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this has already been said regarding fanart but i’ve never seen someone say it about fanfiction so here i am

people who write fanfiction are people who choose to share FOR FREE something that takes a lot of time and effort to produce

they are also people who stress over putting their work out there for the world to see, because being confident with this kind of shit is really fucking hard

so when you make jokes such as “as soon as i see that the fanfiction is in the present tense i close it” just try to imagine what it feels like for someone who writes fanfiction in the present tense, or in first person, or characterxreader, or any other “type” of fic that yall apparently hate

imagine how it must feel like to give your all only for a bunch of shit people on tumblr who think every single fanfiction out there should be a fuckin literary masterpiece to say that its shit and that “no one stands fics like that”

seriously guys, i dont know if it ever crossed your tiny closed minds, but writers write for themselves. they write what they LIKE to write and heaven knows it takes so much mental energy to find the guts to share your work with other people. so for once, can yall stop degrading fanfiction writers and start giving them the credit they deserve?

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Hi, Saori! I see you blog a lot about Sterek and I was wondering if you read fanfiction too? If yes, can you rec me some fics to read? If not, can you recommend a blog that you think recs good fics? I find your taste in Larry fics similar to mine and I was hoping you can do the same with Sterek as well. Thank you!

Oh boy, honestly I have no idea what to say, I’m just glad that not everybody’s fed up with my Sterek spams (probably a lot of people are but oh well) :D

First things first, you should check out @theofficialstereklibrary @wheredidhiseyebrowsgo @underappreciatedsterek @acountrygirlsfun @christinesficrecs @eternalsterekrecs and if you like Larry too then @nottooldforthisship recces  awesome stuff all the time, (her sterek fic rec tag is a blessing) (my fic rec page is kind of a mess, but you can find some there too)

As of my recs, I usually don’t do it cuz I’m always anxious I’ll rec something the other doesn’t like, but since you asked so nicely here are some of my faves:

The Undisclosed (109k) - For once the pack doesn’t panic when a new hunter arrives. The gleefully sadistic man has labelled himself a collector of all things rare in the supernatural world and wants one of the rarest creatures; a werefox. Content that the pack is safe, the wolves focus on why their human member is acting so strange, ignoring the fact that Stiles only started once learning who the man wanted…

I’ve read this like, how many times? Way too many to be healthy? Seems accurate. And I’m totally not re-reading it again, nope.

Baking My Way Into Your Heart (179k) - Derek is an uptight college student, all work and no play. His carefully scheduled life is thrown kilter when his regular barista is replaced with someone new.

This fic changed my life tbh.

As Luck Would Have It (I’m already smitten) (188k, WIP) - When Stiles meets his Dom for the first time, it’s nothing like the cutesy, lovey-dovey Subflicks he used to drag Scott to when they were thirteen. There’s no burst of sunshine when they collide, no sudden swell of violins when their eyes meet; only a really big dent in the front of his Jeep and a seriously pissed off Alpha glaring at him from the sidewalk.

When I see the e-mail I shut down and don’t even look up until I finished reading the update. It’s by far the most exciting fic I’ve read, and I read A LOT.

Do Not Go Gentle (108k, WIP) - Derek Hale, Beacon Hills Alpha, is thrown into a dark cell which already contains another captive.   Someone quite young.   Someone who’s clearly been badly treated.  Someone who cannot speak and who has a cruel collar around his neck.Derek is both a Dom and an Alpha.  What do you think he’ll do?

Same with this. Mondays can’t come fast enough. Dark, but worth it for me.

Home (160k, WIP) - January seventh. Seven days since the start of 2015, and seven days since his father’s death.The bastard, he thinks bitterly. The past year Derek Hale had made it blatantly obvious that he hated his scrawny guts, taking every given opportunity to shove him up against a wall, growl threats in his ears and roll his eyes whenever he stepped into the room, muttering some snide comment about how spastic or idiotic he was.So why did he fucking volunteer to take him in?

You can’t even imagine what this fic does to me. It’s everything.

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hi there amazing artist o/ I just wanted to know your opinion as the first artist I followed on Tumblr years ago. What do you think of artists who hate and block people for writing things they dislike on tags like tagging a name which is assumed generally as being a oc, or tag kin, other characters names, inspiration and so on. hope my English turned out understandable, not my first language and you are not upset about this ask I'm just curious ignore me if dislike it ok? thank you :)

Your English is great, don’t worry! I’m not the best at English either:”D

As for your question, I tend to think that everyone should do exactly what is best for them. Personally, I don’t find such a thing as blocking someone for a tag necessary, but there are people who want to stay away from something that brings them any negative connotations, so! 

Not to mention there are different kinds of people. There are those who see something bad said about them, but they don’t want confrontation, yet want a way back? Blocking is such. There are those who ignore comments and tags like that. There are those who don’t even care, or those who care but might want to talk it out with the person directly. 

Generally blocking is a good way to stay away from something you don’t like, so there’s a room for it, I guess. I block demanding or hating anons when there is such a necessity, but mostly I’m not as sensitive to do it with everyone who writes something I disagree with. Let people be, probably:3

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1) I saw your tags on that post of Lizbobs about Twist and Shout and I am so happy that clear thinking meta writers like you agree that it in no way should be as popular as it is. It makes me cringe whenever someone brings it up as if it is actually a ‘beloved’ fic. I’m sorry if this sounds hateful, and I don’t mean to bring hate on the writers who put effort into it, but at some point this fandom has gotta realise that this fic being the ‘flagship fic’ for Destiel is a really REALLY bad thing.

2) Consider this fandom: We are close to getting canon destiel. That could put this show on the map, get real media interest. There is no doubt therefore that some media will dig further into the ‘fandom phenomenon’ behind destiel. Imagine just how CRINGEWORTHY it will be for mainstream media to discover that the most popular destiel fan fic is nothing more than poorly written tragedy porn rip off of Forrest Gump with the standard ‘kill your gays with aids trope’ at the end?!?! It is actually

3) disgraceful and we should be ashamed of ourselves for trying to push this fics popularity. Imagine how, on the chance destiel DOES become canon (which in my mind is rather likely) the writers, creators and actors on this show would feel that their beautiful love story about an angel and a hunter was butchered and turned into something frankly AWFUL?

4) How would Misha feel to know that a so called majority of destiel fans actually idolise a fic where his character dies from aids thanks to his decent into drug abuse?! What the HELL fandom?! WHY is this such a popular fic? It is a disgrace to the show, a disgrace to the characters and frankly an insult to our intelligence as a fanbase looking for LGBT+ representation. We don’t need more gay tragedies. That is pretty much ALL we get in mainstream media.

5) Yes the aids crisis was a horrible tragedy, but after decades of mainstream media giving LGBT people basically NOTHING but tragic stories where there are no happy endings for us, isn’t it about time that this trope DIED? Yet here we are, a modern and at least somewhat progressive fandom, still glorifying a fic that falls under that same tired miserable category. Not to mention that the fic is terrible written and the characters are absolutely nothing like their canon counterparts.

6) Sorry, I know this is getting rather mean, but years of pent up anger about this stupid fic is bringing it out of me in your inbox. Lets all be honest here. Twist & Shout is our ‘My Immortal’. It needs to die. Just like ‘My Immortal’ did for Harry Potter, it gives all other destiel fics a bad name. Can we PLEASE stop glorifying it and admit how shitty it is already.I know this is a harsh message, and I am sure that a lot of people would be upset by me saying these things, but it’s the truth

7) and I’ve spoken to enough people in fandom who silently agree with me. Though we all live in silence for fear of offending this mysterious majority of destiel shippers who apparently adore this fic? I’m sorry, but I am convinced that if we were to do a survey of peoples actual opinions on that fic, it wouldn’t come up positive at all. Popularity grows popularity. That’s the problem here. New people search for the most popular fics on AO3, and they become more popular, and those same new

8) people then believe that T&S is the standard to live up to in destiel fandom. That is an embarrassment for all of us. I just really want the obsession to end. Its not a good thing.

Oh hi. I see you have Feelings™ about this, and since I largely agree… 

I’ll start off by linking the post you’re referring to, with my attendant tags on it, here:

as well as a few other tag rambles I’ve gone on over the years here, going all the way back to 2015. So that at least gives readers an idea of how I personally feel about it. And now on to the disclaimer section of this post:

I’ve always been, and will ALWAYS be a proponent of fanfic being a “ship and let ship” environment. I will NEVER assume to dictate what people write, read, or find enjoyment in. I will NEVER judge what “should” and “shouldn’t” be written or enjoyed by ANYONE. FULL STOP.

I am also a fierce advocate for “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” when it comes to discussing fanfic. And that will never change.

But that’s not the issue when it comes to the inexplicable fandom “popularity” of this particular fic. If you read it and loved it, that’s GREAT! I’m glad. More power to you. It’s not the fic itself I have an issue with. I just wanted to make that clear. I am not here to dissuade people from enjoying it, nor to speak ill of the story itself.

It’s the nature of the story itself, versus the nature of fanfic, versus the fandom mystique surrounding it– the fact that it has somehow become the Flagship Fic Standard for ALL destiel fic, and the fact that for some reason the fandom itself seems to push it at the actors and creators and crew members of this show over and over again.

I’ve often wondered  if some of Bob Singer’s cavalier attitude about having killed Charlie Bradbury wasn’t directly rooted in the fact that the entire production staff seems to be aware of T&S, even if they haven’t actually read it for legal reasons, but at least know that this particular fic that is apparently glorified in this fandom is founded on the Kill Your Gays trope.

Like, we constantly yell at TPTB to be better than that, and yet THIS is the story we’ve chosen as a fandom to elevate to the highest pinnacle of fanfic glory?

It’s just… depressing.

(and honestly, this fic is THE reason I refuse to read ANY fic that’s tagged “period typical homophobia.” I just… refuse to torture myself with that damn trope anymore)

But from everything I’ve read about it (and from the half a chapter I managed to struggle through myself before noping out), the only thing necessary to make this an original work of fiction would be to change the names of the characters. It’s not even a “file the serial numbers off” job. It READS like original fiction where the characters and plot share little other than the names of our beloved Dean and Cas.

And to me, that’s not why I read fanfic. If I wanted to read about entirely different people, I’d read original fiction, you know? Not struggle to identify with characters that bear little to no resemblance to the characters I actually care about.

It’s not just a problem with AU fic, because I’ve read HUNDREDS, if not THOUSANDS of AU fics that don’t seem to have this problem with keeping the characters “in character” even in entirely different situations. If they can feel like Dean and Cas in a Firefly AU, or a Regency Romance, or a Gothic Horror, or Ancient Rome, or in a fantasy AU where they’re witches or dragons or a freaking octopus, then yeah, they can remain in character in ANY AU. HECK I ADORED AN AU WHERE DEAN AND CAS WERE FREAKING CHICKENS. LITERALLY CHICKENS. And it was more in character than T&S.

I’m not going to presume to suggest the sort of fic that I believe is more representative of the best of our fandom, but having read far more than 5000 fics (I’ve got over 4k in my AO3 history, and I read fic for over a year before I got an account there to start tracking my history, PLUS all the fic I’ve read on LJ,, tumblr, etc… I mean the real number is probably closer to 10k or even MORE if you count all the little drabbles and things), I have to say that the MAJORITY of fic I’ve read has been far better at representing Dean and Cas as I know and love them.

We as a fandom don’t have to agree on what the “best fanfic” of the lot of them is, but can we at least agree to stop pushing THIS PARTICULAR FIC so forcefully and directly into the faces of the actors, writers, crew, etc.?

If we want THEM to do better by our characters, if we want our shouts of STOP KILLING OUR QUEERS to actually hit home, maybe we need to stop glorifying this particular fic to TPTB at every goddamn turn.

(and second disclaimer: In all my years in fandom, aside from anon messages praising the fic, I have spoken to exactly TWO people who admitted to enjoying this fic. Talking privately with hundreds of others, people express a far less enthusiastic opinion of it. I firmly believe that the vast majority of hits on it are from people just like me and others I’ve talked to about it, that the only reason we ever clicked on it was due to this very fandom mystique, the controversy about its popularity, and curiosity over what all the fuss was about. It’s become a self-sustaining enterprise of generating more and more hits, you know?)

Newbies to fandom and fanfic are often encouraged to go to AO3 and search the ship results by either hits or kudos to read “the best stories” first, and of course T&S is the first result either way.

But as a fic WRITER? Can I just speak for all of us when I say getting a comment that our story was “just as good as T&S” doesn’t really feel like a compliment? Most of us don’t WANT to think we’ve written an OOC Kill Your Queers tragedy porn, or to really be associated with it in any way.

Honestly, we need to stop hating ourselves this much.

Weekly Voltron Fic Recs #25

Rules: You can find past weekly rec lists here, and non-list recs in my general fic rec tag. This is stuff I like, and I have a huge bias toward Lance, hurt/comfort, and general fluff, in that order. Gen unless otherwise noted. Please comment on the fics if you read and enjoy them!

Happy quarter life to this ridiculous feature. I need to stop procastinating on these.

The Lion at the End of the Tunnel by Outworld
Words: 3,488
Author’s Summary: Pidge bites off more than she can chew in an act of grand space piracy gone wrong. Aboard a dying starship with few options, she’s starting to think this might be her last mistake until she discovers a certain idiot has done something very stupid.
My Comments: Tagged Lance/Pidge but reads platonic. This is a great action fic with perfect character voices. I love these two together so very, very much.

Truce by kyanve
Words: 42,709 (WIP 7/?)
Author’s Summary: “EVERYONE SHOULD BE ABLE TO SEE IN EVERYONE ELSE’S HEADHOLES!” - because that feels like one of a few things that needs exploring.The new team can be a perfectly good one, but the odds of finding any five people who don’t know each other THAT well who’ll be thrilled with being mentally linked to giant sapient mechanical god-beasts and each other is basically nonexistent. It’s a recipe for whacking heads into it, avoiding it, trying to pretend it’s not there, and generally making an already awkward train wreck of a situation more awkward and confusing.Keith as main PoV because I would go insane doing this from more than one PoV and it would turn into more of a novel than it’s already looking like it’ll be, and who better to explore “sudden unasked for mental links to other beings” than someone with abandonment issues and trust issues everywhere *and* a few good big secrets?This starts around beginning of canon and I have parts to clean up and post going all the way through Season 2; it’s weaving through almost entirely off-camera things and side events. Spoilers bloody everywhere.
My Comments: REALLY fun missing scene-type fic with a great Keith perspective. It’s FUN and it does a great job of fleshing everyone out, and there are some truly fantastic ideas. I’m really enjoying this one.

Little Lions by MidnightCreator
Words: 5,111 (WIP 3/6)
Author’s Summary: Lance has a very bad day and his only upside is the comfort from the Blue Lion. The Blue Lion knows her Pilot needs her so she takes steps to be as close as she can be to him. Her actions set off a chain reaction amongst the other Lions as they all step up to be there for their Pilots.
My Comments: SO CUTE. I love lions-as-actual-lions, and this is especially good because the lions just want to make their pilots feel better. So it’s tiny lion shenanigans and oodles of H/C. MY FAVE COMBO.

Masks by TiedyedTrickster
Words: 9,588
Author’s Summary: Everyone has a mask, one that tells the world what character you’re destined to play in life, that tells people who you are. Except Lance’s mask doesn’t match him at all, and it’s driving Keith nuts.
My Comments: This is SUCH a creative and original concept. I’ve never seen anything like it, and it’s so, so cool. Starts out Lance-centric, but there’s lots of other stuff in there too, like fantastic Shiro and Keith and also REBEL MATT. Check it out!

An Unexpected Hero by nerdiekatie
Words: 2,102
Author’s Summary: “You tapped my knife to a Roomba? Where did you even get a Roomba?” Keith starts to peel his knife from the Roomba while Pidge is speaking. “She’s an old cleaning droid I found- Keith, no!” Pidge lunges forward to stop him. Keith just lifts the Roomba above his head, watching Pidge try to jump high enough to get her. “She needs to be able to defend herself!”
My Comments: This fandom has only the HIGHEST quality crack.

our native land draws all of us by SerenePanic
Words: 1,037
Author’s Summary: Coran is many things: advisor, mechanic, historian.Once, he was a father.
My Comments: My heart hurts. I love Coran so much.

De-Stressing by The_Sickfic_Sideblog for pinstripedJackalope
Words: 1,642
Author’s Summary: Keith is very stressed out. Pidge knows how to handle this. Set relatively close after The Blade of Marmora.
My Comments: This is really sweet, and I love how cool and competent Pidge is while Keith is falling apart. She really knows how to get past his defenses, and it’s lovely to see.

Qualifications by The_Sickfic_Sideblog
Words: 1,340
Author’s Summary: Pidge gets dehydrated, and the effects bring up sour memories.
My Comments: I would say “protect her,” but I think her team has that well in hand.

Ice Ice (Baby) by shishiswordsman
Words: 12,707 (WIP 2/?)
Author’s Summary: The Blue Pilot’s shoes become too big for Lance to fill. Literally. (Yes, it’s a kidfic. Sue me.)
My Comments: LOVE. De-aged Lance is quite realistic, and there’s beautiful, amazing art for every chapter, too! I am STOKED for more.

Skirt, Dirt, Worth by ardett
Words: 6,354
Author’s Summary: Lance wants to see Pidge wear skirts and makeup. (But really he doesn’t.)
My Comments: This made me ache, but there’s a lot of loveliness and courage in here, too. Lance needs love and acceptance so much, and it takes some work, but his team is able to give him that.

It Takes a Village by Zemmiphobia
Words: 18,010
Author’s Summary: One decision by an injured soldier changes not only the fate of the universe, but the fate of her young son.
My Comments: Thace/Ulaz. I adore this characterization of the Blade, especially Ulaz as a scientist who is very smart and methodical, but also has almost too much heart and compassion. Baby Keith is perfect, and I was very satisfied with the ending, though I’m happy there are more stories in the series, too.

Lost in the Stars by WingedChickadee
Words: 3,440 (WIP 3/?)
Author’s Summary: They didn’t see him. They didn’t see the lion falling quickly towards the planet’s surface through the debris of broken Galra ships. They heard his shout of pain and shock, but not what happened. Six people all assumed he made it back to the castle, they didn’t notice the missing paladin. No one noticed. Not a batted eye or turn of a head.When the paladin wakes up, he is injured and alone. Now, he has to try and survive until he can find a way home.
My Comments: Oh no, LANCE. This is very well-written and scary, and I really need more.

lost & found by luoup (ravenic)
Words: 7,006
Author’s Summary: The wormhole has been rent apart by Haggar’s magic, and the Paladins are lost.
My Comments: Really lovely little fic. A well-done take on the post-season 1 scenario, with an excellent conclusion that made me happy-sigh.

Under Pressure, I Break by Emerald_Ashes
Words: 2,728
Author’s Summary: Lance was more hurt than he let on after their visit to the water planet where the wormhole spat them out. His injuries are aggravated further during their fight with Ulaz, and then the Robeast. When it finally becomes apparent just how injured he is, Hunk can only blame himself.
My Comments: Hance. I love love LOVE the focus on Hunk in this fic. Though Lance is the one physically hurt, Hunk is the one who needs to be loved and reassured. Lovely little fic.

Go the Fuck to Sleep by nerdiekatie
Words: 1,745
Author’s Summary: He’s glad the paladins only have a low-level telepathic connection. Shiro is one hundred percent sure that if he could everything Pidge is feeling, he would be on his ass. As it is, Shiro has the distinction impression that Pidge can see time and taste shapes right now.
My Comments: I take back what I said earlier. They really REALLY need to protect her. Mostly from herself.

You’re Our Sharpshooter by safety_dancer for spacekidwrites
Words: 1,302
Author’s Summary: My take on how Shiro reacts to hearing Lance call himself Voltron’s seventh wheel.
My Comments: Very sweet little fic. I want something like this to happen so bad.

Out of Phase by LittleWhiteTie
Words: 6,571 (WIP 2/4)
Author’s Summary: Shiro is lost, only able to contact the paladins during their dreams. He helps them through their nightmares when they need him the most, but it’s getting harder and harder to find them as he starts to lose track of what’s real and what’s imagined. He’s losing his grip on this reality, and his sense of self is beginning to fall apart. He’s going to need their help to get back before he disappears entirely.
My Comments: FANTASTIC Post-S2 concept, just amazing. GAH, it makes me hurt, but it’s so lovely. Really, really want some more.

Audio/Visual Quest by Dynared21
Words: 15,298
Author’s Summary: Pidge and Lance have journeyed to a mysterious planet in order to find the technical details to Zarkon’s fortress…as well as a TV that they can hook up their Gamestation to! But who owns the mysterious collection they run across, and will the pair be able to escape with their gains? Or will they end up the newest exhibits of this collector?
My Comments: Really fun, action-packed, episode-like fic. I’m super happy that S2 has seemed to encourage more fics with Pidge and Lance interacting. They’re such a fantastic combo.

Feeling Blue by spitfire00
Words: 2,962
Author’s Summary: Lance is feeling worthless. Pidge reminds him just how important he is.
My Comments: Have I mentioned lately how much I love Lance and Pidge? Anyway, I love the way she just shoves her way in there and refuses to leave. Lance needs a stubborn little sister to love him.

The Long Walk Home by nerdiekatie
Words: 5,488
Author’s Summary: What happens when you get your unexpected and unwanted period in space? What happens when your armor doesn’t have pockets for your inhaler? On a stealth mission, Pidge and Hunk are stranded and forced to walk to the Green Lion. They’re racing against time and their own bodies. Will they make it back?
My Comments: This fic is GRUELING, but I love seeing the two geniuses of Team Voltron being badass and strong despite their unique difficulties.

Weekend Guests by TheBeckster
Words: 6,906 (WIP 1/?)
Author’s Summary: Voltron had been too late. They hadn’t been able to stop the Galra this time. As the Paladins pick their way through a leveled city, they come across a group of survivors and find themselves way out of their element. Everyone except Lance, that is.
My Comments: Fantastic start! I love Lance with kids, and he’s particularly competent and wise and adorable here. The kids all feel like kids with their own personalities, which can be tricky. Waiting patiently for more. (Not that patiently.)

Big Stick Diplomacy by windscryer
Words: 3,496
Author’s Summary: Keith is bad at diplomacy, but he is trying. Pidge… not so much.
My Comments: Protective Pidge! Savage on Keith’s behalf! Everyone is extremely protective, too, but Pidge takes the cake. She will take you down if you even THINK about looking at her family funny, and Keith is her boy.

Previously Recced Fics That Updated:

Hold Up Half the Sky by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
This Is New by TheHomestuckWhovian
bombs and bullets by ashinan
Bromances in Space by ptw30
Handbook of Demonology by squirenonny for Pechat
Blue and Bruised by DizzyBunnies
Playing Catch-Up by 5557
Altar of Storms by VelkynKarma  (now complete, and incredibly satisfying)
Prison Bonds by GriffinRose (complete)
Someplace Like Home by squirenonny
Burning by CranberryBat
Here Stands a Man by awkwardCerberus
Love and Other Questions by squirenonny
Stardust, Silk and Steel by CalicoTomcat
So Here’s what You’re Not Going to Do by BreakTheDawn (now complete)
Stronger Than They Know (The Caretaker) by unfortunatelynormal
A Dream Away by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
Chrono Story by Crowoxy (now complete)

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hi! so i just made an archive of our own account and i don't know what to post first. do you have any tips or advice for posting on ao3? do you have any tips for ao3 in general? thank you!

Hi there anon! Thank you for your question!

First things first: I think to a certain extent, what to post first is going to be entirely up to you. Whatever you feel like writing, whatever format it’s in, you should write it up and post it! Or, depending on how long you’ve been using the site as a guest, you can look through other people’s content to pay attention to tagging, author’s notes, formatting – that kind of thing. AO3 is user-friendly in most ways, and you’ll grasp it pretty quickly.

But, I do have a couple tips to help you out on your first run-through (and actually some helpful tricks I think some more familiar users may not know, as well)! 

BTW since we’re on the topic, if you use the subscribe function on AO3!!! Did you know about the different ways to subscribe to an author, a series, or an individual work?

You can only subscribe to an author from their dashboard or their profile page! If you are in the middle of reading a particular fic, and you hit the subscribe button at the top of the page, you will only subscribe to updates for that fic. Same deal if you want to subscribe to a series, you must be on the series page. Subscribing to a fic within that series will only subscribe you to that specific fic – you will get updates if that story is updated/chapters are added, but not if a new work is added to the series.

I suspect some people are unaware of this, due to the frequent amount of subscriptions I get on one-shots! (But, idk… maybe there’s just some really hopeful people out there laijefliajelsjf)

Anyway, now, onto the rest of this textbook (it got long)!

When you go to post your very first work on AO3, you’ll go to Post > New Work at the very top to open up AO3′s drafting tool. From here, you can go through and copy over a work from Word or Google docs or whatever writing program you use, or just write up your fic in the post box itself! 

Either way you choose, you can then decide to post your work right then and there (Post Without Preview), or if you are still editing it, you can choose the Preview option. This will take you to the work as it will appear once posted; from there you can go back to the editing page, which will now have a Save Without Posting option. Use this if you would just like to save your work and come back to it later. Note: drafts are saved for one month only.

When you open your drafts/start a new work, the main field for your text has two options: HTML or Rich Text. HTML just shows you all HTML codes in your work. Rich Text is probably what you want to work in while editing, because you’ll only see this bar in that format:

However, sometimes you will want to use the HTML section in order to copy over text from another source that allows HTML format; for instance, Tumblr! I always copy the HTML from my tumblr fics over to AO3 when posting, because it is the easiest/fastest way to ensure the formatting stays intact. Here’s where to find that:

This is a pitfall I encountered with my first fic I ever posted. When you create a draft, the date of posting defaults to the date you first saved the draft. So if you are like me and you draft fics way in advance of posting, you need to make sure to update the post date before you actually hit post, or it will backdate your fic – this happened with This Place in the Sky, and it was several hours before I realized it had backdated by a week, and no one was seeing it T.T Learn from my mistakes, younglings

(And if you want to backdate a draft, then you would go in here to alter the date.)

Some people have noticed an issue with AO3 that causes fics to have odd spaces after punctuation (periods, quotation marks, dashes). This is a glitch related to italicizing when you transfer over fics from another source. To avoid having to search your entire fic for those spaces, always italicize the punctuation that precedes/follows your italicized words. For instance: 

No!” – quotations/exclamation not italicized, glitch makes it show up as: 

“No!” – all punctuation italicized, now shows up as:

:D It’s just less of a headache to have to comb through and find all the random spaces, I find, when you just italicize beforehand! A preemptive strike. 

Let’s look at the variations of line spacing in a posted fic: 

And here’s what this looks like in AO3′s Rich Text editor:

Sorry that is so tiny, but notice the clear difference in spaces between paragraphs while editing! There’s no actual correct way to do this, but! The “regular” option of spacing is the most common on AO3, and also the easiest to read. Avoid the no spacing option at all costs! It can be a huge headache to read, unless you are indenting paragraphs (less common on AO3, but acceptable). I tend to dislike the double spacing option as well because I feel like it breaks up the flow of wording, but that’s just personal preference.


Frequent posters may also have noticed a thing AO3 does where it will insert double spaces at random intervals, often for large sections of the fic at a time, for no discernible reason. This happens often when you copy your work over from another source. But there’s an easy fix!

On MS Word and Google docs, find the “Add space after paragraph” option, and enable it for every fic you write. When you hit Enter (ONCE) to go to a new paragraph, it will autospace for you (meaning, you should not need to double tap the Enter key).

Now when you copy this over to AO3, it will read ONE SPACE reliably, giving you that regular spacing option up above. Cool news: if you copy your HTML from Tumblr to HTML on AO3, you don’t even need to worry about this. HTML be chill like that

Another thing I see people asking is how to add hyperlinks! But also, did you know you can add links, bolded, and italicized text to your summary/notes as well? You just have to put them in HTML, and this:

<a href=“LINK GOES HERE”>Hyperlink</a>

will show up as:

You can easily bold/italicize/add links in the Rich Text editor, but summary/notes are HTML only and you will have to use the above. These are the most useful/common options you’ll need, I think. Try to preview before posting to make sure you got it right (and haven’t bolded your entire summary and the world with it on accident). 

There’s an easy way to link your stories to Tumblr (or Twitter) that automatically includes your title, tags, summary, and all other relevant information right in the post! Just hit this button at the top of your fic, once it’s posted – it’ll take you to the Tumblr log-in screen, so log-in and from there you can edit the post. This is what I use to make all my AO3 fic posts on Tumblr \o/

Finally, more of a stylistic note! Be thoughtful when tagging your fic/writing a synopsis. In general, try to be clear and concise, so people can see what they’re getting into at a glance. Tag what’s important to the theme and tone of your fic. This really varies from person to person… maybe you want to tag every single thing your fic encompasses! I find really long tags to be overwhelming when browsing AO3, and prefer simple ones. I tend to overtag more for smut-heavy/PWP than I do for longer, plot driven fics.  

Your summary should also be clear and to the point, and describe the content of the fic. You can put any other thoughts in your beginning and end notes; if you are leaning towards saying anything like “sorry this sucks this is my first fic/I am bad at summaries/etc” just leave that out! If you don’t like summaries, use a quote from the fic. You don’t have to apologize for posting, even if you don’t think it’s a Shakespearean masterpiece. You still wrote a fic, and that’s awesome!

This is everything I could think of for the time being…I hope it’s helpful!!

How to study/ revise for History!

This is an overview of 8 different methods of revision and studying for history assessments. (It can also be used for other humanities based subjects too.)
It is also a basic outline of revision/ study methods, however I shall make more posts on different assessment types and how I do them.

This is based on how I learn.  I(Feel free to change them to suit your needs!) If you have any questions, or I have missed a method, please feel free to message or ask me!

 1 – The Clock Method.

I can guarantee that next to nobody up until now has heard of this method before, mainly because I made this one up when I was 14 … It’s slightly unconventional and can only work for certain time periods, but this method works wonders for me (and I still use it at university too). I’m quite sad because no one uses this method, so please tell me if you like this or would (or do) use it!! :D

What you need: An analogue/ digital clock… Anything that tells the time. You may also want post-it notes to go around the clock, although I personally don’t do this.
When to use: As soon as you have learnt dates, the clock is your trigger.
1- Looking at the clock, tell the time.
2-If it reads, say, 19:15 try and recall all the events and dates for that year (that’s in your syllabus!). So, in 1915 the film ‘Birth of a Nation’ is released; and the British Women’s Institute is founded, etc. 3- Where possible, try and remember entire dates ie. In 1915 on the 1st January X happened…
4- If you have more than one event that you have to remember for that year try and recall all of them as quickly as possible when its ‘year’ comes up.
5- This method is more of a spot-check method. So, when you’re studying for other topics and go to tell the time, use it then. J
Advantages: Quick recall. If you keep this method up you’ll find that it’s easier to recall dates quicker, which can be good as the more precise you are in exams, the higher marks you tend to get. You also begin to do this automatically after a while, which I find very handy.
Disadvantages: Can only go up to years that end in ~~59.. However I tend to do a running commentary in my head of events after years ending in ~~59.

2 – Word Vomit
This method is more-or-less what is says on the tin.

What you need: Pen/ Pencils; Paper. (A timer if you want to test yourself)
When to use:
Before, during and after studying for a test/ exam/ assessment. Depending on how big your exam is, start 1 month – 1 week before exam(s) (or at the advice of your tutor).
1- With or without timing yourself write as much about the exam topic you are going to answer, and that you can remember. DO NOT LOOK AT YOUR NOTES WHEN DOING THIS!
2-If you have a big topic coming up ie. You’re looking at Russia from 1897-1945, look at things either chronologically so split things up into reasonable chunks, and write about it; or do it thematically. (Chunk things regarding how you’re meant to answer the exam/ assessment where possible.)
3-Try not to learn things thematically when you’re asked to respond to the question(s) chronologically and visa versa.
Ensures you can cover a lot of material. See your weak points before the exam as you have no notes in front of you when you do this, so you know where to put in extra effort.
Can be frustrating when you can’t remember something.

Word Vomit Part Two / Free Writing:
This method can also be used for assessments such as course work/ presentations too if you’re struggling to make a start. Just free write.
When to use: During and after the planning stages of writing a plan.
Method: Free write your ideas for your assessment and see where they take you, especially if the assessment is stubborn and you don’t know where to start. Write your ideas down and watch them take form into sentences.
Advantages: The assessment is finally getting written.
Disadvantages: Tends to need heavy editing.

3 – Time Lines

What you need: Paper (I tend to use A3); Pens (coloured); Pencils (coloured); Ruler; Post-its.
When to use:
Revision for test/ Order events for an assessment.
1- Draw a line across the middle of the paper. The end on the left-hand side is the earliest date of your assessment, the end on the right-hand side should have the latest date needed.
2- Chunk the line into time segments ie. days/ weeks/years/ decades/ centuries – whatever is the most suitable for your needs.
3- If you are a visual learner (like me!): Have 2+ coloured pens/ pencils and assign them a meaning.  For example: Dates relating to people = blue; events = red; legislation = green etc. Try not to have more than 10 colours.
4- Depending on the needs of your assessment, also have key quotes around the edge of the timeline. (This way you’re killing two birds with one stone)
5- If you want to, add pictures.  
You can get all the important dates/ time written down; other people can test you on it; looks pretty; able to put it on your wall/ door so you can see it.
Limited space.

4 – Posters

Okay, so with this one, I find that it tends to be up to the nature of the assessment on whether or not I use this method of revision or how I use it. I used them a lot when I did A-Level Law because it helped me learn the practical elements, whilst I use posters now for exams which include source analysis.

What you need: Pens/ pencils (coloured); paper (coloured or plain); ruler
When to use:
As revision for an assessment. These can either be an on-going project ie. If you’ve got 30 sources to learn for a source analysis so you do them as you learn about the sources; or before assessments.
1- Split subject matter into smaller quantities. I find this method best if done thematically, or if I have split my exam into the chunks in which I know it’s going to appear.
2- Find out all the important information for the test.
3- Fold or segment the piece of paper into reasonable parts for each section.
4- Assign meanings to your colours! Write the information for each section on the paper, use your notes.
5- Write out all the key terms and main points.
6- Try to be concise in your work, but I make one poster per theme / source.
6- Stick them on walls/ cupboards/ doors and test yourself.
Can be used to test yourself with; able to condense important information. If you write it for another person with limited knowledge on the topic, shows good ability in expressing information. They are great for when you have to apply work ie. For Law, or source analysis.
Upsetting when you run out of space (just stick another piece of paper next to it), or when you try to draw and can’t…

5- Brain Storming/ Mind Maps

Brain Storms/ Mind Maps are so useful. I use these for both revision and for assessments and find them super helpful for organising paragraphs for coursework.

I tend to do one mind map per exam topic, or one mind map for one essay, but this is up to you.
When I use mind maps for I only have one colour for all dates/ people/ events etc. whilst my friend gives the centre one colour, the first branch a second colour, the second branch another colour etc.

If you prefer lists over brain storming, write the list. It’s the same concept but a different layout.

What you need: Pens/ Pencils; Paper
When to use:
Start of writing an assessment; studying for an exam.
(You should already have the resources at this point, this is a way to organise your essay plan or research, unless you’re making it whilst doing research)
1- Write the essay question/ subject topic into the middle of the paper and draw a bubble/ box around it.
2- Decide how many branches you need from the mind map, and how much weight they all need. You can either write these subheadings down on a separate piece of paper and write them in when you come to the next point, or give each point an educated guess as to how much room you’ll need. 3- Don’t forget the introduction/ conclusion.
4- Go round filling each branch of the brainstorm – include people of note/ events/ important years/ important works etc.
5- You can also use this as a form of revision too, if you’re using it for essay plans for an exam. Write the question or subject topic in the middle, and then fill out the mind map without looking at your notes.
Advantages: Able to organise thoughts; can get in lots of information; add information;
If revising with other people, they may not understand it; can’t incorporate large chunks of text.

6 – Flash Cards

These are one of my favourite forms of revision, because they can fit anywhere and they’re handy for commuting to university.
Like mind maps I associate 1 colour per topic/ subject. I keep my colour codes across all revision pieces.

What you need: Flash cards (If you don’t want to buy them/ can’t afford them fold a piece of A4 into 4 and then cut on the folds); pens/ pencils; highlighters; rubber bands (or hair bobbles); treasury tags and a hole puncher (optional). Depending on how you learn best, have different coloured flash cards so you can make better associations.
When to use:
Between 1-2 months – 1 week before the exam (I say 2 months because I find flash cards exhausting and time consuming to make…)
1- Admire beauty of flash cards.
1- Go through your notes and find suitable headings for the flash cards, and mark which notes should go onto what card.
2- Write notes onto flash cards – use your colour for key points/ dates/ people etc.
3- Test yourself, or get others to test with you.
4- Whilst you’re making your flash cards label them. They will get dropped and you’ll forget what order they go in.. I tend to order mine in the top right corner. The number is what order number the card is, and the letter is the subject. So my first flash card on topic one is ordered 1A, so my 10th card on my 6th exam topic would be 10F.
5- Restart the numbering for each exam; or module. (This one is up to you).
6- If you have more than 26 modules/topics swap the ‘1’ and the ‘A’ round.

- How to use as revision
7- You can self-test or give it to someone to ask you about the material on the card. I find it easier to study with my course friends as they phrase questions about the material a lot better than people who aren’t on the course.

8- You can also use flash cards for essay plans – aim for one flash card for one paragraph.
Organised notes; portable; effective when used.
Can cost lots of money; notes may only make sense to you. (I tend to write in abbreviations, or put it information that wasn’t taught)

7- Mock Tests

I have changed how I use mock tests over the years. And this is good. Depending on your level depends on how you use them. I have found that questions at university are easier because they’re not trick questions and as long as we bridge the introduction right we can talk about whatever we want (within reason), so I only use mock exams as elaborate essay plans.

Mock exams are best used AFTER or DURING doing other forms of revision. Do not do it before hand because you won’t get very far, unless it’s a multi-choice question… Then I hate you (kidding) because there should be more of those on this side of education…

What you need: Pens/ Pencils; Paper; Mock papers (and answer booklet/ criteria). (Depending on what level, a nice teacher who will mark your mock papers and give constructive criticism)
When to use:
At university, I tend to use these a week before the exam (because that’s when I start to heavily focus on exams). When I did my GCSE’s and A-Level my teachers did mock exams throughout the year, but I focused on mock exams a month before the actual exam.
1- For your first early mock exams, give yourself extra time and have your notes (or at least an essay plan) For your extra time – if it’s 30 minutes, give yourself 40-45 to complete. If it’s a 45 minute question, give yourself 60 minutes. Then decrease the time as you do more essays.
2- Once you’re feeling confident, take away your notes/ essay plans/ aids (unless you’re allowed them in the exam), and do a couple of mocks.
3- Take 5-10 minutes planning. Even if you don’t get to the end of the exam, if the marker can see your essay plan they may be more lenient. It also saves you repeating yourself when you’re writing, which may detract points.

4- If you don’t want to write out essay after essay, write detailed essay plans on the question, using the same timing method. Start with your notes, so you have a ‘perfect’ essay; then take away your notes and write the essay plan.
Advantages: You know your weak points; you know what you’re facing when you enter the exam; you also have a rough idea about how much you can write in the time period given.
Time consuming;

8- With friends/ family/ your plant or pillow or pet
I think that this method is great when you know some / most of the topic material as you can see exactly where your strong and weak points are. 

What you need: Notes on your topic; a person to speak to; sweets
When to use:
1 week before the exam
1- Find someone to talk to.
2- Give them your revision/ study materials.
3- Get them to question you on all the material you’ve written.
4- If you get a question right, have a sweetie.
5- I’ve found that this method works best with people doing the same exam as you as you can discuss things in more depth.

6- With someone or something that can’t speak.
7- Have your material with you
8- Write a brief prompt – what are you going to discuss?
9- Explain and teach them/ it what’s on the exam.
10- Look at notes if you get stuck.
Advantages: Teaching other people your material is one of the best ways to learn and retain information.

Disadvantages: Can get very frustrating with people who just read the information when you don’t know an answer rather than prompting you.

samwpmarleau  asked:

Since I know you're a fan of stupid theories being debunked: do you have any favorite SSMs or the like that have rendered those theories moot? Or more broadly, any bits of information that you've found particularly intriguing or which challenged any assumptions of yours?

Ummm… hmm. Re crack theory debunking, the first thing that comes to mind is when GRRM said Darkstar is in his late twenties, and therefore very definitely not the real Aegon Targaryen, or Jon’s twin, or any of the weirder identity theories that hovered around him for a while. Oh, and along those lines, the SSM where he cleared up (for people without reading comprehension) that Edric Dayne is 12 and did not nurse from Wylla at the same time the four-years-older Jon did. (And so obviously he isn’t Jon’s twin either. There are wayyy too many Jon twin theories.)

Ooh, and the fact that someone asked GRRM about the Corn Code crack theory and he didn’t do a typical “just wait and see” but actually replied with a straight-up “no” is hilarious. As was the theory creator’s response, OMG.  edit: And @goodqueenaly reminds me that GRRM also said that Rhaegar was cremated, and so is very definitely not still alive and pretending to be someone else.

Intriguing info… ah, gosh, the SSMs are full of really cool stuff. I can’t even quantify it. But some of my favorites, for theory proving and debunking – that Targaryens are not immune to fire (also) (so Jon getting his hand burned does not disprove R+L=J); that Princess Rhaenys looked like a Martell (so Jon looking like a Stark does not disprove R+L=J); and of course “Dany was most like named by her mother, Tyrion by his father, Jon by Ned”. GRRM being ever so careful in his wording is always a joy. :)

Like, oh, his very careful statement about whether Sandor and Sansa would meet again. (And so much more that I have in this tag.) Though when he’s not at all careful, it can be amazing, like when he said the third head of the dragon will not necessarily be a Targaryen. Or when he said all of the Stark children are wargs.

As for challenging my assumptions and theories – probably the biggest one was his “NO” response to when his editor asked if Coldhands was Benjen Stark. That was very annoying, because I really did believe Coldhands was Benjen. (Hell, the GoT guys seem to have said fuck it and gone with that theory anyway, which should tell you a lot about the show and its relationship to the upcoming books, rather.) I don’t think the Waterstones pitch letter actually challenged anything I believed, even though it was extremely revealing about GRRM’s original ideas about ASOIAF – because, like, when people do try to bring up the original plot as proof of something or the other, I respond “so you think Jaime’s going to murder everyone and take the throne, then? And that Tyrion’s going to have a deadly rivalry with Jon over Arya’s love?” because honestly that’s just as valid. :D

Anyway, unfortunately I don’t tag posts with SSMs or interviews (I should, I haven’t, it’s probably too hard to fix now) so I can’t find all of my favorites right now, alas. (My GRRM tag has a lot, but I know not everything.) I very much recommend going to the So Spake Martin archives and reading them all, though, there’s so much good stuff in there. A lot which aren’t picked up by the SSM search engine, too, because they’re links to interviews, and oh man can those interviews be amazing. (Like this one! And this one! And this one! And… ok, I’ll stop now.)

I Needed This

This is something I posted a month or two ago, but it was then pointed out that almost all of the links were broken…and at the same time, tumblr enacted their new restrictive linking policy. Meaning almost no one it was directed at actually saw it. I haven’t had the chance to correct the problem until now, and in that short time, the post referred to has climbed to over 14,000 notes. Like…what? Holy crap. Okay.

I wish I could sit down and reply to everyone who responded to the post, but at this point that’s just impossible. Just know, I do see the notes, and I’m grateful for every single one.

Below is the fixed post, as it was supposed to appear in April. If you’ve already read it, feel free to disregard this and scroll on by.

So…I’m gonna do one of my weird things. This isn’t really to do with FFVIII, but…I feel like I owe people this. Because I’ve been watching this silly little writing power build and build and snowball, and…it just seems…so counter to the situation of the people I seem to be reaching, that I can’t just let it sit there and rack up “points” in the form of notes without taking a moment (well, a few hours at this point, but I had the time, and this is what I decided to do with it) to at least acknowledge the response. I’ve received messages from people, a flood of kind comments and tags, I’ve watched people reach out to one another to support them in their writing endeavors. Most of it has been outside this fandom, so…I apologize ahead of time if this is somewhat off-topic.

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I did this build and I’m quite happy with it, so I thought I’d share it with you guys! It’s quite grandparents-inspired!

  • 3 bedrooms - adult, teen, child
  • 3 bathrooms
  • Use bb.moveobjects on when placed
  • Has stuff from most packs
  • Costs way too much money. 148.623 simoleons.
  • Download it from the gallery. ID is AvelineSims!

Please don’t reupload! Other than you can do whatever the heck you want with it!

Should you be interested in watching the speed build, you can find it here [xx]

You know what?

I’m pissed right now. Really pissed. 

You know why? Lego Elves, that’s why. Because this is a kids show about elves who are kids. I should not be finding anything inappropriate in the tag for it on Ao3, or anywhere else, for that matter. 





Are you kidding me? Why should this even be a thing I have to say? Why is it that when something sweet like Lego Elves, or any other kid show like it, is created, people just have to ruin the fandom like this? I’m so done with this shit. 

I’m well aware that I don’t have the right to dictate what gets posted in the tags, so I thought in light of what’s looming, I’d just state some facts instead….

🔸Some people seem to get their kicks from other people’s misery.

🔸When they go hunting for that misery in our tags, they would be sorely disappointed should they find a ton of fan vid, gif sets, one shots, fic recs and headcanons

🔸There is a private jonsa forum should you need somewhere to vent

🔸People who send anon hate stalk your blog awaiting your response. Imagine how frustrated they’d be if you didn’t give them the time of day.

🔸Season 7 is not the end.

Stay strong Jonsa fam ✌️

lottiesfilms  asked:

do you have any tips for starting/keeping a good studygram?

Hi, sorry for the late answer!

Well, I kind of do, or at least that’s what worked for me:

- be active - and when I say active, I mean active – from the beginning, post every day, maybe even several times a day, like other people’s posts regarding studying, write nice comments if you really like a post. After that, it’s okay to post every two or three days, sometimes even less, but you should sort of give people the reason to follow you from the start if you know what I mean? :D One warning though, don’t go down the “follow for follow” path and don’t beg people to promote you in their stories. That’s not nice, people don’t like it when you ask them for it. Also don’t like people’s posts just because you hope they’ll like yours back - be genuine!

- try to keep your feed coherent - use similar background color, the same filter or whatever – I personally adore it when people have nice looking feeds, and I believe others do too :’) try to be creative with yours so that people recognize your posts!

- stick to a theme - since you’re planning to make a studygram, your posts should be mainly about studying, planning, whatever. It’s okay if you throw a photo of something else here and there, but decide what your overall theme will be and stick to it (mine is for example journals, mainly my bullet journal, but I sometimes post my notes, movie journal, and desk space :))

- use hashtags - so that new people are able to find your posts! Try to tag your posts appropriately, if you post a pic of your notes, don’t tag it as #makeup, even though it’s a popular tag (it is, right? what do kids even do on instagram these days?! I feel old omg :’D)

- be nice to others, find friends - don’t be afraid to DM people :) answer their stories, compliment them, get involved in the community!

Well, that’s about all I have :) good luck with your studygram, hope this helped you at least a bit!

Calling All Crobby Shippers

Psst, you! No, not you, the other one! My girlfriend and I are attempting to find fellow Crobby shippers, so reblog this if you ship it!

It’s our OTP and we want people to hook us up with good shit. We’ll hook you up as well! Who’s in?!

Blind Date Masterlist

Alright folks, here we go!!! Thank you everyone for taking part in this! I´m very excited that so many people want to be a part of this and meet new people! Now, I´ve tried matching everyone up to their wishes, but if I got something wrong please don´t come banging down my door. There´s A LOT of people and while I put everyone down on a list I might have mixed something up, BUT  you can still have a nice thread, I mean…when does the person you talk to online actually turns out to look like the picture they sent? ( When it comes to dates anyways ) and besides: I´ve found that those threads usually turn out to be the best and even if they don´t end up dating you might find a friend for life ( and so will your character ) or it´ll be a story to tell that goes down as the worst date in history! ;)

Anyways, you´re welcome to slide into your partners IMs and set up a thread or maybe you´ll decide to simply put out a starter for them and see where it heads.

If you guys want you can tag your threads with #blind date shuffle so other people, who want to, can check and see how everything is going and maybe even find MORE people to write with or bond over horrible dates!

If, for whatever reason, you´re not on this list but have reblogged the post,  ( unless it was reblogged after I made the post about it closing ) please feel free to come into my IMs and let me know and I`ll find you a partner! ( I put people´s urls on the list so if somebody changed their url in the meantime etc  you´re welcome to let me know as well and I´ll see what I can do! )

Other than that: HAVE FUN!!! <3

PS: Tumblr won´t let me tag all of you so just check this post for you name! But I made sure at least ONE of you is tagged, so you should be able to find each other!!

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don’t let this destroy you|| old man logan

Originally posted by sirsusblack

Okay, so I’m about 70% better and I’m doing everything in my power to get out as many of these today as possible. I really hope you’re all still enjoying them, because I for one happen to love writing for Old Man Logan. 

** Masterlist: If you are ever in my masterlist and can’t find a fic I wrote, it’s probably because I took it off of there. I normally tag all of my fanfics under #Kayla Grace writes imagines so all of them should be under that tag!

This one was third place in my poll the other day, so here it is! I hope you all enjoy! Probably mostly angst.. Also Platonic. No romance here.


y/p – your powers

Requested by Anon: Logan and Laura find the reader and find out she’s just like them and on the run as well, so they agree to take her in. One night Logan and the reader are talking about their past and the reader becomes emotional and says.. “If I was a success, then why do I feel like such a failure?”

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Well, then, here’s chapter ten:

Not Entirely Clueless

Sherlock Holmes, handsome, clever, and rich, with a comfortable home and a gay disposition, seemed to unite some of the best blessings of existence; yet he had lived nearly twenty-one years in the world with very little to interest or intrigue him. And then the murders began.

Chapter Ten

“I do so wonder, Mr. Holmes, that you should not be married, or going to be married! So charming as you are!”

Sherlock laughed, and replied, “My being charming, Molly, is not quite enough to induce me to marry; I must find other people charming — one other person at least. And I am not only not going to be married, at present, but have very little intention of ever marrying at all.”

“Ah! So you say; but I cannot believe it.”

Tags under the cut - please let me know if you’d like me to tag or untag you

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anonymous asked:

do you have any tips for starting a giveaway blog? I kinda wanna start one but I'm quite hesitant

Okay! I do have a few tips.

In general:

  • Realize that it’s actually hard work - I spend hours breeding, editing and cloning, making graphics, and running the actual giveaways
  • Most people are super appreciative but you will have to develop a somewhat thick skin because some people can act pretty entitled 
  • It’s a fairly big commitment to hold giveaways when you say you will, but once you build a follower base, they will come. Promise. ;)

Before you start:

  • Decide if you want a theme for your blog! It’s not necessary but kind of fun.
  • What will your rules be? Outline them clearly in an FAQ. Look at other giveaway blogs’ FAQs for inspiration. A bunch of us have been around the block a time or two.
  • Pick a deposit pokemon that’s obtained early on the game and not super common, so you’re not constantly drowned by other giveaways.
  • Decide what kind of pokemon you’re going to give away. Do you want them to be battle ready? IV and EV trained? Might want to check Smogon or Serebii for guidance.
  • Play around with your editing software (PHex or Powersaves) before doing a giveaway. Make sure your edits are kosher – for example, if your EVs add up to more than 510, or you give your pokemon an illegal move, ball, or ability, it won’t trade.
  • Will you just do GTS giveaways? Box giveaways? Leftover giveaways? Other special giveaways? That’s up to you!

Before GTS giveaways:

  • Before cloning, I always wondertrade my pokemon to make sure they’re tradable. The last thing you need is to get a “there’s something wrong with this pokemon” error once a giveaway starts.
  • Your giveaway posts should be bright and colorful, and graphics should be something your followers will associate with you. Consider it your brand.
  • Make a post telling your followers how many deposit pokemon they need and what to name them.
  • Tag other giveaway blogs in your posts in order to get boosts.
  • Tag posts with relevant tags so people can find you! I use “shiny pokemon” and “shiny pokemon giveaways”. Some people use “reverse GTS”, “GTS giveaways” etc. I also use a tag for my giveaway posts - “maydaygiveaway”
  • If you need help, come find us! We’re always happy to answer questions (like this one).

GTS Giveaways!:

  • I trade with two DSes in order to go faster but not everyone can do that – it really does help trade speed, though
  • I often will check the “filter by pokemon I have” option in order to better see deposits meant for me
  • I’ll trade for about 2 hours depending on how many pokemon I’m giving away. Usually with legendary giveaways I’ll stretch that to 3. Decide how long you want to trade for.
  • I’ll answer the most pertinent asks during giveaways but usually save most of them until after, so I’m not wasting time.
  • I save at least some of my leftovers to do leftover giveaways, but that’s not necessary. You can just clone over them if you want room in your boxes.

That’s really all I have for now… if anyone wants to piggyback onto this with they’re own tips and tricks, go for it!

PJO Follow Train

I’ve seen this done in a lot of other fandoms and thought we should definitely have this for the PJO fandom as well! It’s a great way to find more blogs and celebrate our fandom. 

Rules (inspired by @gxnnyweasley‘s version: please try and actually follow the rules so this works out!):

  • reblog this if you post over 50% PJO (or any other rick riordan stuff like HoO) (you might wanna say what other fandoms you post in your tags if you post them a lot)
  • it would be cool if you followed me
  • follow at least 3 of the other people who reblogged this (more if you can - we all have pjo blogs so no harm done to your dashboard)
  • watch your follower count grow :)