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“…whoa, Keiji, I don’t think I’ve seen you this mad since Kuroo teased you about the Valentine’s telegram I sent you!”

  • Draco Malfoy: Scorpius Malfoy, I named you after a star sign because of an awesome tumblr meme I saw once but honestly it doesn't even matter because I could've named you Catshits McGee and it still would've been a better name than what Potter tagged his kid with. Go have fun at school, write your mother, and get it a study group with the Weasley girl, trust me.

Me: I should go to bed early so I can be a productive member of society.

Also me: *scrolling through fan fiction at 3 in the morning*

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I actually colored most of this months ago but I didn’t finish it until tonight for some reason? 

Anyways, this awesome genderbent marauder comic is by @burdge! Her art is so great, I love her style so much! If you aren’t following her you totally should!

Art c) @burdge

Original comic

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I meant to have this up yesterday, but then Circumstances coughcarriedawaycough got the better of me. :)

This fill is entirely based off @capricornkeith’s headcanons regarding Hogwarts houses for the Paladins, which Boss and I both vehemently agree with. In fact we got so carried away talking about them that, uh, this was the entire reason for my opening up AU prompts in the first place. :) This is the longest fill I’ve done yet. Happy birthday!!

(in celebration of 100+ followers I’m answering AU fills! This one also doubles as Boss’s birthday gift, because she is amazing and I’m so glad we’re friends. As such it’s probably way too long for tumblr, so I’ll cross-post to A03 in a couple days. <3 ENJOY)

00. These are the things that Shiro has.

His cherry wand, a perfect 10 3/4”. The dragon heartstring core is entirely responsible for Shiro’s three-year-obsession with dragons, which waned somewhat after starting lessons in Care of Magical Creatures in his Third Year. Though he no longer wants to be a Dragon Trainer, he still holds a strong admiration for the majestic creatures. Hopefully one day he’ll even see one outside of the pages of his textbook.

Shiro has two Broomsticks: the unaltered Comet 290 that he plays in school Quidditch matches, and the Cleansweep Seven he definitely hasn’t charmed to go faster, not at all. Shiro has his eyes on one of the new Nimbus models, but he can’t quite afford it. Maybe someday.

A full set of Hufflepuff ties, the yellow and black stripes bold and honest. Shiro’s proud of his House. He belongs there. He’s never felt otherwise. He isn’t a Gryffindor like Allura; Shiro’s brave, absolutely, but his level of bravery’s nothing compared to Allura’s take-no-prisoners, ask-permission-later method of dealing with adventures. Shiro certainly isn’t a Ravenclaw either, though that House suits Matt to a tee; Shiro’s intelligent and hard-working, yes, but his hard work can’t hold a candle to Matt’s voracious thirst for knowledge. The Sorting Hat said Hufflepuff; Shiro’s never found a reason to argue. He’ll do what needs to be done and he’ll fit in where he is, and gladly. He always has. The Hufflepuffs are his people.

He has his Prefect’s badge, now retired in favor of the Head Boy badge, delivered to him in a school envelope addressed in the orange ink everyone associates with Deputy Headmaster Coran. Shiro’s mom cried with pride when Shiro explained what it meant.

Two fantastic parents, supportive despite that their son isn’t going to an engineering school, isn’t going to be a doctor or a lawyer but something completely different. The Shirogane family’s adapted well to the surprise of magic in their household. Shiro’s well aware he’s lucky.

Shiro’s lucky also that the Shirogane family’s become such good friends with the pureblooded Holts. Samuel Holt gave Shiro his coming-of-age watch, a beautiful creation with self-winding hands and the moons and the planets and everything. (“You’ve got your own parents, of course,” Sam said, when he presented it to Shiro at the party, “but a wizard man needs a proper watch of his own, in our world. It’s tradition.”)

A fantastic and fabulous group of friends, scattered across multiple years and Houses. Allura and Matt are key, of course. Shiro’d met them both on the train that infamous September First, six years ago. Their friendship has stuck and carried true, despite that none of them are in the same House. Shiro doesn’t mind. His friends are perfect where they are.

Shiro has one consistently visible scar, stretched thin but stark across the bridge of his nose. It’s from a time before he and his parents really knew about magic. They know now. They’d been lucky.

Shiro has two flesh-and-blood, perfect, natural hands. He’s ambidextrous, which caused a bit of a challenge in Ollivander’s shop six years ago. He prefers to use his right hand, but he’ll switch it up on occasion. The Hogwarts Dueling Club will never forget that surprise. He’s not entirely sure Allura’s forgiven him yet.

Yes, Shiro is a child of two worlds, a Muggleborn pulled into something wonderful and truly magical.

The long and short of it is, too: the Shiro we know in this universe has the scar across his nose, but he hasn’t lost his right arm.


01. Summer

Keith goes home with Shiro for the summer holidays.

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967. Parvati Patil took over as Divinations teacher once Professor Trelawny retired. Parvati took a more practical approach to the subject matter than her predecessor. Her sister, Padma, eventually became the Transfiguration teacher and Head of Ravenclaw house. Both girls married gentlemen from Beauxbatons, though only Padma had children, whom she sent to school in France. When asked why, Parvati said she only saw a future with kids if Lavender was around. She never stopped mourning her best friend.

“Or perhaps in Slytherin,
You’ll make your real friends,
Those cunning folk use any means,
To achieve their ends.”
Slytherin House

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i actually hate how jk rowling says that fan shouldn’t like draco. like, i really really hate it. like, draco is a compelling and interesting character and has so much depth to him, depth that rowling never dug into. and i hate how she pretends it’s not there and that draco is just so unlikable when actually he’s a lot more likable than some other characters that she likes more

Clexa Week 2017

I’m happy so many people already are interested! :) I’m really excited for Clexa Week! I’m going to tag everything regarding it Clexaweek and CLW17.

So, we can either do 5 days starting from Monday, February 27th and ending on Friday, March 3rd, or 7 days adding the weekend. ALSO: we could START on the 3rd and finish the next week on the 9th if you’d rather have extra time to write/draw.

We need 1 theme (prompt) for each day. I think one of the days (probably the very last) should be a free-for-all.

Theme examples: a Fix-It day, a Roommates day, a Fake Dating day, a Childhood Day, a Forbidden Relationship day, a Harry Potter AU day, etc etc- suggest a theme you’d like and I’ll compile the majority and create a poll where we can all vote on the final themes we will definitely use for Clexa Week 2017! (Any suggestions for an online poll-maker? :)

We have 25 days until march 3rd! 600 hours to create some fantastic Clexa content :D please spread the word!

*EDIT* After discussion with @clexabrasil, we’re going to make just one tag to use since that’s easier. The official tag is #ClexaWeek2017 :)
Clouds •Part 2• (Sirius Black x Reader)

Sirius attempted to stifle a yawn as he sat in the Great Hall, his friends chatting away beside him. He noticed Remus carefully examining him, his eyes dancing across his face.

“Where were you last night?” Remus asked quietly when the others weren’t paying attention.

“What do you mean?” Sirius asked, playing stupid. He had been so careful when he slipped out of bed and crept down to the common room. He didn’t think anyone had seen him, but it appeared that he was wrong.

“You were gone all night,” Remus said with a confused face. “I heard you leave and you came back when the sun was coming up, Sirius.“

“It’s nothing, Moony,” Sirius whispered as he realized the people around him had gone quiet. Peter was quietly playing with his food, pretending as if he wasn’t there. James, on the other hand, looked as if he was about to burst. His face was red and he chewed anxiously on his bottom lip, his eyes filled with a mischievous gleam.

“Y/L/N!” James shouted out, looking down the table so he could see your face. You had been facing away, whipping around almost instantly when you heard him shout for you.

“What now, Potter?” You called back, annoyance laced through your voice. Sirius lowered his head, embarrassed that his friend was trying to talk to the girl he loved.

“Care to join my dear friends and I by the lake today?”

“I-I… what?” You stammered out, taken back by his question. Sure, you were friends with the boys, but you had never spent time with them on a day you didn’t have classes. The one you had spent the most time with was Sirius, and he refused to look at you.

“Come to the lake with us, Y/L/N! Unless, of course, you’d rather be alone with a certain one of us,” James sang out in a taunting voice. He sent you a wink as Remus shoved him.

“Ignore him, Y/N,” Remus told you with an exasperated face.

“I’m not wrong!” James piped up again with a cocky grin. “She and Padfoot were pretty busy last night in the-”

He cut himself off as you stormed away from the table, face red as you sprinted out of the room. Sirius shot his friend a furious glare before chasing after you. His mind raced nervously and he couldn’t decide on what to say once he found you.

“Y/N,” Sirius breathed out as he ran up to your body that was looking out the window of an empty corridor.

“Why is he like that, Sirius?” You asked, looking at him with sad eyes. You looked annoyed and hurt, but you weren’t crying.

“He likes to think he’s the funny one of our little group,” Sirius said softly as he stood beside you. He looked out the window, watching as the trees swayed in the breeze and raindrops streamed down the glass.

“I think you’re the funny one,” you admitted under your breath. Sirius felt his heart skip a beat at your words, his eyes finding yours. “I mean, I think you’re the best one out of you lot.”


“I’d never lie to you, Sirius, especially after last night.”

Sirius felt his cheeks flush at your words, a warm smile forming on his face. You had stayed in the common room with him all night, simply talking instead of doing your work.

There had been one point when the fire was dying down, the room cooling down significantly, when you had ended up curled into his side. His hands ran softly through your hair, your face buried in his chest as you sat on the couch. He had suggested going to your rooms, but you had protested, insisting that you wanted to spend more time with him.

“Y/N,” Sirius began quietly as students began to file into the corridor. You took his hand in yours, leading him to the Gryffindor common room. “I have to tell you something.”

“Wait,” you blurted out, stopping off to the side and out of the way of the other students. Sirius stood in front of you and rocked back and forth on his heels nervously. “I have to tell you something.”


“If you laugh at me, I’m never bloody speaking to you again,” you threatened softly with a nervous smile.

“I won’t laugh,” he promised reassuringly. You nodded and took a deep breath in an attempt to gather your courage.

“I think I…” You trailed off, voice shaking as your eyes squeezed shut so you could block him out. Your eyes snapped open as you felt a pair of hands cup your cheeks softly. You looked into his beautiful, dark eyes that twinkled in the light.

“I love you,” he murmured before you could say anything. You felt your jaw go slack, your body cold from the shock in your body.

“You stole my line,” you joked with a smile. Sirius felt a weight lift off of his chest, his own lips tugging upwards. “Ever since we became partners in class, I found myself thinking about you constantly. And then last night… it was like I’ve known you for years, Sirius.”

“You love me back?”

“I love you.”

His lips pressed against yours softly, your hands moving to rest on his chest as he pulled you closer. You felt him smile into the kiss, and you let out a small hum of content. Pulling away, you looked into his eyes with a wide grin before your ears began to register the sound of applause surrounding the two of you. You buried your face in his chest in embarrassment, his arms wrapping around your waist and pulling you close.

“I did this!” You heard James gleefully exclaim. “If it wasn’t for me, they wouldn’t have been out here snogging!”

“Give it a rest, Prongs,” Remus sighed, rolling his eyes before giving you a soft smile. “But, seriously, you two lovebirds should get a bloody room if you’re going to do that all day.”

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Last lines

So I didn’t get tagged, I just saw this going around and wanted to do it because it looked interesting =)

Also, I’m doing 10 instead of 5 =)

Cite the final line of five of your fics - your favorites, or the most recent ones. Tag five writers who should do this next. 

Included are Drarry, Pansmione, Parvansy, and Merthur fics. I just picked 10 sort of at random, but trying to include some of my older work.

Warmth (Parvarti/Pansy)

The smile on Parvati’s face was just was warm as the way it made Pansy feel. 

Bookmarks and Chocolates (Hermione/Pansy)

She hadn’t really been serious about the cupcakes. 

Potter’s Insatiable Cock (Draco/Harry)

Draco got him on the side of his arse, and would treasure Potter’s yelp for a long time to come.

Infidelity and Dishonesty (Draco/Harry)

Maybe it would be better to forget.

Unburdened (Merlin/Arthur)

Arthur made a relieved sound, and a moment later, he found release, staring into the magic in Merlin’s eyes.

Patience (Hermione/Pansy)

Pansy laughed again, and Hermione was tempted to push her off the bed.

Clouding the Senses (Draco/Harry)

He doubted it would be easy, but now he wasn’t so afraid of how it would turn out.

Glow (Draco/Harry)

His eyes slid shut as he was surrounded by the scent of summer and Quidditch, and the feel of Potter’s warm hand on his cheek as he kissed him.

An Entirely Different Awakening (Draco/Harry)

“Ron’s going to be unbearable,” he said. 

Draco’s Hidden Sketches (Draco/Harry)

Harry was still laughing when Draco pushed him off the bed.

And if you like the look of any of that, all of my writing can be found on my fanfiction masterlist post with ratings, word counts, and summaries.

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