should of added this one to the photoset!

@glowysweetfab OMG this is stunning. 😍😍😍 AMC should totally hire you or Skybound for their future comics.

sizzlingbluebirdcomputer replied to your photo “With everything we’ve beat, everything we’ve endured, everything we’ve…”

This art work is everything that AMC/TWD is getting wrong with their posters and depiction of Grimes 2.0!! You nailed it, I love this so much…I’m crying. This is everything that should be front n center. Thank you. They need to hire you!

Thank you guys for your kind words. As I mentioned though, I cannot take full credit for this, since it is based on Charlie Adlard’s work and Cliff Rathburn’s rad coloring. 

That is just my reinterpretation but I wish they would hire me!! LOL

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OMG These are so cool! <3 I was hoping AMC would do something like this but they didn’t (Rick and Negan facing each other, everyone’s dark/blue color to it.). I love those comic covers and the redrawn one with them all together. This is what makes me think of AOW. Those bright colors and cool characters’ poses.

@wolfwhiteflowers I love those covers, too, a lot. Some of my favs from the entire TWD run. I feel like….the promo banner they released is slightly reminiscent of this:

Maybe if you squint…? lol and did you say you redrew these as well?? Can I see?? 😁😁

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i havent been following you for long, i was just wondering.. do you not believe in larry at all? or do you just (like most people, mysefl included) really fucking hate the larry shippers or w/e their called??

Both. I hate the larry shippers for their lack of maturity, lack on empathy, lack of seance to realise it’s not all about them and what they are doing could be hurting people, their lack of dignity. I hate the way they think it’s okay to talk and treat anyone who is (and I use their terminology) “anti-larrie”. Whenever I make a post expressing my outrage what what these people are like, I get called so many things from homophobic to cunt to them picking on my looks. When I do get these messages I don’t really give a shit, I’m the type of person who thrives on getting into arguments and I need people to hate me so I don’t care about the messages and anything “hurtful” doesn’t hurt me in any way, but it may hurt another person. They preach larry like a religion in my view, I know that sounds dumb but I truly think that. Larries I feel do ruin a lot of things for people. When was the last time you seen Louis and Harry have some proper interaction like the others have with each other on stage or in shoots? Long time. Yes they may do one thing one night, but it’s not the same. I think whatever FRIENDSHIP was there, is still their but it will never be the same because they are worried about being called “gay”. Now I’ve had it on myself a few years ago. Everyone was calling me gay and yes it hurt me. Not because I was bothered they thought I was gay (well I was but it was a complicated situation) but it still hurt. Yes, it doesn’t happen to me anymore but it happens to louis and harry every. single. fucking. day.

Another thing is the lack of respect. If they are/were in any type of relationship larries treatment if it is disgusting. I use the example that I always give: if it was your brother, sister, best friend, cousin, would try and prove all the time to the people around then that they are a sexuality? Would you force a sexuality on them when they have repeatedly stated they are not that sexuality? Would you make edits of them kissing their best friends. I hope to god the answer is no because NO ONE no mater how fucking famous they are deserves to feel so bad by having that done to them. Larries always need to try and prove they are together and I don’t know how else to say this STOP TRYING GO FORCE A SEXUALITY AND RELATIONSHIP AND FORCE SOMEONE TO COME OUT. Just because one direction are in the public eye that doesn’t mean they should have less respect when it comes to things that are still delicate for people, such as sexuality.

To me I’m annoyed I share a love for One Direction with these people. The hardcore shippers are the ones who kill it for everyone else, casual shippers just reblog photosets and let everyone be. You can’t even make any type of post about any bring without a larry shippers adding some stupid ass comment, just look at my blog yesterday, an old post I did about harry is going around again and the amount of comments were dumb.

When you asked if I just don’t believe in larry, there is NOTHING to believe. Simple.