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  • Joker: The stars are beautiful tonight
  • Harley: Yeah
  • Joker: You know what else is beautiful?
  • Harley: ...What?
  • Joker: *points at the sky* The batsignal

Quickies before I go study!! It’s been a while since I drew anything so this was really fun! 

Small info under the cut :3c

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queer aesthetics: harley and ivy


Hello folks, and welcome to the blog for HarleyIvy week 2017!

If you don’t care about any reasoning behind anything, the tl;dr is: this year’s dates are August 20th to August 26th. I’ll post days in a little bit, just as soon as I come up with them and finish this fanfic I’ve been working on for almost a year now. That’s all. You can skip to the end of this post now.

All good?


Now, some of you might be wondering “What? I thought that blog was gone?”

Ok, maybe not. Maybe you didn’t search for it for months and months trying to figure out where all those wonderfully gay posts had gone. But I did, and it gave me an idea.

What if, even though I am still working on fanfiction for last year’s HarleyIvy week, I started this again?

And I thought about it, and I reblogged more HarleyIvy, and then reblogged some more, and then wrote some more (I’m still working on last year’s prompt for bad girls gone good; I decided to go with a sort of DC bombshells twist), and then I decided, you know what? I’m gonna start this blog. Because I can, and because I want to, and because it’s what the world needs in these dark and desolate times.

So! Because everyone from the age of 5 to at least 18, and sometimes 25 or older is in school during September, I decided to change the dates a little. You can look above, but if you have terrible short term memory, I’ll remind you again. HarleyIvy week 2017 is from August 20th to 26th.  If you want to debate with me as to why that’s the worst week possible (I know it’s not great for teachers, but for other people who attend school it’s ok? People who always work, I can’t help you.) send me a message or ask or tag me in a really long rant. I’m not against reconsidering, I start school this year on September 25th (starting college, woohoo!) and I’ll have time.

The themes of the days aren’t yet finalized! If you have any ideas, respond to this post, send me an ask, or message me. I’ll go over rules and guidelines once we get closer to the date, and once I have more time. Those bullet journal spreads don’t make themselves, you know!

For now though, that should be everything. Jay, out!

(I’m gonna tag some folks real quick, mainly people who ship HarleyIvy, who might be interested or might want to help promo. I’ll do it under the read more, so this post stops taking up so much precious dash space! Hope you folks don’t mind, and if you do, feel free to ignore this.)

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"Being Raised By The Gotham City Sirens Would Include..."

Being Raised By The Gotham City Sirens:

  • Selina and Ivy are the responsible ones, while Harley has no idea how to raise a kid (well to be fair, none of them do, but they’re all trying their best)
  • Selina teaches you how to survive and adapt in tough situations, and to use what’s around you. 
  • Ivy teaches you to how to get people to do what you want. She also shows you around her lab and all her botany stuff, but Selina keeps a watchful eye. She doesn’t want anything weird happening to you.
  • Harley just treats you like her best friend. Always wants to take you out into town to do something fun and dangerous. You learn your own lessons from Harley, since she doesn’t teach you anything explicitly. 
  • They probably don’t try to raise you to be a “villain”. They just teach you what they know and let you develop into your own individual personality.
  • All are fiercely protective of you.
  • Sometimes they fight over who gets to spend time with you. Usually ends up with Selina and Ivy arguing while Harley quietly sneaks you out the back.
  • Sometimes they let you tag along when they’re doing stuff in town. They’ll usually ask for your input as to how the night should go.
  • “I think we should rob a bank.” “Well, *loading gun*, I think that’s a great idea from y/n. Whattya say, Red? Selina?” 
  • You get weird stares from people when you go out in public, but you don’t care. You love your dysfunctional family, and they all love you.


Honestly I feel like a Gotham high school teachers AU would be great?? Like Jim and Harvey would be PE teachers, Valcone would be the headteacher with Fish as his deputy. Ozwald would be an Eng Lit teacher with Ivy as his TA. Ed would be a creepy biology teacher who then became a drama teacher after a breakup with Oz early midlife crisis. Lucius would be the replacement biology teacher, and Lee would be a chemistry teacher. And although all the teachers deny it, literally all the students know about Oz and Ed. Oz sort of blames his TA, but Ed is almost 100% certain it was Barbara (although I’m not sure what she’d teach? But she’d gossip with her students and then make them promise that they wouldn’t say anything, knowing full well they would.)

Jim would form a close bond with Bruce Wayne by helping him learn how to box and stuff after his parents died, and he and Harvey would turn a blind eye if they saw him in the gym when he should have been in class.

And then there’s Jerome who is That One Kid™. You know the one? Always joking and disrupting class and getting sent out/to the head. He’s in detention after school basically everyday?? Also people kind of think that he might have killed someone because he’s pretty creepy when you’re one one with him?

A Rainy Night (Part 3)

Title: A Rainy Night

 Summary: It’s a rainy night.  You think everything is going wrong…but then suddenly, everything is going right as a friendly mechanic named Dean comes to your rescue. Mechanic!Dean AU.

 Warnings: Mild Language

 Masterlist of Fanfiction

 A Rainy Night Master Post

Originally posted by im-bigbrother-dean

Part 3

 Last night was perfect, there was no other way of thinking about it.  Your first date with Dean truly could not have gone better. It had been so long since you had just clicked with someone, as corny as it sounds.  Every time you thought about it, you couldn’t help the smile on your face at thinking of some joke or pun he made, the way he held your hand while you talked, it was the little things that made your night so fantastic.  

You let out an exhausted yawn as you stretched.  You didn’t want to get out of bed.  Instead, you wanted to just curl around your pillow and remember the night before. But you had adulating to do and bills to pay so you finally pulled yourself up and got ready for the day.  

Your phone had some text messages waiting from your friend Meg.  After the date, you had texted her and she was trying to convince you to call Dean and set up a second date, immediately.  But you didn’t want to see too excited, that was a bad thing right? Wow, it has been so long since you had dated that it was hard to remember the rules.  

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Like I hate Joker just as much as the next person but that doesn’t mean I think he should be terribly written, flat, and static. Half the reason I hate him is that no writer can be assed to write him even somewhat decently.

If we’re going to demand better writing quality and characterization for Crane, Croc, Ivy, Tetch, Cobblepot, or any other Rogue, we need to do the same with Joker. He is the most recognizable Batman villain, if he’s poorly written, it reflects poorly on the comics.

Demand better writing from all the Rogues, not just the ones you like.

Love Yourself // Tom Holland (Part 3)

Pairings: Tom Holland +Reader (Y/N)

Description: Reader is slowly finding comfort in being away from Jeff and enjoying her company with the cute Barista from Starbucks.

Warnings: Strong language (curse words). TWO MORE PARTS! Let me know if ya wanna be tagged in future postings :)

“Hi, can I have a Venti coffee?”

“Sure, do you want that just plain-?” I smiled at Tom as he looked up and it registered that it was my ordering again. “Hey, you didn’t call it a large this time.”

“Yeah, I was practicing all the way down here. How’d I do?”

He laughed before nodding, “You did good.” It’s been three weeks since I had seen Tom in the coffee shop, and I’ve come back about four more times just to see him. I don’t think he noticed me, considering I never went up to talk to him. I was still getting past what Jeff had done and couldn’t find the courage. Well, until now. He went to grab a cup but stopped when I held my hand up, signaling for him to put it down. “What’s wrong? Did you want a different size?”

I shook my head. “No, I don’t actually want coffee. I just wanted an excuse to talk to you.” His face turned a pale shade of pink before looking down and smiling at his hands. “I was across the street and didn’t even realize I was this close to you. I was actually going to pick up my phone and use that number you gave me. I decided I’d much rather prefer to see you instead.”

“I was wondering when you were going to call. I’m glad you came over instead, though. I’d prefer seeing you, too. You’re lovely to look at.” It was my turn to look down and smile at the ground, hearing him laugh a little. “If you want to wait for me, I’m off after I serve this costumer patiently waiting behind you.” I turned around, forgetting that he had costumer’s to serve and rushed out a string of apologies to which the man behind me waved off. “Sorry for making you wait, Sir. What could I get for you?”

Tom shot me a wink before turning his attention back to the costumer he was catering to.

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Imagine moving to Beacon Hills because you hear it’s a sanctuary for both humans and supernaturals. You’re hoping to get a bit of a reprieve from your past, only to end up genuinely surprised when you instantly click with the town’s very own Deputy Parrish.

Originally posted by theosraeken

Jordan X Reader

Something about being in Beacon Hills eases the worry deep in your bones. You’ve heard stories of the McCall pack whose been outed as something other than human to the townsfolk and watch in awe as the locals just go on with their lives as if nothing were out of the ordinary. No one comes right out to mention the elephant in the room, so for you it’s hard to pinpoint just who’s human and who’s not.

But figuring out who’s who is besides the point and you just hope that should your past come back to haunt you, then someone here would be willing to give you a hand with the unwanted intruders to your life.

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Put your opinions in the tags (Bare edition)

Matt Doyle, Payson Lewis or Michael Arden?

Should Matt have been cast as Romeo?

Nadia or Ivy?

Opinions on Bare the Musical?

Which character do you empathize with the most?

Who is the show’s true antagonist?

Quiet Night at Home or All Grown Up?

Father (the priest) or Claire?

Favorite ensemble character?

What would have happened Jason had gone to Chantelle and Peter had gone to Father?

Is Megan Lloyd Matt’s sister?

You and I or Bare?

Is Matt forgivable?

Do you cry hardest during Absolution or during No Voice?


I was tagged by afvan | The characters I most identify with

Poison Ivy - Batman & Robin | Fiona - A Cinderella Story | The Red Queen - Alice in Wonderland | Madison Lee - Charlies Angels Full Throttle | Cruella Deville - 101 Dalmations | Debbie - The Addams Family Values | Harley Quinn - Suicide Squad | Elle Driver - Kill Bill | Meredith Blake - The Parent Trap

Ivy represents healing, fidelity, and strong affectionate attachment, such as wedded love and friendship.  

Jaehee + Ivy :D

the calm before the storm | prologue 1

title: travis: 3:56 am, Saturday

summary: what should you worry more about: why the lake is so still or what will cause the ripples of chance? Zombie AU. Travlyn. Lucidenza. Vylance.

a/n: This is the prequels to the MCD/Mystreet Zombie AU I’m finally writing. This is just story and character set up, as well as asserting what would the main couples to the upcoming main series. You don’t have to read this to get into the main story but it would be nice if you read and reblogged.

warning(s): mild violence, zombies, pining, character building

prologue: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |

main series: —-

Check it out on AO3

The funny thing: the end of the world didn’t happen all at once.

No, in actuality, he—like everybody else—watched as the world they knew slowly but surely get devoured by the End. Denial and delayed panic was what killed society, he remembered Laurance would say; how so many of them didn’t want to see, so they all played and clung to the words of those in higher power would sort this out.

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Sometimes The Cold Is The Warmest Thing Of All - [Archive of Our Own]
By Organization for Transformative Works

Summary: Oswald struggles with accepting his attraction to Victor, he has been intrigued by him since the moment they first met, but what could ever come of it? Victor was practically made of ice and Oswald has been burned before.

Relationship: Victor Fries/Oswald Cobblepot

Characters: Oswald Cobblepot, Victor Fries, Ivy Pepper (Gotham)

Additional Tags: Small Mentions Of Ed, Bridgit, and Selina, Oswald And Ivy Banter A LOT, But Ivy Is Only Trying To Help, Smut, Temperature Play, (in a way), Porn With Plot, Because I Can’t Write PWP, Someone Should Really Tell Oswald How To Properly Eat A Popsicle

It may have taken a few extra days but I am jumping on this bandwagon! Thank you to @mrgoldsdearie for reading over my smut and deeming it somewhat acceptable (although I hate it) and an additional thank you to @languageofbirds who came up with the idea of a tea or something of some sort to regulate Victor’s temperature. Thankfully Ivy was around to help create a solution.

Here you go @mymycorrhizae this is for you as promised!

A Response

Wow, it is incredible how much hate this blog has already gotten, after only being active for a few days. Some of the complaints and criticism I got was warranted, but I feel like a lot of people are just lashing out at me for attacking their ship. That is perfectly fine and ok for them to do, this is the internet. However, I feel like I have not explained the purpose of this account properly.

I made it after joking with my friends about the fact that there are so many anti-nygmobblepot blogs, but there are none against zsaszlepot. We thought this was funny because, from where we stand, nygmobblepot had and still does have the potential to be a more meaningful and less toxic relationship than zsaszlepot. Yes, clearly, there is a lot of anger and sorrow and mistrust between Oswald and Edward, but I am confident that they will work it out, thanks to all the hints we’ve been getting from the cast and crew, and this will better their relationship/character arcs. Zsaszlepot could, however, disrupt that entirely. Again, that is just my opinion, and this blog is not focused on nygmobblepot, so if your issue with me is my promotion of that ship here, I’ll try to be more fair and less biased.

Another argument that I have received is that I shouldn’t be hating on zsaszlepot and should just keep my opinions to myself. This is a ridiculous point, because this is the internet, where at least one group of people absolutely detest the thing you love the most. I will, however, stop tagging my posts with zsaszlepot, as that is unfair.

The last thing I’d like to bring up is my reasons for hating zsaszlepot. I went into it a little while replying to some criticism, but I’ll fully explain myself here.

As we’ve seen in S4 E1, Oswald is still not over Ed, after three months of him being frozen. He reveals to the audience (and Ivy), that although he portrays himself to be completely over Ed and in control of his emotions, inside he is still hurting, so he appears, in his own words, “frozen”. If he were to enter a relationship with Victor at this point, one of three things could happen.

1. He could start dating him after Ed is unfrozen, which would almost definetly just be to show Ed that he’s moved on. Even if he did actually have feelings for Victor, unconsciously, that would be the main reason.

2. He could start dating him before Ed is unfrozen, and then when he realises that Ed is back, he will experience immense strain with pretending to be “frozen”, as old feelings will surely come to the surface.

3. He could date Victor before OR after Ed is unfrozen and somehow be illogically fine with this, staying happy and carefree.

Scenario 3 is psychologically impossible, and options 1 and 2 both significantly worsen Oswald’s emotional and mental state. THIS is why I hate Zsaszlepot. The people who ship it completely ignore the fact that Oswald Cobblepot is not emotionally ready to date yet, and will not be until he gets over, (or under :)), Edward Nygma. Yes, maybe some people just like the concept, and don’t really want or expect it to be canon. But I’ve just seen so many people jumping on this bandwagon, and so many people ignoring how damaging this could be for Oswald.

One person compared this ship to Drarry, (Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy), saying that they aren’t canon either but that they ship them. Guess what? I do too! I’m not a massive fan but I love the idea! The reason that so many people ship Drarry is because there is no lgbtq+ representation in HP, and because the idea of these two broken characters helping each other to heal after the war is so satisfying. But, however, in Gotham, we do have lgbtq+ representation. Yes, there could be more, but it’s there! With zsaszlepot, though, I feel like people are just taking the most obviously gay character and shipping him with the most interesting/dangerous/mysterious character. Let me get one thing straight: I love Victor Zsasz. His character is easily one of the funniest yet most intimidating, and he deserves more screen time. But, I don’t think he should date Oswald. I just don’t.

Thank you for reading this.

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I can't rly talk to you about dc because I've only read like 4 issues of Harley Quinn buuuut idk maybe I could ask for recommendations? >_>

my time has come

okay so if you’ve read harley already then you should check out THIS REC LIST which is harley/ivy and i love it its great god bless

(also @mlmtimdrake is the best he has a whole comic guide tag so check it out ily marco)

in terms of dc rebirth, the comics that have been super good so far imo have been: 

  • batman (2016)
  • batwoman (2017)
  • super sons <<its honestly so cute omg i love damian and jon so much
  • superman (2016)
  • action comics (2016)
  • trinity (2016)
  • blue beetle (2016)
  • detective comics (2016)
  • mother panic
  • the flash (2016) (+ im waiting for my fave to come back)
  • wonder woman (2016)
  • gotham academy: second semester (also gotham academy they’re both just so good i love maps!!!)
  • red hood and the outlaws (2016)
  • titans (2016)
  • dark nights (the summer event) is actually surprisingly good?

(i didn’t link anything but use this site its the best)

also just as a ~note~ lol comics are so fucking confusing you just gotta… pick a comic and run with it and use the dc wiki to make sense of anything they reference bc comics are messy and nothing makes sense

also i focus a lot on my three main kids tim bart and conner because they’re the first people i read about when i got into dc and i love them so much so uh you should definitely read young justice (1999) because tim’s generation is my favorite generation they’re all so great

for tim i rec reading the robin (1993) series bc it really establishes him as a character; for bart you should read impulse (1995) which is, quite honestly, one of my favorite comic runs ever; for kon the superboy (1994) series is great and develops kons entire character but uhhh its also kinda not great for reasons (as in, a 21 year old dating a 16 year old and a 30-ish year old manipulating a 16 year old boy romantically and sexually which is gross)

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Is ivy/drizella and tilly/alice ever going to have any scenes together? and what would there ship name even be?

I sure hope so and I have hopes that at some point there will be some interaction even if it’s not a ship that actually becomes canon (which I still have a bit of hope for).

As for ship names… that’s hard with those names. Let’s see… Alizella, Ivilly, Tilfrey? Those are terrible lol I think the safest bet is to wait a bit to have something that categorizes them as characters first so we can have the typical OUAT ship name like Swan Queen, Captain Swan, Outlaw Queen, etc.

Does anyone have a ship name for them? We should probably have a tag… tagging Alice/Drizella and Ivy/Tilly will only work for so long lol