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NDRV3 Transcripts: Chapter 2 Part 1

Translation is still ongoing, but I’ve decided to go ahead and upload part 1 of Chapter 2! I know a lot of people have been waiting on a full translation of the game and currently @shinjiroaragaki, @ne0dym​, and I are working to bring you all one!

A huge thanks to @hajimikimo​ for helping us out with this project and providing us with the special events! Anyone who hasn’t yet read a full English translation of the prologue and Chapter 1 should check out her translations, which were subtitled with permission by Thelifeliketextube on YouTube. You can watch here.

If any of you could help spread this around, reblog, link to it, etc., that would help a lot! All of us are working very hard to bring you a full translation, and it’s been a really fun undertaking so far.

Anyway, please enjoy! I can’t possibly include the whole chapter here on Tumblr, so it’s Google doc only this time. I won’t discuss spoilers here, but there are (obviously) spoilers for Chapter 1, so read at your own risk!

More translated transcripts.

You ever just think about this scene from Kill la Kill, where Ryuko falls unconscious and Senketsu can’t hold her or carry her but ties his arm into a knot just so he can bring her to safety? And how Senketsu pushes himself so hard to pull Ryuko along, because even if concept art implies he works out and wants so much to be strong, he still can only do so much with the body he was given?

Because I do and oh gosh he loves her so damn much.

anonymous asked:

Hi, what do you think about schools in England teaching Welsh as a second language ? Also what do you think could be done to encourage more people in Wales to study Welsh at a level ? I am doing a project looking at how we could improve the number of a level students studying languages. Thank You

Hello! Personally, I think every country in the world should teach the languages of its native populations in its schools, because that’s a huge part of native multiculturalism; I think that goes triply or more for imperialistic powers, though, where a dominant culture actively attempted to eradicate others. So if you’re American, you should be learning a regionally appropriate Native language; if you’re Swedish, you should learn a Sami language. And if you’re English, you should be learning Welsh, or Scots Gaelic, or Irish.

And I don’t even mean it should be taught to fluency, necessarily, not that any language other than English is taught to fluency in England (although I 100% think the resources should be in place to allow people to study it further if they choose). I think a module that teaches each of those for a term would actually be fine, along with the respective cultures; because, as evidenced by that cringing racist the other day, the fact is that English people have completely isolated themselves in their little cultural bubble and have absolutely no clue about any other native British culture at all. And when you try to tell them, they actively reject the facts and tell you you’re wrong. They literally don’t believe you. It’s like trying to tell an MRA that women did actually exist and do stuff in history. School never taught them that, and implied the opposite, and therefore it can’t be true, you know?

Spend a term learning basic, conversational Welsh. Greetings, how to ask for shit in shops, directions. Learn our myths. Learn our culture, our social conventions, our music, Eisteddfodau. And for the love of all that’s holy, learn our history, you know? All the oppression and the bloodshed; all the triumphs and inventions. England knows none of it, and then we get disgusting imperialists like Tumblr user loki_zen who invent their own narrative based on absolutely nothing except their own prejudices and then think they get to define us and impose value judgements on us.

Unfortunately, not only have I never heard of a school in England teaching Welsh (other than the London Welsh school, which the government literally closed down for not being English enough), but if every I suggest the above to an English person their reaction is one of visceral hatred for the very idea. People like to stay on their pedestals, I think. But for my money, if you belong to a culture that violently and intentionally oppressed another, the fucking least you can do is teach it to your own citizens and help to save it; especially since language and culture are so inextricably linked in these cases, regardless of what the loki_zens of this world want to believe. Anything else is morally repugnant and completely indefensible. 

In answer to your second question, though; tricky. What you’re asking is slightly different, see, from how do we encourage more people to learn the language? Instead, it’s how do we get people to study an A Level in it?, and I imagine there are broader sociological factors at play there. When I was choosing my A Levels (2002-2004), the economy was booming and we were all told to choose what interested us. I chose Welsh, Art, Psychology and Classics. But then the recession came, and suddenly there was a scramble for everyone to do maths and sciences, to make themselves Recession-proof. So that sort of thing needs taking into account.

But then, you can work with that. A lot of young people now are trying to take courses that will get them a job afterwards, and there are whole sectors that want Welsh at least in part. Teaching, the environment, politics, a lot of business, lots of public sector stuff… There’s loads, and that’s before you get to the more obvious stuff like translation. The majority of Wales is working class, with people who don’t want to move out or leave their home areas. Tell them that Welsh will help them get a job, and I think that would help.

For me, I think, it was about identity. My Welsh teacher for GCSE (thank god) was actually very good, and used to do her best to talk about her culture while teaching us the language, and combining the two - as, of course, all of them should have. And then she took us all on a field trip up to North Wales, to stay in Nant Gwrtheyrn and visit Hedd Wyn’s house and all that. We stopped in at Cilmeri on the way to visit the site of Llywelyn the Last’s murder, and there were flowers on it that someone had laid. That was when I personally realised, I think, that there truly was this whole other culture running parallel to my own that I wanted to see and experience, and so I did. I chose Welsh at A Level, which became a degree (joint with Celtic Studies), which became… me, I suppose. I am now married to a man so Welsh-speaking he only learned English at 15. We got married in Welsh. I have Welsh-speaking friends. This is an integral part of who I am.

15-year-old me was, as all teenagers are, looking for an identity, and Welsh gave me that.

The other thing that does come to mind, though, is the concept of opportunities. And I don’t mean jobs, because we’ve already covered that - I mean cultural stuff that you can’t do in English, because you language hop when something comes up that you can’t do in the one you’re currently using (one of the many arguments in favour of multilingualism.) Stuff like computer games, VR, interactive escape room-style experiences, music gigs, interactive have-a-go music workshops; all done in learner-friendly Welsh settings. I think a fusion, bilingual youth culture is needed in Wales; something new, and alive, that’s inclusive and encouraging and means people want to go out and learn a bit more so they can do more. Like… I never even knew what Cerdd Dant was until I became a Welsh speaker. Introduce the concept of that. Make something new. 

All of that’s a bit nebulous, though, so probably the first two points will suit you better!

So, TL;DR: I 100% think schools in England should be teaching Celtic languages and cultures and offering the opportunity to learn more if requested; and I think the two big drivers for encouraging students to take Welsh A Levels are future employment prospects and identity. And also some ill-defined bollocks about cultural fusion.

Hope this helped!

Adding translations to videos on YouTube is NOT there for you to put in inaccuracies and jokes.

I just needed to emphasize this because Emma worked very hard and very quickly to add subtitles on Soraru and Mafumafu’s most recent video, just for the sake of us English viewers. Understand that these fan translators aren’t paid or anything of the sort; they do this on their own time, just to help other people. This should already be obvious, but I don’t think people understand that. I repeat: THEY DO THIS ON THEIR OWN TIME TO HELP OTHER PEOPLE—OTHER FANS. Emma has been translating utaite content for quite awhile now, and from what I know from all the times I’ve spoken to her, she’s been nothing but considerate, precise, thorough, productive, hardworking; need I say more? This doesn’t even just apply to Emma alone. There are so, so many translators that work to the best of their ability, just because they want to help international fans like themselves.

To explain: YouTube has a new(?) feature that allows its viewers to add title/description translations. They’ve also had the CC/Subtitling feature around for awhile. These are both being utilized by fan translators so we can understand what’s going on in the video. However, we can’t do that if ‘fans’ are too busy messing around, adding jokes/memes/etc. to the translations just for the fun of it. Those who are doing it might believe it’s harmless; that it’s just 'haha I’m making a funny joke that other fans will find amusing'—no. By doing this, you’re literally hindering other English fans from understanding the content.

Two recent examples include: someone changing Mafumafu’s Comet Honeymoon video description to 'pwease like and subscribe’ when literally all it says is 'mosu’. Another is on the video I linked earlier; someone changed the video title to '2 boyfriends play…’. The second example ESPECIALLY infuriates me, because not even more than 3 days ago did Mafumafu and Soraru state how they were uncomfortable with some 'shipping’; then someone has the nerve to outright ship them IN THE TITLE 'TRANSLATION’? Really outrageous.

All of this nonsense can easily make Soraru think, 'ah, people are misusing the feature… I should disable it on my videos’, and just like that, there goes our translation accessibility. And this doesn’t just affect us, the English community. Fans from places like Korea, China, Indonesia, etc. can utilize these features too; I’ve already seen some different translations up on their videos. But if the English community keeps messing around and messing up the translations, it’ll simply ruin it for everyone. Not to mention the utaites and the translators. Undoubtedly, utaite want to break the language barrier between them and their international fans. Having to turn off this new feature would just be disappointing to them. For the translators? There goes hours of timing, translating, checking, etc. all down the drain. All because people wanted to joke around with their memes.

“Why can’t the translators just create a new video with hard subtitles?” you might ask, if you’re newer to the community. While this seems like the simple solution, many utaites have EXPLICITLY asked their fans not to reprint their videos (this doesn’t apply to all utaites!!!). It takes away views, likes, comments, and more from the original video. If you really claim to be a fan of ATR, you’d respect their wishes and move on. Simple as that.

This new feature can be really beneficial, but it’ll only prove to be a nuisance if people don’t stop this… for example, if other translators were to add onto another translation, perhaps to make it more accurate or to clarify something, then great! That’s exactly how this should be utilized. But we can’t enjoy the content if people are messing up the translations.

Needless to say, this is really upsetting to see that people have the need to mess around on actual translations. TL;DR: please respect translators, uploaders, and fellows fans by NOT messing around with the 'add translations/subtitles’ features on videos.


[TRANS] 151128 Youngjae’s Instagram Updates

FROM Youngjae
Hello it’s GOT7’s Youngjae
Haha I’m not sure how I should write this “thanks to” letter. Mmm i think I have more to be sorry about than thankful. Mm First of all, the reason I was able to become a GOT7 member was mostly because of my parents and my company. My parents are really important to me. I haven’t been able to express it as much to my mom and dad, but I think I’m doing okay at it. Until I got to be part of GOT7, I’ve had a lot of troubles with my parents haha I’m sure no one would’ve expect things to become like this.

When I first passed my audition, what can I say, I’m still young but I was even younger then, so I cried..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ As soon as I passed, I called them, and seeing them happy for me made me feel really.. you know ㅎㅎㅎ To be honest, my parents didn’t want me to become a singer. They just wanted me to study, get a good job and have a stable life. Our family is actually struggling financially, but at the time I asked them to help me get vocal/singing lessons because I wanted to become a singer~ told them I’m going to learn to sing and made a fuss about it. I went to take lessons for a little bit in 8th grade, then had a hard time going due to issues at home, but I wanted to learn again during Sophomore year in high school so I really tried to persuade them haha. Regardless of knowing what I’m doing, they gave me allowance and I even worked part-time jobs without telling them haha. I’m still sorry for the things I did back then and would like to let them know I thank them through this letter (smile) (smile) And then I somehow came across JYPE audition! At first I didn’t pass. But they suddenly contacted me after a year and told me I passed, so I was really happy. Thinking back again and talking about it still makes me happy.. When I started practice, I couldn’t stay in Seoul the entire time. The days I was able to stay in Seoul for practice were Fri-Mon and I had to go back to Mokpo for the rest of the week, but the bus fare was pretty expensive. I received 100,000 won to go back and forth every week, but one day my dad didn’t have enough so he gave me 80,000 won. I told him it wasn’t enough and that I needed more. Honestly, 80,000 won was more than enough for food and bus fare, but you know there is the regular bus and the premium bus– for some reason I insisted on taking the premium bus every time. Taking the regular bus from Mokpo to Seoul would’ve cost me 20,500 won, but the premium bus fare was 30,400 won.. I remember it exactlyㅋㅋ

I begged and begged just to ride that bus and my dad would get angry at me while breaking the piggy bank, but it didn’t make me feel good (/satisfied). I felt bad, but I wanted more.. Whenever I reminisce those days now, I wonder why I was acting that way. I’m still young, but I guess I was just even younger. I don’t know if my parents would remember these things, but whenever I think back, I want to cry because I feel so remorseful. I was too young to realize then, but I’m always sorry and thankful, mom and dad! After all that, I practiced harder and became part of GOT7!! I thought, wow did I really finally debut? My parents came to see me on the day of our debut and hugged me tight.. Bear with me for rambling on but anyway!! I really wanted to tell my parents I thank them very much. I love you, mom and dad. It feels strange for someone like me to say this, but let’s all be good to our parents!

Also to all the Ahgases who always watch over us whether from afar or up close, if all of you weren’t here, we wouldn’t be either. I’m very thankful and think you’re all lovely for supporting us with love no matter what we do. I ask you to continue to love us just as you have all this time. We’ll keep working hard and become amazing singers for Ahgases. Thank you, sorry and thank you again. This became really serious unlike my personality.ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Ahgase and GOT7, let’s keep going like this~~ I love you

Ahhhh and when we recently won first place wowwowaang honestly, I didn’t cry.. Rather than wanting to cry, you know that feeling of “wow it’s so overwhelming, no joke, are you sure the singer who won first place isn’t someone else??” And wow, everyone thank you so much. This doesn’t come easily and it was possible because of all your love for us. So I’m going to work even harder to do better, although the thought makes me worried at the same time. We’ll keep trying and show even better sides of us. I truly love you, IGOT7!

Ah also.. Those who are fluent in English, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and other languages, please translate this. Our Ahgases are all smart, so you can do it! ㅋㅋㅋ Ah is this too much of a mission.. It’s because I think those from other countries can have fun reading and be happy from the translations. Anyway I love you!

Who else is there.. Friends haha I don’t have that many friends ㅠㅠㅠㅠ I came to Seoul during my Junior year and I was really lonely. I had no one until around my Senior year, when a really close hyung of mine came up to Seoul and started taking lessons! Or maybe I’m wrong. Anywho when I was in Mokpo, he took good care of me and we listened to each other’s worries, so I was really glad when he came up to Seoul too. Even though he isn’t blood-related, I’m just as comfortable around him; we talked a lot and he gave good advice when I went through hard times, and overall he made my experience in Seoul less difficult huhu. I wasn’t able to tell that hyung I thank him ㅋㅋㅋㅋ but hopefully he’ll read this and know I’m thankful ㅋㅋㅋ!

Speaking of hyung, to my real hyung! My hyung is now my vwaitwamin (vitamin) that gives me strength. He can tell if something’s wrong from just the tone of my voice, it’s scary sometimes.. Once I called him on a rough day and he constantly asked if something happened and ha (sigh) ㅠㅠㅠㅠ hyung always knows me best *tears* ㅋㅋㅋㅋ ah I’m crying too much in this letter ㅋㅋ That’s how close I was (/am) with my hyung. Oh that doesn’t mean I’m not close with my noona or anything, but I should write about her as well. Or else she’ll be upset ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅎㅎㅎ

Actually it was my noona’s birthday not too long ago ㅠㅠ after my schedule I completely forgot about it and didn’t call her, but she called me first. Then I remembered right away ㅠㅠ I’m still trying to decide what to do for her. She says it’s okay but I want to do something.. I told her “happy birthday” through kakaotalk along with an ugly picture of me, and my noona wa very happy. If I get some days off soon, I’m planning to bring a gift to her ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Whew.. I wrote to those I’m thankful for and about the things I’ve been through, and it’s not too much or too little, but it seems I’ve had many ups and downs in life ㅋㅋㅋ There are probably more people I should thank, but I’ll write the second letter another time!

Everyone who’s always supporting me – my parents, hyung, noona, members, Ahgase, JYPE, my friends, other hyungs – I’ll work hard as the amount of support you’re giving me. Thank you and love you, always. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️★★❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Translated by: got_pang for GOT7&Co.

day 5 - wikipedia random article

i’ll be the first to say i cheated and kept clicking through until i found something that clicked for me, which was… WCW Women’s Cruiserweight Championship

Marinette made a clear distinction between her life as Marinette Dupain-Cheng, popular online fashion designer, and Ladybug, the WCW Women’s Crusierweight Championship title holder.

Anything to do with Ladybug, she did as Ladybug. Press conferences, fan meet-and-greets, training—she wore her mask for it all. It was the best way of keeping a relatively normal life as Marinette.

But that still meant Ladybug was a minor celebrity. She met all sorts of people in her second career and trained in a gym that was frequented by other celebrities. After running into Jagged Stone there, she was almost used to it.


Nothing could prepare her for meeting Adrien Agreste while pummelling a punching bag.

“Hey,” he said, and his soft greeting surprised Ladybug enough for her punch to miss. Instead, she slammed her face into the leathery bag, bruising her nose. “Ah!! Are you okay?!”

“I’m fine!” Ladybug wheezed. She rubbed her nose and peeked at Adrien.

He was dressed in a white tank top and blue bike shorts, still clean and crisp. His blond hair was artfully styled away from his face, and his captivating green eyes were filled with concern.

Ladybug was abruptly aware of her soaked red sports bra and sweatpants, the results of her first hour of training.

“It’s nice, um.” She straightened up, trying not to swoon. “I-I’m Ma-Ladybug!! Just…Ladybug. Hi.”

She stuck out her hand, then realized how clammy it was and tried to pull it back. But Adrien already gripped it, his large, warm hand nearly engulfing hers, and Ladybug’s stomach swooped pleasantly as she squeezed back.

“A-Adrien Agreste,” he said. He took his hand back and rubbed it. Maybe she squeezed too hard. “Sorry to bother you when you’re working out.”

Ladybug wasn’t sure if she should be happy or not that he didn’t recognize her from the many, many fashion events they both frequented.

“I was about to take a break, anyway,” she said instead. Picking up her water bottle, Ladybug took a long drink and never noticed Adrien swallowing hard as he watched her.

“Getting ready for the mixed tag team tournament?” he asked when she finished. Ladybug sighed.

“Yeah, though I wish Chat Noir was here, we need more practice—”

Ladybug blinked, rewound the conversation in her head, and turned to look at Adrien.

“You know about that?” she asked.

Adrien’s cheeks pinked. Ladybug stared as he let out a little chuckle and rubbed his nape, still trying to wrap her mind around the fact that supermodel Adrien Agreste was blushing.

“I’m…well, I’m a fan of yours.”

Ladybug blinked and blinked and blinked, like her heart took control of her eyelids and tried to translate its silent screaming into Morse code.

“Oh,” she croaked. “That’s…cool.”

She should say something more, right? The man she learned to love during daytime fittings and late night balcony talks away from an industry party’s noise just admitted he was her fan.

“I like you too,” she said, before panicking. “I-I MEAN, I LIKE YOUR WORK! I’M!! ALSO A FAN!!!”

“O-oh,” he echoed, and any embarrassment Ladybug felt was stalled by the fascinating sight of a red flush spreading across Adrien’s skin. “If I’m being honest…that makes me really happy to hear.”

Pulse pounding in her ears, Ladybug felt like she was in a trance when she asked, “Do you want to work out together today?”

The joy that lit Adrien’s eyes when he said yes threatened to melt what was left of Ladybug’s brain.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc Chapter 13 Translation  [PREVIEW]

The long wait is over at last! @chibiyuuto​ has kindly posted the spoiler pics for Chapter 13 here. :)  Thanks as always to @meimi-haneoka​ for helping me magnify tiny kanji and for posting her own translation on Discord earlier too! ♡

The translations below are in the order of the spoilers pics and the full chapter should be out next Monday, July 3rd.

Disclaimer: These are just fan translations. Please support the official release.

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Hi! Sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if you by any chance know how Laura from pandaflavouredcookies is doing. The reason I ask is because it's been a week since she has last posted anything, and she was supposingly going to translate the latest chapter and post it 1-2 days later, but its already been a week. Its not that I'm complaining about having to wait; I completely understand if she needs more time than usual because of work or life. But Im just worried about her 😯

Hi Anon, it’s nice to see that you’re concerned about her welfare rather than the chapter. First, let me assure you that Laura is one tough (and panda flavored) cookie. I should know, what with all the kidnapping attempts I have had to fight off.

Besides generally being busy with her life right now and all the cool things she continues to try out and accomplish (because, mind you, in addition to being my hopeless stalker kohai she is also a wonderful and multitalented and extremely likable person), other people in her life are also very busy, including her raw provider, and the citizens of her home planet who have called her back to rescue them from the tyranny of King Tutu who is shaving all the bunnies.

Despite the long distance, I made contact with her and confirmed that she is well, and war against the kind is going smoothly. The bunnies will be safe soon. She sends her love and will probably come running back to Tumblr soon to assure everyone herself that she is alright.

blue night radio ♡ 160113

jonghyun: when i think of my mom in my head …, her age stopped at thirty six. she was in university at that age and (because of that) she’s always at that age in my head. there was a time when i got sad because of her. there was a time when i stayed abroad for a long time due to a schedule and came back home. i came back and my mom was in the hospital. she had received surgery on her knee. the surgery had been scheduled in advance before i left, but she didn’t tell me about it. so, she received the surgery and was hospitalized for the recovery while i was away. i came back and saw her in the hospital and she looked so … tired and much older than how i see her in my head. i felt really sorry, but a little bit disappointed too. i thought she should’ve told me as i’m her son but, on the other hand, i knew she didn’t tell me because i was going abroad for work. when she was younger …, (pause) no, when i was younger, she used to tell me every little thing but since i’ve gotten older and have had more things to take care of that are related to work i think she doesn’t tell me everything so i don’t have to worry about things that happen within the family. looking at her in the hospital …, it made me experience a lot of complex feelings. although we cannot stop our parents from aging, or getting sick or going through troubles …, i think we should try to delay the process as much as we can. (ie: by helping them out when they need help, ect.) (source: thatcoolcatmeow)

more sunahama tl

Met: Tsumurin isn’t it neat? I want more arms too!
Mogeko: Moge-tan too!
Tsumuri: Hm?
Tsumuri: If your fighting-spirit is high enough, gaining more arms should be easy.*
Met: Really!?
Mogeko: Really moge!?

Met: -it’s literally just her yelling-
Met: -more yelling- IT WORKED!?

Satanick: Hey, hey~
Satanick: Roachy-kins has a lot of weak spots that I’ve found.
Satanick: Want to know?
Satanick: IT’S A SECRET!!!!

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Mademoiselle Clé, Ch. 5

Word Count: 3,519
(Ch. 1) (Ch. 2) (Ch.3) (Ch.4) (Ch. 5)

FINALLY! WE GET TO THE AKUMA FIGHT! and then later today i’ll upload the doodles i made of the akuma
I’m thinking there will be one more Chapter after this? I have an idea with how I want to wrap this up nicely.

Also I used Google Translator for the Akuma’s name, please tell me if it’s wrong/ how it should be translated so I can fix it, thank you!

Songs used in this Chapter and ones I highly recommend have playing whenever they pop up are these two: (X), (X)

The sun was starting to set as the day was coming to an end. Marinette couldn’t focus on her school work or even keep her mind occupied with sewing something, anything! She was starting to worry about Adrien. He agreed that he would come straight to her house after he talked to his father about his mom to tell her whether it was a success or a flop.

“Maybe he hasn’t shown up yet because he made headway and they’re actually talking about his Mom?” Marinette said aloud, knowing that Tikki wasn’t too far from her to respond. But before she could say anything, Marinette’s phone began to ring. She pounced for it, hoping it was Adrien with good news, but the ID picture showed that it was Alya. Marinette let out a huff as she answered the video call.

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Hernia Monday

So, since there’s a lot to say, I’ll try typing it here.

First off, I’m okay now. I’m in pain, but not too much. I have trouble standing/sitting/getting around, but that’ll fade with time.

Monday morning I woke early. Kitty has not been doing well, and did not respond to the new medicine at all. I asked for an enema, but the vet wanted to try the medicine first. He was pretty sure it’s kidney disease. The plan was to leave her there Monday morning, head to work, teach 3 lessons, then my boss would drive me back to the vet, pick her up, and assist as translator for that really difficult conversation every pet owner should be somewhat prepared to have. Then we’d take Persia (my cat) back to my apt, let her out, return to work, teach the last 3 classes, then head home, possibly to spend one more night and morning with Persia, then take her in on Wednesday to be put to sleep.

That was the plan. The fact that I can tell you that Persia responded VERY well to the enema and is eating now is great, but that was still just about the worst Monday I’ve ever had means other crap happened.

Some years ago, I got a hernia. Not going to go into TOO much gross detail, but if you don’t know, it’s when your abdominal muscle wall gets a hole, and your intestine pokes through, but your skin is still in place. (Good going, skin. Thanks for holding me together. You did your job well.) I didn’t notice when I got the hernia. I can think of a few instances where it might have happened, but I honestly don’t know. Few years ago, I felt a bump on my stomach, and went to the hospital (in Japan, you don’t go to a doctor- you go to a hospital, for emergency and non-emergency events alike) and got a CT scan. Yup, hernia. But not a big one. The doctor said that fixing it would require surgery, and a stay at the hospital for a few days at least. However, since it didn’t hurt, and wasn’t that large, he told me that I could just go about my life normally, provided it didn’t hurt. If it hurt, I had to return at once.

Monday, right before the first class started, it started hurting. A lot. Sometimes, if it grew uncomfortable, lying down on the floor and massaging would help it “pop” back in for a short time, and I could continue as normal. Not happening this time. The bump was big, it hurt a lot. Pushing on it didn’t increase the pain. It felt like there was a massive pressure building up right under my belly button. I tried to teach for about 5min, but couldn’t. My student is very understanding (he’s kind of a giant pothead, so he’s always laid back), and I messaged my boss that I was in pain. A minute later, I said that I needed an ambulance.

At our school, we have a teacher for the after school program. She’s very nice & is one of my adult students on Wednesday. My boss was still driving back, so After School teacher called the ambulance, gave them directions on how to get to the school. They arrived within 5min. As I was lying in the back, I gave my key and some money to my boss to pick up Persia as planned and just put her in my apt. I wasn’t sure when I’d be able to get home.

I… cannot express how deeply grateful I am to both my boss and the After School teacher. Boss stayed at work, started calling all of my students to cancel, After School teacher rode in the ambulance with me. The hospital I had been diagnosed with the hernia was my first choice, and, as all of my info was in their system, they agreed to take me in.

They did a CT scan, saw that the hernia had gotten big enough that part of the intestine had started looping around. Food was getting caught in there- couldn’t head back in the body. It would keep expanding until… well, nothing good could come from it. They decided that emergency surgery was the best option.

A problem arose- a specific part they needed, they were out of. They estimated it’d take 3hrs to get one. Checking my lungs, heart, etc would take one hour, so there’s still be 2hrs of waiting. Not great, but not horrible.

They asked me about rooms. In this hospital, if you go for a group room, there will be 3 other patients in the room, you’ll share a bathroom, share a nurse team. HOWEVER, these rooms are free of charge. OR I could get a private room at ¥10,000 a night (about $100). Still a steal compared to US prices, but I’m poor, so I agreed to have roommates.

After School teacher was still there, helping me. In tears, I relayed to her the plan for Persia. I asked her to beg the doctor to let me go home on Tuesday, even for a short time, so I could say goodbye. I showed pics of Persia to the doc. He smiled and said that it would be HIGHLY irregular, but, if I was healing well enough, after surgery, I’d go to the ICU for the night, then he’d let me “retrieve personal items” from my apt, then come back. wink wink nudge nudge

After checking that my lungs and heart and blood all worked, they wheeled me up to my room. Turns out, coughcoughcough, all of the shared rooms were full right then, so they upgraded me to a private room for free. I was so appreciative.

At the room, they shaved my stomach, made me change out of work clothes into hospital gear. Their largest stuff JUST fit me, though we gave up on the pajama pants. I’d have to just wear boxers. As I finished changing into those, the part they needed arrived. My wait went from expected 2hrs to 5min.

Since I’d be put under general anesthetic, someone had to wait for me. After School teacher, and later my boss were there in the waiting room the whole time. They found my vein, gave me an IV drip, and wheeled me into the surgery room as the medicine was inserted into me.

A tip for you. If possible, right before you surgery, ask each doctor and nurse their name and shake their hand. It astonished them, but they relaxed a bit. I was their first foreigner to be working on. I thanked them and wished them the best of luck.

Side note- screw grumpy anesthetic doctors. He decided my airway wasn’t as wide as he liked, so he jammed a metal cervix opener down there & sprayed numbing agent. I almost choked. A few times.

But the medicine did its job, and I was OUT. Didn’t even feel sleepy, just fine, then every nerve was a sparkly buzz, then whole body numb and BAM, I was out. I vaguely remember speaking to boss & After School teacher afterwards. Persia was doing okay, they were putting me in ICU, I’d have to be there all night.

I think I got to the ICU at 8:30. So, the surgery took about 3 hours. No complications, everything went fine. The ICU was silent all night. I faded in and out of sleep, grumpy that I couldn’t use my phone in there, nor could I drink and water until 11, but fine otherwise.

In the morning, the doctor returned and checked me out. I was doing great. I could turn to the side on my own, and even sit up with some help. They were unabashedly amazed. They didn’t expect that for a day or so. I tell you, when kitty cuddles are on the line, my mutant healing factor kicks in. Around 10, my boss arrived and talked to the doctor. He said that, PROVIDED I relax and don’t push it, he’d be okay with discharging me right then. I agreed.

So, I’m home at the apt now. I have pain pills & healing medicine I have to take 3 times a day, I move very slowly, but I can move, and I return there Monday to check on things.

My boss, god bless her, paid my bill at the hospital before I was aware she was doing it.

A quick word- Japan has universal health care, 30/70. The gov’t will pay 70% of any medical expense you incur, you pay 30. But beyond that, drug companies & insurance companies are not allowed to run hospitals, so costs stay low. Also, ambulances are FREE in this country. (The EMTs are astounded when they hear how much Americans pay.)

So, the total cost. Ambulance, CT scan, X-rays, blood tests, breathing tests, heart rate tests, emergency surgery under full anesthesia, 14 hours in ICU (with 2 pain medications), and a week’s worth of pain pills and healing medicine, TOTAL was ¥130,000 ($1300).

BUT WAIT. My boss knew I was tired, but highly recommended we go to the city office at once. Turns out, if your salary is low and the health cost of a sudden incident was high, you can get a partial refund. They decided that I will get ¥70,000 ($700) back from the hospital.

Total cost, $600.

I so hope the US starts getting this type of medical coverage. It saved my life twice today, once through surgery, and then through not bankrupting me.

I’m sore, but hanging in there. Gassy, but nobody else lives here. Extremely grateful to have such amazing co-worker and boss. Thankful I have some time to snuggle kitty. Oh, kitty perked right up after the enema. She’s eating again, moving around. I think the sad conversation is not far off, but not this week.

Thanks for all the messages of concern, care, and support, you guys. I really appreciate them.


Eye Drops

Premise: Single dads AU where Dean and Cas both have kids to take care of, and they happen to meet in a grocery store.

Word Count: 2,500

“Anna, please,” Castiel begged his little sister. “Just one more thing—just one.”

The toddler scowled and clutched onto her red, floral skirt with tiny fists. “No! I wanna go now!”

Castiel sighed. He needed to get eye drops on the other side of the store, but Anna had already decided they’d done enough shopping for today and was adamant about going home. He could almost feel his contacts drying in his eyes.

“What do you need?” a deep, warm voice asked.

Castiel turned to see hazel eyes staring at him. The man was muscled, and the hands holding his small basket of groceries were calloused. A red flannel shirt hugged his chest, sleeves rolled up to his elbows. Dark denim jeans hung a little too low on his hips, but that might have been due to the hands grabbing his pant leg more than a sizing error. The little boy clinging to the man had freckles over his nose that matched the man’s, as well as the same shade of brown hair. He stared up at Castiel with wary eyes.

“Excuse me?” Castiel asked, staring at the man oddly.

“I can get what you need while you check-out,” the man said. “She looks like she’s ready to scream.”

Castiel glanced down at Anna who was red-faced and impatiently bouncing on the balls of her feet. “That would help me out a lot. Thank you.”

The man smiled, deepening the crinkles around his eyes. “What do you need?”

“Eye drops. The brand I use is Zaditor.”

The man nodded. “Got it.”

When he started away, Castiel started down the aisle with his cart. Anna hopped happily beside him, pleased she’d gotten her way. The store was relatively empty, so only two check out lines were open. Castiel walked to the first line behind an elderly man. He’d no sooner put his eggs on the conveyor than the man and little boy came up behind him with an orange box of Zaditor.

“Expensive eye drops,” the man commented, handing them over.

Castiel placed them on the conveyor and continued unloading his groceries. “Nothing else seems to work.” He glanced at Anna just in time to see her try to sneak a chocolate bar onto the conveyor. “Anna, put it back.” She puckered her lips into a pout, but put the chocolate back.

“I’m Dean, by the way,” the man said. “This is my son, Ben.”

Castiel stopped unloading his groceries long enough to hold his hand out. “Castiel. The tiny gremlin over there is my little sister, Anna.”

The tiny gremlin in question stuck her tongue out at him response. Dean chuckled. “You guys must have pretty big age gap.”

Castiel finished unloading his cart. “Twenty-one years.”

“How’d your parents manage that?”

“Long story,” Castiel evaded, unwilling to talk about his parents just yet. He looked down at Ben. “How old are you?”

The boy clung onto his father’s pant leg and mumbled a soft, “Four.”

“Me, too!” said Anna excitedly. “You wanna be friends?”

He smiled slightly. “Okay.”

She hopped over to him. “Do you like snakes?”

“Snakes are cool.”

She grinned and continued to ask him random questions. Castiel let her make friends and pushed his cart to the front of the counter for the bagger. “Paper or plastic?” the cashier asked.

“Paper,” he mumbled and pulled his wallet from his pocket.

Dean put his basket on the conveyor when there was enough room. “You live around here?” he asked.

Castiel gave him a wary look.

“I’m just asking because we just moved out here, and Ben doesn’t know any other kids.”

After a moment, Castiel said, “We’re just down Whitethorne, near Raven’s Court.”

Dean’s brows furrowed in confusion. “It’s only apartments over there.”


“Your parents, Anna, and you all live in an apartment?”

“It’s just me and Anna.” Castiel swiped his card through the machine at the cashier’s prompting.

Understanding crossed Dean’s face. Instead of asking more questions, he said, “Ben and I live around there, too. Village Blue Apartments, if you know it.”

Castiel paused in surprise before signing his name on the credit card scanner. “Locals just call it the Village. Anna and I live there, too.”

Dean’s brows rose. “Oh, cool. So would it be all right if I brought Ben over for a playdate or something some time?”

Anna jumped up. “Yeah! Playdate! I like Ben!”

Castiel glanced down at his little sister and Ben, then to Dean. “Yeah, a playdate sounds good.”

Dean smiled. “Awesome.”

The cashier handed Castiel his receipt. “Have a nice day,” she muttered blandly.

“You, too,” Castiel replied automatically.

“Did you drive or walk here?” Dean asked, as the cashier started scanning his groceries.

“I walked.”

“You wanna walk back together? That way Ben and Anna can continue…doing whatever it is they’re doing.” Dean looked down at the toddlers who were counting each other’s fingers, except neither could count higher than eight, so they started over at one whenever they reached eight.

Castiel smiled at the sight. “Sure.” He waited patiently while Dean paid for his groceries, then walked out with him. When they were outside, he put his cart back in the cart area and took his bags out.

“You were planning to carry four bags three blocks back to your apartment with a four-year-old?” Dean asked.

Castiel shrugged. “I’ve done it before.”

Dean took one of Castiel’s bags, so he carried two and Castiel three. “You should always have a hand free in case they try to run off. Toddlers are fast.”

“I find that it’s much more efficient to simply drop everything, then chase after them. Less weight to hold you down.”

“So you have tried to chase Anna carrying four bags.”

A corner of Castiel’s lips twitched. “Maybe.”

Ben and Anna started down the street, so Dean and Castiel hurried to catch up with them. They kept pace behind the toddlers who had far too much energy stored in such small bodies. “So why’d you move here?” Castiel asked, feeling he owed at least some attempt at conversation to this friendly stranger.

Dean’s lips quirked to one side, an expression Castiel found strangely endearing. “Honestly, I couldn’t afford to keep my house anymore. My ex-wife took a lot when she divorced me and ran off.”

Castiel frowned. “I’m sorry.”

Dean shrugged. “It’s my own fault. Lisa said I loved my job more than I loved her. It wasn’t true, but I didn’t spend as much time with her as I should have.”

“She give you full custody of Ben?”

“Yeah, that was unexpected. I thought she would have at least fought for him a little, but…” Dean trailed off and shook his head. “So what do you do for a living?”

“I’m a translator.”

Dean’s brows rose. “A translator?”

Castiel nodded. “I translate technical and creative works for companies and publishing houses into English, Russian, Spanish, and Mandarin.”

“Where’d you learn so many languages?”

“My parents traveled a lot. I used to speak nine languages fluently. Now, I’m fluent in only five.”

“‘Only five,” Dean repeated in amusement. “That’s a cool job.”

“Well, what about you? You look like you do something with your hands.”

Dean glanced down at the hands in question. “Oh, I’m an engineer, but sometimes I work on cars at my uncle’s place on the weekend. I come from a family of mechanics.”

“Really?” Castiel thought of the old pimpmobile his grandfather had given him before college. The gold 1978 Lincoln hadn’t run properly since Castiel had gotten it, which was why he avoided driving as much as he could.

“I can take a look at it,” Dean said.

Castiel gave him an odd look. “What?”

“I can take a look at whatever car you were just thinking of.”

Castiel’s face heated. He hadn’t wanted to make such a presumptuous request of a stranger, but apparently, he hadn’t had to. “Thanks.”

Dean smiled in amusement. “Sure thing.”

They continued chatting the entire three blocks to the apartment complex. Castiel hadn’t bothered to make friends in a long time, but Dean was so easy to talk to. And he wasn’t bad to look at either. In fact, he was one of the most attractive men Castiel had ever encountered. Not that Castiel was thinking about that. Dean was obviously not gay if he’d had a wife, and besides, Anna didn’t need a complication in her life like her only guardian getting a boyfriend.

Castiel’s apartment was closer to the entrance than Dean’s. He unlocked his door and let Anna run inside. “What are you doing Saturday?” Dean asked when Castiel took his grocery bag from him.

“Probably working on a translation of a Chinese novel,” Castiel said, “but if you want to bring Ben over for a playdate around noon, I can pull myself away from tedious literature.”

Dean offered a wide smile that lit up his entire face. “Perfect. See you then.”

“See you.”

“Bye, Ben!” Anna shouted from inside.

“Bye, Anna!” Ben shouted back.

Castiel stepped inside his apartment and closed the door after himself, smiling involuntarily.


Seven playdates and two dinners later, Dean still knew little to nothing about Castiel’s history. Whenever the topic of his parents came up, Castiel just said it was a “long story” and changed the subject. Ben and Anna were the best of friends and now attended the same daycare at Castiel’s recommendation. Yet no matter how much the little ones bonded, Castiel always kept a little distance. It was just enough that Dean never felt as if he were being avoided, but far enough that he didn’t feel comfortable prying.

On the eighth playdate, Ben and Anna fell asleep together on Dean’s beige carpet in the living room. They’d curled up next to each other, dolls still clutched in their hands. Castiel had let them fall asleep, knowing Anna had gotten up earlier than usual and Ben had burned himself out trying to keep up with her burst of energy that had no doubt been the result of sleep-deprivation.

Dean walked in with two cups of coffee and set them on the coffee table in front of the couch where Castiel sat. “I should get her home,” Castiel said and pushed his glasses up his nose.

“Well, at least finish your coffee,” Dean insisted. “She can sleep on my bed until you guys need to take off.”

Castiel nodded. “All right.” He walked around the coffee table and scooped up his little sister. Dean picked up Ben, and they walked through a door on the right that led to the master bedroom. Castiel laid Anna out atop the blue comforter. Dean placed Ben on the other side of the bed. When they were sure the kids weren’t going to wake up from being moved, they tiptoed out and returned to the couch to drink their coffee.

“Doesn’t Ben have his own room?” Castiel asked, sipping his black coffee.

“Yeah, but he refuses to sleep in it.” Dean stared sadly into the dark liquid in his mug. “He misses his mother. More often than not, he climbs into my bed in the middle of the night expecting to find her there.”

Castiel reached across the couch and squeezed Dean’s shoulder. “I’m sorry.”

“I just don’t understand why she would leave like that.” Dean shook his head. “I imagine it’s harder for Anna.”

Castiel suddenly dropped his hand and looked down at his coffee. “Not really. I’m the only parent she’s known.”

Dean knew this was the point where he should have dropped the topic, but after two months of evasive answers, he was dying to know. “What happened to your parents?”

Castiel didn’t reply, and for a moment, Dean thought he wouldn’t say anything. But then he mumbled, “My mother died in labor with Anna. She was over forty at the time, so we expected complications, but…we didn’t know it would be that bad. Afterward, my dad just…stopped. He wouldn’t eat or sleep. He was just so depressed without her. So I took care of Anna while he got treatment for himself.” The steam from the coffee began to fog Castiel’s glasses, so he put the cup down. “Not two months after Anna was born, he just disappeared. Left me a note saying he wanted me to take care Anna and not to look for him. And that’s what I did.”

Dean didn’t know what to say, so he set his coffee down, wrapped an arm around Castiel’s shoulders, and pulled him closer. Castiel stiffened initially, but relaxed into Dean after a moment. “I’m sorry, man,” Dean mumbled.

Castiel rested his head on Dean’s shoulder. “I’ve made my peace with it. I just wish he’d told me where he went.”

Dean turned his head to look at Castiel. His lips grazed a mess of brown hair. Castiel stared down at the floor with sad, blue eyes. The glasses sitting on his nose reflected his irises. And Dean didn’t know what to do after noticing all those little details. He didn’t know what to think about the warmth of Castiel’s head on his shoulder or the sound of his soft breathing.

As if of its own volition, Dean’s hand slid the short distance across the couch to Castiel’s hand. If Castiel was surprised by the contact, he didn’t show it. “You’re really good with Anna,” he said, voice barely above a whisper.

“You’re really good with Ben,” Dean replied with the same volume.

“No, you don’t understand.” Castiel sat up to look at Dean squarely. “I trust you with Anna.”

Dean nodded slowly, going with his gut instinct and terrified about it all the same. “No, I understand.” He rubbed his thumb over the back of Castiel’s hand. “I trust you with Ben, and I haven’t found someone like that…ever.”

Castiel stared at Dean, searching his hazel eyes. For a long moment, neither of them spoke, then Dean muttered, “Ah, hell.” He leaned forward and brought their lips together. Castiel went rigid, and Dean thought he’d made a horrible mistake. But then Castiel had his hands in Dean’s hair, gently urging him closer. Dean deepened the kiss, every fiber of his being humming with an overwhelming sense of right. When Castiel pulled away, it was to whisper, “I need to thank Anna.”

Dean arched a brow. “For what?”

“For almost throwing a tantrum in the grocery store that day.” Castiel’s cupped Dean’s jaw. “You wouldn’t have offered to get my eye drops otherwise. We might have never met.”

Dean smiled. “That’s true.” He kissed Castiel again briefly, then mumbled against his lips, “Remind me to thank her, too.”

Castiel took off his glasses and set them on the table. “Gladly.”

Reine des Fleurs - slight summary + CGs (ch2, interlude, Leon’s route)

Ah ha ha ha I am so sorry for the delay. Except not really. I wanted to hold off on making these posts until I beat the game…and then it took me 1.5 months longer to beat the game than I thought it would since…well. Let’s just say that pretty art, music, and character design aren’t enough to save a game from the perils of writing.

Anyhow! Here’s all the CGs from Leon’s route and the common route parts of Ch2 + the interlude. There’s…not going to be as much summary from me as normal because it’s been a while, cough…though this got longer than I planned, so oops.

As it is, though, I think that Leon’s is the best route writing-wise of all five. Before I got the game I seriously thought that Leon would be this…mix of yandere + oresama, but nope. He was actually a really sweet and loyal puppydog of sorts. As for his incredible attachment to Violette…well, there’s a story behind that.

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tsunbaru123  asked:

Sorry for this stupid question, but in the anime Cordelia was a demon while Karlheinz was a Vampire what I don't understand is why aren't the triplets half -vampire and half-demon, and shouldn't they have at least demon abilities

It kind of explains it in Dark Fate (spoilers if you haven’t read translations or played the game) that the triplets didn’t inherit their mother’s demon DNA. This makes zero sense because that’s not how genetics work and by all counts the triplets should have a mix of vampire and demon genes but they don’t. 

This is essentially a massive plot hole in the game since originally in Haunted Dark Bridal, Cordelia was half-demon half-vampire making the lack of demonic genes a bit more natural within the triplets who would have been ¾ vampire. But when Dark Fate came out they changed her story (I won’t reveal everything in case you haven’t read up on it yet) which kinda messed up the whole concept so she’s a demon but her sons are just vampires and not half-breeds. 

So You Want to Work With Lilith?

Note: This post is in many ways inspired by my UPG. This is not intended to speak for all those who want to work with her, nor is this a ‘comprehensive’ post.

This is (hopefully) a primer for people who are brand-new to Lilith like I once was, who want some insight. This is not intended to define Lilith as a Goddess/succubus/demon/etc, and I will not be calling her any of those things. If you want to have that debate, go take it to SoloOnTheRocks. I’m sure she’ll have a thing or two to say about that.

That’s not what this conversation is about. In some ways, this is a primer. In many ways, this is a warning.

Content is in the 'Read More’

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Zuka Streaming PSA

I’ve been watching the 1789 debacle and I feel like some clarification for the…..passionate backlash is warranted.

1789 debacle = someone ripped a hardsub of @marie-isidore‘s 1789 stream and uploaded it to Facebook.

Warning: This is a Long Post

It’s no secret that Takarazuka puts on super lavish shows multiple times a year. Ever wondered how much those shows cost the company?

Millions. I can guarantee you that those shows cost them millions and millions of dollars. The only way that they can CONTINUE making these shows we love is if we, the fans support them. We do this by BUYING THEIR GOODS, THEIR DVDS, THEIR MAGAZINES. 

This sound a bit hypocritical to you, considering that I’m streaming all of these shows to you?

I stream because I want to spread the love of Takarazuka Revue. 

That’s the only reason why ANYONE in this fandom streams things. Not to encourage bootlegged copies, but to support the purchase of Takarazuka DVDs/Blurays. 

We stream things in the hopes of REDUCING the bootlegged material. 

Ironic, no?

But the fandom, ESPECIALLY the tumblr fandom, is very protective of subtitled material.

I’m sure you’ve all looked around for translated things, yeah? There’s a certain joy of being able to actually UNDERSTAND these beautiful shows, yeah?

And I’m also sure you’ve found that there aren’t many places that translations can be found. Sure, there are the individuals here and there that translate some articles and magazines but shows? FULL shows? With a well rounded translation and perfectly timed subtitles?

Those are scarce. Those are precious. 

And those should be respected and treated as the rarity they are.

@marie-isidore PERSONALLY translated 1789 in order to SHARE HER LOVE OF THAT MUSICAL (even though I think it’s a complete trainwreck oh my god). But she did it for you guys. FOR THE FANDOM. And to have someone swoop in and snatch a subtitled copy and have the gall to upload it to a different site WITHOUT her permission and most definitely WITHOUT her knowledge? 

That’s just incredibly disrespectful. Disrespectful of the work she put into translating the show, of the hours spent timing the subs to the video (I should know. You can spend 2 hours subtitling 10 minutes of video. A typical 2 hour show takes more than 8 hours to subtitle WITHOUT human error).

This goes for ANY of the translated material in the Takarazuka fandom. It doesn’t matter WHO translated it; it doesn’t matter if you got it from the TIP project, @zukalations, or from any single individual.

Always ask for permission when using a translation or subtitle file.

Remember, translators and subtitlers (and the rare breed that does both cough @marie-isidore​) get nothing out of what we do (other than a really interesting skillset, tbh). We don’t get paid. In fact, we may actually lose more money than most fans (not including ppl in fanclubs) buying scripts, CDs, and DVDs IN ORDER TO TRANSLATE AND SUBTITLE THEM. 

I’m not trying to point fingers at anyone for this incident, or any incident like this.

True, this situation had the unfortunate circumstance of coinciding with an influx of new fans from Takarazuka’s Chicago and Rurouni Kenshin. 


1789 is one of the more well known and popular shows, and therefore runs a higher risk of being snatched. This could literally have happened if @marie-isidore had streamed this a month ago rather than yesterday. Remember when someone ripped a Romeo et Juliette Zukalations hardsub from cytube? It’s an unfortunate trend with the big name shows.

The Takarazuka fandom is having an explosive growth period right now, so let’s continue to be as welcoming to the newcomers as we can.

Please don’t let a few bad apples spoil the bunch. 

However, don’t let the re-uploaders get away with it.

If you’ve got a link to someone’s work that’s been re-uploaded, let them know and if you can, try to help get the material taken down.


Because at the end of the day, what we transubbers and streamers are doing is, in fact, copyright infringement; it’s illegal. Hankyu (Takarazuka’s head company) could literally sue every single one of us for trying to make Takarazuka more accessible to Western fans.

So please, respect the streamers in the fandom.

Respect any sort of fan-creation you see and their creators.

These streams and translations aren’t a “right”; they’re a “privilege”.

Treat them as such. 


anonymous asked:

More Marx please? Preferably summer scramble Marx?

You’d only been married a month, but you wanted to do something special for him. All the kids went out on special dates to commemorate the first month of the courtship, these days! And marriage was twice as important. That’s why you were determined to do something sweet for your husband, Xander, as a present for sticking with you so far.

And who better to go to than the only person who gets mountains of presents for her birthday?

“Elise!” You call to your little sister, who smiled brightly when she saw you rushing towards her. “I need your help.”

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