should i try different shades of blue

Hair dye

I’m dying my hair soon and need to know what I should dye it. I’ll put my options below and include whether I’ve had that color previously
Purple: Have had it
Blue: Have had it
Green: Technically after the blue, could try different shade
Red: Current
Pink: never had it before

Drawn in a different style. I actually love drawing in this style and should try to do it more often. What you’ve been seeing with my other LiS fanart is a style that I tried to adopt but it honestly looks kinda amateur in my opinion. This one screams artsy in my opinion. I still kept the nose shading which I really like. I think I’ll do this more.

Crystal Tutorial

This is simple little tutorial how to paint crystals, or more accurate, how I paint crystals. :‘D 

1. I look for reference pictures in the first place. It makes things easier for you when you can actually study how the crystal looks and what kind of shapes you should try to paint. 

2. Let’s start! Make a clean sketch. Lots of straight lines and angled surfaces.

3. Now it’s time to pick colours. I encourage using few different colours and shades to make it look more interesting. Make your rough base colouring with light hand.

4. Now start to add more shades and shapes also. Keeping colours light. You should also think where is your light source in the picture. In this one light comes from the left side, so I placed shadows on the right edge of the crystal.

5. While adding more colour, paint now more irregular triangle shapes on your crystals. Try using different colour on every shape.

6. Add now even more darker shades and outlines for crystals. For outline colours I used blue and pink. Almost finished!

7. When you feel satisfied with your work, add some white ink to make some small details and shine. Done!

DeanCas Coda to 11x03: The Bad Seed

“You’re forgiven, you know.”

Dean grunts awake from where he’s started drifting off on the couch, empty beer bottle clanking soundlessly against his side. His face hurts with the expression it’s twisted into, and though he’s happy to see Cas, he’s less thrilled with the idea of having a Serious Conversation. Especially not about this.

Dean clears his throat and takes a fake pull of his empty beer to buy some time. “Cas—”

But then Cas does this really weird-ass thing.

The angel reaches across Dean’s body with a bulging dishtowel in hand, carefully pressing the lumpy mound to the injured half of the hunter’s face. Immediately, Dean’s brows meet in confusion. “Uh…”

Cas rolls his eyes. “If you won’t let me heal you,” he grumps. “At least let me do this.”

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Hey, hello, can you please do a tutorial of how you painting your drawings ;A; <3 if you want to, of course. Forgive me for been like this but i'm really interested in how you do that because is an amazin job and i just want to learn about it~

Welcome to:

Jante’s lazy colouring tutorial. How to cheat your way to a finished drawing!

Of course there are many ways to colour and I usually pick different colouring-styles depending on what kind of atmosphere I want to create. This is my lazy colouring style. But it’s basically always the same. I’m not good at explaining, but it shows my working process.

(Sorry for English mistakes, it’s easier to explain the concept of colours and all in German lol)

1. Well I start with a very basic sketch of course:

2. Then I put another layer over this and start to sketch with the brush tool. (I use the default setting).

WOW a bit derpy hahaha. This is my lineart.

3. At first I always have 3 layers. Lineart is on top of everything, under it the coloration layer and then the background layer. I’m colouring on one layer. (I don’t recommend this lol)

Even if you don’t want a background (let’s say you want it to be transparent or blank) always put a background layer with a neutral colour (like grey) under your lineart because white is bad for your eyes. It’s bright and you’ll get a headache after a while.

I use the pen tool to put some basic colours on the lineart. It doesn’t matter if it’s messy. It’s important to use the natural colours of everything because I’ll shade in an unnatural colour after this and you still have to recognize it’s natural colouring somehow you know.

4. This guy is Jack if you don’t know. He’s from the game Bioshock and is running around in Rapture which is an underwater city. I gotta work with cold-colours (blue, green, pruple all that stuff). It gives an eerie and unsaturated feeling.

I’m using the pen tool once again to put some basic shades on it. You should know where your light source is or in this case light sources are.

So our key word for the atmosphere is underwater, which means I’ll pick either blue or green and see if it fits. AND HELL YEAH it will. Be adventurous and try different colours!! They don’t have to be natural.

5. Smooth it out with the brush and the water brush tool! (default setting)

6. The second layer of shading will be the background colour, but a bit darker. It should give the first layer of shading deepness.

7. There we go. We’ve got a little colour palette by now! Those will be the repetitive colours for this drawing. I used cold colours it’s nice to add some warm colours too so it doesn’t look boring.

8. So I circled the areas that need to be highlighted. This is a little cheat pattern if you are lazy like me HA I finished colouring the face so I finally coloured the eyes. Don’t use white for eyes, oook. It’ll look boring and flat. If you have an unatural light like here you gotta use something greyish + the colour of the light source if that makes sense.

9. We’re almost there my friend. Put another layer on top of the coloration layer and pick a cRAZY colour to highlight some areas. Sometimes I change the layer setting to screen or additon. But I wanted to keep the green colour so I set it on normal.

10. YES great! I am lazy and I’d say this is finished haha. Repeat the shading levels to your liking. Now there is time for details. Last step is erasing. It’s finished.

But white is really generic so here comes a sloppy background:

At this point I’ve like a gazillion unnecessary layers for the background. You may adjust the contrast, brightness, depths level after you’re done and put a texture over everything (I usually use a grey texture with a “grainy” effect and set the layer on “overlay”)

I usually like the lineart better than the finished drawing… OTL

This is the finished product

Sometimes I do livestreams if you want to know more. I’m not good at explaining this ahhh. I hope this is somewhat helpful!

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Hello! :D I don't know if you are still accepting prompts, but how about maid! Anna having a crush on billionaire! Elsa? Brownie points if Elsa is in a suit! XD

I demand my brownies right now!



“Kristoff! I hadn’t seen you in so long.”

They hugged. Kristoff had insisted on getting the door himself, and so Anna was standing discreetly by the side. When Elsa came into full view, Anna managed to whisper a greeting.

“Hello, miss Elsa.”

“Hello, Anna.”

Anna could never get used to the sight of Elsa. The girl would show up on random days and hours, always impeccable in a black suit and crisp white blouse. The contrast between the sharpness of the suit and the long silver hair she never bothered to style and that flowed all the way past her waist took Anna’s breath away. As she offered to take Elsa’s briefcase and coat, she couldn’t help but stare at the gorgeous angel face, with the bluest eyes she had ever seen and perfectly glossed lips that looked like they’d really just been made to be ki-

“Anna dearest, could you please get us some coffee? Elsa takes hers black as her soul.”

Elsa gasped. “I do not! Kristoff, you goddamn stinker!”

Anna left them to discuss utilities and shares, and went to prepare their coffee. She knew Elsa well enough to remember that, no matter what Kristoff said, the young businesswoman always required a double shot of milk and sugar. And cookies. Always cookies.

When she returned, the conversation had long moved away from the stock market. Kristoff had brought up a far more pressing subject.

“You still haven’t returned my ties.”

“I’ll keep them as long as I like. I’m your older sister.”

“By four minutes.”

“Still older than you.”

“You won’t find that so amusing in a few years.”

“You insult me and still expect me to return your stuff?”

Kristoff grabbed the newest issue of Time magazine and waved it in front of Elsa. “Sis, you make a million an hour. Surely you can afford your own ties.”

Elsa laughed at the sight of her own face on the magazine’s cover. “I like your taste. It’s easier to steal the ones you buy. You too have your millions, buy more.”

“Anna buys them for me. It’s her taste you like.”

“Her taste?” Elsa repeated. Her eyes met Anna’s and she arched an eyebrow. Anna went red as her hair.

“Elsa, you’re making her uncomfortable with your nonsense,” complained Kristoff, exasperated. “And please get your feet off my table, I just varnished it.”

Elsa answered with a shrug. “How long have you been working for my brother, Anna?”

“S-six months.” Don’t look at her eyes, don’t look at her eyes. She’s completely off-limits, you fool!

“Do you like it here? Does Kristoff treat you well?”

“Oh, y-yes. He’s been nothing but kind to me.”

“I’m glad to hear that. From what I’ve heard, to his employees he’s quite the tyrant.”

Kristoff sighed. “I should have been an only child.”

Elsa ignored him and continued talking to the girl.

“Anna, could you please go get me a couple more of Kristoff’s ties?”

Anna pursed her lips, amused but unsure. Kristoff rolled his eyes and gestured for her to go. She returned with three ties in different shades of blue.

“I thought these would go nicely with your eyes. I-I mean, because your eyes are blue, and these are blue, and so…” she trailed off. Shut up! Shut your stupid mouth! She gave Elsa the ties, trying not to focus on how pretty she looked when she smiled sincerely and not to mock someone.

Suddenly, Kristoff interrupted her thoughts. “Anna, I’m lending you to my sister for the weekend.”

Anna almost dropped the cups in her hands. “Excuse me?”

“I have to make a short trip to Washington and I don’t want to leave you here alone. Last time you stayed on your own I came back to a sad crying puppy. No, go with her instead.”

“A trip? You’ve never said anything about a trip. Maybe I could-”

“You’re going, Anna.”

“Yes sir- I mean, Kristoff.”

“That’s better. You’ll keep each other company. Make sure you buy Elsa her own ties and get back all the ones she’s taken from me.”

Elsa smiled. “Don’t worry, Kristoff, I’ll take good care of her. We shall see about her taste.” Anna felt the heat on her cheeks again. “Go get ready, you’re leaving with me right now. Change your clothes, you don’t have to wear uniform in my house.”

The twenty minutes to Elsa’s mansion were the longest in Anna’s life. She sat in the backseat of Elsa’s black Mercedes, tongue-tied and awkward. When they arrived, she followed Elsa around as her boss for the weekend showed her around the house. Anna barely registered anything around her, distracted as she was by the gleam of Elsa’s platinum hair and the clicking of her heels against the marble floor.

“Any questions, Anna?”

“No… I guess I’ll get started now.”

But Elsa stopped her. “There’s no need. I have my own staff. They’ve taken care of everything.”

The redhead stopped, baffled. “You have your people already? Then why did you bring me?”

Elsa smiled, and tucked a strand of hair behind Anna’s ear. “Oh, Anna. Really. Don’t you know why Kristoff sent you here?”                        

“Wasn’t he going on some surprise random trip or something?”

Elsa’s smile grew wider.  She walked towards Anna until the girl was pressed against the wall.

“He’s not going anywhere. At least, he wasn’t until I visited him today. I simply asked him to let me borrow you for a few days.” Elsa’s voice was turning into husky whispers.

“I-it was your idea? Why?”

“Because I couldn’t, couldn’t keep going to Kristoff’s house with any pretext just to look at you. To see your pretty face.”

“To see me? You wanted to see me?”

“Of course, you little fool. It’s all about you. You and your gorgeous hair and your gorgeous eyes and your gorgeous freckles. And don’t think I haven’t noticed the way you look at me when I visit. Don’t think I haven’t felt your eyes on me, all your little side glances or that adorable blush of yours whenever I talk to you. You like me, don’t you?”

Anna bit her lip. Slowly, she nodded.

“Well, I like you too. A lot. And if you like me and I like you…” Elsa stroked Anna’s cheek with the back of her hand.

“But I… I am nothing like you. Look at us, you’re so important, and so elegant, and rich, and I’m your brother’s maid. It’s impossible.”

“Nonsense. There’s no such thing as impossible. And you’re so amazing, Anna. So graceful, and kind, so gentle. What’s there not to love about you? You’re worth much more than you think.”

Elsa’s lips hovered over Anna’s. They touched. Elsa, unsure of how she would be received, tried to make the contact brief, but Anna caught her head and pulled her back in. They kissed again, lips parting to welcome each other fully. Anna tugged gently at Elsa’s tie to hold her in place while she nibbled at her lips; Anna’s mouth was so delicately warm, and Elsa found herself slowly losing sense of everything else around her.

Anna noticed how she craved more and more of Elsa, of her touch, of the strange coldness of her tongue. She’s your boss’ sister! Oh, Anna, you’re so dead. Yet the redhead could not bring herself to stop. Tentatively, she placed her hands on Elsa’s waist and felt Elsa’s own fingers grabbing her hair.

When Elsa realized she had begun to think about where the nearest bedroom was, she broke the kiss.

“No. It’s not this that I’m after. This is not why I wanted you to come. I-” Anna’s eyes were dark with desire and Elsa almost forgot her speech there and then. “I didn’t bring you to use you.”

“I know. But I wanted this, too.”

“I want more. I want something deeper. I like you, Anna, sincerely like you. If you’re not interested, I’ll take you back to Kristoff’s and I swear I’ll never insist again or make you uncomfortable in any way. But if you are interested…”

Anna gave her a quick peck on the lips. “I am.”

The relief in the eyes of the beautiful billionaire melted Anna’s heart. “Well then… um…” Elsa cleared her throat. “I guess my brother will have to hire someone new. This,” and she placed her arms around Anna’s waist, “is something else I’m never planning to return.”

  • Mint Candy Apple - Essie (pale mint/blue)
  • Kissed at Midnight - Nicole by OPI (gold glitter)

I’ve always wanted to try Mint Candy Apple. It’s one of those shades that nail bloggers swear every nail polish addict should have in their stash. This seems like a tricky color to accurately capture on camera! The swatches I looked up for this shade all seemed so different. The formula wasn’t too bad; it was opaque in 3 coats for me. I have been noticing that you need to work a little faster than usual with pastels, though. Application can be uneven and prone to dragging if you’re not careful.

I haven’t been able to do more intricate nail looks because I’ve been so busy, but sometimes a simple look with glitter gradient accents can be really refreshing!

I hope to try out some really fun Halloween looks I’ve been seeing around soon before October ends! ^_^

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Part one his HERE

“I had a really fun night,” You smile up at Jake. He grins down at you with that signature hot-guy-lip-bite, “I did too. Aside from the guy behind us.” You clench your fists, feeling your nails create half moons on your palm. “Yeah,” You laugh awkwardly, “What a jerk, right?” Luke was, to say the least, a pain in your left bum cheek… literally. Every single time Jake even seemed like he was going to touch you, he would jam his Van right up under your seat to make you jerk away. At the beginning of this evening, you were thrilled to return home and talk to Luke about a probable future, but after his charade this evening, well, you’re less than thrilled to open the red door behind you and face the noisy chip eating, seat kicking, incessant texting monster. Jake rubs the back of his neck and smiles down at you, his pearly whites literally gleaming in the incandescent lighting of your front stoop. “You know,” He reaches out and runs his fingers down your arm, linking your fingers loosely, “I would really, really, like to do this again some time.” You feel like you should pull away, but the whole situation you have faced this evening makes you feel confused. He’s a nice, very attractive guy, but Luke is… he’s different. You smile stiffly, “Yeah, I love going on friend dates. Maybe next time we can get dinner.” His brow furrows, “Uh, I think you’re confused, babe.” You hold the upturn of your mouth, silently begging him not to say this was a date or try to ask you out. You can practically feel those piercing blue eyes on you. “I thought this was more than a friend date,” Jake’s cheeks turn a light shade of pink, “I really like you and I want to see you again, do you understand?” You nos stiffly, “Uh…” Your feel your stomach flip sickly inside of you as Jake begins leaning towards you, those soft lips parting slightly as his chocolate colored eyes slip close. You lean back slightly in attempts to avoid the oncoming kiss, your head knocking into the door. “Wow, you’re home early!” The door pulls open behind you and you stumble backwards, a hand catching you at your bicep. “Luke…” You trail off. Jake reels backwards, his face scrunching, “Y-you’re the guy from the movies!” The dark haired boy wags his finger. You look over your shoulder at Luke who has a smirk on his mouth, his lip ring quirking upwards. “Guilty as charged,” Luke shrugs. Where did this cocky confident side come from? Usually he’s as docile as a lamb, but tonight he’s different in some way. Possessive. “I ought to—” Jake starts to walk towards Luke, but you hold up a hand. “I had fun tonight, Jake. I’ll see you later,” You push the door shut in his face, afraid of the conflict between the two testosterone enraged boys. You can practically feel the masculine ego rolling off of Luke. You turn towards your cocky roommate, “You. You ruined my evening! I probably have sores on my bum because of you and your— jealously.“ Luke holds up his hands, “Woah, there, girl.” You poke your finger at his thick chest, a scowl on your face, “Don’t you woah me, you dirtbag! I was half considering dating you at the beginning of this evening and now, well, I should just move out!” His eyes widen, his jaw slackening, “W-what?” You prop your hands on your hips, “You heard me, Luke Hemmings.” Luke takes a deliberate step forward and you move back, “You know what it felt like seeing that guy try to slip his hand up your skirt, huh?” Your back presses against the wall, “No, enlighten me.” His voice goes quiet as he presses his forehead to yours, “I felt like my heart would be ripped out if you let him go any further.” The soft yet heated look in his eyes turns your knees to jelly. Did it really matter to him that much? 

I’m gonna be a meanie head, inbox me if you want part three (;