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mbmbam pilot highlights:

  • “this one isn’t really a tarantula” “THEN WHY’D YOU BRING IT, MARK?”
  • spider guy saying “this is probably the most dangerous spider you’ll ever see” and travis IMMEDIATELY bolting outta the room
  • the brothers clinging to travis’s arms and quietly chanting words of support as a spider walked across his hand
  • travis’s spider safety suit had a homemade nametag
  • in true littlest brother fashion, griffin ratted on travis to their dad, on camera. i cannot fucking believe this.
  • hope you enjoy the experience of simply cybersex. blast off into cybersex joe biden

first batch of fashion folder jojo rqs w/ some ladies!!

Can you believe I’ve been tagging all my TMFU posts with “I’ll just sit here and wait for a sequel” for almost 2 years and now the sequel is in the works???!


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-“Saw shit straight out of my nightmares.”-

two days of nothing and I shove Locus in a thong made of dollar bills into your face

im so sorry

Little Queen’s Thief Fandom Things

I’ve had a sudden rush of emotion about The Queen’s Thief series. So.

  • The terrible, awful puns about You Know What, that should be in poor-taste, but it’s okay, really.
  • “Not Telling”
  • The endless discussions about characters’ ages.
    • The universal agreement that however young you think Eugenides was, IT WAS TOO YOUNG, GOSH DARN IT.
  • *writes a character’s name* DANGIT, SPOILER.
  • Poor Costis.
  • All the fashion posts that have been commandeered and tagged, because [insert character name] would absolutely wear that!
  • The fact that we’ve taken over so many posts–not just fashion ones–and with all the voracity of fandoms four times our size.
  • Over-analyzing every little thing Megan reblogs, because was that a hint?? Is she going to write something about ravens??? What could this mean?????
  • Probably too obsessed with earrings for our own good.
  • Fics that would be angst or at the very least hurt/comfort in any other fandom, but for Irenides it’s fluff. No, really, it is actually very fluffy, I promise.
  • Nahuserfish.
  • Never being over Pol.
  • At least one line from The Queen of Attolia engraved on your soul.
    • Attolia’s entire conversation with Nahuseresh near the end might be mine, tbh.
  • Coming up with increasingly ridiculous name suggestions for the Magus and the Minister of War.
  • The joy that is @artfrostedleaf​‘s art.
  • Post: *hating on horses* Fandom: GO TO BED EUGENIDES.
  • Oh, you thought you’d got everything in the books? Here’s another reread, prepare for FEELS and realizing five things you hadn’t picked up on before.

Feel free to add more!

I can’t even handle how absurdly offensive and ridiculous Emma’s wedding dress is

like truly. I can’t. 

I really, honest to God, thought that AT LEAST they would have the decency to put Emma in something–anything–that even approximated ANYTHING of her character’s personality or general fashion choices. Like that bar was something I thought was low enough that I didn’t need to worry that much. 

And they made her into a Grace Kelly cosplay what in the ever living fuck were they THINKING?

Also double misogyny points for implying Emma is feminine and vulnerable and somehow Uniquely Her Own Person Now in a…pretty standard and old fashioned wedding dress???

Emma can be feminine in whatever she goddamn wants to be, and also feminine is not an intrinsically Good Thing (nor is vulnerable tbqh) 

Like the implication is that Emma’s journey has lead her to femininity–embodied in a white wedding dress from the 50s– and that is…gross and sad and quite frankly hurtful to a lot of people. 

The level of implicit contempt for women who are not *feminine* (esp queer ones) is really undeniable at this point. 

It’s not just, “oh, JMO put Emma in weird button-up florals because she doesn’t get costuming” which was One Thing

this is a show problem and it’s a misogyny problem and it’s a heterosexist problem. 

And as someone who loves Emma Swan and relates to her…it fucking sucks.


whew! the batch of ml fashion requests, finally! these took so long for me to spill out you can actually see my style change. thank you to everyone who requested, you all have the best ideas i swear. also sidenote: if you don’t see your request here, that’s because i have bigger plans for it >vo+
Trans Resources - Undies & Swimwear

I’ve partially put together a drafted masterlist of trans-specific undergarment resources. 

Right now it only contains links to online shops, two in-person stores, and a few article guides for trans folks learning how to tuck or make your own binder. I did my best to make it readable, and colour-coded some of it. That said, if there’s any way to make this more accessible for you, please don’t hesitate to ask!

This doc is shareable via link, so feel free to post it on Facebook, in group chats, send it to your friends, whatever. 

If you run your own database, website, youth group, whatever, you are also welcome to link this as well. Whatever gets this info out there to people who need it!

I should be updating it in the future so the contents of the doc are subject to change without notice.

Signal boosting by all, including cis people is welcome.
(No T/ERFs though they can go 2 heck.)

some doodles with a trio of dresses i found in my massive fashion folder

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hey frank can you show us some of your fav gay songs? i'm looking for old-fashioned gay songs but the web only recommends me modern stuff...

should i make a new playlist for only gay vintage music? what era are you looking for? this song is my favorite right now :’(

DIY Maid Harness/Belt

Some lovely people have asked how I made my apron-styled harness for my Halloween outfit, so here it is!

Materials and equipment you will need:

  • Measuring tape
  • Pleather - 0.5 x 1.0 metres/yards should be plenty
  • Craft foam - I used 1mm thick foam but you can use thicker foam for a chunkier look
  • Buckles x 3
  • Paper fasteners, or actual rivets x 4
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors - fabric and craft
  • Needle and thread or sewing machine

In this I’ll be using craft foam with fleece-backed pleather to create the look of a thick leather belt. You can use actual belt weight leather strips instead for a more authentic look. Also, the back bow of my harness is a detachable bow from a handbag, but you can make some extra straps and assemble a bow from them yourself.   

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People talk about Louis not having a photo shoot, so, if yo could pick a magazine and the type of editorial, what would you pic? I'd say Interview Magazine or iD or Dazed and as extreme a fashion editorial as possible but not over the top. Would like a hair change, for example with a longer side and bleached or silver, just for the editorial to play with it not just to use for your typical promo. We should tag the magazines

god, i’m terrible with this question because i don’t really know magazines but louis can pull off SO MANY looks and SO MANY hairstyles like……the day he does an epic photo spread for a magazine is the day i can die happy. also since you mentioned silver hair, do you know what i’d do for a blonde louis shoot?!?!?! or so many colors tbh….i’ve reblogged so many edits with different hair colors on him and he pulls them all off. if you guys want me gone, tell louis to let them dye his hair because my heart would stop beating. he is so fucking gorgeous and he knows how to look good and confident and pull an outfit off whether he’s wearing stuff that costs $20 or $2k, whether it’s casual or dressy, and i fucking love that about him, so put him in a spread where he gets to wear shit that stylists specifically picked for his petite and perfect body and do his hair up all cute and pretty and let him loose to strike his poses and show off his best angles (aka every angle) like…….damn, dude. I’ll dig my grave right now because i know i won’t survive it. i can’t fucking wait.

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Yes, I did just go through your entire sidgeno tag. Um. But it was so much fun! If you're still taking minific prompts, any sort of sidgeno bodyswap fic would be awesome. It sadly seems to be an out of fashion trope now. Thank you!

There’s a body pressed against Tanger, but Tanger distinctively remembers going to sleep alone, because he’s on a roadie and his roommate should be in the other bed. He hopes.

Then he feels a face nuzzling at the crook of his neck, and when he hears his captain’s voice say, “I don’t want to get up,” he knows there’s something wrong. 

“Um, Sidney?” he ventures cautiously. He doesn’t think Sid has had any to drink last night. How did he even get into Tanger’s bed? “What are you doing?”

“Shhh,” Sidney says. “Too early.” 

“Sidney,” Tanger tries again, this time more urgently. His voice sounds weird. Kind of groggy. He can’t quite place a finger on it. “Sidney, what are you doing?”

“Geno, stop,” Sidney whines. “Ten more minutes.”

“Geno? I’m not–” Tanger blinks, then stares at his hands. Or rather, stares at Geno’s hands. “Holy fuck.”

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hey literally fuck off w/ your abuse apologism, you piece of shit. a post appearing in a search doesn't mean i tagged it lmao


Here I was, minding my own damn biz, searching for good ol’ fashioned Jedi smut, and up pops your post (when I was prowling specifically in the ship tag btw) saying people who sail the good ship Obikin should die. It was rather jarring, and then kind of hilarious in the whole “overdramatic toddler throwing a temper tantrum in the supermarket checkout line” sort of way, and even funnier when I clicked your blog and discovered you were couching this particular flavor of virulent asininity in a pretense of I MUST INFORM THE UNWASHED MASSES THAT COPING ISNT OKAY IF IT MIGHT NEGATIVELY IMPACT OTHER PEOPLE (so let’s just tell them to go die instead, huzzah!)

I mean, let’s get this straight, you made a post stating that a group of people needed to die, you put the specific name of the group you’re targeting in your post, you didn’t use asterisks OR tag it “anti” (so even the people who anticipate this sort of rubbish from antis couldn’t blacklist it), and now you’re playing innocent, acting like it’s some big surprise it showed up in our tag? And to top it all off, you’re actually trying to claim the moral high ground here? Come the hell on.

You’re posting death wishes. You’re telling real people to go die because you don’t like their interpretations of fictional ones. So by all means, please enlighten me - I’m truly dying to know where on the “acceptable coping mechanism” scale posting death wishes falls, and how in the seven blazing hells it’s supposedly a better hobby than writing imaginary stories about imaginary people in an imaginary galaxy far far away doing imaginary things with their imaginary wangs that your Grand Royal Highness might not personally approve of.

You’re clearly desperate for attention from the Obikin contingent, so here. You got it. ENJOY. I hear it tastes fantastic with a succulent side of your own shameless hypocrisy. In the meantime, feel free to hate whatever ship strikes or doesn’t strike your high’n’mighty fancy, o scruffy looking herder of nerfs, because the rest of the world’s got zero kriffs to give. But when you start telling people they need to spontaneously perish over their views on Star Wars characters, you might wanna go sit in the time-out chair for a while to reflect on the epic amounts of pure, unadulterated fail emanating from your keyboard.

And to my fellow Obikin shippers (or ANY shippers who’ve been shamed, harassed, or suicide baited over their taste in karking fanfic) -

Keep being the trooper on the right. Haters can go pickle themselves in a festering cesspool of their own salty brine. 

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你好 I hear you speak Chinese! (I'm in A1 Chinese so I'm not that good but I know general things like: age, year of birth, birthday, name ((朗悦琪 is my Chinese name)), living area, what country, etc.)

You heard correctly! You didn’t ask me for advice but I’m gonna give you some anyway because that’s the kind of 三八阿姨 I am.

1. Learn your radicals early. You need to know them for using dictionaries anyway, but also knowing the components of a character makes it so much easier to remember them.

2. What really takes you to the next level of mastery of a language is accurately using things like disfluency markers (such as um, ah, like in English) and tone modifiers (usually the pitch of your voice in English, but in Chinese this is done with particles like 就是、嘛、呢、囉). It’s never too early to start to try to incorporate these.

3. Now that everyone has a smartphone there’s no excuse not to look things up in a dictionary often. When I first started learning seriously as a teen, I had to keep a paper pocket dictionary in my bag like a Neanderthal or something.

4. Remember that compliments are like someone throwing a live grenade at you in Chinese culture, you have to get that shit AWAY from you FAST. Learn ALL the compliment denials to keep yourself entertained. Use the old-fashioned ones because native speakers find that shit hilarious.

5. You get better at anything by being really terrible. Start accumulating your ten thousand embarrassing mistakes now. Just keep going. Also language mistake stories are hilarious in hindsight so you might as well start laughing immediately.