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I just wanted to thank all of you guys for following and supporting me, I honestly didn’t think I’d get over ten followers when I started this account. 100 is still a HUGE number for me, and I’m so grateful to have you all around! (This is also my first art raffle so wheeeee!)

Rules and details are all under the cut:


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Another 2 hour screenshot study for practice, because I haven’t got anything else finished yet. Still very rough and sketchy because I wanted to work as quick as possible and didn’t want to focus too much on the details. I think I need a little more practise drawing backgrounds though…

If you do have any ideas for other movie screenshot studies that I should draw feel free to send me some links! I’ll gladly consider your suggestions!~ :)

Thanks for taking a look!~


Newt Era HP!Steve/Bucky/Peggy x Reader

Assumed female reader

Word Count: 2971

This was requested by my friend for her birthday today.

Part 2

“I thought that they were together,” Steve said, scratching his head.

“Steve, that was a month ago,” Peggy said as she rolled her eyes. “You’re usually on top of this stuff, Gossip Queen.”

“I forgot that we called him that!” Bucky exclaimed. “Peggy, we can’t let him forget that again.”

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I'm pretty open minded when it comes to guns

I don’t think anyone should own a gun but I know that’s not possible and I also can’t control any one else or their opinions. I am very much pro gun control though. My father should not have a gun, his temper is outrageous! We should have background checks as well as stress tests done among other things.
But I cannot stand when someone says, well people are going to have guns if they’re illegal or not. Why should we make it illegal to have guns when criminals will still have them?
Well if that’s your logic why have any laws at all? Why make murder illegal if people are still going to do it? Like wtf?!?!?
Maybe all these “blue lives matter” people should have some more faith in their police? Like if you don’t think guns should be illegal because criminals can still get them, why even have police?


“̀Òh́ ̴you b̧l̵o̧od͟y ID̨I͞O̢T!͡ Y͢o̢ù’͝rȩ go͠ing to̸ m͞es̷s e͡ver̶y͢th̕ing ҉uṕ ̡i̶f ̵ỳo̸u ke͢e̷p f̸o̕r̶g͡e̴tti҉ng̷ th̸e͘ v̴e̕ntila̸ţi͢on̷!” ̴

“-oh–OH, excuse me? I’M the idiot?! Ya know what could’ve been a better warning instead of, ‘Watch out for Springtrap.’? HMM, LET’S SEE. How about, ‘Hey, don’t put on that security pin or you’ll be cursed!’ I DIDN’T SIGN UP FOR THIS CRAP, GHOST LADY! >8U”

~Guard Mod and Phantom Mangle - FNAF 3

-what a nice way to start 2017: with one of the bigger doodle dumps I’ve ever done on here.

So…I SPENT MORE TIME ON A MEME than I should have. <8D Only ever drew myself as the Night Guard for Halloween two years ago, so it was nice to finally get around to a full reference picture to it. I even designed my own Fazbear’s Fright logo (which is subject to change, but still).

Everything after is based on a little moment from this video.

weeklykrist  asked:

hiii ive been trying to look into making vocal only/acapella versions of songs, and i have no clue how to go about it. most tutorials dont seem to do the trick as well as ive been seeing around, so im a lil lost. if you wouldnt mind, id love some sort of explanation !! i use audacity, if that helps any uvu

Heyy, I’m honestly not the best in explaining so bear with me.

The software I use:
Adobe Audition CC 2015

Required files:
The original song (with vocals)
The off vocal/karaoke version of the song

1) Go into Audacity, open the file with vocals and import the off vocal version of it. Once you’ve done that, you’d need to select the first track and “Split Stereo to Mono” as showed in the screenshot below. (You need to repeat this with the off vocal track.)Onc

2) Once you’ve done that, you get 4 tracks total. Delete both the 2nd and 4th track. After this you’ll see that your tracks are not running at the same pace. The best thing to do is to zoom in on them and make sure they run at the same time.

3) Once that is done, you are ready to export the tracks. For this you NEED to save them in .wav format.

In order to export the vocal track, you want to set the tracks like the screenshot above. It’s the best to save them under a name that makes it clear for you that the tracks is the one with the vocals.
In order to to export the instrumental track, you want to do the exact same thing as the screenshot, expect you set the 1st track to mute and the 2nd track to solo. Once again; it’s the easiest to give it a name that makes it clear for you that this is the instrumental track. (NOTE: It’s the best option to save them in the same folder so the software can automatically add the off vocal file.)

4) Once you’ve exported both, you’d want to open Utagoe (I’ll provide a download link to that at the end of this), you want to go to settings (the wrench button) and set the slider that I marked with an arrow to the max. After that you just press Ok as you don’t need to do anything else there.

5) The first thing that you want to do is open the vocal track like I show here in the screenshot. If the tracks are saved in the same folder, then Utagoe will automatically add the off vocal track. In the last option it will show the what the file will be named (Which you can edit of course) other than that you don’t have to do anything with the last option. Once you’ve done this, you want to press that big button with the green music note. After this you have to wait and after a while it’ll be done and then you should have your acapella track (NOTE: there is a chance there is still some static/drums/other beat in the background.)

You just need to click the Mediafire link and then you should have it.

EDIT: I use Adobe Audition to master the audio, though it’s just a preference of mine and isn’t required.

I hope this helped you in some way, like I said; I’m not the best in explaining + English is not my 1st language. So if I made any mistakes, I’m sorry.


((Don’t apologize, I’m happy you can talk about this. I cannot tell you how to feel, no one but you has the authority to define your identity. I am not a mixed Iranian, but the things I can say is that there is nothing harmful about you wanting to rediscover a significant part of your roots. Light skin does not negate your claim to ME ethnic heritage. Your Jewishness does not negate your Iranian-ness. Iranians are diverse in ethnicity, cultures, and religion, there are Iranian Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians…but this is all I can say. Oh, and that I’m sure your features are lovely! I know Self-love is a difficult journey but I wish you luck and support.

Instead I talked to mixed and non-mixed Iranians about this, here a few lovely people here under the cut, but if any of my mixed iranian followers want to reply or give their expereinces/advice, you’re more than welcome to!:

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queen-zeta  asked:

Would you ever consider collabing with another artist to make a webcomic? I can't draw backgrounds, but I'm really in love with your backgrounds and I think your art would look good with my character. I can send you some examples of my art if you're curious/interested.

wow hi that’s really flattering. i think i’m gonna have to say no though :( i’m still not even sure how i feel about doing commissions to be honest. i don’t feel good about the prospect of draining other poor millennials out of their money

if you’re serious about doing a webcomic i think you should learn how to do backgrounds for yourself. hone all your skills together and shit. i really don’t even care if you like copy me or anything. sorry :(((

theadventuretimenerd-blog  asked:

In the latest episode, Simon "reads" a book. If you pause to see what it is, it describes a "new world" and "Explosions." explosions! more than one! it also mentions a crater, and "mist" and those trying to fight it. It even said the mist corrupted people. Could this be Simon's journal? And if so, was there more than one mushroom bomb? What is the mist? PLEASE EXPLAIN!!!

Alright! So, this episode leaked in Australia about a month ago, and while we never got good visuals on the book he was reading then, we heard from people there that this might have been the case, so when it aired last night I was already looking out for it. I screenshotted the pages right away, and… upon reviewing the shots here I can’t tell you for SURE that it’s Simon’s journal. You’re gonna have to make that judgment on your own, but here’s what we’ve got.

This is the first book we see him reading. The Lighter Side of Nietzsche. The writings of Friedrich Nietzsche are pretty heavy, for what it’s worth. He wrote about the death of God and championed “the realities of the world in which we live over the idea of a world beyond.” Really deep, philosophical stuff that should or shouldn’t be talked about in a kid’s show.

But! IK’s not actually reading it! He’s reading funnies about Nihilism! Still very Nietzsche. Check out the font of the book in the background, though. That’s the important bit here. It looks handwritten, on yellowed-out pages.

We cut right away from that shot to see that his book is called The Lighters Side of Nietzsche now. Okay. We added an S. 

He puts the book down and then we cut STRAIGHT to… IK reading words in a book?!!

With CAPS on white pages! And a different font from the one in The Lighter/s Side of Nietzsche!

Talking about the “stench of death” and a “mist” “hanging low like a London fog, creeping…” that has apparently done something sinister to “those who fought against” it. The author doesn’t “believe there is hope left for us anymore,” but is “still safe… still unaffected,” by the mist, and his/her condition “is an anomaly”.

It feels as though the author has been “chosen to be a ruler in the new world”. He/she watches “the sky light up once more,” accompanied by “a stench like burning metal” and “the echoes of an explosion”. And then another quote about the mist searching the “broken Earth” for the remaining people to “corrupt and mutate”? And in the far bottom right, it looks to me like the author says there’s something magical about the way the world has become [you can get another view of this text without IK’s arm in the way in the GIF below].

So, YEAH. That sounds a HECK of a lot like maybe the way the radiation spread and turned humans into the sludge monsters we saw in Simon & Marcy. And Simon is immune because of the crown’s magic turning him into Evergreen, and not a sludge monster? And Ooo is ABSOLUTELY magical. Beautiful and totally 100% consistent with what we know.

Except…. he starts to fall asleep while reading this passage and… check the title we get right here. It LOOKS like he’s still reading The Lighter [no S this time] Side of Nietzsche. The color of the pages in the book in this shot don’t line up with our second set of screenshots. They’re yellow, like the first shot of The Lighter Side of Nietzsche. So…

Just to be clear here, he falls asleep reading the caps text on white page [in spite of the previous shot clearly having yellow pages] and:

wakes up with his face stuck to a yellow-paged book [with no visible title on the front]. BUT, the books on the table HAVE been rearranged from before, suggesting he’s switched. Check it out:

The book stuck to his face is a whole lot thinner than The Lighter Side of Nietzsche, too. It’d all add up if the page colors were consistent and we didn’t get a shot of his face falling asleep while apparently reading The Lighter Side of Nietzsche still. It’s up to you how you interpret these shots, but it sounds prettttty likely to be Simon’s journal.

We can only guess that it’s Simon’s journal because of the text itself, though, because the other shots garble that meaning. To play devil’s advocate here, if the caps text book he’s reading as he’s falling asleep IS The Lighter Side of Nietzsche, then the joke is that a mutagenic apocalypse is lighter than the stuff Nietzsche typically wrote about. And that’s a pretty good joke. But it feels to me like it’s his journal. 

So far as explosions go, if we accept that this is Simon’s journal from the Mushroom War, and this is obviously just a guess on my part, I’d wager that the mist is what we’ve come to associate with the Lich’s essence:

This junk. And I don’t think it’s unlikely that, kind of like in a zombie apolcalypse scenario, the surviving humans [before they were all converted?] would’ve fought against the sludge monsters like you’ll see them fight against zombies in zombie movies. It seems logical to me that humans in an apocalypse scenario might bomb infected areas to try and kill the monsters. 

I can’t conclude that there was more than one Mushroom bomb since I see this as just as likely a cause for explosions.

anonymous asked:

Prompt where Will is at work and Nico can't get Carter to stop crying, and he calls Annabeth and Percy for help


Carter had been screaming for a solid thirty minutes, and Nico just couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Ever since they came home from visiting Percy and Annabeth’s kids, Carter had been crying. He tried a pacifier, he tried feeding him, he even changed his diaper twice, but nothing calmed the screaming baby in Nico’s arms. Nico’s natural instinct was to call on Will for help, but Will was in the middle of a shift at the hospital and wouldn’t be able to answer his phone, and Nico had promised to only call him at work if it was an emergency.

His next bet of course, was Hazel, but she wasn’t answering her phone and Nico was getting desperate. He thought about calling Jason, but as far as babies went, Jason was much better with his own kids then with other people’s kids. He could calm his own crying child in seconds, but if you handed him a stranger’s baby, he floundered around like a fish out of water. Nico figured it came with being familiar with your kid, and it was really unlike Carter to get so upset.

So, of course, his next logical move was to call Annabeth.

“Hello?” Percy’s voice sounded like he had been asleep and Nico had just woken him, which he probably had.

“Percy? I called Annabeth’s phone for a reason. Can I talk to her, please? It’s kind of urgent.” Nico was rocking on and off the balls of his feet, and he could hear Carter still crying through the closed door to his room.

“Sure.” Percy yawned and Nico heard him shuffle and distantly call for Annabeth.

“Nico?” Annabeth sounded worried, and Nico figured she had a right to be, he felt a little guilty when he realized it was because he never called Percy and Annabeth to just talk to them. Usually it was because something happened or Nico wanted them to come over.

“Hey Annabeth, I was hoping you could help me. Carter won’t stop screaming, and I can’t figure out why. It’s so unlike him. He’s usually a really quiet baby. I tried feeding him and giving him a pacifier and changing his diaper and nothing worked.” Nico bit his lip as Annabeth was silent.

“Did you try burping him? If he won’t eat he might be colicing, which I promise isn’t as bad as it sounds, but you should still take him to your doctor. Or he might have just eaten something bad. Or-” Annabeth stepped away from the phone for a minute, and Nico heard Percy yelling in the background. “I think I found the source, Nico.”

Nico couldn’t help the rush that ran though him at Annabeth’s words that were coated with amusement. “What is it? I really want him to take a nap before Will gets home.”

“You’re going to have to come back to our house then, but I think Carter will be fine once he gets here,” Nico didn’t understand what Annabeth was getting at until, “he left his whale here.”

This was fun to write

anonymous asked:

I don't like your arospec headcanons for Gravity Falls because you didn't use examples from the show really, and Dipper(!) and Grunkle Stan have definitely shown romantic attraction. The best case would be for Ford because of his open-mindedness, college educated background and lack of interest in any form of romantic relationship. My little sister is aro, and making fuzzy headcanons about characters that have far more canon evidence against said headcanons does not help represent her or anyone

Also, Dipper is 12. His sexuality is still solidifying and should not be defined as being anything, though especially not aro considering how much of a romantic he was when it came to Wendy. I cannot conceive how you could headcanon Dipper from Gravity Falls into aro. He has not had a chance to be aro, he’s fell for Wendy and then got over her. You want a pre-teen aro? Try Ash Ketchum. No signs of romantic interest or reciprocation, just about ever. That’s an aro.

i should have expected something like this tbh anytime an aro headcanon post gets more attention than about 10 notes people get mad about it


interesting that you’d start out your rant here with “i don’t like” b/c, shockingly, i never asked anyone else to? like… you do you buddy. i may harbor mild disappointment that someone not sharing my headcanons means fewer fanworks involving them but that’s literally the extent to which i care. i never asked anyone else to “like” them – i mentioned that i had a bunch, was asked to talk more about them by someone else interested, and did.

that being said, i’m sick of these kinds of arguments being thrown around and might as well give the best response i can. 

first of all, examples from the show? look, the whole “you can’t hc them as aro without 12 pages of information in the form of an organized thesis and cited sources” thing is getting old, and it’s really not fair. the line between romantic/platonic is pretty darn fuzzy, hard to figure out, and not super obvious sometimes. which means both that a) aro people can not realize they’re aro for a while and behave in a way pretty typical of people who ARE interested in romantic relationships until they figure that out and b) looking at a character’s behavior on a tv and saying “that is definitely 100% romantic and could not be perceived any other way” is pretty much impossible and pretending it isn’t is just. really really allonormative

still, and second, i’m not the kind of person to give up and let something lie, so you want examples?? i’ve got examples. let me say up front that i’m not trying to “prove” anything or say one interpretation’s better than another, and if you want to ignore every word i say, then fine. but i don’t go around making arbitrary, “nothing behind them” headcanons either – there’s thought put into them, and i hope you know that. so let’s take a look at some of my favorite moments in the series for aro headcanons

  • dipper fails a quiz on dating because he doesn’t understand it properly (mabel’s guide to life: dating)
  • the spell that shows people their past crushes to try to distract them shows tons of people for mabel…. and none for dipper (love god)
  • when people actually ARE implied to be romantically interested in dipper, or at least say things that feel like a reciprocation of his feelings, he panics (blendin’s game, roadside attraction)
  • stan flirts, sure, but whenever he’s faced with the results of it in a concrete way he gets incredibly uncomfortable and awkward (dreamscaperers, roadside attraction)
  • also note that i put “arospec” for both dipper and stan. aro spectrum doesn’t even necessarily mean 100% completely totally never-experienced-romantic-attraction-in-their-life-or-wanted-a-relationship-of-any-kind-ever aromantic – though i’d still call that a valid headcanon too, tbh. but like i’ve seen lithromantic (experiences attraction that vanishes when reciprocated) stanley suggested and could see dipper at least falling somewhere grey on the spectrum. because it is. it’s a spectrum
  • wendy seems interested in relationships, but doesn’t seem to have a massive amount of interest when she’s IN them – hence our getting things like the extensive list of people she’s already broken up with (the hand that rocks the mabel) 
  • not to mention wendy’s entire conversation with dipper that essentially says “you’re a really close friend, and friends are really more important to me that people i’m interested in dating so let’s keep it that way” (into the bunker) is honestly one of the best things i’ve ever heard on tv as an aro person and means a lot to me no matter how you interpret her
  • and. okay, so. you didn’t pull receipts on ford but look, let me put it this way: i love ford. being completely honest with myself, i pretty much am ford – and not just in fun, quirky scientist ways either; i struggle pretty badly with very similar social and interpersonal issues. and i am here to tell you right now that if he’s the only character on the show you can see maybe being aromantic, you have a mental stereotype of aro people that needs to go away immediately. 
  • …just. understand this is coming from the perspective of someone who would call ford my favorite gf character, not to mention someone who is as utterly aromantic and romance-repulsed as anyone i’ve ever met. but i am simultaneously conscious of the fact that he is not by any means a socially healthy character, and that’s a really negative stereotype of aromantic people that needs to go away forever. there are aromantics out there who are bad with people and also don’t want romantic relationships (heck, i’m one of them) – and who because of those things need a lot of support too, please don’t interpret this as ragging on them (again, i’m literally describing myself). but for every one of them, there’s also an aro who’s excited, bubbly, and a total social butterfly. pointing at the character who probably struggles the most socially of anyone on the show and saying “i guess maybe you can have THAT one” just reinforces the stereotype that we aromantics are really “failures” in one way or another and our lack of romantic interest probably actually stems from some kind of social ineptitude or stuntedness.

as for the second ask – look, we’ve established that i’m aro. i am very, very aro. but do you know what i would have told you about myself when i was 12 years old? 

that i had a MEGA HUGE CRUSH on this guy who was older than me and SO COOL and i just REALLY LIKED HANGING OUT WITH. and that i dreamed that we were going to get MARRIED when we grew up because i had SUCH A HUGE CRUSH and he was just SO COOL

sound familiar?

i didn’t even learn the word “aromantic” until i was 15 years old – and that’s wendy’s age, not dipper’s. heck, i had a boyfriend at one point in time. sort of. it was complicated. it also helped me figure out that i was aro – because aromanticism doesn’t have much visibility, this thing is a process for everyone

and now that i’ve figured that out, i can have a pleasant chat conversation over facebook with the guy i mentioned having that obviously mega huge crush on once upon a time (spoiler: it was never actually a crush. i just didn’t know – how could i, when we never tell kids that people not experiencing crushes actually happens is a thing that actually happens?). and it’s cool and casual and topics of discussion involve like… the new star wars movie. not our wedding plans. i just had to figure some stuff out about myself before we got to that point

so… idk, the fact that dipper seems most comfortable and happy with wendy when they’re just chilling, as friends, watching a movie or something and he’s not putting pressure on himself to be romantically interested in her really reminds me of myself growing up? cue headcanons

i guess that’s the biggest thing about this i’d like you to understand, if you do take anything away from this post. that a lot of people make and like headcanons like this for the stuff they love because they see little bits of themselves in the characters. i don’t get why that’s such a problem for so many people, but that’s the truth. and also

“My little sister is aro, and making fuzzy headcanons about characters that have far more canon evidence against said headcanons does not help represent her or anyone”

wow, nice job speaking over your sister. let me ask you – have you ever actually asked her about that? have you ever gotten an actual quote or response from her, in which she explicitly told you that unless a character has never ever been implied to maybe be attracted to someone, she doesn’t want people to think of them as aro? because she would literally be the first aromantic person i’ve heard of to say that.

the thing is, that almost never happens. even for characters without romantic interests (which are fewer and farther between than i think you realize……) there are almost always jokes, and references, and hints that they really do or will want a relationship. b/c we live in a super allonormative society to begin with and our fiction almost hyperbolizes it. in my experiences, it’s finding characters that we identify with for one reason or another – like, say, dipper – and manipulating the narrative a little that helps us.

and yeah, it helps. you say it doesn’t help, but it helps. 

if it didn’t help, the aro gravity falls fic series i’m writing on my ao3 wouldn’t be my most viewed and kudos-ed story. heck, i wouldn’t get comments on any of my arofics about how important they are to people, or how much they mean to them, or how they’re so grateful that i’m writing those kinds of things. it wouldn’t be therapeutic for me to write them in the first place. i wouldn’t talk about aro hcs with some of my friends in skype chats and get super excited about our ideas, or that they wrote fics inspired by them that i’ve bookmarked and read when i have bad days where being aro makes me feel broken. i wouldn’t be posting about my headcanons online if they didn’t mean something to me – do you think aromantic people are just sitting there, posting these things for no reason other than to think to themselves “how can i be heartless and destroy people’s ships?” or something? (hint: if you are, i think you’ve gotten us confused with krakens) 

we post this kind of thing because it means something to us, and i think that’s proof enough for anyone that it “helps”

If Ichigo and Masaki were locked in a room...

As requested by anon. :)

Ichigo: M-mom?!

Masaki: Ichigo! Look at how tall and strong you’ve grown! You’re no longer that tiny child who would cry every day in karate!

Masaki: Now you’re a hero who keeps saving the world! I’m so proud!

Ichigo: …even though I just sorta destroyed the linchpin that holds the world together?

Masaki: Well, everyone makes mistakes, Ichigo.

Masaki: So….I heard that your father told you everything? About him and I?

Ichigo: Yeah. He finally did.

Ichigo: So you’re a Quincy, Mom?

Masaki: I am.

Ichigo: Why - didn’t you ever tell me?

Masaki: I gave you a bedspread that was blue with a white cross.

Ichigo: …

Ichigo: B-but I didn’t know what the Quincy paraphernalia was!

Masaki: At least not until you ran into a Quincy who was really into Quincy stuff.

Ichigo: …

Ichigo: Okay so I’m not very observant.

Masaki: I’m just teasing you, Ichigo! Your father and I agreed early on that we should save our - supernatural backgrounds for when you were older.

Masaki: We didn’t want to burden you with that stuff!

Ichigo: But you died.

Masaki: …

Masaki: I know. You ended up burdened after all.

Masaki: But do you think it would have helped for you to know that I had been eaten by the Quincy overlord, rather than being killed by a ghost?

Ichigo: …

Ichigo: I think that would have made it worse.

Ichigo: I still would have blamed myself.

Masaki: Even though it is certainly not your fault! You know that, right?

Ichigo: I know that. Intellectually.

Masaki: But it’s still hard not to feel the guilt, I know!

Ichigo: Hey, mom? If i kill Yhwach, will you be - released? Like the part of you that he took back?

Ichigo: Or will you be……killed again?

Masaki: I don’t know.

Masaki: For some reason, “What happens if you kill the Quincy overlord” didn’t come up in Quincy school.

Ichigo: I guess not.

Ichigo: But it’s just - I don’t want to be responsible for killing you again!

Masaki: You won’t, Ichigo!

Masaki: Listen, if I am trapped inside Yhwach, then killing him will still be releasing me.

Masaki: No one wants to be trapped inside of that guy!

Ichigo: I guess.

Ichigo: I don’t even know if I can kill him.

Masaki: Of course you can, Ichigo.

Masaki: You always do what needs to be done!

Ichigo: You really think I can do it?

Masaki: Of course!

Masaki: And I’m not just saying that because you’re my son and I’m biased.

Masaki: The evidence really points to you succeeding.

Masaki: You tend to succeed. 

Masaki: Except at karate for some reason.

Ichigo: I-I was a little kid!

Masaki: So was Tatsuki. That didn’t stop her from kicking your ass.

Ichigo: Mom!

Masaki: Hey. I call it like I see it.

Ichigo: …

Ichigo: You’re really proud of me, though?

Masaki: I am so proud.

Masaki: I’m just sorry I wasn’t there to watch you grow up in person.

Ichigo: Me too. We all miss you a lot.

Masaki: I miss you too!

Ichigo: …

Ichigo: I hope that killing Yhwach makes things better for your soul.

Masaki: Me too, Ichigo. Me too.

nerdyjedi  asked:

could you do a Star Trek/ sherlock fan fic? Like Kahn/Molly plz? Thanks I'm a huge fan of you 😁

Hi, I am such a terrible person! I have taken way to long to write this! But it was incredibly hard! I hope this is okay!

“Doctor Hooper, do you understand me?” Doctor Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy asked the young woman, who stood in front of him. She simply nodded. Bones relaxed his doctor attire, “Molly he can’t hurt you, he’s held captive in a prison cell.” Molly gulped, as she took the syringe, from her commander’s out stretched hand. Bones nodded at her, as she left the medical bay, and began her walk across the USS Enterprise. Never in her wildest dreams, had she imagined working as a chief medical officer for star fleet. She had also never foreseen she would be under command of James Kirk. The thought made her extremely nervous; but not nearly as nervous as her current task at hand.

The medical instrument in her small, femine hands, appeared to be engorging in size, and she felt very scared. The Enterprise crew had recently taken custody of the war criminal John Harrison. Only after confrontation with the captain, had his true name and nature been revealed. His name was Khan Noonien Singh. This intriguing man had many remarkable traits, which were unexplainable. That was why she was here, to explain them. She had reached the bridge, and requested permission from her Captain. Jim was perfectly happy for Molly to perform the necessary blood test, only he wished for someone to occupancy her. He volunteered himself as tribute.

The pair entered the lift together, and descended to the holding brig. “How’ve you been Mols?” Jim asked. She turned to smile at him. They had known each other before either joined star fleet. “I’m great thanks! What’s it like being a captain?” She said whilst she nudged him with her elbow. He just laughed, “Well it’s not easy being in control all the time.” It was her turn to laugh. “I can’t imagine why you would find that hard.” They made their brisk way to Khan’s holding cell. The atmosphere had turned extremely serious, as silence from the cold territory of space, seeped through the walls, and chilled all the bones in Molly’s petite body. This was just one of the effects of the war criminal.

Upon reaching the destination of intent, Molly walked over to the glass cell. She bent down to retrieve a peculiar looking circular device and attached it to the glass; all the while she could feel Khan’s eyes on her. She failingly tried to concentrate on what she was doing. She gulped as she heard the deep voice of Khan. “More blood tests? I’m starting to think your medical team is inadequate.” This made Molly extremely angry, whilst making her bolder. She raised her head from what she was doing to scowl at him. “Who are you to make judgements on inadequacy?” She spat. Khan simply laughed, and moved closer to the glass to stare down the petite woman. “Oh look what we have here! Finally a doctor who’s bold enough to talk. One that even talks back.” He sneered at her.

She narrowed her eyes, and placed a hand on her hip. “From what I’ve heard, people should talk back to you more often. It might sometimes shut you up.” She snarled back. Khan smirked at her, as he placed his arm though the hole for blood tests, whilst Jim who was still hovering in the background looked quite agape at her abrupt attitude. Molly stabbed the metal syringe into his forearm. “Oh I like you. I think I’ll take possession of this one.” He proclaimed, speaking more towards Jim than Molly. Jim made a move forward, to say something, before Molly cut him off. “You would be so lucky to have me. I’m a person, not an object do your research, before you come asking after me.” She spat. She pulled the syringe firmly from its penetration in his skin. She turned and marched away, flicking her hair out from her collar as she went, fuming from the objectification she had just encountered.

Days passed before Molly was called on to perform more tests on Khan. She quietly excepted her responsibilities and made her way once again to the holding cells. The task the second time around seemed even more daunting as she walked the halls alone. Once she reached the cell, Khan rose to his feet. He stepped towards the glass and stood facing Molly. “Well, I didn’t expect to see you again. Though I am rather delighted that I can see you once more.” He commented in his dragon like voice. She shivered involuntarily. “Now, now don’t be like that. I’m not going to hurt you. I’ve developed a rather peculiar fascination with you.” Molly seemed to think his words were sincere. This is what allowed her to unlock the door and enter the cell. She needed to get closer to him to perform the necessary tests.

Khan watched her like a hawk, analysing her every move as she moved closer. “I’m going to need to take a small sample of your muscle tissue.” She whispered nervously. He raised an eyebrow quizzically. “I’ll need to take it from your upper arm. Please would you remove your shirt?” She squealed timidly. She could not understand why she had become such a nervous wreck when she had been so upfront last week. Her body felt like a live wire and his close proximity was definitely. He smirked at her obvious yet strange attraction to him. She herself had not yet realised this fact. But as he pulled off his shirt to reveal his toned chest, she quickly determined what was wrong. ‘Oh my lord. I’m attracted to a war criminal’ Molly thought repeatedly. She stared a little longer than appropriate at his chest before proceeding to take some of the cells from his bicep.

Khan watched in awe as she worked. Never before had another human taken interest in him. He found it curious, yet not unwelcome. Her finger fluttered over his muscles as she pulled the syringe loose. She before she pulled away Khan grabbed her wrist. She gasped and tried to pull away. “Relax, I’m taking your pulse.” He murmured. Her pulse was erratic. He wondered what he could do to elevate it even more. He leaned towards her still taking her pulse. He gently pressed his lips to hers. Molly’s pulse rocketed before he pulled away from her completely. She looked completely stunned. Hurriedly she gathered her things and exited the cell before things could become even more insane. “Until the next time Miss Hooper. Or should I say doctor?” He called as she scurried away. For the first time in her life, Molly Hooper didn’t know what to do.

FIN. -Jess

{Continuation- I didn’t expect people to take interest in this or that people wanted a continuation, but it was requested I do so, so here goes. So I think I’m going to complete this in three parts? This part 2/3 I guess?}

She lay awake in bed that night, simply staring up at the ceiling in despair. She could not fathom why her day had progressed as it had done so. What did that kiss mean? Why had he initiated it? What had he meant by it? Question after question swirled around her head in a haze of thick fog, as sleep refused to consume her unless she found answers. Molly couldn’t stand the suspense any longer. She leapt from bed and began to dress hastily. She needed to demand answers from him.

Khan sat against the wall with impeccable posture. His hands clasped under his chin as he allowed himself to delve into his mind palace. He had accumulated masses of intellect over his three hundred years of existence, yet nothing had prepared him for his current situation. He racked his brains for answers to the inevitable question engraved in neon letters under his eyelids. What were his feelings towards Doctor Hooper? He barely knew her, yet his current existence in this cell revolved around her visits. He knew he liked her that was more than obvious. He had kissed her for heavens sake, that doesn’t mean nothing, much to contrary belief. He just wasn’t sure to the extent of his feelings.

He was shaken out of his mind palace by the sound of footsteps halting in front of the glass of his cell. Reluctantly, he peeled open his eye lids and turned his head to glare at the incompetent Star fleet crew member. He was surprised to discover that it was not just an insufferable space explorer. It was Doctor Hooper. Her appearance was quite disturbed. Her eyes were sleep deprived and shifted hastily as she stood almost awkwardly in her half dressed state. Strands of her hair sprouted messily around her round and welcoming face. A slight blush travelled across the presumably soft expanse of her delicate skin. Nervously, she ran a slender hand through her hair in attempt to bring order to the untidy strands.

Khan fleeting thought she looked adorable in her semi conscious state, as she fought exhaustion. She would not have dragged herself here unless it was important. He rose steadily to his feet, ignoring the twinge of the stiff muscles in this back. He cautiously approached her. She, in turn, also took a hesitant step forward. Only the thin sheet of reinforced glass stood in their way. Khan held himself straight as he appraised Molly’s stature. She sighed and placed a hand on the glass, feeling the cool material beneath her finger tips. “I don’t understand.” She whispered. He raised his eyebrows. He stared at her hand as confusion flashed across his features. Absently, he placed his hand opposite hers. His hand was far larger than her small one. He wondered how her smooth skin would feel against the rough follicles of his own. Struck with overwhelming compassion he looked down at her form. There was not much of her. Compared to her surroundings, compared to him, she was extremely petite. Such a small person should not occupy such a large amount of space. So why was her being here, in her fragile body, consuming him?

Their eyes locked, as she looked up and he down. Her irises were a deep burnt sienna blended with a full tonal range of russet caramels. Streaks of black shot through the woven shapes of the iris, drawing out the lighter shades. The outer ring was a tawny colour, which contrasted heavily to the sclera. Her eyes were mesmerising, and held an undeniable beauty within the composition. “I don’t understand either.” Khan replied in a quite voice. Molly’s once hard expression soften, and he found himself fascinated by her control over her expression. “I’m not sure I want to.” He continued. A flash of emotion, foreign to Khan skimmed her exquisite eyes. “I feel like I know you. I feel like I’ve known you my entire life. Like I’ve never known anyone quite extraordinary in the way you are. Yet in reality, I have only known you for an entirely too short period of time. I know nothing about you, I only know of what you have done.” Molly whispered.

Khan was utterly astounded by the articulacy of her words. He was fascinated that she had managed to compile into a physical sentences, his own emotions. “You are phenomenal. In three hundred years, I have not met a single living person capable of expressing the majority of my thoughts in a simple phrases. I can assure you, the feeling is mutual. I don’t even know your first name.” He gushed in his fit of marvel. She smiled shyly at his words and gazed downwards as she hesitantly brushed a stray piece of hair behind her ears. “My name is Molly. Molly Hooper.” She breathed. Molly… A simple name. Yet it was alien. A beautiful name for an even more beauteous woman. He saw as Molly blush, deepened in colour and spread down her neck. Realising he must have proclaimed this thought out loud, an array of rouge flushed through his veins also, and broadened lightly across his prominent cheek bones.

Part three: So here we have it! The third and final part of the story! Enjoy!

 Over the past week or two Molly had been secretly retreating to the brig in the dead of night, to sit by Khan as they explored each other’s pasts and intellect. Khan and Molly seemed to have forged an unspoken alliance. They had begun to gravitate around and towards each other. Their evolving relationship was like a dance. Choreographed to demonstrate the increasing obsession the man and woman shared for the other. Some nights Molly questioned why she had chosen to allow herself to fall in love with a criminal. The definite heartbreak was certain in the end. In no possible circumstance could they be together. Other nights Khan pondered over why he had let her. It was selfish, and wrong to lead her on. No matter how sincere his feelings were for her, he knew deep down, that he was either going to be killed or held in captivity for the rest of his life. Even if he managed to escape, his existence was purely manufactured to dispose of those not fit enough to live in the world. It was natural selection. But he couldn’t allow Molly to venture into the life of exile, no matter how strongly he believed she would comply with his mission.

 Khan had planned to escape before he was drawn into an entirely different mission. He stood in the lobby awaiting the hanger door to open, where he and the Captain of the Star ship that had taken him hostage, would ultimately be hurled. Before the destined launch into the void of space, he allowed his thoughts to drift to the one woman he may have been cable of loving with a large part of his chilled heart, if she had not been so cruelly snatched away from him.   

 It had been the last night they would spend together. He remembered as the tears streamed down her face as he told her what they both knew. It was heart shattering to watch such a delicate woman crumble because of his actions. He hated himself for initiating the brief yet strikingly pleasant kiss all those nights ago. Yet, he could not bring himself to feel guilty, not when he could distinctively remember the jolt of warmth her perfectly smooth and plump lips caused him when they made contact. It tingled his spine to think what could have happened if things had not been different. If only he could have lived and loved in another lifetime, instead of remaining a cold and distant sociopath in a time of war and exploration. This way of life was over complicated. That’s why his task as a superior human was to wipe out the painstaking existence of a lower form. Khan emptied his mind of all the repulsive thoughts of weakness as he narrowed his mind to what he had to do. Molly would have to be forgotten.


 Molly could barely contain a stifling sob as she stood watching the man she had handed her heart to. Across the communication device between Star ships, she saw as Khan fought his way to dominance. He conversed briefly with the first Officer Spock, demanding the exchange of his frozen crew members. Surprisingly to many members of the crew, Spock complied. Molly felt disgusted with herself, as she knew exactly what Spock’s plan of action was. She had of course helped remove Khan’s beloved from the insides of the torpedo’s. Khan’s words at this point truly frightened her. If he went through with his plans to suffocate her crew, she would be among those murdered. She watched in anticipation as the three hostages from her own crew were beamed back aboard the USS Enterprise. A smirk crawled its way across Khan handsome features as what he believed to be his crew materialised in the largest hanger bay of the USS Vengeance. Her heart plummeted as Khan’s words rang through the halls of the enterprise. “After all, no ship should go down without her Captain.”

 The ship was targeted and all hell broke loose. In the heat of the moment, Spock ordered the torpedo’s to implode. Moll had to cover her mouth in attempt not to scream as the USS Vengeance plummeted through the vacuum of space. There was no possible way an ordinary man could survive a fall like that. But Khan was no ordinary man. The main power grid unexpectedly cut out. Their own ship began to fall nose first from orbit. Molly dropped into the nearest seat and began to help try and re-power the ship.

 Time appeared to slow down as every man, woman and child fell through the atmosphere, towards an imminent and prominent death. No one knew that the reason the ship was suddenly revived, as a result of Jim sacrificing his life in order to save his crew. Not until Spock ran from the bridge and sped to the entrance of the warp core. Both Molly and Nyota ran after him, arriving in time to watch the heart wrenching exchange between the friends, before the radiation poisoning consumed their captain and friend. Both women withheld tears as Spock screamed Khan’s name in anger. The three of them ran back to the bridge, just in time to for the enemy ship to soar past them.

 Molly watched the monitor in hope as they searched the ships wreckage for signs of life. She knew it was wrong to pine after the man who had killed Jim. But she unconditionally and erratically loved Khan, no matter how terrible his actions were. She could cope if he was held prisoner, not if he was killed however. She headed back to the medical bay to assist the medical team. Once there, Jim’s body was brought in. Her already tattered heart shattered at Jim’s last painstaking expression. She dropped into the desk chair and dropped her head into her arms resting on the desk.

 Quite unexpectedly something nudged the side of her head and made a gurgling noise. She slowly raised her head to look at the creature that had disturbed her. Her gasp was extremely audible as she sat up straight to inspect the once-dead tribble. “BONES!” She nearly screamed. At first he didn’t respond, from being too wrapped up in his grief. But after she yelled his nickname twice more, he turned to stare at her without expression. His eyes were dead. She looked down at the very much alive tribble. When it was deceased, she had injected it with a small dose of Khan’s blood platelets to she why they had a regenerative quality. She did not know how or why the dose had brought the animal back to life. She only knew that she had nothing to lose. “I can save Jim.” She whispered. A few members of the crew still in the medical bay, turned to stare at her disbelievingly. “I can save him!” Molly said louder this time. With this proclamation she leapt into action. “I need a cryo tube!” She shrieked, running to the nearest tube. “Bones remove this man from the container, but keep him in a induced coma.” Bones looked skeptical. “Have you lost your mind?” He asked. “Quite possibly!” She shrieked as she ran to the cold incubator. “There’s no blood left!” She froze. The only way she was going to have even a remote chance of saving Jim was by occupying more blood from Khan. She knew what she had to do.


 Molly ran as fast as her legs would carry her. She sprinted with the upmost determination, which she had ever possessed in her lifetime. Upon reaching the transporter room, she persuaded the man in charge to beam her to the exact location Khan and Spock were battling. When her scrambled particles reformed, she found herself on the outside of a moving ship. The wind lashed her disheveled hair around her face. In order to see properly she had to squint down at her first officer, who was currently strangling Khan. “STOP!” She screamed above the wind. Neither man stopped wrestling. “PLEASE! I CAN SAVE HIM! I CAN SAVE JIM!” She shrieked.

Spock froze, whilst holding Khan in a chokehold. Spock suddenly turned the tables and pinned Khan to the metal beneath their feet. He looked as if he was about to render Khan unconscious. That was until Molly lunged forward and caught his wrist. He glared at her in disgust, his nostrils flaring. Instead, she pushed him away from Khan altogether. To prevent Khan from attempting to escape again, she sat on his chest. Khan struggled as much as he could, but he was extremely reluctant to harm her in anyway. “Molly. Get off of me. I don’t want to hurt you.” He hissed in such away that the pointy-eared elf couldn’t hear him. Molly leaned over him and pushed his face to the side to allow her better access to his neck. A curtain of her long hair falling forward and blocking Spock’s view hid her actions. “Shut up. You have to trust me.” As gently as she could she dosed him with a syringe containing sedatives strong enough to knock him out for 48 hours.

 His body went limb as the induced drugs surged through his veins, whilst his eyelids drooped unconsciously, covering his vibrantly coloured irises. She watched as his psychotic persona faded with his awareness, and a façade of innocence seeped across his drowsy features. She pushed herself up to a standing position and faced the commander. “I’m sorry but I need him back aboard the enterprise, with minimal damage. It’s the only way I have a slight chance of reviving the captain.” She explained. He said nothing to her, but pulled out his communicator. “Beam all three of us up Scotty.”


 Two weeks it had taken. Two entire weeks Molly had been in the surgery room, performing acts that should have been scripted from Frankenstein. Jim’s cells had been heavily irradiated, even with Khan’s ‘miracle’ blood the process or reforming cells had taken its time. His heart had started almost immediately, but with each new dose of platelets, he suffered cardiac arrest. Molly felt the absolute need to stay in the same place constantly monitoring Jim and Khan, lying adjacently in similarly induced comas. Over this period of time Molly had time to think, to plan. She had everything copulated in her mind. She was ready to act on it at any given moment.      

 When Jim finally woke up, he extremely disorientated, as was to be expected. After Jim was back on his feet, Molly went about her plans involving Khan. She was in charge of Khan’s cryogenic incarceration. She and the other doctors guarded by the security team, escorted Khan’s cryo tube to the black box, which currently stored the other members of Khan’s crew. She made sure she was the last to leave. In her few moments alone, she quickly tampered with his container. Setting about making sure he had thawed in time, she injected him a penultimate time; this injection to comatose him, and then a final injection, when the time came, to wake him from the dreamless sleep.    

 FIN. –Jess


She waited as long as she deemed necessary. When the need arose she could be extremely patient. Silently she slipped into the black box, a single syringe held in her small hand. Molly pressed the release button on the cryo tube. With a cloud of mist, Khan slid from the tube on a panel. She slid the needle into the side of his neck and pressed the pale green solution into his bloodstream. A few moments passed before Khan drew an icy breath. His eyes fluttered open and locked with Mollys. Cautiously he sat up and took in his surroundings. Youve been a naughty girl. He taunted. Mollys expression hardened. Give up your mission. Stop this homicidal madness, and Ill run away with you. Spend the rest of my life with you. He chuckled quietly and rose to his feet. He pressed their bodies together. I never wanted to become a murderer. I had no way of escape. Not until you offered it to me. For that I thank you Molly Hooper. You are the one woman who matters the most. With this she seized his lips, as well as his heart.  

Translations from German:

Left Picture: This is Özgul. Özgul was born in Germany. Özgul is a German.

Right Picture: This is Micky. Micky was born in a horse stable. Micky is a horse.

Comment below means: That is absolutley true (literally: But it hits the nail on its head)


My Aunt posted this on Facebook. It is so annoying. Your religion, choice of clothing or ethnic background never determines wether you should be able to have a certain nationality. But well… she posts a lot of Anti-Islam stuff, like saying that Muslims can never be peaceful and that the hijab should be forbidden. She always posts rather strange articles as proof that her views are correct.

I can’t say anything against it because she is still family. She can use words like using the n-word or call all Asians ‘slit eyed liars’ in front of my family and nobody says anything about it even though my family wouldn’t ever use those words. She thinks, that homosexual people are all attention seeking and don’t fight for same rights, they have those, they want more rights and more attention (And that coming from somebody from Germany. A country where two men/two women still can’t marry). She thinks people just turn gay if they get out of a heterosexual marriage and then have a same-sex partner, even though I - a bisexual person - tried to explain to her that there are more than two sexualities she insisted that you ‘turn lesbian’ and there was no such thing as Bisexuality. I once did discuss the samesex marriage issue rather vehemently and then she told me later she wasn’t sure she wanted to meet with my family for Christmas anymore because she is so scared of me. So yeah I don’t say anything anymore, but I wish I’d have the courage to say fuck it and just tell her how much of a bigot she is…

Maybe something for @whatbigotspost

Do you know who you are? Yes? Too bad. Forget that. You are probably a woman today. Your name starts with J. Jessica, maybe. No. Jenny? No. It doesn’t matter. You don’t use it very often anyway.

You’re in a bar and the man next to you has a small scar on his finger. You think: it’s probably from a beer bottle shard. He says: I want to kiss you. You say: tomorrow. You finish your glass of whiskey and coke, take a large and loud last gulp, and leave. He pays for your drink while watching your back.

There’s a road. You walk down it until you reach the dead end. There’s a pale green painted house. You knock on the door. A little girl in a dress answers it. You say: can I sleep here tonight? 

Sometimes, you wish that you had a ghost for a brother. 

It is tomorrow. You go back to the bar. The man is there, waiting. You lean over and kiss him. He says: weren’t you wearing that bra yesterday? 

You are on another road. By a lake, maybe. No. By a mosque. A tall boy with honey skin tries to touch your hand. He calls you a slut. You regret the eyeliner. Your name starts with J. You’re probably a woman today because you hate men. You cannot be one of them.

You have a brother. You have two, actually. They are twins. They have the same shoulders as your father. Your boyfriend has the same shoulders too. Two of the four think that you have beautiful legs. Two of the four are not real. You cross your fingers and hope that the first two and the second two are the same, but you cannot tell. Their shoulders keep getting in the way.

Imagine. You’re in a room. You’re naked, but you cannot see your body. There’s a song playing in the background. You do not know it, but you start humming along. The song stops. You do not realize.

You’re not in a room any more. You’re in a field. A sunflower field. But it is winter, and there is no yellow. 

You have a lovely nose. I want to write a poem in its shape. I probably won’t though. 

Now, come back to yourself. Is there mud on your jeans? Sorry. I didn’t mean to take you there. We should probably wait until summer. Do you still remember the song? No? Me neither. How many brothers do you have? Please say one. Say one. Say that you have a father. Say that you do not have a boyfriend. No one thinks that you have beautiful legs. Phew! 

Tell me your name. It isn’t J, is it? That’s okay. You can still sleep here tonight.

From Sandi’s Facebook Page

Some more concept art of the revised holotable. Hard to say if this will look good until you are actually running it on your PC because the old one looked good as well though when being run failed (in my opinion and most probably because of my PC and the background the table was being viewed against). We’ll have to wait and see but then again that is the beauty of this open development - we do get to have an impact and should this new version have issues still time to fix it (though again nothing is fixed as changes can occur even after the game is launched).