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more sunahama tl

Met: Tsumurin isn’t it neat? I want more arms too!
Mogeko: Moge-tan too!
Tsumuri: Hm?
Tsumuri: If your fighting-spirit is high enough, gaining more arms should be easy.*
Met: Really!?
Mogeko: Really moge!?

Met: -it’s literally just her yelling-
Met: -more yelling- IT WORKED!?

Satanick: Hey, hey~
Satanick: Roachy-kins has a lot of weak spots that I’ve found.
Satanick: Want to know?
Satanick: IT’S A SECRET!!!!

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I’m watching this anime Maoyu, about a (female) Demon King who proposes a contract of “mutual ownership” (read: marriage) to the hero who comes to defeat her, in order to work towards a plan that will end the conflict between demons and humans in a way that will bring about peace and prosperity. I was prepared for heterosexual bullshit. 

I was not prepared for that last clip.

The maid is using the slang “bakunyuu”, translated here as “large-breasted”. That’s a bit more than just “bakunyuu”.

Should… should i tag this nsfw?

Mademoiselle Clé, Ch. 5

Word Count: 3,519
(Ch. 1) (Ch. 2) (Ch.3) (Ch.4) (Ch. 5)

FINALLY! WE GET TO THE AKUMA FIGHT! and then later today i’ll upload the doodles i made of the akuma
I’m thinking there will be one more Chapter after this? I have an idea with how I want to wrap this up nicely.

Also I used Google Translator for the Akuma’s name, please tell me if it’s wrong/ how it should be translated so I can fix it, thank you!

Songs used in this Chapter and ones I highly recommend have playing whenever they pop up are these two: (X), (X)

The sun was starting to set as the day was coming to an end. Marinette couldn’t focus on her school work or even keep her mind occupied with sewing something, anything! She was starting to worry about Adrien. He agreed that he would come straight to her house after he talked to his father about his mom to tell her whether it was a success or a flop.

“Maybe he hasn’t shown up yet because he made headway and they’re actually talking about his Mom?” Marinette said aloud, knowing that Tikki wasn’t too far from her to respond. But before she could say anything, Marinette’s phone began to ring. She pounced for it, hoping it was Adrien with good news, but the ID picture showed that it was Alya. Marinette let out a huff as she answered the video call.

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My Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet volumes arrived! As the translator for this series I’ve probably read these chapters more than anyone else except for Charlotte (damn-feels’ guardian angel), but it’s still wonderful to have the series in book form (not to mention legally).

If you can, buy Yamamori-sensei’s work. We work hard to bring you these scanlations, but Yamamori-sensei worked harder, and it’s really her you should be thanking for these stories. We’ve told what the words mean, so buying the book in Japanese shouldn’t be a problem, right?