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Top10 bias tag

Tagged by sunshine @aceyng and my lost sheep @ihavethedeanfluenza who said I need to do this with my ruiners uh…

Reduced the list to kpop groups only, coz yeah I would die with actors… and solo artists/other genre is deadly too.

Top10 bias:

  1. Ukwon (Block B)
  2. Yoseob (Highlight)
  3. Kyungil (History)
  4. Heechul (Super Junior)
  5. Dongwan (Shinhwa)
  6. Yunho (TVXQ)
  7. Doha (Boys24)
  8. Seungyoon (Winner)
  9. Yoonhoo (Beatwin)
  10. Daeil (ex-24K)

Top10 ruiner:

  1. Junhyung (Highlight)
  2. Minhyuk God (Block B)
  3. Jaejoong (JYJ but TVXQ…so he should be on the bias list coz OT5 until the day I die and Yunjae is my life source)
  4. Leeteuk (Super Junior)
  5. Eunhyuk (Super Junior)
  6. Lee Geon (Madtown)
  7. Minsu (Boys Republic)
  8. Kisu (24K)
  9. Jongkook (ex-Speed)
  10. JB (Got7)

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please read

I actually never told my opinion about all those kpop wars becuase I didn’t want to cause next one BUT after MMA and MAMA things went even worse and I couldn’t let it in anymore. This may be too long but those who care about their idols please read it all and tell me how you feel about my opinion BECAUSE my opinions aren’t perfect nor yours nor anyones. We all think differetly about this situation but EVERYONE has a point somewhere.

First of all, I know that the “BTS doesn’t deserve MMA award let’s call to Melon to tell them they should give the award to EXO” war was caused mainly because of korean fans. Well, at least from what I read, everywhere were korean exo-ls complaining about it. I didn’t care about this that much because Melon CAN’T do something like this. 

Then there are, how I call it, “childish wars” between ARMYs and EXOLs. Honestly… Do you really have to? Are you that childish to complain or hate or stick out EVERY fucking thing the idols do? Do you really have to compare your idols to someone else? Are you really that low that you have to do that? The “oh look, BTS are so rude to not bow politely while recieving the award. beucase oh look Suho bowed 90° he is the existence of perfection and decency” OR “oh look, Lay’s speech was so rude, instead of thanking his fans and staff and family and members for that award that he doesn’t deserve he insulted BTS and said that they’re kings and no one can replace them.” 

*sighs* *sighs* *siiiiiiiiiiighs* *shows you my finger that is between ring finger and index finger* don’t want to be that rude so yeah, but i know you got it. 

I didn’t hear a word about BTS in Lay’s speech. I didn’t saw BTS not bowing while recieving the award. 

I fucking heard Lay being grateful and showing exo-ls their love and gratitude. I fucking saw all BTS members bowing while recieving the award and bowing 90° to fans at the end. 

SO SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH. YOU JUST SEE WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE. ehm… sorry for my burst. So… Yeah, those fans who bash other idols all the time, the shame is on you, the fault is yours. Can’t you see your beloved idols are trying so hard to accomplish your dreams and wishes? They’re trying so hard to show you that they’re someone who you can be proud of. So why would you do something that can hurt them or their career or their lives or lives of their family? Why are you so selfish? Stop wearing those pink glasses and try to look at the world from someone else’s point of view. Try to understand someone else’s opinion, situation. I’m not saying you can’t have your opinion EVERYBODY CAN but try to understand sometimes.

If I could compare kpop to something, it would be food. Kpop industry in general.

Kpop is the food and fans are the eaters. 

When you’re listening to a music you either start stanning a group immediately or after some time. But that’s not important. The important is that when you eat something and you really like it you’ll eat it as much as you can. Maybe every day or every week. But there is some food that when you tasteit you don’t like it. And what do you do with food you don’t like? Do you tweet about them saying how awful they are? How much you hate them? Do you tweet about every signle piece of the food every day saying how they don’t deserve to be on plate? Or do you just throw it away and don’t eat it anymore? You’ll stop eating it right? You’ll say your mom or idk whoever to not to cook that again because you don’t like it. You’ll come to restaurant and order something you like and not something you don’t like. You won’t order something and then stare at it the whole time, then bringing your phone and tweeting about how you hate it. It’s waste of your time and money, right? 

So tell me WHY the fuck do you do this to idols? 

Why don’t you just live happy life listening to your favorite group, tweeting them about how much you love them and how much are you proud of them. Why would you spend your time bashing other’s succes, effort and dreams?

Also I’m not saying you can’t say something against someone who is bashing your idol BUT try to be more mature than them and talk to them. If they don’t listen, they are not worth it. They’re not worth your effort. So just leave them. You said what you wanted and that’s enough.

Man, I don’t know if I told everything but I hope so. I also hope that someone will read it till the end and think about it. I’m not saying that you should listen to me but try to think and understand. This is just my opinion and I needed to write my thoughts out because my mind would just *BAM* if I didn’t.

As one wise human said: “Don’t judge the fandom because of a fan. But don’t judge a fan because of the fandom either.” There is nothing more accurate than this.

Also this is not related to ARMYs and EXOLs only! I just write them as an example because I’m ARMY and I also love listening to EXO and well let’s be honest… those two fandoms are getting worse and worse. But still, I’m not ashamed of calling myself an ARMY because I’m so so so proud to call myself a fan of BTS. AND YOU should be proud too! Be proud of what and who you like!

As I said this is related to kpop industry in general.

it’s a mess i know but i hope you get my point


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I’ve Got Your Back

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Based on Anonymous Prompt: Hi! I love your writing! Nightmares is one of my faves. I wanted to ask if I can send in a request? Stevexreader where the reader is a SHIELD agent and when Steve is surrounded the reader saves him bc Fury send her to look after him. End with fluff?

A/N: I wrote this one surprisingly quickly.  Maybe my writer’s block is gone…?  Knock on wood.  Anyway, I really like this one and I hope you to do!

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“Heading out?”

You grin as Steve turns to face you.  You can see the tension in his shoulders, the way his jaw remains clenched, but in spite of everything, he still lets a smile grace his lips.

“Solo mission,” he says.  “Taking out a minor Hydra base.  Should be a piece of cake.”

“Oh,” you say, as if you don’t know all of these things.  “Need any backup?”

“You doubting me?” he grins and you shake your head.

“Old geezer like you?” you toss back.  “All the time.”

“I’m fine,” he says.  “I’ll be back before you even have time to miss me.”

“Who says I’ll miss you?”  Steve shrugs playfully and turns to walk away.  “Don’t get killed,” you shout after him.

“I’ll be fine!” he replies.  “What’s the worst thing that could happen?”


He’s surrounded.

Steve can easily take out Hydra operatives.  Hell, he can easily take out whole teams of Hydra operatives.

But he counts almost 40 guards, surrounding him in the narrow hallway from all directions, various weapons pointed at him and primed to take him down.  How the hell did an easy solo mission turned into this?

“Captain!  Put down your shield, slowly!” one of the soldiers shouts out.  “No sudden movements!” 

Steve looks around, brain running through endless scenarios.  Unfortunately, all of them end with him, on the ground, bleeding out.  Taking a deep breath, he kneels down to the ground, placing his shield gently at his feet.

Suddenly, all of the lights in the hallway turn out.  Steve seizes the moment and grabs his shield, using it to knock down the five nearest guards.  

As his eyes start to adjust to the darkness, Steve can make out a faint figure, taking out the outermost guards.  He shakes his head and continues to fight, taking down soldier after soldier.

Ten seconds later, the lights flicker back on, revealing just a dozen of soldiers left.  Steve moves, purely on instinct, blocking, punching, throwing his shield.  He turns to take the final soldier down, knocking them to the ground with his shield.  

But this soldier lets out a decidedly un-Hydra like string of curses and lands with a soft oof that makes Steve look twice.

“(Y/N)?” he says, frozen in place.

“The one and only,” you groan from the ground.  Steve hurries over and crouches down next to you.  “Missed you so much I thought I’d come crash your mission.”

“Are you okay?” he says, his hands brushing over your body, looking for wounds.  “I’m sorry, I thought you were-”

“Yeah,” you say, gritting your teeth as he applies pressure to a bullet graze on your arm.  “Well, I’m your back-up.  Surprise.”

“I said-”

“Fury’s orders,” you reply.  “I asked you as a courtesy.  You said no, but you’re not my boss.  Can’t have Captain America getting himself killed, now, can we?”

“What hurts?” Steve asks.

“Everything?”  Steve looks at you and you relent.  “Obviously there’s the graze. There’s something wrong with my right leg.  Probably a fracture.  I took a couple punches to the ribs, but other than that, I’m just peachy.  And you’re not dead, so I won’t get fired.  You’re welcome for the power outage.”

“I don’t need backup,” Steve says stubbornly, and you roll your eyes.  “I appreciate you being here, but I don’t need-”

Just over Steve’s shoulder, you catch sight of a lone Hydra guard, gun trained for Steve’s back.  You reach into your holster and fire under Steve’s elbow, hitting the guard straight in the chest.  

Steve whirls around, then looks back at you, stunned.

“You were saying?” you smirk.  “Something about not needing backup, I believe.”

“I would’ve-”

“Again, you’re welcome,” you smile, pushing yourself up into a sitting position.  “I’ve got your back.”  Steve sighs and shakes his head.

“Thank you,” he says.  He offers you his hand and you take it, pulling yourself to your feet.  You take a ginger step forward on your right foot and immediately fall forward.  Steve’s arm shoots out and wraps itself around your waist, steadying you. 

“You can’t walk,” he says.  

“I can walk fine,” you retort.  “It’ll be slow, but I can-”

Without waiting for you to finish, Steve scoops you up and begins to carry you away, bridal-style.

“Steve, put me down,” you protest.  “I can walk.”

“Yeah, and I don’t need backup,” Steve says.  “How did you get here?” 

“I was on the Quinjet,” you say simply.

“What?” Steve says.  “I didn’t-”

“Steve, I am a spy for a living,” you interrupt.  “And believe it or not, I’m pretty good at my job.”

“Well, you can’t walk,” Steve says, and you see the teasing twinkle in his eye.

“I can walk,” you reply.  “I can walk perfectly fine, and if-”

“What are you doing tonight?”

“You mean after I go get patched up?  Hot shower, dinner and a movie.”

“Want some company?”

“You want to take a shower with me?”  Steve’s cheeks flush and you get a small kick out of knowing you made Captain America himself blush.

“No, I mean I wouldn’t say no, but…” Steve stumbles over his words, which only intensifies the red in his cheeks.  “That’s not what I meant.”

“I’m only teasing,” you say.  “I knew what you meant.  And yes, I’d love some company.”

“Ok,” Steve says.

“You know what else I’d love?” you ask, the smirk creeping back onto your face.


“Something to distract me from the excessive pain I’m in.”  You raise your eyebrows suggestively, and Steve furrows his.

“Are you in a lot of pain?  I think there’s some painkiller back on the Quinjet, I-”



“I was asking you to kiss me,” you say, matter-of-factly.  “To distract me from the pain.”

“Oh, that’s what you meant,” Steve says.

“Yeah,” you sigh.  “That’s what I meant.”

“It was a little vague.”

“I was flirting.”

“Have you been doing that often?”

“Only every time we talk,” you say.  “At least, I’ve been trying.”

“Oh.  If I’d known, I’d have kissed you sooner.”

“You still haven’t done it.”


He leans his head down and presses his lips against yours.  You smile into the kiss, your hands wrapping around the back of his neck to pull him closer.  

Out of the corner of your eye, you catch a flicker of movement and shake your head.  Not again.  

Without breaking the kiss, you reach down for your gun, using Steve’s shoulder to steady your arm and pull the trigger.  Steve jumps and pulls back as the Hydra goon slides to the ground.


“I’ve got your back.”

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for a prompt: dex and nursey sudden moments when they realize they're in love ❤️

Okay, thank you in advance for your patience. This one surprisingly hard to write. Like I couldn’t decide on like one moment over another then wanted to just write them all in some weird never ending Drabble chain of moments. So I felt like this was a compromise.

I am also sorry for editing on mobile!

Thank you again for the prompt!


The BF Tag by @DMNpoetry (N) and his BF @mr_smashing_that_angery_button (D)

[Audio Transcript with Video Description done by the creators]

N: Yo, I know this isn’t my usual poetry and poetry-related asks but you all have been asking about my “muse” for months now. B said we should answer some of the questions together, like a pseudo-boyfriend tag people do for youtube. So w/o further fanfare and dramatics;

1. When/where did we meet?

D: College Tour @ Our College’s Ice Rink. This hipster was wearing one of those oversized snapbacks and cardigan.

N: Like you were any cooler, Mr. “I thought there would be less baking”.

D: [Blocked.]

2. When did you meet my parents?

N: I met his over spring break. They were super chill and omg I never eaten so much food in one week. Did you know this nerd mom is a high school English teacher?

D: Anyways, I met your moms just this week while I am visiting. They love to chirp N almost as much as I do. Then, they busted out the baby photos, and this dude was the chubbiest baby I had ever seen.

N: Rude.

3. Where/when was our first kiss?

D: After our Winter Dance, We had our captains set us up. We were walking back to our team’s “frat” house, you tripped and knocked us into a snow pile. We started laughing and you kissed me. I asked you to go steady. Yeah… *Shrug*

N: Go steady? What is this the 1950’s? Also that was like the least romantic way to describe our first kiss.

D: O Fuck off.

4. Who said “I love you” first?

N: D did. He just blurted out when we’re watching movies like 2 months into us dating. I kinda had this grand plan to tell him on our ~fancy~ Valentine’s Day dinner.

D: Well you were tryin’ to be all “extra” about telling me. I felt I am not always good at all that sappy shit but I knew how I felt about you and really wanted to make sure you knew. That was it. (I think he is blushing. I never freaking tell but he making that face where he gets those little eye crinkles. So fucking close enough.) How’s that for romantic, asshole?

N: Aww babe!~

5. What is something you wish I didn’t do?

D: Kick all the blankets off the bed when we are sleeping.

N: Work on homework in bed. *laughing* we were literally just talking about how opposite our sleeping habit are sometimes and compromising to make it work.

6. Where was our first date?

N: Our First “official” Date was at Annie’s. It is a coffee shop near campus.

7. What would I eat every day if I could?

D&N in unison: B’s Pie *Laughing*

8. What am I good at?

D: I wanna say everything??? But I guess you are really good active listener and also you give killer massages. (O man, he’s giving me that face again.)

N: You’re good with your hands.

D: uhhhh I thought were staying PG with this because if not…

N: *shoves* you know what I mean, like you are always fixing things and building things. Like with B’s Oven and you made that book shelf for my birthday.

9. Which kind of music do I like most?

N: “Music only old white dads would listen too”

D: “Hipster Bullshit”

*More Laughing*

10. Do I play sport?

D: College Hockey, we are defensive partners.

11. What is my eyes color?

N: they are like somewhere between a honey and shiny copper depending on the day.

D: Green.

N: that’s it?

D: *Looking way too close* Grayish-Green??

N: Hopeless.

12. Who is my best friend?

D&N (In unison again): C. *Laughing*

D: I mean he is kinda the best.

N: Cyeah. I do feel bad he had to act as a kinda of buffer for us first semester.

D: But, We worked our shit out and learn how to communicate more effectively. Especially on my end, thanks for putting up with my shit.

*D leans over kisses N’s cheek*

N: Also, I think C is like everyone’s BFF. It’s really hard not to have friend crush on the guy.

D: A C C U R A T E.

13. How long have we dated?

N: Like 6 months- ish??

D: It is Uh 5 months 20 days and 21 hours and 34 (??) mins. Give or take 10 mins.

N: 👀 👀 👀

14. Do I often make you angry?

N: *Snorts* I know how this is going to go. He literally has angry in his url so like all the time.

D: Angry is not the right word. Annoyed. Maybe Frustrated. But I never really Angry. And He is Mr. “I am too chill to get angry”.

15. When and how did you realize you were in love with me?

D: Uhh… I don’t think I ever told you this story??

N: Nope. *Smirking*

D: So it was the first time I slept over at your place. I had, for once, woke up before you and I was just tracing little shapes on your back. I guess I woke you while I was doing this because you rolled on to your back and were stretching your arms over your head. Then you just kinda curled into my side and we were just looking at each other. It was like just one of those moments with the morning light streaming, and, we were in this warm glow-y bubble. Yeah, I just knew how I felt and that was it.

(D’s Face is getting redder and blotchy as he is retelling this story)

N: Babe that was like a 3 weeks into us dating.

D: Okay???, and when did you find out, hmm?

N: I mean it was guess kind of similar but it when we fell in snow on the back from the Winter Screw. I was just amazed that you were laughed at me instead of being exasperated with my clumsiness.

D: Sap. That was before we were even dating.

N: Well, what can I say, I am poet at heart.

D: That’s it. I am breaking up with you.

N: Noooo!!! *Tackles D and knocks over the camera in the process*

*Laughter and loud kissing sounds can be heard before the camera cuts out*

The Girl with the Gold Crown Tattoo

Prompt: “you just caught me cleaning up some graffiti on our apartments and congratulated me on being an awesome person and decided to help me clean but little did you know I was only cleaning it so I could have blank canvas au”

^– An anon sent me this prompt a while back, but then tumblr decided to delete it rather than saving it as a draft.

Title is a bastardization of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, to which this fic could not be any less related.

(Tagging wanderinglilly b/c she’s gr8)


The alleyway behind Bellamy’s apartment building is disgusting. He should know, he has to walk through it on his way back from work every day. It’s either that or walk an extra five minutes around the block, and he doesn’t have that kind of patience after a full day at the museum.

The alley isn’t very long, but nearly every inch of it is covered in graffiti of the ‘Jessica was here’ or completely unreadable variety. He’s pretty sure he’s seen rats scurrying around back there a couple times.

It’s also usually deserted—due to its putrid disgusting-ness, he assumes—which is why he’s more than a little surprised to see a blonde girl there one evening, glaring at the wall. She’s wearing frayed shorts and a ratty t-shirt with a tarp spread out around her.

A can of paint that looks to be the same off-white color the walls would be, if they weren’t covered in grime, is standing nearby, open, and a paint roller hangs from her hand.

The entire image just really doesn’t make sense. She doesn’t look like the kind of person you’d hire to repaint your alley.

He doesn’t go out of his way to talk to people he doesn’t know, but curiosity gets the best of him.

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y’all should block my ass for this.

anonymous asked:

I'm glad someone else thinks callout culture is too extreme and kind of awful. Anytime I've said that it's really toxic I get people saying things like oh so you don't want people to care about xyz and I'm like?? I never said that,, like yeah call people out for their shitty behavior but when someone makes one small mistake and they genuinely didn't realize it was wrong how about we don't crucify them. People like to point out others wrongdoing but never point out their own and it bothers me.

I’ve even paused my One Direction video to answer this, bc I want to give it my full attention and I cannot do that with Harry Styles in my peripheral vision. Also this is gonna be long. I didn’t pause the boys to half ass this answer.

Anyway, I don’t necessarily think callout culture in itself is a bad thing, i think it’s really important to identify things that are genuinely a problem and let people know why. That’s how we learn and grow as people. The problem with it, particularly on this website, is the extreme to which people take it. 

What callout culture should be is if Person A makes a comment that is kinda Yikes™, Person B steps up and says “sorry, but you said this thing, and i just wanted to let you know it’s kinda Yikes™ for these reasons.” For example, I made a post at like 4.30am about B/uckynat in the MCU and how i can’t see it bc like my blog title says, I am v much an advocate for Gay!Bucky in the MCU. Anyway, I tagged that post with “no offence but ur ship is non-existent in the MCU and Bucky likes dick” and then I went to bed and didn’t think anything else of it. Then when I woke up I had a message that was like “Sorry I just wanted to let you know that equating being gay to liking dick is kinda Yikes™ bc it ignores trans men” and I was like “Shit sorry, I tagged it at like 4.30am i didn’t even think, sorry, I’ll change it to Bucky likes men” and then that was that and we all moved on with our lives. 

However, more often, what we actually get is Person A makes a comment that is kinda Yikes™, Person B is like “Wow why would you say that it’s so Yikes™, what an asshole, consider yourself blocked” and then Person B makes a post like “Just to let you all know that Person A is Super Yikes™ and you should all block and unfollow them” and then Person C and Person D see and they’re like “wow that’s awful what a shitty person” - as if one single comment is enough to condemn a person. 

And that’s made worse when they’re talking about someone in the public eye. Celebrity A makes a comment without being aware of it being a problematic thing to do, and then they have hundreds of People B’s seeing it and making posts like “Celebrity A said this one thing 4 years ago, they’re an awful person, a shitty human being, they’re cancelled.” and then Person C steps in and says “But, Celebrity A has spent the last 4 years displaying behaviours that show they have educated themselves and done better and are trying to make a difference? Maybe we should forgive the poorly informed comment they made once and perhaps judge the strength of their character on the good things they’ve done since?” and then Person B shows up again like “Oh so you think its okay to say things that are so Yikes™, wow Celebrity A is an asshole and so are you Person C” 

And that is more of a problem than what they’re trying to callout. No one is going to learn or want to learn, if there are so many people that behave like it doesn’t matter what you do, a mistake you made years ago is what you will forever be judged by. Every single one of us says dumb shit. Every single one of us can do better. Because we are human beings, and we make mistakes and we fuck up and we falter. But our individual mistakes aren’t what show the people that we are, it’s how we better ourselves and how we improve.

And saying one or two things that are Yikes™ doesn’t make you a bad person. It means you are uneducated in that area and need to be taught a little more. Or it means you simply made a mistake and weren’t thinking properly and needed someone to point it out so you could fix it. Yes there are people that deserve to be called out as being continuously gross and not learning from the shit they do (I’m talking J/ennifer Lawrence, A/my Schumer, J/ohnny Depp etc) and that’s fair enough, bc they keep showing that they don’t care enough to do better, they show themselves time and time again to be of poor character. 

But like, I see it on my posts about Chris Evans all the time. He spends a lot of his time educating himself on social and political issues and trying to do better and make a difference with his privilege and people will bring up something he said in an interview like 7 years ago as a reason why he’s an asshole? Despite him showing time and time again that he’s a good dude trying to do good?

Would you want to be judged for who you were 7 years ago? Or would you like to think that you’d grown and developed and bettered yourself in the last 7 years and you were a different person now than you were then? The problem with this website is that a lot of the time they don’t think about that, it’s all just done in extremes and that’s the wrong way to go about doing anything honestly.