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I think kyungsoo doesn't like Kai. I think kaisoo 1 sided like only jongin likes kyungsoo and kyungsoo doesn't have any romantic interest in him. If you can , can you analyse kyungsoo?

I respect your opinion anon, whoever you are. It’s expected and normal for ppl to view things differently and I’m not going to bash you or criticize you for it. I also understand how you had come to that conclusion as Kyungsoo is not as expressive or as openly affectionate as the rest of the members and that’s normal, it’s just his personality. He is very similar to my male best friend in that way, who has the same birthdate. However, if you don’t believe that there is something of a romantic nature from Kyungsoo towards Jongin, that’s one thing but if you say that Kyungsoo feels NOTHING for him at all then I must disagree. Whether romantic or not, Kyungsoo DOES like Jongin, genuinely as a person and as a someone dear. His eyes are always smiling with such honest and sincere pleasure when he is talking, joking or sometimes simply looking at Jongin. There is a sense of sincere affection and trust from Kyungsoo and it shows. Those are things that you cannot hide. The ease in which they touch and how accepting they are of each other within their physical personal space and the intimacy evident in their bodies. There is something tangible and real between them and whatever you wish to call it, it’s there and has been for years.

There is so much more to add, so many pics and gifs that I can’t upload due to slow connection but putting that aside, I think it’s clear enough that Kaisoo was  never just about Jongin. You don’t just brighten like that for someone you don’t genuinely like. There is a beautiful, real bond between them and whether if it’s something platonic or more ( which I believe and it’s okay if you disagree), it’s still undeniable in my opinion. 

Have a good day anon. 

PS :I have thought of doing individual analysis of both boys but I’m not so sure I should do it, knowing what some might say.


Based on this gorgeous fic by @trashytacosan <3 Your works save lives tbh I can see my crops growing healthier with each updates! Y’all should read them all please read them all!!!!!

Btw I was an idiot when drawing the first pics and I drew Tsukki borrowing Kuroo’s jersey instead of pullover o’(-( I’m able to redraw it a bit but yea decided to upload both anyway lol

And tbh I have no idea how a national team pullover looks like /bury myself in shame


some domestic stuff~ (½)

i don’t know which style i should use for these comics so why not just try them all LOL

i was thinking to upload both parts but damn i take too much time on these maybe it’s because i like to color them :/


like srsly i got tired of people saying negative stuff about my art and it hurts so much !! and comparing me to some artist who has been practicing for at least a YEAR ! i have only been drawing for like three months so it’s so unfair! so please keep your opinion to yourself and just enjoy the art

calfreezy - yoga challenge

REQUESTED:  “ Could you do a Calfreezy x reader story where they’re both youtubers and do the yoga challenge and their fans ship them?”

“Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel!”

Cal’s loud voice boomed throughout the apartment, alerting me to the fact he had started recording. I watched him make his introduction patiently from the floor where I sat cross legged.

“Today I am making a video that’s quite popular as of now, you may have seen Simon and Cal do it and I’m pretty sure even Zoella has done it at some point - it’s the yoga challenge!”

“Woooo!” I cheered. Cal smiled down at me.

“Obviously I won’t be doing this by myself, incase you couldn’t already tell by the high pitched giggles I have someone here to join me, do you wanna introduce yourself?”

Pouting, I pinched his leg before jumping up.

“My giggle is not high pitched! But hi everyone!”

He laughed as he wrapped an arm around my shoulder. I smiled and waved at the camera.

“Yep so I have Y/n here with me today, you guys know who she is, you’ve seen her before but her links will be in the description nonetheless.”

“Damn straight they will,” I interrupted.

“Shut it you. Anyway, Y/n has actually done yoga before so I’m hoping I have a lot to learn - would you say you’re a pro?”

His blue eyes looked down at me. My mind was focused on the fact that his arm was still around my shoulder; I couldn’t help but stutter slightly as his long fingers stroked the exposed skin of my shoulder, where my tank top did not cover.

“A pro,” I repeated, realising I had not yet responded. “Well I wouldn’t go that far. But I’m very flexible!”

“Well that’s always good to know,” Cal looked up at the camera and I heard Harry laugh softly from behind it. “Well all of the positions have been chosen by none other than the wroetoshaw, and neither I nor Y/n have actually had a chance to see them yet, so here we go!”

I strolled over to the laptop balancing on the arm of the sofa. Cal filled the filming space with small conversation as I browsed through the photos - some I was familiar with, some seemingly impossible. 

“We’ll start with this one,” I called and Cal nodded. 

“Where do you want me?”

“Just standing up straight,” I continued to observe the photo in order to memorise the position. “It looks like you just have to hold me above your head.”

“That seems simple enough.” Cal shrugged, and I noticed Harry and Lux exchange a look behind the camera. 

I stood in front of Cal, the height difference more prominent than ever. He held out his arms and I leant back into them, instantly being lifted off the ground. One of his hands gripped firmly on my thigh, the other on the centre of my back. We held this for a couple of seconds before he placed me back on the ground.

“Well that was simple, what next?”

“Well, this is where it gets a bit more difficult.” My fingers tapped the laptop, scrolling through the many screenshots of poses. “I need you lying down.”

“Lying down?” he repeated, eyebrows furrowed and I nodded. 

“Yeah, lying down. And then I’m going to balance on top of you.”

“On top, right.”

He scratched the back of his neck, glancing at Lux before lying down on his back. I placed one leg on either side of his crotch before bending and placing my hands firmly on his thighs, causing him to squirm slightly. He cleared his throat. 

“I’m not gonna lie Y/n I don’t really know where to look right now.”

A laugh fell from my lips.

“Try not to get too excited, Cal.”

“Believe me I’m trying,” he responded under his breath, and I silently questioned whether or not I was supposed to hear it. I kicked my legs. Eventually I reached the final position, performing a hand stand on top of Cal. 

“I did it! I actually did it!”


“Thanks, man.”

As I attempted to graciously get down Cal squirmed again, causing me to lose grip. I reached out my hand in order to stop me falling and grabbed on to the first thing within distance - not, at this moment, realising I had just so happened to have grabbed onto his crotch.

“Jesus Y/n!” He groaned and I withdrew my hand, my jaw dropping. Lux and Harry erupted into fits of laughter from where they sat on the sofa, and I bit my lip at the camera. 


“You know what, I think that’s a great place to end this video,” Cal stood, keeping place behind me. “Thank you guys for watching-”

“You did two positions!”

“Shut up Harry, thank you guys for watching and I’ll see you next time bye!”

Cal ended the video and I gave him a questioning look.

“Cal. That was two poses. How are you gonna make a whole video out of that?”

He shrugged, rubbing the back of his neck. “I just won’t edit it. It’ll be like one massive bloopers video since the positions took us so long anyway.”

He left the room to go and upload the footage and I sat down on the sofa next to Harry. We engaged in conversation for a while, mainly consisting of him teasing me about Cal. Truth be told I liked him. We hadn’t known eachother all that long - only a year, when I’d met him through the sidemen - but I had developed feelings for him quickly. Nobody knew this, but Harry’s suspicions were soon growing.

Lux re entered the room and I hit Harry’s arm, signalling for him to shut up.

“Alright Cal? Y/n and I are just talking about how she’s gonna fuck Freezy.”


“Oh really, Y/n? It’s funny you should say that actually. Read the comments on the video.”

“It’s uploaded already?” I asked as Lux flopped down on the sofa next to me, handing me his phone. I began scrolling through comments.


“Go on, read them out I wanna hear!” Harry exclaimed, and I mentally cursed.

“Top comment: ‘Who’s betting he cut the camera off to fuck her?’ That already has one thousand likes?”

Both boys laughed.

“Second comment - I’ve never seen so much sexual tension in one ten minute video. The next four comments just say shit about us being in a secret relationship.”

“Keep reading,” Lux assured me.

“’Who wants to bet the next video we see of these two is a boyfriend girlfriend tag? This is like Zalfie all over again.’ Then someone just replied saying ‘they 100% are already fucking’…”

“There are some nice ones too!” Freezy interjected as he entered the room. I jumped. “The fans are shipping it, hardcore.”

“But…we’re not even in a relationship?”

All three boys exchanged a look.

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hello, i know its a lot of work obviously and the first episode hasn't even aired yet, but roughly how long do the english subtitles take? also, since they release those small clips throughout the week i was wondering if you translate them separately or just the whole episode? thanks xx

We will be translating both the clips and episodes!

First, we’ll upload the script as a text post to Tumblr so people can get the translation as quick as possible. That shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes. After that, we’ll put the subtitles on the video and upload them to Google Drive which should take 1 hour - 1 hour and a half max.

“Time for payback.”


Originally uploaded in my main blog but I think I should put it here too.

in which i have a headcanon where both real Graves and Credence survived; Graves ended up teaching Credence magic and he managed to control his Obscurus, they’re tasked to team up together and they fuck up Grindelwald real bad because reasons.


What happens when you use 3 different programs to art? Shit happens, that’s what.

Top one is full of texture and bg abuse while the bottom one was an unfinished version which looked nice in my opinion. I didn’t know which one I should use so I upload both of them. Anyways, kudos to those who understand the quote on the left side of the first one. :V

for @kamenmango in Pokemon Sun and Moon her and 3 of her Pokemons in her party, kamenmango is already in bed and I need to go to sleep too, going to visit her tommorow and were gonna have Voltron Season two marathon with friends! asfasjfdasj

and fffff I need to go to bed soon, I am going to upload a slight different version of the drawing on Deviantart, ! because I dont know and cant decide which one is better I find equal flaws with both of them so gonna submit both lol, ne


So I just received my Ensemble Stars on Stage DVD yesterday! I’ve been planning to share it but seems that most people have already watch the main stage? Well, I’m still planning to share them include with the backstage in case you want it!

Download - Ensemble Stars on Stage

- Ozawa Ren as Akehoshi Subaru (Trickstar)
- Yamamoto Ikkei as Hidaka Hokuto (Trickstar)
- Matsumura Taiichirou as Makoto Yuuki (Trickstar)
- Tanimizu Riki as Isara Mao (Trickstar)
- Kominami Kouji as Sakuma Rei (UNDEAD)
- Akazawa Ryotarou as Oogami Koga (UNDEAD)
- Tomohiro Okutani as Hakaze Kaoru (UNDEAD)
- Akira as Otogari Adonis (UNDEAD)
- Komatsu Junya as Hasumi Keito (Akatsuki)
- Higuchi Yuta as Kanzaki Souma (Akatsuki)
- Ueda Kandai as Kuro Kiryuu (Akatsuki)
- Konishi Seiya as Nagumo Tetora (Ryuseitai)
- Sakurai Keito as Shino Hajime (Ra*bits)
- Yamanaka Kenta as Aoi Hinata (2wink)
- Yamanaka Shota as Aoi Yuuta (2wink)
- Takasaki Shota as Sena Izumi (Knights)
- Kitamura Ryo as Narukami Arashi (Knights)

How to get the download link:
1. Make sure to read the F.A.Q page first
2. ask me through PM or you can also message me

- I rip my own DVD, in other words, it’s the RAW file for sure.
- I upload them by myself so if you ask me “Do you still have the dl link?” I should asking back “Why on earth I might not have it anymore?”
- I share both mainstage and backstage.

- DO NOT REUPLOAD, especially to streaming sites like Youtube or Dailymotion
- If anyone asking for the file then please refering them to this post
- Please support the actors by purchasing their releases as well!
- Screenshot / gifs / edits is ok as long it’s not too much


Under the cut, you’ll find 316 small/medium, mostly hq gifs of Taron Egerton, mostly from his role as Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin in  Kingsman.  There are some gifs with guns/violence in them. They should all be upload friendly, as I am uploading them myself onto this post. There shouldn’t be any exact repeats, but I’m only human. None of these gifs are mine and full credit goes to the gif makers. Please don’t steal/repost out of respect for both the gif makers and myself. Also, if you could reblog/like, that would be awesome. Happy roleplaying!

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Hell Hounds

Horten and Orten De'Laq serve as the heavy stubber operators of the Hive Hades ‘Hellhounds’, a once powerful cultist gang that suffered a minor case of total extermination during the Ork Rok attack in the Third War of Armageddon, its survivors relocating to Hive Acheron. The Brothers De'Laq wear specialised neuro-gauntlets to help stabilise their heavy weapons, though have little more than a flak coat and debased symbols to protect the rest of their bodies.

Thus begins the Hive Hades 'Hellhounds’, a Chaos Renegades gang for Shadow Wars: Armageddon using the rules for Genestealer Cults. I’ve only played one game with them, and used the winnings to recruit Orten De'Laq - his big brother Horten and the rest of the gang were starting members. If you’re wondering why they share the exact same scheme as my Stygiax Militia (which I should really upload more of), that’s the point - they’ll be serving for both.

On an unrelated note, I’ve reached 500 followers - somehow a Legion Battalion’s worth of people seem to tolerate my painting enough to put up with me on their dashboards. I can’t thank you all enough - I never expected to get this popular!

Next stop, Grand Company…


Under the cut, you will find 238 small/medium, mostly hq gifs of Alicia Vikander, mostly from her roles in various movies.  They should all be upload friendly, as I am uploading them myself onto this post. There shouldn’t be any exact repeats, but I’m only human. None of these gifs are mine and full credit goes to the gif makers, even though I did resize/cut some of them. Please don’t steal/repost out of respect for both the gif makers and myself. Also, if you could reblog/like, that would be awesome. Happy roleplaying!

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If u go back on YouTube can u make Sharon Tate and Natalie wood tutorials. There aren't too many on YouTube and I think you would look great with their looks ❤️

I will be back! Got everything I need! Just playing around with my set up but I will be uploading soon! And I certainly can add a Sharon and Natalie look! I love them both so it should be super fun! And thank you so much! 😘💋💕

Confused Love

Originally posted by melo-mega

Before putting up the final part or possibly two parts of my Rainy Day story I was inspired by the AOMG guys to write another story. I should have probably waited to upload the story but I just got carried away.

You met all of AOMG at the club for a mutual friend’s birthday. Jay and you clicked right away since both of you were from the states. A friendship was formed but that was all it was.

You owned your businesses meaning you made your own schedule and you often ended up at AOMG. one of your stores was a clothing store which being friends with artists made it so you could style them. It was impossible not to find the guys attractive but the one that you developed feelings for was your best friend. Jay saw you like a younger sister who was alone in a country far from your family. He never showed any signs of seeing you like a women. You were a little sister or one of the guys.

Today you were going to AOMG to deliver some clothes for Sung Hwa and Kiseok the famous Gray and Simon Dominic. Once you arrived at the office you knew you would find them in the studio. You knocked before entering and soon the door opened revealing Hyuk Woo smiling at you.

“Y/N what are you doing here?” he asked letting you inside.

“Hey guys, I brought some things” you said noticing Sung Hwa sitting in front of his equipment and Kiseok in the recording booth waving at you.

“”Oh is it for hyung and I?” Sung hwa asked turning towards you.

“Yeah I left the clothing in Kiseok’s  office since it would be difficult to check the clothes in this light.”

“Hey Y/N” Kiseok greeted you coming to give you a hug.

“Why don’t you sit down while we finish and then go check out the clothes.” Sung Hwa said turning back to his work.

“Yeah come join me” Hyuk Woo pointed to the couch in the studio. You loved getting to lien to their music before it was released. Time passed and the guys had finished their work.

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Confession Pt. 5


hi there! sorry for not uploading recently. i just started school again T.T and ive been trying get into the swing of things again.
Also i was wondering if i should do a mini 10 facts about me?? maybe ill do it in my next part of confession. pls tell me what you think
andd i was also thinking of doing mini fanfics like a one part one or something. pls tell me what you think..
Ive also made a schedule to when im uploading confession, which is every friday!!! if i cannot upload on friday i will let you notified.


After that mini confession between Jimin and y/n. That thought has never left both of their minds. Although each one of them had different motives.

Jimin made it his duty to make y/n his. But that was going to be hard, due to the fact you had a boyfriend. On the other hand, you made it your duty to only focus on two things. Jungkook and finishing school.

You had exactly 7 months till you graduated, as Jimin and Jungkook had 9 months. You were really excited to get your life on the road and start working and maybe even start a family.

You loved kids so much, that you thought maybe instead of pursuing the journalism career you would open up your own daycare. But that would be way to hard for yourself. So you stuck to journalism, as you had to stay 3 years dedicated to school to major journalism, that would all go to waste.


You and Jungkook have been doing everything and going everywhere together since day 1 and you have been really enjoying his company so much you forgot about jimin.

Jimin has been planning and thinking of ways to make you his without getting you hurt. Since then he hasnt been doing anything else besides staying in his dorm and going to school. He was also majoring in music which also coincidentally jungkook was majoring in.

Recently Jungkook had been recruited by BigHit entertainment, which meant his music career was up and running. You were so proud of him but a little part of you was saddened at the fact he was going to be away from you more often then now.

Of course you told Jungkook to go and chase his dreams as you’d been fine, you told yourself, as long he was visiting and texting you ever so often. She wanted nothing more than happiness in their relationship, so she aimed high.

Jungkook was very pleased at the fact you were so supportive and willing to give up a little less time with him, which for a fact made him more determined to succeed and make you proud.


A few months had passed since Jungkook signed the contract with BigHit meaning he was a traniee. Most of his time was spent with his company meaning less jungkook time for you. Although you were extremely happy that jungkook was pursing his dream, you felt alone.

No one was there to comfort you in your time in need, no one to cuddle with you when you watched you and jungkook favourite film ‘Iron Man’. There was no one at all. You didnt have many friends because you never really had the time until you dated Jungkook but even that took most of your time which you loved every bit of it.

You sighed, opening up your phone to check if Jungkook had replied to your message which read, “hi, i was wondering if we could go out for lunch its been awhile” realising that he couldnt answer. He was so consumed by work.

Out of boredom, you headed towards the cafe where you first laid eyes on Jungkook, the first realisation that you were falling in love. It sent back so many memories you cherished.

You felt a hand against your shoulder. Out of shock you spun around and accidentally slap the person in front of you, sending him to yelp. You had realised that it was Jungkook, why was he here? Wasnt he busy, thats why he didnt read your message?

All these thoughts caused a pit of anger to unleash. But you kept it hidden as it wasnt the best location to let out your anger.

“y/n?! Babe, what are you doing out here so late?” he asked holding a hand to where you had slapped. “sorry for slapping you, you startled me” pulling him into a hug as he kissed your forehead slightly. It felt so good to feel comfort from your boyfriend and not from your pillow that smelt like him. “I could ask you the same” as you slowly lifted your head to look at him not breaking the hug.

“i got off practice early today, so i was going to suprise you with your favourite. But seems like im too late” he chuckled slightly. You felt your cheeks turning red as he was so sweet towards you.

“Jungkook!! Where are you, hurry up!” you heard from outside the window. It sounded familiar. You turned your head to the side to peak at who was screaming for Jungkook, you say fluffy pink hair, immediately knew who it was.

“Jimin? Why is he calling out for you?” you questioned puzzled as ever. “He is also a trainee at BigHit where going to be in the same group” he said as he pulled out of the hug to intertwine your hands with his. You and Jungkook made your way out of the cafe, “Hyung, i told you to wait” he said as he let go of his grip from your hand.

“y/n hi, how are you?” Jimin said as he reached out for a hug. You hadnt seen Jimin since the last incident you had with him, which made things awkward between the two of you as you hadnt made everything quiet clear.

“Hi jiminiee!” hugging him, you realised what you had called him, being in embarrassed as ever. You hadnt called him that since the lasy day of high school. Feeling the grip of his hug go tighter made you want to let go, so you did. Jimin looked at you puzzled but you let out a smile.

You still havent gone over the fact that Jungkook YOUR boyfriend is in the same group as Jimin, YOUR first love.


hope you liked it!! sorry its so late, it was pretty hard to write this part. But yeah stay tuned till next friday for the next part of confession!

what will happen between your relationship towards the boys? how will jungkook and jimin get along? what does jimin have in store for you and jungkook relationship?


Under the cut, you will find 360 small/medium, mostly hq gifs of Harry Styles. I tried not to included many from concerts because of practical reasons, but there are plenty of those. This is from his most recent appearances, going from 2013 to now.  They should all be upload friendly, as I am uploading them myself onto this post. There shouldn’t be any exact repeats, but I’m only human. None of these gifs are mine and full credit goes to the gif makers. Please don’t steal/repost out of respect for both the gif makers and myself. Also, if you could reblog/like, that would be awesome. Happy roleplaying!

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@ask-eren-plush replied to your postI’m wondering if I should post my gifs on my…

(That’s a good idea to post them on your twitter, as you said.)

@simsmono replied to your postI’m wondering if I should post my gifs on my…

Seriously? And without asking?? (-_- ;) they’re everywhere, the thieving buggers…I say post it! They’re yours!

Yeah people does that all the time sadly…  I think I will look into it tomorrow and start uploading them there, thank you both for your replies! ♡.