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“This tale is all sorrows and woes.”

Dazatsu Week 2017- Day Four: Free Day

So I made this for the Dazatsu Week: Sleeping Atsushi with Dazai, and I’m super late T-T but here is my entry anyway.

Oh and a bonus!!


izzica answered your question: “IM GOING ON A RICK AND MORTY HYPE whoooo has some suggestions I can…”

morty who’s super duper drunk off ricks stash and is super sad??? maybe morty who trashes ricks garage (lab) bc he’s just so angry at rick being gone (turning himself in??). morty just being troubled bc rick, his only friend, is gone.

Thank you for the suggestion! I honestly really wanted to draw the trashing the garage thing (a+ idea btw), but as you can see my skill with backgrounds is suuuuuppperr limited lmao ;;;

When you find out a show has a canon asexual character and you attempt to watch three seasons in two days.

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I can’t stop thinking about ‘it’s quite surreal’, and 'amazing, yeah. This is incredible, isn’t it?’ Because that’s how Sam and Anthony were last year. And they lost it so fast because people are awful.

With Theo and Samuel we have two young men, at the start of their career, and I just think that as a fandom we should be respectful of them and not invasive or over-excitable or rude or any of the other countless things we could do to them.

They’re human beings, doing a job that should probably be the most amazing, fun job in the world. And it looks like they’re going to be spectacular at it. But can we remember that they are just that? Human beings doing a job. They’re not toys. They’re not play things. They’re not characters. They’re not for us to speculate over or ship. They’re people with lives and families and friendships.

So can we please be kind to them and show them we care about them and value them, and not drive them away and make them jaded? Let them have this amazing experience without us ruining it for them.

They’re so young. And they deserve to enjoy themselves and keep the wonder we saw in the video today. Is that so much to ask? Can people please be nice?

I didn’t see this process play out from the beginning last time, but I know it’s coming this time and it’s horrible. It’s beginning already, and I hate everything about it.

True love is looking at your bias and thinking: “Sweetie. I love you, and I would steal all the stars in the night sky to see you smiling and happy,” while two seconds later thinking, “This butt is really coming for me, dO YOU WANNA GO YOU JERK?! COME AT ME AND I’LL FIGHT YOUR ASS!!”

Why do I keep listening to musicals about some teenage boys then keep falling for that one stoner friend. 


“the Host begins, his voiced aounding saddened if not frantic. ‘I regret to say that I returned to my realm to do as the Wolf told me to… only to find that my library was an absolute mess. Someone—though I have not the faintest idea as to who—trashed my library. I did not think to look into the future earlier when I was contemplating returning to my realm, and now there is no real way for me to tell. I was able to repair most of it, as much of the library was generated by my mind and only apart of my realm, but physical objects from outside my realm were often broken or missing. This includes that jar that the Wolf said would help me.’

“‘I’m not quite sure what to do. I don’t know who to blame, or what I would do if I did know who to blame. It’s complicated, especially when I’m still under Dark’s watchful eye. He is persistent, I’ll give Him that,’ the Host grumbles, sighing. ‘Well. I must simply make sure ( ´ ▽ ` ) as well as all of the rest of you, my dear Listeners, are safe. Though, I suppose it is not really a simple objective. Regardless, I shall work hard to make sure it stays true. I hope all of you have alright nights; I will be spending mine getting ( ´ ▽ ` ) to read me ancient texts so I may better understand how to stall Dark in His stalking of me and possibly keep you humans and other beings out of my mess. With that, I shall be off, dear Listeners. Goodnight.’”

A lighting exercise I had a lot of fun doing.

Fireplace story time at its finest.

You know that trope where there’s like, a detective character who’s watching a mystery movie, and they keep getting frustrated by how badly the characters are solving the case, or whatever?

Yeah, Dead Poets Society is that movie for me as a Would-Be Future Therapist.

flawless human beings: bradley james

Chapter 491 title revealed: Mother and Child

“Oh so Irene is Erza’s mother”… But nope it was about Mavis and Fairy Tail

Chapter 492 title revealed: Elder Sister and Younger Sisters

“Oh so they’re sisters”… But nope it was about Yukino and Angel


Help us get a 2nd season of Stitchers!

I’ve just called this number and left the allotted 30 second message like 5 times, begging these people to give us a 2nd season of Stitchers.


(The numbers I had to press to get to the Stitchers people are as follows: 3213784)

If I call anymore from my number, They’ll probably stop listening, so I need help!

If you love this show (and Camsten, and Kyle Harris in glasses and hoodie), then please PLEASE, leave a message to help us get a 2nd season! We must be proactive here (not the acne product) and take matters into our own hands!

… Wow. I’m trying to start a revolution to save a television show that has taken over my brain. Sometimes I look upon my life and sigh…