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Partner and I have been rewatching The Two Towers for the first time in a long time.

anyway, one thing that has always been weird for me is Eomer giving Hasufel and Arod to random strangers, just like that.  Just giving them away, two horses, to a trio of foreign travelers he just met and had suspected of being spies.

like.  what?  This is Rohan.  Horses are the thing you value above all else, I don’t care if their riders are dead, even if their riders don’t have actual heirs somewhere to whom ownership would pass (or Rohirric inheritance law works differently and ownership has somehow defaulted to their éored’s commander, IDK), you’re still a calvary force planning to see a lot more battle in the near future, chances are high you’re going to end up with horseless riders who’ll need them.

this time I actually processed the fact, though, that Eomer believes they’ve inadvertantly killed two innocents, prisoners of the orcs, the beloved companions of these travelers.

The horses aren’t a gift.  They’re weregild.

Wounded, but ok

hhhhhhhh i finished all of my assignments and exams this week yaaaay~ Have a crying geno bois because why not ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ. I had fun drawing this one too, with the gold paint and stuff hehehe~ 

Geno- @loverofpiggies

Tomoya Naka- Rainy Song


Song is Itsumo Nando Demo music box, original from Spirited Away

There need to be more inspirational marching band movies. They have great potential for the inspirational sports movie plot. Just think:

A small town DCI group with a major losing streak gets a young, new, band director fresh out of college. He teaches the band to take pride in themselves and their music. Together with a bunch of his friends from college, he helps the band create a new identity for themselves and they go and melt faces with their music.

Only, before going to championships, tragedy strikes. Somebody, dies, or quits, or there’s some sort of betrayal. The band has to overcome it and become stronger as they learn how to perform with the same passion that they have when they’re happy as when they’re sad.

Another subplot could be that the band director or drum major is having trouble working up the confidence to propose to his longtime girlfriend. As the band goes on a journey of self discovery, so do they. At the very end, after winning the championship, they finally work of the courage to propose.


“The summer adventure of these eight children has drawn to an end. But… This does not mean that the Gate will stay closed forever. That’s because this is neither the beginning nor the end of the Chosen Children’s adventures. The Gate to the Digimon World will surely open once again… As long as we keep the memory of the Digimon alive within us.”

Happy Odaiba Day

One of my favorite moments in ST:B is when Bones says “you don’t have to say it” to Spock because it’s so sweet? He knows Spock, and he knows how much it would mean for Spock to say anything so outwardly emotional and he is pretty sure they’re going to die but he wants Spock to die with his Vulcan dignity??? That is??? SO BONES??? I want to play that moment on repeat for anyone who says that Bones is speceist/racist.