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A Sheumais Ruaidh | Red Jamie

A Sheumais ruaidh,” he said. “I did think ye might come to your wife, sooner or later. I’ve been seekin’ ye the morn.”

I was startled by the name, and so was Jamie; a look of surprise flashed across his features, then disappeared, replaced by wariness. No one had called him “Red Jamie” since the days of the Rising.

“I heard,” he said dryly. He sat down on my extra stool, facing Hayes. “Let’s have it, then. What is it?”…

“Ye’ve grown a bit suspicious in your auld age, a Sheumais ruaidh,” Hayes said, shaking his head reprovingly.

“That’s how I’ve lived to grow as auld as I have,” Jamie replied, smiling slightly. He paused, eyeing Hayes. “Ye say it was a man named Murchinson who shot ye on the field at Drumossie?”

I had finished bandaging; Hayes moved his shoulder experimentally, testing for pain.

“Why, ye kent that surely, a Sheumais ruaidh. D’ye not recall the day, man?

Jamie’s face changed subtly, and I felt a small tremor of unease. The fact was that Jamie had almost no memory of the last day of the clans, of the slaughter that had left so many bleeding in the rain – him among them. I knew that small scenes from that day came back to him now and again in his sleep, fragments of nightmare – but whether it was from trauma, injury, or simple force of will, the Battle of Culloden was lost to him – or had been, until now. I didn’t think he wanted it back.

“A great deal happened then,” he said. “I dinna remember everything, no.” He bent his head abruptly, and thrust a thumb beneath the fold of the letter, opening it so roughly that the wax seal shattered into fragments.

“You husband’s a modest man, Mistress Fraser.” Hayes nodded to me as he summoned his aide with a flip of the hand. “Has he never told ye what he did that day?”

“There was a good bit of gallantry on that field,” Jamie muttered, head bent over the letter. “And quite a bit of the reverse.” I didn’t think he was reading; his eyes were fixed as though he were seeing something else, beyond the paper that he held.

“Aye, there was,” Hayes agreed. “But it does seem worth remark, when a man’s saved your life, no?

Jamie’s head jerked up at that, startled. I moved across to stand behind him, a hand laid lightly on his shoulder. Hayes took the shirt from his aide and put it slowly on, smiling in an odd, half-watchful way.

“Ye dinna recall how ye struck Murchinson across the head, just as he was set to bayonet me on the ground? And then ye picked me up and carried me from the field, awa to a bittie well nearby?… There was someone there to tend me; they wished ye to stay, too, for ye were wounded and bleeding, but ye would not. Ye wished me well, in the name of St. Michael – and went back then, to the field.”

Ye looked fair wild, man, for there was blood running’ doon your face and your hair was loose on the wind. Ye’d sheathed your sword to carry me, but ye pulled it again as ye turned away. I didna think I should see ye again, for if ever I saw man set to meet his death…”

He shook his head, his eyes half-closed, as though he saw not the sober stalwart man before him, not the Fraser of Fraser’s Ridge – but Red Jamie, the young warrior who had not gone back for gallantry, but because he sought to throw his life away, feeling it a burden – because he had lost me.

~ The Fiery Cross, “Shrapnel”

Yay! More feels! I’m obsessed with this song at the minute and I was writing this at the same time so they sort of merged… Yeah, play it at the same time and it’ll really break your heart. Because of the video, the reader’s character essentially became Luna Lovegood - bit strange, but wonderfully eccentric. Overall a really, really fun character to write. This request was made by @wxndamaxiimoffs and I’m sorry that it is so long. Ah well; enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: Please write one where you become good friends with Loki and Thor when they’re young, and you comfort Loki when he finds out he’s a frost giant because he thinks that you won’t like him anymore because he’s different. Thank you!

“Half the World Away”

Asgard. The city of lights. The realm of the Gods. Its people were as brilliant and luminescent as the stories they inspired.

You lived in the heart of it and always had. Your mother was a maid in the royal palace and you had been given free roam of it as a result, befriending Odin’s two sons along the way. A life without a formal education combined with access to the largest library in the realm left your mind open and free. You were on a whole other level and the youngest prince in particular found himself fascinated by your unconventional nature…

You wandered the halls with your head in the clouds, thoughts soaring the skies and focus nowhere to be seen. As you floated down the corridor, you let your hands dance through the air, fingers playing a strange melody on an invisible piano.

Your watched your hands swirl through the air with delicate interest and made each movement precise and gentle. You let yourself get lost in the silent dance, twirling and spinning and gliding along; completely away with your thoughts.

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Supernatural: Castiel x Reader

Sorry I haven’t posted! I was really busy.. This is a semi-long one for you guys! If you like long reads, I really hope you enjoy this.

- The boys put you in time out for following a dangerous case on your own. Left alone in the bunker, (with no pads left) Mother Nature decides to visit. -


You try to open the bunker door, but it’s locked from the outside. “Are you kidding me? They were serious about the time out?” You grip your stomach and run to your room.

“Ugh! Of course this had to happen now!” You turn the room upside down, in search of something to keep your pain at bay. Nothing. You can’t find a single damn thing. And you already used your last pad a few hours ago.

“Looks like I’ll just have to call someone…” You decide to call Sam first. You type his number in. It’s ringing… Still ringing… You hear a pause. “Sam I-”

“We’re sorry, but the number you have reached is not in service at this time. Please check the number or try your call again later. Thank you. Good bye.” Fuck.

“Okay… Let me try Dean…” You dial his number and wait for him to answer. “Pick up, pick up, pick up…” You hear the pause, “Dean? Please tell m-”

“We’re sorry, but the number you have reached is not in service at this time. Please check the number or try your call again later. Thank you. Good bye.” Double fuck. 

“Holy hell. Alrighty! Castiel better pick up…” You hear the pause and wait a few seconds. When you don’t hear anything you decide to hang up, not wanting to hear that stupid message again. Just before you hit the “end call” button you hear him.

“Hello? Y/N?” 

“Cas! Hi! Where the hell are Sam and Dean? I’ve been trying to reach them!”

“They went off to finish the case that you were-”

You cut him off, “Actually you know what, I don’t care. I have you. I need your help.” 

“They said that I’m not allowed to talk to you because you’re in a time out… What is a ‘time out’?”

“It’s exactly what it sounds like Cas. But that doesn’t matter right now, I need you to… Wait, what do you mean you’re not allowed to talk to me?”

“Dean said I can’t talk to you because you’re-”

“In a time out, I got it!” Frustrated you pinch the bridge of your nose. “That’s a bit over the top.” You mumble.


“Nothing.. it’s too late anyway, you’re already talking to me and I need your help.” You hear him sigh. “Cas, please? It’s important…”

“…Fine. What’s wrong?”

“Mother Nature decided to visit, and I don’t have any pads or tampons. I need you to get me some.”

“I… Don’t understand that reference… Mother Nature? What is she doing? I don’t know what-”

“Oh my… Castiel! Please… please pick me up! I promise you, you will not get in trouble.” You tap your foot waiting for an answer.

He takes a moment to think about it, “I’m not sure…”

Though the pain doesn’t amount to the many times you and the boys have been tortured, but on a normal day like today, it does. You can’t hold it in anymore. “Castiel, I am bleeding. I am pissed off. Pick. Me. Up. Now!”

“Okay. Okay. I’ll be there in 10 minutes.”

“I love you so much right now! See you in ten!” You hang up the phone and get ready. 


You hear the door open. Castiel’s voice slightly echoes, “Y/N?”

He leans over the railing and looks down at you. You run up the stairs and hug him, “Thank you so much! Okay let’s go!” You let him go and just as you were about to run out the door, he grabs your arm.

“Wait, wait. What did you say about bleeding?”

“Were you… Are you actually confused about that?” You ask him, he gives you a genuine look. You glance down at your shoes, “It’s my time of the month…”  

“So… your menstrual cycle?” You nod your head. He still looks confused though.

“What’s wrong? Why do you still have that look on your face?” 

“What does your menstrual cycle have to do with Mother Nature?”

You giggle, “Oh my lovely Castiel, never change. It’s just a phrase some girls say. Now, let’s go.” You grab his hand and speed walk out the door.


Once you two arrive to the store, you head straight to the “feminine care” section. As you quickly browse the items, you remember you need pain killers. 

“Oh shit. Cas do you think you can handle picking one or two out? I just need to grab something real fast. Meet me at the register!” He nods his head as you rush to the medicine aisle.

How hard can it be? They’re all the same thing. He’ll be fine. 

You remember that there are actually a few things you had to buy. So you go back and pick up a basket and hastily grab the pain killers, some snacks, drinks, and toilet paper. 

Looking over at the cashier, he has a few customers, but none of them are Castiel. Confused, you head over to the last place you left him. 

“Cas?” You call, on the way to the feminine aisle. You see him squatting down in front of the lowest shelf holding two different brands in both of his hands.

“There’s so many different ones.” He holds up his left hand, “This one is extra absorbent… But this one…” Castiel gently shakes the box in his right hand, and stands up, “This one is very flexible, so you’ll have no discomfort.” He then looks up and scans the whole shelf, “I don’t understand. Why are there so many?”

Setting your heavy basket down next to him, you look at him in disbelief. Castiel, the “all-powerful”, badass angel, spent half an hour debating on which pad or tampon he should get you, so that you’re not uncomfortable. 

Castiel turns to you and holds them out. You stare at him and think, ‘He’s too fucking cute to be doing this. I can’t…’ 

In the spur of the moment you grab his face and kiss him, causing him to drop one box with a loud thump.

You let go and realize what you did. It was his turn to stare at you, “Cas… I’m… So sorry. I didn’t mean too. I get really… I’m on my period so I don-”

He drops the other box and tangles his fingers into your hair, while smashing his lips onto yours. You hesitantly put your arms around his waist as he deepens the kiss. 

When he finally let’s go, you take a breath. His face is flustered. “You don’t have to be.” Slightly disheveled, you look at him confused. “Sorry. About the kiss… You don’t have to be sorry about the kiss.” he said.

You blink a few times trying to comprehend what just happened, “I just… I uh… What?” As he’s about to speak, you remember that you two are still in the store. You clear your throat, “Wait, we’ll talk about this later. Let’s uh.. let’s pay.”

You grab the two boxes on the floor and shove them back onto the shelf. You quickly pick up a few small boxes of tampons for yourself, as Castiel carries the basket to the counter.

You pay for the stuff and walk back to the car. He pops the trunk for you, and then gets into the driver’s seat. It was a quiet ride back to the bunker.

Castiel follows you to the kitchen and watches as you put the food away.

 “Y/N, I’m sorry if I made the situation awkward. I… it just felt right…” 

You stay silent, for just a moment, before saying, “It won’t be awkward as long as that wasn’t the last time.”

He gives you a small smile, “I’m going to assume that means you liked it.”

“Give me another one and we’ll find out.” 

He gently holds the back of your head in one hand and places his other on your lower back. He kisses you softly and sweetly with his chapped lips. When he moves his head back, you crinkle your nose, “Actually it wasn’t that great.”

He’s still holding you but looks mortified. You burst out laughing, “Cas, oh my God! I’m kidding! Don’t make that face. I feel so bad!“ You smile as you kiss him until both of your lips swell up.

“Oh come on! She was in a time out!” shouted Dean, staring at you two from the doorway.

You let go of Castiel and roll your eyes, “Oh shut up… But I mean hey, he was using his mouth for something other than talking.”

Dean sighed, “Gross.”