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😂😂 I havent been in the tags for days because i just follow way too many awesome people and dont even need to because I just use my dash or visit my followings.. but I curiously went to check out the tag I created a few days ago to find it full of really sour Antis. But instead of being pissed, Im laughing while I eat karamel popcorn (literally caramel popcorn rn guys) because I cant imagine being so dedicated to a ship I dont even like, and managing to find the time to spend on it. Our ship is so canon that even the people that hate it know all the tags and learn the new ones 😂. I should create some more subtags just to prove how canon we are and string them along. Then ill sip my club soda and watch these poor people have to spend half an hour listing all the karamel tags in their posts.

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its 5 am, i havent slept in 3 days and im bringing back the classics

Birthday selfie, ayee!!

Yes, Hinata got him the crow plushie. And got cake all over himself. And there were supposed to be colours but its 3 flipping am.


whew! the batch of ml fashion requests, finally! these took so long for me to spill out you can actually see my style change. thank you to everyone who requested, you all have the best ideas i swear. also sidenote: if you don’t see your request here, that’s because i have bigger plans for it >vo+


They all looked so happy in this frame! ( ´o ωo`)c


This is for @bittylicious, one of the sweetest, most supportive people I’ve ever come across, who should win all the tumblr awards for best tags ever.  Happy birthday, love.  Don’t worry, you’ll always be a dancing queen.


Walking into Jack’s apartment didn’t hold the same thrill.  Not today.  Not on his birthday, when Jack was on a roadie, and Bitty wouldn’t be seeing him until Sunday evening–just hours before Bitty had to be back at Samwell.

It wasn’t the longest he’d gone without seeing Jack.  Hell, it wasn’t even the first birthday Jack had missed, but it stung.  It stung when he remembered walking into the haus, seeing Betsy II, knowing it had been Jack’s idea.  He remembered Jack’s warm arms around him, being able to cry his happy tears right into Jack’s chest, and not feel ashamed.

Last year had been quiet.  Bitty’s birthday had fallen on a weekend where Jack had one home game.  They had take out and Bitty had unwrapped a ridiculous amount of Le Creuset bakeware.  Then Jack had unwrapped Bitty.

This year Bitty was alone.  He was alone with a text message on his phone reading, I’m sorry I can’t be there, bud.  Feel free to enjoy the apartment though.  I’ll see you Sunday and we can have a little time to celebrate.

Bitty knew he ought to appreciate it for what it was.  Jack was trying, and Bitty supported him unconditionally.  He was more than proud, and in a way knowing Jack was happy in his career, in his relationship, in his life, was a gift in itself.

But it still felt lonely.

“It’s my party and I cry if I want to, cry if I want to,” he sang to himself as he dropped his overnight bag on the ground by the kitchen table.  He shook his head.  “Knock it off,” he chided himself.  “Who are you, Parse?”

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Rucas + Certain Things by James Arthur

Happy Birthday Maggie (@friarlucas)! I know I told you a mere two hours ago I probably wouldn’t make you an edit but here it is! Anyways, I love our daily conversations that consist mostly of these two characters, and even though my IRL friends think that it’s weird I have an online friend and that I should quit fandom tumblr, I’m glad I met you through this website. I hope your day is filled with cake and love and relaxation. And to end this on a fun fact, you are the only person besides my mother that has a nickname for me.


“Shine brighter! Surprise me again and again!”

People: If you ship this, you’re a terrible person. You should ship this other thing, instead, they’re canon, beautiful, happy, with butterflies, they’re riding unicorns and shiting rainbows.


((But seriously, I could write a huge text here, full of arguments, and saying how weird is wasting time seeing something you hate - and even triggers you - and harassing real people for shipping fictional characters in a fictional society. And how liking to explore a theme is nothing like supporting this things in real life, or pretending that it’s a good thing. But nobody would give a damn, because even non-problematic ships have their anti, who’ll find a excuse to send hate to shippers, just because.))

Royal Tutor!Woozi AU

My latest installment in my Royal Servant!Seventeen AU! All my other AUs are on my masterlist right here


  • Doesn’t get as much sleep as he should. Sleeping for five hours is considered a blessing and a miracle.
  • Constantly working. Always planning lessons, teaching and tutoring you, going around and scolding people for not working (*cough* servants! Dino and Vernon *cough*) and assisting Royal Advisor!Seungcheol
  • Never lets you leave the study until you’ve read the books he’s assigned and finish all your work.
  • Woozi’s top priority is for you to get the education you need in order to become a great ruler. He knows that you’re capable of becoming one of the greatest rulers your kingdom has ever seen and he wants you to work hard to be the best ruler that you can
  • He’s a good teacher, honestly, it’s just that he’s a bit strict. He expects you to always pay attention, do things with quality, finish your work in a timely manner, and to never be late to your lessons
  • Jihoon was once late to your daily lesson and you teased him about it like “Oh~ looks who’s late this time~” and he was just like “shut up, I had to go scold a servant” because apparently a servant boy named Dino had danced in the ballroom and left traces of dirt everywhere
  • Seems to be a bit rude and mean, but he’s really not. Sure, he’s a bit cold sometimes, but he has a sweet side, as well.
  • Woozi had to move your lesson outside because Minghao’s dogs got the study room all dirty with their dog water and dog sweat and dog drool and dog-ness
  • You guys sat under a tree in the gardens and it was really really cold so Woozi just kind of silently slipped off his jacket and placed it around your shoulders and you looked up at him like ??? Jihoon ??? What the heck ??? and his ears were red and his faced started to heat up and he was just like it’s n-nothing…d-d-don’t wo-worry about i-it…
  • To be completely honest, Jihoon actually gets pretty jealous quite often
  • Doesn’t like it when he sees you put in a lot of effort for some of his co-workers. If you were to go out and buy that specific collar royal dog-sitter!Minghao told you about, or if you were to go and personally travel to a far part of the kingdom to get royal chef!Wonwoo a special ingredient, then Woozi will  get super jealous. He knows that it’s just you being your nice and caring self, but he prefers it when you go out of your way just for him
  • Tbh he’s been a bit jealous of everyone at one point, and it’s really obvious
  • EVERYONE knows when Jihoon gets jealous
  • There was a time when seamster!Mingyu complained about how he sometimes has trouble seeing the thread when he’s sewing, so you went out and got him some personalized glasses and he ended up looking really good in them
  • Woozi got really jealous because why did you have to get the glasses yourself?? Why couldn’t you get servant!Vernon or servant!Dino retrieve it instead???
  • Mingyu wore the glasses you bought him and went up to Woozi with this big, teasing smirk like “Do you like my glasses? It’s cute, right? They bought it for me personally” and Woozi just has this big ol’ frown on his face like “yeah, whatever…it doesn’t look that great” and storms out of the room
  • Mingyu just snorts because seeing Woozi acting like that is hilarious
  • Servant!Dino once got you a stuffed animal because “it was really cute so I thought that you’d like it!” and you slept with the thing for three weeks straight until one day Jihoon walked into your room while you were out visiting another kingdom with butler!Joshua and he saw the stuffed animal sitting on your bed with that stupid sewed-on smile just mocking him and he shot it a dirty look before picking the darn thing up and flinging it out the window
  • It landed in the rose bushes and gardener!Jeonghan ended up finding it two minutes later and Woozi had to make Jeonghan swear an oath to never tell anyone that he was the one who threw away the stuffed animal
  • Doesn’t like it when you call him “cute” because he firmly believes that he is not cute and thinks you’re not taking him seriously
  • One of the royal chefs made Jihoon’s favorite dish (thankfully Wonwoo wasn’t the one who made it. Even though he’s supposed to be the royal chef, that boy can’t cook to save his life) and Jihoon rushed through the entire castle to get to the kitchen, only to see you standing there with sauce on your lips, a fork in your hand, and an empty plate sitting in front of you
  • When he realized that you had eaten his favorite dish, Jihoon got a little annoyed. His chest was heaving (because he just ran through your big-ass castle and he’s tired) and his lips were drawn in a thin line and his eye was slightly twitching
  • Tried to intimidate you and make you feel bad for eating his favorite dish but you just started laughing at him and he was like WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING ??!!??!! and you were like you look so cute like that!! and he got so annoyed because “I’M VERY ANGRY RIGHT NOW AND YOU’RE LAUGHING AT ME”
  • Was about to get closer to you and try to see if there were any leftovers on the plate but then your tongue darted out to lick the sauce off your lips and Jihoon got SO RED and he was like “I HAVE TO GO”
  • Woozi sometimes gets really annoyed with the other people that work in your castle and will sometimes find himself thinking that he could do their job better than them
  • Especially thinks this about your music instructors Seokmin and Seungkwan because those idiots never actually manage to get a lot done. It takes them four days to go over a lesson that would take Woozi a day to go over. Plus, why do you even need two dudes to do a one-man job?
  • Of course, you’re aware of Woozi’s feelings on the subject but don’t let him be your music teacher because that dude already has enough work
  • Your kingdom was going to hold a ball and you were still a bit awkward with slow dancing. You were expected to slow dance at the ball so you sought out Woozi to help you because he can basically do anything like he can sing, dance, rap, play instruments, he can do it all
  • But once you two were in the ballroom you instantly regretted asking him. He immediately critiqued your posture and your stance, telling you to move your foot there, raise your elbow more, straighten out your back
  • It’ll take half an hour just for him to be satisfied with your stance and get in position with you
  • But even when he has his your hand on your waist he’ll still critique your posture
  • “Woozi, are we going to start dancing yet?”
  • “Yes, but straighten your back some more. Don’t shift your weight on one foot! And tilt your head up a bit more!”
  • Royal dance instructor!Hoshi will be sulking in a corner all sad because HE’S YOUR DANCE INSTRUCTOR!! WHY DON’T YOU EVER LET HIM TEACH YOU HOW TO DANCE???? (seriously, you should let that boy dance with you before he drowns in his own tears)
  • Whenever he’s too stressed (which is quite often, unsurprisingly) he’ll go into the music room and sit down and play the grand piano
  • You woke up late one time and you heard the piano and you were just like “who the heck plays the piano at two in the morning??” so you got out of bed to go and investigate. When you saw Woozi sitting there, absolutely absorbed in the music, you froze. You were so enchanted by his beautiful melodies and when you complimented him on his excellent piano playing he got a bit shy and was so humble like no, I’m not that great at playing the piano
  • You manage to persuade him to play a song on the piano during one of the royal balls and all these royals from other kingdoms approach him and compliment his music and ask if he’s a musician
  • When he tells them that he’s just your tutor they’re all shocked and they look to you and are like “your tutor here is so talented! You’re so lucky to have him!”
  • And you have this bright, proud smile on your face because you’re so glad that Jihoon is getting the recognition and praise he deserves and you glance at him and you’re like “Yeah, I really am lucky”
  • Jihoon got embarrassed but he was actually really proud because it’s great to know that you actually appreciate him and the things he does
  • Remember when I said that Woozi doesn’t like it when you call him cute? Yeah, he really despises it. It’s partially because he doesn’t really think that he’s attractive, but it’s also because he doesn’t want you to think he’s cute, he wants you to think he’s manly and handsome
  • He has this idea that you have a thing for handsome, confident, manly guys because of the way you interact with bodyguard!Jun, seamster!Mingyu and royal advisor!Seungcheol, who are handsome, confident, manly guys (and also totally greasy flirts)
  • Woozi thinks of himself as a handsome, confident, manly guy (and he really is) but thinks that you don’t see him like that
  • He’ll try to act very manly around you. He’ll puff out his chest, bring his shoulders back, tilt his head up a bit
  • But then you’ll just find his odd stance cute and squeal while trying to pinch his cheeks and he’ll just get annoyed (but he won’t pout because then you’ll probably squeal some more and attack his cheeks)
  • So Jihoon thinks that you don’t view him as a handsome, confident, manly guy but you actually think he’s super handsome, especially when he’s working and concentrating, putting all his effort into whatever task he’s doing. You just think he looks really handsome like that.
  • There was a time when you along with some staff went to a little school in the town to help fix the place up (because ceiling beams falling down are a real hazard) and your royal adviser Seungcheol, bodyguard Jun, servants Dino and Vernon, music instructors Seokmin and Seungkwan, and your tutor Woozi all went along with you to help.
  • Seungcheol and Jun were showing off, trying to carry more wood than the other. Dino was playing around with the children that were there, Seokmin and Vernon were listening to Seungkwan complain about how hot it was outside
  • Jihoon was the only one who was actually getting some work done.
  • He was helping the volunteers move the wood to the other side so the children + Dino wouldn’t trip over it, hammered all the nails into place, lifted the beams, he basically helped with everything
  • You were just amazed that he was able to keep going at it because it was like 90 degrees out and he was covered in a sheet of sweat
  • Someone called for a break and your eyes just stayed glued to Woozi as he went to retrieve some water and tipped his head back and it suddenly got a lot more hot like did the sun get more intense?????
  • He rolled up the sleeve of his button-down and went to go back to work and tbh you almost fainted because he just looked so handsome like
  • And Woozi just kind of turns around and looks at you like “Are you okay??” and you’re just like “w-w-what? Y-yeah, w-why would you a-ask?” and he’s like “because your mouth was wide open earlier”
  • You realize that your jaw had dropped when you were staring at Jihoon and you just clear your throat and sit up straight like yeah, I’m totally fine
  • And he’s just like really? and you’re like yeah, it’s just that…uhm..well…you look really handsome like that
  • And he just goes !!! r eALLY? and you nod, red-faced and Woozi gets this small little satisfied smirk on his face and nods to himself before resuming his work
  • Royal Tutor!Woozi is just a sleep-deprived guy who wants you to pour all your effort into your work, just like he does. He gets easily jealous may be cute, but he’s also super manly and you should tell him that because then he’ll gift you with the most amazing smirk ever. Although he may not show it very often, he cares deeply for you and makes sure nothing will ever happen to you and he will also fight Mingyu and slap those glasses off his face
From the Journal of Bucky Barnes

Author’s Note: This might end up being a series depending on how this is received so pls let me know if you like it/if you would want this to continue !!

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I read somewhere once that if you couldn’t sleep, you should write down whatever’s on your mind and keep it in a journal. Something about it being therapeutic, I guess. I’ve never really been good at writing but, hey, I’ll try anything once. Even if it’s just for fuck’s sake.

I’ve been up for four hours now, just staring at the ceiling and trying not to wake you as I shift my weight around on that tiny mattress that by some miracle fits both of us. Reminds me of the times you would get so cold that you’d stuff yourself into my side and stick your cold hands under my shirt for warmth in those winter’s after your ma died. A little heat leech you were but I didn’t care, as long as it got you to stop shivering for the night. Nowadays it’s usually me leaning towards you and trying to get warm, since you turned into a fucking goddamn furnace and I still can’t seem to get that feeling of ice out of my veins. I wonder if you ever feel it too, that feeling of being trapped inside a freezer with no way out. Maybe it’s just me. It’s probably better that way.

I’m afraid to fall asleep.

It took me two whole minutes to build up the courage to write that down. My hand is still shaking.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck

Everyone thinks that the nightmares are about what happened to me when I was under Hydra’s control, and they’re not wrong. It’s just not the whole truth. I fall asleep knowing that I’m going to dream about all of the awful things I did, all of the things that I can never take back, and it’s enough to make me sick to my stomach. But if they were only that, I’d force myself to fight through it because it isn’t anything that I don’t already think about when I’m awake.

The part that scares me

Steve, I just

I can’t fucking write this I can’t I can’t

I can’t lose you. I can’t bear the thought of going to sleep when I know that in each and every fucking nightmare you’ll be ripped away from me. God, it’s like some kind of unknown torture they implanted in my brain so that even if I could somehow forget everything they taught me, I would still be haunted by dreams of losing you. I know that we spit out all the crap about your soul matching mine and how we could never really lose each other if we’re the same inside, but when it comes down to it, that’s all bullshit.

Steve, if there was no you, there would be no me. If you left the face of this earth, I would crumble into dust and endlessly scatter across the face of this planet in the hope that somehow, in someway, I would find you again. Without you, I wouldn’t just die, I would fall headfirst into oblivion. I wouldn’t just fade away, I would explode. Because our love isn’t a bandage type of love, the one that you can slap on and peel of whenever things are finished. No, our love is industrial steel, slicing through ice and bullies and everything that has tried to pull us apart. It’s more durable that the vibranium of your shield or even my arm, and things that powerful aren’t always in our control. You see, if you were to leave me, that love is strong enough to turn against me and make me pay in ways I can’t even imagine. No torture chamber or terrifying serum would be able to compare to the ways it would rip me apart, picking away at me piece by piece until all that would be left is my heart, still triumphantly beating until the very end of the line for you.

I’m looking over at you right now, as creepy as that sounds, and I can’t help but be scared at the thought of how much you mean to me. How I’m scared that even with all of your strength and fire and that goddamn stubbornness to do what you know is right, something will come along to try and snuff the Brooklyn right out of you. That you’ll finally realize how pure and too good for this world you are, and then look at me with the disgust I rightfully deserve after everything I’ve done. After everything I’ve put you through. And, Stevie, if I could take everything back for just one more night huddled together under that ratted old quilt back in 1939, I would. I would erase every single fucking thing just so that those Brooklyn nights could live just a little longer. So that those two innocent, scrappy young boys had a goddamn chance in this world that so hell bent on turning every diamond into dust.

Because you, Steve, are the brightest diamond I’ve ever seen.

And you deserve so much better than a pile of dust like me.

Shipping wars are literally the worst
like I do not like anyone who initiats them
they get people who generally like the same fandom to fight over who kisses who
and sometimes it’s between two very real people
like why do you thin this is necassary
people who tag their NOTP’s who outright say what they are and then go and bash on the ship are disgusting
there will be people who agree with you
but then there will be the majority of people who search through the tag of their favourite pairing and are forced to put up with your bullshit
I mean seriously no one wants to see that shit
I must admit
I do have pairings that I despise so much that I can’t even look at them
but I keep it to myself
I don’t write hate rants about it
I don’t purposly look at the tag and then hate on what people have made
especially fanart, some people have spent hours drawing two people they believe should be together, and then assholes come along and shit on their work purely because they don’t ship them

I ship Johnlock and Destiel
but every now and then I see something like adlock, Shermolly, or wincest
I ain’t gonna hate on that
I might read or look at said thing
but I am NOT going to waste my time writing in the comments complaining about fictional characters

to anyone who draws fanart of two people kissing, whether I ship them or not, you deserve credit, congratulations
you did something useful, I might not ship it but heck a few people who do will appreciate your work will
keep at it, I might actually like it too because it looks amazing

seriosuly shipping wars are the worst, why fight over couples when we can all sit down and remember that we both like the same fucking fandom
if you are unable to do that for some reason
just ignore it and move on, it will not kill you

~TL;DR: Don’t hate on other people’s ships just because you hate them~

I really wanted to send an ask to everyone who reblogged the Fun! Haikyuu!! Asks, (even though I only said 26, I know) but it’s reached over 200 notes and I sent so many asks Tumblr told me I have to wait an hour. 😰It’s out of my hands now? I just wanted everyone to have fun with it, but this is literally more than I can handle. 😂 I will however, still be sending asks to mutuals or people who’s URL I recognise.

I’m really happy everyone likes it so much though! People have tagged it or commented some really nice things about it, and that makes me really happy and emotional. Emotional as in, ya’ll make me want to cry. Ily guys. Send some asks to people and have a lovely day!

so I have a request (for my mutuals mostly but other followers should maybe do it too tbh).

now that we’re just a few days out from the first people starting to play MEA and new information and footage is coming out pretty much every hour, could you all please please tag your negativity?

I totally get that bioware and EA and this game are not at all above criticism and they’ve barely done anything to deserve even claims that they could be, but listen: I want to be excited! I feel like every single time we learn something new we get five minutes of excitement and then five days of nitpicking, analyzing, expecting the worst, making assumptions and then getting mad about shit based on those assumptions. And I know about the issues and I read it all, I understand it, I get it, I know that they’ve done nothing to deserve the benefit of the doubt but I want to give it to them anyway. It’s exhausting feeling like I’m not allowed to be just hyped up and fucking pumped for this game?

I’m not saying that people aren’t allowed to be cautious or mad or that you shouldn’t express your negative feelings because I get why you would, but I’d just like to not see it for a while. Stuff like this put a serious damper on my mood the first time I experienced DAI and I just don’t want it to happen again.

I’ll blacklist “mea negativity” and “bioware critical”, if you use any other tags please let me know.