should i tag this with names

ladies and gentlemen my autocorrect

i mean sure

(also, German??? wat)

yeah yeah mhm cool cool let’s go on

i mean, do you guys know how many words in polish start with “gło” or “głó” but noo apparently i use glorfindel more often yes I do

okay autocorrect i admit this time you suggested my main character’s name and not Elrond or Elladan or Elrohir okay you got a point

and yet

not even three letters

should i start being concerned or-

ooh sibling combo

yep my tumblr tags….. obviously

autocorrect are you even trying to come up with something else

and to crown it all

*squints eyes at Melkor and Sauron*

hi there, i got tagged by lovely @whattarush 💞

rules: tag 20 followers you want to get to know better

name: nadezhda (that’s it, that’s my full name but no one’s allowed to call me that) (also fun fact: it literally translates to ‘hope’ from russian) (never call me that)
nickname: nadia
gender: female
star sign: aquarius
height: 5'4
sexuality: louis’ gaynkles
hogwarts house: you should know that i know next to nothing about this universe and i took a very confusing buzzfeed quiz for it but gryffindor
favorite animal: llama. do not confuse with alpaca: the latter are soft kind animals and the former could fucking destroy you. llamas are the only animals that love me back so that’s mutual we’ve discussed it
average hours of sleep: i like to sleep but i also procrastinate like there’s no tomorrow, sooo 6-7 on average.
blankets you sleep with: one warm winter blanket all year round.
dream trip: all the ‘on the road’ destinations hdjhka drag my beatnik hipster ass
dream job: bookshop owner/cashier/keeper idk what to call it but yeah
when i made my blog: january 2015
followers: 2,081 and keep dropping!!!! that’s what switching fandoms looks like
why i made a tumblr: russian youtube fandom sucked big time. any russian fandom does for the most part, so that’s why i’m still here.
reason for my url: jahdkjhs okay so there was a ship in my first tumblr fandom and one of them was obsessed with coffee and the other was constantly joking about avocados and although i hate coffee i absolutely adore avocados, so i figured it was just right!!!

i have to be honest i don’t have many hl followers so i’m tagging @louis2k15 @soulmateghosts (i know i can just ask but im a hoe for tags fhjhdk) @rhuubarb @vodkaforboo @hellaplantsjpg @pinkrockalbum @twoghostiesjpg @larryjpg @avocadolouie and anyone who wants to do it. just please tag me if you do, i wanna !!! see.

hey don’t do this if you don’t want to and sorry if this is annoying okay ily bye


matching simon and baz transparent circle thingies because i just finished carry on for the third time and i’m having a lot of feelings

feel free to use them as icons or whatever as long as you credit!

My bias show mostly in what I decide to draw for this type of episodes, don’t they

Ko-fi | Redbubble

Allura: I don’t get it, you guys call him your father as a joke all the time?
Keith: That’s what I said!

when I get a hand in it, every pairing is the shitpost couple. Alien confusion over those dumb earth-things is 👌 (THIS IS VERY MUCH ALMOST COPIED FROM A HOMESTUCK COMIC I SAW YEARS AGO but I can not track down the original tumblr post? If someone got a link so I can credit that would be great)

I promise this au isn’t always a nightmare shitshow there are a lot of nice things like how Ladybug kisses the mitamas before they go back to Greyling.

She unfortunately doesn’t know that he actually can see and kind of feel (?) her do that. Gets him every time