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Could you please write something about taking a bath with BTS? Ty!💐💗

Aww, that is a cute idea. Thank you for requesting!

Jin: Okay he might be the one to suggest it in the first place. After cooking you a nice meal he’d bring you to the bathroom, where you’d see some candles and a bathtub full of hot water and pink bubbles. He’d have you sit between his legs, but facing him, while he’d gently wipe your arms with a washcloth and make it as relaxing as possible.

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Yoongi: He probably would think you’re joking. He loves you, of course, but he’s insecure and would rather take a nap with you. After he watches you preparing everything he would feel bad to say no so he joins you and you would sit face to face in the bathtub. He’d interlace your fingers and tell you how much you mean to him.

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Hoseok: He’d agree immediately, most probably preparing everything with you and help you undress just like you helped him. You both would be in the bath, you sitting between his legs with your back leaning on his chest. He’d tell you about his day and he would want to know everything about yours.

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Namjoon: He’d read books where couples took baths together and see movies with those scenes, so it definitely was on his list of things he wanted to do with you and once you brought it up he’d agree straight away. He’d want to help you set up everything but he’d be afraid of accidentally breaking something. After you were finished he’d get in the bathtub with you and started talking about something he recently read and you’d listen to everything he says with a smile on your face.

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Jimin: He would love the idea but he’d blush and be a bit shy about it nonetheless. He’d probably prepare everything without you and surprise you like the cutie he is. He’d have some sweets like chocolate ready and would play some music in the background. He’d make you sit between his legs and would hold you softly, putting his head on your shoulder and listen to anything you’d tell him.

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Taehyung: Right after you suggested a bath together he’d disappear into the bathroom and turn on the hot water, not even giving you time to take in his following actions. He’d smile brightly and might even let some dirty comments slip. But after you (jokingly) smack his arm he’d be all cute and mushy again.

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Jungkook: He would be very shy at first. When the topic about taking a bath together would come up he’d be blushing and wouldn’t take it seriously but once you actually prepared a bath he was caught off guard. He was still shy once you both got into the bathtub but with some jokes, his awkward feeling subsided and he enjoyed the relaxing time with you. 

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nothing irks me more than people pointing their nose up at what other people are reading

“Aren’t you too old for that?”

it’s none of your bloody business

“Shouldn’t you be reading something more challenging?”

why do you hate fun

i remember a time when a guy tipped his head to the side, squint his eyes and say, “is your reading level really that low to be reading something like that?” It was a standard YA novel. I was probably 17/18 at the time. jesus fucking christ.

I think there’s definitely merit in challenging yourself and reading outside your comfort zone, but there’s also??? having fun??? and enjoying yourself???
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“John Watson is no longer updating his blog.” Until suddenly, he is. One day, the true story may be told. This is the day.


Time for some shameless self promotion… I am writing this fan fic and my first chapter is FINALLY finished. It explores the theory that the show is now the blog. There are going to be four chapters, starting with the unveiling of the ‘real’ events during HLV, and ending with TFP……. I’ve been sitting on this for ages now, I’m so happy to finally share it!

Today I realized a lot of things. For example: I love my cat more than anyone or anything. I need new shoes. I should probably start reading more books because I want to continue expanding my knowledge and opening my mind. Life is short. Everything happens for a reason and you need to remember that. Apologizing doesn’t make you weak it makes you honest. There’s no reason to lie. Ever. People all have reasons for why they are the way they are but it’s not a viable excuse to be a prick. It’s okay to give trust out freely. Just recognize when it’s no longer deserved. Respect shouldn’t be earned it but disrespect should be. You should respect everyone until given a reason not to. Your mom telling you she loves you should always warm your heart. If she takes out the naked baby pictures let her. She put in the time and all that to deserve that simple pleasure. It’s okay that I have more than one father figure and it’s okay that I don’t look at them the same way. The ocean should be admired. The moon should be loved and the sun should be thanked. Always say I love you before hanging up the phone. Friends can say I love you. Tell people when they mean a lot to you. Learn from the stories people tell you. There’s always a lesson or message in someone else’s experiences. Take pictures. A lot of pictures. And share them. Someone somewhere will love them. If you’re in love tell them or someone else will. Don’t wait. Tomorrow may not be what you expect. Laugh. Who cares if it’s loud or obnoxious. Someone will smile because of it. Enjoy the silly moments because someday those memories may be all you have. Travel. Be reckless. Make a phone call. Cry if you need to cry. If you miss someone who has passed away. Talk to them out loud. Sing in the shower, car or kitchen. If you want another beer drink it. Smoking does cause cancer and it smells gross but some people enjoy it. Make sure to show your animals love. And every single day. Because you’re the single most important thing to them. Don’t make an excuse not to go on an adventure. It’s okay if you stay up late to FaceTime someone even if you have work early the next day. It’ll mean a lot to them. Smile when you feel the urge. Eat more fruit. Spend time with your best friend. Make sure she knows that you appreciate her and listen when she’s angry ranting because she’s going to remember that when you need someone later. Love her dog. Even though dogs aren’t your favorite. GO. Go to the beach. See a movie. Get out of the house even for an hour. Don’t avoid the rain. Chew gum. Drink water. Live life to the fullest. If something is bothering you, do something about it. Don’t wish later that you had told her how you felt or that you had gone fishing with your dad more. Try new things. Let people teach you. Give your heart away. Write a poem or draw a picture even if you don’t think you’re any good. Remember to love. Remember you’re beautiful. Respect each other. Just be yourself. And again tell your friends you love them. Everytime you talk to them.
—  Tell your best friend you love her.

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lily i'm so trash. Here i was enjoying that 'jb taught the foreign members all the bad words' and then i saw Youngjae's fingers softly brushing his shoulder for like 0.5 second and now it's all i can see. This is the worst. Can someone tell me how to free myself from 2Jae PLS AND THANK YOU

Oh, my darling anon!

I absolutely understand where you’re coming from! Being 2jae trash is one of the most distracting things because everything is so subtle that you have to constantly be on the alert, and then once you find something, it’s so utterly distracting! But, in all fairness, this was a pretty adorable moment… x

I just love the way it almost seems like Youngjae’s smacking Jaebum for being a bad influence… but then his fingers linger just a moment too long for a teasing smack?? I also love how Youngjae seems to realize what he’s doing a moment too late, and then he gets self conscious like the skinship-shy little fluff that he is with Jaebum… CAN YOU TELL THAT I RELATE TO THIS BEING DISTRACTING??? Honestly, I haven’t even watched the whole episode yet, but I’m already so preoccupied by the 2jae and Markjin that I keep seeing from gifs and clips! It’s the curse of living the 2jae trash life, my darling! 

A life that I, unfortunately, cannot save you from, my darling! As I’ve tried to warn others before, shipping 2jae is a slippery slope that’s difficult to escape… I only hope that you at least avoid sinking to my level of trashiness for your own well being!

I mean, I can’t even just enjoy good JJP moments without my 2jae radar going off… and I love JJ Project’s marriage with all my heart!! But even though this mini interview was full of so many cute and adorable and valid JJP interactions… I couldn’t help getting caught up in the 2jae side of things!

Like when Jaebum gave Jinyoung that really proud pat on the back, and it’s really sweet and adorable… but then I see Youngjae noticing the gesture and his expression kind of tensing up?? And then Jackson seeing Jaebum being affectionate towards Jinyoung, and looking toward Youngjae?? Like he’s checking on him??? Maybe???

And then I’ll be trying to just appreciate Jaebum’s proud heart eyes while Jinyoung speaks, but I get all distracted by how awkward Youngjae looks as he snaps out of his blank stare following Jaebum’s back-pat, only to lean in and awkwardly lowkey imitate Jaebum’s gaze at Jinyoung.

AND THEN I CAN’T EVEN FOCUS ON ANYTHING ELSE AFTER THAT, because JJP do this really cute nod at each other, but I’m too distracted by the way Youngjae just looks away in the background with his expression falling, and then HE SNEAKS A LITTLE PEEK AT JAEBUM WHEN JJP TURN BACK FORWARD???? LIKE??? MY LIFE WOULD BE EASIER IF I WASN’T SEEING THIS!!!

And then Youngjae finally looks away from all the honestly really adorable JJP interactions with a kind of weird expression until Jackson catches his eye and then starts imitating the nod… that had seemed to throw Youngjae off in the first place?? Is Jackson seeing what I’m seeing???

… This is what I mean by sinking to my level. I can’t even watch a 1 minute video with interactions from another favorite ship without getting completely distracted by 2jae and losing the ability to see much else! I truly hope, for your sake and sanity, my dear, that you manage to avoid sinking this deep in the 2jae trash heap!

(But, then again… the little touch you noticed and Youngjae’s jealousy/preoccupation/WHATEVER in the mini interview are kind of a valid distractions… He’s so cute when he gets awkward over Jaebum!!)