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Fairy Tail Chapter 538 Review

Well this chapter was… odd…

Our cover page is the Tenrou Island arc and it’s just kinda meh. It’s following the standard group shot theme of the other memory chapters but there’s nothing all that interesting or dynamic about this. But onto the chapter proper

We open with the letters of END returning to their book. Okay I understand what Lucy’s doing about writing down the experiences of Natsu so that he will stay Natsu but why? Okay well the obvious idea is that this will prevent the END personality from taking over but aside from the first time we saw the semi END form there really was not indication of his personality changing. In fact, this seems like it’s confused about what it wants to be, is it saving Natsu’s life? Is it keeping Natsu from transforming? It’s playing fast and loose, which really is jarring.

Gray she’s Lucy struggle and starts destroying the “demon” in her arm. SO wait that’s an actual demon not organic link? Also If it’s spreading through and becoming part of Lucy how can you completely destroy with no adverse effect to her? But what does that matter another character is safe from consequence.

The Book of END fades due to Zeref’s death and Natsu returns alive. Okay again we get into my problem with this re writing in the book, how does it stop Natsu from dying with Zeref. He’s still a demon from the book of Zeref. I guess it might be that Lucy still has the organic link in her and the book is no longer needed for Zeref’s bond but rather he has a bond with Lucy.

Yeah It was over in a complete and total disappointment of a climax but I wouldn’t expect anything else from Natsu.

Natsu delivers the news that the first is gone. Oh no so sad.

Oh never mind grieving over.

We cut to a random island, where the Blue pegasus group is recovering.

You have a responsibility? Please check my 536 review on why that responsibility is total bull crap, but now add on it’s for Anna and Ichiya as well. Given the ending of this chapter that sentiment has become really damn hollow. Also we gave shit to Gray gfor iced shell and how it feels like character regression, now we have Jellal with actual character regression, wonder if he’ll get some shit. Also seems Wendy has fixed up his ribs.

Cut back to Team Natsu where everything is winding down and they talk about the things they have to do. Gray stating he has to apologize to Juvia, which I don’t understand given the fact that this flash back seems to be implying he should apologize for beating her but if you were trying to stay true to the whole “I’ll give you answer” thing then shouldn’t those flashbacks be of him using iced shell.

Lucy points out she has to find Aquarius’s key, which I like and Happy seems to imply that there’s something special he and Natsu want to do after the war (even though only thing Natsu said was he had a bucket list and not something ‘special’”

And Natsu is gone.

Yeah he’s sooooooo gone. Totally. I’m sure this’ll last half a chapter.

Last page shows how Natsu is kinda being a dick but at the same time Wendy notices cracks in the sky.

Post chapter follow up: This was a blah chapter. There is very little substance to it and a lot of things that happen are kinda vague. I will say it’s good to have a breather chapter but nothing is really progressed for the characters other than restating what they want to do after the war.

On the positive side, it is nice to see team Natsu back together and them interact, and it’s also nice to be reminded that there are still goals after this ordeal is over. Also positive, the possible return of Acnologia.

On the negative side, the worst problem with this chapter on it’s own is pacing. Things are happening way too fast fr a breather chapter, jumping around and delivering news about Mavis all feel resolved really fast. Another problem with the chapter is the Jellal scene, while I was for Jellal dying because it would have him come full circle this actually is presenting him to be regressing which honestly something that shouldn’t happen to a character who’s already got a lot of rushed character development.

This all put together there’s just nothing to chapter, it all honestly felt like padding. It’s not bad pre say but it’s not exactly good.

Final Judment: 5/10

  • Ultimately padding
  • rushed pacing
  • Captivating ending

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Seven and yoosung's reaction to mc beating their rank on LOLOL? (I love your writing)

Author’s note: HERE’S SOME CUTE FLUFF STUFF || I really like this one ok


  • “MC, COME HERE!!!”
  • You sighed and put down the book you were reading
  • Yoosung was sitting in his gaming chair and pointing at the screen
  • “What are you pointing at?”
  • “Oh?”
  • He dramatically spun around
  • You chuckled and walked up to your boyfriend, kissing his forehead
  • “Check the name again.”
  • Yoosung sighed
  • “It says, ‘MysteriousMC101’ and-”
  • He stopped reading and looked at you
  • You smiled and nodded
  • Yoosung returned your smile, and stood up
  • He ran and gave you a quick hug, before tilting your chin up
  • He closed the gap as if he was going to kiss you, but stopped just short of your lips
  • “Looks like I have some work to do.”
  • He gave you a quick peck before sitting back down
  • You walked into his computer room with a smirk on your face


  • Seven was playing LOLOL, so you stood behind him
  • “I got you a Dr. Pepper,” you said, placing it on his desk
  • Without looking away from the screen, he grabbed the can and opened it with one hand (he’s had lots of practice)
  • “Thanks, but why are you being so nice all of a sudden?”
  • You leaned down next to his ear
  • “Because I just whooped your ass in LOLOL and beat your rank.”
  • Before you could relish in the moment your idiot boyfriend SPIT OUT HIS DRINK ALL OVER THE MONITOR
  • “oh SHIT!”
  • Seven scrambled around, trying to contain the spill
  • You ran to get towel and came back to help him clean
  • When the two of you finished, he turned to you
  • “So, you ‘whooped my ass,’ huh?”
  • You dropped the towel on his lap
  • “It sure seems that way.”
  • You turned to walk away and
  • WHIP
  • “…No, I ‘whooped’ it.”

Dizzee and Shao have been spending a lot of time together. Dizzee knows Shao and Zeke are not really talking anymore, because of what happened with Boo Boo, but his little brother is safe at home now and his Big Brother needs him. Shao needs him. So he’s there for Shao.
Dizzee has been trying to make Shao go out with him to write on walls for a while, but it hasn’t happened yet. They listen to music, they smoke quite a lot, they sit and talk, sometimes they don’t talk at all. Dizzee knows Shao keeps too many things to himself, they both have their secrets, but they are there for each other and that’s enough.
Dizzee wants to tell him about Thor.
He knows Shao knows something. He has seen them together and he just knows, but Dizzee wants to tell him, tell him about the way love feels when it’s burning your veins and consuming your heart, he wants to tell him about the nights he and Thor talk about the stars and it’s like they’re up there with them, not as aliens in top hats, but as two stars that shine together.
And while a part of him always thinks Shao would shut him up because he doesn’t care about these things, there’s the other part, the bigger one, that thinks Shao would want to know about it. Because what he feels is pure and powerful and Shao would want to know about pure and powerful.
There’s this particular night, it’s hot in the Bronx and Shao is scratching a beat, Dizzee turns to him and all he says is “I think you should try to put that beat in a wall tonight, write something and let people listen to it” Shao’s looking at him. “You know, Diz? Maybe tonight is the Night”. And then they’re in the trains and Dizzee is writing another Rumi poem “You are the universe in ecstatic motion” and Shao is signing something in dark red that looks a lot like “Curtis”. Dizzee doesn’t ask.
It’s beautiful that they’re doing that, Shao was his biggest inspiration and now they’re writing together and it’s a beautiful night and Dizzee is just really seeing the beauty. He is happy and the words just come out of his mouth.
“I’m dating a Guy” He breaths, not sure if Shao heard him.
“The blonde boy?” Shao asks, after a minute or a moment of silence, not taking his eyes out of his work.
“Is it like… Are you two in love?” And Dizzee thinks he sees a spark of something in Shao’s face when their eyes meet. A spark of hope.
“Yes, we… We are in love with each other.” Shao just nods and time seems to stop.
“That is… That is very nice Diz, hm” Shao stops himself and Dizzee feels his hands sweating a little.
“Just. Make sure he treats you right and talks to you about the stars and the aliens and all that shit you know?” And then Shao smiles. It’s a small smile, but Dizzee can see everything and he is suddenly feeling the world’s kindness and the power of words and it really is a beautiful night.
“I got you, remember? You’re my alien brother and I got you.”

One More Night (Derek/Stiles)

Inspired by the lyrics & my Stiles/Derek headcanon here! Teeny Fic #38

We’ve always had time on our sides
But now it’s fading fast
Every second
Every moment
We’ve got to, we’ve gotta make it last

If You Leave by OMD

One More Night. Derek/Stiles. Teen. Also on AO3.

Derek doesn’t want to fall asleep because he knows Stiles is leaving in the morning

It wasn’t supposed to happen like this.

When Derek sent Stiles the postcards, it was mostly as a way of keeping in touch with the one person it turned out he wasn’t able to let go. He also knows that Stiles worries about the few people he actually lets in, that he allows to get close to his heart, and, somehow over the time they’ve known each other, Derek’s become one of those people. Sending him postcards just felt like the right thing to do, even if Derek never actually wrote anything on them.

Not until the one three months ago, at least.

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Your Choice

Fandom: Harry Potter

Word count: 1784

Characters: Draco x reader, Viktor Krum

Warnings: Draco being a jealous asshole

Summary: Requested by @deeindarkwonderlandDraco can’t believe that you don’t love your ex-boyfriend Viktor any more.

You watched as the reflections of the candles around the room flickered and danced across your parents’ long oak dining table. Tonight’s meal had been good, but now that you were full, you were sleepy. It was getting hard to stay awake, and the persistent hum of the conversation your parents were having with the Malfoys wasn’t helping.

Checking that they weren’t watching, you curled your legs up and then leaned over so that you could rest your head on Draco’s shoulder. Thank Merlin your parents’ dining chairs didn’t have arms. Draco put his arm around your shoulders, and you closed your eyes contentedly.

“Are you looking forward to going back to Hogwarts tomorrow?” you asked him, without opening your eyes.

“I suppose so,” he said, sounding a little dismissive. “At least Potter won’t be able to show off in Quidditch matches this year, and he won’t be able to compete in the tournament. It’ll be interesting to watch him behave like any other student for a year.”

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Heartache (Youngjae x Reader)

Word Count: 8553 (We need to stop haha) Yay for the first Youngjae scenario! 

Warning: Swearing, alcohol use, cheating, angst

Summary: Marrying the man of your dreams was meant to be a good thing, but when it brings nothing but heartache, you learn to put yourself first the hard way

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Sasuke Headcanons

#2: Childhood + When it comes to Naruto, Sasuke thinks about…

  • the blonde boy who was a menace to Konoha.
  • the one everybody seemed to hate, even though he could never really figure out why. No one would tell him.
  • where his parents were. It was weird that a kid their age was always wandering alone all the time. Is that why he always pulled pranks? Cause his dad never gives him disapproving looks and his mother never scolds him? He recalls the heated looks Fugaku and Mikoto sent his way whenever he got into trouble and wonders, just for a brief moment, if life would be better without them.
  • how he gave up fighting with a food vendor who would only sell him expired goods for full price before sticking out his tongue and trotting inside a nearby store. He picked a few things off the shelf, hurriedly paid the cashier in loose change, and left the store carrying two bags full of instant noodles.
  • how his mother would stare at him from the corner of her eye, different than how the rest of the village would glared and snarl at the boy. Sasuke wonders why he sees guilt and worry twisting her pretty features.
  • the idiot with something to prove, but no talent to back it up. 
  • how he should give up trying to beat him. It wasn’t going to happen. 
  • the kid who was just like him. Angry. Afraid. Alone. 
  • how he always tried connecting to people, while Sasuke was desperate to cut ties with them. 
  • Iruka-sensei forcing them to form the “Seal of Reconciliation”. They always ended up in another fight. 
  • the dumbass who couldn’t get a passing grade or form a decent clone if his life depended on it.
  • chapped lips, sharp teeth, and a mouth that tasted suspiciously like miso. He wonders what the hell he did to Naruto to make him kiss him like that in the first place. 
  • the usuratonkachi that was assigned to the same team. Team 7. Sasuke knew the dead last of the class was going to hold him back.


#3: Genin + When it comes to Naruto, Sasuke thinks about…

dream supergirl episode

int. shot: early evening, sunset in the windows. kara’s apartment - kitchen
alex & kara sitting at table drinking smth

alex, smiling: “how is the love of your life?”

kara, confused: “what? mon el? we broke up”

alex: “you were so good together. mon el loves you. he is good. he is kind. he is trying.”


kara: “you’re right alex, i should give him another chance.”


int. scene. DEO headquarters.

kara is in her supersuit now. she looks uncomfortable but that could be the lighting. winn approaches.

winn, happy: “supergirl! come to pick up your hubby?”

nudge nudge wink wink scene silent banter from him. kara smiles.

kara: “not right now. i came to see you, actually.”

winn: “uh?? im honoured ! what can little ol me do for you”

kara: “show me what you’re working on? i just want to get my mind of this whole mon el situation for a while”

winn: “you should give him a chance. he’s good. he’s trying. he really likes you.”

kara: “o kay thank you winn”


ext. night: warehouse

james in full guardian suit steps into the warehouse. in the centre is a raised platform with some weird glowing alien shit


int. scene: night. lenas office

lena is working late. supergirl flies to her balcony & knocks on the door

lena, clearly pleased to see her: “supergirl! what a nice surprise. im not being threatened again, am i?”

sg, laughing: “no. i actually came to ask for your help”

lena: “of course, anything”

shot of kara talking to her from what appears to be a nearby building. nothing can be heard. the shot moves quickly with a buzzing sound like a drone. it moves closer to sg & lena.

sg: “thank you so much for this lena”

lena, smiling: “what are friends for?”

the buzzing sounds resumes as the shot moves out again. supergirl seems like she might hear it & turns to look. she doesn’t seem to see where it is coming from.


int. shot day. catco offices

kara is in james office. he is talking to everyone about job stuff bc he is the boss of catco. he is very good at it.

james: “Kara, stay behind?”

kara closes the doors & comes to the balcony to join him. james shows her photos of the strange alien shit he found.

james: “weird right? should i take it to alex:”

kara: “NO! no, um, take it to maggie. or i will. a tip from a confidential source.”

james agrees to send her the photos & gives her the sample he took.

kara looks at her phone & photos with a dark look. she pauses outside James’s office & looks back, clearly torn. she walks back in.

kara: “thank you for showing me this”

james: “of course. i thought maybe you would know what it was. those symbols look almost kryptonian.”

kara: “i can’t tell you what it is just yet, im sorry”

james, standing, comes around his desk to sit on it so he’s the same height as Kara: “hey that’s alright, you’ll tell me when you can. i trust you, kara.”

kara, still hesitating: “maybe i should tell mon el? he might know about this.”

james: “of course. mon el should know. you should tell mon el about these things. mon el IS a hero.”

kara, surprised when her phone starts to ring: “i have to-”

james: “yeah of course, i have to get back to work too. boss never sleeps”

shot follows Kara into empty office. she answers her phone

kara: “maggie? hey i have some samples i need tested on the um down low?”

maggie: “that doesn’t sound suspicious at all. sure, bring them in. and hey have you heard from alex at all?”

kara: “Not since last night. why?”

maggie: “no, no reason. she just hasn’t texted me. i’m probably just being clingy…”

kara: “i’ll check on her on my way.”


ext. shot desert old DEO headquarters

j'onn in hank form meets supergirl on the hill

j'onn: “supergirl. i think we have a problem”

kara: “i agree. im so glad you said it”

j'onn: “i have the core group here. alex. vasquez. some of the senior agents.”

Kara: “are they alright?”

j'onn: “im not sure yet. i do know they’re better here than in the city. do you know what’s causing this? they…aren’t themselves”

kara nods, a grim look on her face: “i think i know. I’ve seen it before. once, a long time ago.”


shot: obviously krypton

alura looks pale & sick. she is sitting in the living section of her home. little kara sits with her.

Kara: “are you alright? can i get you something to drink?”

alura: “i just need to rest, my kara.”

kara looks upset. her mother smiles.

alura: “a drink would be lovely”

kara fetches her a tray with a jar & glass. she sits very still & nervous & watches her mother carefully.

Kara: “you’d tell me if something was wrong. wouldnt you, mother?”

alura, smiling. her voice is too soothing to be true. “of course, Kara. rub on to bed now”

Kara exits.

alura sits very still, stares out the window.


Veles does have a bit of a fixation on numerical things and can often get lost in the details when thinking– often feeling the need to count things and be aware of the exact amount of something. That being said, with how old he is, counting is like second nature to him– he may even have to glance briefly at something to determine the exact number of x amount on it ( ie, number of people in a crowd, leaves in a tree, etc. )

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yeah its real easy to reblog that post about not getting notes when you regularly gets loads of reblogs and have tons of followers. i've had a tumblr for just as long as you, i regularly create new content and am active in my fandom. my follower count? 232. and damn does it hurt when people like you say i'm being catty and petty because i'm frustrated and then offer some bullshit empty advise. thaaaaanks

Oh, yes. Thank you for categorizing me into the “people like you” group. This kind of messages is exactly why I reblogged that post. Have you read it until the end? Because I, as one of “those people” can definitely say it has some amazing points from the perspective.

The thing is, you are being catty and petty, I’m sorry but I can hear it in the tone of your message from all down here and I don’t even know you or follow you. If you sound the same to your followers no wonder people don’t want this negativity. But I hope you don’t take it out on your followers or this bitterness doesn’t really reflect in your art or internet communtication.

It’s still going to be a bullshit empty advise for you, but try to hear me out and abstract from your situation.

Say, you see this advise about a subject that matters to you a lot, and instead of actually trying to GET IT, you’re choosing to get all angry at “people like me” who try to help you. 

I have to ask. What is it you create the new content for? Is it gaining followers? If so, your priorities are not quite there. You create content for yourself, for others to ENJOY or relate to, but not for the basic follower count. I feel like people who are way too focused on getting followers forget that a) followers are PEOPLE, b) they “create” art mostly for the sake of “popularity”.

What if the content you create doesn’t resonate with as many people as you like? The problem then, is in you, and not other people or people like me. I’m sorry for putting it so bluntly.

What I mean is…Usually artist’s personality shines through their art. Whenever I see the art I can mostly see what artist is like and what they love and how they are. Some artists shine through their kindness, some show their wit, some show people cheerfulness and hope. People can see it. 

So, the key point here is what do YOU shine through?

Maybe it’s not quite something that people want to surround themselves with.

Also, maybe you aren’t quite as good yet. It is possible, sometimes even if the “message” in the art is right, the delivery still isn’t as much on point. Whether it’s a thing or not, you still have to strive for improvement. People love seeing development.

And the last thing. A three-year-old child, bumping in the bench, always blames the bench for getting in the way. But the child age 5, usually says he’s at fault for not looking where he was going. All because before 5, children can’t think critically of themselves.

Don’t be the three year old child.

ps also, anon, I have forgotten. 232 is still A LOT of people who despite everything decided they wanted to have a glimpse of your presense and personality on their dashboard. appreciate them instead of being boo-hoo it’s just 232! Imagine them all coming to your room and get your priorities right. 

Sorry for being so…straight forward in this.

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Daenerys doesn't know Westeros, she has spent all her life in Essos. She comes to Westeros, is not a Queen there yet, hasn't dethroned the ruling dynasty to claim the throne by right of conquest (her birthright means shit) but the first thing she does is demand Westerosi Lords and a King kneel. Why should they? She's nothing to them, she hasn't proved herself worthy, she doesn't offer anything to them. She should beat the Lannisters first and only then try to subjugate other Kingdoms.

Today I’m a bit busy in the morning so I’m going be generous and donate this ask. @mhysaofdragons, @danykinkfic, @mudinyourlungs You want to give it a crack?

Anyone else is welcome.


If anyone wants to help out Nuest.. PLEASE watch the MV on this youtube account and NOT ON 1 THE K! That account does not count towards their views for award shows. 

poll: what trc quote sounds dirtiest or strangest out of context?

add quotes in reblogs! my personal fave:

“I’ll do it now,” Ronan said finally.

“Now?” Adam asked incredulously. “Here? Now?

Ronan flashed a cocky grin, pleased to have gotten a reaction. “No time like the present, Parrish. Now.”


“Of course I know your name. I like you very much.”

min yoongi probably.....
  • Jungkook: hey hyung did you hear? apparently hyungwon from monsta x has slept twenty eight hours straight! you should try to beat his record hyung
  • Yoongi: nah that sounds exhausting
  • Jungkook: exhausting??? it is literally sleeping-
  • Yoongi: WAIT
  • Yoongi: was he the fucker who threw confetti in my face at kcon la???
  • Jungkook: what no that was kihyun
  • Yoongi: okay yeah that's too much work
In Sickness and In Health - Chapter 4

{ I’m excited and nervous to see what everyone thinks <3 }

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aurora: (n.) dawn

It had rained for weeks it felt like, weather reporters in the Evening Broomstick had claimed it was the wettest November on record, Graves told Credence they said that every year.

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