should i tag this shota

i drew shota makoto and shota haru so it’s about time i drew shota makoharu

Don’t Look at Me, I’m Literally Trash, a memoir by tumblr user shotas

I completely forgot to introduce those two. German ghost twins, Audrik and Dedrik. They live in Tomoe’s house, they’re good kids who like to go around and do crazy things and haunt people, they’re clumsy, but with good hearts.

A bit on their story:

They died about a century ago. His parents were expecting to have only one kid, but they ended up with twins. Twins with bad temper, even. Stubborn little pricks. So one day they decided to take a trip really really far away, and they went to hawaii, and everything was nice until an ‘accident’ happened to both boys and took both of them away. What really happened? They drugged their kids, put them on a bag and threw them in the ocean. 100 years after the incident (that is, 100 years of haunting the oceans, trying to find their way home), the spirits found their way to Tomoe, who sheltered them. A really sad story with a somewhat happy ending. Tomoe took them in and treats both boys with lots of love. They live a happy life in Hawaii, they have a home with people that care about them and have lots of friends, but they’re not quite fond of the neighbor’s cat…

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