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Most likely to brighten your day?

Katherine: Alberto. Alberto’s the happy one!

Dominic: [Matthew] will brighten my day in like a dark way, if that makes any sense.

Katherine: That’s very true! That’s exactly right.

Dominic: Dark humor, especially in like, anything past midnight [Matthew] is the one who will brighten my day. But during the day, it would be Alberto.

Matthew: I brighten the night?

Dominic: You brighten the night.

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White Collar aesthetics. 


Tasertricks AU: Loki Laufeyson is imprisoned deep within the earth for over five thousand years and cursed to be conscious every moment in his personal hell, a punishment for a crime he did not commit but then archaeologist, Dr. Jane Foster and anthropologist, Dr. Darcy Lewis unearth his prison. They set in motion a chain reaction that causes Loki’s incarcerator, Thanatos to be awakened. Loki finds himself battling with old enemies to protect new friends and it does not help that he has found himself grown attached to Darcy which does not go unseen by Thanatos.


When will we get a canon picture of baby Dee?


Let me repeat. Publicly shipping two actors who are not dating is not okay.

I’ve made posts about this before, but I’m seeing it now in the Skam fandom between Tarjei and Henrik, and so I feel the need to talk about this again. You have opinions. You have feelings. You have ships you don’t always mean to have. I get it, and so I cannot tell you not to think Tarjei and Henrik are cute (but also remember Tarjei is 17 so please rethink that one just a little…)

But if you ship any two actors, the respectful and right thing to do is to KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. You can ship them privately, in your head, but as soon as you start sharing those opinions online, it becomes a problem. It may seem innocent to post edits or fics or whatever about to actors on your blog, but it’s bigger than that. Maybe the individual post doesn’t get more than a few notes, but your followers now start thinking about those two actors as more than friends. Maybe one of them starts sharing that ship on their blog too. It spreads. And eventually, it will spread to the actors. Guess what? They don’t want to be shipped with their co-workers.

Because I am in many mlm fandoms, I know this is a huge problem between male actors playing same sex couples. However, this applies to all actors, regardless of gender or sexuality. It is disrespectful to publicly ship actors. You love them so much? Love them by giving them the decent respect a human being deserves. Don’t make them uncomfortable.

“I have the right to do what I want and say what I want.”

You’re absolutely right. You do. Are you saying you choose to hurt others with your freedom? Just because you can ship two actors doesn’t mean you have to.

“Actors know what they sign up for when they get the role.”

Unfortunately, I’m sure a lot of actors do recognize that this bullshit comes with the territory. That doesn’t mean they are okay with it, and that certainly doesn’t mean that they have to put up with it. Just because they know it happens doesn’t mean it has to happen. Actors understanding it occurs doesn’t give you a free pass to make them uncomfortable. Besides, no one can truly prepare themselves for that kind of behavior from fans, no matter how much they try. Anticipating it and experiencing it are two very different things. Also, actors in other countries, like Norway, do not expect this sort of behavior, because there are laws in those countries about privacy for the actors. Not to mention that the people of those countries understand what respecting these actors means and do what they can to not to make them uncomfortable. 

“The actors don’t care. Until they tell us to stop, we don’t have to.”

Unless it gets absolutely unacceptable, actors aren’t going to stand up and tell their fans that they are being bad fans. Why? Because they don’t want to hurt you. And they don’t want to lose you. Just because they aren’t make big, loud, and public statements telling fans to quit their shit doesn’t mean they don’t want you to quit your shit. Actors have asked fans to stop shipping them, and that both didn’t stop fans and sometimes made fans act out angrily. Not every actor should have to go through that for you to understand that actors as a whole want more respect. But do you actually need someone to beg you to stop before you will quit your bad behavior? Seriously?

“You’re just being homophobic.”

(More specific to same sex couples here) Don’t use the LGBT community as a safety blanket for your wrongdoings. If say, hypothetically, Henrik and Tarjei did start dating (and just to stress again that this is hypothetic), I’d support them until the day I die. But they are not dating, and they have not shown any sort of hint at wanting to date. Therefore, urging them to date is not okay. LGBT or not, forcing that relationship, or even the idea of that relationship, is selfish. Don’t. Do. It. And also, when two actors have stated that they are not attracted to their same gender or when they are in a relationship with anyone of any gender, it is not okay to disregard that. I have talked about them before in regards to this issue before, but Matthew Daddario has a long-time girlfriend and Harry Shum Jr. has a wife. They will not date each other, and not being able to mentally separate Magnus and Alec from Matt and Harry is a problem you should fix, not feed into.

I know that it all seems innocent. I know that it all seems private on your blog. I know that it all seems insignificant in the grand scheme of things. But if you can do this one small thing for the actors you claim to love and support, why won’t you do it? You’re probably feeling defensive right now. You want to go into the tags and reblog all about these ships you have because someone on the internet is telling you that you’re wrong. You’re angry. But please, I am begging you, because I too love these actors, think about it from their perspective. Think about how it would feel to have someone make edits and write fics about you with someone you are not attracted to, someone you work with, and someone you respect. Actors are friends. They should be able to hang out together, not just work together, without fans reading too far into it and making them uncomfortable. 

You’re not a bad person, but you are doing something bad. The bright side? You can stop. You don’t have to keep publicly shipping those actors again. You don’t have to keep posting edits and fics on your blog. You don’t have to keep commenting on their social medias about them dating. There are so many wonderful, acceptable ships out there between fictional characters, or even actors who are dating (but again be careful and respectful, because they are still real people). 

Please respect these wonderful people who are working so hard to entertain you. They love you. Now it’s your turn to love them.

Also note: while I referred to actors in this post, this refers to anyone in the spotlight (or really anyone in general). Actors, singers, and more. Respect everyone, please.


get to know me meme: [2/5] tv shows - shameless us (2011)

Nobody’s saying our neighborhood is the Garden of Eden. Hell, some people say God avoids this place altogether. But it’s been a good home to us, to me and my kids, who I’m proud of, ‘cause every single one of them reminds me a little bit of me.

Now that Ghostbusters is getting a ladies-only reboot...

I, tumblr user khaleesi, had an idea for for another cast that keeps getting frigging rebooted. Because I have like basically no Photoshop skills and also I am lazy, this is fully text-based sorry 2 make u read (only not rly).

BATMAN. BATMAN AS ALL WOMEN. I know Batwoman is already a thing and she should have her own movie but just FOLLOW ALONG CHILDREN. TRUST IN ME.

Batwoman: Viola Davis OR Laverne Cox. I am not picky and think they would both bring something different and much more interesting to a role that is, tbh, really fucking boring overall. (Sad rich white dude gets mad, seeks justice through money! I FELL ASLEEP HALFWAY THROUGH THIS SENTENCE.) Tbh I am envisioning this as a Bruce Wayne thing and not a Kate Kane thing, though I also want Kate Kane around. Viola can be one and Laverne can be the other. There.

Robin: Stephanie Beatriz. I’m thinking a Jason Todd Robin here – equal parts sheer badass and surprising vulnerability. We’ve seen that Beatriz can do both in spades in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. 

Nightwing: Lupita Nyong'o. I will hear nothing else. Preternaturally beautiful and an eternal optimist? I would LOVE to see this goddess in this role.

Alfred(a): Maggie Smith. Just the right level of gravitas, snark, and innate competence.

Comissioner Gordon:Lucy Liu. I think she does soooort of a similar role as Watson on Elementary, but imagine Lucy Liu and Laverne Cox or Viola Davis working together to take down the forces of evil. You’re welcome.

The Joker: Rosamund Pike. End of discussion. Did you see Gone Girl? That’s what I thought.

Catwoman:Rosario Dawson. I am in no mood for making Catwoman a dude and in every mood for villain/hero lesbian relationships bye.

Harvey Dent: Yo, this is a Gina Torres role if ever there was one. Dent’s a tragedy – I think she would be very, very capable of bringing that edge of desperation and heartbreak to Dent’s villainy. I kinda like keeping Harvey as her name, too. Why the hell not. Gender is a construct anyway.

The Riddler: Rachel Weisz. I actually have no idea why, I just think it would be amazing.

Harley Quinn: Jesse Williams. Again I don’t have a justification for this, just a deep-set surety that it is Right.

Poison Ivy: Idris Elba. Unexpected but again PRETTY PERF. Also I think he would like fantastic in a lot of green.

Oracle: Sebastian Stan. Just imagine it with me for a minute. Everything is beautiful and nothing hurts. No, look, I know that would mean Sebastian Stan would have to be Lucy Liu’s child and also somehow exist as people in both DC and Marvel universes. The obstacles are many, but the chin dimple is worth it. Just let me have this. JUST LET ME HAVE THIS, INTERNET.

how to do vocaseries right
  • honeyworks: has the voice actors sing the songs of the characters they're playing
  • mikagura: has the voice actors sing the songs of the characters they're playing
  • shuuenpro: has the voice actors sing the songs of the characters they're playing
  • kagepro: .......
  • kagepro: .......
  • kagepro: .......we did release remastered editions of the songs with actual people singing them (just not their voice actors)! that still counts, right? right?

Fangirl Challenge: [4/50] Male Characters - Percy Jackson