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Tonight got weird.

(I won’t go into much detail, which I know is unlike me, but I will partially describe in the tags, which is very much like me.)

its 5 am, i havent slept in 3 days and im bringing back the classics


Draco was tired of waiting.

He came to the conclusion that waiting was the biggest waste one could do with their life.

And he had wasted a lot of his life already.

He had waited for his father to acknowledge him, to show him he was proud of his son.

He had waited for his mother to stand up to his father, whenever he had talked her down, whenever he had treated her like less than his wife.

He had waited for his friends to come to his rescue when he had needed them most, to save him from himself.

And he had waited for the stupid prat to notice him. Really notice him. To look beyond the petty insults and his sneering.

For years Draco had been waiting.

He had waited in vain. But not anymore.

Draco was sick of waiting.

What had he even waited for? For him to come to the right conclusion, when Draco hid his true intentions so well? For him to realise what was really going on?

He probably would have to wait forever.

No. He would have to take matters into his own hands. And whyever should he not?

Yes, it was time to act.

Draco focused on the mop of black hair across the Great Hall.

He was sick of waiting.

He got up, marched over to the Gryffindor table and grabbed Potter by his robes. Without waiting for his reaction, Draco started dragging him out of his seat.

There was a yelp and shouts of protest, but Draco didn’t care.

He was so sick of waiting.

“Malfoy, what are you doing?” Potter shouted, shoving at Draco’s hands.

Draco ignored him and dragged him out of the Great Hall.

He could hear Weasley and Granger shout something at him. He heard footsteps behind him, indicating that several people were following him. Potter was still trying to get out of his grip.

Draco had wanted to find a more secluded place to do what he wanted to do next, but when the shouts behind him only got louder, he turned around and glared at them.

“You want to watch? FINE! I don’t even care anymore!”

He tightened his grip on Potter’s robes as he pulled him towards him forcefully.

Because he was so tired of waiting.

His mouth crashed with Potter’s and suddenly everything went silent.

Draco had thought it would be rougher, that Potter would try to fight him more. Apparently he was just shocked. He stiffened as Draco moved his lips against the other boy’s. He buried his hands in his hair like he had dreamed of so many times.

He had waited for this so long. This was it.

Or was it?

Draco suddenly noticed Potter moving and braced himself to be pushed away at any second. Instead, tentative fingers curled around his hips to pull him closer.

Draco was sure there were gasps and murmuring, but he didn’t hear any of it.

His whole mind, his whole body was so consumed by Potter. Potter, who was kissing him back.

Yes. This was what he had been waiting for all this time.

If only he had stopped waiting sooner.

*cracks knuckles* Okay, so we’re doing this.

Let’s talk about Sherlock North.

Sherlock North is a new Holmesian adaptation that was announced yesterday.  It is described as a contemporary crime fiction series, taking place in Finland during Holmes’ Hiatus.  While on the run, he ends up solving some cases in a small town with the help of someone named Johanna Watson.

In the space of twenty-four hours, the tag is FULL of people saying it’s going to be awful, that it’s homophobic and engaging in ‘het-swapping’, that Watson being a woman is boring and overdone, etcetera etcetera.  The entire tag is full of this.  Twenty-four hours old, not even close to being filmed or produced, and the tag is full of people decrying it as bad.

I mean, we know NOTHING about this adaptation.  There’s a Holmes, there’s a Watson, takes place during the Hiatus, that’s it. Boom.  What the hell is there to hate yet?

Those of us who are veteran Elementary fans are familiar with this, of course.  We’ve lived through this before, and still live through it because people continually fail to understand that if you’re ragging on something, you should avoid landing it in the tag.  But let’s go ahead and address some of the things people are saying about Sherlock North.  Let’s take a look at the claims and see if they hold any water.

Because Watson is a woman, it means that Holmes/Watson won’t be a homosexual pairing; that’s homophobic.

Come here.  Sit down.  I’m going to hold your hand through this, because this is going to hurt.

Holmes and Watson aren’t a canon gay pairing.

I wanted to say it quickly, like ripping a bandaid off.  It’s going to hurt, it’s going to sting, but it also needed to be done.  The truth of the matter is that Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, in the original canon, aren’t a homosexual pairing.  Now, we can certainly talk about how we interpret the text (I am a lifelong Holmes/Watson shipper; I will go down with that ship), and subtext, and coding, and all of these things, but the fact of the matter is that, in canon, Holmes and Watson are never actually written as romantically together.  Again, in terms of subtext and the way we interpret it?  Absolutely, it is easy to see them as being in love and so married and all.  But it isn’t canon.  It’s all interpretation.

What this means is that making Watson a woman is not, in itself, homophobic.  They are not ‘het-swapping’ because neither character was written as explicitly gay.  It’s just not possible.  No one is removing a real homosexual relationship from the story.

I know, it fucking sucks that it’s 2017 and we’ve never had a mainstream media Holmesian production with an explicitly queer Holmes or Watson, LET ALONE an explicitly queer Holmes and Watson that are in a relationship together.  I know that a lot of the people in the Sherlock North tag right now are angry, betrayed, bitter BBClock fans who thought that their show would make the subtext text, only to find that that didn’t happen.  And it sucks, I get that.  But that doesn’t make a totally different show homophobic.  And being hurt doesn’t excuse lashing out at a show and making unfounded accusations when, again, it was literally announced twenty-four hours ago and we know nothing about it.

If this is your argument against Sherlock North, how about you go watch some adaptations with queer characters?  How about The Adventures of Jamie Watson (and Sherlock Holmes), which is on youtube?  In that show Watson is bi, and Holmes is ace, and a number of the supporting cast also have LGBTQ identities.  Or S-her-lock, which can also be found on youtube.  Watson is trans and Holmes is an aro-ace.  I can recommend both of those adaptations wholeheartedly.

Watson as a woman is boring; a woman as the sidekick and help-meet, how original.

That’s primarily a matter of opinion, and you’re welcome to it, but I have to say, I’m offended on canon Watson’s behalf.  That’s all you think Watson is?  A sidekick? A help-meet?  I know Holmes calls him that in canon, but it’s also Holmes who claims that all emotion is useless and then tries not to cry when Watson gets shot.  I wouldn’t think of him as a reliable narrator, is all I’m saying.

And Watson as a sidekick is… I mean, I guess technically Watson COULD fit into that role, but that rather diminishes what a good Watson is.  A good Watson is brave, and loyal, and stubborn, prone to a temper at times, clever, a full partner in the investigations, compassionate and insightful, generous, self-sacrificing… what I’m saying here is, if you read the canon and just saw Watson as a sidekick, I suggest you go read it again.  And bring along the lenses that help you interpret the text as queer, because those lenses will definitely help you remember that narrators are often unreliable.

Watson as a woman is overdone.

Let’s see, in terms of mainstream media adaptations, I know of FIVE where Watson is a woman while Holmes is a man.  FIVE. They are:

They Might Be Giants (1971), with Joanne Woodward playing Mildred Watson; The Return of the World’s Greatest Detective (1976), with Jenny O’Hara playing Joan ‘Doc’ Watson; The Return of Sherlock Holmes (1986), with Margaret Colin playing Jane Watson; 1994 Baker Street (1993), with Debrah Farentino playing Amy Winslow; and Elementary (2012-), with Lucy Liu playing Joan Watson.

Five women Watsons. If we expanded the selection to include women Watsons against women Holmeses in mainstream media… we have six. That sixth one is Russian, btw. Not sure how mainstream it actually is, given that it doesn’t even have a Western world release.

If that’s your idea of overdone, I hate to break it to you about men Watsons and men Holmeses…

They only ever make Watson a woman so that Holmes and Watson can be in a romantic relationship together without having to incorporate a gay romance- THAT’S homophobic!

See point one regarding the homophobia.

But in the adaptations where Watson is a woman, IS there always a romantic relationship between Holmes and Watson?  Is this actually a thing?  This is a rhetorical question, I know the answer- no, they’re not always a romantic item when Watson is a woman.  In the most popular of the five adaptations above, They Might Be Giants, yes, Watson and Holmes are in a romantic relationship by the end.  The film is a cult classic, so I can see why it has imprinted on everyone’s mind, and why the heterosexual-appearing (bisexuality is a thing! As is pansexuality! As is asexuality! Not all of these are visible from the outside!) relationship between a woman Watson and man Holmes is something everyone remembers.

But in the other four? One can maybe argue sexual chemistry in some of them (it would take some arguing, though; it’s more subtext than text), but there is no actual romantic relationship between Holmes and Watson.  So if the creators of these productions made Watson a woman in order to have a romantic relationship with Holmes without queerness, they did a horrible job of it, because they forgot to actually include the romantic relationship.

(Fuck, those of us who watch Elementary just want Holmes and Watson to fucking HUG.)

Making Watson a woman isn’t progressive, it’s regressive; even if you get rid of the romantic relationship stuff, they often remove Watson’s key characteristics, like Watson being a doctor, or Watson being in the military.

Every single woman Watson is a doctor of some form.  Some of them aren’t practicing doctors, it’s true; neither was canon Watson when we first meet him, and in the stories he doesn’t actually start practicing medicine again until after he marries Mary Morstan, which happened in ~1887/1888 (don’t get any Holmesian started about dates…).  1888 was a full seven years after he met Holmes.  So even canon Watson, while having a medical degree, was not a doctor when we first meet him.

As for the military stuff… look.  In the first place, in the US military, women couldn’t serve in combat until 2013.  For the UK, restrictions on women in combat weren’t lifted until 2016 (though they could serve as combat medics and join other, technically non-combat groups).  But in the second place, and more importantly, our canon Watson served in the imperialist, colonialist British military in the Victorian era, a deeply awful time when the military engaged in genocides.  England is somewhat ashamed of that heritage, at least on some level (not on enough levels, of course, and not enough to get them to knock it off even now, but that’s neither here nor there).  Why the fuck would we want Watson serving an imperialistic goal, especially if a show doesn’t have the time or resources or, hell, interest to unpack what all of that means?  Very few shows can engage well in the complexities of military service, even ones ostensibly centered around them (*squints at NCIS*).  Frankly, I’d rather my Watson not serve in the military this time around if it means not having to deal with showrunners struggling and failing to make sense of the military mindset.

(ETA: Winslow was with the Red Cross during the Panama invasion. Thanks @sanguinarysanguinity!)

(Disclaimer: my entire family is military; believe me when I say this shit is complex, and needs a lot of energy devoted to it to do it right.)

The name fucking sucks.

Well.  I won’t argue with you there.

(Anybody know if this is just a translation of what the name is???  Because then I understand why it’s so bad.  Is it just a working title?)

The sum up

Take a look at all of those complaints I listed.  These are the complaints I saw over and over and over again when I went through the Sherlock North tag today.  Are you sensing a theme here?  Is there something in common with all of these arguments?

I want an explicitly queer Holmesian adaptation as much as the next H/W shipper.  I dream of it.  If someone gave me money to make my own adaptation, hells to the yeah would make them queer and in love.

But that doesn’t actually seem to be anyone’s main problem, to be honest.  The main problem people seem to have is that Watson is a woman.  

Someone can argue till they’re blue in the fact that the reason they’re upset about a woman Watson is because they want a gay Holmes and Watson relationship, but the fact of the matter is, we don’t have that relationship in any media, at all, and yet people still watch that media anyway.  And you can certainly be sad about the potential for a gay relationship being gone.  I do get that, and respect that.  

(Sidebar: in the world of things I find hilarious is the fact that, in this adaptation, Holmes and Watson COULD BE a gay couple!  They could be happily married!  Because John Watson could be back in London, sad because his husband was killed by Moriarty because THIS TAKES PLACE DURING THE HIATUS. Johanna might be a totally separate character!  Or Johanna IS our Watson, and Holmes didn’t know Watson before the Hiatus in this adaptation.  You know why that’s a possibility?  BECAUSE WE KNOW EXACTLY THREE THINGS ABOUT THIS ADAPTATION.)

But the hate?  That’s some bullshit right there.

If your issue is that Sherlock North is yet another adaptation where Holmes and Watson won’t be a gay couple, I do understand that disappointment. I would also like to point out that just because Holmes and Watson won’t be a gay couple in Sherlock North doesn’t preclude queerness, so you will want to rephrase that argument.  Watson could be a lesbian.  Holmes could be ace.  One or both could be bisexual.  Remember that queerness is this whole big range of things.  We don’t know enough about this production yet to say one way or another.  Just remember that two white dudes touching isn’t the only way to be queer, and that disappointment over the lack of white dudes touching shouldn’t lead to woman-bashing.

And if a woman Watson is your issue you don’t need to worry.  There are literally hundreds of other mainstream media adaptations with man Watsons.  In some of them, there are barely any women at all!  You can avoid women to your heart’s content.

Ultimately, most of the arguments against Sherlock North are just ridiculous.  It may suck.  It may be brilliant.  But it doesn’t have a cast, or a production crew, or any fucking funding yet, so we literally know not a single thing other than a general, broad concept.  So take a deep breath and step back.  Go hate women elsewhere.

(You know what I would like to see?  Some of this same outrage if Sherlock North ends up being a predominately white cast.  But if it has a white cast, suddenly we’ll hear all about how Scandanavia is just so white, it only makes sense for the cast to be white… and if folks got upset about race problems, they’d need to examine their own favourite Holmesian adaptations more critically, and we all know that ain’t gonna happen.  *sips tea*)

What's our goal on this trip? To catch Robin!!!

whew! the batch of ml fashion requests, finally! these took so long for me to spill out you can actually see my style change. thank you to everyone who requested, you all have the best ideas i swear. also sidenote: if you don’t see your request here, that’s because i have bigger plans for it >vo+

Birthday selfie, ayee!!

Yes, Hinata got him the crow plushie. And got cake all over himself. And there were supposed to be colours but its 3 flipping am.

My Fake Boyfriend Part 2

Summary: After receiving a very rude letter of your ex on the mail saying that he is going to get married. You see yourself not knowing what to do, you can just let it go or accept the help of your hot neighbor and pretend he is your boyfriend.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 930 ( I promise nex part is gonna be bigger)

Warnings: Angst, fuffly

A/n: Thanks to @drinkfantasy for being my beta. You rock.


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You barely slept that night; you couldn’t relax your muscles neither your mind. You packed and repacked your suit case five times; you watered your house plants and read a book about a girl who relived the day of her death over and over again.

You weren’t ready to spent six days at your hometown, when you looked at the clock was 5 a.m. and you had a flight to catch in 6 hours. You took a long shower letting the water wash your worries away, after that you cleaned your apartment one last time.

 You still have one hour to spent, you lay on your couch hopping that you can take a quick nap but no. Your conversation with your mother keeps playing in your head.

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A (Very) Promising Update

Wow. Okay. Hey everyone (that’s still around). YCPfE and I are finally back. Like. Actually back.

I know it’s been a long break and I kind of disappeared after saying I’d update - and I know there’s only so much I can say to excuse myself, but a bunch of things kind of all happened at once. (After I got out of the hospital, my father went into hospital (hence the trip back to my other home), and then because it was so bad, I had to move him halfway across the country to come live with me for a while. THEN, if that wasn’t enough, one of my partner’s family members was murdered. And they left behind a 4-year-old daughter, who, for quite a while, it looked like we were going to adopt. (It didn’t end up happening.) Plus a few other things I don’t want to get into.

BUT, now that my life has somewhat calmed down and there doesn’t seem to be any life-changing things on the horizon, I can finally get back to writing.

I hope you’ll all forgive me for the really long hiatus and not getting a chapter out when I said I would. I promise that I’ll do better at keeping you guys updated. I’m going to do my best at responding to the messages I can and getting back on track with original content here. If you have any questions or just want to rant to me, please feel free to message me.

AS IT IS. I’ll be updating Wednesday. I just need Tuesday to do a bit of editing and I should be good to go. I’ll get you a teaser in a few hours as well, just so you know this is actually happening. 

Keyleth *boyfriend dies and then comes back with a ticking clock meaning she’s going to lose him again forever apparently this time and soon*

Keyleth *has to alter her entire belief system in like 2 days to save the world*

Keyleth *meets the future version of herself that she fears the most, like it’s literally the nightmare she had with the earth ashari and it’s why she pushed Vax away for so long*

Keyleth *just thought she’d have to kill a kindish old gnome*

Keyleth *finds out Vex and Percy got married without telling anyone (vex having made vax promise not to do that exact thing even tho i doubt keyleth knows that) literally minutes after having to face all her fear and grief in literally less than an hour*

…..i don’t think anyone can be expected to have the greatest grasp of their emotions at this time ok thanks

Now that Will and Grace is coming back (28th of September this year) I feel like it’s the perfect time to share something I learned a while ago. John Barrowman, probably best known from Doctor Who, Torchwood and Arrow,  Barrowman was also considered for the role of Will in Will & Grace, but the producers reportedly felt he was “too straight” and the role eventually went to Eric McCormack instead. Like have you seen John Barrowman??! 





Here’s the link to his wiki if you don’t believe me:

PS: I’m really happy that Will & Grace is coming back, I have a lot of fond memories of watching it wiht my older sister.

This is the product of staring at a screen for seven hours and trying digital art for the first time. It started as a tattoo design, and veered off course. Until I figure out what’s going to go in the blank space that is currently occupied by “ZENITH,” here’s a snapshot of the work in progress. 

Staring at a reference for hours really teaches you things– I hadn’t known that the album cover features a dragonfly and a lotus flower in its printed embroidery. 

I’M GONNA DO A QUICK LIL INTRODUCTION HERE SISTERS! bc i’m lame and new!!! well i’m not new to the fandom etc but this is a fresh blog and this is the first time i’ve ever posted my writings anywhere for the general public (who happens to be searching for harry styles smut) can read it and I’M GEEKIN TBQH!! anyway, hi hello – i have a name, but im gonna let u guys call me T, even tho my name starts w H. H would get too confusing should this work out the way i’m hoping it will! so i’m T. and i like writing and harry styles and so i thought i, along with everyone i scream about H to in the wee hours of the night, would probably find it beneficial if i had blog where i could do that and ppl who actually want to read about how i want him to spit in my mouth! i’ve been a silent lurker of the tags for awhile now (shoutout to @stylesunchained, @permanentcross, @jawllines, @canistay-haz for the inspo behind me finally making this godforsaken blog) (please be my friend) (i’m very intimidated by all of u). so yeah i hope this works out, and if not then it was fun to share this little bit of a something with all of u! and if it does then i’ll likely post a pt 2 to this!  if u like it like/reblog if ur into the kinda thing ig :) also my praise kink is jsut as alive as harrys and my ask box is always open to discuss either one <3

“Pet,” he starts, and you smile, because after a long moment of just standing there and listening to each other breathe, you hear the familiar nickname and know you’ve got him back. “You are the meanest, most stubborn, woman ’ve ever met. Got a bloke full on puttin’ himself out there in front ‘f thousands, ‘nd you run away. Same bloke tells ya’ exactly what he means even after that, 'nd ya’ tell me I don’t mean it?” He murmurs, just loud enough for you to hear it. “Tell me how I can prove it to ya’,” he adds before you can get another word in, and he seems to already have a good idea, because his nose is brushing against yours already, but you quickly figure out that it’s going to take you asking for it before he does it, because Harry’s humble, but he has his pride, and you doubt he needs you fucking with it anymore tonight.

“’M going to start screaming if you don’t kiss me in the next three seconds,” you state, and he’s laughing as he presses his lips to yours, his hand cupping your cheek, and it’s gentle and soft and everything you ever imagined kissing Harry for the first time would be like.

And that’s how you die.


Harry’s your best friend and then you realize a lot of things, mostly that you’re an idiot

7k+, smut, overuse of the word ‘because’

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so my darling bf @howtheskycries sent me this shirt which exists in real life:

and said “Au where everything is the same but rhys wears this shirt instead of his other one.

and I couldn’t stop laughing. Naturally, I had to draw him in it.

I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING. Rhys tries to justify this by saying he’s tired of cutting holes in all his shirts. It gives his arm more freedom.

I am still pretty rubbish at drawing bodies and clothing, but I tried to model Rhys’ face after the way @lutnik draws him! I am obsessed with their art style. Even though it seems they don’t use tumblr anymore, you should seriously check their work out (:


🎉Flash Giveaway!🎉

In the early hours I STRIKE with an art giveaway!!

Y'all have all been so sweet and kind about my art and I’m so happy that I gotta do something! Ty all so much!!

  • I will be drawing 1(one) winner tomorrow evening at 9pm server time!

The prize is…

A full body sketch of your World of Warcraft baby!! (Sorry! This is a WoW giveaway!)

  • You can pick from full body digital style or a waist up traditional style!
  • The only thing I will not draw is nsfw.

The rules are simple!!

  • 2 entries per person! (One like and one reblog!)
  • You do not have to follow! This is all for fun! My only server tag is WrA but it is open to all!

Good luck! ;u;

A Night To Remember.

I decided to write this in order to try and improve my smut writing, so I hope you all like it and sorry it’s so long! - red-w00dy xoxo

P.S - I don’t even know if this is nearly accurate enough in terms of losing your virginity in a bed with someone who knows what they’re doing. I lost mine to my ex best friend’s boyfriend in a field, lasted about ten minutes and was very disappointing overall for little fourteen year old me so let me know if I got this completely wrong, thank you! - RW xoxo

“Jackson Nathaniel Teller, you old bastard!” I yelled, quickly climbing off the back of my dad’s motorcycle and darting across the lot to where the blonde was stood. Jax looked up when he heard my voice echo through the air, his trademark smile appearing on his lips when he saw me.“Are you ready to party or will you be going to bed at nine o’clock with the other elderly people?”

“Hayden Packer as I live and breathe! If I remember correctly, it was you that passed out at midnight during the last party,” he smirked once I reached him, scooping me into his arms and spinning me round in a circle before setting me back down on my feet. I glared playfully as he draped an arm around my shoulders and led me into the clubhouse, the rest of the SAMDINO charter following closely behind us.

It was Jax’s thirtieth birthday and the club was throwing him a huge party to celebrate, which was the sole reason I had spent the last six hours on the back of my father’s bike to get to Charming from San Bernardino. Whenever SAMDINO had business with the Redwood charter when we were younger, I had always pestered my dad to take me so that I could go and play with Jax and Piney’s son, Opie. Even as we grew older, the three of us remained close and made it a habit of meeting up when we were all free. Unfortunately, due to my job as a medical examiner in a morgue and all the stuff kicking off in Charming, we hadn’t seen each other since Clay’s sixtieth birthday party over four years ago. Stepping into the clubhouse, I was immediately hit with the familiar scent of weed, stale booze, cigarette smoke, cheap perfume and sex. It sounded like a foul smell but to me, it smelt like home. I’d spent most of my childhood in clubhouses, growing up around the club and their infamous parties, so the smell of the SAMCRO clubhouse made a ton of memories come flooding back to me. Jax flashed me a grin and guided me towards the bar where the others were sat drinking, Chibs, Bobby and Clay immediately jumping up to hug me when they saw me standing there next to the vice president.

“Hayden, this is Juice,” Jax told me, gesturing to a Puerto Rican man with a faux hawk and tribal tattoos on either side of my head. I vaguely remembered seeing him at Clay’s birthday party but he had been a prospect back then. “And this little freak is Chucky,” I blinked a few times at the bald man that was handing me a bottle of beer, two mechanical hands gripping the neck of it rather than normal human ones.

“It’s nice to meet yo- Opie!” I caught sight of the long haired man stepping out of the hallway that I knew led to the dorms, his dark eyes widening at the sight of me leaning against the bar. I abandoned my beer to sprint across the room, jumping into his arms and firmly wrapping my legs around his waist to hug him tightly.

“Denny, it’s been too long!” he cried, placing his arms underneath my ass to keep me supported as he carried me over to where the others stood. Once we reached them, he sat me down on the bar and took a beer from Chucky. “I’m still mad you missed me my wedding but you can meet her in a minute, she’s just getting ready in the dorm still.”

“I look forward to it. But first, let’s see if you boys still suck at doing shot competitions or whether you’ve gotten better since I last saw you,” I winked, gesturing for Chucky to lay out six shot glasses and pass me a bottle of tequila before turning to Chibs, pointing at the Scot with a devious smile playing on my lips. “I’m going to beat your ass this time, Telford, even if it ends up with the pair of us in the ER because we both need our stomachs pumped.”

“Yer on, lass, now pour them shots and lets get this party started!”

*Five hours later*

“Yo-you’re my best friend, Jackson, you know that? I know we barely see each other but you’re definitely my homie,” I slurred, swigging from my bottle of beer and leaning against Jax’s shoulder, waggling my finger in his face before using the tip of my finger to poke his nose. We were sat on the sofa situated against the wall of the clubhouse, having one of our usual drunken heart to hearts that we had whenever there was a party.

“Don’t tell Opie, but I think you’re my best friend as well. Not that I don’t love Ope, but I can’t exactly  talk to him about my girl problems - it’s a little gay, you know?” he stage-whispered in response, our eyes flitting to where Opie had his wife, Lyla, pressed up against the bar and was kissing her like his life depended on it. I fake gagged at the sight of them, causing Jax to start laughing hysterically next to me.

“Whatever happened to that bitch you were with when we were all in high school? Ugh, what the fuck was her name? Me and Ope just called her the Wicked Bitch of the West. You must remember her! The one that I got into a fight with on your sixteenth because we were dancing on the pool table to Nine Inch Nails, and she flipped shit because she thought I was coming on to you for some reason,” I quizzed, dropping my head down onto Jax’s shoulder passing him the joint that I held between my fingers.

“Are you on about Tara? Funny story actually, she came back last year. We got back together and.. shit, she’s coming over here and she does not look happy in the slightest. Promise you’re not gonna say anything if she starts? She’s been pretty temperamental lately and she doesn’t mean what she says,” Jax said quickly, both of us turning to where a dark haired woman was storming over to us dressed in blue hospital scrubs, a look of fury on her pale face.

“Ah, Tara! It’s been so long!” I exclaimed dramatically, throwing my arms out dramatically as if we’d been the best of friends whilst Jax buried his face in his hands, clearly not wanting any part of the confrontation that was likely to start in the next couple of minutes. Tara folded her arms over her chest and narrowed her eyes at me, unimpressed with how close Jax and I were to each other. “Rough day at work was it? Aw come on, have a drink! Lighten up a little!”

“I don’t know who the fuck you are, or why you’re sitting so close to my old man, but I advise you move your slutty ass away from him or I promise, I’ll wipe that smug look off your face before you know what’s hit you,” Tara glared viciously, tapping her foot against the hardwood floor and never taking her eyes off of me. I stood up slowly, a smirk playing on my lips as I squared up to the brunette. She was definitely starting a fight with the wrong girl.

“Actually, I don’t who the fuck you think you are, thinking you can talk to me like I’m dirt on your shoes,” I hissed back, poking her hard in the chest which made her stumble back slightly, half of the party stopping to watch the inevitable fight that was going to break out between us. I stepped even closer to Tara so that our noses were almost touching, brown meeting blue as we stared harshly at each other for a moment. “I was in his life way before you, honey, so if I want to sit and spend time with my best friend then I’m going to, okay? Good. Now fuck off, we’re talking.”

I turned away to return to my seat on the sofa next to Jax, only to have my head yanked backwards by Tara who had grabbed hold of my ponytail and pulled as hard as she could. That did it, the bitch needed to be taught a lesson about who not to mess with. I span on my heel and tackled her to the floor, leaning backwards onto my knees once I was straddling her and began to slam my fist into her face over and over again. Tara somehow managed to flip us over, grabbing my fringe and banging my head against the floor whilst some of the boys cheered around us at the girl fight happening in front of their eyes. With a grunt, I managed to push her off me long enough to straddle her once more, landing a hard punch to her right cheekbone before two arms slid around my waist and pulled me off the doctor. I screamed as whoever it was proceeded to drag me off in the direction of the dorms, threatening to cave Tara’s head and straining against my captor’s hold in an attempt to escape. Within seconds, I was carried into one of the rooms where I was dropped down onto the bed, causing me to raise my head to see that Tig had been the one to separate me from Tara. I stood up and moved towards the door, growling slightly when he blocked the only exit so I couldn’t go back to the main part of the clubhouse. He locked the door and led me into the bathroom, pushing me to sit down on the closed toilet seat as he took a first aid kit out of the cabinet and turned to face me with some cotton wool and a bottle of Betadine antiseptic solution.

“She got a few good punches in there, didn’t she, doll?” Tig chuckled, gently tilting my chin up so I was staring into his ice blue eyes and proceeded to pour the antiseptic onto one of the cotton pads, dabbing at a scratch just above my left eyebrow which caused me to flinch away from him due to the stinging sensation coursing through my forehead. “Don’t be such a baby, Denny. Christ, this takes me back to when you and Jax would fight as kids and I’d end up being the one to patch you both up after.”

“She started it! All I was doing was sitting there with Jacky, having a nice little conversation, then she comes up and starts threatening me for no reason. Not to mention she pulled my hair, I can claim self-defence if the cops try and arrest me for assault or whatever,” I scowled, my head spinning slightly from the amount of alcohol I’d consumed throughout the night but possibly due to how hard Tara had slammed my head into the floor as well. “I feel so fucking dizzy, Tig. Can you stop for a minute, otherwise I think I’m going to throw up.”

“Let me just finish cleaning this scrape on your cheek and then you can go lie down in my bed. She slammed your head into the floor pretty hard, you’ve probably got a concussion. I’ll go see if Chibs is sober enough to check once I’m done here,” Tig muttered in response, his thick black eyebrows furrowed in concentration as he delicately ran the cotton wool over my left cheek, a soft laugh escaping his slightly parted lips when I continued to flinch away from him.

Once I was all cleaned up, Tig pulled me up into a standing position and walked me over to his bed that sat in the middle of the room. I flashed him a grateful smile and climbed under the bedsheets, wrapping myself in the soft duvet in an attempt to stop myself shaking because of the cool air in the room. I closed my eyes to try and stop my head from spinning when Tig left to go find Chibs, falling into a drunken slumber in the Sergeant-At-Arms’ bed after curling up into a foetal position like I always did when I slept. I must have been asleep for a good few hours before I woke to the sound of Jax and Chibs singing ‘The Proclaimers’ loudly in the hallway outside the door. I sighed and shuffled slightly to make myself more comfortable, only to find Tig fast asleep behind me with his arm wrapped tightly around my waist, keeping my back pressed firmly against his chest. I brought my elbow back to nudge him gently to try and wake him up, receiving a unintelligible grunt in reply and his arm pulling me even closer to him. It wouldn’t have been so bad but my back was starting to ache, and I couldn’t imagine that my Dad, who was the president of SAMDINO, would be too happy to find one of his friends in bed with his only daughter, even if we were both fully clothed and just sleeping. A few more digs at his ribcage with my elbow and eventually Tig peered down at me through half-closed eyes, a small smile playing on his slightly swollen lips. I shifted underneath him and he removed his arm from my waist, the pair of us sitting up in the bed simultaneously with a yawn. I grabbed the cigarettes from the bedside table and lit two, passing one of them to Tig whilst taking a long hit on my own. For some reason I was now wide awake and, despite it being a dick move on my part, I was determined to keep Tig up so I wasn’t all alone because judging by the silence outside of the door, everyone had either passed out or gone to bed by this point.

“You could have gone back to the party, you know? You didn’t have to come in here and stay with me, especially given that there were about fifty croweaters out there that you haven’t slept with yet,” I told him once we’d both gotten ourselves comfortable against the headboard, an ashtray balancing on the duvet that covered both of us and occasionally wobbling whenever we tapped the excess ash off our cigarettes into it.

“Nah, don’t worry about it, doll. The party wasn’t as fun after you went to bed, all that happened was Chibs got into a heated argument over soccer with that Irish guy from Indian Hills and ended up punching him, Lyla declared her love for Chucky and Jax and Ope did a God awful rendition of Red Solo Cup that made my ears bleed. So what do you wanna do now? We’re wide awake, it’s six in the morning and the party’s over by the sound of it,” Tig shrugged, putting his cigarette out in the ashtray and relaxing into the pillows he had propped up behind his back.

“We could play Truths?” I suggested, discarding my finished cigarette in the ashtray and placed it back on the bedside cabinet as Tig shot me a confused look, motioning with his hand to explain the rules of the game I had played at Girl Scouts when I was young. “It’s basically Truth or Dare but without the dares, because let’s face it, we’d probably end up getting arrested if we started doing dares.”

“You’re not wrong there. Want me to start?” he laughed, both of us turning to face each other and sit cross legged at the top of the bed. I nodded, dreading what he could possibly ask me but coming up with the perfect question for when it was my turn. He shot me a devious grin and tapped his chin for a few seconds whilst he thought of what to ask. “Rumour has it that apparently you lost your virginity to Opie in Piney’s bed during his and Jax’s patch-in party. Is that true, or is Bobby just full of shit like usual?”

“Bobby’s full of shit, I’ve never slept with Opie in my life. Anyway he was dating Donna when he patched into the club, she was at the party, remember?” I replied, directing my attention to the hem of my dress and began to play with the edge of it, debating whether or not to reveal my biggest secret to Tig. I knew he wouldn’t tell anyone, just like he hadn’t told anyone it was me that scratched John’s bike when I was six, but I didn’t want him to laugh at me. “Actually… I’ve never slept with anyone. Dumb, I know, being twenty eight and never having sex.”

“Hey, that’s not dumb at all, sweetheart,” Tig said softly, hooking his finger under my chin to tilt my head up so we were looking into each other’s eyes. I felt my cheeks still burning in embarrassment from what I had told the older man, but also feeling slightly relieved that he hadn’t laughed at me like I had expected him to. “It’s not a bad thing to wait, you know? Lots of people do it, not myself obviously but you’re not the first person in the world to want to save their virginity for someone special.”

“That’s just it though, I’m not waiting for anyone special,” I groaned, leaning to the right until I fell down onto the mattress before rolling on my back with my hands covering my face in frustration. Tig lay down next to me, our feet resting on the headboard as he moved his head to reveal his confused expression. “I have four older brothers and my dad’s the president of a motorcycle club. Any boyfriend I have usually lasts about two weeks before they get spooked and hightail it out of there, and if they do last longer than that then they don’t want to take my virginity in case Dad or the others find out and kill him. It’s fucking annoying.”

“Sounds to me like you’re just choosing pussies if I’m honest with you, Den,” he smirked, raising his arm slightly when I indicated that I wanted to lie on his chest. I rested my head into the crook of his shoulder and peered up at him, resting one hand close to my nose and draping my leg over his waist like I’d done with him when I was a little kid. It was purely platonic and neither of us saw anything weird about it, however someone else might have if they walked into the room and saw us. “Why not try it on with one of the SAMDINO members? I know Little John has a thing for you and he’s twice the size of your dad, so there’s no risk of him dying.”

“You are joking, right? Come on, Tiggy, you know as well as I do that members of SAMDINO are off limits to me. Dad made that very clear when we had ‘the talk’, said he didn’t want me getting into one of his member’s heads or something,” I rolled my eyes at his suggestion when suddenly I was struck with an idea, Tig noticing this by the mischievous twinkle that appeared in my eyes and the devious smile forming on my face. “He never said anything about members from other charters though…”

“Not a chance, doll, I wouldn’t do that to your Dad. I’ve known him longer than you’ve been alive, if he ever found out then it would destroy over twenty years of friendship,” he stuttered, propping himself up on his elbows and staring down at me with an unreadable expression on his weathered face. I frowned at how quickly he’d reacted, feeling slightly hurt that he wasn’t willing to do this for me. “You’re really serious about this, ain’t you?”

“As serious as a nun in a convent. It’s cool if you don’t want to but it’s not as bad as you’re making out. Nobody would ever know about it, and I’d be a liar if I say I didn’t have a little crush on you, I can’t say the same for you but yeah…” I nodded, biting my lower lip and raising myself to lean back on my elbows and focus on the older man with a pleading look. It was desperate, I know, but I just wanted to get it over with and see what everyone was always raving about in terms of sex and orgasms in general.

Tig chose not to reply, instead he leaned towards me and brushed his lips softly against my own in the softest of kisses. I returned to my previous position of lying on my back and reached upwards to tangle my fingers in his dark curls, pulling him down to crash his mouth against mine in a rough kiss. He massaged my lips with his own for several minutes, trailing his left hand up and down my thigh as he kept himself upright with the other. I gently ran the tip of my tongue over his lower lip to deepen the kiss. He groaned into my mouth, giving me the perfect opportunity to flick my tongue against his own and resulting in us beginning a fight for dominance. I subsided after a couple of minutes, allowing Tig to explore the inside of my mouth as he moved to lie on top of me, his elbows resting either side of my arms to keep his weight off me and his bulge pressing against my centre in the most delightful way. I tugged on the roots of his hair and bucked my hips up to press against his, the pair of us groaning at the slight pleasure we both felt from the action. He pulled away and began to trail his lips along my neck, barely ghosting the sensitive skin at the base of my throat but making me moan all the same at his teasing gesture. I wrapped my calves around the back of his thighs to grind my sex against his ever-growing erection. He leaned back on his knees and stared down at me, drinking in the sight of me lay there on his bed with my cheeks flushed and my hair spread out over the duvet like some form of halo. He shuffled back slightly and proceeded to push my dress up until it was gathered just above my hips, revealing the pastel blue french knickers I was wearing.

“If we’re going to do this, I’m going to do it right. I’m going to give you a night you’re never going to forget, baby.”

He slowly ran his hands up my legs, his fingers splayed out and his palms gently caressing my skin before he hooked his index fingers through the waistband of my panties, pulling them down until they reached my ankles and he discarded them on the floor next to the bed. A groan erupted from deep in his chest as he leaned down to situate himself between my thighs, peering up me with his crystal blue orbs and stuck his tongue out to lick a perfect line through my dripping folds. My hips bucked on their accord at his action, a teasing smirk appearing on his face as he diverted his gaze to my pussy and slowly began to lick faster and faster, holding my thighs to stop me wiggling whenever he flicked his tongue against my sensitive nub. After a couple of minutes he inserted one of his fingers inside me at a steady pace, beginning to move it back and forth when a moan fell from my lips. Before long, he had added another finger to the mix and my head tipped back at the sensation, his tongue lapping at my clit at the same time whilst my fingers tightly gripped the sheets underneath me. My eyes fluttered shut when I felt my stomach begin to tighten, Tig picking up the speed after hearing me moan his name over and over again like a prayer. “Come on baby, cum for me,”. The vibrations, accompanied by his fingers stroking the same spot over and over again inside me, caused my head to spin until waves upon waves of pleasure washed over me. My entire body convulsed at the sensation, my knuckles beginning to turn white and a mixture of curse words and Tig’s name leaving my mouth in a low whisper as he continued his ministrations. Eventually the feeling faded, resulting in me sprawling out on the bed and attempting to gain my breath back, a small laugh from Tig causing me to look down at him through hooded eyes and see him examining his hand with an amused twinkle in his eyes and a boastful smile on his face.

“Are you sure you’ve never done anything like this before? Because you just squirted everywhere when you came,” Tig teased, my eyes widening in shock and my cheeks beginning to burn in shame. The smile dropped from his face almost instantly and he crawled up the bed until he was hovering over me, placing gentle kisses along my jaw. “I wasn’t being mean, doll, just merely commenting because not many girls can do it. I personally find it hot, can’t you tell?”

“Maybe you should see if you can make me do it with this big cock of yours then,” I purred in his ear, tipping my head back slightly so he could nibble at the sensitive skin behind my ear. I reached down between us and ran the tip of my index finger up the length of his erection, slightly surprised at just how big it really was. I’d heard rumours but I had just assumed it was Tig getting girls to say it so he seemed more desirable. “Come on, Tiggy, are you going to just hover over me all day or are you going to fuck me?”

“Patience, little girl, I don’t want the only thing you remember from this being me hurting you because we rushed it,” Tig rasped, pushing away from and reaching out to the bedside cabinet, fumbling around until eventually he removed a bottle of lubricant and a box of condoms. He quickly shed his boxers and relaxed back onto the balls of his feet, leaving me to marvel at the size of his cock. “I’m quite big, I need to prepare properly or I could end up really damaging you.”

I continued to stare as he slid a condom over his member with expert precision, proceeding to cover the prophylactic with copious amounts of lube. After snapping the lid shut and throwing it behind him along with the box of condoms, he positioned one of his elbows next to my right bicep and leaned down, pressing his lips to mine in a deep kiss that made the feeling of want and desire begin to course through me once more. I nipped at his lower lip which elicited yet another groan from him, causing him to shuffle up slightly and press the head of his cock against my entrance. A small gasp of pain and shock escaped me when he pushed forwards slightly, making me feel my skin stretch around him to accommodate his shaft. He retreated for a second before trying again, continuing to do so but pushing slightly deeper inside me each time until he filled me up and his pelvic bone pressed against my own, telling me that he was all the way in. He stayed still, watching me carefully when I gave a slight nod to tell him that it was okay to start moving. He began to thrust inside me at a torturously slow pace, my expression slowly contorting from wincing in pain to one of pleasure as the feeling of satisfaction started to build up inside me for the second time that night. I reached around him when he retracted nearly all the way out, grabbing hold of his hips and pulling him forward so that he slammed into me, a wave of pleasure washing over me at how good it felt. He took this as a signal to pick up the pace, sinking into me over and over again until he set a pace that had me trembling at the overwhelming pleasure flowing through me. After fifteen minutes or so of fucking me in the missionary position, he grabbed hold of my knees and lifted them, draping my legs over his shoulders but never faltering in the quick rhythm that he’d settled into.

“Tig, please,” I pleaded, clinging to the bedsheets underneath us in a desperate attempt to control the overwhelming bliss that was causing me to feel as though I was floating on air. “Fuck me harder, make me come, I’m begging you.”

“Are you sure you want to come, baby girl? You don’t sound like you want it enough to me, I think I’ll just stop what I’m doing,” he growled, trailing one of his hands down my chest and across my stomach before he reached my clit, beginning to draw lazy circles with his thumb which caused me to begin writhing under him. “Come on, Hayden, tell me what you want me to do for you.”

“I want you to make me come, Tig. Now.” I cried, arching my back slightly as he hit my g-spot perfectly with every thrust and started to build up speed and power until the sounds of our skin slapping together echoed around the dorm room.

He proceeded to pound into me in some sort of animalistic frenzy, his thumb still circling my clit and making me jolt with every movement due to how sensitive I still was from my first orgasm. Less than two minutes later, I dissolved into pleasure with a cry of Tig’s name as ecstasy coursed through my veins. I clenched around Tig whilst my body convulsed from my orgasm, causing the older man to thrust into me three more times before stopping still, grunting my name through gritted teeth and allowing his eyelids to flutter shut due to the same pleasurable sensation that I was experiencing. I lay there panting in the middle of the bed, watching Tig who quickly discarded the used condom in the bin near his bed and returned to lie next to me on the mattress, pulling me to rest on his chest and drape my leg over his waist despite him being completely naked. I nuzzled into his slightly sticky chest, closing my eyes and relishing in post-orgasmic haze whilst Tig stared at the ceiling above us, smiling at the glow in the dark stars Jax and I had put there when we were nine years old and his arm wrapping around my shoulder to pull me close. I shuffled slightly to get comfortable and ended up pressing myself against his side, his arm tightening around me and his other hand moving to run his fingers through my tangled blonde hair, my right arm draped over his waist whilst the other was tucked underneath me. A soft kiss on my forehead caused me to open my eyes and look up at the Sergeant-At-Arms, my fingers tracing idle patterns over the right side of his chest as he shot me a smile, his eyes heavy from a mixture of tiredness and satisfaction. I knew exactly how he felt, I was absolutely worn out despite having not done much and the only thing I could feel from the waist down was the satisfying throb between my legs. All those croweaters had been right, Tig was definitely amazing in bed. Not that I had much to compare it to, of course.

“Did you enjoy it then, doll?” He whispered softly, chuckling slightly at the yawn that escaped my lips whilst I snuggled deeper into his side, his calloused fingers trailing softly up and down my arm in a soothing manner. “That boring, huh? I didn’t think I was that bad, in fact, judging by your facial expression you looked like you were having the time of your life.”

“Fuck you, Trager.” I shot back playfully, rubbing my eyes due to how tired I was and failing to fight back another yawn. I genuinely couldn’t understand why I was so worn out when all I had done was lie there. Did orgasming really make you this tired every time?

“Get some sleep, doll, you’re probably gonna be heading back to San Bernadino first thing if your Dad has anything to do with it. I’ll wake you up in a bit when I can hear people start to move around in the clubhouse,” he mumbled into my hair, smoothing my dark locks with the tips of his fingers and pressing his lips to the crown of my head softly.

“Thank you, Tiggy. I’m glad it was you that took it rather than some douchebag,” I muttered sleepily, smiling to myself when Tig proceeded to pull the blanket over us to keep us warm. “And thank you for pulling me off Tara before I beat her to a bloody pulp and ended up in prison for murder.” 

“You’re welcome, sweetheart, you’re welcome.” he chuckled quietly, loosening his grip slightly so we were both comfortable before I fell into a deep slumber for the second time that evening. Had I stayed awake a little bit longer, I probably would have heard him whisper ‘I love you, doll’, but I was asleep, and the next day I’d return to San Bernadino no longer a virgin and never knowing how Tig actually felt about me. Oh how life was cruel.

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13 Going on 30 (Part 8)

Summary: When your 13th birthday party goes awry, and you make a life changing wish - you wake up to discover you’ve flash forwarded 17 years ahead.

Word Count: 1,730.

A/N: Tags weren’t working again so if you got another notif saying that I tagged you, well that’s why. Anyways here’s part 8! Words can’t even express how things are going to turn out. Hope you guys enjoy and I’m always happy to hear your feedback :D

13 Going on 30 (Masterlist)

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Let Me Touch Your Fire (3)

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 1259

Warnings: Aaaaaaaangst. Like horrible life sort of backstory.

Summary: You’re a mutant who was experimented on by Stryker. He changed your mutation so instead of feeling others’ emotions and transferring emotions to them, you can now only transfer emotions and you feel nothing.

A/N: I have a final tomorrow what the fuck am I doing? Let me know if you want to be tagged. Also, Pietro is alive here.

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