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Feline Rhys
  • Feyre: *walks into bedroom to find Rhys leaning against the bed frame awaiting her* um...hello...
  • Rhys: *walks to Feyre, circling her like a prowling cat*
  • Feyre: stop that
  • Rhys: *purrs, then cocks head to side, licking his lips* isn't this what you want?
  • Feyre: what are you talking about?
  • Rhys: *sighs* you're always comparing me to cats in your mind...feline smiles, purring...
  • Feyre: *begins laughing* oh you are the cutest.
  • Rhys: *confused*
  • Feyre: *still laughing as she flops onto bed* what next? Should I buy you some yarn to play with?
  • Rhys: *smiles, slowly approaching Feyre on the bed* if that's what my lady wants...
  • Feyre: Okay then Casanova. *Kisses him, pulling him into bed*

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I thought about this a lot and came to the conclusion that for me there were no games. Sam and Cait denied being a couple, never reveal a relationship with each other. We didn't believe them and that was our choice. We convinced each other to not believe and started an alternative narrative and read into things even more although Sam warned us not to. The majority of the fandom didn't see what we think we saw. They are perfectly fine now and don't feel deceived. So, for the most part it's on us.

Yes, I’m afraid that might be the truth. My personal jury is still out on that. There are a lot of weird things that don’t make sense. 

But we were not deceived. They denied being together and they told us not to read into things. And yet we did and we didn’t believe them. That’ sadly mostly our own fault.

So I guess we should just accept the reality and live in the fantasy? That’s my approach. I don’t know if it works though. 

I want to leave all other people out of my own fanfiction. There’s only Sam and Cait and they’re worth shipping. And if there will be glimpses into the real world, it is on me to avoid glimpsing or to take the blow on the chin without batting an eye. 

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Hi- I don't know what keywords to use to search your blog for my question. Is there a guideline for how much a therapist should talk in an established relationship? I'm thinking less is better. But, I wanted to ask you. My therapist has taken to dominating our sessions with tirades about how diagnostic labels are not important. She's done this two weeks in a row. I think she's doing this because she can't justify why she diagnosed me with BPD. Thanks.

hi anon, I don’t think I’ve answered this question before! 

So, there is not an established guideline about how much a therapist should speak relative to a client. That’s partly because different therapy approaches, but also different points in therapy tend to require different levels of therapist speaking or leading. There are definitely camps (like motivational interviewing) that promote as little therapist leading as possible. In CBT, it’s mixed because although the baseline should be that the client is leading/speaking more, there are sessions that are psychoeducation-focused, which requires a greater therapist role. 

Either way, it sounds to me like you’re unhappy with how the last couple of sessions has been going with your therapist, and feeling like her approach is not helpful. If I’m right about that, I think it makes sense to talk to your therapist and make adjustments so that therapy works best for you. Take care! 

it’s almoyst like sex positivity should be more about prioritizing a healthier approach to how we have sex/view it as inherent to our identities… instead of an uncritical celebration of sexual behavior as a concept 


With a stroke of Trump’s pen, the fight for Standing Rock started all over again

From afar, the future of the Standing Rock struggle looks bleak.

President Donald Trump is pushing the Dakota Access pipeline project through. And some tribal leaders, who are asking protesters to leave Standing Rock, are turning their attention to demanding further environmental reviews.

But the fight on the ground isn’t over. The water protecters are there, and leaders in the Lakota Sioux community are still asking people to come help with obstructing construction and join the peaceful struggle against the pipeline.

“People can come — we’re going to need it,” Chase Ironeyes, a leading Lakota activist and member of the Lakota People’s Law Project, said in a phone interview Friday. “They fully plan to drill, and we’ll need bodies.”

The mixed messaging about whether people should arrive in droves to Standing Rock comes from the conflicting approach of the Standing Rock organizers and the local tribal government. David Archambault II, the tribal chairman of the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, has repeatedly called for evacuation of protest sites.

Yet according to Ironeyes, many indigenous groups with potential claims to the Standing Rock treaty lands and the water protecters on site intend to stick it out with civil disobedience and peaceful protest. Read more

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Assata Shakur once said: if ever there was a decision between armed struggle and social programs (like free grocery programs, free health and education programs, free communal/local crime prevention programs etc), a revolutionary movement should always choose the social program approach.

Social programs represent an experimental view of the world we all strive for whereas an armed insurrection in the immediate present wouldn’t.

This isn’t to say that violence is completely barred – especially in terms of action and self defense against fascists, criminals, injustice, oppression, etc – in the mean time; only that a revolutionary movement shouldn’t put all of its efforts being armed to the teeth, ready to mobilize, and start destroying the state and capitalism at the drop of a hat when they can spend their time investing in social projects for the people’s immediate benefit while spreading ideals, goals, and principles for now and the future.

Armed struggle is an inescapable consequence for any revolutionary movement, however the result would be always be failure if the people don’t know what they’re fighting for and if they solely rely on the well-read militants for deciding what’s right and wrong.

A small movement that can’t defend itself but can understand itself is a seed that can grow; but a movement that can defend itself with no self understanding is a hollow shell.

I had the pleasure of sitting across the aisle from Carrie (and Gary) on the premiere flight of The Force Awakens. During the flight the Republican debates were on TV and she gave me some encouraging words as to how I should approach building my career. She was genuinely supportive of us youngsters and, really, anyone she met. My thoughts are with her family. #carriefisher #rip”  - via Joonas Suotamo (body double for Chewbacca in The Force Awakens)

The First Day of NaNoWriMo

We’re just a few hours away from NaNoWriMo, so I wanted to share some encouragement before you get started.

First of all, stay calm. It’s the first day, so try to be enthusiastic about it! This should be fun!

Here’s what to expect/how to approach your first day of NaNoWriMo:

Don’t Put Too Much Pressure on Yourself

You might want to hit all your word counts right away, but give yourself time to figure it all out. Getting the first chapter down is difficult and it might take time to find your groove. I usually struggle with the first words, so don’t be too hard on yourself.

Write What You Can

November 1st is a Tuesday, so a lot of us have stuff to do. We might be busy with class or work, so it’s important to figure out what time works for you. If you can’t write a lot November 1st, that’s fine. If you’re loaded up with homework, that’s fine too. NaNoWriMo is all about time management, so if most of your writing time will get done on the weekends don’t stress about days with low word counts.

Adjust Your Target Goals

The 1st week will help you figure out if your goals are unrealistic. If you tried your best, but didn’t even hit half of your target word count, readjust your goals! Figure out something that makes more sense for your schedule/your writing pace. If you work better at night, try to make room before bed. This is the best time to figure out your most productive writing style!

Reward Yourself

Take care of yourself and treat yourself well during NaNoWriMo! Reward yourself. Get a good meal, watch one of your favorite movies, etc. Treating yourself well will only improve your writing and make this month fun! Punishing yourself or cutting yourself off from the outside world until you hit impossible goals will only make your miserable.

-Kris Noel

How can elected officials rage about deficits when we propose to spend money on preschool for kids, but not when we’re cutting taxes for corporations?  How do we excuse ethical lapses in our own party, but pounce when the other party does the same thing?  It’s not just dishonest, this selective sorting of the facts: it’s self-defeating.  Because, as my mom used to tell me, reality has a way of catching up with you.

Take the challenge of climate change… We can and should argue about the best approach and solve the problem.  But to simply deny the problem not only betrays future generations – it betrays the spirit of this country.


Since the election, top Democrats have been almost absent on the national stage. Rather, they have been involved largely in internecine warfare about how much to work with Mr. Trump. The Hillary Clinton campaign, trying to encourage a peaceful transition, has gone almost completely dark, with her most notable appearances coming in selfies with strangers. Nobody deserves downtime more than Mrs. Clinton, but while she is decompressing, the country is moving toward its biggest electoral mistake in history.

We have recently learned that President-elect Trump has ethical and business conflicts that seem to violate the Constitution; is skipping his national security briefings while dangerously departing from longstanding bipartisan foreign policy; has criticized union workers and protesters on his Twitter feed; and plans to staff much of his cabinet and high-level leadership with billionaires dedicated to eradicating the very programs they are tasked with overseeing. In the meantime, the most recent reports from the C.I.A. are that Russia interfered with the election.


As Monday’s Electoral College vote approaches, Democrats should be fighting tooth and nail. Instead, we are once again left with incontrovertible proof that win or lose, Republicans behave as if they won while Democrats behave as if they lost. What this portends for the next four years is truly terrifying.

When the inevitable emails start flooding in, telling us how important it is to give money to Democrats to fight against the Trump administration and its allies in Congress, remember this: when we needed them the most, when the future of our country was on the line, they did nothing

Pundits keep asking how we’re going to defeat Trump and Trumpism in 2018. I don’t know what the answer is, but an important first step is to recognize that Republican politicians have no respect for the law, no respect for established governing norms, no respect for the will of the voters, and will stop at nothing to push their agenda forward. Democrats must realize this, internalize it, and fight back just as hard.

So I’m going to talk a little bit in depth about this scene; 

Be warned: This did get kind-of-long and is purely speculation!

TLDR; They solve misunderstandings in a mature manner, patch things up, learn each others flaws and how to overcome these and live happily ever after.

Victor’s wide-eyed and naive facial expression here is similar to the one we saw in Episode 7. Victor is aware that he has done something to trouble his Katsudon but cannot clearly understand what it is due to having a lack of social understanding - his biggest flaw. (Which is partly due to his lifetime fixation with skating and lack of regard for anything else. He doesn’t know how to handle emotion as he has always been very emotionally compromised. himself.) Yuuri looks downcast as he scrolls aimlessly down social media and doesn’t look Victor in the eye or pay him attention further hinting that something is terribly wrong. So here I think Victor’s internal thoughts are ‘how should I approach this situation?’. (After all, the other skaters are being social and hanging out with each other, so why aren’t they?)

After grabbing a towel and drying his hair off, Victor cautiously approaches Yuuri. He says「話して・・・何」which is sort of vague and puts a more apprehensive questioning tone on 話し (to talk), adding more importance and weight to Yuuri’s words. I interpret that Victor’s hesitation to draw his words out is due to him being frightened of what Yuuri is about to tell him. Even if his warm and sincere facial expression suggests otherwise, he doesn’t want to show Yuuri a troubled face because that would cause him to bottle up his emotions even further. Victor knows it best to approach Yuuri with patience and gentleness after he learned hard way from the events of Episode 7.

The wavering and uncertainty in his voice alone is enough to show that he is a nervous wreck. After all, the Victor we know never shows this kind of vulnerability and only Yuuri stirs emotion in him in such way.

Yuuri leads Victor on with a warm smile because he wants to be seen as strong and that his intentions of letting Victor go are absolute ie. his words are firm. (Even though we know this is a lie as his fists curl up in tension.) Now here are where Yuuri’s main issues lie. His struggles of ongoing anxiety (and perhaps depression too) make him push people away because he feels that they are better without him to drag them down. Yuuri genuinely thinks that it is better for Victor to go back to skating after he is done with the GPF and this causes him to act irrationally. He doesn’t see the sincerity of Victors love. What he is really saying here isn’t “I’m fine without you, so please go on without me from now on.”, but rather “I’m not fine without you but having you here is surely only a nuisance so please leave me alone.” 

Until Yuuri can learn to accept his flaws or recognise these as things that need support and therapy he will continue to walk down a path of self-hatred. Paired with Victor’s unintentional aloofness, this creates many misunderstandings in their relationship. Sure, he may more confident in his skating thanks to Victor but he still has a long way to go before he feel confident in himself

In this preview image, Victor looks broken. He looks completely exposed and lost, like his world has shattered by just a few spoken words - not like the flashy and flamboyant Victor that always gets his way. 

This isn’t just the face of a man he feels like he’s lost the love of his life. No, this is more than this. This is the image of a man who realises, ‘Yakov was right, I am too selfish to be a coach’, and that his feelings were never enough to reach Yuuri despite his best attempts. And also that he could never give Yuuri the real support that he needed and that his beloved has been suffering for 8 months all by himself whilst he had been completely clueless and goofing around. 

Yuuri obviously hasn’t told him the true meaning of behind his words “let’s end this” which I suspect is about his retirement plans so Victor is assuming that their relationship is over. (But again, perhaps Yuuri wants this to be, so that Victor will hate him for playing with his heart and leave him alone to wallow in solidarity) 

These two have never looked more distant.

But as the two are adults and the show has them often sitting down to talk about their troubles in a mature fashion, I expect that Victor will be the one to open up Yuuri and the two will repair their misunderstandings and have a frank discussion with each other. What Yuuri needs is someone to explicitly say the words “I love you” or else he will always think otherwise and even if Victors actions do speak love louder than words it will never fully reach Yuuri until he can say those words. They’re both as obtuse as each other.

Maybe Yuuri’s FS will allow them both to re-evaluate their feelings and realise how much they care and how much they can’t afford to lose one the other.

To conclude, I think in Episode 12 we can expect a Kiss & Cry scene of Victor welled up with emotion and tears hugging Yuuri no matter how he does in the sequence and full-on confessing his love and Yuuri taken aback and in shock reciprocates these feelings and that the two will later discuss Yuuri’s plans on retiring together in detail - Victor supporting Yuuri no matter what his decision may lead to.  

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Do you have any advice for using rhythm to craft pleasant prose?

There’s just one, really.

Read poetry.

You can, and should, read lyrical and poetic prose as well, but this approach by itself is like looking at the rain and thinking that’s all there is to water. In reality, there are oceans, rivers, lakes, and clouds. Water takes many different shapes, flows in many different ways.

Understanding words requires the study of words.

Poetry, good poetry, is all about studying words. Words individually. Words separately. The function and impact of a single sentence. The impact of a word. The impact of punctuation. Where the emphasis is in the sentence, and you craft it so you draw more attention to your intended point.

Read poetry. Read all the poetry.

The more you read, the more you absorb, the better you’ll get as you learn to replicate the form and structure for yourself. You can apply all the theory learned and perfected in poetry to your prose. All those lessons about the impact of a poem’s visual shape and the usage of white space are still applicable.

A poem can teach you why you must be careful to never make several paragraphs in a row the same visual size and shape unless you intend to lull your audience into a sense of security/boredom/complacency.

As a writer, you should be studying all different kinds of writing even if it’s not what you want to do. From journalism, to creative non-fiction, non-fiction, various fictional genres down to poetry, there’s plenty to be learned from all different disciplines. The more you read, the more you absorb, then the better the writer you’ll be.

Second, you need to practice. Rhythm is one of the more advanced aspects of writing and, if you don’t have a natural knack for it, one of the most difficult to track. Practice is necessary. Even if you have a natural “ear” for rhythm in your prose, it will suck in the beginning. That’s okay. Let it. Rhythm is crafted as much, if not more so, in the editing phase as it is written on the first draft. Well-crafted rhythm is crafted. It may (and probably will) take multiple drafts and careful attention across the entirety of the piece in order to get the flow right. Be patient. Be kind to yourself.

When looking at writers whose styles you want to imitate, avoid the surface level. Look at the structure of the sentences. The word choice. More, challenge yourself to figure out the why. What purpose does the rhythm and structure serve. Assume the impact you received from the piece was intentional.

Writing is often like looking at a puzzle. You have many pieces that fit together to create an often beautiful whole. The neophyte writer, with no skill in analysis, simply seeks to steal pieces and slap them into a different setting. They assume all writing is modular, that if it had one impact over here then it will have the same elsewhere. They see the end, but not the beginning. The big picture, but not the details. They take and use a trope, a twist, a rhythm, or a technique without trying to understand the connective tissue which informs why it worked within the story and had the impact it did. Some of it is intentional, some of it is accidental, but stepping beyond the what to learn why and how is key to moving past imitation.

We cannot force our audience to experience anything, but we can invite them down the garden path.

When looking for rhythm, begin at the beginning. Start small. Look at poems before moving on to prose. When you grasp the concept behind four lines, you step forward into studying two hundred pages.


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My million dollar idea is that J.K.Rowling should set up a ‘Ollivanders’ wand shop with the build-a-bear approach in which you go and get to see all the wand cores and woods with what each of them mean and how to match them to your personality, etc and they help you build you a costume made wand right there.

Maybe they even have a service in which you can get an employee make you try a bunch of wands while asking questions and helping you find your match or something.

Basically what I’m saying is we need a proper wand shop.

like any good student, I want to see Rome burn.
I want to see dynasties fall
and for hot ashes to swallow up my feet while towers wilt around me.
I want whiplash claws to rake my spine
and Jocasta’s pins in my eyes;
too big for my skin,
with all of history’s charred pages stuffed down my throat.
I want to scream and see the flood come thundering,
to turn to stone so that legacies might be carved into my flesh.
there should be runes on my ribs
and bruises up my neck,
because you shouldn’t kiss too many emperors, not like that.
the earth should be heaving up around me with an army’s fevered approach,
I should be ripping cobblestones out from under a monarchy
and taking my place in the palace.
like any good student, I want to drink poison and taste the ages,
and I want more than this.
—  more than this, by a student who wants to tear up his textbooks. (x)