should try and beat it

min yoongi probably.....
  • Jungkook: hey hyung did you hear? apparently hyungwon from monsta x has slept twenty eight hours straight! you should try to beat his record hyung
  • Yoongi: nah that sounds exhausting
  • Jungkook: exhausting??? it is literally sleeping-
  • Yoongi: WAIT
  • Yoongi: was he the fucker who threw confetti in my face at kcon la???
  • Jungkook: what no that was kihyun
  • Yoongi: okay yeah that's too much work

“Of course I know your name. I like you very much.”

Several Reasons why ESPN should probably stop trying to cover hockey:

From tonight (10/30): The Islanders beat the Maple Leafs, the Lightning got beat by the other New York team, the Rangers. 

From a few days ago.  The last sentence is incorrect, in 2012 Tuukka Rask missed 19 regular season games and 5 playoff games due to a groin strain and abdominal injury.

That is Beau Bennett…not Sergey Kalinin…

I think you linked the wrong article there mate…

Someone at ESPN got paid to write this…SOMEONE GOT PAID TO WRITE THIS.

I…I just…there are no words….

poll: what trc quote sounds dirtiest or strangest out of context?

add quotes in reblogs! my personal fave:

“I’ll do it now,” Ronan said finally.

“Now?” Adam asked incredulously. “Here? Now?

Ronan flashed a cocky grin, pleased to have gotten a reaction. “No time like the present, Parrish. Now.”

It’s transformation Tuesday…..Fitness SAVED MY LIFE!!!
Since the very start of my journey, all I wanted to do was become a better version of myself. I didn’t want to be “perfect” I just wanted to be the best person I could be.
I wanted to become healthy and happy, and live a normal life.
Progress is the only thing you should work towards. Stop beating yourself up.
Don’t ever try to compare yourself to other people. I learned that the hard way. I used to compare myself to other people, but then I realized that will only bring me down.
I learned that everyone is different, and everyone is unique. I remind myself on a daily basis, that there is no one else like me, and that I shouldn’t ever try compare myself to others.
The only person you should compare yourself to is the old you. The old you who had no self esteem, no desire to do anything.
The way I tracked my progress is different. I tracked it by how my mind had changed, and how my negative thoughts no longer controlled my life. Having this effect on my mind, helped me transform my body.
I could see physical changes after eating healthier and exercising, which again bought on endorphins and gave me a natural high about life.

Common Phrases Said by ENFPs

“We should totally do that.”

“Let’s try it!”

“I’m bored.”

“Oh I forgot already, haha!”

“That’s so random … I love it!”

“I’m laughing too hard, I can’t breathe”

“Dude … omg … no way …”

“You should totally try this awesome thing”

“Hell yeah man, we can beat this challenge. We got this!”

“Hey, I have an idea …”

“I don’t remember that”

15 years old Artyom of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk became very withdrawal and aggressive after sudden death of his father. He would write online that beating people is fun and everyone should try that. On 27 September 2013 he stabbed his mother six times. After doing that he strangled his bleeding but living mother with an electrical cord. Two days after the murder Artyom called his uncle and confessed to killing his mother. His uncle called the police and Artyom was arrested and charged with murder.

Me on a date
  • me: so what did you think of the suicide squad trailer?
  • them: i thought it was good but the joker was so dumb! Nobody will beat heath ledger they should just stop trying he'll never be as good as him THE TATOOS??? WHAT ARE-
  • me, hitting them with breadsticks: LET. JARED. LIVE.

if you really think us mixers don’t deserve little mix in our country because we don’t promo them enough then you’re probably the most dumb person I’ve ever met. As far as I know, European mixers don’t have to constantly “promo” the girls like it’s their jobs. Lemme tell you something: IT IS NOT OUR JOB TO PROMO THEM. WE ARE NOT PAID BY SYCO TO PROMO THEM IN ANY WAY. Yes, we should try our best to send radio station requests and whatever, but truly that’s all we can do. It’s not our job to promo them, it’s their MANAGEMENT’S JOB TO PROMO THEM. THEY ARE // PAID // TO DO IT. If you truly think we don’t “deserve” these girls because we don’t promo them, then that should go for almost every single place in the world. All of you are always up our asses and constantly ridiculing us for not promoting them. You don’t yell at other mixers to promote better in other countries. We try our best with what we can. We can’t just call up places and automatically get the girls there. It’s really sad that some of you would think we don’t deserve little mix for something that’s not completely our faults.


Detroit W11D7 - LONG 16

Target pace: 10:29
Actual pace: 10:08

First of the three 16 milers! This one went by well! I set out early (should have been earlier) to try to beat the heat. That only lasted until about half way through, but oh well!

The first three miles went by okay, the usual waiting for my body to relax into the run. I stopped at a water fountain right at mile 3 and chatted with a guy out running too. He was aiming for 20ish miles today and is training for the Wisconsin iron man. A nice exchange with a fellow endurance athlete :) I saw him again towards the end of my run. We both weakly waved at each other haha

I ended up taking a gel at mile 4 because I was feeling sluggish. That helped so much! I decided to take them every 4 miles instead of 5 like usual. I think that was a good choice I may continue to implement.

Once I reached the half way point I was feeling good still. My return home things got a little tougher. It was getting much hotter and the sun kept peaking out. I made sure to take frequent water stops though and just kept pushing forward. My legs were getting really tired too, but I knew this run would make them stronger. Once I got to the final two mile stretch I was still feeling strong. If it hadn’t been so hot I know I would have felt great. I pushed the last two miles and finished happy and strong (and very very sweaty) :)

Once I got inside I chugged so much water and turned into a puddle on the ground. I was wishing so hard for someone to make me food, but alas as I live alone that did not happen. I eventually picked myself up, showered, and devoured a wonderful self made brunch.

Overall a successful long run! I’m happy with how this went and with how I’m feeling. I hope the trend continues! :)

I hope you all had great weekends! I’m excited to read long run recaps!

The Dormtainment Podcast: To Beat or Not To Beat ?

“ Should you beat your kids? Should you try a new method of discipline? This and other topics on today’s dormtainment podcast. “


• mase being fraudulent – 6:09

• tiger woods mixtape – 10:14

• backstory of ‘getchu a little sandwich’ – 12:28

• “commercial” – 33:22

  • The ‘Getchu A Little Sandwich’ Digital Special with 4 skits , Behind the Scenes , Bloopers & a 30 min. documentary will be released for $5 on SUNDAY , JULY 5TH at 7PM EST / 4PM PST !
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I feel like if we are trying to educate each other, we should do so without beating each other down. I mean, that’s a given, right? Once a condescending statement is made, naturally the receiver is going to get defensive. Don’t try the intelligence of someone because you think you know something that someone else does not. That shit is not cool. All y'all “woke” niggas are using that consciousness in the worst way possible. Uplift our people. Educate our people. Knowledge is power. How are we supposed to rise as a unit if we don’t bring everyone up to a healthy level of consciousness that has been erased for so many years? We gotta stick together, fam. All we got is us.