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Scout x Scout x Scout x Scout x Scout x Scout x Scout x Scout x Scout x Scout x The Payload. ;) Hope you like it as much as I do <3

No, I don’t like it.  I love it. 


[Eng Sub] 170119 YiZhiBo Live Broadcast: Yixing reading (hilarious & then touching) fan poetry cut.

Happy Bellarke Fam Selfie Night! We’re getting close to the new season. OMG. SO excited. Here’s my last crappy selfie on my old phone, because i just got a new one and the photos are MUCH better, but my icloud still doesn’t like me and works on a delay. But I also like how curly my hair is, so here’s a curly silver streak with lots of photo noise/grain.

Tumblr has been glitchy for me so I haven’t been on consistently and it made me frustrated so I finally just deleted all 600 of my back messages in my in box. i”m keeping that thing empty from now on. So if I don’t answer your ask in, like 24 hours, you can try sending it again if you still want to , and if I didn’t answer someone else’s on the same topic. I’m trying to keep control of my inbox before the season starts because it can be hard to keep up. I apologize if I blew off your ask. I get overwhelmed sometimes. there were things I meant to get to.

I’m also up to nevermore in my rewatch. Things are finally looking up for our delinquents and lindsey morgan is a BEAST.

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“My mom had an expression. She’d say, ‘As long as you’re alive, you have an obligation to strive, and you’re not dead until you’ve seen the face of God.’

Husband, father, grandfather, senator, vice president, hero. Thank you, Joe.

It’s 3 am and I’m bawling my eyes out over All Out!! ep 15

;____; All the feels

When Ise threw Mutsumi out of his apartment, I got chills! This scene was so scary, I totally thought his brother was going to abuse him physically (I haven’t read the manga so I wouldn’t know, but I guess he wasn’t really)

When his brother asked if he and Mutsumi are a couple (because hey, they’re in the rugby team) I was ready to punch the wall AGH

His brother was so cute in the flashbacks .__. 

And Ebumi!! Ebumi is an amazing friend <33


My headcanon is that Scarlet and Wolf are The Best Parents Ever and play with their kids and read them stories and gross them out by being all mushy and sweet with each other (but they’re really just setting a good example).

Also, Scarlet is the type of mom who will wear shorts even when her kids complain (”mooommmm you’re embarrassing me!”) and teach them how to cook at a young age because “your dad and I won’t be cooking for you when you grow up” but the kids actually REALLY LIKE COOKING TIME because Scarlet gets really concentrated when she works and she is physically unable to get angry when she has dough in her hands.

Also WOLF. WOLLLFFF. He would read to them every time before bed and in the morning and anytime in between if the kids want to hear a story. He totally spoils them to the point where Scarlet has to stop him sometimes, but he’s really just super nice and caring and he would take every bullet in the world for his kids (and then some).

Such…good parents….. *happy sobs*