore. ˝

Dean shook his head with a small smile. ˝You, me, bar tonight. What do you say? ˝

Quickly you nodded, happy that you’ll finally escape Sam’s shit. ˝I’ll just grab my coat. ˝

Not even 5 minutes later you were in the Impala with Dean, headed to the nearest bar. Your plan was to get as drunk as you could, so you’d just pass out on your bed.


Constant knocking on the door woke you up from deep sleep. Your eyes widened in shock when you found yourself only in underwear and Dean lying next to you. Even though you tried hard, everything from last night was blurry or only in pictures. You remembered drinking enormous amounts of alcohol and some blurry pictures of throwing up.  In a panic you woke Dean up.

˝Calm down Y/N. Nothing happened, we just fell asleep here. ˝ Dean calmed you down, opening his eyes.

˝I’m coming in Y/N, ˝ Sam warned before the door opened widely. Smile disappeared from his face faster than you could ever think it’s possible. ˝What the hell? ˝ he almost yelled.

˝I’ll handle this. ˝ you assured to Dean and wrapped yourself in a bathrobe, before pushing Sam into the hallway, closing the door tightly behind you.

˝What was that? ˝  tension between you and Sam was almost visible. He didn’t move his eyes from you, not even for a second.

˝What do you mean? ˝ you decided to push him further to the edge. You couldn’t sleep because of him, now this was a payback. You stared at his eyes, trying hard not to let your emotions explode.

˝I mean you fucking with my brother! ˝ he shouted in rage. In surprise, you took a step back and closed your eyes tightly because of the headache you had. Sam has been almost never so angry and to be honest with yourself, he scared you.

˝I could ask you the same with those whores you bring home every day. ˝  

Sam’s eyes widened when he heard your answer. For almost full minute both of you were quiet, staring into each others eyes. ˝I’m gonna kill him. I’ll kill him. ˝ he muttered under his breath, trying to push you away from the doorway.

˝You ain’t going to do anything. Me and Dean, we had nothing ok? And even if we would, that wouldn’t be your thing. Why do you even care? Go to hell Sam. ˝ you pushed him away and tried to get back to your room. But he grabbed your hand, pulled you back and pushed you against the wall.  ˝Oh are you jealous? Those hoes not enough for you? ˝ your voice lowered in pity and you tried not to show him how scared you were when he put hands on the wall so you had no chance to escape.

His face was telling you that he’s completely pissed off, but in his eyes you saw something that calmed you down a little. ˝They were and never will be enough, they aren’t you Y/N. ˝ he started, but you cut him off.

 ˝Oh Sam please save this ok? I think that you and me, both know that that’s full of shit. And I don’t want to spend any second more, listening about how special I am. How many times did you have this speech in last 4 days? This is the 4th time I guess. ˝ words tasted bitter in your mouth, but you knew they were true. And you didn’t want to lie to yourself about that. Your eyes shut tightly, preventing tears from falling. The last thing you needed is Sam knowing how much you care.

Gently, Sam lifted your head, so you looked him directly in the eyes. ˝You are special Y/N. You are the only person I want in this whole world. Those girls before. They meant nothing. I wanted to fill in the hole I have because I don’t have you. I know now, when I saw you there with Dean that this is not possible. No one can replace you. ˝

You wanted to believe those words. God, you wanted to believe them so bad. But they could be just sweet nothings, he whispered to so many girls before. And your heart was broken too many times, you didn’t want it to happen again. It would be too much.

Sam waited for your answer, patiently.

˝Sam please, let me go. ˝ gently you pushed him away, knowing that this is the best option for you. Only one, where you don’t get really hurt actually.  

He let his hands down, still standing few inches away from you. ˝Y/N please, ˝ he begged with a broken voice ˝Give me a chance. ˝

With tears in your eyes you looked at him and slowly shook your head, before returning to your room.

Dean was still waiting there in bed, now fully awake.  He didn’t say a word when you sat next to him, only his hand hugged your shoulders, bringing you next to him.

˝I want to trust him Dean, I really do. ˝ you cried, letting the tears fall freely. Sure, Sam was always sweet around you, he made you laugh, cooked for you and made sure, nothing happened to you on hunts. But that’s what friends do too. That shows completely nothing.

˝Maybe you should give him a chance Y/N. I know you’re afraid being hurt. But you are hurt right now too. ˝ Dean made his point.  It was true, you were hurt. But it would be much worse if you and Sam broke up. ˝Do you want me to call him, so you two could talk calmly? ˝

As an answer to his question you slowly nodded, watching him get up and leaving the room. You weren’t fully sure if you wanted this, but it would hardly get any worse.

Simple ‘Hey’ from Sam woke you up from your thoughts and redirect your attention on him. Usually smiling, greened eye guy had his face covered in tears. His eyes were red and no matter how hard you tried, this scene tore you apart a bit.

˝I made a huge mistake bringing those girls home, trying to make you jealous. ˝ he admitted with broken voice ˝You’re the only girl in the world I wanted, since the day I met you. I love you Y/N, ok? Nothing, no girl, no supernatural creature, nothing  is ever going to change that. ˝

You took his huge hand into yours ˝Just promise me, you’ll never hurt me. ˝

˝Never. ˝ Sam promised.

You leaned to him, carefully pressing your lips to his. He cupped the back of your head with his right arm and pulled you closer. His lips gently brushed your lips, like he’s afraid that you’ll just vanish before his eyes. You leaned yourself even closer, letting all your fears go, safely in Sam’s arms.

˝Sam. I love you too. ˝


You’re Just A Number 3/?

Summary: AU Some say it was fate, others say luck, most say it was just a wrong number (basically Caroline and Stefan meet over a text sent to the wrong number) 

Part 1 Part 2 

It had been exactly 2 weeks, 4 days, 3 hours and 37 minutes since she had spoken to her mystery wrong number. Not that she was counting. The phone remained fairly quiet with just the odd text from Bonnie and a few phone calls from work, mostly discussing her childish behaviour displayed in the recent meeting and her promising it would never happen again. Of course it didn’t because the reason why it had occurred in the first place had gone rogue leaving a much stressed Caroline even more stressed. She often thought about it at night, about how one stupid conversation with one mistaken wrong number could have affected her so deeply. How he left her so calm and relaxed but also made her feel young again, like she was hiding her secret boyfriend making the butterflies he gave hers and only hers.

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Requested- Luke Hemmings Imagine - Break up/ Make up

Luke Hemmings Imagine – Break up/ Make up

You and Luke had been dating for about 7 months now and everything was going perfectly, you had been with him on his headlining tour and seeing him perform every night and seeing what he loved to do made your heart warm. He had just gotten off stage after his last song and he was as sweaty as ever being the per usual thing after a concert. Things after a concert were very hectic not only with the crowd but with the staff as well trying to take everything down as the boys just laid out on the tour bus exhausted.

As Luke cuddled you in his bed of the tour bus you two talked for what seemed hours before Michael finally shouted below you, “Shut up and go to sleep!” You two look at each other and laugh and finally decide to head to sleep as you all travel to the next location.

When you wake up in the morning you go to the bathroom while all the other boys are still sleeping. You brush your teeth and put face wash on your face to wake up a bit before having some coffee. It was hard to keep quiet for the boys when everything you do is so loud, the toilet and the sink. You eventually finally sat down at the table and had a cup of coffee before going through your instagram and twitter before you hear Ashton wake up, then Calum, then Luke and finally Michael.

When you get to the next venue you stay in the tour bus while the boys rehearse before the show. You read your book peacefully while listening to music and enjoy yourself before Luke storms in angry as could be and goes immediately going into the back and closing the door. You set down your book and take out your head phones, “Luke?” you yell asking. “I don’t want to talk!” He yells from the back. You see the other three boys walk in each of them looking at you, “What happened?” you ask looking at all three of them. Ashton nods his head, “Nothing, its nothing he’ll get over it.” You walk over to the back door making sure he’s okay. “Luke? Babe? Is everything okay?” you ask through the door. He doesn’t respond for about 10 seconds and then finally says, “I’ll be fine.” He says kind of quiet. You shrug your shoulders going back to his bunk and reading.

That night before the show started you were really worried about Luke since he hadn’t talked to you all day and you were scared of what was gonna happen if you did, but you had too eventually. He’s talking to all the guys before you go up to him,”Luke?” He turns around smiling but as soon as he see’s you his smile fades, “What?” he asks irritated. “Can I talk to you? In private please?” you say somewhat quietly. He looks down and you two start walking away to a private room. You close the door behind you when hear look say ,”Okay so what.” He shrugs his shoulders. At this point you were pissed he was acting this way towards you for no reason. “What the hell is wrong with you?!” you push his shoulder. He looks up and laughs, “Whats wrong with me?!” he yells back looking at you scaring you a bit. “I’ll tell you whats wrong, you didn’t give two shits about me today all you cared about was your god damn book and frankly I’m quite tired of your shit.” As he nudges you walking by going for the door before you stop him saying, “I asked you what was wrong not once but twice and you didn’t want to talk about it! And then you act like a complete asshole to me!” Luke turns around with words you would never thought you were going to hear, “If I’m such an asshole you can leave then. And don’t bother coming back cause were done here.” He walks out and slams the door before going onto his show.

You sat down on the couch that was placed in the room you two talked in and cried for what seemed to be hours but was only for 15 minutes. You go out to the tour bus leaving the last song you hear being Amnesia, and couldn’t bare to handle to hear it and went out on the tour bus. You pack your things on the tour bus as you still cry about what ran through your head. “If I’m such an asshole you can leave, and don’t bother coming back.” Ran through head a million times wondering why he would ever say that if he ever really did love you. You get off the tour bus with your bag and head to the airport heading back home.

When you finally get off your 5 hour flight back home you had the biggest headache of your life it seemed like from crying too much, and you were still in so much pain. You finally reach your apartment flat and straight head for your bed, leaving you heartbroken and in tears. You stayed there for days not being able to move. You turned off your phone so you wouldn’t have anyone reach you. It had been three days before you decided that you should turn it on and see how things are going.

As soon as you turn on your phone your notifications blow up with 38 missed calls and 56 text messages from Luke. 20 from Michael Ashton and Calum combined. As soon as you saw that your heart broke into the original state it had been in before. Every text you read was something like:

Im sorry.

Come back, I didn’t mean what I said

I love you

I miss you

Im a fucking idiot, please call me.

You put your phone back onto your nightstand and cover yourself back into your blanket crying all over again. You didn’t think you would be in this pain from one stupid boy. You look on twitter seeing that the boys had a day off today and you were crushed even looking at a picture seeing Ashton Michael Calum going out, but not a picture of Luke.

Next thing you hear is your doorbell wondering who could possibly be at the door. When you look through the peephole you see Michael Calum and Ashton standing at the doorstep. You wipe your tears off your face as you open the door, having shocked faces on each of them. “What do you want” you say looking down. “Can we come in and explain?” You step out of the way so they can come in and sit on the couch. You close the door and sit in the chair beside the couch and look at all three of them, as they sit there awkwardly.

“Okay, what do you want” you put your hands on your knees, irritated.

“We were the ones who made Luke break up with you.” Michael says. Your face lights up as your anger boils in and you stand up, “You what!” Ashton stands up and puts his hands on your shoulders and sits you back down and looks you in the eyes, “Let me explain.” He looks back at Michael and then looks back at you.

“We realize what we did was wrong, we just…. We thought that you were a distraction on tour cause he wasn’t acting like the same person and we were getting irritated because we were jealous all of his extra time would go towards you and not the band. So we uh…” Ashton looks down, “We threatened him.”

Your eyes go big as your tears run down your cheeks, “What did you do?” You clear your throat trying not to cry.

“We told him that if he didn’t break up with you, we were gonna tell management that you were using him for his fame and make them do it. And so when he broke up with you that night, we didn’t realize how much it would have affected him.” Calum says as Michael and Ashton nod their heads in agreement.

“After you walked out in Amnesia Luke completely lost it. He started crying while singing and he couldn’t sing, and after the show was over, he didn’t talk to any of us, he still hasn’t. He’s in awful condition and we need you to take him back. It was our fault and we feel like complete shit about it.” Michael adds in.

You stand up and walk to the kitchen leaning over the sink and start to cry. “I can’t believe you guys.” You turn around and walk back to the living room, “How do I know you’re not making this up and he actually meant it?” you look at all three of them.

Ashton asks you, “Remember when Luke stormed in and went to the backroom and didn’t talk to you and then walked in and said that he’ll be fine?” You nod your head. “Yeah”

“Well that was when we threatened him. Right before that and that’s why he was so upset.” You look up and laugh. “You guys are assholes.” You walk away and go grab your phone and since you never unpacked your stuff from leaving and went down stairs, “Okay…” They all look up at you. “Lets go.”

When you get back to the tour bus you kind of surprised Luke instead of calling or even texting him. As the three boys go back on the tour bus you stay outside until they tell you to come on the bus. “Luke?” Ashton yells through the tour bus. “What do you want” you hear him sounding tired as ever. You see Ashton move the curtain seeing the light off the hallway, “Oh my god what do you want!” he yells turning seeing them, “We have a surprise for you!” Calum says. “I don’t want fucking surprises guys, stop” as he moves the curtain back where it was placed. You walk towards his bed and move the curtain slowly not saying a word, “Oh my god guys!-“ He says as he turns around looking at your face lights him up instantly. “(y/n)!” He gets up and hugs you immediately. “Oh my god I am so sorry!” You let go of him and look at his face being red and his beautiful blue eyes puffed. “The boys told me what happened and Im still angry,” you look at them and then look back at him and smile, “I’m willing to let it go if you’re just honest with me next time.” You say.

“Oh my god I Promise.” Hugging you, and you didn’t want to let go as much as he didn’t.