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A project for Art class. The second one is the original colors on the schools Pro tablet while the first one was touched up on my PC.

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Yet another drawpile session, this time with @iggycat95, @yugimew, @blazecat360, @picturesbybest, @lizardagenda and @extraordinarycircus

Lemme dump some ARMS Headcanons before Nintendo ruins them with their actual canon~

(it’s kind of a fustercluck, sorry about that, so they’re sectioned off to different characters. Anyway there’s mostly ones for Mechanica, Min Min, Ninjara, Spring Man, Helix, Kid Cobra and a few others here and there)

Mechanica and Min Min:
- Mechanica and Min Min have a very close sibling like relationship.
- In fact Min Min was the first person Mechanica showed her robotic suit to
- She also egged on Min Min to join the ARMS League and make her a similar suit to do so (before Min Min’s ARMS appeared)
- Min Min can speak both Chinese and English. Her English is actually really good because she uses it so much while working at her family’s ramen shop
- Min Min prides herself in naturally being calm, cool and collected. That all quickly went out the window the morning she woke up with ARMS. Lots of confused incoherent screaming happened that day
- Mechanica has been to every one of Ribbon Girl’s concerts, and I mean every one
- Mechanica even knows a decent amount of Chinese thanks to Min Min, and she’s pretty good too!
- Mechanica greatly admires Ribbon Girl, funnily enough, Ribbon Girl really admires her for making her way into the ARMS League with a handbuilt mech suit. Unfortunately… neither have the confidence to approach the other fighter

(rest are under the cut, there’s a lot)

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Personally, I like what Thomas is doing with the ships. He hints at each pairing to make everyone happy; it's not a bad thing that he strays from one to another every so often. Also, his friends involved in the new video were very cute :)

i love his friends i want them to step on me

literally nothing amuses me more than people who have never been to new york city writing fics and posting headcanons about media set in new york city

someone in the get down tags is deadass making posts about dizzee and thor having sex in a bathroom on a moving train

like honey the day nyc trains have bathrooms that are big enough and nontoxic enough for people to bang in is the day we will have reached a weird and gentrified utopia as a society

"so you think you're so much better because you're ace?"

This is something I get every once in a while bc of that post I wrote a while back about being on the ace spectrum that unexpectedly took off. I think it has like 27k notes now?? Something like that. Anyway, point is, it gets a fair bit of attention, not all of it from the intended audience.

And this “question,” or really an accusation, is something I see not only on my posts but on other ace peoples’ posts. And I get that there are people out there who genuinely think they’re more “pure” or just better for being ace, but it’s nothing that I’ve ever really come across myself.

Here’s what I want to explain.

A lot of these posts explaining what it’s like to be ace focus on sexually charged situations or events to explain what it feels like to be ace. Because you don’t feel the same things that non-ace people do in those situations.

Ace people write about those because that is when we are actively thinking about and aware that we’re ace. Non-ace people will comment things like “so everyone else just thinks about sex all the time, huh? you think we’re just fucking sex goblins or something?” Like. No. I don’t. You don’t think about having sex or your sexual attraction all the time, right? That’s what you’re saying. I get that.

But you have to understand that ace people don’t think about how they feel about sex all the time either.

It is when we’re in situations where something sexual is happening or is brought up that we are… reminded, I suppose, that we are different. That’s what we focus on because what else would you talk about to explain why you’re ace? What else would you compare it to?

You have to understand that you have to talk about sex and sexual attraction to explain your sexuality and sexual preferences. Like. There’s literally nothing else you can talk about to explain those things. Stop getting salty when ace people compare how they feel to what they’ve been told non-ace people feel in sexual situations. Being proud or relieved about figuring out a confusing aspect of who you are, especially sexuality, isn’t a slight against everyone else who doesn’t share that aspect. Saying that I’m ace and I figured it out because I realized that I felt way differently during sexual situations than what pretty much everyone else described feeling is in no way saying that I’m better. Having a sense of pride in finally finding a name for what I feel isn’t an insult for people with different names. It’s a personal pride. I’m not bragging. I’m just explaining, and hoping that I’m not alone.

And it turns out I’m not. Thousands of people feel the same as me, but there are still some people who see the words “ace spectrum” and automatically assume the whole post is going to be spent dragging them through the dirt, when it really isn’t even about them.

There’s literally no good way to explain sexuality without talking about it. Get your head out of your ass and let people talk about it.


i’ve been trying to work on some backgrounds but it’s been going slow since a) i have literally no idea what i’m doing and b) i’ve been feeling kind of…. weird, lately, but whatever. here are two shots, day and night, of the halfway house that i think turned out pretty well. for some reason, exteriors are a lot less intimidating than interiors.