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Hospital For Souls Part 1

And then I found out how hard it is to really change

Even hell can get comfy once you’ve settled in

I just wanted the numb inside me to leave

No matter how fucked you get

The sun will return and you come back down!

The funny thing is all I ever wanted I already had

There’s glimpses of heaven in every day

In the friends that I have, the music I made

The love that I feel, I just had to start again

Your mind can go places when you are alone I should know. I haven’t had a visitor in months. I have no friends here and I’m a high risk case according to the psychiatrist here. Arkham Asylum is full of people. Murderers. Rapists. Cannibals. Thieves. Insane people. I was none of these things when I first arrived. I was admitted because of a mental disorder. When I got here, thoughts I never had before came to me. Actions I have never done were fulfilled. I said things I had never allowed out of my mouth before. It started a year ago, when I was a intern under Edward Nygma.

He was so sweet and nice. I couldn’t see why everyone was so mean to him. His riddles always got my mind working and his charismatic behavior enthrilled me. He was my first crush. Sure I found guys cute before and I often lusted after them, but Ed made me feel something more. Every time someone insulted him or was rude, I debunked their bad manners. Ed and I evolved into friends. We played video games together and he let me spend the night at his home sometimes when the fighting between my parents prevented me from getting any rest. I asked Ed a question one day,

“Why do people get married Ed? Why do it when more than half the time it ends in violence in this city? You are the smartest guy I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, so you must have an idea.”

He flushed at my compliment and adjusted his glasses,

“I can start a war or end one,
I can give you the strength of heroes or leave you powerless,
I might be snared with a glance,
but no force can compel me to stay;
What am I?”

I knew the answer instantly and I smiled sadly,


Ed was happy that I got the answer right, I usually do but not always right away. I sighed,

“I wish I could remember my parents being in love. All I can remember is their yelling and throwing and late nights when neither of them would come home. I’m 17 for goodness sake. They should be divorced if the love is gone. If nothing can make them love each other, they shouldn’t still be together.”

Ed placed a hand on my shoulder awkwardly,

“I’m sure you are the reason they stayed together. I guess it would be so that you would have both of them in your lives so to speak.”

I shifted on my feet at the thought. Shaking my head, I went to go to his kitchen when I collapsed right to the ground.

My parents didn’t have the money to pay for my medical bills. Without my consent they sent me to this pit and never looked back. Ed didn’t visit. Not even Harvey who looked after me from time to time. I saw in the newspapers that the Wayne family was assassinated, all but their son. While everyone felt sorry for his loss I was happy for the boy. He wouldn’t have to grow up to watch his parents waste their lives away and end up disappointing you. A year in this abyss and I lost my mind.

Perhaps it was always there. Perhaps I always knew it was. Change like this didn’t come easy. I changed from the ambitious girl I was to this volatile woman with an unknown need. I didn’t know if it was the asylum that caused my change, but this carnal desire to harm everything in sight just became my only activity. I attacked guards who ran their mouths too much around me. I attacked other patients. I almost killed a few. The solution the asylum came up with was to put me in solitary. I guess they didn’t know that silence is also violent. I screamed after 2 days in solitary. I learned afterwards that they kept me in for a week and a half. My psychiatrist thought it would help me, but it only made me hate her. She allowed me to be locked in a cage by myself. I wanted to gouge her eyes out with that bloody red pen she kept jotting notes on her notepad with. Her diagnosis was that I was mentally unstable and shouldn’t have much interaction with the other patients.

Then he came. Red hair. Contagious smile. His body dripping with pride as he was escorted to the recreational room. I saw him long before he was me. He was hard to miss. His face stood out unlike all the others. He wore a smile like I had never seen and his ego was not swayed in the slightest by his knew home. His calculating eyes scanned the room but never found me. No no. I can see everyone, they can’t see me. I’m in the room, but they can’t see me.

Because we all walk alone on an empty staircase

Idle in the halls and nameless faces

I am powerless

Everybody wants to go to heaven

But nobody wants to die

I can fear death no longer

I’ve died a thousand times

At least that’s how it all was supposed to go. Next thing I know, a body is next to mine. Sitting directly beside me. I could feel determined eyes glued to my face and my hands started twitching. My eyes rolled to look to my left hand side. There he was. Smiling at my face with a wide grin. His eyes bright with curiosity. It was his eyes that made my hands twitch. I got lost in them for a moment. My non-expressive stare didn’t effect him.

“Hello, goregous. I’m Jerome.”

I said nothing. I hadn’t said a word since I got here a year ago. My only vocalizations nowadays is growls and purrs. But to Jerome, I said nothing. He leaned towards my face and said,

“It’s rude to not introduce yourself you know. I gave you my name, I should at least know the name to your beautiful face.”

My hands twitched again at his words. All activities stopped in the room. Jerome finally looked away from me. Turning his head to scan the room again, I got a good view of his neck. I could she his veins pulsating as he turned and I growled lightly. His head snapped back to me and he looked confused for a moment that I had changed my position in the short moments he looked away. I was now on my palms and feet in my chair, staring him down. I waited for him to move. Instinct driving over my mind as I waited for him to act like prey or to move at all. Any excuse would too. A patient suddenly called out,

“Someone get the guards quick. She’ll most likely kill this one.”

Jerome’s eyes never left mine at the comment. He was frozen still, like he knew it would trigger me. Another patient started crying,

“Where are the guards? She’ll rip his throat open like she did to Mickey. He’s still in recovery. I doubt this one would make it, he’s all skin and bones.”

Then more began to murmer,

“She’s crazy.”

“A cannibal.”

“No, she never tries to eat anyone, only maim or just kill. I should know. I’m an actual cannibal.”

“I heard the boy killed his mother with a hatchet. Bet he wishes he had it right about now.”

“Oh please, like he stands a chance. I bet you $100 she kills him.”

“Isn’t betting what got you in this place, shut up.”

“Whatever, I haven’t seen this bitch in action since they last out her in solitary. It’ll be entertaining to watch her mangle someone again.”

But to everyone’s disappointment, the guards came in and surrounded Jerome and I. My gaze daring him to move now. One of the guards started to speak, he was a nice guy, shouldn’t be working in this hellhole. But nice. I knew why he was speaking, he was the only guard I never attacked.

“Come on Lya. You’ve been doing good for a while now. Do you really want to break you streak?”

I didn’t respond, only tilted my head slightly, still waiting for Jerome to make his move so I could make mine. I suddenly smiled and shifted in my seat, sitting back down and leaning my head back. My gaze now on the ceiling as I held my hands up in the air. A different guard approached me with handcuffs. They were going to escort me to my cell. But I wasn’t through just yet. I wanted to feel something. Pain and cause it. When the guard was close enough, I rapidly found my body wrapped around his.

Hold me close, don’t let go, watch me

Hold me close, don’t let go, watch me

Hold me close, don’t let go, watch me

In this hospital for souls

Hold me close, don’t let go, watch me

Hold me close, don’t let go, watch me

Hold me close, don’t let go, watch me

In this hospital for souls

The guards eyes and mine locked and I saw shock and lust in his eyes for a split moment. All was quiet in the room as time seemed to slow down. Unwrapping my arms from around his neck, I used my body weight to arch my torso downwards and towards Jerome who also stared. The force of my body caused the guard to flip and go hurling into the wall behind Jerome as I did a complete backflip. On my feet, my stance was crouched and ready to fight. Time still moved slow as I moved onto another guard. My nails raked across his face as I kicked another in his torso. Time sped up and I fought three guards at once. My furiosity driving me to fight animal-like. All the while, Jerome watched with an insane smile on his face. I screamed as I felt multiple tasers hit my side but didn’t stop fighting. All three men were down on the ground in agony and bleeding. I was about to attack more guards when I felt something prick my skin. Pulling it out from my neck, a tranquilizer dart. I faintly heard Jerome laughing as I screamed in fury as my eyes began to blur.

By time I got out of solitary again, Jerome did not approach me, but instead watched from afar. A week passed and he made no move to talk to me. I sighed audibly and got up from my usual spot in the room. All eyes snapped to me as I made my way to the table were the red head was talking with his buddies. His back to me, he slowly turned and watched me approach. I saw caution in his eyes. I sat next to him, facing him sideways. My hand went into his hair without his permission and I felt its softness. His head was turned to me and we made eye contact,

“My name is Lyanna Grimm. Pleasure to make your aquaintence Jerome.”

He smiled now and opened his mouth,

“You held back that day. As much as you fought, you held back from killing them.”

My fingers gripped his hair firmly,

“I don’t kill my toys. It makes it so much more fun to watch them squirm in fear of me. They’d never expect a straight A honor student to turn out insane and capable of having them at her feet within seconds. It’s fun.”

“Well, Lya, I haven’t had may toys in my lifetime, but I’ll take your word”

guys I’m crying so hard over this because,,

1. both jungkook and namjoon’s favorite movie is ‘Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind’ and.. I’m just imagining namjoon and kookie watching it together under the blankets eating popcorn and having psychological talks.. jungkook must be learning so much from namjoon this is actually so cute and nice hng

2. Jimin’s Favorite movie is THE NOTEBOOK this man is definitely boyfriend material


Teddy called me today and said he was coming over to take me shopping.  He told me since he was taking me shopping all I would need to be wearing was a dress and heels.  So i took a shower careful not to cum got dressed and waited for Teddy to show up.  He pulled up about 11:00 and this time he didn’t call me to come out he came inside.  He then told me that before he took me shopping he needed to cum and told me to get on my knees Then right in the hallway i dropped to my knees and took his semi hard cock out and  start sucking.  He started fucking my mouth the closer he got. Then just as he was cumin he just  held my head and shot a nice big load down my throat.  I cleaned up his  cock and balls with my tongue and zipped him up and we left.  I thought he was taking me to the mall but instead drove out on the island a little more and we stopped at this adult store called Sugar.  I was little shocked but teddy said a friend of a friend works in the store and they have good selection of outfits.  The more we walked around the store with all the dildos and vibrators i was getting pretty horny.  Teddy picked out 4 outfits for me, bodysuit. maid, teal satin teddy and red sheer body suit.  When teddy found his friend they talked for a while and when we went to the front of the store teddy told me the dressing room were in the back. He said he wanted to see how they fit before we bought them. I took the maid outfit and went into the dressing room it was basically a apron with sheer skirt, sheer bra and bowtie. When i got the outfit on I called teddy in the dressing room.  He called back to me it too dark in the dressing room to come outside that there was a little area that i could model it for him. When i walked out no only was teddy there but so was his friend.  Teddy told me to walk around and the both made comments how hot and sexy i looked in the outfit.  Teddy made me turn around and bend over so they could get a good view.  I went to go back inside and teddy told me to put on the red one next.  This one was a long wrap that was very sheer and a velvet thong nothing else.  When I cam back out I noticed there was another customer who was there was standing watching me also Teddy told me to walk around this time it was a little more around the store.  The next was the teal teddy, it was black and teal satin teddy with sheer thong and stocking.  When i came out there were even more guy just standing there watching me.  Again teddy told me to walk around and the guys started clapping.  The last outfit was the black body  suit.  Well not really a suit, it was a mesh body suit and nothing else.  I didn’t want to come out with that one but i was feeling very horny.  When i cam over there were 7 guys and teddy just waiting for me.  I walked around the all of them and then when i got back to teddy they all started clapping.  Then teddy told me i should thank them all for being so nice with a hug.  each guy walked up to me and gave me a hug and I told them thank you.  After the guys went back to shopping teddys friend came up behind me and gave me a hug, his hand went right on my breasts, he  kissed my neck and then turned me around and told me that this outfit was on the house he then when to kissing my ear and neck a few minutes longer  all while feeling up my tits and one hand getting down on my pussy.  Teddy had a big smile on his face.  When i went back into the room to get undressed teddy followed me in the room.  Before i even took off the outfit Teddy had his cock out and was hard.  He bend me over the chair and gave me a fuck that was soo good, his cock was soo hard.  As I was about to cum a second time i would see in the mirror that his friend was watching from behind the curtain.  I think it made me cum the second time as teddy was filling my pussy with his cum know he was watching.  We went to the front of the store teddy paid for the outfits and told him we will be back for more outfits soon.  All the way home he just kept telling me how hot i am and what a great fuck i am.

Some of the entries of Iwa, Oikawa, Mattsun and Makki’s group journal after Seijou lost to Karasuno.

26 October 2015 / Oikawa

We lost.

26 October 2015 / Iwaizumi

Shittykawa Oikawa, we’re all proud of you. I am proud of you. You have been the best friend, the best partner and the best captain. Keep your head up because looking down… it’s not you. The stars are up there.

Be a star.

26 October 2015 / Hanamaki

We’re still winners, captain. Thank you for those 3 years!

26 October 2015 / Matsukawa

You guys are the best friends I could ask for and Oikawa, thank you for showing us greatness.

And we have some other people who’d like to sign this journal (─‿‿─)

26 October 2015 / Yahaba

Thank you for trusting me with the team, sempai! I’ll try my best for your sake! I’ll be a setter and a captain you can be proud of.

26 October 2015 / Watari

You kept a straight face for us and we cannot be more thankful for having you all as upperclassmen. You all are forever Seijou.

Leave it to us!

26 October 2015 / Kyoutani


We won’t lose.

26 October 2015 / Kunimi

Thank you, sempai.

26 October 2015 / Kindaichi

We’ll get stronger, we’ll go to nationals! Just come watch us next year!

26 October 2015 / Yuda, Shido & Sawauchi

You’re winners!

26 October 2015 / Oikawa

You guys.. (ಥ﹏ಥ)


27 October 2015 / Oikawa

Since the journal is staying with me this Saturday, I’ll brief you all - Karasuno won (even though I wanted both teams to lose).

BUT!!! I took photos of Ushiwaka-chan’s face when Shiratorizawa lost. I’ll print them and stick them here for you to enjoy.


27 October 2015 / Iwaizumi 

You’re one evil shit. 

And guys, we should NEVER do nice things for Oikawa ever again. Yesterday he didn’t stop crying for a whole hour then declined going to sleep until I agreed to stay over.

29 October 2015 / Hanamaki

I’m going to hell for laughing at those photos.

And btw, it was all ~your~ idea, Iwaizumi.

29 October 2015 / Matsukawa

Yep, yep :3

Hiro, look at our ace pretending he didn’t enjoy every second of it (¬‿¬ )

29 October 2015 / Oikawa

It was Iwa-chan’s idea??? 


I’m coming over tonight!

σ(≧ε≦σ) ♡

29 October 2015 / Hanamaki

They have 0 subtlety.

29 October 2015 / Matsukawa

Yep, yep.

29 October 2015 / Iwaizumi

You guys can fuck off.

29 October 2015 / Matsukawa

Ah, young love ~

(Ah I guess I’ll make this into series, you can follow the group journal tag for more. This was more on the serious side, but Aoba Johsai are an amazing team and they all support each other and respect their captain so I thought what if they all sign the journal?)

A dream come true (2)

Pairing: Chris Evans x reader

Words: 1703

A/N: Hi there people!! Sorry this took so long but I’m still drowned in exams… Anyway, I managed to write this second part and the lovely @kbrand0 helped me correcting my mistakes and now… here it is!! Enjoy!!

Previous parts: Part 1

Tags: @spnwriting1 @avidfanficwriter @blacktithe7 @jerkbitchidjitassbutt and @cassjoream (if you wanna be added or removed from this list let me know!)

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

“You’re kidding right?” asked Jade after telling her about the incident with Chris Evans.

“No! He run after me to give me back that damn condom!” your friend laughed hysterically making  you blush while everybody in the bar looked in your direction.

“The positive side of this is that now he knows you practice safe sex… he might be interested…” she teased.

“God stop! I’ve never been so ashamed in my life! This is not how I should have met him” you cried.

“OK, OK, I’m partly sorry” she said.

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His Last Vow Sherlolly and Sherlock Meta

This is kind of a mess, but I see a lot of sad Sherlolly fans and people who think Sherlock went back on all his character development, and I don’t agree. I think this episode was a Sherlolly holding pattern, but it loses NO ground, and in fact I think even gains ground for the ship.

So let me try to nudge you guys in the right direction on all this:

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You Are Watching: GHOST KING (part 4)

Once dinner rolled around Nico felt a bit nervous to bring up the conversation at lunch, but he knew that if he didn’t bring it up he would have to face the wrath of Hazel……never again.

Last time that happened she nearly broke his nose, all because he accidentally ripped the arm of her doll off when they were younger, it was about a month after she had moved in with them. But that was a long time ago.

“Nico? Are you okay honey?” Persephone asked as she passed him the garlic bread, he gratefully took one and gave his step mom a small smile.

“M'good. I actually wanted to talk to you all about something.”

That got everyone’s attention. Hazel looked at him expectantly with an eager smile, she had been waiting for a whole what? 3 hours?, Bianca set down her fork and looked at with with a curious smile, as did Persephone, his father raised an eyebrow at him and gave him a look that said, ‘go on.’

Nico cleared his throat before he began, “Well at lunch today my friend Will-”

“That blond one?” Persephone interrupted.

“Yes. Anyways-”

“Isn’t he Apollo’s boy?” His father this time.

“Yeah, but anyways-”

“He’s nice dad. Nothing like his dad.” Bianca reassured after noticing the look of distaste on her father’s face.

“Anyways!” Nico said louder with a slight pout. Thankfully that got their attention yet again. “Anyways….during lunch Will was watching the first episode of Ghost King, and he made a comment about how Ghost King should have a TV show. Well everyone really liked the idea, then Piper said her father would probably be more than happy to help set it up if, you know, Ghost King would ever want to….and I wanted to know what you guys think. So?”

It was quiet for all of two seconds before the table became a frenzy of talking over one another. Nico couldn’t make out what anyone was saying, but could see smiles.

Hades helped regain control as he cleared his throat and looked at his son. “It’s a big step from that You Tub son.”

“It’s YouTube dad! And that sounds like so much fun Nico!” Hazel exclaimed excitedly as she leaned over the table and grabbed his hands.

“That’s a big responsibility Nico.” Bianca reasoned as she sat sideways in her chair to look at her younger brother.

“But it would be a better option than him staying up so late to shoot his videos. Those bags are getting worse!” Persephone voiced in as she too leaned over the table and grasped Nico’s cheeks to get a closer look at him.

Nico felt himself blush, his family was always like this….well not always…..but he liked how it was now, even if his family loved to embarrass him, and they were a bit handsy, especially Persephone, but he honestly loved it. He loved that he got along with her now, he loved the fact that Bianca came back from that camp she went to even though it seemed she wouldn’t come back after the death of their mother, he loved that his dad was around more, and he loved that he gained another sister. It was wonderful.

He could see his dad holding back his laughter.

“Sephy, Darling, let him go.”

Persephone pouted but let his poor cheeks go. “I’m just saying.”

Hades smiled fondly at his wife before looking at his son once again. “Bianca and Persephone are both right. It would be a lot easier on you, what with an actual set programming time, you are losing a lot of sleep, and it also will be a bigger responsibility. But it’s your choice Nico.”

Nico smiled but the smile slipped off his face when he began to think about it in detail. “It would be great…..but wouldn’t making it a show make people even more skeptical, I go to great lengths to show just how real everything I experience is….I just don’t want people to doubt it.”

“People are always going to be skeptical Nico.” Bianca spoke up as she placed a comforting hand on his shoulder and gave it a soft squeeze. “You can’t please everyone.”

“Your sister is right, whatever you choose to do, just know we’re behind you every step of the way.” His father said with a slight smile.

“I think….I think I’ll do it. Or at least discuss it with Mr. McLean. I’ll just have to keep the voice modifier on when I talk to him.” Nico mused out loud.

Dinner carried on after that with the usual, ‘how’s school?’, or ‘how’s work?’ Just stuff like that. It was nice, and dinner had been great, probably because Bianca cooked….no offense to Persephone, but that woman could not cook for her life.

Back in his room, Nico took in a deep breath and called Piper.

“Pipes? Hey. I’ve got a question to ask.”

(( I imagine Hades always calling Modern Apps or technology by the wrong names, he tries to be the cool hip dad but he’s just clueless.))
Dating Yoon Jeonghan.

- you guys are pretty much a beauty salon 

- like honestly, you’re either doing his makeup (after much protesting) or his hair and he’s even given your makeup a shot a few times

- yeah, never again

- you ended up with mascara in your hair

- you co-mother all 11 of your children and s coups has to decide where he fits in the family anymore

- he’s probably just the god father that watches over all of you now that you’ve stepped in as co-parent

- people like to think of jeonghan as this super perfect little angel which, don’t get me wrong, he is

- but he can also be g r e a s y

- what you presume is innocent cuddling does not translate to innocent cuddling for jeonghan

- just saying

- but lots of butterfly kisses!! 

- you guys will just be laying in bed on top of the covers

- and your face will be cradled right next to his and his eyelashes tickle your cheek and he starts laughing and his hair is sprawled out perfectly and wow? angel?

- your entire relationship is super intimate

- like, not always in that way, but just everything is very close

- jeonghan likes to hold you in his arms a lot, he just revels in the feeling of protecting you

- he’s not really one to get jealous, you guys hold a very strong trust in each other

- he’ll text you when he’s out on tour and send you little audio clips of him singing your favorite songs

- he also picks you flowers a lot

- like, he’ll come home from walking with the boys to a cafe and he’ll have like, three daisies in his hand and he’s all babe, these reminded me of you

- still uses cheap pick up lines on you

- “do you believe in love at first sight, or should i walk by again?”

- “jeonghan. we’ve been dating for 8 months”

- lots of getting to watch the vocal unit practice! it’s super nice

- he says that you just kind of help calm the mood down so if woozi is ever really stressed, jeonghan’s just kinda bringing you along

- he says it’s something in the way you just sit there that brightens the whole room 

- and aw that’s so cute :’) but really that’s cheesy as hell stop it 

- lots of watching dramas together and lots of you guys crying

- also, you guys play this game where you put on lip gloss and he tries to guess the flavor lmao

- that’s ended very nicely for you a few times

- but honestly you guys are so cheesy and no matter if he gets mistaken for a girl from the back sometimes, you guys still work so well together because there’s a very strong bond in your relationship

- all im saying is he <3s u a lot

Showcase of Love

Pairing: Donghyuk X Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,542

Request: Hi bby! Can you please write a fluffy scenario where you are ikon donghyuk girlfriend and the other members don’t know it but during dance practice they see the hickeys he gave you and tease you about it? Pretty please? - anonymous

You slowly pulled down your big red scarf to reveal small purple spots on your neck. At first, the marks on your skin freaked you out a little bit. It was the first time that your boyfriend had kissed and sucked on your skin hard enough to leave the surprise the next morning, but when you remembered how nice it felt the night before as well as his whispers of “I love you’s,” you did not think that it was a big deal anymore.

Though you weren’t sure how long the hickies would linger, you decided that it was best to cover them up from before you stepped out. You stared a little longer at the love bites Donghyuk left before you pulled your scarf back up again to cover them. “This should be good enough,” you told yourself before putting on your shoes, getting ready to leave the house.

You quickly made your way to the YG building where Donghyuk told you to meet him before any fans caught you. Whenever you were free, Donghyuk always asked you to stop by and watch him and his members practice. Afterwards, if there was time, all of you would go out to dinner together to hang out like how other young people did.

As soon you arrived to iKON’s practice room, you knocked on the door loud enough for them to hear before opening it and entering. The melody of “Apology” was playing, and the boys were still dancing as they took a second to glance at who was at the door. Spotting you from the mirror, the other members greeted you. “(Y/N)!” they all yelled in unison, making you smile. Donghyuk stepped out from the formation to hurry over to you. His smile grew wide as he petted your hair. “Sorry I left without saying anything this morning,” he apologized, giving you a quick kiss on the lips.

You felt his soft lips touch yours for a second before he pulled away. Your front teeth bit the bottom of your lip, tugging at the skin from shyness and happiness. “It’s fine,” you told him as you moved the wet strand of hair that was sticking to his forehead. “I know you had to get to practice.”

Donghyuk then noticed the thick scarf around your neck, and his eyes widened. He also seemed to have been remembering last night’s make-out session. “It… It doesn’t hurt, does it?” Donghyuk asked softly, referring to the hickies. Your felt your heart warm at his concern. You shook your head, confirming that you did not feel any pain.

Donghyuk let out a sigh of relief before his hand reached down to yours and lead you over to the small couch to sit. “There’s still about four hours of practice. If you have anywhere to go, you should go.”

“It’s fine,” you assured. “I already did all of my morning errands. I have to watch my nephews at my older sister’s house at eight in the evening, so until then, I can just stay here. I’ll even run to the convenience store to get you guys snacks.”

“Junhoe says that we should go get ginseng chicken soup for dinner later,” Dongyuk stated. “Is that alright with you?”

“I’m down,” you agreed, and Donghyuk let out a bright laugh.

“You’re so cute.”

Soon, Donghyuk returned to practice, and you leaned back comfortably on the couch to watch the members go over their choreography over and over again. Their moves were executed nicely from all those hours of dancing. It was rare for you to see them joke around during practice time. Even the amount of sweat they perspired showed the amount of hard work they put into their career. It made you feel proud as a friend, girlfriend and fan.

Watching them practice for hours undeniably made you grow bored though, so there would be times when you would be on your phone. There were only so many times that you were able to watch them perform the same songs in one sitting. At times when you looked back up to observe Donghyuk, he would take a glimpse at you and then give you a cute wink.

Three hours went by before the company’s choreographer decided to give them a short break. Groans of tiredness were heard, and everyone laid flat on the floor to catch their breaths. “You guys are working hard,” you complimented as you took a seat besides a sweaty Donghyuk. As you started to wipe his sweat with a towel, you spoke to the others. “Should I run to the convenience store to get some ice cream now?”

“Can you get us some drinks, too, (Y/N)?” Jinhwan politely asked in between his heavy breathing.

“Also something to fill our stomachs for the next hour,” Bobby suggested as he ran his fingers through his messy hair. “Triangle kimbap, maybe?”

You nodded your head and began to stand up. “I’ll be right back then,” you told them. Donghyuk stood up a second later after you.

“Do you want me to come with you?” he offered only to have you turn down his request.

“I’ll be right back.” You smiled and grabbed your bag from the couch before leaving to buy food to help the members gain some more energy.

The guys applauded you as soon as you returned with a bag of snacks and handed them out to everyone. “As expected, (Y/N) is the best,” Yunhyeong praised as he took an ice cream. “When you think of the heat, it’s definitely ice cream.”

“It really is hot in here,” you said, adjusting your scarf so that you would not suffocate in the room. Trying to keep cool, you also took the elastic hairband on your wrist and tired your hair into a ponytail.

Just then you heard someone coughing as if he had choked on his ice cream which made you jump in surprised. You turned to find B.I to be the culprit. Your eyes widened. “Are you okay?” you asked.

B.I waved his hands, not able to answer. He then pointed to you, causing you to be confused. Everyone else glanced over to see what B.I was pointing at. “What are you looking…” you began to say when you looked down and remembered what exactly they could be looking at.

Dang it.

“Don’t look!” Jinhwan suddenly shouted as he put his hands over Chanwoo’s eyes. “You’re still young.”

Bobby could not help but burst into laughter. “Oh my gosh, (Y/N). Did Donghyuk do that to you?!”

Your cheeks flushed red from embarrassment, and you wanted to find a hole to crawl into.

“You guys must have been very productive last night,” Yuhyeong commented. Even though his voice sounded normal, you were able to find a bit of teasing in his remark.

“Donghyuk truly is an adult now,” B.I joked with a wiggle in his brows.

“Oh, guys. Please stop,” you groaned, covering your face, wanting all them to stop poking fun at you.

Junhoe gave you and Donghyuk a look before asking, “Did you two…do it?”

“NO!” Both you and Donghyuk answered at the same time. The rest of the members laughed in unison.

“Ok! Break time is over!” Donghyuk said out loud as he jumped up from the floor. “Come on guys. We still another hour of practice.”

You quickly stood up, wrapping your scarf back around your neck and removing your hairband so that your hair fell back over your shoulders. It no longer mattered whether the practice room was hot or not. It did not match the heat from your cheeks.

“Look at him trying to change the subject,” Bobby laughed, but he and the other members also knew that their break was over because they stood up, too.

Thinking that you would be unable to face the members’ teasing looks for another hour as well as the return of the subject about your hickies at dinner, you figured that it was time to go. “I…I have to leave a little earlier today,” you said, slowly making your way towards the door.

“You’re not going to go out and have dinner with us?” Junhoe asked, raising a brow. “You’re not escaping, right?”

“No. I just can’t today. Sorry,” you apologized. “I’ll treat you all next week, okay? I just have to babysit for my older sister today.”

Before anyone else could say a word, you quickly waved goodbye. “I’m leaving now!” you said and then closed the door behind you.

Donghyuk sent you a text right after you reached outside of the company.

DongDong ♥: I thought you said that you were babysitting at 8??

You: I am. But I can’t just sit with your members while they know that I have… you know… ><

DongDong ♥: Oh…. Sorry ;; But I wanted to have dinner w/ you ;;

You: Don’t be sorry! Just come by later after I’m done babysitting <3

DongDong ♥: So I can give you more kisses? ;)


Even though you were a little flustered by his response, you could not help but laugh. You promised to yourself that next time the same thing was to happen, you would be more careful about hiding the marks.

anonymous asked:

maybe a water park one-shot? i just watched the way way back and the guy has black hair and green/blue eyes and the girl has blonde wavy hair and is tan and all I could think was PERCABETH lol but they are too young. anyway. a waterpark au? =D

If It’s Worth Your Time / 700 words

Annabeth is a lifeguard. Percy is a welcome distraction from her job.

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Romantic Crap (Yugyeom Scenario)

Originally posted by jackandjael

Member: Yugyeom

Genre: Fluff

Word count: 325

“Oh! This is my favorite part!”, you squealed clutching your pillow to your chest.

You and Yugyeom were watching a cheesy rom-com in your bedroom. It was movie night and it was your turn to choose. You two laid on your stomachs with your heads at the edge of the bed. You kept a watchful eye on Yugyeom since he would doze off every couple of minutes. You pinched his arm.

“Ah!”, Yugyeom screamed.

“Pay attention! It’s getting good!”

“This movie is so predictable. Why do you watch this junk?”, Yugyeom leaned his head on your shoulder.

“It is not junk! You just don’t understand romance!”

Yugyeom lifted up his head.

“You call this crap ‘romance’?”, he retorted.

“It’s not crap and yes, I do! Why? You don’t?!”

“No, I don’t. These movies are a compilation of guys doing the same romantic gestures over and over again. It’s never realistic.”, Yugyeom glared at the t.v screen.

“Then tell me how you would’ve made this movie ‘realistic’?”    

“The guy wouldn’t have been a jerk in the beginning. He should’ve been a nice, young man. The girl should be powerful and assertive instead of whiny and ditsy. The guy was shy meeting the girl but she helped him open up to her. They became friends quickly and the guy fell for the girl. It took him a while to confess but he eventually did. He confessed to her while they were at a park and she laughed at how many times he had to say it to get the words right. There were times they fought and disagreed. They doubted the other’s faithfulness and got jealous over stupid things. They even thought about breaking up. But in the end everything worked out and they were still together. And the guy loved her more everyday even if she watched lame rom-coms.”

You turned to look at Yugyeom.    

“Every love story is beautiful but ours is my favorite.”

Home Run

Title: Home Run

Fandom: BTS (Bangtan Boys), Suga/Jin (or at least the start of)

Summary: For anon’s prompt,

I just watched the Song For You ep with BTS and with the talk about baseball, I thought it would be cute if you could do a jin/any(all) High School au where everyone is on the baseball team (except for Jin) and they start to develop crushes on the guy (Jin) that sits on the bleachers doing his hw during their practices.

Notes: This is a really recent prompt but it was so cute that I just couldn’t resist. Hope you like, anon!

Every day after baseball practice, Yoongi looks up, and he’s there without fail, sitting on the bleachers with a textbook on his lap. “He’s kind of cute,” Jimin mumbles, glancing up at the same direction Yoongi is. “Kind of pretty.”

He is. He’s kind of the type to get a lot of attention in an all-boys school. Yoongi’s seen him around school a couple of times, and remembers he got a lot of candy on White Day, the day boys give girls chocolates. He’s not girly looking, just… pretty. He looks neat and proper, too, school uniform perfect in every way. “Taehyung tried talking to him.” Jimin adds, and Yoongi raises an eyebrow. “I think he confused him.” 

“Who doesn’t Taehyung confuse?” Yoongi snorts, his eyes still on the boy. He hasn’t raised his head once during Jimin and his observation, or even stopped writing, and Yoongi suddenly wants to see what his handwriting’s like. He wonders if it’s all neat and pretty just like the writer.  

“We should invite him to eat with us,” Jimin says, glancing at the boy. “Do you think he has a boyfriend?” 

Yoongi shrugs with a shoulder, picking up his duffel bag and glancing back at the boy. The boy looks up at the same exact time, and their eyes meet. Yoongi freezes, but the corner of the boy’s eyes crinkle in a smile and his heart skips a beat. The boy turns his attention back to his homework, and Yoongi looks back at Jimin, but Jimin doesn’t seem to have caught the exchange. “Maybe later.” 


Yoongi rubs his hands on his pants and makes his way over to the bleachers. “Hey,” he says, and the boy, a textbook on his lap as always, looks up.  

“Hi,” the boy says, smiling, and Yoongi means to look at his nametag to see his name except he can’t take his eyes off the boy’s smile. He shifts some of his papers so Yoongi can sit. 

“I smell sweaty. Uh, am sweaty.” 

“It’s okay. I don’t mind.” The boy says, smiling brightly, and Yoongi feels his heart skip a beat again. He sits and glances at the boy’s paper. The writing is a neat and round and perfectly shaped, just like the writer, just like Yoongi imagined. “You guys practice really hard. No wonder our school team is so good.” 

Yoongi shrugs. “And you study really hard.” 

The boy laughs, and Yoongi keeps getting distracted from his nametag. “I just do homework. It’s relaxing here, you know? My mom says I should be at a desk, but I like it better here, especially when it’s nice out. Plus, I like watching you guys play. You guys look like you’re having so much fun.” 

“Do you play? Or know how?” 

The boy shakes his head, and his brown hair flies around. He tosses his head a little at the end to get his bangs out of his eyes. “Oh, no. I’m terrible at anything that involves physical activity. I’d trip over myself. I’m always the first one out whenever we play dodgeball during gym class. I never really followed baseball, either, but watching you guys is fun.” 

Yoongi looks up when Namjoon calls him name, beckoning him over and motioning break is over. He stands, and finally manages to glance at the boy’s nametag. Kim Seokjin. Blue meant third year, just like Yoongi. “Name’s Yoongi.” 

“I know,” Seokjin laughs, “it’s on the back of your shirt.” 

Oh. Right. Yoongi’s forgotten. He turns to go, and then turns back. “Hey, we get dinner after practice. Want to come with?” 

Seokjin looks surprised. “With the baseball team?” 

“It won’t be the entire team. Just me, Namjoon, Hoseok, Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook. We always eat together. We’d like it if you came. We see you all the time, sitting here.” 

Seokjin smiles again, and Yoongi thinks it should be illegal for someone like Seokjin to smile so often. “Okay, if you don’t mind.” 

Yoongi nods, and Namjoon calls him again and he turns to run back to practice. Jimin and Taehyung crowd him almost immediately. “What did you say? What did he say? Did you get his name? What was he like?”

“I asked him if he wanted to come to dinner with us. He said yes.” 

Jimin and Taehyung let out quite possibly the least manly squeal Yoongi’s ever heard from either one of them. 


Yoongi goes over after showering to find Seokjin still on his homework. “Sorry,” Seokjin says, looking up. “I’m almost done.” 

“Take your time. Jungkook and Hoseok take forever in the shower.” Yoongi sits next to Seokjin, glancing at the papers. “Do you take all honors classes?”

“Yeah, and it’s – it’s a lot of work,” Seokjin sighs, long fingers gripped around an eraser as he neatly rubs out the last part of his paper. “I wish I didn’t. Then I’d have more free time. But my mother..” He trails off and shakes his head. “Never mind. I guess it’s about the same amount of work as you guys have, with practice running so long. At least my mother doesn’t make me go to cram schools. They never worked for me.” He finishes up the equation, numbers written in perfect, uniform shape and size, and carefully places the paper in his folder. 

Namjoon walks up, dusting the water out of his hair. “Hi,” Namjoon grins. “I’m Namjoon.”

“I know,” Seokjin smiles. “You get caught by the disciplinary committee all the time because of your hair. I’m on it.”  

Namjoon grins at him. “I knew you looked familiar. Gonna give me a warning?” 

“No,” Seokjin chuckles. “I’m not on duty right now.” He packs up the last of his papers, and the rest of the team shows up. Yoongi introduces Seokjin to everyone, but he feels kind of awkward doing it, since he’s just met Seokjin himself. But Seokjin doesn’t seem to care, just smiles at everyone and dusts his pants off as he stands. 

“You should play with us,“ Hoseok gushes, taking Seokjin's left side as they walk to the nearest Chinese restaurant. "We don’t always practice for games. Plenty of times where we just play for fun." 

Seokjin laughs and blushes a little. "Oh, I can’t. I’m horrible at anything that involves physical coordination." 

Jungkook snickers. "So is Namjoon-sunbae, but he’s our captain. He manages, somehow." 

"Hey," Namjoon protests, punching Jungkook's shoulder, but grins at Seokjin. "Yeah, it’s no problem learning. You could come on Wednesdays; that’s when we play with anyone who wants to come. It’s good practice for us, too." 

Seokjin's blush is sprinkled prettily across his cheekbones and his ears are burning a bright red under his hair. Yoongi could stare at him blushing all day and not get bored. "I don’t even know the rules, to be honest."  

Jimin pops up at that, walking backward and talking animatedly about the game rules. Seokjin looks amused at how Jimin can maneuver himself so well backward, stepping out of obstacles without even looking. "We walk this way so often that he knows where everything is," Hoseok explains, when Seokjin opens his mouth to warn Jimin of the trash can but Jimin neatly steps aside before he can.  

Seokjin looks actually interested in learning the rules. Yoongi doesn’t think it’s just polite curiosity, since Seokjin's actually asking Jimin about what happens in cases and they’re getting pretty detailed. In fact, he’s getting so detailed that Jimin has to sometimes turn to Namjoon for answers, and sometimes none of them have the answers. "I never thought so in depth about rules," Namjoon admits, laughing and pushing the door to the restaurant open. "We just play, to be honest, and let the umpire make the decisions." 

Seokjin looks a little embarrassed. "That makes sense. Sorry, I know I’m no fun."  

"No, that was fun," Taehyung grins, plopping on the seat next to Seokjin. There’s a mad scramble and Hoseok manages to take the other seat, grinning broadly at Seokjin. Seokjin doesn’t seem to notice, and Yoongi slips quietly into the seat right across Seokjin.  

"I didn’t know there was a place here," Seokjin says, looking around the restaurant. It’s past dinnertime and there aren’t that many people, but the restaurant is still pleasantly rowdy. "Actually, I guess I don’t really know any of the places around school. I just go home right away.” He looks a little sad, but snaps out of it immediately when the owner of the restaurant comes out, holding a plate of fried dumplings even though they didn’t order. Seokjin looks a little confused. 

“We’re here often enough, so auntie always gives us a treat," Taehyung explains, reaching over to grab one. Namjoon slaps the back of his hand with chopsticks and takes one first. 

"My favorite boys.” The owner smiles at them. “New member?" 

"Maybe?" Hoseok grins. "The usual, auntie. Seokjin-sunbae, what do you like? Jjajangmyun? Jjambbong? Fried rice?" 

"Oh, anything is good." Seokjin smiles back at him, and Yoongi sees Hoseok's eyes soften a little. "I like food."  

That last line is more sincere than Yoongi expects from someone talking about food, and it makes him chuckle. "Get him the pork fried rice with the jjajangmyun sauce. It’s really good." 

"No, no, the jjambbong is better," Jungkook speaks up, circling the edge of his cup with his chopsticks. "Yoongi-sunbae, you’re only telling him to get that because it's your favorite." 

"And you’re only telling him about that because that's your favorite." Namjoon points out. "Do you like spicy? Seafood? Meat? Honestly I think the XO sauce is great; that’s what I get all the time." 

Seokjin looks a little taken aback by the attention. He blushes a little and says, "I really like any kind of food.” He looks up at Yoongi, and smiles a little. “Maybe I’ll take Yoongi's suggestion." 

Yoongi feels like he’s won, a little, even though he doesn’t really know what he’s won at. He glances at Seokjin, who’s talking to Taehyung about baseball rules again. He looks a little adorably confused, but Taehyung's so animated and Seokjin's laughing at his hand gestures. He glances at Yoongi, and the corners of his eyes crinkle in a warm smile before he turns his attention back to Taehyung and his ramble, and Yoongi's heart skips another beat.


The next day, Seokjin is back at the bleachers, working on his homework again. "He’s always studying, huh," Namjoon notes, glancing at Seokjin. The spring breeze ruffles through his hair but it doesn’t seem to bother him too much as he writes without pausing. Yoongi knows there are neat, round letters coming out from under the lead, perfect and even across the paper.  

He wanders over to Seokjin again during break, and Seokjin drops whatever he’s been holding in surprise. His ears are a bright red and Yoongi picks the book up. "Are you reading porn or something? Why so flustered?" Yoongi glances at the book title and pauses. It’s a book of baseball rules, highlighted in light pink and with Seokjin's neat handwriting all over the margins.  

Seokjin blushes brightly. "I wanted to know more about the game you guys play. Since I can’t really play. I didn’t really have that much homework today, and I bought the book yesterday. I had to make up an excuse to my mom about why I was buying a book of baseball rules, but I think she bought my excuse about the sociology paper…" Yoongi stares, and Seokjin's shoulders hunch. ”…Is that weird..? I wanted to become friends with you guys… I’m not really good at this, am I.“ 

In response, Yoongi nods to the papers on Seokjin's lap. "Pack up." 

"Pack up?" 

"Yeah." Yoongi jumps down the bleachers. "Come do your homework at the bench. There’s more light there, anyway." 

He turns and Seokjin's positively beaming at him, and Yoongi feels his heart slamming in his chest and hopes Seokjin either can’t hear, or feel the same way. He glances back up to Seokjin, smiling with a blush dusted over his cheeks and thinks he has a pretty good chance of the latter. 

Outspoken. (Daehyun scenario)

A/N: kiriimideska made this request a lot of time ago and i was suffering to write something nice for her. It ended up like this. Its not my best one, but I think its a little bit cute. And I really hope you like it.

I’m still full of work to do, so I don’t promise to put new scenarios until saturday, but I will try to. Please, keep making requests.


You sat all by yourself in a bench outside the school. It was a snowy day but it didn’t bother you to feel your skin getting colder and colder. For people like you, it was a little bit of happiness and quietness that you could afford each day: sitting in silence to watch the snowflakes fall. At first your friends tried to make you stay inside with them. Making jokes, laughing, saying stupid things. The normal things every teenager likes to do. But it was so overwhelming to you to pretend to be outgoing when, truth was, you were as shy as hell was hot. Then, little by little, they stop caring and you were released of their expectations.

It was freedom and you should be enjoying it. You told yourself so many times, alone at your room, that being surrounded by people was suffocating. Why the hell weren’t you feeling happy right now?

No one was around. You were free. Alone.


it is funny how two words that have similar meanings could feel so opposite. You were just trying to be alone, but you ended up lonely. And it was consuming you. “Why did you have to be such a complicated kid, ____?” you said to yourself, looking down to your shoes.

Then a noise caught your attention and you looked up to see Daehyun on the other side of the yard. He smiled at you when your eyes meet and you suppressed an annoyed sigh. He was a nice guy, this Daehyun. He was kindhearted and funny and sweet and very attentive to what others says, but as much as you were feeling lonely, you didn’t want his company. You see…he had this bothering magic about himself: no matter how sad you could be feeling, his presence always made you smile, even just a little.

But today you were trying to enjoy your sadness. To be alone and to allow yourself to feel lonely.

“Hey!” he said, with a happy smile, while approaching you. “I almost thought you have skipped school today. Why are you not inside? It’s freezing over here.”

You looked at him, not saying a word. He sat by your side, waiting for you to say something, but when you remain in silence, he sighed.

“Do you have algebra today?”


“Ah.” He bit his bottom lip slowly. Your eyes catch the move with its corner. You bit yours too, not even noticing what you were doing. “Have you seen that horror movie already?”

“Which one?”

“That one with the ghost.”

You rolled your eyes. “Yeah, Daehyun-sshi. That description helped a lot.” He laughed bumping his arm on yours.

“Hey! I don’t even like horror movies, ok? It’s not my fault your are completely addicted to those creepy stuff.”

“I’m not addicted!” you tried to refrain a smile, but when he faced you with the most ridiculous sarcastic look, you failed completely at it and ended up giggling. “I am not!”

“How many horror movies you own, again? Sixty-four, isn’t it?”

You frowned. “How the hell you know how many horror movies I have? I don’t recall having this type of conversation with you before.”

He looked ashamed. His cheeks got in an adorable tone of red and, even though you were a little bit concerned about him knowing so much of you – as you two weren’t even friend to begin with – you could stop yourself to think he looked very cute that way. “I overheard you talking about it with Junhong when we first met.” He admitted. “You are right. We never had this kind of conversation. After all…he haven’t had almost any kind of serious conversation, right? You are always so quiet and looking so lost in thought that I almost never dare to bother you.”

You looked down for a moment, feeling guilty. You have been pushing people away even when you were not aware of it. “It’s not polite to overhear people’s talk, you know?”

“I couldn’t help.” He said, giving you a smile when he noticed you were not upset. “I wanted to know more about you, but you didn’t seem to want to talk to me. And besides, your voice get really high when you talk about something that excites you.”

“It does not!” you grumbled, crossing your arm against your chest.

“Of course it does!” he laughed, finding it very amusing. “Your voice get high and squeaky.”

“I’m not squeaky!” you pointed your finger to him. “Take that back!”

He laughed, standing up. “Hey, Squeaky, don’t get mad at me for telling the truth.”

You couldn’t know for sure when it all began. Once you were talking and, the minute later, you were chasing him around the yard to make him apologize to call you squeaky.

“Come back here, Jung Daehyun!”

He was laughing while running away from you, what made you even more irritated. How could he be so annoying sometimes?

“Don’t yell, Squeaky!” he was still running and when he turned around to see if you were getting close, his foot slip on the ice layer on the floor and he fell, back on the ground. “Outch.” When he sat, you knuckled his head. “OUTCH!”

“This is for calling me squeaky!” you said, bending your body so you could look him closely.

“And this is for being so oblivious of my feelings for two years.” He said, pulling you close by your neck and kissing you briefly. When he let you go, and you were looking so shocked, he bit his bottom lip again. “Come on, ___-ah. It’s not that much of a surprise.”

“Wait….you said….two years?” you asked, confused. Daehyun wasn’t the most popular kid at school but he had a lot of friends. Especially female friends. It was unusual to see him with his female followers going behind him everywhere he went. How would a guy like that manage to have feelings for you for two years? It was completely nonsense. And then, you realized. It was a joke. Someone was probably watching the two of you right now, waiting for you to say something wrong. To admit you had a crush on him too. To cry. Or even to try to kiss him again. It was pretty clear to you. Even falling on the ground was part of a plain. After all, he was on the athletic side of school.

You got up. You knew you were supposed to feel angry or sad, but you didn’t. You were not one of those idiotic girls who got touched every time a cute boy tries to play with them.

“What’s wrong?”

“I don’t like when people make jokes about me, that’s what’s wrong!” you got inside the school building feeling the warm get against your cold skin. But you didn’t go far before you feel his hand lock your left wrist.

“Why do you think I’m making a joke?”

“Because there is no chance someone would have feelings for a person like me.” You were supposed to say something clever, but ended up telling the truth.

“Why not?” he asked. “I do!”

“You don’t. You probably made a bet with your friends. How far could you get until a notice or something like it.”

You thought he would deny or argue with you, but he started laughing. “Guys don’t waste time making those stupid bets on real life, you know? You should stop watching those cliché things and go back to your badass horror movies life-style, Squeaky.” He came even closer, still smiling while taking your hair away of your face. “I know you are shy and quiet and likes to stay away from everyone. Just give me a chance and have a little faith on me. I can be a very nice company when I intent to. And I’m determined to be the best one for you.”

“You call me Squeaky again and you gonna lose your teeth.” You said, trying to remain serious.

He looked surprised. “I just confessed my feelings, could you be a little more feminine?” the he cupped your head and kissed you again. “For someone so shy, you are really an outspoken girl.”

Penny Dreadful

When I was home this past week, I unexpectedly marathoned the first four episodes of Penny Dreadful with my friend terryblas. Since then I am completely caught up and as a new episode airs tonight, I thought I’d do a short post on why you should be watching it.

Vanessa Ives

A badass lady who is part Sherlock Holmes, part mystic and all amazing. She’s got her demons (literally) and she pulls no punches with anyone.

Victor Frankenstein

So it’s no secret that Victor is one of my favorite literary characters period but this Victor Frankenstein recites romantic poetry, has daddy issues and is maybe gay (?) but is totally yummy. Also, I felt really bad for being attracted to him because I thought he was like twenty two but it turns out he’s thirty so it’s all good.

Dorian Gray

At first I didn’t like him because he was weird and had weird hair. But then I realized that he was basically a Victorian hipster frat boy and now he is my second favorite character. Look at him wearing a hipster scarf literally over a hundred years before it was a thing! At one point I yelled “Dorian’s wearing leather pants!” across the house so you know this is quality programming.

Brona Croft

Billie Piper has a ridiculous accent and the consumption but still manages to be adorable.

Ethan Chandler

Josh Hartnett is actually really good? And maybe a werewolf. AND makes out with Dorian at one point that has also never be referenced again. I’m all for it, guys.

Did I mention that Dorian has slept with over half the cast so far? Because he has and I love it.


Caliban aka Frankenstein’s Monster is the ultimate douchebag. Also, Sam Maggs over on themarysue pointed out that he is basically the Nice Guy trope personified and now I can’t see him without mentally adding a fedora.

You guys, it’s basically just one giant gothic novel smushed together. Marathon it. You won’t regret it.

hells-maid asked imagineblackveilbrides: i hope you dont mind me requesting again^^; maybe do one about wanting to meet the band, and the meet n greet tickets selling out, but at the concert i/u run into andy out for a smoke, and smoking together he befriends i/u and takes i/u backstage <3 “Sorry, we no longer have M&G’s.” I felt like i was going to cry. “Okay, just give me a ticket for the show.” I said, i gave the guy the money and walked around around the venue. I sat in a corner to smoke, i needed to smoke away all my shitty problems. I felt like i was going to cry but then i saw Andy Biersack walking in my direction. He noticed that i was staring at him like an idiot and then, he walked towards me. “Smoker section, huh?” He asked laughing a bit. “Yeah. I guess” I just couldn’t talk, i was reallly nervous, like, REALLY nervous. “BVB fan?” I caught him staring at my chest, where i had the letters of never give in. I laughed. “Sorry, staring at your boobs wasn’t my intention. I just wanted to see the tattoo on your chest.” He said as he blushed a little. So lovely. “Yeah, i know. It’s okay. And yes, i’m a fan” We talked a little about favorite bands and we found we had a lot of common. “You’re a really cool girl, (Y/N)” He said as he laughed about a funny thing i said. “You too Andy, it was nice to meet you” “Same” he said with his charming smile. “Well. I gotta go, and you must go too, you’re gonna miss the M&G.” And then, my smile fade “Uhh, i’m not going to the M&G. The tickets are sold out.” “Really? So, that means that we’re not going to see us again?” He wanted to see me again?? I fangirled so much in my head. “Wait. Come with me” He said as he grabbed my hand and led me backstage. I met the guys, we talked for some minutes and then i had to go. “It was nice to meet you, (Y/N)” the guys said. I hugged them and went out of the room followed by Andy. “Had a good time?” He asked. “Yeah! They guys are really really cool. Thank you, i just can’t believe it” He laughed. “You’re amazing” He said hugging me. “You too. I think you should go” I said as i watched some guys going to a room where the M&G was. “Yeah, but i dont want to leave” He said smiling. Then, again he led me to a door i didn’t know. He opened. “Go now, before everyone. So i can see you front row” “Aww, thank you Andy! You’re the best” I said as i ran to front row. “See you later (Y/N)!” And i waited some hours till the room was filled with people. The show stared and everything went amazing. All the guys stared at me and made funny faces for my photos.  When the show ended i had to wait until all the people that was behind me went out. When i left the room, i noticed that no one was around the venue. Everybody was gone. I just saw a bus, with the door open. And then, i saw a happy Andy. “Wanna go for a ride, (Y/N)?”
Now It’s Your Turn

I’ve wanted to write a Burt-centric grandpa fic for a while now and this is the result of that. So, here’s a fic about Burt meeting his grandchild for the first time and how it feels to see his baby boy as a dad now. Oh, and there’s flashbacks. This is basically a bunch of sap. Don’t look at me.

Daddy!Klaine, Grandparents!Barole, mentions of Finn and surrogate!Rachel. Takes place before the ‘I Lived’ scene in the last episode.

“So where’s our granddaughter?”

Anxious eyes glanced all over as two very excited grandparents struggled to catch a peek at the newest member of their family. Unfortunately for them, she wasn’t nearby, at least not close enough for a quick glance so they had to settle with seeing their son-in-law instead - not like that was bad or anything.

“Nice to see you too, guys!” Blaine teased as he swung the door open wider, smiling brightly and stepping back to invite his in-laws into the house. As Burt and Carole stepped into the threshold, he explained some more to the overly eager duo who were still curiously looking around for the main person they came to see. “They’re back in the nursery at the moment. Kurt wanted to get her all dolled up before you guys arrived.”

“Oh, I bet she is just the most adorable little thing,” Carole cooed, dropping her bags on the floor by her feet. Burt had already done the same with his own luggage, but he was off and down the hall to the nursery before either his wife or son-in-law could call after him.

He’d spent a week - no, scratch that, nine months… okay, no, actually his whole life - waiting for this moment and nothing was going to stop him from having it either. Yeah, he’d seen pictures of the baby. He even answered the phone that night that Kurt called to inform them that Rachel had gone into labor two weeks early, but he had yet to meet this new little person face-to-face and he couldn’t wait another second.

Of course, he didn’t take into account that seeing his son as a father for the very first time might just make him stop in his tracks.

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Sassy Curves - Requested (Calum)

Hey guys, so Anon requested (Would you do a Calum one where you’re curvy so some of his fans call you fat even though you’re confident so on twitter you kinda just can’t keep quiet when they say that and end up tweeting sassy replies and calums just like really proud you stuck up for yourself? please??) ENJOY!!!!!

‘@Y/Twitter doesn’t deserve Calum, she is fat, he could do better’

‘Did anyone see @Y/Twitter in NY last night looked like an Elephant’

‘Where’s the piggy piggy? Oh there you are @Y/Twitter’

‘I wonder how @Y/Twitter feels watching Cal with those models in his video with her being SO fat’

‘What’s with fat bitches getting hot nice guys? @Y/Twitter would know’

‘@Y/Twitter what do you have that other don’t? Fat?’

‘No wonder Cal never gets any sleep @Y/Twitter  takes up 4/5 of the bed’

You smile a little as you read the comments people have sent you on twitter, you don’t let them get to you, and you never have, your confident enough to brush it off. Reading them just reminds you how much Calum loves you because you know you are a little big but for Calum to stick by you through all the shit you get, you know he really does love you and nothing these ‘fans’ ever say makes you questions that.

‘(Y/N), Ash wanted to know if you would maybe have a word with Cassie, she got a really nasty message this morning from a girl and its upset her, Ash thought since your so okay with it that you could make sure she okay cause he doesn’t think she is’ Calum whispers to you, you rest your head on his shoulder and watch the movie.

‘Yeah that fine’ you whisper back and he kisses the top of your head.

‘You’re amazing’ he tells you.

‘I know’ and he chuckles a little his shoulders bouncing making your head jiggle slightly. About twenty minutes later Cassie shuffles out of the room. You watch her and lock eyes with Ashton from the other side of the room; you nod and give him a quick smile before following her out. You look in the kitchen and she isn’t there so you stand outside the downstairs toilet, waiting for her but when she doesn’t come out after ten minutes you knock ‘Hey Cas, you in there?’ there isn’t a reply so you try the door and find that it is open and she isn’t there, you roll your eyes at your stupidity and head upstairs thinking she has to be in the bathroom. Again you lean against the wall and wait. It’s been five minutes when you hear a little whimper and you move closer to the door, gently tapping.

‘Hey Cass, can I come in?’ you ask, you hear shuffling and a sniffle and then the lock on the door being undone, it opens a slither and you gently push it further as you walk in, closing it behind you.

‘Come here’ you tell her, seeing her tear stained face and red eyes. She comes closer and your wrap your arms around her rubbing her back and she does the same sniffing slightly. ‘Don’t cry okay; don’t take any notice of anything they say. Ashton is head over heels for you and that’s not going to change, I get that what they say is horrible but it means nothing, its jealously’ you tell her, you spend the next twenty minutes calming her down and soothing her and then she finally agrees to go back to the movie which is probably nearly over by now. You watch her head down stairs and you slip into your room pulling out Calum’s laptop.

It’s not fair that people should feel like that because of little girls nasty words, Cassie shouldn’t feel like that and you, you shouldn’t have to deal with it, you can and you don’t mind it but why should it be like that. You have wanted to reply to all the hate messages you have had over the last seven months but never have because you didn’t want things to blow up in Calum’s face for what you say but now, now you reply.

‘@Y/Twitter doesn’t deserve Calum, she is fat, he could do better’ you hit reply and type ‘I prefer the word curvy but if you’re going with fat that’s fine darling’

‘Did anyone see @Y/Twitter in NY last night looked like an Elephant’ and again ‘Oh dear, hunnie you should go back to school that was LEOPARD print’

‘Where’s the piggy piggy? Oh there you are @Y/Twitter’ and again ‘To be fair I do snort when I laugh sometimes’

‘I wonder how @Y/Twitter feels watching Cal with those models in his video with her being SO fat’ you can’t think of a sassy reply so just type ‘I am overcome with pride that MY amazing boyfriend is living his dream’

‘What’s with fat bitches getting hot nice guys? @Y/Twitter would know’ you smile as you type ‘Some guys like to have something to hold onto ;)’

‘@Y/Twitter what do you have that other don’t? Fat?’ this one is simple ‘Calum’

‘No wonder Cal never gets any sleep @Y/Twitter  takes up 4/5 of the bed’ and finally ‘Oh sweetheart that’s not why he doesn’t get sleep, has mummy told you about the birds and the bees?’

You smile satisfied that you will have at least kept those couple quite for a little while and close the laptop jogging down the stairs, when you reach the living room, everyone is chatting, the TV switched off and you stick out your tongue as your eyes lock with Calum’s making your way over and flopping down next to him. He continues to stare at you a smirk on his face.

‘What?’ you questions.

‘I’m so proud of you, I have been waiting for seven months for you to take out your sass and slap them in the face’ he tells you making you laugh at him words.

‘You’ve seen my tweets already?’ you ask amazed.

‘Dame Right I have and I’m not planning on getting much sleep tonight beautiful’ he whispers the last part with a cheeky wink as he leaves a sweet lingering kiss on your lips. 

From Chelsea

Let us in. part 2

Part 1 is here 

John Laurens x reader 

ft: hamilsquad (they were in part 1 so they sorta have to be here too :p) 

John woke up in the middle of the night. His head was on Alexanders lap. Alexander was taking up a small part of the sofa , he was sleeping on the side with his legs curled up. John had slept in the same position and used Alexander as a pillow. Lafayette had used John as a pillow but he was taking up much more space his legs were spread over the rest of the sofa and Hercules’s legs. Hercules seemed to be sleeping in a sitting position. there were blankets on the floor they must have kicked them off in their sleep. John got up pushing Lafayette off him and he didn’t wake up from it. His neck was a little sore from sleeping like this. John was still extremely tired but he really didn’t wanna cuddle with his friends in uncomfortable positions. He wondered where (Y/N) was and walked into her room. She looked so peaceful when asleep, he was sure you wouldn’t mind if he slept in your bed. After all he was still pretty drunk and it was 3 am and cold. He got into your bed and used the extra pillow but there was no extra duvet and he didn’t want to wake you up by trying to share it so he fell asleep

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