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Crying in my office, just a normal Tuesday. The asshole attorney doesn’t want me to use a fucking calculator provided by the county to figure out the mortgage tax on a deal. Instead, I should use my own calculator and the statutes. And I’m a robot for using the county’s. FUCK OFF YOU GIANT STEAMING PILE OF SHIT!!!

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Sometimes I spend so much time interacting with quality writers on Twitter/Tumblr that I forget there are people who look at tropes like Love Triangle and Girl Who Is Not Like Other Girls and think, “Yes! This is a fresh and wonderful idea! I should use it unironically in my next story and not attempt to subvert it in any way!”

And then I get a manuscript to copy edit like the one I got today.

And now I want to die.

I love you all, but you are also making my life very difficult due to having such high standards now.

The Hero and the Fairy: Welcome to Madness

  • Me: sees queen Elizabeth is trending
  • Me: hasn't had an emergency news alert from the BBC
  • Me: is confused

I was just flipping through episodes on random and started laughing at this scene again because seen in a bigger context it’s just EVEN FUNNIER

since this after all ties directly into this line of thought that Yuuri has after opening up to Viktor on the beach, particularly about how people hugging him makes him uncomfortable (at least in certain situations) and about how he shields his emotions from other people from fear of appearing vulnerable and weak 




AND OBVIOUSLY IT DOESN’T WORK AT ALL because Yuuri is not a character that can just hug things right with just about anyone, he NEEDS that special someone that makes him feel secure and comfortable, and the fact that he desperately tries to create a connection with people is just SO ENDEARING HE’S SO PRECIOUS AND HE’S TRYING SO HARD BUT TO NO AVAIL

it’s just a great scene because it shows Yuuri’s will to follow up on his promise in a way that becomes incredibly amusing while still maintaining key points in his personality and displaying the huge significance Viktor has in his life 

it just makes his relationship with Viktor even sweeter since Viktor becomes that special person in Yuuri’s life that can make Yuuri open up properly, in ways that leaves Yuuri content and comfortable and I just



we had environment and character design classes this week, our project was to reimagine hans christian andersen’s ‘the tinderbox’. i reframed the story to be about a princess who wins the favour of a trio of vengeful spirit borzois that kill those who prey on the weak. more sketches are on my portfolio blog

some unlucky kiddos :’)

Déjà vu

Based on THIS textpost

McGonagall: *looking over the write up of what the boys were caught doing. she sighs*

James: Actually professor, Sirius is my middle name.

Mcgonagall: *stares at both of them, feeling the absolute worst Déjà vu*

James: Yeah, Minnie, you look like you’ve seen a ghost or something.

McGonagall: *pauses, suddenly seeing two different boys in front of her…*

*The two boys leave the office*


James Sirius Potter/James Potter played by @space-marauder

Teddy Lupin/Remus Lupin played by @kapitan5o