should just win everything all the time

Which star wars villain should you fight?

maybe you express love by yelling “fight me!” with tears streaming down your face. maybe you need to work out your repressed trauma, or maybe you just want some exercise. Whichever it is, here’s everything you need to know to decide which pillar of galactic evil to bloody your knuckles on!

Darth Vader

Do it. Fight Darth Vader. You’ll never win, and that’s the goal. from the cradle to the coffin, every one of us knows who he is and what he’s capable of, and yearns to erotically asphyxiated by the one true goth of all time. Fight him, and gasp your final breath to the thrilling thunder of the imperial march

end fight probability: 300% you die highly aroused and emotionally fulfilled


Not a good idea at all. If you must scratch the vengeance itch, dew it, but he’s slippery for such a crusty dude and dreadfully powerful. Watch out for those sharp, germy fingers.

end fight probability: 80% he fries you to a crisp, 20% you win but later die of infected wounds

Darth Maul

Don’t even fucking try. This bugger can survive literally anything. Give up.

end fight probability: 200% even if you shoot him into the fucking sun, he survives it

General Grievous

Why would you fight my old boy Grievous? he’s just trying to do his job and he’s so tired. Look at the bags under his eyes. And he has asthma. if you decide to be a heartless beast and fight him anyway, you will lose, because he has four arms and he’s 7 feet tall. Just buy him a drink and leave him alone.

end fight probability: 100% he cuts you into sashimi, but you deserve it for picking a fight with Johnny-four-lightsabers

Count Dooku

I can’t imagine feeling anything about him strongly enough to warrant a fight, but if that’s your thing, go ahead I guess. Put out his creepy eyes first.

end fight probability: 60% you win because he’s old, but sustain injuries

Kylo Ren

Please, fight him. Beat his ass. if you can dodge the saber and hold off laughing long enough to get a grip on his hair, he’ll trip over his own garments trying to shake you off and fall on his own blades. finish it up by crushing his windpipe so we never have to suffer his insufferable voice ever again. Good luck and godspeed.

end fight probability: 82% you rip his face off (100% I need counseling)


Don’t fight this crusty boy until we know more about his stats. but if you decide to anyway, he has serious claws – you better protect your neck against a Gollum-style strangling. he’s survived this far, he can probably survive a lot more. if you can take him seriously long enough to attack.

end fight probability: 75% he bludgeons you with a frozen rat (his supper) while screaming “for the last goddamn time I am NOT darth plageius”


Definitely fight him, take out all your inner rage on the poster boy for creepy old white men who ruin everything. The main thing is to watch out for those cheekbones, which can probably split wood and definitely slice your hand off. Don’t be distracted by his foul stench either. The good news is that he’s old and frail and the only exercise he’s ever had is furiously jacking it to imperialist propaganda.

end fight probability: 90% you kill him, 64% the spores released by his disintegrating corpse give you a debilitating lung disease


Fight him, but be careful about it, he’s famously prone to violent confrontation and not afraid to start swinging. Target his major weakness: the aesthetic. if you can stand on his cape you can probably immobilize him.

end fight probability: 80% you win with minor injuries


this guy is literally everything wrong with the world today –  fascism, gingers, men who won’t shut up. Fight him and kill him for all of us. It’ll be easy, he looks to be made of damp bread & library paste. Go for it. Wring his neck

end fight probability: 99% you break every bone in his pathetic body


This is a tricky one. if you’re a wookiee, go ahead, you may able to win. If you’re human, you will be slammed to the ground before you knew what hit you, with a blaster barrel in your mouth. But if you’re a lesbian that was probably the goal all along.

end fight probability: 110% she breaks every bone in your pathetic body


Deep down, we all want to either fight him or fuck him, so do it. Fight him. Grab him by that gigantic forehead and smash him through a wall, which was part of his master plan all along, of course. He’ll bust out those thick blue biceps and either the brawl will continue or you’ll end up making passionate love on the floor.

end fight probability: whatever happened, it was artistically done

problems with men:

too emotional - converts every emotion to rage and apathy

can’t handle rejection

resorts to violence and psychological abuse even in the most normal situations

considers his ego more important than human lives

unable to see from any other perspective than his own

considers himself an authority on every issue he stumbles on

considers himself authority on issues of groups he doesn’t belong to and knows nothing about their experiences

incapable of empathy

incapable of listening

demands insane amounts of emotional labor and catering

gives nothing in return/is not capable of returning any of it

is a general pain in the ass

gives himself the righ to act as an iresponsible child for entire existence , expects others to respect and regard him as an adult, demands rights of adult

abuses all and any power he has, uses all resources he can hold down as a threat and blackmail, plays power games, uses any chance to humiliate and put down anyone he can to assure himself of his power

is somehow blind to every bit of damage he creates

will throw a tantrum/resort to violence/blame victims/accuse and attack victims when being called out on anything, ever

will fight for his right to keep damaging and destroying other people’s lives

doesn’t see women as people

no guilt, shame or self conscience about his beliefs, actions or consequential damage to others

projects his behaviour on victims and finds ways to make victims responsible for his actions

“women are responsible for men not seeing them as human due to clothes and makeup they wear” = “women better do something abt my conviction they’re in fact objects i can violate or i will proceed to violate them and its their fault (not that anything they do would actually stop me from violating them)”

bad for women

high rates of rape, domestic abuse, manipulation, murder, violence, emotional and psychological abuse

bad for environment

bad for economy

bad for humanity in general

starts wars and kills people women created

makes himself look like the victim somehow all over again

thinks destroying everything and causing huge amounts of damage makes him god when it makes him an actual pest

isn’t reachable by empathy, compassion, logic, statistics, facts, experiences, humanity, suffering or issues of others in general

considers himself an epitome of logic and humanity based on assumption that everyone should suffer so he could have it better and how dare anyone point it out, that’s so irrational

other’s sufferings are just a game to him, also a game he thinks he should win, he will fabricate issues to no end just to win against victims and marginalized groups

doesn’t feel any guilt for manipulating and brainwashing others for his causes

no morals whatsoever

considers abuse justified unless of course it’s perpetuated against him, then it’s a tragedy and how could someone do such a thing they have no heart

doesn’t see irony when at the same time accuses victims for being oppressors and keeps them controlled via fear and threats

thinks everyone should forgive him for everything at all times without even pointing it out

irrationally paranoid about losing his dominance and controls and having anyone as much as point out the damage he makes, for it could lead to someone else taking control and then he’ll be at mercy of others, oh no, but we should all be lucky because being in his mercy was so great for the rest of us

is literally aware he had given us plenty of reasons for brutal and merciless retaliation and is thus scared out of his mind for us to take over and gain power to practice some justice

knows he’d have no value or importance without stepping on others and oppressing them, has to keep it going for the sake of keeping his ego inflated

also wants to be coddled and adored and perceived as a hero or protector at all time so he would feel good about everything he does, no matter the psychological damage to the person to pretend adoration and approval to their abuser

doesn’t care abt keeping someone in constant fear if that gives him what he wants, actually in some cases he finds it a bonus if he can keep someone permanently terrified, it means he’s important and powerful (yikes)

also lies, oh my god, no end to the lies, endless hypocrisy

likes pissing others off for fun but if someone pisses him off it’s an excuse to rape, beat up, abuse, murder, and violate that person in any possible way and they even “asked for it”

(add on to the list!)

honestly they’re such violent apathic control freaks and a narcissistic mess its time to get away from all of them, let them take their issues out on each other who cares we want liberation and to live free of all of this

BigHit: Okay the coast is clear! No super groups are having a comeback at the moment so we should let BTS drop their new song and win all the awards and sweep the charts!!

StarShip: I think we finally have the timing right! If we drop Monsta X’s new comeback rn we’ll get out first number one annnd finally prove ourselves in the industry!!

JYP: THIS IS THE PERFECT TIME!! Let’s have 2pm and Got7 comeback and just SLAUGHTER everyone and win EVERYTHING! *laughs* And I mean we totes can do it cause who’s big enough to stop us anyway??

SM: *smiles knowingly*

SM:*slithers out of the shadows*

SM: *whispers* SHINee’s Back




JYP: Damn

"The moment I get back to you."

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Daryl and you meet again when Negan and his group appear in Alexandria. There, your husband and you sneak away to have some time alone.

Request by prince-of-edolas: Daryl x Reader are married and remember how Daryl was with Negan in the “Service” episode? The reader and Daryl sneak away from Negan and they reunite, having a make out session but it soon turns out to be rough sex. After that, Negan finds out and tells Rick off because of that.

There is sex but without the rough part because I’m bad at it xd. Anyways, hope you like it.

  • Daryl Dixon x Reader
  • Words: 2.048
  • Warning: Smut. 

You saw Negan talking to Rick through the open gate, and smiling like a winner he handed Lucille over to Rick to finally enter Alexandria. His hostile group entered behind him like if they belonged to the place as he made jokes about how well you all lived. But it was then when you saw Daryl. And you felt a painful squeeze in your stomach when you saw him. He had been beaten, with a black eye, wearing clothes that weren’t his, but most of all; the saddest thing was that he couldn’t make eye contact with you, as if he felt less, as if he was nothing.

“Well, well… What do we have here? Look at her, Daryl!” Negan smiled looking at you and then he looked back at him. “Your beautiful wife wants you to greet her. What kind of husband are ya? Won’t you give your wife a welcome kiss?” Negan waited for him, knowing perfectly that Daryl wasn’t going to responded. So he just chuckled and looked at his group. “You all need to get a woman like this, boys.”

His people smiled at you as he turned his attention to the place, watching the nice view in front of him.

“Daryl, hi–” Rick tried to talk to him but Negan cut him off.

“No.” He walked next to Daryl. “Nope. He’s a helper. You don’t look at him, you don’t talk to him and I don’t make you chop anything off of him.”

He made his people to move, to walk inside the place as if it were theirs, and his group split up following his order.

“They’re going to search the houses a bit. To keep the process moving.” Negan turned to Rick, with all the weight of his superiority falling on Rick like a shadow. “All right. You’re gonna show me around or not… Well?”

Rick wanted to fight him, show him he wasn’t weak, but that wasn’t the time to start a battle that Alexandria wasn’t going to win. Rick moved around him to pass him by, following his order too just because he had to.

“It is show time, ma lady.” Negan smiled at you and he held out his hand for you to follow the path that Rick took. “Should we go now?”

He wanted you to be close to Daryl, just to make fun of you two. But that wasn’t the time to play hard to get so you walked.

You all walked listening to Negan talk about how everything was going well as he saw his men taking the furniture out of the houses. Daryl was behind you, so close yet so far from a simple touch. You just had to turn around and there he would be, and he would be already looking at you as he was doing right now. He saw the way your tied hair moved, your exposed neck, your empty hand that he desperately wanted to hold. He wanted to feel your lips again, your hands in his hair, your eyes on his.

He just wanted to feel your love one more time.

“We really are reasonable people once you get to know us. Honest…” Negan bent to take a soda from the cooler on the grass. “Oh, man…”

He opened it and took a long sip before handed it to you.

“Could you hold this for me, love?”

You couldn’t hate him more as you took the can, but then you saw how his men walked out from the house Daryl and you shared. The worse part was to look how one of them took a box full of books. But suddenly, one of them fell and he just kicked it like garbage.

“Hey!” You said to him and he stopped in the middle of the stairs. “Why are you taking the books too?”

But he just laughed at you and kept walking towards his truck. It was stupid to fight for them at a time like that, but they were gifts from Daryl every time he could find one during the search for supplements. You felt the tickle in your hand that held the can, and then you threw it on his head. Unfortunately, your aim hit the mark and hit his head by pouring orange soda over him. However, before he approached you dangerously, you heard Daryl’s voice for the first time in the day.

“Hey!” He screamed making him stopped. “Don’t ya dare to get close to her!”

The man was breathing restlessly, but was surprised when Negan laughed watching you.

“You really have guts, love. Look what you did to my poor man. But look what you did to Daryl. He spoke… finally!” Negan looked at his man and his smiled turned into a calm expression. “Leave her books.”

Obeying his orders, the man dropped the box and walked away. You were surprised because Negan was on your side, kind of. Father Gabriel approached and when Negan’s attention fell on him, Daryl finally looked at you more than a second. He stared at you for a few seconds, before moving his head slightly to one side to tell you without words to get away from there. He was trying to sneak away, but you shook your head saying no. It was too dangerous. But he insisted, though, thinking that it was worth getting caught if that meant being with you one last time.

You risked yourself, but you nodded gently because you needed to be close to him.

´Cellblock´ you said silently, hoping he understood.

In the moment you walked through the dark hall next to the first cell, a strong arm held you to pull you inside, and he pulled you into his embrace against the wall. Daryl held you as tight as you did. Your arms hugged his back as he hid his face in your neck. While you were there, you were too relieved to cry. He was with you, hurt, but he was there. You pulled away a little to look at his face and you used your hands to push his hair away from his eyes. He looked at you back with a sad expression moving his hands down to hug your waist and rested his forehead against yours to feel your touch.

“Daryl, look at me…” You said softly, realizing he wasn’t really looking at you.

“I can’t.” He whispered and he hid his face in your neck again. You held him against you as you kissed him behind his ear, his neck, and his shoulder. “No. Here…”

He put his hand on your neck to guide your lips to his. It was soft at the beginning, but he needed more and he licked your lip for you to let him in. You opened your lips for him and he sunk his tongue into your mouth, pushing it against yours. You held his cheeks as your tongues played with each other. He pushed you against the wall just to press his body against you, making you feel he wanted more. He kissed you even harder, his hands touching your skin under your shirt in a needy way, and you gasped in his mouth as you pulled away.


“No…” He cut you off, taking the opportunity to kiss your neck, sliding his hot tongue all over it. “Don’t waste time, darlin’. I need ya.”

His hands went right to your jeans and he unbuttoned it, pushing them down just a little bit to take your womanhood in his hand under your underwear. He rubbed you hard as you held yourself on his shoulders, moaning in his mouth when he rested his forehead against yours.

“That feels good. Isn’t it?” He asked and you nodded as his fingers played with you. “Let me feel ya, sunshine. I really need ya right now.” He choked with his own words, looking at you with eyes full of lust. “Please…”

His fingers didn’t let you think much and you gave up because of the feeling he created in between your legs, and you pushed his hand out of you to pull his pants down. His hard length bounced, and for your surprise, he licked his fingers one by one before kissing you hard, giving you the opportunity to taste yourself in his hot mouth. Daryl pulled your jeans and underwear down and he knelt in front of you to remove them front you, kissing your bare legs in the way. He stood up again and lifted you up by your tights, entering you with one push to thrust into you. He pressed himself into you hard, deep and fast. His length filled you completely, finding a special place inside you, causing you to cry his name.

He growled in your mouth.

“Don’t stop.” You begged next to his ear as your arms hugged his neck and shoulders. “Please, don’t stop.”

“I won’t, darling…” He growled, feeling your juices lubing his length more and more with every thrust. “I won’t. I promise.”  

The sensations were making him mad as he felt close to his climax, and he held your butt to press himself into you harder, deeper and faster feeling your inner walls clenching against him. You lost control when you felt close, and you buried your face against his neck to cry out when you finally came, feeling him release inside of you with one long push. Daryl stooped moving slowly as you two enjoyed the hot feeling leaving your bodies.

You tried to get off him but he didn’t move.

“Stay with me.” He hugged you tight. “I’ve missed ya so much.”

You stroked his hair for a while, just to give him some comfort before you two had to be apart again. Minutes later he put you on the ground and you both got dressed up again. As you buttoned your jeans, he knelt to tie your boots. He used to do that for you, but today it felt wrong. He was too strong to kneel in front of Negan, and that’s why Negan took him.

“Hey… come here.” You made him get up and you held his face softly. “Everything is going to be okay. We’ll find a way to get you back…“ You felt a knot in your throat. “Okay? Just be strong, please. The only thing they can not take away from you is your humanity. You just have to be strong.”

He nodded.

“Thinkin’ of ya is all I need to be strong. I just want to get back to ya.”

You kissed him softly, because it was time to go back.

Negan’s people gathered at the entrance when everything was done. All weapons were complete when Michonne appeared, as she stopped close to you with the deer on her shoulders near the entrance. She didn’t look happy, but she kept quiet as she looked at you and Daryl.

“Now that you know we can follow your rules…” Rick said, his eyes fixed on the ground.

“Yes?” Negan asked.

“I’d like to ask you if Daryl can stay.”

“You know what? I don’t know.” Negan shrugged and he looked at Daryl. “Maybe Daryl can persuade me.” They waited for the answer that would never come. “No? But maybe his wife can.”

Negan walked towards you, he held your wrist and he made you walk to be in front of Daryl. This time Daryl did looked at you. But you both knew that you weren’t going to beg him to stay, because you weren’t going to make him say the words he would never say. Negan stared at him, noticing the red mark on your neck that you tried to hide with your hair. He chuckled, but didn’t make a big fuss about it.

“Look at that!” Negan smiled at Rick. “It looks like he won’t do it so let’s go, people! It time to go home.”

One of his men pushed Daryl towards the exit, and you couldn’t do more than just look at him. You just waited for them to leave, watching Daryl get away inside that truck. As if a storm was over, everyone in Alexandria was relieved when they left, but not you, you would only feel relieved when Daryl returned to you.

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He only said having female fans shouldn't be dismissed because some of them like "good music". Some of us don't like The Beatles. Okay some of us have bad music taste. Are we no longer valuable? You think that's an admirable thing for a person to say?

Oh. My. God.

Clearly there’s no winning. Harry should always say nothing and say everything. All the time and none of the time. He should post 10 tweets a day and zero tweets a day. He should shut up and just sing and he should comment on every world event and social issue ever. He should reference all the music and none of the music in his songs. He should never speak about women and he should always say the perfect thing about women that satisfies every single person on Earth. Yes, including the residents of the Amazon who have chosen to retain their indigenous culture as much as possible. The Amish, too. To be safe, he should communicate extensively with aliens and not talk to them at all.

Someone for Everyone ( High School Edward Nygma x reader)

This was written upon request of @welcome-to-cobblepothell Warnings: Bullying and Physical violence, other than that fluff. Summery: You and Edward Nygma have had a rough couple of years at school. One day due through rumor the friendship escalated . ( First Kiss fluffiness)

Originally posted by edngyma

In high school neither Ed or yourself were popular. Or even remotely liked by most. I mean your teachers loved and you had very few friends but most of the time you guys just had each other. Sometimes you felt bad because your other friends would try to keep you away from him, but despite their efforts or belief you enjoyed being with him. One fine day at lunch you couldn’t find Ed anywhere. You had found a table where a few of your other friends were sitting “ Hey have you guys seen Ed any where?” They all looked at each other. “ Listen (Y/N), we need to talk.” You sat down in an empty chair. This is not a good sign. “ There’s been a rumor that has been spreading that Ed has a crush on you.” One said. You didn’t know if it was just hot or if you were blushing. You guys had been friends since freshman year and you thought he was kinda cute. You just didn’t want to ruin your friendship with him or him hate you if he knew you liked him. It made your heart flutter hearing he might feel the same. “ So as a precaution we as your friends think you should stay away from him.” Your Eyes narrowed “ What?” Then the one sitting next to you tried to put their hand on your shoulder saying “ We are just trying to protect you. We don’t want you to get bullied more because of you liking him. It’s a win win for everyone.” You quickly stood up. And stepped away from the table. “ No, I would take everything they already do to me a thousand times over than to stay away from Ed. He is my friend and I’m never going to stop that. Then you heard a sound all to familiar, a locker slamming. You ran toward the sound and you heard people talking. ” God Nygma, you actually think any girl could stomach you. Even your little freaky friend probably has a limit. “ The guys said slamming Ed back into the lockers. ” Stop it!“ You yelled walk up to them. ” Hey her she is! Freak number two. “ The biggest one mocked. Then his friend said ” Awe Nygma needs his girlfriend to help him. Pathetic really.“ They went to hit Ed but you grabbed the bullies arm in an attempt to stop him. He then threw you to the ground hitting your head on the concrete floor. Ed got out of their grip and went by your side ” ( Y/N) are you, Ah!“ He feel after being kicked. Then the bully did the same to you. ” It’s like you two were made for each other to bad she will never love let alone like you, Nygma.“ You then sent them an angry glare. You felt your blood boil. Both of the boys looked at you. ” No, you actually like him don’t you bitch. I’m going to be sick.“ He said making sounds like he was going to throw up as he left. Ed picked himself up and gave his hand to you ” Are you okay (Y/N)?“ ” Nothing to bad thanks Ed.“ You said dusting your self off. ” I apologize for asking this but is it true what they said? Do … Do you like me?“ He asked with this big, brown, puppy dog eyes. ” W-well I-I…“ Then he quickly slammed his lips to yours. You quickly pulled away ” What was that ?“ You asked. ” Goodness I’m so stupid!“ He said rubbing his temples. You then went back in to kiss him. Shocked at first but then you both melted into it. It felt like hours but probably was only a few minutes. You eventually broke apart for air. ” Was that okay? I’ve never done that before.“ You asked nervously. ” I’ve never done that either, but it felt good.“ He replied. You both smiled and held hands as you both walked back to lunch knowing that you wouldn’t even leave each other’s side.
Just Imagine... [Yurio’s Crush on Yuuri 2/3]

Yuri Plisetsky’s POV (PART 1 HERE)

THE PICTURE (Episode 5)

  • Sees picture of Yuuri jumping into Viktor’s arms. Jealousy digs deep. Yuri hurls his phone away, but the picture stays emblazoned in his mind. So intimate. It couldn’t mean they’re together, could it?
  • Mila teases him about the picture, and for a moment Yuri freaks out inside, worried she knows about his crush. But, no. She couldn’t. If anything, she thinks he likes Viktor, that old geezer.


  • Watches Yuuri skate at the Cup of China. It’s even better than his performance at Onsen on Ice. Seriously, how did he improve that much since then? But his heart’s fluttering again and he’s totally forgotten about his juice box. A perfect performance. Yuri tries to calm down. Don’t let the girls notice your feelings. Just keep them inside. Keep everything inside. It’s not like you could do anything about it anyways.
  • “Love wins!” the announcer says, and that just pisses Yuri off. Whose love? Viktor’s? Are those fools actually getting together? Yuri can’t stop the tears, and the only way he can hide them from Mila is to face the wall and pretend like he doesn’t care about Georgi’s performance. It takes everything he has to keep his voice level as he says, “Whatever.”
  • Glances at Georgi’s emotional performance. He’s never thought Georgi was anything special as a skater, but this performance intrigues Yuri, probably because it churns familiar feelings inside of him. Mila comments that Georgi recently got dumped by his ice dancer girlfriend. Then Mila goes and asks him, “Did you know that, Yuri?” Without thinking, Yuri yells for her to shut up. Does she know about the heartbreak he himself is going through? Is that why she’s asking him? To jab at his sore spots?
  • “Wow, he’s actually crying,” Mila says of Georgi. “Seriously?” Yuri says, though he’s not really one to talk since he was just crying himself.
  • “Oh, that’s right, his ex is competing in the Cup of China too,” Mila says. “Seriously? That’s gotta suck,” Yuri replies. His voice comes out wistful, so he lets his hair fall over his face and watches the last two performances in silence.
  • Then Yuuri is on the screen for an interview. “With my coach, Viktor, I’ll win with the power of love!” Dammit. Yuri had just gotten his tears under control and Yuuri had to go and say that? That pig really is trying to stomp on his heart. Yuri storms out of the room before the girls can notice.

“YURI ON ICE” (Episode 7)

  • Pulls out his phone to look at banquet pics of Yuuri again, only to see an article pop up about Georgi. Crap. The free skate is today, isn’t it?
  • “His program is called ‘Yuri on Ice’” For a moment, Yuri’s heart skips a beat, but then he remembers it’s based on Yuuri himself. No way would he dedicate his program to him, but a part of him still feels special all the same. “Yuri on Ice” a program about Yuuri’s love. It’s an impossible dream, but it sends Yuri into the clouds for most of Yuuri’s performance.
  • Then out of nowhere Yuuri does a quad flip, Viktor’s signature move. Yuri can’t even do that one yet. He’s shocked and a bit awed too. It was beautiful, despite the fall.
  • Mila chats to her friend, but Yuri can’t take his eyes off the screen. The camera angle is distant, but Viktor appears to be jumping on Yuuri. Wtf was that a kiss? Yuri doesn’t even notice as he starts jamming his spoon into his food.
  • Viktor shows up in the interview, confident that Yuuri will win the Rostelecom Cup. Yuri is determined to win now, or Viktor will just shower Yuuri with more kisses. He is friggin’ pissed off. It’s stupid, he knows, but he saw Yuuri first. Viktor didn’t even know he was a competitor. So how did Viktor charm his little heart? Why did Yuuri have to be 23? If he’d just been 16, Viktor wouldn’t be interested in him and Yuri would have a chance.


  • Can’t help but talk about Japan to his grandpa, especially the katsudon he enjoys so much. The food, that is. Though, he can’t help think about ‘Katsudon’ Yuuri either.
  • Is blown away by Yuuri’s short program again. It’s even better than at the Cup of China. Calm down. Calm down. His face is only flushed because he just skated. He’s not blushing because he’s seen you.
  • Now he really wants to impress Yuuri. He’s gotta show Yuuri he’s just as good. But Grandpa isn’t here, and he was supposed to be his link to “agape”
  • Almost has a panic attack, but calms down when he hears Yuuri’s score. Almost 110. He’s so proud of him. Finally, Yuuri is getting the scores he deserves.
  • Viktor kisses Yuuri’s skating boot. Anger courses through Yuri, and he remembers why he’s there. He has to prove how strong he is. Will Yuuri be impressed? How the heck can he feel “agape” now?
  • He’s so angry that he misses a jump he hasn’t missed in a full year. This was supposed to be his chance to show Yuuri how good he’s gotten, to prove that he’s a strong skater too, but it’s not working.
  • He remembers the humiliation at Onsen on Ice, and the jealousy he felt, but he reminds himself that Yuuri is 23. He’s done this years more than Yuri. That’s right. Yuri is just inexperienced. The thought calms him down, and he manages to get through his performance without any more mistakes.


  • Grandpa shows up for the free skate and gives Yuri pirohzkis to eat before. As soon as Yuri realizes they have katsudon inside, he fills with energy and joy. His favorite food and Yuuri’s favorite food combined. It’s so perfect. Just what he needs to fuel his performance. He’s going all in this time. He’s got to show Yuuri how good he’s gotten.
  • “With Viktor gone, I’m the only one who can win. Everything should be on my side.” He doesn’t mean with Viktor taking a year off. No, he means with Viktor not here to work with Yuuri. It means Yuuri won’t skate as well, and the only real competition will be JJ.
  • He moves two jumps to the second half to get his score higher. Now all he has to do is skate a flawless program. Will Yuuri watch him again this time?
  • It’s difficult, but he makes it through and scores a new personal best. Immediately, he looks around for Yuuri, but he’s already on the ice, not looking so good. As expected, Viktor’s absence is affecting him. It’s worse than he thought…
  • Starts to cheer for Yuuri (in Japanese, so he’s more likely to hear it), but stinking JJ interrupts. Then Lilia tells him to come along. He wants to finish watching Yuuri skate, but he doesn’t want to make a big deal about it, especially in front of JJ, so he follows Lilia.
  • Afterwards, Yuuri randomly starts hugging everyone like some crazed hug zombie, so Yuri runs away from him and changes back into regular clothes, then he goes to see his grandpa.
  • Grandpa hands him another bag of pirohzkis. “Isn’t your Japanese friend here today? Why don’t you give him some?” he says. Friend. The word doesn’t sound right to Yuri. It’s not enough to describe everything Yuuri means to him. But he wants him to try the katsudon pirohzki. He’ll love them, won’t he? Will he make that really happy expression again? Yuri wants to see it…
  • Races around the stadium looking for Yuuri, only to discover that he’s already left. He’s so frustrated that when he finds Yuuri outside, he gives him a good kick.
  • “You made me look for you.” He’s so exhausted that it just slips out, but he’s quick to cover it up by criticizing Yuuri. That always seems to work well. Though, if Yuuri hadn’t made it to the GPF (narrowly with his 4th place), Yuri wouldn’t have said a word. In fact, he would’ve been disappointed.
  • So he changes tactics quickly. “Katsudon, you have no right to feel more down that me.” Then he tosses Yuuri the pirohzkis before he can say anything lame like “Are you trying to cheer me up?” Because the only thing he can think of to reply to that is, “You got a problem with that?”
  • “You can have it. It’s almost your birthday, right?” he says. Oh, wait. Did he just admit that he memorized Yuuri’s birthday? Crap.
  • Averts his eyes as Yuuri opens the bag. Goodness, he didn’t realize it would be this embarrassing. He just wanted to make Yuuri smile after his miserable day. Viktor can’t be the only person that can make him happy.
  • “Eat!” he yells when Yuuri doesn’t get the message. And Yuuri does, and he recognizes the katsudon, and Yuri can’t help but smile and brag about his grandpa.
  • “They’re vkusno,” Yuuri says, and Yuri’s heart skips a beat. Hearing Russian words from Yuuri’s lips is something special. It’s better than his “Davai!” shout when Viktor was there. Or probably it’s better because Viktor isn’t here.
  • Yuri wishes that moment could go on forever, but it doesn’t, and he thinks about Yuuri all the way home. The Grand Prix Final is coming. Yuuri will be there. He’s so excited he can hardly breathe. Will Yuri finally perfect his “Yuri on Ice” program? The program that still feels like a love poem to Yuri, even though it’s clearly aimed at Viktor.


P&G, YUZU DAYS (30 June 2016)
What figure skating taught me– “the stage called the world”

The stage called the world

–It’s a dream, it’s also a wall (challenge)–
When I was little, my home rink was my world. Then from junior to senior. And from Japan to the world. I feel that my stage has gradually grown bigger. When I started to skate in the world, it was really like a dream. Until then, it was a world that existed only on TV, so I was continually surprised and amazed by everything. Same as when I first arrived in Canada, everything was exciting and every day was a day of discovery. Competing in the world, I feel the magnitude of it, and at the same time, I also feel the big wall (challenge) of the reality that there are many great skaters who can do things that I cannot do.

–What I should, it’s just one thing!–
Competing on the world stage, there are many areas that are different from Japan. In order to win, you have to master high level skills, and mental strength is also needed. Because the climate, environment and food are all different, you have to manage and take care of your own physical condition. But whether in Japan or in the world, what I have to do is the same. When I think ‘I want to win!’ in the world of high level skaters, there is nothing else but to keep polishing myself (keep improving). I am able to say this now, but the old me could not say something like this.

About fans throughout the world:

–No matter what kind of support, I’m happy–
There is tremendous energy in the support of fans and it always reaches the heart. The feelings of fans who support athletes are the same, no matter what country they are from. But there is a difference in the manner of support. There are fans who like to cosplay to show their support (t/n. I think he means fans who wear Pooh costumes), and there are fans who fill the rink with lots of presents…. the customs and culture of hospitality of the country are shown, and the unique and enthusiastic support raises the excitement level. To support a single athlete, all become united as one, it is something amazing and very happy.

–I want to turn the support into strength–
When the support power is very strong, sometimes I will feel the pressure, in a good sense. Turning that pressure into my own strength is a way of paying back (or living up to) that support. Each time I perform, various sounds arise from the audience area. Depending on the content of the performance, there are expectations, relief, disappointment, etc, but as I skate, the air of the venue moves. I really enjoy that sense of oneness with the whole place and the sense of presence.

To people who are aiming to (compete in) the world:

–Do not be afraid of failure or detours–
It is good if it can become good advice to my juniors in the future, but I feel that I am not in that position yet. My mantra is just “Nothing is a waste.” So even if you take a detour or if you fail, it is a 100% opportunity to reflect and think. It may seem like a waste at that time, but some day it will certainly become food for thought on how not to fail again. Sometimes detours (or a roundabout way) become the shortcut in terms of results. So, the things that you want to do, take on the challenge without fear and cherish the experience. That’s what I wish for them.

Yuzuru Hanyu. university student

I am in the Faculty of Human Sciences 「人間科学部」  and now my major is 「人間情報科学科」(Human Information Science).  What kind of study is that?  The world is overflowing with information;  by what system do people encounter the information, receive it, judge that it is right and continue into action?  On what basis do they do that?  Data is analysed and many things are capitalised on.  I’m learning about the information processing ability of humans, the way they deal with information, of course some things are related to sports and some have nothing to do with sports, such as how changing the position of an office desk affects efficiency and also environmental design with the study of an actual company as an example.  To do one report every week is really tough but I work hard to hand them in.      

[This 1st series of Yuzu Days has ended. The 2nd series will start in autumn.]

-Translated by me;  source: P&G

Often *Newt Smut*

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Request: Newt x reader imagine, where the reader flashes Gally during a fight at the bonfire to win which leaves Newt very pissed off. (smut if you can, or just light smut)

Warning: Smut Smut Smut

(A/N: Sorry this took so long, I’ve been super busy and stressed and I finally found time to write again so everything should go back to normal)

I was sick and tired of Gally thinking he was the best thing in the Glade. Yeah he was strong but he didn’t have to make everyone else think that they weren’t as good as him. All of the other guys were cheering him on while him and Thomas were “Fighting”. Poor Thomas, Gally hates him for literally no reason and it was stupid. I smirked and stood up causing my boyfriend to look at me curiously.

“Where are you going love?” Newt asked as he stood up next to me. If I told him what I wanted to do there was no way he’d let me. Then again I never really listen to him anyway.

“I wanna go next…” I glanced over to Gally and Thomas fighting. Tommy wouldn’t last much longer. “Hell no. There is no fucking way I’m letting you get in there” He had a point, but I was the only girl so Gally would go easy on me. So technically I could win “Come on baby please, I’m tired of his gloating” Newt raised his eyebrows at me and let out a sarcastic chuckle “Wait, first you thought you could actually fight him, and now you think you can win…” He laughed louder “Baby come on be realistic, you’re a girl and girls don’t fight. You’re supposed to cook, and clean, and help take care of us” Newt laughed some more.

That was the most sexist, and disgusting thing I’ve ever heard come out of his mouth. He thinks I can’t win, well I’ll show him and all of them. As if on cue Gally said “So who’s next” I rolled my eyes and walked over to the circle, ignoring Newts protests.

“Really (Y/N) I don’t wanna hurt you” He smirked causing me to roll my eyes “Aww Gally afraid of losing to a Girl?” I smirked. Everyone watched in silence and you could see Gally’s face turning red. “Okay, if you think you’re so tough let’s go”

In stepped in the circle and suddenly I regretted my decision. Newt was right there was no way in hell I could take Gally. He could easily lift me up and throw me out of there but I couldn’t back down now. Being stubborn is a terrible terrible thing. Gally ran towards me and ran to the side. That’s how it went for the next five minutes. Him running towards me and Me running away. “(Y/N), Can’t run forever, just give up” He smirked. Half of the Glade was cheering Gally on and the other half was rooting for me.  I looked around the glade at all of the faces watching me and that’s when it hit me. I’m a girl, The only girl. And the only guy that has been getting any action around here was Newt. I smirked as Gally lunged toward me again I edged closer to the end of the circle and quickly lifted my shirt up.

Gally froze, actually the entire Glade froze as they caught site of my red and black lace bra. I smirked and took this as my chance to push him out of the circle. I smiled as he fell on his ass. “Not so tough now, are we?” I said and the rest of the guys laughed and cheered.

Gally mumbled something before stalking off towards the rest of the builders. I smirked and walked back over to Newt who looked very very angry. Thomas and Minho gave me high fives and Newt just glares at me. “Come on babe, don’t be like that I won” He scoffed and took another sip of that awful drink Gally makes.  “You can’t seriously be mad Newt. I did it” I mumbled looking down at my hands.

He shook his head and finished his drink. “Whatever (Y/N)” He walked off to our hut leaving me there speechless. He’s never been this mad at me before. I sighed and sat against the log, it was probably best to leave him alone to cool down. After about 15 minutes I decided to call it a night, I said bye to everyone and walked into my place. I barely made it two steps into the door and I was pushed up against the wall. “Newt what the fuck!?!?” He clamped his hand over my mouth and my eyes widened. He’s definitely never acted like this before.

“What the actual fuck did you think you were doing out there???” He growled before attacking my neck with his lips. He sucked on harshly on my soft spot making me moan. His lips moved to different spots on my neck leaving marks everywhere they could. “I’m going to move my hand, make a sound and I stop. Understood Princess?” I nodded quickly and he lowered his hand. I could feel myself dampen when both of his hands moved down to cup my ass. He squeezed and kneaded the skin painfully slow and it took everything I had in me not to moan. “Next time you pull something like that your punishment is going to be much worse” I nodded and he slipped on of his hands to the front jeans. “These need to go” Swiftly he unbuttoned and slipped my jeans down. “You’re already soaked baby; I haven’t even started yet” I held back any noise threatening to leave my mouth.

His fingers slowly massaged my folds and he used his other hand to remove my shirt. “N- “I went to say his name but he interrupted “Nope, no sounds remember love” Fuck this was going to be hard. “Now go lay on the bed and spread out nice and wide for daddy” He rasped. I gulped and eagerly walked over to our bed, I laid down and spread my legs just like he asked.

His eyes ran up and down my body stopping at the area between my legs “Fuck baby girl, take off everything” I bit my lip and slowly unhooked my bra, sliding the straps off my shoulder and throwing it across the room, after that I slid my panties down my legs and threw them at Newt. If it was possible his eyes would grow even darker with lust. Newt dropped to his knees and pulled me closer to the edge of the bed. He wasted no time attaching his lips to my clit and all I could do was tug on his hair. “Go ahead baby, scream my name. let all of them outside know you’re mine” Fucking Finally, a string of curses left my mouth and moans flew out every chance they got. Newt was so good with his mouth you wouldn’t believe I was his first. His tongue slid up and down my slit while his fingers worked inside of me. I was a mess, my hands pulling at his hair and my legs wrapped around his neck. He paid close attention to my clit as he was curling his fingers inside of me. “Fuck Newt, I’m going to cum” He smirked and moved faster. He added another finger inside of me and my hips bucked. It wasn’t long until I felt myself release and my vision went white. My entire  body went limp and I felt Newt start moving his tongue again. “Newt, no..” I whimpered. I don’t think I could handle another orgasm tonight “Relax Love, I’m just cleaning you up” he finished and then brought his face so it was leveled with mine “I love you, But don’t ever do that again” He whispered before pecking my lips.

“If this happens after, I might just do it more often” I giggled and he laughed shaking

The Equality Myth: Whites Behaving Badly

    Gabrielle Douglas did not put her hand over her heart for the National Anthem during the 2016 Olympic games. A two time Olympian, winner of multiple medals, the first African American to become individual all around champion, and the first olympic gymnast to win gold in the individual all around and team competitions; strong, fierce, and classy, she’s a young woman American’s should be proud to have had represent their country. And yet… Everything from her hair, to her lack of smile has been criticized starting at the 2012 Olympics when when was just 15 years old. Her attitude, the way she carried herself, not clapping for teammates. There have been those who have said she didn’t deserve to be on the 2016 team, that she hadn’t deserved to be on the 2012 team. And her ‘refusal’ to put her hand over her heart during the Anthem was just the icing on the cake. Called unpatriotic and pouty, even after she apologized, she couldn’t catch a break. But she’s an Olympian, she has to be held to a higher standard, right?

    I could list all the other US Olympians who, going by the standard Gabby’s critics pose, proved unpatriotic during the National Anthem, but those Olympians happen to be white and we’d be here all day.
Of course, none of those Olympians had prior, or following incidents of bad behavior. Who would be so stupid as to act in such a way as to make their country look bad?

    This morning it was reported that Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte had been cleared of all charges after lying at the 2016 Olympics about being robbed at gunpoint. A story he made up to avoid getting in trouble after a wild night of too many drinks and a lot of bad behavior with three other US swimmers (Gunnar Bentz, Jack Conger and Jimmy Feigen). The four men got into an altercation at a gas station, where they vandalized a bathroom and then got angry when asked to pay for it. According to the court “Lochte’s robbery claim did not constitute the filing of a fake report.”(NPR) Though he did get suspended, lost a few sponsors, and forfeited $100,000 dollars of the money that went with his Olympic medal. An apt punishment, and many believe (and believed then) that the incident should be forgotten. He’s already payed the price, boys will be boys and all that jazz. But considering the hoops non-white athletes, have to jump through even after they’ve been picked for such a coveted position, I’d say his punishment wasn’t harsh enough. I’d say that being in the position as an Olympic swimmer, and therefore a representative for the United States, what he and those other men did was a giant ‘fuck you’ to not only their families (who would no doubt share in the backlash) and fans, but also the country they represent and the country that was hosting them. It was disrespectful, and the idea that they got off with the equivalent of a slap on the wrist is appalling. 

    But all athletes are held to the same standard, right? At what point do we start holding white athletes, entertainers, actors, etc. to the same standard as non-white athletes, entertainers, actors, etc.? When do they start having to take the penalty for their actions; not just as kids behaving badly, but as adults with the maturity and accountability to own up to their mistakes.


OMFG Wonder Woman is Amazeballs

This is it - this is my new favorite movie. Everything I ever watch ever will be judged on this scale. Whenever I re-watch old favorites, they will forever fall short of this sheer masterpiece of awesome. Holy shit. I have no one to gush to right now, so I’m just going to do it here, because if I don’t I will explode. There will be spoiler-y stuff, so beware.

Okay, first - this movie made me cry FIVE TIMES. I have never cried so much during a movie in my whole life. Like, I don’t cry IRL, so I get a lot of that out during movies and books and songs and especially touching commercials, but it’s usually a one-off deal. FIVE. TIMES.

  1. When the Amazons are first getting ready to fight the Germans with guns on the beach because I KNOW HOW THAT ENDS, OKAY, but they were still all badass and you can bet your life that they will now be fucking preparing for bullets and next time things’ll be different. Just as I had gotten myself calmed down and cheering their awesome fighting…
  3. When Diana makes the charge across ‘No Man’s Land’ because OMFG, that was moving as fuck and I don’t care that I’ve seen men do it tons of times, this was fucking WONDER WOMAN and she did it because it was RIGHT and she and a rag tag group of men just did the impossible and I had so many emotions that I just can’t even express them properly. I sobbed and cheered and it was amazing.
  4. When the gas was fired on the village and Diana goes and finds all the villagers she was just celebrating with like, a day before all dead. The confusion and anguish over why such a thing happened that Gal Gadot was able to portray broke my heart.
  5. STEVE WHHHHHYYYYYY and then all the way until the end of the damned movie.

It’s been 20 minutes since I left the theater and I’m still close to balling. OMG. I’m used to superhero movies making me feel a little emotional, but mostly being full of fighting and badassery. Wonder Woman had all the fighting and explosions while also making me FEEL more than I think any movie ever has before.

Things I Loved, The Short List

  • Antiope’s scar on her shoulder. Like, this is one of the first times I’ve seen a heroic female character just showing her scar like it was no big deal. Even Natasha in MCU only really has the one, and she hides it and is all like ‘can’t wear bikinis anymore’ and it was only there for plot reasons anyway. Antiope is a fucking warrior, and she has no shame in the marks battle has left on her body, and I dunno. It’s just a little thing that is never commented on in the movie, which makes me love it even more. Antiope in general stole my heart, and I now belong to her, TBH.
  • The Amazons weren’t all tiny, stick-thin blonde women with big boobs. There was so much variety, and I found that both beautiful and believable. It was just great to see some muscular babes up there being all bad-ass without having to look like stereotypical movie-pretty woman. They were every single one of them absolutely stunning.
  • The scene where Diana walks in on Steve bathing and is just like ‘whatever’ about his nudity while he’s all flustered and worried about modesty. It was adorable, and that’s when I fell in love with him.
  • ETTA CANDY. Oh my god. I love her so much. I want a movie where her and Diana are all up in the women’s suffrage movement, and it’s just Etta helping Diana navigate being a woman in that time and place while Diana helps Etta get in touch with her inner Amazon, and both of them help each other through the loss of Steve. Charlie shows up often to serenade them for no reason at all.
  • Speaking of, the way Diana was like ‘Charlie, you should come because who else will sing for us’ just really got me. She’s seen how damaged he is, how he has so much trouble shooting, but she’s unwilling to just throw him away or say he won’t be any use on the mission. Him being there matters to her, and it was just a nice little moment.
  • Every moment between Diana and Steve. It was all so beautiful, and that he was the reason she almost went to the dark side and also the person that saved her was just… hng. Crying again.
  • Nobody had to take off their clothes to let me know that they were lovers. The ‘love scene’ was just handled so well, where you knew that they were emotionally close and finding comfort in each other, and there was no need to be all in the audience’s face with nudity. It was refreshing - there’s nothing wrong with a ‘fade to black’ after some intense gazing in to each other’s eyes, is what I’m saying. I don’t need to see the LI’s tearing off their clothes (or each other’s) to get the message.
  • Diana’s crisis of conscience where she was just DONE with humanity’s bullshit. Like, this is the first time she’s seen war and death like this, and to realize that it comes from something inside instead of being solely the work of an outside force had to have crushed her. Again, Gal Gadot here was remarkable. The amount of emotion that woman can put into a scene is awe-inspiring.
  • Everything. Just… everything.

Things I Didn’t Like, The List

  • Nothing. Fucking nothing. Usually I walk out of movies - even ones I love, even ones that are my favorites - with a small list of things I wasn’t happy with. Subsequent viewings make the list grow, and I’m sure that once I’ve seen Wonder Woman a few times, I’ll have some bones to pick. But right now? There is nothing that I am immediately unhappy with. I love this movie so much.

SO YEAH. Best movie ever. Like… sorry, but to me this just proves that women should be directing female-centric superhero movies. It’s not a slight against male directors or anything, it’s just… women and men frame things differently. I cannot imagine that a man directing this movie would have been able to capture the essence of Wonder Woman the same way. I cannot imagine that it would have made me feel so damn much if a man had been at the helm. Women know what women want to see - I’ll still go see the male superhero movies, but I want more where women are front and center, both as the stars and the people behind the scenes. Men have dominated the movies for a long time - it’s time and past to make some room for us ladies at the table.

If anyone wants to gush/scream about this movie with me, feel free. I needed to get this stuff out because I have no interested friends outside the computer. All my friends are dumb. XD But yeah, if anyone wants to talk about the movie I will happily oblige, now that I have finally seen it.

Now excuse me while I go scrape together another $10 so I can go see it again tomorrow.

Things that have been said in my house sentence meme pt.1
  • "Don't let me watch TV - I'm impressionable."
  • "Do you think ants have a concept of time?"
  • "I'm an inventor - I made this cup holder on my chair so I can drink soda and play video games."
  • "What is this? This isn't music. My ears are being assaulted."
  • "Before you pick those up, I need you to understand I will fight you over them. I will literally slam you into the ground for Oreos."
  • "I'm pretty much Justin Bieber. Minus the ability to sing. And dance. And I haven't dated Selena Gomez - but other than that."
  • "Male lions are a lot like human men. They make the women do everything while they get all the credit."
  • "I wonder if I could fuck the fridge. Not that I would, cause cold. But just...could I?"
  • "I don't want kids. But I'd suffer through hell for nine months if it meant I got to sleep with that guy."
  • "If Dalton Rapattoni doesn't win this season I will personally sue this show for fraud."
  • "Shut the fuck up. I'm on my man period."
  • "We should condition him like a dog. Spray him with a water bottle every time he leers at a woman."
  • "If you wash the dishes I'll let you put your cold feet on my back whenever you want."
  • "Admit it. If you didn't know I wore star wars pajamas you'd want to fuck me."
  • "Three guys and a girl living together. This is like the start of some bad rom-com."
  • "Don't you dare fall in love with me. We've got a good thing going - I don't want pizza night to be clouded by feelings."

Requested by anonymous

They say if I get paid then I’ll be fine
But I can’t get by on anything but you

You felt a little numb accepting your first paycheck from your new job.

“I’m glad I decided to put my trust in Larry, putting you in this job. You’ve really turned your life around,” Mr. McPhee told you.

You gave him a smile. “Thank you for taking a chance on me,” you replied.

I know if I smoke then I might die
But I won’t die for anything but you

You walked out of his office and started gathering your equipment for your job. Larry had decided that as much as he loved his job, even he needed breaks sometimes. So he convinced Mr. McPhee to hire you as a second night guard. Which was quite a feat, since most places would rather not hire a person with a criminal record. Even if the charges were mostly drug and alcohol related.

I found a shooting star in the pocket of my jeans
I won the lottery and built a time machine

Your hands twitched as you headed out into the museum lobby once again for the magic to start. Two weeks into the job and one week clean of all your vices, and it was still really hard to avoid reaching into your pocket for a pack of cigarettes that isn’t there.

You knew the illegal drugs were all you really had to stop in order to keep the job, but you had a very specific reason to stop smoking and drinking, too.

I got everything, and everything is mine to lose
But I don’t want anything but you

When Rexy stretched, you knew the magic had started. “Good evening, big guy,” you greeted the skeleton, before walking quickly through the halls, briefly checking that the Hall of African Mammals was safely locked up before heading to Ahkmenrah’s tomb

Ahkmenrah gave you a pleasantly surprised smile. “Checking in on me?” he asked, not knowing why he was there.

His confusion was adorable.

They say great things come if you wait
But I won’t wait for anything but you

“I just wanted to see you,” you stated. “You’re my favorite exhibit here, after all.”

“Oh, uh, thank you,” Ahkmenrah replied with a bit of a blush. But you could tell that there was something bothering him. “What are you thinking about?” you asked, stepping to him.

Free falls and alcohol, I’ve paid my dues
Now I can’t get high on anything but you

“I heard about your, uh, your habits,” Ahkmenrah replied nervously, avoiding eye contact. “I’m just worried about you is all.”

“I’m done with them. All of them,” you told the Egyptian prince, stepping closer to him. He looked up at you, worry lines still on his forehead. “Now I have something to live for, something I want to stay alive for. No room for self-destructive habits.”

I found a shooting star in the pocket of my jeans
I won the lottery and built a time machine

“Really?” Ahkmenrah asked, his worry melting into pleasant surprise for you. “What was it? This job?”

“In a manner of speaking…”

I got everything, and everything is mine to lose
But I don’t want anything but you

“Mostly, it’s you,” you admitted with a bit of a blush of your own. “I love you, Ahkmenrah. You didn’t have to do anything and you made me want to be a better person for you.”

“Oh, uh,” Ahkmenrah stammered, avoiding eye contact again.

A cardboard box of make believe
Empty pockets full of dreams

Of course you were wishing for too much. How could you and Ahkmenrah even be together? He’s a museum exhibit and you’re a living person with a life outside of the museum. Of course it was just a fantasy.

“I should probably leave,” you muttered, turning to head to a different room. Rexy would probably like to play Fetch.

And you are everything I need

“Wait!” Ahkmenrah said, grabbing your arm to keep you from running off. “I’m not always good at saying how I feel, so I should probably just show you.” He turned you around so you were facing him, then placed his lips on yours.

Once you realized what was happening you smiled into the kiss and closed your eyes, wrapping your arms tightly around his shoulders.

I never found a shooting star and there’s holes in my jeans
I didn’t win the lottery or build a time machine
I never had much at all but I still got everything to lose
Cause I don’t want anything

You frowned a little when Ahkmenrah pulled out of the kiss. “I hope I’ll make all your effort breaking those habits worthwhile. I know how hard it is to break habits.”

“I know you’ll make it worthwhile. Habits are nothing compared to you,” you stated.

But you

Twenty One Pilots {Sentence Starters}
  • "Who would you live for? Who would you die for?"
  • "Sometimes, you gotta bleed to know that you're alive and have a soul."
  • "We'll make pretend that you and me lived ever after happily."
  • "I don't know why they always seem so dismal."
  • "There's no hiding for me. I'm forced to deal with what I feel."
  • "It will not let me sleep."
  • "And I know that I can fight, or I can let the ____ win."
  • "I guess I'll sleep when I'm dead."
  • "I will make you queen of everything you see."
  • "'Sometimes to stay alive, you gotta kill your mind."
  • "I probably should've stayed inside my house."
  • "You should take my life, you should take my soul."
  • "Yeah, I think about the end just way too much."
  • "I wish I had a better voice that sang some better words."
  • "I must've forgot, you can't trust me."
  • "It's just, right now, I got a really crazy mind to clean."
  • "Oh dear, I don't know if we know why we're here."
  • "You waste all of this time trying to get to me."
  • "I see a whole world better off without me in it, trying to transform it."
  • "But now I'm insecure and I care what people think!"
  • "No, you are all that I've got!"
  • "I know who I truly am. I truly do have a chance."
  • "I'm trying, I'm trying to sleep."
  • "Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days."
  • "No, I didn't understand the thing you said."
  • "My friends and I, we got a lot of problems."
  • "How come I'm never able to identify where it's coming from?"
Wicked Games (5SOS - Part 4)

A/N: apoligizing for minor errors and mistakes due to this being written and corrected on my IPad since I dont have access to my laptop 😘

“We found this club and I swear it looks so good the boys and I consider visiting it tomorrow maybe.” Luke rambled on while sitting in front me with his phone, meanwhile I was sitting with another boring Magazine to occupy myself while I listened to Luke.

“I feel like you aren’t listening but we will for sure bring you with us!” Luke stated and I looked up at him with wide eyes.

“Girls grinning up against everything, creepy boys who wants to fuck everything with a pulse and alcohol? I’m not so sure it’s my scene.” I mumbled and Luke shook his head at me, disagreeing.

“I will make sure it’s your scene. If that means I will have to entertain you all night with my drunk rambles then be it.” He said with an unserious stern voice and i cocked my eyebrow at him.

“If it’s something along like this, I will for sure pass out in the club in boredom.” I said cheekily and Luke looked at me with wide eyes, ready to defend himself but was interrupted. ”Luke, come on.” Ashton yelled, puking his head inside the bus. ”Hey Y/N.” He smiled, changing attitude as he noticed me sitting in front of Luke.

”Be right there.” Luke mumbled, placing his cup on the table and sent me an apologizing look. ”Where are you guys heading?” I asked curious but the only respond from them was an odd mumble and a wave before they headed out of the door to my confuse. I quivered an eyebrow in thought while standing up from the booth to take a look around. Nobody seemed to be here. A perfect queue for me.

I fumbled in the back pockets of my jeans to find the note Lance had sent me with my suitcase. My hand wrapped around the paper tight and pulled the grumbled white paper piece in front of my eyes to see the first mission.

”Hack into Michael’s XBOX and give us the secret codes that are hidden in it.”

To me that sounded like a first world problem for me. Considering that the only technical thing I’ve been occupied with throughout my whole life was my phone and a small old box TV I wasn’t very familiar. It didn’t make everything better that I had only seem the so called XBOX in game shops but never had the chance to actual play on one. Though, the latest days I’ve been sitting with Michael and checked out how he did the basic things with it and so. But I wasn’t sure it would be a benefit now.

Putting the paper back into my back pocket, i bowed my hair down to put it in a ponytail. Securing it with my hair elastic I took off my cardigan and placed it on the table next to me on the booth table, before heading towards the familiar back area of the bus, ready to explore.

When I came inside I immediately did the exact same thing Michael had done; turning on the big button of the XBOX machine, took the remote to turn on the tv and grabbed the black controller thing with the weird different colored buttons. The screen in front of me lit up with a menu of different games and I quivered and eyebrow confused to how Michael had not put any code on any of them. It was almost a too easy access for me.

I roamed through the at least 30 games in big confuse, mainly because I had no idea what I was looking for. Lance wrote that there should be hidden information but how would i know it was actually hidden information and not just some kind of weird witch spells.

My eyes started to grow tired and bored and my head was getting heavier and heavier, leaning against the massive pillow that Michael was alway sitting on when playing. I was at the point of giving up on everything but that was when my eyes spotted it. The last game wasn’t like the others but looked more like a file than a game. It made me sit up straight to get a better view of it and I pressed the blue button on my controller to open it. But Michael had done something different to this.

“Code to get access” was written all over the screen with red thick font.

”You’ve got to me kidding me.” I mumbled rolling my eyes and moved forward on the sofa so my legs were resting on the floor again and my head fixed on the screen, eyebrows furrowing in thoughts. Lance always said that I had to find out codes myself because that was one of the things they couldn’t get access to at all. And when I thought about Michael I could literally just imagine how he could choose codes for his machines named after odd Characters from his favorite TV shows and games.

I took a shot and wrote the first two game names that I could remember in my mind but they were both rejected by Michaels XBOX. My hand came up to scratch my head in thought and I knew this was my last chance. It was always like that, a three try’s trial before the machine would turn off completely.

If I failed I could always risk it and try another time so I did the most logical thing in my mind, which was to type in a code that was so simple that even the smartest ones would look past it.

I rolled the loose control mover around to type in some numbers, my mind trying to remember clear what Michael had told me the other day. When I had written his whole birthday as a code, 201195, I looked between the accept button and the screen, daring.

I pressed the button so harshly that my thumb almost turned red and my eyes were ready to pop out with excitement when the screen started to show a loading sign. It counted up to 100 and then I was transferred to a list with paper stuff, making my eyebrows furrow.

Zooming in on my controller I took a confused glance at the weird sentences, my eyebrows furrowing. It looked similar to song lyrics and I felt like I was being cheated on or something.

I grabbed my phone out from my pocket to take a few pictures of the screen, taking at least 30 frames. I placed my phone next to me on the pillow and grabbed the control to investigate more but was stopped when I heard the sound of the front door of the bus opened. My heart started to pump in a fast pace, my eyes wide and looked around confused as to I had never seen how Michael turned this shit off because he would always stay up later than me.

I started to press on the return bottom repeatedly to get out of the secret file but as soon as I came back to the menu it wasn’t possible to do anything else than else than select games. Panic spread through my body and before I knew it Michael was leaning against the doorframe with a puzzled look staring at me.

"What are you doing, Y/N?” He asked, his tone dark and his eyebrows furrowing.

My mouth opened but no words came out. It was like the whole Sahara in Egypt had visited my mouth for a small takeout and making it impossible for me to speak.

“I just wanted to play a game. You know, it can get kind of boring being alone here on the bus.” Michael nodded his head and licked his lips while staring at me. He moved his body forward and away from the door so he could see what was on the screen to see that I was only in the menu. ”But you haven’t chosen anything yet?” He asked, lifting one eyebrow. ”That’s because I got nervous you know, when i heard the door opening. I thought all of you guys were out now so yeah.” Michael seemed to understand my explanation well and he took a seat next to me, before grabbing an controller from the drawer under the couch, Don’t be afraid it’s just me.” He said and I nodded my head smiling.

”Where is the other boys and why aren’t you with them?” I asked, changing the subject so he wouldn’t ask me any further questions. Michael took a look away from the screen to look over me. ”I was out to get a flannel. We’re going to a club tomorrow in case Luke didn’t mention it this earlier. The boys wanted to go out and party so we could have one more day off. They said it would be a little bit fancier place so I thought i should go out and buy a button up flannel. They didn’t say where they were heading?” Michael explained and I shook my head.

”Well they’re probably out doing that as well or something.” Michael mumbled, and we got an intense eye contact. It was like I could see right through him. He looked like he knew the flannel story wasn’t that convincing. We stared at each other for a few more seconds, it was like Michael could feel that I didn’t believe what he was saying which I didn’t. Even a dummy would know that they were probably out to do some kind of drug business.

”So yeah..” Michael said, giving me one last shady glance before he turned his attention back to the screen. ”What kind of game do you wanna play?” I looked at him rather confused to what in the world he was talking about but then I noticed the controller in my hand and I looked up at him with my mouth hanging. ”Just pick one easy and teach me?” I said, sincerely and Michael nodded his head and took a look around his massive pile of games.

”I think this will be good for you.” He said after a good amount of search and I moved back so my head and back could rest on the pillow next to him ready to play.

Michael was surprisingly good to explain me how to do the things. It was clear on my clothes that I had absolutely no clue on how to use all of this. He taught me the basic things on how to shoot and run with my fictional man in the game and he even gave me a few of his own secret tips on how to win. At first i thought it was totally boring mainly because i didn’t really know how everything worked out. But after playing for some time and I got used to how it should be done it was entertaining to say at least, doing my best do kill Michael’s game player. Everything went so fast and Michael was so calm and just in his right spot that we never realized the time and before we knew it, we had been playing for good 2 hours with chats, laughing, and deep serious playing in between.

”okay, we need to stop now, you’re getting too good at this.” Michael laughed and sent me a cheeky smile before he threw the controller onto his lap. "Just admit it, you’re afraid that I’ll kick your butt.” I said with a wink and he shook his laughing.

“I think the other boys won’t be home before tonight so they probably wont eat with us. Do you want to head out and find some food?” He asked while taking a look outside from the curtain, everything dark from the night sky. “I know a McDonald’s close to this place.”

“Sure thing.” I said and stood up from my seat, placing the controller on the table before heading towards the other end of the bus. I grabbed my cardigan and put in on my shoulders while watching Michael approach me, doing the same thing with his cowboy fabric jacket. “Ready?” He asked and I nodded my head to sprint down the other end of the bus, “just gotta grab my phone.” I mumbled and took it from the couch.

Michael stood at the front of the bus and waited for me until I got back and I sprinted down towards him ready to go. “Ready.” I said as I stood in front of him and he smiled in delight.

“Great because I’m starving.” He said while opened the door to the bus and let me out first before him.

As we started to head down the road I felt my pants vibrate and I sneaked my hand down to grab the phone, seeing a text from Lance. I took at look up at Michael and he seemed to occupied with finding the McDonald’s so I felt this was my queue to send the pictures I found earlier.

“Any news? - L” I read on my screen and I opened my phone to answer him.

“I broke into Michael’s XBOX and found this. Not sure what it means though. - Y/N” I attached the pictures I had taken and pressed sent. Sooner than I expected Lance answered me.

“Brilliant my Dear! We’ll get some to break the lyrics codes for further information. See you sooner than later. - L”

I grimaced and narrowed my eyes by the nicknames dear. I was about to answer back but the sudden feeling of Michaels face next to mine made my whole body jolt in shock. I had almost forgotten he was there.

“Who are you texting?” He asked, and I managed to press the home button before he could see anything.

“Just some guy from home.” I said causally while shrugging before I put my phone back into my pocket. “An old flame?” Michael asked and I almost choked on my spit by his question. “Dear god no.” I exclaimed in disgust and it made Michael laugh, “It was just a guess.” He said and I nodded agreeing.

Michael opened the door to the McDonald’s and the gentleman he was let me in once again before himself and we headed towards the check counter. “so you’re not seeing anyone or have some sort of relationship from back home?” He asked while scanning the screens with food and I shook my head even though he didn’t looked at me.

“No not really. I’m not that dating type of person.” I answered, my eyes fixed on the chicken nuggets’ picture on the screen. I could have given him the whole story about my one time where I almost fell in love with one of the other smugglers around my time at the age of 14. It was forbidden but also a romantic love story which ended up in him being shot. Lance had always had a sweet spot for me so when he heard that I had messed around with one of the other smugglers he made sure that it wouldn’t develop. On the harsh way of course but I knew that he survived. Though I haven’t spoken to him since. It’s one of the main reasons why I keep myself away from boys and why I don’t believe in any love related shit.

“Ready to order?” Michael asked and I nodded my head and told him what I wanted. Michael was determined to pay which was really sweet of him even though I was far from being on lack of money.

When the food was done and ready for us to take we grabbed our trays and headed towards one of the green coach booths just like the one in the tourbus, right by the window.

“What about you? Any lucky girls in the goodie bag?” Michael smiled while taking some fries with his fingers. He looked down with a smile and shook his head. “Not really. I don’t feel like I have the time. And i probably don’t.” He explained and I nodded my head understanding.

Chats like this continued on between us while we ate. It was quite nice to be honest because it was like time stood still and I was another place which i technically was. But hanging around at McDonald’s was something all the other teenage kids had done which I’ve never in my life experienced. And Michael was a funny guy even though some of his jokes were pretty lame. That was what made them so funny and at one point I almost choked on my coffee shake in laughter just because he was firing of lame jokes to make me laugh.

“I’m so full, oh my god.” I said, my hand running up and down my blown up stomach. There was still at least 5 nuggets in my before 20 pieces of nuggets filled box. “You serious? I can eat those for you.” Michael suggested and his eyes lit up when I pushed the box towards him.

“A way to win my heart.” He said looking at me amazed and I laughed at him, “I can’t believe how you can continue to eat, you just eat 2 meals of BigMac!” I exclaimed and Michael looked up at me while chewing on a nugget. “I’m a growing man and the BigMacs were nothing.” He explained and I nodded my head impressed.

Silence clouded over us while Michael finished the last nuggets and I took around the McDonald’s to check out the other people. My eyes went wide immediately when they landed on a familiar figure standing close to the exit area, sitting with some beverages, staring at me. It startled me so much that I ended up hitting my knee against the table above it and giving Michael a shock.

What’s wrong?“ He exclaimed, looking behind him fast to see nobody. He turned his head back to look at me rather confused.

"I just think I saw a shadow. Scared me for a second.” I explained, a cold giggle escaping my lips, trying not to sound nervous.

“Okay.” Michael said unsure, grabbing his milkshake to take a few sips.

I smiled at him to show that nothing was wrong but it faded away quickly when my eyes landed on the same figure, sitting with a soda and slurping on the straw.

“Fucking shit.” I cursed to myself, catching Michaels attention again.

“Whats wrong? Shadows again?” He asked confused but didn’t turn around.

I nodded my head but my eyes weren’t on Michael. They stared at the guy who now stood up from his seat with the soda in his hand. He wiggled his eyebrows at me before disappearing out of the exit door.

Michael turned his head again by my staring but he only got the chance to see the back of the man disappearing out and the door shutting.

“Did you know that guy?” He asked confused, motioning his head towards the now closed door.

I hesitated a breath before mumbling out “Somehow.”

“He was kind of an old friend I guess.” I added and Michael nodded his head.

“I can confirm from your reaction that he was not someone you wanted to greet and meet.” Michael said, and I nodded my head slightly. “Far from that.” I said, eyeing Michael while he put all of his food trash on his tray.

“Lets hope he didn’t then.” Michael said and helped me with my trash. I nodded my head but of course the boy had seen me.

The guy was a dude names Joey. A guy that I never was on good terms with back home. It was always a competition between us who could perform the most for our Company. I always ended up winning and at one time he tried to ruin it for me and I ended up beating him up in order to save myself. For my protection Lance ended up with transferring Joey to another place to work with smuggling that was considered shitty. I was surprised to hear that Lance had better offers at his place than others. The only reason i was grateful for being in Company with him.

Ever since then I swore I would never meet Joey again considering he wouldn’t come back. But this was most probably his territory and I was clear weak here. If I ended up alone again I wouldn’t be sure if I could beat him up again. I didn’t know this place at all.

Michael ripped me out of my thoughts by asking me if we should get Dessert and my heart shot towards him with wide eyes. “Sure.” I smiled even though I thought it was ridiculous considering we had just eaten and I could most probably not get a thing down but I agreed anyways to get my thoughts away from Joey.

“Alrighty then. I think a Mcflurry with snickers is calling my name.” Michael beamed and stood up ready to finish off the good meal with cold soft cream.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I was wondering if you could rec some of your favorite olicity fics! I don't like major character death, unless it's cannon like Tommy or something. Oh also do you have any fave AUs??

Okay let’s do this.

First let me give you some links that you might find helpful.
I would first re-direct you to my fanfic recs page which is basically page of my all-time favourite fics in Olicity fandom. However it’s not completed cause I haven’t updated this in awhile. Still it’s a good start. After that, you can check out my olicity fic tag and my bookmarked AO3 works. Most of these works are some of my favourite fics that I like to come back to and re-read. There’s also felictiyoliver blog which basically started as my saved URL but eventually, it turned out into fanfiction reblog blog. As I was browsing through olicity fic tag during school, I would stumble upon fics and reblog them here so I can find them and read them later. It’s very useful for me and you can use it if you’d like, but mind me, those are all the fics I find interesting at first sight - not my favorite ones. Some of them don’t turn out to be great but most of them are fine. 

Now I’ll give you quite an extensive list of my favourite Olicity fics that I can think of right now. 

First of all, I’d start this with two of my favorite fics of all times. With Our Backs To The Wall (Darkness Will Fall) by @theirhappystory and The Phoenix by @supersillyanddorky06. I’ve re-read them 5 times each and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. I could delve into one hour discussion of why are these fics one of the best works that I’ve came across out there but I should really finish answering you this ask; otherwise we would be here for quite a bit. ;)

Moving on.

if you ask me which writers should you check out first, I have the answer right away. I would suggest you to first read every fic by supersillyanddorky06 and that includes Free Fall, The Phoenix, The Firebird, The Albatross, The Predator (which might be my new favourite fic), The Phoenix Rises and etc. It’s no secret that I am number 1 fan of Matty’s work. If you read her stuff, you’ll realize why.
Check out @dust2dust34 if you’re new to the fandom. If you’re not, then you probably know of Bre already. Anyhow, my favourite fic of hers would definitely be Blood Hands, of course, but also Wanna Be Yours which is only one chapter away from being finished. And yeah - she’s the one you go to if you wanna read some good, quality smut. No doubt of that. It’s really hard to tell which Bre’s fics you should read cause in all honesty, you should read all of them. Like. Each. And. Every. One.
Also, if you’re in for some heartbreaking, amazing and beautiful writing, please go check out @serenasnotebook’s work ! ‘Cause, you are in for a ride my friend.

Now if you’re in a mood for some drabbles or just bunch of one shots, I’d suggest you to check out following collections:

Now let me break the rest of this down for you based on my favourite tropes.

There’s this fic that’s been favorite of mine for awhile now. It’s college AU and friends with benefits AU and it’s no secret that college au may be my favorite trope yet. Anyways the fic is called ‘My Friends Won’t Love Me Like You Do’ by @smoakingbillionaires. Smut warning tho. *evil grin. It’s only - was it 10 chapters? - in but it’s not abandoned or anything. Trust me I’d be freaking out if it was. Another college AU that I am in love with, even though it’s one shot, is also by smoakingbillionaires (RocketRem on ao3) and it’s called ‘jackets and playlists’ and it’s so good. Another FWB fic that I really, really like it’s this one-shot an emotion in motion by PuzzledHats. College AU with professor/student dynamic that you should really check out if it’s your type of thing, is ‘(loving you) isn’t really something I should do’ by @simplyfragile. Yo I am blown away by this one.

Some Bratva AUs because why not? 
The Crow | Traitor | Matter of Trust | What He Needed | Reluctant Queen | Phoenix | Blood Hands | you might be surprised (i get a little dangerous) |
I can’t think of more which is crazy cause there is so many fics like these out there, and good ones too. I’ll add if I remember more.

I am also huge fan of Military AUs but unfortunately we don’t have nearly enough of those. However my favourite, as I mentioned above, is ‘With Our Backs To The Wall (Darkness Will Fall)’ which also happened to be Age Difference AU another one of my favorite tropes. This fic is more of what happens after Oliver comes back from the army but it’s soo good. Like I’ve said - my absolute favorite. Next we have ‘Nothing Can Harm You Here’ by serenadreams. This fic is definitely in my top 5 fanfics of all times. I sobbed like a baby after I read this fic, not once, but three times. This is also some sort of homeless AU which I’m also big fan of. There’s another fic to this trope that has sadly been abandoned but it’s worth to read first 11 chapters anyways. It’s called  Hang My Head Break My Heart (Built From All I Have Torn Apart) by Ciara2531. I wish we get to see continuation of this fic but writer has disappeared and has been away for over a year now. Hopefully we get to see her return one day. 
And now we get to the military fic that absolutely blew me away for some reason. It’s called  Mission Critical by jamdropsmarblecakes and it’s full on Miliary AU with Team Arrow meeting as Special OPS Task Force. It has Lieutenant Oliver Queen and Saylor/Petty Officer Felicity Smoak that eventually get their happy ending but there’s a lot of UST that eventually become RST. AND OH GOD JUST READ THIS PLEASE. 

I’m huge fan of Enemies to lovers trope and I’m so excited to say that my favourite writer aka fabulous Matty has started writing The Predator. YOU WILL DIE WITH THIS FIC. I swear I feel like I already have. Anyhow, there’s another one that I really like and it’s called Love Is A Kind Of Warfare by bri617 . It is one of the first ETL tropes I read and boy it did not disappoint. Somewhat of ETL trope that’s also really fun to read is  P.S. I hate you by entersomethingcleverhere. Give it a try. It’s interesting and different than your conventional ETL fic, but it’s worth it.

CEO/Assistant AU fic that I really, really like is called  Across The Highs, The Lows, And The In-Betweens by bri617. Seriously CHECK IT OUT. And speaking of which, if you’re into smut read this ceo/assistant canon one shot  Will That Be All, Mr. Queen? by RosieTwiggs. It’s hot. Like super hot, so be warned.

Felicity Merlyn tropes. Yes, I love them, blame me. Okay here are the two of my favourites:  It’s Like Honey When It Washes Over Me by Ciara2531 and Anyone Else But You by javajunkie (not entirely Merlyn but Tommy’s cousin). I haven’t actually finished last one since I read it while it was still WIP but I’m in the process of starting it again.

And now let me give you the list of fics that are just too bloody amazing. Seriously, you should read every single one of them. 

That would be it for now. I know you probably asked me for two or three of my favorite fics but since I was browsing through ao3 page anyways, I thought why not giving a longer list?! I apologize if I forgot someone but these things are usually hard to do. I might update this fic rec eventually, so there’s that.

Note: I still haven’t read new Olicity Big Bang fics and I bet you that there’s bunch of amazing fics in this project too. You can find the masterpost here

Happy reading anon. :)

the thing is, i think it would just be downright cruddy ass storytelling if shiratorizawa doesn’t win

like when karasuno first lost to seijo i was so pleasantly surprised. i had hope that this was a good realistic series with good realistic main character losses. not all main character wins are cheap of course, but in the case of karasuno, they’ve been shown to be struggling, to be just getting their crap together. they may have been huge in the past, but that was with different people. three of karasuno’s regulars are first years, compared to shiratorizawa’s one.

meanwhile, shiratorizawa has been repeatedly shown to be unbeatable. time and time again were we reminded that ushiwakachan is a steamroller, no matter what the opponent does, no matter how cleverly they play, it all doesn’t matter because ushiwakachan will plow through everything. why should karasuno be any different?

i would fully expect shiratorizawa to win this if it wasn’t for the little plot point that karasuno has a rivalry with nekoma and it’s been foreshadowed a lot that they’ll have a showdown, and in order for this to work, they HAVE to get past shiratorizawa…

i really think furudate wrote himself into a corner here, in regards to how much he has hyped shiratorizawa up to be unbeatable. i don’t expect shiratorizawa to win everything always. sometimes they could screw up. it would have been acceptable against say… seijo, who have fought them time and time again. it was a close call last time they faced each other. compared to seijo and shiratorizawa, the current karasuno doesn’t have a lot of experience, but they have at least faced seijo a couple of times before, so it’s fairly believable that they were finally able to beat THEM, but shiratorizawa? it’s their first try and shiratorizawa are machines. just no. if karasuno really are meant to go to tokyo, furudate should a) have changed the matchups so that seijo faced shiratorizawa earlier on, won, and then went on to be beaten by karasuno, or b) hyped shiratorizawa as total powerhouses a teensy bit less. that would still have been eyebrow-raise-worthy, but not as infuriating and cheap.

like, it was just stressed so much that no matter what the opponent thought of, it wouldn’t matter in the end, because ushiwakachan would plow past them…

it is possible that i am underestimating karasuno, sure. but this is the impression i have gotten from reading their story.

so what would happen to the plot if shiratorizawa were to win, if this really is karasuno’s last chance to face nekoma officially? lots of things! we can follow the other teams for a while, see how shiratorizawa fares against nekoma or fukurodani while karasuno watch and go on a metaphorical or even non metaphorical journey to find themselves. time can get fast-forwarded and we can rejoin kageyama and hinata and friends as second-years. they still have ways to go. they don’t need to win anything big yet. and well, if there is one thing i like, it is to take a break from the main characters to give the side characters some time to shine. i think it’s an effective way to make the main characters more tolerable and believable.

if this does not have you convinced shiratorizawa should win, here is my unbeatable one word trump card argument: reon

but actually i am not really looking to convince anyone. just wanted to blow off some steam and voice my opinion!!! good day

So You're making a Fan Session

I’ve wanted to make this for a while now. I notice some people have trouble making fan sessions and I wanted to see if I could help, so I made this.

Have everything written out: Bullshitting a complicated story is the absolute worse thing you can do. Write down little notes in a notebook/journal and try to keep track of where everything is going. This will keep the story on track and help you avoid those nasty plot holes.

Take suggestions from friends with a grain of salt:Are you making a fan session with your friends? Awesome! Are your friends bombarding you with ideas of what their characters should do? Not so awesome…. No one wants to disappoint their friends, but some ideas just don’t work. Try to compromise with them.

God Tier does not mean success:Do you think that just because you go God tier you automatically win the game? No. Remember that there is a time and a place for God Tiers and sometimes its in a doomed timeline.

Don’t dump everything on one person:People have lives, don’t make them do all of the work alone, especially if you aren’t paying them.

Save texts from your friends:Don’t know how to write your friends personality in your session? Check your phone log, you’ll have a whole bunch of references of their personality in different situations.

Everyone has flaws: No one is perfect, it’s okay for your characters to have flaws or insecurities.

Take your time:You and your friends have lives, if you need to take some time away from the fan session then do it. Rushing things will make you resent ever starting this fan session.

It’s okay to have characters with the same god tiers as the ones in Homestuck:God tiers are not first come first serve, they’re based on your personality. If your character happens to fit the same God tier as Dave or Jade, then fine!

Homestuck is always available as a reference:Did you forget something important about the game? Forgot how sprites work? Homestuck probably has your answer somewhere, use it to your advantage.

If your characters are older than 13, you cannot input names:Name inputs are only available on your character’s 13th birthday, afterward they will have their name forever engrained on a name plate.

YOU CAN HAVE MORE THAN ONE STRIFE WEAPON: If you have a specibus portfolio you can have up to 8different strife weapons. It is perfectly okay to have more than one weapon type.

That’s all I can think of right now, hope I helped a bit for anyone wanting to make a fan session!