should ship these two for no reason

Your ships don’t need to be “healthy”

I don’t know where exactly* this idea that your ship needs to be „wholesome and healthy“ comes from, but can it disappear again, please?

Ships can be variety of things. Yes, there’s the ship where the characters are great together, make each other happy and complete and the world a better place. There’s those people who are scorching hot together and should totally hook up. But there are also ships that are all about imperfect people coming to terms with each other’s flaws. People who should be really bad for each other, but somehow find happiness against the odds. Terrible people loving no one but each other. People being really, really bad for each other, but in an interesting way. There’s the ship that’s a beautiful disaster and the one that will end in murder and bloodshed. Ships are just two (or more) people who are interesting to you when they’re together.

Also, there’s a variety of reasons for why you would ship, why you want to read fic, write fic, draw art, write meta, chat with your friends about it. „I think they should be canon!“ is common, butfar from universal. „I want some hot porn with attractive people!“ is totally legit. „I want to read about people like me!“ is great, but so is „I want to read about people who are not like me at all!“  „Life sucks and I just want a happy escape“ is fine, as is „I want to safely explore things that scare me in real life.“ „This ship lends itself to my narrative and/or sexual kinks.“ “They interacted a lot in canon and I want more of it.” “They didn’t interact much in canon, but I thought it would be interesting if they did.” And so on. 

The thing is, none of this makes your ship any more valuable or right. It does not reflect on your morality or your worth as a person. Some of the sweetest people I’ve met in fandom have written the filthiest, most “problematic” smut.

You are allowed to let Kylo Ren and General Hux find true love in each other. Or have them hate each other’s guts and still do it like rabbits. Have Snoke arrange a marriage between them for political reasons. Explore what it would mean for them if one of them changed sides. Have them meet in an alternative reality where they’re a Jedi and a rebel, or baristas or high school students.

Let Rey rescue Kylo from the Dark Side with her love. Let Kylo corrupt her. Let them be star-crossed lovers who are eternally caught on two sides of a conflict. Reverse their roles from the beginning. Let them be strangers, let them be cousins. Hell, ship them as siblings; it’s Star Wars after all.

You are allowed to ship Shiro and Keith as a 24-year-old instructor and a 16-year-old cadet having a forbidden relationship. Or maybe you prefer mutual respect growing into a relationship after they have fought in an intergalactic war for a few years. Or maybe Keith is an enemy Galra prince and Shiro is his prisoner?

It’s all good.

Your ships don’t have to be healthy role models for RL relationships. Your ships don’t have to be “pure”. The only one your ships have to be good for is you. And you are the only one who gets to decide if they are.

*actually, I do have some ideas.


Now usually, I’m not big on videos on why you should ship two people together but I got to say, I LOVED this video. I believe this video is the best one for why you should support Lucas Friar in a romantic relationship with Maya Hart because it gave great reasons on how the writers of Girl Meets World have set up Lucaya since the very beginning. Keep calm and Lucaya on. This video is not mine, it belongs to xxghostofyouxx. 

Different reasons to ship two characters?

It just occurred to me that people seem to have different ideas for what “shipping” (romantically/sexually pairing multiple characters) means, or why fans ship the pairings that they do.

There’s this mockery that given two characters A and B, the desire to ship them stems from one of two reasons:

1. Attraction
“I ship them because I find A sexually attractive and therefore deserving of happiness. Since A loves/lusts after B, they should be together to make A happy. (It’s all about A, someone I want.)”

2. Identification
I identify with B and giving B a happy ending would validate my own potential for happiness. I want B to have A to get to that happily ever-after. (It’s all about B, a proxy for me.)”

There’s nothing wrong with either, except that the immediate link from ship to self tends to contribute to heated shipping wars, where disagreements get misinterpreted as personal attacks. Implied in both is a sort of self-insert limitation, that the narrative is aligned with and motivated by only one’s own romantic/sexual inclinations.

And if that’s all the reasons we ship, then it’d be hard to find a hetero woman shipping two men together, or a gay guy shipping a hetero pairing. Except people do, all the time, so clearly shipping’s more than just self-insert fantasy.

I can think of at least two other ways fans relate to their OTPs. First, where the fan is a well-wishing third-party:

3. The Best Friend
“A and B are so adorable and compatible that they clearly belong together. I just want them to be happy.”

Followed by perhaps the least emotional-driven reason:

4. The Storyteller
“A and B create an interesting dynamic with great potential. I’d like to further explore that by putting them in a romantic/sexual relationship.”

OK. What else? :)

A tiny problem with “lancelot” name ship

While i do love the idea of having a name ship that is actually good, i think it will make tagging and searching for the content a lot more difficult


Take in mind “Lancelot” is a actual name, which has been used for a lot of characters in lots of fandoms; so if we actually go tagging it like that either way we clog other fandoms’ tags (which will be kind of rude) or most of the time we will only find content that will be about OTHER fandoms…

We can still call the ship “lancelot” but for tagging reasons, i think we should think of a less common name for it… (plus having to type Lancelot (voltron) or vld Lancelot won’t be a lot of help as the searching option in Tumblr looks up for anything containing “lancelot”)

A couple of options i think could work will be:

  • Lantor
  • LanceTor (making a wordplay with Lancelot and their names)
  • Lonce
  • Lotce
  • Etc…

Just my two cents in this matter, bc i want to be able to search for this ship as much as you do!

Edit: I personally prefer Lantor as the tag for this ship, while we still can refer to it as /ance/ot, to avoid confusion with other fandoms


Sorry guys I’m not a Shawol nor a fan of Do Jihan (the actor of Banryu) BUT I’M SO GONE FOR THESE TWO OMG I think i’m a sucker for rivalry and that these two are so competitive whenever they see each other for no apparent reason UGH (they have qualities of a good ship is what I’m sayin~) 

HERE ARE SOME GIFS, COME SHIP THEM WITH ME (special thanks to people who make these gifs ily <3)

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BAAHAHAHA hands down my favourite moment for this ship XD simplifies their overall relationship~~ 

the best thing in this ship is that both Banryu and Suho are equally masculine so that there wouldn’t be much stereotypical seme/uke gender roles placed on them, but then that’s just my preference in a ship 😌I just hope that people are writing this ship… MAYBE I SHOULD WRITE THIS SHIP OMG SHOULD I???

But it’s kinda sad that the official canon made Banryu crush on Suho’s sister… :( but hey come on this girl CUTE AS FUCK I’D LIKE HER TOO (and OMG DID SHE MAKE A SNEAKY HEART WITH HER HANDS OMG)

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in short I’m IN LOVE with hwarang and CAN’T WAIT for more episodes!!! hehehe

My Mom is an unaware SwanQueen Shipper

Reasons why……. 1. She thinks Hook and Emma shouldn’t be together 2. She thinks Emma should trust Regina not Hook 3. She thinks Emma and Regina should work together more often for the sake of Henry and storybrooke. 4.during “wish you were here” she agreed with me that Emma stopped Henry because he was going to kill Regina and she cares for Regina and doesn’t want her son to live with killing one of his parents. 5. Believes Emma could’ve killed the EQ two times but hesitated because the EQ is a part of Regina and she can’t kill her because deep down she probably believes she can save her like season 1 Regina. 6. She noticed that Regina and Emma are parallel with Snow and Charming. 7. She loves when Emma and Regina save the day together. 8. She paused her favorite show to hear me talk about how Emma and Regina care so much for eachother.

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It sure has been a while.

Hey everyone! It’s Mod Lance!
I know I haven’t been on in forever, but I’m not dead.
I’ve been pretty out of sorts with my life recently and I just haven’t had the motivation to do anything. I just had to step away from this page and the Voltron fandom for a while.
I’m sorry. I am back though.
I apologize for not being here for Mod Pidge. I apologize for not being here.

But I would also like to make a public service announcement.
STOP. HATING. ON. PEOPLES. SHIPS. It is immature and childish.
Just because you personally don’t like something doesn’t mean that NO ONE else should.
Here are some reasons to LEAVE PEOPLE AND THEIR SHIPS ALONE:

1) Imagine a world where you loved two foods. Let’s say that you carrots and zucchini. And let’s say that all of a sudden, people started to say that “If you like zucchini, you’re the worst kind of person. Carrots are the best and no one should like zucchini(for whatever reason).” And it really upsets you because you don’t understand why people just can’t leave it alone. And then you say that you like both carrots and zucchini. And you automatically get harassed and people start trying to get you to decide between the two. “You have to pick a side!” They say. “But if you like zucchini, you’re a piece of shit.”
What I’m trying to say is that fighting over ships and saying that one ship is absolutely disgusting and all the people who ship it are condoning pedophilic and abusive relationships is really, really stupid. Just because you don’t like something, doesn’t mean that you have to be an ass to the people who ship it.

2) THE VOLTRON FANDOM IS SO FUCKING TOXIC. We need to quit hating ships and love eachother. We all love Voltron. WHY DOES IT MATTER WHO WE THINK SHOULD BE IN A REALTIONSHIP. Let me tell you, it doesn’t.

3) Honestly, it doesn’t cost anything to be nice. And if you don’t like something, Dont. Look. It. Up. How hard is that to do? Not very. Let me tell you, I’m not very fond of Kallura. I’m just not, and thats my opinion. So why would I put myself in that position to be uncomfortable, just to complain about a ship that I don’t like. ESPECIALLY when I, myself, looked up the ship in the first place? It doesn’t make sense. At all. And tumblr has this wonderful thing that you can block hash tags that you don’t like and are triggered by. SO THERE IS LITERALLY NO FUCKING REASON TO COMPLAIN.

4) Why are we posting anti ship things and tagging them as the ship. That is absolutely bullshit. Don’t do that.

5) BEFORE YOU SAY that I am only on one side of this ship war. I ship Sheith and Klance. I also ship Shallura and Shendak. I also ship Hance and Punk and Heith.
And what’s so wrong with that?
Why is the fandom freaking out about animated fictional(THAT MEANS THEY DON’T EXIST) characters and who they think they should be with.

Now. You can say that Sheith is pedophilic. And what about Shallura. She is AT LEAST 10,000 years older than Shiro. AT LEAST.
So why is it okay to ship Shallura and not Sheith.
It is okay.
You can ship what ever you want.
It you want to ship Haxus and Thace, by all fucking means.
If you want to ship Zarkon and Lance in an alternate universe where Lance is 10,000 years older and Altean. Fucking go for it.
I will not stop you.
No one should.
It’s YOUR choice.
Yours, no one elses.

To all the people who are still reading this, please, please stop all this unacceptable and unneeded ship bashing and hate.
Please bring me back the fandom I once loved.
I miss it so much.

And I know, people are going to comment with ship bashing comments. But I don’t care.
If I want to ship Shendak. I’m going to fucking ship Shendak.
If I want to ship Klance. I’m going to.
If I want to ship Shklance, Shlance or anything Shaladin. I’m going to.
And you should let me.
And not harass me. Or anyone else.

Because what if it were your ship that people were saying was disgusting. Then you wouldn’t be okay with it.

I accept that your ships probably aren’t the same as mine. I welcome that. So why can’t everyone else.

Like everyone in my life has said on multiple occasions, “If everyone was just like you, the world would be boring.”

That’s my piece. I’m sorry if I offended you, but I feel as though I am right about this.

With lots of love and acceptance,
Mod Lance

Top 5 Ships

#1 Bellarke - One of the best written enemies-to-lovers stories.

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#2 - Josh and Donna. They should have gotten together WAY sooner,  but hey, at least it finally happened

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#3 Nick and Jess - When will these two idiots realize they are meant for each other, and get back together?

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#4 Rose and Dimitri - Now technically, I really only shipped them from the books. Those two were pretty much the only reason I read Vampire Academy.

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#5 Haley and Elijah - Unfortunately not quite as good any more due to some bad writing, but the early days were great! And the chemistry was amazing.

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your drawing reminded me i needed to feed my fish so thank you

You’re most welcome! 


And THAT make ME happy so it’s two of us, anon!!! °O°

Anon said:  Your bakushimas are really the reason I LIVE FOR!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCHHHHHH.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m super glad you like them!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3

Anon said:  I know it’s been a while but if you take suggestions, you should totally do the soul mate words on the body thing for bokuroteru too <3

Anon said:  I love your bnha fusions and just can’t help but think… BOKUROO FUSION?! XD

This @ everyone else also suggesting variations of these two in my inbox - I’ve thought about these requests a lot and I’ve decided that at least for now I don’t think I’m up for it, sorry! It’s not because I don’t find the ideas interesting, because to be honest I seriously really do, but as of now I’ve got enough suggestions in my inbox without doubling the number of possible characters to mix by including another fandom in the AUs, and I feel that if I started including Hq in these AU the suggestions would only increase and I’m really really bad at saying no once I start something so I guess for now I’ll just… not.

Let’s leave the hq AUs to hq and the bnha AUs to bnha for a while still m(._.)m


(Spoilers from the Hibike! Euphonium Light Novels contained below)

Ok! Hello folks, I just want to talk about these snippets of the next Hibike! Euphonium episode right here. There’s actually alot in this preview that is worth speculating on but I want to focus on the bits from the screenshots above. So, basically, we have Kumiko and Shuuichi in what appears to be a darkened room/tent, wherever, alone, talking to each other. FYI, I am on the kumirei ship but even fans of the show who aren’t should understand why Kumiko and Shuuichi shouldn’t end up together (I am aware that in the light novels, they do, but I am going off what I have seen in the anime SOLELY thus far). My reasoning is quite simple, what has Shuuichi done this season at all to give us the inclination that he is interested in Kumiko? The only substantial interaction the two have had this season was when they cross paths at the festival in the first episode. Kumiko greets him with that same, and as Reina put perfectly, indifferent tone that we’ve seen with a majority of their interactions in season 1. Then, soon after, Reina returns and shuts him down, and that’s basically been it until now. 

Let me preface, I don’t hate Shuuichi, but his lack of development in the show is what makes this situation worrying. As a character, Shuuichi has served no purpose other than having an interest in Kumiko (and a crush for Hazuki, but that didn’t work well) so why should we care about him? More importantly, if he’s not even a significant, developed character, then how would Kumiko even consider having a romantic interest in him? It’s not logical. If Kyoani gave some type of individual plot or conflict that he’d have to deal with, such that his attraction to Kumiko served as motivation to solve said conflict, and become a better person when it’s over, then sure, I’d at least have reason to see the justification of the them being together, provided Kumiko has similar feelings towards him. I may not like it, and it may be your run-of-the-mill high school romance but at least there would be reason, and we don’t even have that. 

So for Kyoani to now basically bring him back in out of nowhere is bewildering to me, unless the scene above is Kumiko shutting him down. It’s hard to tell, but we can see that Kumiko looks angry/embarrassed as she turns her head away from him and Shuuichi is blushing, so he’s definitely expressing something in this scene he’s embarrassed for Kumiko to hear. It could be possible that Kyoani’s lining up Reina’s confession to Taki with Shuuichi’s to Kumiko’s just to add some tense dynamic during this part of the episode. To wrap this up, we’re almost halfway through the season, and unless Kyoani spends significant time developing Shuuichi in the coming episodes, which I doubt, there’s no reason why he should be with Kumiko and I feel like it’s simply too late in the game for Shuuichi to undergo that much progression. Well, we’ll see what happens this Wednesday. Thanks to anyone who has read this far, this is my first major post for Hibike! I absolutely adore this show. Feel free to message or ask me about anything regarding it.

I’m what antis could consider a Cope shipper, I have my abuse and trauma cards in hand but I really don’t consider the things I ship bad. In fact, I’ve noticed I ship everything to cope in a sense, even some of my most healthy ships have helped me get through some really rough patches in my life. Shipping is a way for me to indulge in something that is not real and take my mind off of stressful things. A lot of ships I would still enjoy regardless or not if it were for coping for abuse and I don’t think anyone should have to explain why they like something. I don’t care if it’s because it helps you personally or because you just like a dynamic. Having to explain your personal life story and reasons behind liking two fictional characters to strangers on the internet is unnecessary and can be a lot more complicated or simple than a stranger might think.

I don’t know if that even makes sense, thoughts to words is hard. 

reasons everyone should ship jax/wally [kidstorm] from the cw dc shows with @horrorhouses​ and I

  • they’re both around 20/19-ish and the youngest in their respective shows [with the possible exception of jesse, I’m not sure]
  • they’re also two extremely snarky people, the both of them. think of all the back and forth wisecracking they’ll do!! they’ll be such a hilarious pair
  • one is a mechanic and the other is a drag racer
  • they’re both cinnamon rolls so you know they’ll be cute
  • why not 

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Hey so I'm kinda new to the Supergirl fandom (as in I binged watched to the present episode last week) and I was wondering if you could explain to me why some of the fandom finds Mon-El and Karamel problematic? Not trying to start discourse but I genuinely haven't seen an issue while watching the show. If you already have a post on this or something and just wanna point me to that, that'd also be helpful! Either way, thanks!

Well…. that’s a very very very long story. I’ll try to make it smaller.

Basically, that not so sweet part of the fandom is divided in two categories: the ones that ship Kara with Lena and want their ship to happen so they decided to hate Mon-el, and the ones who think Kara should be alone and the fact that she has a boyfriend makes them angry because they think is anti-feminist, for some reason that I never really understood.

The thing is: Mon-el came from a planet that had Monarchy, so every prejudice or sexism that you could ever imagine, happens in his planet. Like earth 4 centuries ago (or rn). He never had a real relationship, he only cared about parties and women doing what he wanted, and well, he was the prince of Daxam so, anything he could ever want was handed to him, he never had to fight for anything, so he was a spoiled little boy, let’s just say his character is very controversial. But he also never agreed with a lof of stuff that happened in his planet, but he never had the courage to change anything because he never believed he could.

Even though he’s changing his ways and trying to be a better person, which is why Kara believes in him so much, some people only see him as the guy that was first shown to us: an egotistical frat boy. Kara gave him courage and he’s changing some things in her too, but if I listed them for you, the post would be longer lol.

If you ship karamel, it means you understand that everybody deserves a second chance, and that he’s trying really hard to change his views of a completely different world, with a different culture and different traditions, and he’s actually handling it well. If you don’t, you just think he’s a sexist frat boy who wants to steal Kara’s glow (which is not true btw).

The writers wanted to show a balance of two completely different people changing each other and evolving, but not everybody can see that, so that’s the only problem Karamel has: the s*pergirl fandom, which I can’t even mention because I don’t wanna see any kind of hate.

ps: Karamel family, if you have any post explaining it better, please share it!!

Reasons To Ship NedDen


-This picture.

- Politics. Never thought I’d say it, but politics supports this ship pretty well.

- Look at these two and tell me that they shouldn’t be married. I dare you. They should be married.

- The personality differences. It’d be a love-hate relationship. Which is perfect.

- Most of the fanfictions get their personalities and stuff right, which DenNor doesn’t have. (Which kills me because I also sorta ship DenNor but favor NedDen)

- The fanart is awesome. (If you’re like me, Good fanart is pretty huge)

- It’s just a great ship.

Also, this ship is my life. So ja,,,

Reasons why I hate matsuhana:

-it’s a rarepair
-it makes me cry at ungodly hours
-there’s not enough
-those two are too perfect together
-there’s not enough
-I make raptor noises every time I see matsuhana fanart
-like srsly
-I can’t contain myself
-the fact that makki was crying when he saw mattsuns shoulders shake after karasuno vs seijoh match
-there’s not enough
-there should be more
-and did I mention

masterpost of bullshit every ship i've ever been in has gotten

1. ereri - pedophilic and abusive; shipped only because they’re both attractive males and no other possible reason
2. eremika - incest; mikasa is unhealthily obsessed with eren
3. sinja - “they’re just best friends! why do the fujoshis have to make everything gay?”; “sinbad is clearly only interested in women!”
4. killugon - we’re rotten pedophiles for shipping two kids romantically as if kids don’t feel romantic attraction
5. yuno/yukki - gasai yuno is unhealthy and obsessive! abusive relationship! yukki should’ve picked the guy instead!
6. naegiri - what a boring ship! kirigiri barely has any emotions!
7. mikayuu - incestuous & abusive; clearly just brothers but fujoshis make it gay; mika is unhealthily obsessed with yuu; bottom!mika is ooc and only my preference is law
8. saigenos - saitama clearly said he’s not into dudes! respect his hetero sexual orientation! fujoshis ruin a perfectly good action series by making everything gay!
9. nezushi - wtf why was romance even necessary? nezumi and shion could have just stayed friends and it would’ve still worked.
10. kawoshin - kaworu is just a metaphor for the love that shinji desired. he’s not a real boy, so they’re not really a gay couple.
11. sebaciel - pedophilic and disgusting
12. royai - roy and riza are superior & subordinate. shipping them is supporting fraternisation and completely inappropriate.
13. komahina - unhealthy & abusive relationship; komaeda is mentally unstable so he’s likely to abuse hinata

moral of story: people are always going to give you shit no matter which ship you’re in, straight or gay, canonically healthy or not, etc. so just ship whatever you want and don’t let anyone get you down. if they have a problem, let them report you and take comfort in knowing that it’s unlikely to get anywhere.

there will always be ppl guilt tripping you by saying that what you enjoy triggers them, or is a disgrace to social justice. do reflect on your values in the waking world, but don’t fall into their trap either. love what you love and keep the respect fresh.


This is not a shipping war. This is if anything a source of comfort for people who might feel bad about certain things that I won’t go into. But since Tweek & Craig are obviously as said “Cannon” and if they ever were to get married, in the South Park world, they have these two to thank for making that possible. 10 years ago. Season 9, Episode 10. It aired in November of 2005. Their project is what convinced the governor to say “Gays can get married” Their relationship in that specific episode wasn’t all that great either, but they managed it. Two daddies. Here’s an actual quote that I altered in my brain and for whatever reason makes sense to me. “Stan & Kyle should be held to the highest honor, just like Tweek & Craig.” I think those who “ship” as they say Tweek & Craig should hang out with the Stan & Kyle fans and enjoy each others company, offer support to each other during downtimes. I think we can fuel each other. Remember, Craig was the leader of one group, Stan the leader of the other. But together, things can go well. Craig and those guys may never have always been on good terms with Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Eric, but look who’s cheering on Stan at his birthday party. Tweek, Craig on the right (With Kyle to Stan’s left from the other vantage point) 

okay, but the two rules of the DGM fandom lbh
  • Rule 1: Ship whatever the fuck you want, they are just characters in a book that we enjoy and we should have fun. DGM is sad enough already.
  • Rule 2: If you insult people or make them feel bad for what they like or what they dislike about the series. Fuck off please.

I was browsing through K*ramel tags awhile ago, then felt this feeling of defeat, because I know that SuperCorp has a miniscule chance of being a canon.

So I went through SuperCorp tags instead, but the feeling persisted.

But then I decided to look at Sanvers tags, and the feeling of defeat was replaced by giddiness.

These two women having a healthy, canon and fluffy relationship with each other. What a great thing to witness!

It gave me a reason to hope and let me have a positive feeling!

I still love Lena Luthor, but I’ll ship Sanvers more than SuperCorp.

What a mess the people behind the show are doing with Kara/Supergirl.

Poor her, she’s sad for like every episodes now. Hopefully, she can have her own version of Maggie sooner or later. I won’t name which they should be, but damn, give the heroine a break.