should really invest in a scanner

ladylagomorph  asked:

How do you get your traditional inks to look so clean online? Do you use a scanner, or do you take a picture? Do you edit them before uploading? My sketches always end up looking dirty :(


If you have a good phone or a good camera, taking a picture of your traditional art can look quite good from what I’ve seen! However, if you do a lot of traditional art, I highly recommend getting a scanner. You don’t need to be careful with good lighting etc, it’s quick and simple and easy and the result is always good.

I usually only do one thing in Photoshop after scanning the picture, which is adjusting the Levels (you should find it under Image > Adjust > Levels). There, I move the bars to make the lines darker and the white less grey. The window looks like this when opening:

For comparison, this is the image scanned without Level adjustments

and this is after adjusting Levels

It’s quite simple to do and you still keep some of the paper structure! It’s also much much easier now to remove really bad smudges etc if you feel like you really want to remove an unlucky ink accident or something. You can do that with the Eraser tool.

In short: Invest in a scanner (doesn’t have to be the fanciest one, don’t worry!) and make the lines clearer on your screen with Image > Adjust > Levels (it might be called differently in English, but as far as I know, that’s what the path is called in English)

I hope this helps!

Something from @haikujitsu’s What Little Girls are Made Of. “Out of the core’s mass sprang a hand—almost perfect at the fingertips, translucent, with faint traces of bones underneath, fingertips just brushing Phantom’s. It stayed there for the barest of moments, then crumpled and dissolved. The core resumed its restless swimming.”