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This was fun to do since it definitely showed a different side of the UF!Bros relationship. Hope you enjoy and feel free to request anything or comission something.

Papyrus sighed as he rubbed his face and leaned back in his chair. He had been working on paperwork for the royal guard even though the other members could have done it. It was usually him that ended up doing  most of the work. His brother was constantly checking on him to make sure he wasn’t overworking himself. There was a fine line that he would often cross without realizing it. Most of the time, he had to have an alarm set to remind him to take a break.

His back ached from being hunched over his desk for so long. He knew that he should get up and move around but, there was still a big stack of papers that he had to fill out just sitting on his desk. It would probably be better to get it done now than to get yelled at by the king for not doing it and picked up his pen again. Papyrus could hear his brother downstairs probably making him something to eat and drink since he had been in his office since he had gotten up that morning. There was always something that he was doing to try and make it easier on him even though he could take care of himself just fine.

He was sure that his brother wouldn’t be happy that he was still working but, he could deal with his anger. It didn’t make a difference that it was technically his own fault and that he should be taking more breaks than he was. Papyrus still didn’t mind or care for his need to stop working for awhile. The main issue was the fact that he was ignoring every signal that his body gave him and continued to do so.

Sans wasn’t happy that his brother wasn’t listening to him about his body. It upset him to no end and he wanted the taller skeleton to understand why he needed to care more. He didn’t want to make the other skeleton mad at him for smothering him. There were a lot of things that he could do to teach him a lesson but, he wasn’t going to do anything that would harm the other. Maybe a quick lesson in his own body would do him some good. He could definitely do such a lesson easily.

“Lunch is ready,” he called as he started to carry the tray upstairs.

“Just bring it up,” Papyrus called back.

It didn’t take him long to see why the other skeleton hadn’t wanted to come down and it proved to him why he wanted him to learn a lesson. He took in the sight of all the papers on the desk and the fact that he was still hunched over them. There was no way that he wasn’t going to get on the other skeleton’s case about his self care. Sans set the tray in front of the taller skeleton’s face before leaving. The seemingly loud sound of metal hitting wood made the other’s head snap up.

“Please eat this time,” Sans said as he left.

Papyrus didn’t get a chance to respond to the smaller skeleton before he left. He didn’t know what he did to make his brother that upset but, he would at least eat a bit. The tray was filled with small snacks that he could slowly eat as he worked without having to worry about a mess that he would have had to clean up. It was nice to know that his brother was keeping in mind that he didn’t need a meal while he was sitting around. He smiled a bit as he shoved a piece of an apple in his mouth. There was going to be a lot of making up to do after all of his work was done.

Time passed by quickly as he worked and ate. He had started shifting around after the first hour had passed but, he had brushed it aside. Papyrus had to crack his neck when he sat up right and took in the time. It was quite a bit later than what he thought it would have been when he got done and he was just glad to be able to relax. The feeling of his stomach being full came back and reminded him that he should do something about it. His brother was the main thing on his mind since he hadn’t been the nicest to him about certain things and wanted to apologize for his horrible behaviour. The moment he stood up, it felt like his entire stomach had dropped and forced him to shove a hand into his crotch.

He didn’t think it had gotten that bad but, he must have ignored it way longer than what he initially thought. It felt like someone had placed a rock in his abdomen and it wasn’t a pleasant feeling. The sound of the shower going got his attention. Papyrus was going to have to wait for the other to finish before he could deal with this issue. There were leaks continuously coming out of him and making a wet spot on his pants. It didn’t help him at all since it only made stronger leaks come out. He sat back in his chair and hoped that his brother hurried up.

His legs had become crossed shortly after he sat down and tried to keep everything inside of himself. There wasn’t anyway that he could move at this point since he didn’t think that he would be able to stand due to how full he was. Papyrus groaned as he hunched over himself and tried to tighten his muscles. He fought against the torrent trying to come out of him as he tried to wait for the bathroom to become free. The feeling of his bladder pulsing and shuttering in an attempt to empty itself was something he had never experienced before. It was difficult to keep  himself as dry as he was and there wasn’t anything he could really do to keep it that way.

Papyrus gasped as he felt his muscles contract in a final attempt to hold everything inside. He tightened his grip and basically folded himself in half. It did absolutely nothing as a steady stream started coming out of him. The feeling of emptying himself and relief made him lean back in his chair. There was a bit of shame that ran through him but, it was overpowered by everything else. His entire body felt light and hoped that his brother didn’t come into his room until he cleaned it up. The sound of the shower turning off and someone walking to his door didn’t make it to him.

“Hey, bro. I wanted to know if you were done working yet?” Sans asked through the door.

He couldn’t find the mental power to form any kind of response that would make his brother leave. Papyrus could only moan and groan as he had his relief. His body shook in slight embarrassment as he stared at the door. There wasn’t anything that he could do to keep it shut. The door opened slightly as a small skeleton walked in.

“Are you okay?” The smaller skeleton questioned as he rushed over to the tall skeleton.

“Just leave me be,” Papyrus groaned quietly.

“Not until you tell me what’s wrong,” Sans countered sternly.

He could see the dark red blush forming on the other’s face and took the time to take in the other completely. Sans hadn’t seen the taller skeleton look as out of it as he was now for a long time. It didn’t take him long to notice the almost pink puddle on the floor. There was a wet spot that ran the entire inside of the other’s pant legs. He felt bad for his younger brother since he had always held himself higher up than everyone else. His pride was going to have a dent in it for awhile.

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. We can easily clean up this mess and get you cleaned up,” he said gently.

“This shouldn’t have happened in the first place,” the taller skeleton responded with a slight sniffle.

“ Doesn’t matter who you are, you can still have accidents. It’s just the way things wrok sometimes,” Sans replied with a slight smile. “ Now, how about we get you in a bath before you really start to hate being wet clothes.”

Papyrus nodded and carefully stood up. He couldn’t look at his brother the entire time he lead him to the bathroom and got a bath ready for him. It wasn’t very often that the smaller skeleton acted like he was older but, it was appreciated at this point. He couldn’t help the smile that sormed on his face and he wrapped his arms around the other.

“Love ya too, bro.” Was the smaller skeleton’s response as he helped him get ready to be put in the water.



start as you mean to go on - got in a solid day of qm, which was nice, and progressing slightly faster than expected which is very good because it means i’ll have more time to do the vac work/past paper questions this week. it was also reaaaaalllllly sunny today - i feel like i should probably be disappointed that i didn’t get to go out and do anything with it, but i quite like studying in the sun! (… even if my room got so hot that my lipbalm melted. oops. the good news is, my heating has been fixed, so i can turn that off now). today i;

  • went through all my lecture notes and made quick notes
  • looked at completed problem sheets and added to my notes + wrote down which questions i should go back and look at again sometime
  • checked what is and isn’t on the data sheet
  • highlighted all the equations or places where i need to go look up and learn standard derivations

hours today|total for qm: 5|5