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Some of my favorite named things in science:

tag yourself (tye version!)

enzo valenciano:
-dead on the inside
-hates most people
-would resort to killing others when it comes to his friends

adelina amouteru:
-could kill you by a stare
-pretends to be emotionally stable
-a problem

-knows how to deal with problems
-the mum friend™
-seems calm even when furious

-best friend is a lute
-i bet he doesn’t even know his real name
-loves money more than himself

teren santoro:
-thinks he’s God’s gift to humankind
-does not know how to chill

I read a few antis post (who was in the IH tag -_-) and it was so funny :D!

Antis: “For real Orihime should let go her love for Ichigo , the dude loves another girl , poor her. Instead she should go see Ishida . He loves her , he will make her happy not Ichigo the guy she loves and who is gentle with her and who turn berserk when a enemy say her name (that’s not a good thing tho lmao) and who is always concerned of her well being and who makes her sweet smile to calm her and who protect her with his body and who vow to protect her…like no she wouldn’t be happy with him.”

Basically, it was that what they said lmao it really funny.

Rodrigo Duterte - 'Trump of the East'

  Let’s get real for a second. Do you know who Rodrigo Duterte is? Probably not, he’s the president of the Philippines with a rather..unorthodox view of how the “war on drugs” should be dealt with.
  Namely - by killing drug users, drug dealers, rapists, murderers, and “journalists who took bribes or engaged in other corrupt activities also deserved to die.”

Link to article:  Philippine president-elect says ‘corrupt’ journalists will be killed

  He said this while running for president. His entire campaign, from what i’ve been able to tell, was “lets kill all the people i think are rude and disgusting.” while being rude and disgusting. 
  This is a link to his policies and whatnot during his campaign - but that’s not what i’m here for so im not going to focus on it.
  Perhaps you are sitting in your chair or laying in bed thinking “well yeah, Rapists and murderers deserve to die.” But you don’t understand. These people aren’t given a trial. People aren’t really being arrested. They are being slaughtered without the right to defend themselves. [Adam Tod Brown spoke about this on].

Link to Article:  Kill drug dealers and I’ll give you a medal

  Addressing huge crowd, Rodrigo Duterte urges DIY [do-it-yourself] law enforcement. 
  He encourages ‘vigilante justice’ Could you imagine your governing body saying “Yo, you own a gun? I’ll give you a medal if you kill a person you think is ____”
  “I Please feel free to call us, the police, or do it yourself if you have the gun, you have my support,” Duterte said in his speech, which was televised nationally.
  I don’t think i’m out of line in saying that people have a habit of being cruel and judgmental. Courts and police, etc, can be corrupt - yes, but what do you do when a stranger with a gun is promised that they will be commended if they kill someone they think is an addict, or rapist, etc. Do you have tattoo’s? Piercings? Prefer baggy clothes or are skinny and can’t put on weight? How many people do you think might assume you’re an addict just based on your appearance?
  And then there are the people that will go around killing people that have wronged them in some way and put up a sign that says “drug dealer” on their corpse and get away with it because the president said you can.

These sons of whores are destroying our children. I warn you, don’t go into that, even if you’re a policeman, because I will really kill you,” the head of state [Rodrigo Duterte] told the audience. [After his speech and oath that marks him as President of the Philippines] - (quote links to article)

And the biggest issue? It is very, very difficult to find any information on this. Thats why the majority of my links are from ‘The Guardian’. When i go to google and ask “why is the United Nations not dealing with Rodrigo Duterte or the philippines?” I get a lot of information on china vs the Philippines about martial law. 

I found an article by the Inquirer [UN rights chief to Duterte: Offering bounties could lead to chaos] that can basically be summed up by saying ‘the UN tells Duterte that he’s going to drive his country into ruin, Duterte ignores them.’ Duterte has also decided not to honor commitments made regarding the UN climate deal because “that’s not my signature

So basically Duterte became president and did this to the UN.

 And the UN, thus far, have just been going:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  So basically, there is an atrocious abuse of power and complete and utter breaking of human rights going on and nobody is talking about it and that is a problem.

TL:DR? John Oliver spoke about it in this segment before Deterte was even Elected:

  How many people will die before this becomes global news? How many people died while i wrote this? How many people lost mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, sisters, brother’s, cousins, in the time it took someone to reblog Taylor Swift being called out by Kim Kardashian? I don’t know because people are being shot down so fast that the numbers can’t be reported - if anyone even bothers enough to care.
  This is not me trying to give you shit for not knowing about something that i didn’t know about myself, before today. This is me asking you to share the horror that people are living with so that at least someone will know. And eventually, hopefully, it will reach the point where enough people will know, and care, that something will be done.

So don’t just like this post, Reblog it. Regardless of whether it fits your blogs Aesthetic or not.

SO @official-jeff-goldblum and I set up an art trade thing where we each draw a picture of one of our OCs respectively!!

Anyway, this is a picture of Beans (not her real name of course but you can call her that for now)!! She’s been with me a longgg time now and she’s basically the light of my life!!

Aah honestly I’ve been trying to get more comfortable drawing bodies? Like I put a ton of work of into her legs and posing, and then I just hid most of it under her dress. “OTL I (obviously) didn’t clean this up, but I am still pretty happy with it!~ <3 ALSO WHERE THE HELL DID THIS ART STYLE COME FROM.


i’m autistic, and ace-spectrum.  i wouldn’t even understand about my own ace aspects if it hadn’t been for other a-spec autistics (on FB no less) that explained it to me.  for years i thought the asexual stuff was PART of being autistic, until i met autistics who were averagely or above-averagely sexual.  so for me asexuality and neurological disability/difference are entirely overlapping life-situations, but i don’t think that people who are only ace and not disabled should have to avoid a perfectly accurate kind of tag.

i sometimes tag racial (in)justice reblogs with “i’m white” or even “soy gringa” in case of confusion, because people could think i was Latina from my url (this also happens with my real name offline) and i don’t want to be misleading, so in the same way, i don’t see any reason for people who are Actually Whatever not to tag what they are.

and about the reason for the “actually (whatever)” tags… nearly every time that i find some brainstuff (being general here because there are a lot of possibilities and many of them have happened and my point is kind of the opposite of narrowing it down) in common with someone who identifies as neurotypical, it turns out they are not NT at all.  they either turn out to be an un-diagnosed autistic, or an un-dx something else, or they thought that all their mental illnesses ‘didn’t count’ because they thought neurodivergent was just a fancy way to say autistic+ and they’re just a normal person that happens to have mental problems, or they have LDs or TBI or something… 

hopefully you get the idea: basically it happens with fellow neurodivergents (in the big-tent sense, which is after all how that word was originally intended).

autistic experiences are (a subset of) human experiences. example: stimming and some other “typical autistic” stuff works even if NT people do it (it just might not occur to them to try it, or they might not need it at the moment, or they might feel silly about it). even when an (actually) NT person has experienced something parallel to an autistic experience, and we can say “okay, it’s like that but MORE INTENSE” or …”all the time instead of just once in a while”, or “the same thing but for a different reason”, or even “kind of like that but not really, because…”, isn’t this a way to communicate, and to understand each other?!

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  • Talk Me Down - Troye Sivan
  • Hold Me Down - Halsey
  • End of the Day - One Direction
  • fallingforyou - The 1975
  • After Midnight - blink-182
  • Like Real People Do - Hozier
  • Lover, You Should’ve Come Over - Jeff Buckley
  • Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name of This Song So We Wouldn’t Get Sued - Fall Out Boy
  • Up All Night - Counting Crows
  • Three Cheers For Five Years - Mayday Parade
  • Kitchen Sink - twenty one pilots
  • I Caught Myself - Paramore
  • Dear Theodosia - Hamilton Broadway Cast

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screaming I saw your Pharah Nikos things and I kept thinking about a RWBY-Overwatch AU thing (a bit different than what you have but still gaaaah) and I went through the tag you have for it and you said you were iffy on Jaune and lemme add another reason on to why he would be Morrison. "Jack" is just a nickname (I constantly forget this lol) Morrison's real first name is John. JOHN. JAUNE. I blew my own mind at 2AM send help please (oh and I followed heck yeah)

(continued) Also, kindly consider for RWBYwatch, Hanzo’s bow is called Stormbow & Ren’s weapons are called Stormflower. Neptune would play Tracer (goggles, flashy blue guns, flirty, spiky hair). Velvet’s weapon is very Symmetra-ish tho her as DVA is also fantastic. Raven plays Reaper (I think he has a crow/raven skin?) and yeah I’m suddenly obsessed and it’s now 2:30 AM lol

- - -

those’d be things to consider vwv

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I think we should stop hiding our rage under 'Jalsa' tag, and if we want to say anything about how stupid Jon/Sansa pairing is, we should do it under it real ship name. Because we literally just spamming and shaming other good fandom - Frozen and Rise of the Guardian crossover! Jalsa or Jelsa is a name of Jack Frost and Elsa Arendelle pairing, and it's sucks to see any JonSansa posts under the tag, when you search for some new icy cuties arts of fics.

Well, you should never tag hate with the actual ship/character name; that’s not following the rules of etiquette. A couple of years ago when I was new to this fandom, I bitched about the ship and tagged it because I was ignorant to the way the tagging system worked and it didn’t even cross my mind people would see it. Suffice it to say, people got irritated (though I didn’t say anything hateful really, just questioning) and they bring it up to this day years later as some sort of, I don’t know, receipt culture I guess, even though I’ve since learned the “rules” of fandom. *Superbad voice* People don’t forget.

Anyway, yeah tagging it is no good unless you don’t care about people coming after you, in which case, go where the wind blows you. I feel for the Elsa/Jack shippers having to see crackship mockery, but at least they’re in good company with the community of bloggers who just want to reblog a good pic of salsa.

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  • what is your name: Sarah
  • a four letter word:  Sand
  • a boy’s name: Sam
  • a girl’s name: Sandra
  • an occupation: Shopkeeper
  • something you wear: Sandals
  • a colour: Salmon
  • a food: Salad
  • something you find in the bathroom: Soap
  • a place: South Korea
  • a reason for being late: Slept in
  • something you shout: SHIT
  • a movie title: Star Wars
  • something you drink: Semen
  • a music group/band: Seventeen
  • an animal: Sheep
  • a type of car: SUV
  • title of a song: Sing for You

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i tried to do this like three times bc i didn’t wanna be predictable. i failed. anyway here’s tide

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N: No Jesus Christ (Seether)

O: Owner of a lonely heart (Yes)

W: Welcome to the jungle (Guns N’ Roses)

I: In-a-gadda-da-vida (Iron Butterfly)

U: Up the downstair (Porcupine Tree) jesus this was hard to find

N: No I in threesome (Interpol)

D: Dust in the wind (Kansas)

E: Everybody wants to rule the world (Tears for fears)

R: Rock you like a hurricane (Scorpions)

S: Should I stay or should I go (The Clash)

T: Travelling Riverside Blues (Led Zeppelin)

A: All along the watchtower (Jimi Hendrix)

N: Nancy boy (Placebo)

D: Do you remember rock ‘n roll radio (The Ramones)

T: Touch me (The Doors)

H: Have you ever seen the rain (Creedence Clearwater Revival)

A: Another one bites the dust (Queen)

T: The sound of silence (Simon & Garfunkel) HELLO DARKNESS MY OLD FRIEND couldn’t keep it out lol

R: Ramble on (Led zeppelin)

E: Eat raw meat = blood drool (Editors)

F: Frantic (Metallica)

E: Evil walks (AC/DC)

R: Redundant (Green Day)

E: Eight days a week (The Beatles)

N: No sound but the wind (Editors)

C: Comfortably numb (Pink Floyd)

E: Eye of the tiger (Survivor)

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