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Soulmates? // Newt Scamander x Reader

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been gone for so long, haven’t really had much motivation these days, but I hope you enjoy this one! 💛🖤💛🖤


Request: Hello! Could I please request a Newt x reader? I had this idea of a soulmate AU where you and your soulmate share a kind of birth mark on your arms? Could the reader also be Tina and Queenie’s sister? Thank you <3 <3
*Warnings: None


You opened your eyes slowly, glaring slightly at the sun shining through an open window. The reason you did this is because you weren’t the one who had opened the window, for this exact reason, so you gave a small sigh when the light airy voice of your sister could be heard.
“You need to wake up Y/N, I made a lovely breakfast for you before you leave for work, although Tina already left.. luckily I managed to get her to eat something before leaving.” Queenie said with a small giggle which only made you grin and sit up.
“Alright I’ll come eat, just let me wake up a bit more.” You answered, your voice a bit scratchy from waking up. Your hair felt like it was a mess and a yawn left you mouth. While sitting, you leaned back one more time to stretch, your body trying to convince you to lay back down. However your mind told you otherwise so you slowly got to your feet. You brushed off the silk slip you slept in and threw on a robe before heading out to eat.
“There you are, I figured that I’d have to go wake you up one more time.” Queenie laughed while fixing you a plate, as you sat down, she leaned to give you it, your eye going to the birthmark on her arm. Then your thoughts when to your own birthmark. Yours looked slightly like a strange animal, or at least the silhouette of a creature, which you didn’t mind, made for an interesting thought of who you were to be matched with. It made you think of how lovely it would be to finally meet who you’re meant to be with. Your older sister looked up after noticing your thoughts and smiled at you.
“Be patient silly, you’ll meet them some day, after all I think I should be the worried one, I’ve been waiting even longer than you.” She grinned while giving a soft chuckle, which only made you smile as well.
“You’re right.. but either way whoever is matched with you is very lucky, I don’t know what I’ll do without you here one day!” You took a bite of food after speaking, closing your eyes to savor the flavor. Your mind however started to think of what you would do if she weren’t here before shaking your head slightly and smiling at her once more.
“Well Queenie, I have to say this was a very delicious breakfast, and a wonderful start to my day, but I have to get ready if I’m going to make it to work on time. You worked in the magical creatures section at MACUSA. The main reason you choose that section was because you always had an interest in the animals, and the fact that your birthmark looked similar to one just sealed the deal. So after hurrying to get ready and kissing your sister’s cheek goodbye, you set off to work.
“Good morning Y/N” a deeper voice called and you waved when you saw that it was your boss.
“Good morning, how have you been sir?” You asked politely, smiling as you awaited his answer.
“Ah I have been alright, and you?” You replied in a similar way before you both parted ways. Finally reaching your desk, you started getting settled when all of the sudden your sister dragged came running over dragging a man behind her.
“Tina? Who’s this?” You questioned, raising a brow towards her as you studied the man. He was wearing a blue trench coat and rather nice clothes. His face was a home to hundreds of freckles and his eyes which were opened wide in surprise were a type of ocean blue, which contrasted with the light auburn bangs resting on his forehead.
“This Y/N is Newt Scamander, who is in violation to a law about revealing magic to no-majs, he let some of his magical creatures out.” She hissed in a quiet voice.
“I see.. are they alright? I’d hate for a creature to be lost in such a big city.” You questioned, thinking of what you should do.
“Well uh.. I was planning to go looking for them.. until she brought me here..” the man who was supposedly Newt replied.
“I’m sorry if my sister startled you by dragging you here Mr. Scamander, I’m sure we can sort this out easily..” you reached over to grab a few papers, your sleeve rolling up enough to see your birthmark, and all of the sudden Newt froze in place, his eyes locked on the birthmark. You noticed and only glanced at him with a confused look in your eyes.
“Is there something wrong Mr. Scamander?” You questioned, worried he may be going through some type of spasm or something.
“A-ah.. your.. your birthmark.. I-it.. it’s like mine..” he whispered out, his face a bright red. At his words Tina glared, almost mad at him saying he was supposedly your soulmate and she yanked up his sleeve and gave a small gasp at the mark that was found. It was identical to yours, and your face slowly became more and more flushed as your heart started beating and your stomach twisted.
“I see.. well I suppose that means we will be seeing each other a lot more than originally expected.. how about dinner tonight at my place? After this whole mess is sorted out of course.” You replied, your face still a bright red. Tina was standing there still glaring at Newt, most likely assuring him that if he did anything wrong that she’d be the one to act.
“I’d uh.. I’d really enjoy that..” he answered, his voice rather high now that he was flustered.
The answer made you smile and you nodded before looking back down and trying to find the correct paperwork. This day really did turn out so much better than you first expected.

My brother’s computer decided to cough, sputter, and die tonight without any warning (hard drive failure) and it placed the fear of God in my meager human soul. So I’m planning on getting an external hard drive tomorrow to backup all the general important and not-so-important crap on my laptop.

I mean, aside from pictures, and my résumé, the third most important thing is the absolute assload of fic I’ve saved the past… four years or so on there. Thank fuck I switched to Google Docs in the past year, although I should probably back those up as well since you never know when shit’ll happen.

Might slip a few things onto a flash drive I have tonight. Just to get started.

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Why don’t you look in that magical future book. It should tell you.

Friends, Lovers, or Maybe Something in Between (Part 2)

Prompt: best things about the childhood best friends/friends to lovers trope by @adribug

Pairing: Cassian Andor x Reader

Summary: You were both orphans, but in each other you found home.

Tags: fluff, comfort, nice things

Notes: Definitely gonna be 3 parts. 

Word Count: 1,502

Part 1

Part 3

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That small, horrifying second when they thought Jenn had played the HII for the wrong person

☀     Light

Originally posted by koojunhwes

The orange coated sky slowly lost its color and you saw the light fading as the sun bid farewell. It was scary how fast the light abandoned you, just to be embraced by sheer darkness.

Just like that, your feelings left from pleasure to guilt and regret. Your stomach churned.

You had always wondered how it felt like to be kissed by the person you had secretly loved in your heart. But not even once, you had allowed yourself to imagine the most innocent scenario. That it actually had happened, made your heart twitch in excitement just to ache in pain a few seconds after.

He had kissed you, drowned by alcohol and pain. You were a fool to give in, a fool for allowing him to play such trick on your fragile heart. Selfish for wanting it.

And now you were left alone with the mess he left behind while he didn’t even remember the chaos he had justified.


“You’ve been acting weird lately”, Junhoe poked your side, eyeing you for a few seconds before narrowing his eyebrows in confusion. He was trying to read your mind again. Usually it worked because you always gave in; but not this time. You couldn’t.

You couldn’t tell him that he had kissed you, his bestfriend at a party because he had too many drinks caused by the heartache from his ex-girlfriend.

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April 18th,
You said you wrote about us in French class and named it, “Toujours,” which translates over to “Always” in the English language.

April 20th,
You called me to inform me you were leaving home. I had missed the call because I was out driving my drunken father back home. When I got back and saw your missed call, I worried all night. You should have called her. After all, she was your girlfriend. I was just a ghost from the past.

April 22cd,
Your friend texted me to tell me you had made it to school and your were safe. My hands finally stopped shaking.

April 24th,
Even though four days ago I learned she was still your girlfriend and when you told me that you still loved me, and you wanted me back was a big fat lie, when I saw the picture of you two on Instagram, I felt the whole world shake. It felt like you watched as you let her rip my heart out to make it even funnier.

April 26th,
I slept that whole Monday and luckily for me, school was out. The 26th of each month was our special date and it broke every fucking ounce of strength I had to know your lips were pressed against her lips, her body, or even worse, her soul.

April 29th,
It is currently 11:58 p.m. and I am drunk. I want to tear you out of my fucking veins but I feel so goddamn weak without you.

April 30th,
It is now midnight. The end of one day, and the beginning of a new one. I forgive you. I do, but I never want to hear your voice ever again. You’ve made a bigger mess than I was when I met you. I hope she was fucking worth it cause lord knows I must not have been.

—  April hurts.