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Allura: I don’t get it, you guys call him your father as a joke all the time?
Keith: That’s what I said!

when I get a hand in it, every pairing is the shitpost couple. Alien confusion over those dumb earth-things is 👌 (THIS IS VERY MUCH ALMOST COPIED FROM A HOMESTUCK COMIC I SAW YEARS AGO but I can not track down the original tumblr post? If someone got a link so I can credit that would be great)

  • McCree: *does a stupid thing*
  • Reaper: *smacks him upside the head* Pendejo. Don't do that again.
  • McCree: *does the same stupid thing accidentally-on-purpose like an hour later*
  • Someone in who is Not Reaper: *smacks McCree upside the head*
  • Reaper: *practically foaming at the mouth* DONT FUCKING TOUCH MY SON-
Happy Peeta Sunday!

Here’s a little Peeta eye candy to brighten your day!

That Jaw

Those Eyes

Dear Lord, The Hair 

Those Arms

That Stare

The Shy Smile

The Total Package

Headcanon that Yurio tries to cook pirozhki bc he wants to give them to his grandpa but fails numerous time and it’s getting pretty stressed about it when Otabek calls him to hang out, Yurio accepts bc at least he’ll be away from the kitchen and all the failures. While they’re hanging out Otabek notices Yurio is more angry than usual and asks him what’s going on, Yurio says it’s none of his business so Otabek it’s just like “…okay” and decides to just leave it like that. He knows that Yurio will tell him when he’s ready. So after a couple hours Yurio opens up and tells Otabek about the kitchen situation. Otabek just goes “uhm, i see” but that’s all of it. Until the next morning, when he randomly appears in front of Yurio’s door with bags of ingredients and when Yurio’s about to close the door in his face, he asks why did he even bother to come so Otabek says “it looked like it was pretty important for you, besides, i seem to have more patience for this stuff than you” and Yurio’s scolding himself in his mind and using all his self control not to kick him right in the face, but he leaves Otabek in and they start reading a bunch of recipes online while Yurio’s trying to remember the way his grandpa did them. It took them a couple tries and many frustrated rants from Yurio but after a whole day in the kitchen they made a pretty good imitation of Yurio’s Grandpa’s Pirozhki. “These are really good, Yuri” “I know, right? But they’re not as good as my grandpa’s!! Just wait until you try them!” “Are you inviting me to Moscow?” “Uh—”

I’m a klance shipper and I don’t like sheith but it’s becasue of how I headcanon their relationship and seeing how all the anti-shaladins are dragging Josh for not being an anti too just makes me sick. Leave him alone? He makes a good point with alternative universes and canon age not meaning unchangeable age. I’m so quiznaking sad about how toxic this fandom can be.

You headcanon Keith as a teenager and Shiro as an adult? You headcanon them as brothers? GREAT. SAME. HIGH FIVE.

You don’t acknowledge the unofficial info about their ages and headcanon Keith as older/Shiro younger, au them both as older etc, basically anything but consciously making them do the do meanwhile stating their ages as minor/adult? WELP. GOOD FOR YOU. I’M NOT INTO THAT BUT HAVE FUN.

@joshkeaton if you’ll ever see this, I’m sorry we’re like this and that you got dragged into this discourse. You’re a gift we don’t deserve <3

If I told you I loved you, would you believe me?
I don’t mean the love where we hold hands, cuddle and do cute things. I mean the love where you were everything to me, but you didn’t know it. You were the one I was scared to lose, and ultimately enough, what I was scared of became a reality. I loved you for every imperfection you have that I adore. I loved you for brightening my world and making me feel things I thought were only in fairytales.
If I told you I loved you, would you believe me? Because I don’t know if I would. I don’t know if I loved you… Loved is past tense, which means it’s over with. But, I believe you can never stop loving someone, the love might die down, but it doesn’t completely die. It settles down in a dark place inside you and quietens down until it wants to burn a fire in your soul and make its self known again. I loved you, and I continue to love you.
—  Imagine that one thing

@arukou-arukou sent me the made-up fic title “Ten-tickles for Tony.” 

SO, first of all. You’re terrible and I love you.

This is Tony trapped in the underwater lair of a family of ten tentacled (non colony) creatures who are trying to decide if they should find another strange quad-limbed creature with which to start a herd, or keep him as the family pet. 

One of them realizes that he’s ticklish and thinks it is ABSOLUTELY the most adorable thing on or below the surface, certainly on-par with watching chambered nautiluses swimming backwards and knocking into things. They bring their friends over to see their new cuddly soft creature and hear the strange noises it makes. 

By the time the rest of the Avengers find him, he’s in a seaweed leash and being dragged around the ocean in a magical air bubble. He has resigned himself to being cooed at and aggressively snuggled by every new tentacled creature he encounters, and has permanent sucker marks on his cheeks. 

Turns out the Raza aren’t a race of aliens. “The Raza” is the name of this ship.

anonymous asked:

What is your favorite chanyeol hair color and style? Do you have some gifs/ pictures of said style?

I feel like I answer this at least once a month or so (I’ve answered it /here/ previously) BUT I never pass up a chance to use gifs/pictures of Chanyeol so here we go~ ^___^ xo

Warning, this is going to be a bit long. Also I feel the need to express that I do not own any of these gifs/pictures

I’m going to go a bit more in depth than usual because I’m using pictures too. So, to start, I love red hair on Chanyeol. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

Like, honestly. If he styled his hair in the ugliest way possible but dyed it red, I would still love it.

Red. Just red. 

But I do have a soft spot for whatever you’d call the color that he had for Exo Next Door.

Brown? Red? Brown-red? Red-brown? I don’t know. But I liked it.

Also orange. Bless the orange.

He looked like a giant baby pumpkin.

As for style… anything where it’s out of his face is my favorite.

Because I think it makes him look mature & adorable at the same time.

Like, just… ugh. Yas.

But I do also love when it’s all fluffy. 


/Chanyeol, put your tongue away. I’m trying to talk about your hair. -___-/

Also long-haired Chanyeol is one of my top 3 favorites. Especially when it’s in the monytail thing.

Seriously. Monytail. 

& then any combo of the things I’ve mentioned. Red & up.

Long & orange

Brown-red & fluffy.


Lastly, I’d like to give a special shout out to his weird gray hair that he had for Call Me Baby because it was gorgeous~

/yes it is, Chanyeol, yes it is/

The ot4 needs more love so I’m just going to type up another shitty au

Akaashi is a librarian who totally doesn’t casually hook up with Tsukishima (who uses one of the study rooms to tutor kids). He meets Bokuto and Kuroo when he thought he needed to break up a fight but they were dramatically reciting Shakespeare.  They offer him some of their food as apology. Akaashi did not know what he was getting into when he accepted. 

Kuroo meets Tsukishima when he was whining complaining to Akaashi about how he was going to fail one of his mandatory classes (I haven’t decided anyone’s majors yet okay) and Akaashi recommended he try to charm Tsuki into helping him. 
Bokuto meets Tsukishima at a party the other two dragged him to.
They were a little bit drunk. Stuff happened.


Dragonescence look at what you’ve done. 

Hiccup would get himself killed Hiccup would have a blast with Aperture technology, and he would probably annoy GLaDOS to the point of madness. 

Also Wheatley would be terrified of him. 


there’s something about finn –– the way he reaches for rey’s hand; not to drag her along with him, not to guide her, really. it’s all about that momentum of touch, their fingers entangled, palm to palm, or maybe his thumb brushing over her jumping pulse. 
it’s simple, easy: you are with me, i’m with you

it’s an innate kindness, something that can’t be made or built and nothing you can take away. not violently. especially not violently. 
it’s given, but only to those who deserves it
and rey does –– there’s something about rey, too

they are knitted together, somehow, by the joint of their hands –– as if it’s by design

anyway, finn knows. as if knowledge comes to him, easily, clearly. all knowledge, and you can’t imagine the things finn knows. he’s brilliant like that, you’ve seen him, you know how brilliant he is. 
so, there’s something about finn, something kind, something uniquely whole, and there’s something about rey, too, and he holds onto that, because he knows she will reach out for him, too

You know who’s beautiful and tiny? Andrew Minyard. He is my tiny angry gay baby and i will protect him with my life even though i am pathetic and he is perfectly capable of defending himself. Who’s with me?

what mp100 halloween costumes should have been (according to me)

  • ritsu - vampire. OBVIOUSLY
  • shou - werewolf. OBVIOUSLY. or pro wrestler / luchador
  • mob - mummy, or maybe that yokai king costume he made for his class’s haunted house exhibit, or a vampire to match ritsu
  • teru - the phantom of the opera, or maybe a magician
  • reigen - i feel like being a jiangshi would suit him, or a zombie, or a frankenstein, or a demon/devil
  • dimple - is he really gonna humor them by dressing up when hardly anyone can see him in the first place? but whatever, his existing costume is just dumb enough to be fine

So you know I’ve been thinking and while I really enjoy hanging out with Mr. Electric and he’s a really great guy, I think my crush is fading more into a happy friendship. And I’m okay with that, because tonight he was really cool to spend time with and just like do things with. But yeah I don’t think I’m as attracted to him anymore as I was the first time that I met him.

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Did someone say... bad future Redcliffe? Because you know... Orlais is destroyed. Do you think Morrigan got out in time? Does Avrian know? Does he hope that she comes back to him? Is he afraid she'll come back to him the way Tamlen did?


Morrigan is smart, and clever, and cunning, and she knows that she will be blamed for Celene’s assassination if she does not uncover the threat first - but alone, she cannot quite do enough. Celene is dead, and Gaspard blames Briala, and Briala blames Gaspard, and half of the court blames Briala because she’s an elf and the other half blames Gaspard because they’re in one or two different alliances against him. Gaspard’s own sister blames Gaspard.

Morrigan sees the blood on the floor and the writing on the wall and goes to find Kieran. She knows it looks suspicious, for her to disappear. She doesn’t care. What they think of her is irrelevant now. This is war, and she will survive. She always survives.

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Remember this post going around about drawing your OCs in dorky 70s attire? Well, since I don’t have any cool OCs, and also because I couldn’t get it out of my head, I drew Geralt instead.

Serious. Artist.