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  • Reaper: We’re in. Sombra, get up here. How long to crack that lock?
  • Sombra: Should take about sixty seconds. You can give me fifteen. Wow, is that holographic? That’s high end.
  • Reaper: Can you get through it?
  • Sombra: Of course I can. You didn’t bring me along for my good looks did ya? Whoever designed this is a genius.
  • *As the lock goes down, alarms go up*
  • Reaper: You were saying?
  • Sombra: Okay, I take it back, whoever designed this is an asshole.
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Live long, that’s best of all, and make the most of it while there’s time. Take a good look at this hideous spectacle; a worm, half crushed but writing still. And yet there was a time when I, too, thought of all the things I would do, and never die, why should I? There were problems to solve, I said to myself, and I’m a giant. And now the only problem for this giant is how to die decently, though that makes no difference to anyone.
—  Ivan Turgenev, Fathers and Sons

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  • Following your heart is the key to living a fulfilling life.
  • Don’t become a victim of rules. In other words, don’t live by the rules created by others. Listen to the voice in your head and your own heart.
  • Those who think like bosses, even if they didn’t finish high school, can become bosses. Those who think like employees, even if they’ve got MBAs, they will always be employees.
  • If you can do something yourself, don’t ask someone else for a favor. It may seem like generosity from the outside, but you actually owe someone something.
  • Happiness might not stay with us forever. But good memories stay with us for the rest of our lives. Create good memories.
  • Don’t be scared of new beginnings. Don’t care about other people’s judgement as long as you stand on your own feet and are not stepping on anyone’s toes.
  • Not getting given opportunities might be quite sad but it’s not as sad as us not giving ourselves opportunities.
  • Conscience makes big matters small. Negativity makes small matters big.
  • It doesn’t matter if other people look down on you. You should never look down on yourself.
  • Whatever you get in life, if you take a very good care of it, it will stay with you for years to come.

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why do you feel so strongly about rose reacting to what roxy did? shouldnt they all be excited? especially calliope for helping her or even more especially KANAYA?

You mean I actually have to explain why I want to see her reaction to the new matriorb so bad? It’s not obvious?

First of all, Rose is naturally going to be the most excited person about this besides Kanaya, for Kanaya’s sake. She’s going to be damned excited. (And I do want to see Kanaya’s reaction, too, keep that in mind.)

Second, Rose isn’t just going to be excited. She’s going to be astonished. Jasprose’s creation will be like an obvious surprise birthday party being sprung, in comparison.


Because Rose didn’t see it coming. You saw her watching. She hadn’t a clue what Roxy was about to do.

Here was something Kanaya was constantly, desperately asking her about. Something Rose concentrated all her foresight on, trying to find a more specific answer to reassure someone she cares for, and yet she couldn’t get anything more specific than a vague chance of eventual victory. The entire process by which they could EVER create a new matriorb was shrouded in an only barely hopeful mystery. It cost more grist than they could ever afford; Kanaya said so, and we were even shown its unbelievably exorbitant cost to corroborate this. (EDIT: Yes, that really was showing the Matriorb’s cost.) Rose is a Seer of Light with the tremendous power to foresee what’s important, and yet the answer to the riddle of how to create a matriorb for Kanaya seemed to her – seemed to them both – like it was going to take a long, difficult slog through the darkness before their goal would even look like it’s in sight.

And Roxy just pulled a new Matriorb out of her fucking ear.

Rose’s jaw is going to hit the floor. Her jaw is going to drop open and break a huge column of bricks like a fucking kung fu master. </karkat quote>

She’s a Seer of Light, but that means she’s blind to the potential of the Void, Light’s opposite. This development should be a good lesson for her. Just because she can’t divine the purpose of her own heroic arc, her existence, doesn’t mean it’s without meaning or impossible for her. And “important” stuff is sometimes overrated. All lessons essential for a player learning to find proper balance in the Light/Void dichotomy.

Gods, he’d missed this. He’d patrolled alone in the old days. When there was just him, and the stones glistened around 3am, it all seemed to make sense somehow -

He stopped.

Around him, the world became a crystal of horror, the special horror that has nothing to do with fangs or ichor or ghosts but has everything to do with the familiar becoming unfamiliar.

Something fundamental was wrong.

It took a few dreadful seconds for his mind to supply the details of what his subconscious had noticed. There had been five statues along the parapet on this side.

But there should have been four.

He turned very slowly and walked back to the last one. It was a hippo, all right.

So was the next one. There was graffiti on it. Nothing supernatural had ‘Zaz Ys A Wonker’ scrawled on it.

It seemed to him that it didn’t take quite so long to get to the next one, and when he looked at it …

—  “Feet of Clay”, Sir Terry Pratchett
He’s incredibly good at mixed states of emotion (i.e. humor and horror)