should i tag this with their tumblr ok

me: hey look at this picture i took today

friend: nice [swipes right]

me: [smiles while reading fan fiction]

parent: [leans over shoulder] who are you talking to

me: [writing headcanons for my otp on tumblr]

teacher: [squints] is that your essay

1:30 am its time to fling some more zomsai into the void

  • me: *walks down the street*
  • me: *suddenly stops walking*
  • me: oh shit i'm gay
  • girlfriend: sophie , we started dating 3 years ago. you proposed to me yesterday.
  • me: ... oh.right *continues walking*
  • gilfriend: unbelievable.

purplehairedtaemin  asked:

post 10 facts about yourself and pass it on to 10 faves✨

ok i was asked to do this by @lacrimaex @tofnew @jjongoholic @peaceminus-nee @leejinklies @jjongeyed and an anon sorry i put it off for 2039482 years

1. i go by my middle name, caleigh, my first name is kristin but like its literally only used for like legal documents. actually 4/5 members of my fam also go by their middle name
2. im the oldest sibling, my sisters are 4 yrs younger than me and twins and are known on tumblr dot com as @shinypinee and @taeminning
3. im from austin tx which is nice bc it is warm but :/ bc its full of hipsters who think theyre better than everyone else.
4. im a senior in college in memphis tn getting my bachelors in psychology and anthropology/sociology
5. ive studied abroad twice, 6 months in graz, austria and 1 month in copenhagen. its allowed me to travel a lot around europe which im grateful for
6. im a ¼ mexican which isnt a lot but i have a lot of mexican fam (their fam sizes are no joke) and i really like it a lot when i get to hang out w/ that side of my family. i want to study spanish and get semi fluent in it. i lost a lot when i went to austria and started learning german
7. i do research at my school looking into mental health disparities in the transgender population, and im going to be presenting at a national conference in LA about research i did specifically looking into the effects of non-affirmation on social anxiety in the trans/gender nonconforming population. i get to hang out w/ kit @jjongeyed there for a couple of days and im super excited!!!!
8. i like dogs more than i like human children
9. i really really don’t like the cold and when the days get shorter. im a sun person, i like to just lay in it and relax
10. um idk i lov shinee


OK, I’ll be mostly off tumblr this week due to an insane amount of work I need to catch up on. If anything important happens tag or message me! And by important I mean new pictures from GG after parties or new interviews or pretty much anything that you’re like “Oh itsliterallythis needs to see it” (I made that name before I decided to post things. I should have changed it… oh well!)

PS - I think I came up with another story to write featuring Tom and OFC Anna. So look for that when I’m not crying about how stressed out I am at work!


some wasteland families ft mercedesbenzene’s sole survivor up top and my own down below!

(psst if you want one of your own or something similar or something actually entirely different you should commission me) (please give me an excuse to draw more sole survivors)


@pearlchen taged me to show you my favorite albums of 2016. So let’s start with Gaze, the whole Dogma era is my fav forr sure, there are tons of their albums i love but tumblr has a limit of photos you can post ^^ 

Then there is DEG and Nokubura and PTP, but to be honest that’s not all i listen to but those are my ‘’can’t live without’’ albums. 

Thanks for tagging me <3<3 

Now I should tag someone…… ok, @kurumeki, @jrockmama, @kxffgt @nyanko-pon @beautifulderangement and @squeeunlimited <33

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Hi! I follow some fb pages of yoi and otayuri and i was wondering if it's ok to send them a message to spread the word and so they could also participate on facebook? or is it tumblr-exclusive? i'm asking this because those communities are not in english, and i'd love to see more fanwork in my native language


We’d appreciate spreading the word - after all, everyone wants more content - but they should be warned that if they want their participation to be shared on our page they should be posted on tumblr on our tags (#otayuri week or #otayuri week 2017) so we can see it and reblog it, or if that’s not an option they can submit it to us since only an email is needed to do that. We’re still also toying with the idea of creating an AO3 collection for works on there tagged with these. 

Otayuri appreciation doesn’t depend on language after all!

Thank you for the ask! That really is a lovely idea.

-Mod Howl

mikeyfan34  asked:

I submitted the ginyu picture from imgur using one of the codes they gave me, I can't remember which link I used. I believe it was either HTML or BBCode since those were for Message Boards and Blogs. If I send you another pic from imgur I'll probably use the direct link instead. Anyway what other sites would you recommend for submitting images to you?

Oooh interesting!! Well, as long as its yours (or the person who wanted to submit it is ok with you submitting it) then that’s fine! :D and you can use the submit box as normal, I believe. save it as a JPEG or something on your computer, and then submit it through and it should be ok! and even if that doesn’t work out, I’m totally fine with making a new post with it and tagging you, it isn’t a big deal! xD as long as you’re ok with that!

Ok I wanna try something:

I’m gonna post a picture every now and then that has some significance to a Panic! or Brobecks song… AND YOU GUYS HAVE TO GUESS WHAT SONG IT’S FROM.

I’ll make the first tag: “guessing games for the panicked” each time so you know it’s this game and not me just randomly posting something.

I should probably figure out some sort of prizing system for who gets it first BUT WE’LL GET TO THAT LATER :) <3


Originally posted by fightbrendonurie2k17

@staff there is NO excuse for making the lesbian tag NSFW. The paedophile tag is still a thing, but you want to take a safe space away from lesbians? By doing this, you’re making a statement that women, gay women, sapphic women, WOMEN WHO ONLY LOVE WOMEN, are the sexual objects of MEN, only there for sexual pleasure and objectification. You are taking a safe space for a marginilsed group and deciding it’s the fetish that straight men have always made it. You are disgusting, horrible human beings and you should be ashamed. THE PAEDOPHILIA TAG IS OK?! THE ZOOPHILIA TAG IS OK?! But GOD FUCKING FORBID a woman wants to find some positivity about herself in her tag, when the rest of the world is saying she’s wrong. If you want to make tumblr more “family friendly” then do this with actual NSFW tags! But no, I’ve just damned my internet history and checked a whole BUNCH of VERY disturbing fetish tags, and they’re all fine. You horrible, vile people.

I can’t leave tumblr, because of the amount of In the Dark stuff I have stored here, but I am going to be inactive for quite awhile.

I’m obsessed.

I honestly don’t know why it took me so damn long to get on Tumblr because I’m in so many fandoms and love so many things but I’m loving it so far. I’m lowkey overwhelmed tho like how do you even gain followers? Should I just attempt to be funny? Tag every post a billion times? For the like 2 people that see this: could y’all give a newbie some advice?

why am i doing this who knows

I MADE A SIDE BLOG TO HOST THE PROM ON OK and im posting this on here since i have more followers but

·follow @tmblr-prom-2k16 (im hosting it on this blog)
·be nice
·dont be homophobic/transphobic/racist/etc
·dont spam or tag posts unrelated to this event
·boost the shit out of this i want as many people participating as possible


·this whole thing will take place on MAY 28TH, ALL DAY (from 12am to 12am [EST] the next day).

·of course you dont have to be active the whole day but i know there are other time zones and some people wouldnt be able to participate if it was only like a span of 5 hours.

·post selfies, text posts, reblog each others posts, talk to each other, make new friends, send each other asks, talk about fandoms or your interests, JUST HAVE FUN and dAnCe or not ya know whatevers fine. TAG EVERYTHING YOU POST WITH “#TUMBLR PROM 2016” PLEASE

·I (@tmblr-prom-2k16) will be reblogging everything tagged with “#tumblr prom 2016” and i will also participate or at least try to be active most of the time and track the tag all day and talk to some people that are participating as well.

·ANYONE CAN PARTICIPATE !!!! any race, gender, sexuality, religion, fandom, nationality, you can ALL attend.

·DATES !!!! get urself a date ! ask people to go with u and if u go with someone then reblog their posts or selfies and be extra cute together publicly for everyone to see and comment on how cute you guys are !!!

·dont be rude. anyone who is rude will be publicly called tf out on this blog for 700 people to see and it will not be a fun time 4 u.



i updated my commission info and they’re gonna be open for the foreseeable future! Contact me at if you’re interested or if you have any questions

  • more examples in my art tag
  • i am willing to draw real people, characters from any series and OCs, don’t feel limited to what you see in my art tag or on my blog
  • paypal only, prices are in USD. ( please refer to this post !!!)
  • complex backgrounds (examples X X) are minimum $20, simple designs or patterns start at $5
  • if you’re interested in more complex coloring (X) or any other style you see in my tag contact me  and i can give you an estimate!

i won’t draw: porn/nsfw (nudity is ok) or any offensive material (which should go w.out saying)

If you email me about a commission and I don’t respond to it within a couple of days please send me an ask or a message on tumblr letting me know!!

sinaru  asked:

About FFXV anon, I think it's even part of tumblr's community guidelines that there should be no necessary negativity in tags that are supposed to be uplifting, so I can kinda understand the frustration when people want to read positive stuff and then hit a wall of criticism they didn't sign up for. You can't really blame people for wanting to feel good about their fandom (especially when they might go through shit in rl). Doesn't justify the hate anons, but try to be more considerate, ok?

Like most humans here I haven’t thoroughly read tumblr’s community guidelines but I highly doubt that the purpose for tags is only ~*~ pOsItIvY & lOvE & rAiiBowS~*~. Tags are used to tag a post which is related to the thing you’re posting whether it’s a video, lyrics, art, OPINIONS, etc.

Who ever said tags are only for positive opinions? Aren’t we allowed to speak our minds if we don’t like / agree with something?. Sorry to say but that’s just delusional.

Looks like you’re all very affected by my opinions on your based god videogame telling me how I’m a hater then you’re totally fine with going here and sending me literal death threats lmao. Please make some sense.

This is basically the same with every fandom (if you’ve stuck with me long enough you know totally what I’m talking about lmao) so I’m not expecting much.

The only advice I can give is that you either grow up and deal with the fact that we all have different opinions or else if you don’t wanna see any negative thing regarding your beloved game go and make a new tag for FFXV POSITIVISM!111!!!

Sorry to say, but you don’t own the tag.