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the rythna mix I said I’d post like five months ago


Get Away With Murder - Jeffree Star | Black Sun - Death Cab for Cutie | Hurricane - MS MR | Hanging in a Void - Barcelona | The Beast - Imogen Heap | Hatefuck - The Bravery | Animals  - Maroon 5 | Irresistible - Fall Out Boy | Nature of Inviting - IAMX | Haven’t Had Enough - Marianas Trench | I Am Not the One - I Will Never Be The Same | Fall Apart - Every Avenue | Shots - Imagine Dragons | Youth - Daughter | I Think I Broke Something - Behn Zeitlin, Dan Romer

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Relationship status: Single and i dont see that changing any time soon

Lipstick or Chapstick: Neither, i should buy some chapstick tho. Have had dry lips recently

Last Song I Listened To:

Last Movie I Watched: Tokyo Godfathers, back during xmass. I dont watch movies often

Top 3 Characters: In no order, Nox (wakfu), Kamen Rider Skull, Tonio Trussardi (the chef from jojo part 4)

Top Three Ships: I dont do shipping

I tag: 9 people is a lot, like 3 times as many people i know uhhhhhhhhh @tangobunny @crabs-in-a-trench-coat @ahfairehnuff @veidolon @gro-ggy

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nicknames: so my nickname from my friends is Mari but with my family theres alot XD i have Merman, Muchi, Miiyam

gender: all lady all the time

star sign: virgo!

height: im a little more than 5′2″ like im 5′2.5″ and i think thats like 158 cm

time rn: 10:07 am! (i should be in school but im dying of pain)

last thing i googled: jimin’s ass XD (it was for an ask i swear)

favorite bands: BTS, Set it Off, All Time Low, Marianas Trench, Fallout Boy

fave soloists: P!ATD (technically its only brendan urie so he counts) and Nathan Sharp

song stuck in my head: BACK BACK TO THE BASIC MICROPHONE CHECK CALL ME BAPSAE FAWRHHESSTJRHS (cypher pt 4 if u couldnt tell)

last movie i watched: Finding Dory

last show i watched: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmit 

when did you create ur blog: IN 8TH GRADE! so that was…4 years ago? but i forgot about it for like a year and then i came back

what do you post: BTS, cute pink stuff, myself venting, some bts stories

when did your blog reach its peak?: yesterday XD

do you have other blogs: i have a side blog for all the shit that doesnt “fit” with my main theme so like memes, bands, youtubers, video games, all that fun stuff @thesketchysoul :>

do you get asks regularly: haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ur funny

why did you choose your url: well before it was pastelhijab and i think ppl were like ??? so i picked jiminiefloof cuz floof is my favorite word variation and i love jimin

following: 1543

posts: 21,139

hogwarts house: HUFFLEPUFF BABY

pokemon team: mystic

fave colors: i like pastel pink and then like reeeeeeeeeeally dark purple

avg hours of sleep: everyone i have ever told is so surprised at how much sleep i get. So i sleep at around 10:30-11pm and i wake up at like 7:30 on school days (weekends im all over the place) so i get like 9+ hours of sleep, which is good idk why everyone is like WHAT???? YOU SLEEP SO EARLY

lucky numbers: i like the number 4 cuz it looks like a little flag :>

fave characters: okiii so Near and L from Death Note, Nevil Longbottom, MY OC’S CUZ THEY CUTE AF JORDAN X MARCIE AND RYUU X RIN (lol sorry), i like touma from ao haru ride, sawako from kimi ni todoke, aaaaaaaand i cant think of any others…WAIT TOPH AND SOKKA FROM AVATAR THE LAST AIRBENDER

what am i wearing now?: a purple tinkerbell tshit and gray pajamas with a purple hello kitty emblem.

how many blankets do u sleep w: 1 and always 1

dream job: graphic designer :>


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@vmiiin @hashtagotaku14 @ohsnapitzmoony @jiminsgoddess @crownoftae @hoseok1e @peachesncreamkookies @jhoperfect@jami-chan ….i cant think of anyone else i need help