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Do you have any pictures of that drag king makeup test you mentioned?? I'm curious omg

i have one image and it is extremely low-res and probably cursed

i want to do this makeup again and be a lumberjack for halloween? maybe?? but lower body dysmorphia is an Issue

When people say that doing X is feminist, they can mean

  • feminists should praise or celebrate people doing X
  • feminists should criticize people for not doing X
  • feminists should fight for it to be possible for people to do X

These are not equivalent! A lot of arguments about what actions are feminist involve people using different meanings, and a lot of people who are very interested in classifying actions as feminist or not-feminist are blurring the lines between possible things which that could mean.

Two things

Maybe I woke up grumpy but it’s been rattling around in my head. I’ve had this blog for ages and I know I’ve said this before, but there always seems to be new folks around.

1. If we have never had any contact before do not use pet names with me. It makes me uncomfortable and gives me manipulation feels. So, no sweetie, darling, or honey unless we have had internet or real life contact. I know it is normal in some places, but this is my blog and it is not acceptable her.

2. There is a whole pile of things I will not discuss online or on this dumpster fire of a website. In 40 years of life, I have found that very few things are clearly as binary as they are made out to be, but the internet is not a place to discuss nuance rationally or even critical thinking. So, I have a mental list of things I will not discuss here. Mostly though, I find Lawful Good do-gooders on the internet annoying and not really much fun to talk with.

That’s my morning thoughts. I’m going to go eat chocolate cake baked with wine braised Italian prune plums for breakfast.

Io Saar (Character Info)

Beautiful art done by @kapreisun!


  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Miqo’te (Keeper of the Moon)
  • Height: 5′2″
  • Eye Color: Gold
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown

The Facts 

  • Name Day:  20th Sun of the Sixth Umbral Moon (Starlight Season)
  • Occupation: Bad Criminal & Feral Dragoon 
  • Sexual identification: Pan-sexual 
  • Romantic identification: Bi-sexual 
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Criminal History:
    • Co-Founder of the Black Chocobo Gang. A gang made up of misfits and thieves.
    • Pick-pocketing since she was 8 years old. She learned from some of the best around Limsa and Ul’dah. 
    • Known for starting bar fights wherever she goes– seriously, all the time! 
    • Rumored to be wanted for murder.
    • And much, much more to come!
  • Relationship Status: It’s Complicated (but not that complicated)
  • Sweet on: Lancelaux Fiermont 


  • Favorite food: Fresh Meat, Raw Meat
  • Favorite drink: Alcohol
  • Favorite artist: N/A
  • Favorite scent: Blood
  • Favorite person(s): 
    • Lancelaux Fiermont (Boss/Lover)
    • Koh’si Jakkya (Best Friend)
    • Beexu Spiritbreaker (Adopted Sister)
    • Braxis Wynterwulf (Adopted Father)
    • Jayley Salyt (Best Friend)
    • Iyrmirth (Mentor/Adopted Dragon Broodmother)


10 fun facts about your muse:

You will rarely find Io sober. She can always be found chugging down an entire bottle far too fast for normal consumption or sipping on a beloved flask she keeps replenished and stored away in her pockets. She just wants to get wasted!

Anyone that runs into Io has a high chance of the encounter ending in a fist fight! Expect the feisty miqo’te to throw a punch or two at least!

Io is covered in scars. From the three distinct scars on her face to the rest of the lot that riddles her from neck down. If one looks close enough or gets a chance to see them all, they may find a mix of marks. Some from claw and teeth of beasts but even more left by wielded steel. 

She is legally an Ishgardian noble! Adopted under Braxis Wynterwulf of House Wulf– leader of a minor Ishgardian noble household, her legal name is actually Io Saarwulf, noble daughter to Lord Wynterwulf, The Wolf of Coerthas. Although Saarwulf is rather hard to introduce as a mute so most just know her as… Io.

Io has pets! Two frogs that roam freely inside the Black Chocobo Gang’s hideout. They are hallucinogenic when licked on the back and on occasion, the gang has found Io treating herself to a lick here and there. 

She can talk– she just doesn’t like to! Although a mute, Io’s choice to be silent is selective. By choice, Io refuses to talk in public and took on the role of a ‘mute’ when people kept mistaking her for one. Depending on the circumstances and the people she is with, Io has come to surprise some rare individuals with a voice! Even if it isn’t what they expect.

Io primarily talks in dragonspeak! Not what many expect but aren’t surprised to hear from the snarling mouth of the feral dragoon. Having lived amongst dragons and learned from their ways, Io was granted insight and knowledge to much of their history and culture through the Eye of Iyrmirth– including the language. To many, it may just sound like growled gibberish but to a lucky few, it is an easy and comfortable way to get the Keeper talking. 

Since the Calamity of the Seventh Umbral Era, Io has been unable to remember a great deal of her past. Much had happened to Io before she ever came to Ul’dah as a teenager. Unfortunately, she would not be able to tell you any of it because she cannot remember any of it! Bits and pieces of memories have slipped there way back into her mind from time to time but the mystery of her previous life still remains just an itch in the back of her head. 

⚫ She compulsively hoards items she has either stolen or been gifted. When Io sees something she wants or is given something to keep, it is forever hers. She will treasure a great deal of nothing in hopes of filling a missing part of her she has yet to understand and she will fighting tooth and claw against anyone who dares try and take a part of her hoard away from her. 

Io recognizes people by their scent! Faces, voices, and names are often lost in a sea of people but a scent will always remain the same. This is how Io identifies with someone and remembers them as either: friend or foe. 

Five Things 

5 Things they like:

  1. Fighting
  2. Drinking
  3. Stealing
  4. Causing chaos and general mischief 
  5. Dragons

5 Things they dislike:

  1. Weakness
  2. Injustice 
  3. Ishgardians 
  4. Talking
  5. Reading/Writing

5 Good habits:

  1. Protective
  2. Determined
  3. Spontaneous
  4. Athletic
  5. Thick-skinned

5 Bad Habits:

  1. Alcoholic
  2. Self-desecrating
  3. Overly Aggressive
  4. Hoarding
  5. Judgmental

5 Personalities they gravitate toward (but may not always get along with):

  1. Lone Wolves
  2. Quiet Types
  3. Cocky Attitudes
  4. Entertaining Types
  5. Morally Grey

5 Personality types they avoid (but may still interact with):

  1. Goody Two-shoes
  2. Cry Babies
  3. Talkative Types
  4. Noble Types
  5. True Evil

5 Fears/Insecurities:

  • Being tied down or trapped. 
  • Loving anyone too much for the fear and pain of losing them.
  • Being abandoned or left behind.
  • Lancelaux’s curse.
  • Her biological father finding her.

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