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Hi there! I've almost finished your birthday drawing! Over a week late... Sorry about that... I'm slow at art and was trying a new (actually better looking) style for it ;u; Though it should be done a little later today! Though the background isn't going to be anything spectacular. I'm sorry... backgrounds are hard ;n;

thats fine!  i still have people who havent mailed me the stuff they got so its no big because its a gift and its the thought that counts!!

also backgrounds are awful ;;;;;;;;;

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I don't like your arospec headcanons for Gravity Falls because you didn't use examples from the show really, and Dipper(!) and Grunkle Stan have definitely shown romantic attraction. The best case would be for Ford because of his open-mindedness, college educated background and lack of interest in any form of romantic relationship. My little sister is aro, and making fuzzy headcanons about characters that have far more canon evidence against said headcanons does not help represent her or anyone

Also, Dipper is 12. His sexuality is still solidifying and should not be defined as being anything, though especially not aro considering how much of a romantic he was when it came to Wendy. I cannot conceive how you could headcanon Dipper from Gravity Falls into aro. He has not had a chance to be aro, he’s fell for Wendy and then got over her. You want a pre-teen aro? Try Ash Ketchum. No signs of romantic interest or reciprocation, just about ever. That’s an aro.

i should have expected something like this tbh anytime an aro headcanon post gets more attention than about 10 notes people get mad about it


interesting that you’d start out your rant here with “i don’t like” b/c, shockingly, i never asked anyone else to? like… you do you buddy. i may harbor mild disappointment that someone not sharing my headcanons means fewer fanworks involving them but that’s literally the extent to which i care. i never asked anyone else to “like” them – i mentioned that i had a bunch, was asked to talk more about them by someone else interested, and did.

that being said, i’m sick of these kinds of arguments being thrown around and might as well give the best response i can. 

first of all, examples from the show? look, the whole “you can’t hc them as aro without 12 pages of information in the form of an organized thesis and cited sources” thing is getting old, and it’s really not fair. the line between romantic/platonic is pretty darn fuzzy, hard to figure out, and not super obvious sometimes. which means both that a) aro people can not realize they’re aro for a while and behave in a way pretty typical of people who ARE interested in romantic relationships until they figure that out and b) looking at a character’s behavior on a tv and saying “that is definitely 100% romantic and could not be perceived any other way” is pretty much impossible and pretending it isn’t is just. really really allonormative

still, and second, i’m not the kind of person to give up and let something lie, so you want examples?? i’ve got examples. let me say up front that i’m not trying to “prove” anything or say one interpretation’s better than another, and if you want to ignore every word i say, then fine. but i don’t go around making arbitrary, “nothing behind them” headcanons either – there’s thought put into them, and i hope you know that. so let’s take a look at some of my favorite moments in the series for aro headcanons

  • dipper fails a quiz on dating because he doesn’t understand it properly (mabel’s guide to life: dating)
  • the spell that shows people their past crushes to try to distract them shows tons of people for mabel…. and none for dipper (love god)
  • when people actually ARE implied to be romantically interested in dipper, or at least say things that feel like a reciprocation of his feelings, he panics (blendin’s game, roadside attraction)
  • stan flirts, sure, but whenever he’s faced with the results of it in a concrete way he gets incredibly uncomfortable and awkward (dreamscaperers, roadside attraction)
  • also note that i put “arospec” for both dipper and stan. aro spectrum doesn’t even necessarily mean 100% completely totally never-experienced-romantic-attraction-in-their-life-or-wanted-a-relationship-of-any-kind-ever aromantic – though i’d still call that a valid headcanon too, tbh. but like i’ve seen lithromantic (experiences attraction that vanishes when reciprocated) stanley suggested and could see dipper at least falling somewhere grey on the spectrum. because it is. it’s a spectrum
  • wendy seems interested in relationships, but doesn’t seem to have a massive amount of interest when she’s IN them – hence our getting things like the extensive list of people she’s already broken up with (the hand that rocks the mabel) 
  • not to mention wendy’s entire conversation with dipper that essentially says “you’re a really close friend, and friends are really more important to me that people i’m interested in dating so let’s keep it that way” (into the bunker) is honestly one of the best things i’ve ever heard on tv as an aro person and means a lot to me no matter how you interpret her
  • and. okay, so. you didn’t pull receipts on ford but look, let me put it this way: i love ford. being completely honest with myself, i pretty much am ford – and not just in fun, quirky scientist ways either; i struggle pretty badly with very similar social and interpersonal issues. and i am here to tell you right now that if he’s the only character on the show you can see maybe being aromantic, you have a mental stereotype of aro people that needs to go away immediately. 
  • …just. understand this is coming from the perspective of someone who would call ford my favorite gf character, not to mention someone who is as utterly aromantic and romance-repulsed as anyone i’ve ever met. but i am simultaneously conscious of the fact that he is not by any means a socially healthy character, and that’s a really negative stereotype of aromantic people that needs to go away forever. there are aromantics out there who are bad with people and also don’t want romantic relationships (heck, i’m one of them) – and who because of those things need a lot of support too, please don’t interpret this as ragging on them (again, i’m literally describing myself). but for every one of them, there’s also an aro who’s excited, bubbly, and a total social butterfly. pointing at the character who probably struggles the most socially of anyone on the show and saying “i guess maybe you can have THAT one” just reinforces the stereotype that we aromantics are really “failures” in one way or another and our lack of romantic interest probably actually stems from some kind of social ineptitude or stuntedness.

as for the second ask – look, we’ve established that i’m aro. i am very, very aro. but do you know what i would have told you about myself when i was 12 years old? 

that i had a MEGA HUGE CRUSH on this guy who was older than me and SO COOL and i just REALLY LIKED HANGING OUT WITH. and that i dreamed that we were going to get MARRIED when we grew up because i had SUCH A HUGE CRUSH and he was just SO COOL

sound familiar?

i didn’t even learn the word “aromantic” until i was 15 years old – and that’s wendy’s age, not dipper’s. heck, i had a boyfriend at one point in time. sort of. it was complicated. it also helped me figure out that i was aro – because aromanticism doesn’t have much visibility, this thing is a process for everyone

and now that i’ve figured that out, i can have a pleasant chat conversation over facebook with the guy i mentioned having that obviously mega huge crush on once upon a time (spoiler: it was never actually a crush. i just didn’t know – how could i, when we never tell kids that people not experiencing crushes actually happens is a thing that actually happens?). and it’s cool and casual and topics of discussion involve like… the new star wars movie. not our wedding plans. i just had to figure some stuff out about myself before we got to that point

so… idk, the fact that dipper seems most comfortable and happy with wendy when they’re just chilling, as friends, watching a movie or something and he’s not putting pressure on himself to be romantically interested in her really reminds me of myself growing up? cue headcanons

i guess that’s the biggest thing about this i’d like you to understand, if you do take anything away from this post. that a lot of people make and like headcanons like this for the stuff they love because they see little bits of themselves in the characters. i don’t get why that’s such a problem for so many people, but that’s the truth. and also

“My little sister is aro, and making fuzzy headcanons about characters that have far more canon evidence against said headcanons does not help represent her or anyone”

wow, nice job speaking over your sister. let me ask you – have you ever actually asked her about that? have you ever gotten an actual quote or response from her, in which she explicitly told you that unless a character has never ever been implied to maybe be attracted to someone, she doesn’t want people to think of them as aro? because she would literally be the first aromantic person i’ve heard of to say that.

the thing is, that almost never happens. even for characters without romantic interests (which are fewer and farther between than i think you realize……) there are almost always jokes, and references, and hints that they really do or will want a relationship. b/c we live in a super allonormative society to begin with and our fiction almost hyperbolizes it. in my experiences, it’s finding characters that we identify with for one reason or another – like, say, dipper – and manipulating the narrative a little that helps us.

and yeah, it helps. you say it doesn’t help, but it helps. 

if it didn’t help, the aro gravity falls fic series i’m writing on my ao3 wouldn’t be my most viewed and kudos-ed story. heck, i wouldn’t get comments on any of my arofics about how important they are to people, or how much they mean to them, or how they’re so grateful that i’m writing those kinds of things. it wouldn’t be therapeutic for me to write them in the first place. i wouldn’t talk about aro hcs with some of my friends in skype chats and get super excited about our ideas, or that they wrote fics inspired by them that i’ve bookmarked and read when i have bad days where being aro makes me feel broken. i wouldn’t be posting about my headcanons online if they didn’t mean something to me – do you think aromantic people are just sitting there, posting these things for no reason other than to think to themselves “how can i be heartless and destroy people’s ships?” or something? (hint: if you are, i think you’ve gotten us confused with krakens) 

we post this kind of thing because it means something to us, and i think that’s proof enough for anyone that it “helps”

Translations from German:

Left Picture: This is Özgul. Özgul was born in Germany. Özgul is a German.

Right Picture: This is Micky. Micky was born in a horse stable. Micky is a horse.

Comment below means: That is absolutley true (literally: But it hits the nail on its head)


My Aunt posted this on Facebook. It is so annoying. Your religion, choice of clothing or ethnic background never determines wether you should be able to have a certain nationality. But well… she posts a lot of Anti-Islam stuff, like saying that Muslims can never be peaceful and that the hijab should be forbidden. She always posts rather strange articles as proof that her views are correct.

I can’t say anything against it because she is still family. She can use words like using the n-word or call all Asians ‘slit eyed liars’ in front of my family and nobody says anything about it even though my family wouldn’t ever use those words. She thinks, that homosexual people are all attention seeking and don’t fight for same rights, they have those, they want more rights and more attention (And that coming from somebody from Germany. A country where two men/two women still can’t marry). She thinks people just turn gay if they get out of a heterosexual marriage and then have a same-sex partner, even though I - a bisexual person - tried to explain to her that there are more than two sexualities she insisted that you ‘turn lesbian’ and there was no such thing as Bisexuality. I once did discuss the samesex marriage issue rather vehemently and then she told me later she wasn’t sure she wanted to meet with my family for Christmas anymore because she is so scared of me. So yeah I don’t say anything anymore, but I wish I’d have the courage to say fuck it and just tell her how much of a bigot she is…

Maybe something for @whatbigotspost

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Some more concept art of the revised holotable. Hard to say if this will look good until you are actually running it on your PC because the old one looked good as well though when being run failed (in my opinion and most probably because of my PC and the background the table was being viewed against). We’ll have to wait and see but then again that is the beauty of this open development - we do get to have an impact and should this new version have issues still time to fix it (though again nothing is fixed as changes can occur even after the game is launched).