should learn from that

ghostlawyers  asked:

why does mod oso torment mod ichi

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Basically because Mod Ichi doesn’t ignore the ex-Boss.

She should probably learn from me, tbh. ♥♥♥

I’m sorry but I couldn’t just ignore the 34 asks he sent us yesterday // shakes head ~mod ichi

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Deleting and making him suffer on Discord is magic, my friend~ .


(Tweet from @nycsouthpaw) Kris Kobach should learn to use folders and cover sheets.

[image] Department of Homeland Security Kobach Strategic Plan for first 365 Days.


Can someone caption this when you get a chance? I’m on mobile.


Noah Czerny invented the idea of staying in your own lane. He knew about Ronan’s ultra-gay crush for Adam, he knew about Blue and Gansey sneaking around, he never slept he HAD to have some idea of Ronan’s dream ability but he wasn’t no #snitch he watched those lines and kept everyone’s secrets like honestly Noah is a gift and an example to everyone. We should all learn from Noah Czerny

  • Mahiru: Hey Kuro can we talk?
  • Kuro: ...can you come back later at 2:65?
  • Mahiru: Wait but that's not an actual—
  • Kuro: ..January thirty second also works for me..
  • Mahiru:
  • Kuro: ..or maybe we can wait until marchtember oneteeith that works too

full bastion movie when

Alright, slores. Get out there and VOTE today!

Learn from history that fear and hate should not be branches of our government. And for the love of all that is good and holy, learn from Brexit.

If you are undecided, please vote for the safety, rights and well-being of anyone who is not a straight, white, wealthy, Christian male.

Do your part to make sure that the Presidency of the United States is just another failed business endeavor for Donald Trump. Lives and the very basis of democracy depend on it.