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……. i honestly don’t think i’ve ever seen anyone who’s a genuinely tall person be implied to be short by so many people as much as magnus has. it’s so wild. matt’s a giant but harry’s not even that much shorter (and harry towers over a lot of other people in other shots too) so :/

exactly harmony exactly

this is why it’s so ridiculous. magnus is very tall, harry towers over plenty of people as seen here

but people just want to pretend and focus on one shot where he’s not standing perfectly straight and pretend he’s shorter than he is

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if you do Yusuke's confidant he'll invite you to a church one you hit a certain level so he can paint you. He'll ask for suggestions. if you suggest stripping nude he'll say yes, but then no because he doesn't want to get caught in a church with a nude person, so im p sure it's for art lol (he also could've changed through the course of the game who knows)

I’m not saying drawing the art itself is a sexualised act. My issue with the scene lies with Ann being pretty much forced into doing so, and being ignored when trying to say something about it. I’ll accept it’s not malice because his intentions were purely art. But it’s never a good thing for young girls to be ignored when they are uncomfortable

Also in that scene it’s Akira that offers so he has control of that situation. Ann never offered.

Hope that I can see you today ♥

A lovely Lucy Heartfilia that I had in my sketchbook, I’m thinking about getting my illustrations out of my sketchbook before the manga ends… I love this characters so much, I just want to share my love with all of you.

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Here it is as promised Neon! Zombie AU request Either HCs of the Kirisaki Daīchi boys and who they are in the zombie apocalypse (ie the one who gets bit first, the unintentional hero,etc) OR scenario where the outbreak has been going on for a while and Hanamiya has to make a run for supplies. You pick! 😁

Somebody knows one of the fastest ways to my heart!!
WARNING: if you get squeamish around this kind of stuff, I may or may not have gone a little overboard with this prompt, hehe

With his back against the wall, Hanamiya could feel his heart pounding in his chest. It practically rattled his rib cage, making him hyper aware of all the cuts, scrapes, and bruises he had accumulated over the past few weeks. Clutching a baseball bat closer to his body, he could feel pricks against his skin as the nails he’d crudely hammered into it dug through the thin fabric of his shirt.

He could hear some of the dead just around the corner.

A low groan met his ears, the sound a lot closer than it had originally been. Hanamiya couldn’t stop the shudder from running along his spine and he had to bite his tongue to keep from gagging at the smell of rotted flesh. The crunch of gravel underneath shuffling feet was getting closer; one of the dead would be next to him any second now.

Across the street, hiding in the alley directly in his line of vision, Hanamiya could see Yamazaki, his own bat wrapped with barbed wire held close to his side. If he really bothered to look, Hanamiya would see the small scratch on Yamazaki’s faced where he’d gotten too close to his own weapon.

“Ready?” Hanamiya mouthed the word, making sure his teammate had direct eye contact with him. “Now.”

The second a torn shoe entered his field of vision, Hanamiya threw himself out from behind the corner. The bat in his hands swung through the air before colliding with softening flesh. He heard a crunch, noting that bones were broken, and pried his weapon out of the zombie before another could attack. He tried not to pay attention to the little bits of flesh that stuck to the nails.

This went on for what seemed like hours, Hanamiya smashing his bat into heads with as much force as his weakened body could muster. There was no time to see if Yamazaki had followed in his footsteps, no time to look for if his teammate had actually survived. He could only focus on killing the walking dead ahead of him, ignoring faces he may or may not have recognized at one point in his life as he made his way closer to the pharmacy step by painstakingly slow step.

And then— “Hanamiya, behind you!”

He felt the strain in his throat before he heard his own voice, a sudden reaction to the teeth sinking into his shoulder. Searing pain scorched his skin and he could feel tissue being ripped from his body. The harsh sound of a baseball bat cracking open a skull was too close to his ears, but at the very least the gnawing teeth were off him.


For the first time, Hanamiya looked over to his teammate. Blood had stained his weapon and clothes, quickly oxidizing into a thick, blackened mess. Yamazaki, however, was staring at the gaping wound bleeding profusely from Hanamiya’s shoulder.

“Well?” Even now, Hanamiya’s voice had a taunting tone despite the weakness behind it. “You know we do to people that get bit.”

Yamazaki’s eyes found Hanamiya’s, gaze wavering. “R-Right…” He lifted his bat high above his head.

And then it was over.

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Are your oc actual authors? If they are, which ones? Your art is very cut by the way :) Hope your day is going well!

yeah we based them all off authors! and thank you so much!! i hope your day is going well too!

i drew this awhile ago but from left to right theyre William Golding, Ray Bradbury, Franz Kafka, George Orwell, Mikhail Bulgakov, and Emily Dickinson!

bradbury, orwell, and dickinson are mine! and golding, kafka, and bulgakov are lev’s!

okay but there’s like, ONE thing about the cotton ceiling discourse that I don’t get, even using the logic of people who “support” it

assuming that, 1. sex is irrelevant to one’s sexual orientation, 2. behavior and appearance have no correlation whatsoever with one’s gender identity OR sexual makeup, and 3. both gender AND sexualities are fluid and can change over time

shouldn’t orientations in general be abolished?

because they seem pretty irrelevant under those rules. you may feel attracted to someone that looks like a stereotypical female, but if that person actually identifies as a man you either can’t be attracted anymore, or from now on you have to be open to the possibility of also being attracted to men.

if you’re a straight woman in a relationship with a man and one day he starts id’ing as woman, does that make you a lesbian? or a transphobic bigot, if you don’t want to be with them anymore?

my point is, when do we stop changing the meanings of established words and concepts? where is the line? IS there a line?

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hello friends! if you like a) seeing all might smashed to pieces and society destroyed or b) minecraft, you’ve come to the right place. this is a brand new blog for shigaraki tomura from boku no hero academia which includes both a) and b) and bonus dlc c) wherein you get 2 extra hands free! please give a like/reblog if you’re interested in interacting. 

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Hi, I love all of your stories. You are really talented. I noticed you had a banner for "The Art of Peeling Pearls", but I couldn't find that on your blog, and I don't remember reading it. Is it something knew you are working on?

Thanks for your sweet words, Anon! The banner you are referring to is for something I started a year ago, I think? Maybe longer, I don’t know. The Art of Peeling Pearls was meant to be a continuation/expansion of THIS.

My plan was to write the entire story before I started posting the rest of it, because I was having a hard time finishing literally ANYTHING at the time. I got about six chapters in and stalled anyways. Badly. Sooooooo badly, like five-seconds-away-from-deleting-the-whole-thing-at-any-given-moment-I-hate-everything-I-write stalled. Then I got distracted by Break and I just never got back to Peeling Pearls.