should such a situation arise

while we’re on the subject of things parents forbid their children from doing, i just wanna say that no one will ever be 100% right about what you should or shouldn’t be doing. personally, i’ve found that the trick to being happy is to find the middle ground. my parents are rather strict but i know where the red line is and i know what things they might be able to forgive. i know some of the things i do would disappoint them severely but i also know that i started doing them out of my own will, not peer pressure, i started doing them after i felt capable and comfortable enough to handle any situation that should arise, and i only do them when i know i’m safe, and they have never interfered with my duties or integrity… like if my parents were to find out about what i get up to, they can only really get mad at the secrecy and defiance, but i have done them very safely and maturely you know? and most importantly i don’t feel like i’ve done anything wrong, i don’t regret a thing, because while i want to make my parents proud, i also know i will only be this young once, have these opportunities once, and be able to have this sort of fun and these types of experience right now, so what i’m trying to say is push the limit as far as you can but not any further, keep your parents and ur soul satisfied but most importantly stay safe and on the right track and have fun all throughout 

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My work has me spending a lot of time in Soho and I know Martin is here a lot too. I regularly give myself talkings to to remind myself that, should the situation arise, pretending I am not a fan to try to get into his pants would be unethical. I pray that I don't have to put this to the test because I'm afraid that when exposed to the real Martin, all my good intentions will go right out the fucking window.

i have a definite and specific plan if i ever come across a wild freeman or cumberbatch in their natural habitat: if it’s ben c i’ll pretend i’m having trouble placing him and then suddenly snap my fingers like “oh yeah! you’re in that sherlock holmes remake with martin freeman! god, he’s good in that” and if it’s martin i’ll ask him which character he was in the harry potter films

anan ♡ vol. 2004
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in the words of jonghyun: “race, age difference nor distance can be an obstacle in the way of love.” the one thing he worries that may become a barrier is the opposition of a partner’s parents. “putting aside how my family will eventually voice their opinion, i really think my partner’s parents’ point of view should be respected. for me, i can imagine opposition given my occupation as a celebrity. should that situation arise, i would like to arrange to formally speak face to face with my lover’s parents. but, then again, i’m pretty confident i won’t face much scrutiny because i’m usually adored by older people” (laughs)

jonghyun says he finds happiness while in love, proving himself to be someone born to love. even the notion of unrequited love seems not to hinder this opinion. “i want to like someone to the point that i want to meet them even if it means giving up sleep. i usually don’t have time to sleep anyway because i’m so busy, but i would like to have someone i want to meet even for ten minutes. there is no one right now. sleep is important. maybe it’s because i’ve gotten older.

his self analysis is that he invests much time into a single relationship. “i think …, i consider a great deal before dating and, even while i’m with that person, it takes me a long time to move on to the next relationship. it’s not a matter of a year or two, but a longer period. i think i’ll keep my heart empty for that amount of time.

what kind of behavior might a woman do to catch your attention? “i think it’s lovely when someone looks like they’re thinking of something and gazing far away - and, i also like when a person speaks slowly with a soft voice.

his ideal relationship involves bringing positive influence to one another while dating. “i hope, at least, i am not a bad influence on their life or a cause of distress. a relatonship should be a source of positive influence on each other’s work, opinions or personal growth. i think a positive dating experience is when the relationship takes both people’s lives in a better direction.

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◎ Why do you need protection?

Send a ◎ and a question and my muse must answer, even if it’s a secret.

as a human, i’m frail and marginally physically handicapped, and therefore unable to defend myself should a situation arise where i am attacked.
unit 061300 no longer serves a purpose, as he has outlived the person he was built to train and protect.
i have given him a new purpose, and in turn, he has given me protection.

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Candlelight, privacy, music. Can’t think of a better place for hand-to-hand combat. // im sorry

hunchback starters. (accepting!)

         the oracle doesn’t know much about combat — of course, she’s integrated just enough knowledge and experience to protect herself ( should a situation arise and it’s mandatory — yet the logistics of action, she has done little to consider.  candlelight, seclusion, lulling tones: these are new words for her in this context, but she figures he is an expert in comparison to the life she’s lived, sheltered from her chances to fight.     is it?   ❜   she speaks lightheartedly, open palms perched on her hips and body bent forward to convey playful interest.  to laugh and banter as they did when children is a privilege she cherishes most, never passed up.   ❛   here i was, thinking the atmosphere might suit a nice dinner.  perhaps you can teach me new things about hand to hand combat, and i’ll be much more prepared next time around.   

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49: Is this person afraid of dying? Why or why not?

Get Inside Your Character’s Head - (( Thanks @theoutcastoflanae! ))

49: Is this person afraid of dying? Why or why not?

In general, Crane does not fear death because he knows death is inevitable, and he’s much more focused on the here-and-now than he is on the afterlife. My Crane was pretty much told since birth that he was the embodiment of his mother’s sin and that he was thus doomed to Hell, so even the threat of a terrible afterlife won’t make him fear death as a general concept. On the flip side, Crane doesn’t want to die before his time, so he’s cautious and hypervigilant, and he might even become nervous or apprehensive if he thinks he might be killed, though he does typically do his best to face death with dignity, should the situation arise. He’s not about to scream and cry or plead for mercy unless something really bad happens to him.

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Everything was happening so fast that Julian really wasn’t sure what was happening. They had been rehearing for competition when the announcement about being on lockdown came on. The guys all knew exactly what they were supposed to do, but no one ever imagine actually needing to know what to do should a situation like that arise in Dalton. The lights had been turned off, doors shut, locked, blocked. Windows covered, and they were as far back as they could be. 

Of course, there was no training on what to do if the shooter still manages to get into the room. There was nothing telling him what he was supposed to do when the shooter was pointing a gun at him and pulled the trigger. And there definitley wasn’t anything that told him what to do when his best friend pushes him out of the way to save his life. 

As the shot rang out, Julian screamed as it hit Skylar’s stomach. He rushed towards his best friends side, tears pooling down as he immediately shrugged off his blazer and dress shirt as fast as he could before pulling off the t-shirt he had on underneath and pressing it against Skylar’s wound. “Skylar. Skylar. Stay with me.. please stay with me,” he begged, holding the shirt against his best friend. He knew someone was calling 911 and he could only hope that the shooter was caught by the time medics arrived so they could get Skylar help as soon as possible. 


Windson Low Tech

Plaus/Den Kit

An exercise in plausible deniability: We are composing a set of items that help us GTFO of urban environments should the need arise. Think HVT hostage situations or comparable in non-permissive environments. Carry everything you need in such a situation to at least get out of restraints, closed confinements, and be able to run. You will be searched; more or less cursory. Everything that can’t be explained away is out. No carbon fiber and no Zirconium dioxide. No dedicated tools. Handcuff keys? Nope.

Pictured is a sample collection of stuff that just happens to be useful, if you know how to use/combine/create further tools from the ingredients:

  • Bobby pins
  • Safety pin, large/small
  • Paper clip, large/small
  • Paper fastener
  • Plastic wrapper band
  • Electric fuse
  • P-38

Here is some tradecraft: In a suit, you won’t be able to explain away most of even these items. But in a casual jacket, you just worked on your car, house, whatever; all of that, kept loose in a pocket, doesn’t arouse suspicion. The trick is to carry it wrapped in the cloth, it’s small and light, but as a bundle, it becomes suspicious. So, whenever a potentially tricky situation is to be expected—just open the safety pin and sprinkle the contents inside the pocket. It becomes just a bunch of unrelated stuff.

Also non-suspicious:

  • Dental floss
  • An old credit card
  • A piece of leader wire
  • A couple small zip ties
  • Nails
  • CD/DVDs are nice to have, if they make any sense in a pocket dump.

That’s about it. Bring any dedicated GTFO tool or implement and you will be treated quite differently, you’ll lose any element of surprise and won’t even have left the makeshift tools above.

Rule: The more you bring, the less you’ll have left.


  • Light sticks
  • Metal saw
  • Handcuff keys
  • Lockpicks
  • Diamond wire

Observe – Evaluate – Control
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As Christians, there are certainly times we are called to say things that are uncomfortable, unpopular and even confrontational. After all, the Gospel itself is an offensive message. But just because those situations arise, doesn’t mean we should constantly make people uncomfortable or be confrontational just because we can.

Jesus never seemed to be overly concerned with offending or not offending anyone with His message. He even bluntly tells followers, “You will be hated by everyone because of me, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.” Compromising the truth or the message of the Gospel isn’t an option.

But offending or insulting people wasn’t His primary goal. He communicated truth in a way that was so compelling, that the masses wanted to listen, even if it challenged their values, ideas or beliefs.

In a season where “political correctness” has become so disdained that there’s become an obsession with constantly challenging it, the risk is that shocking people with blunt opinions becomes the priority, instead of preaching the truth that really matters.

If we always allow ourselves to get dragged into every fight over politically correct appropriateness, we risk losing the credibility to stand up for truth when it really matters.

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My EDC was designed to provide myself with the confidence to tackle any situation whether I am working in an office or taking a trip up the beautiful mountain ranges Australia has to offer. This kit will alter minimally throughout the week, and is generally on my person the entire day. My keys will get me from A to B, and the added bonus of carrying a lightweight multi-tool means I dont need to fuss about when needing some basic tools. I carry my favorite folding knife with me all day as well, especially whilst I am out bush to clear my mind after a long week of work. The Kathmandu Survival Kit also provides my outdoor adventures with added peace of mind, which compactly fits many essential items needed to get through some hairy situations should they arise. I carry the paracord bracelet for 2.5 meters of cordage, and the flashlight for added illumination should the situation turn darker. The PawPaw Ointment treats chapped lips, bites and cuts reducing the chances of infection when outdoors. I love my kit and it suits my needs perfectly.