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His best guess? It’s because Dean is the Righteous Man.
All of Heaven conspired to construct his conception. Every angel knew when he was born. Every one of them sought to rescue him from Hell.
He would never allow Cas to say it, but Dean was a holy man. It had been ordained.

So in hindsight, it really shouldn’t have been so surprising to him. Cas had always been aware of the luminescence of Dean’s soul. It was pure, bright, like how he imagined God Himself to be. But he had never met God. He had only met Dean Winchester. 

He hadn’t noticed the warmth Dean’s soul radiated until his grace was diminished. For that reason, he believed its strength escaped most angels. After all, in raw power, a human soul far outstrips angelic grace. But the soul is meant to be self-contained, while grace is a mobile entity, able to be shaped and pulled by the angel’s will.

Dean’s soul seems to defy the rules of its Creation.

He realizes this in the most innocuous way. He’s sitting beside Dean. In the car, one of the most un-angelic places he knows. Yet it is a place that glows with Dean’s whole presence, even when he is not there. Sam knows this well.

Cas is sitting there, Dean beside him, and he realizes that the ache of his stolen grace, burning slowly away, has lessened. At first he sighs, thankful for the absence of pain. He relaxes, and can’t remember when he last felt this at ease.

He notices the feeling again when he is standing beside Dean’s bed that night. Slowly, scientifically, he comes to realize that Dean’s soul is reaching him. Healing him.

After all, a Holy soul that radiates as pure an energy as Dean’s…. That’s as close to angel medicine as anything can be.

He finds himself giving more and more excuses to stay close to Dean. It’s not that he’s using him though. He obviously enjoys Dean’s company. And he dares to hope Dean feels the same.

And, with increased contact, they uncover new aspects of their own selves. Dean admits one day that he enjoys having Cas around. Cas replies that he does not want to imagine his life without Dean, that Heaven is no longer where the angels live. It’s wherever Dean is. Dean blushes.

One day, Dean notices that Cas is looking healthier. Cas explains, somewhat ruefully, that somehow, just being around Dean is actually restoring him. They both look away when he admits this.

And, well. It progresses. Just being around Dean could sustain Castiel until the end of their lives. But kissing him gives Cas a warmth that he’s sure is not just his emotions. The closeness they enjoy, the sharing of love and secrets between their bodies….

Castiel’s diminished grace will never be a problem again.


Dean Creations Challenge | saawek vs sprinkleofhappinessuniverse

Prompt: You’ll never, ever, hear me say that you, the real you, is anything but good.  - Sam (10x23)

I wanted to do a simple thing : it became a video with sound editing… Warning : lot of video glitches.

When writing, I’ve always had a little trouble understanding “show, don’t tell”. How do you show something about a character, rather than just saying it?

I found something called the camera test. If you took a photo of your character, would a viewer be able to see the traits you want to tell them about, just from looking at the picture? If the answer is no, then those are the things you need to show.

Show that your character is smart, or dumb, or naive, or pretentious, or innocent, or rude. Don’t point those things out. Let the character’s actions speak for themselves.

Hard to Find

Summary: True love is hard to find, but Jensen Ackles may have stumbled upon it at a bed & breakfast in a small, Kansas town.

Part Three: Decisions, Decisions
Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader
Word Count: 2620
Warnings: None.


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anonymous asked:

Hey, sorry to be a bother but I saw your post about Krul and couldn't help message you :p I believe that Krul's human personality would be more or less the same as her vampire one. However, I think she would be more affectionate, gentle to those she loves and quite teasing. (But not on a tease level like Shinoa and her bullying xD). I also think she would have a superior/queen/royalty complex, and has a very short temper. But that's just my opinion :P

you’re not a bother at all and i totally agree! krul would definitely care a lot about those close to her from what we’ve seen, but she probably would express is more through teasing than with actual sincerity. and she does seem like the very regal type, as in she knows she’s above people and isn’t afraid to remind them of that lol along with her short fuse, i think she’d still be quite the force to reckon with even as a human

i find it weird that vampires aren’t supposed to have emotions like humans, but i read that more as they literally don’t have emotions the same way humans do. vampires seem like they have an easier time not going off their immediate gut reactions and can think more in the long term (which makes since - they’re immortal after all), but they still have distinct reactions to what happens to them and around them. this seems especially true of whatever connects them to their humanity (like mika with yuu or krul with aschera). krul is a very reactive vampire and i agree that as a human, she would be very similar. just perhaps a bit less able to see the consequences of anything she does before she acts on it (something that might cause her some trouble since she has such a temper) and less guardedly affectionate.

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Request: 5 with Dean Winchester please xx - anonymous 

Words: 552 

Warnings: Mentions of sex, language 

Link to reference post: x | Requests are open

 5. “We’re not just friends and you fucking know it." 

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Panel Wars

A/N: It happened! It’s here! The first ever Misha request! I hope you like it. ;) I also hope Misha doesn’t find this. 

Panel Wars // Misha x Reader

Words: 2422

Warnings: Misha antics, definitely. 

Request: Gaaahhhhh! Your preference was amazing. Could I request a reader x Misha? Where they’re acting all day and then they go to panel and Misha does cute couple things with the reader and crashes her panel when shes on with Jensen and Jared? And all the fans adore them and it’s super cute and public relationship fluff? (Sorry if it doesn’t make sense, haha)

— — — — —

“That’s a wrap!”

The crew was instantly crowding the set as the shoot for the scene ended and you immediately got up from the floor, wiping some of the fake blood off of your cheek with your thumb and bounding over to an unsuspecting Misha, still clad in his signature trench coat and looking down at the script to get a head start on tomorrow’s lines.

“Hey,” you grinned as you stood in front of him, but before he could even so much as look up, your thumb smeared the fake blood onto his forehead, a snort making its way out of your throat as you looked at your handiwork.

“Why do I feel like Simba all of a sudden?” he asked immediately, unable to keep that bright smile from splitting his face as he set his script down on a table to give his full attention to you.

“Because I am Rafiki,” you giggled, mimicking his smile as you walked with him to the trailers outside, ready to wash up and get going to the panel you’d be doing today, later in the afternoon.

Early morning shoots were always incredibly exhausting but needed to be done, but panels were always energizing and you were eager to head out. It’d be all four of you today, splitting up for different panels as the afternoon wore on, but that was always a fun time.

“Okay, baboon. Are we riding together or not?” Misha asked, an arm draped over your shoulder as you walked to your trailers, conveniently located next to one another, and you tilted your head up to flash him a beaming grin.

“We’re ride or die, right?” you asked, stifling your laugh, and Misha snorted in response, pushing you gently towards your trailer as he made his way towards his.

“Do you even know if you’re using that term right?”

“Not at all. But yes, we’re going together. You can’t get rid of me that easily.”

— — — — —

The place was as packed as you’d expected, but it got your heart pumping when you saw the big turnout every time. It felt good to know that what you were doing was being enjoyed by who knows how many people and that they’d come to see you in person, goofing off with the other guys.

“Starting off with a funny story today, Y/N?” Jared grinned at you as you peeked out at the crowd, and you nudged him playfully after pulling away from the sight of it, hearing your name being called for some last minute hair and makeup retouching.

“Always,” you nodded, trying to keep a straight face for the makeup artist but ultimately failing. Your smile always came around whenever Misha popped in out of nowhere, and he was up in the conversation in an instant, phone in hand.

“Maybe instead of starting off with a funny story for the panel, you should start with a lame one. Like how you Simba’d me today,” Misha grinned, dodging the playful swat at his arm you threw at him.

“That was funny, you jerk! Admit it.”

“It was the least funny thing anyone has ever done to me, baboon,” Misha shot back, then stood next to you once your makeup had been touched up for panel. His phone was up in front of you, camera ready and showing your faces on the screen, and you instantly got closer to him and smiled for the picture. It was nearly second nature to you now, not that you minded; you’d been used to pictures with Misha for a long time now.

But, he didn’t take the picture, and through the screen, you saw him give you a faux dirty look.

“Now you’re making lame faces. Do a funny one with me, don’t be afraid to let loose every once in a while,” he teased you, face straight as can be, but you rolled your eyes with a smile before pulling the weirdest face you could, watching in horror as Misha leaned in and did the exact opposite as you, smiling casually as he snapped the picture. You couldn’t even swipe his phone from him, watching in horror as he pulled up his Twitter account, ready to post it up. “Now everyone’s going to see how weird you are, isn’t that amazing?”

“Panel’s up in five!” a crewmember yelled, and you turned to make your way to the stage and find your seat, ignoring a giggling Jared to walk with Jensen instead. You’d just have to get Misha back for his antics another time.

The music was still blaring while things got set up, but from backstage you saw the one of the hosts for the panel pop up to the stage as things quieted down, going to introduce all of you.

As she called your names out, you felt your phone buzz in your pocket, and you pulled it out quickly to see that it was alerting you of a tweet you were mentioned in, from Misha himself. You didn’t have to open it to know what it was all about.

“…and Y/N!”

You perked up and stuffed your phone back into your pocket, making your way to the stage with Jensen and Jared, a big smile on your face as you waved out to the crowd and took a seat by Jared in one of the suede chairs they’d set out for you for the panel.

“I saw you checking your phone before you came out,” Jensen said, microphone in hand, and you rolled your eyes dramatically at his accusation. “Why did you think that was more important than this?”

“I didn’t!” you defended yourself, then turned out to the crowd to give them a pout. “You guys are going to see a really awkward picture of me and Misha on Twitter. Just a safe warning.”

There was a ripple of laughter and then, after saying your initial greetings and how much you were happy to be there with them, things got rolling.

“I think we all know how these panels start,” Jared grinned, turning to you expectantly. “I’ve been waiting to hear another embarrassing story from you all day, don’t disappoint me.”

“Your life is literally just one big embarrassing story,” Jensen chimed in, and you gave them both a short laugh as you nodded along and gave the audience a bright smile.

“Shall we?” you asked, and you were encouraged by some cheers.

Like any other panel, you’d already mentally pre-selected the story you were going to tell; it was always one that would outshine any of Jared’s, an ongoing competition you two liked to have.

“Misha said I should tell you guys about what I did to him this morning. He thought it was really lame but I’ve been laughing about it all day,” you said, bringing the microphone closer to your face as you got started. “So, when I have to wake up really early, I’m a little delirious.”

That was as far as you got before the cheers started, and you saw everyone’s eyes divert from you to the place you’d walked onto the platform. It all clicked in your head before you turned to look, but you definitely weren’t surprised to see Misha there, smiling and waving as he walked across the stage to where you, Jared, and Jensen were seated.

You watched as he walked past you to Jared, where he took a seat on his lap and stole the microphone from him, laughing when he heard the cheers.

“Don’t tell them that story, Y/N. This is supposed to be fun for them, not lame,” he told you, making everyone laugh, and you just shook your head at him in disbelief.

“Go away,” you told him teasingly, shifting in your seat so you could kick his leg gently. “Nobody even wants to see you here. Wait until it’s your turn to come on here with Mark and Richard.”

“But I hate them,” Misha said immediately, earning some more laughter from the crowd. “I think they’re so stupid. I like you guys a lot more than I like them.”

You and Jensen shared a laugh when Jared pushed him off his lap and got his microphone back, but apparently, Misha was prepared. He pulled a spare one out of his jacket and you heard the fans explode with laughter his antics, and you had to admit, their good humor was contagious.

He turned it on, and after some feedback, lifted it up to talk again as he walked towards the other side of the stage and grabbed a small stool to set it down next to your chair.

“If the story’s going to be told, I’m going to be the one to tell it so it’s not lame,” he went on, taking a seat on the stool and flashing you a quick grin. “Y/N always acts like she’s high when she has to get up earlier than usual and we had to do that today for a specific scene we were shooting. And after we were done, I was just minding my own business and then I hear her saying ‘hey’ to me, because she stalks me. Y/N’s really gross, and she likes to remind people that she’s gross, and I just remember feeling her wiping something really wet and sticky onto my forehead. At first, I thought she wiped snot on me, but then I saw all the fake blood. I was so confused because I didn’t understand why she’d do something like that, but then I realized that she’d just done a really twisted version of the Simba thing to me. Because, again, she’s gross.”

It seemed that every person sitting there in front of you was in tears with laughter, including Jared and Jensen, who were both leaning forward as they bellowed out their laughter. You could only sit there and take it, laughing along with them, and you finally composed yourself after a minute to retaliate.

“Why do you always have to be this way?” you asked through your laughter, and Misha just shrugged.

“I only like Jared and Jensen sometimes, but I actually love you sometimes,” he answered, earning him a collective ‘aww’ from everyone else.

You were about to say something to him but a fan in the front row beat you to it, her voice loud so you’d be able to hear her.

“We love you and Misha!”

There were a few more cheers that suggested agreement and you thanked them shyly, turning to flash Misha that smile of yours that you liked to reserve for him.

“I can’t believe everyone is happy that I’m stuck with you,” he told you with that shit-eating smirk of his, and you just rolled your eyes for what seemed like the hundredth time that day.

He ran off a few minutes later as to not get in as much trouble, and you risked a kiss on the cheek and let the crowd go a little wild for that, grinning cheekily once Misha was safe and sound backstage.

“So, now that Misha’s out of the way, let’s get some questions rolling,” Jensen suggested, and you and Jared nodded, looking out to the crowd for some possible hands.

“I know Jared and Y/N like to prank each other a lot. Can we know what the latest big prank was?” a girl in the back asked, and her bright expression could be seen all the way from where you were sitting.

Jared and you exchanged sneaky smirks and he lifted the mic up to himself first, turning back to the audience to tell them all about it.

“I actually have to give Y/N some kudos for how well it played out. I didn’t know how much she hated my fedoras until this happened.”

— — — — — —

A yawn made its way out of you as you walked backstage with Jared and Jensen on your tail, all of you laughing at how well the panel had managed to go, but you were stopped short when you felt Misha’s arm wrap around your waist.

“I’m going on in a few minutes,” he reminded you, pulling you into his side as you waved to Jared and Jensen. “You should crash my panel so I don’t die of boredom.”

“Shut the hell up, Misha,” you heard Mark call from somewhere behind you, accent lilting his words, and you choked on a laugh when you turned to laugh with him.

“I think I’m just gonna head out to lunch with Jared and Gen before we head back here for photos,” you told him, giving him a quick peck on the cheek. “Don’t say anything too offensive, Simba.”

Misha couldn’t respond in time; the panel was starting already and a crewmember was waving him over before the host got a chance to call his name out. He settled for sharing a hurried kiss with you before stolling off to meet up with Mark and Richard, and you heard the screams and cheers as they all made their way to sit down.

It couldn’t have played out better. You waved to Jared to have him wait a minute, already pulling your phone out of your pocket as you made your way over to the entrance to the stage, peeking out at Misha as he playfully ragged on Mark and Richard.

You tiptoed out quickly and brought your finger to your lips to shush the audience, standing behind Misha and crouching down so you could be more level with him.

You were quicker than you’d imagined, which was a good thing, and the camera on your phone was able to capture Misha’s hilariously startled expression as you pressed your face next to his to snap a picture, a bright and triumphant smile on your face as you saved the picture to your camera roll.

“Oh, and by the way, Misha said he hates you guys,” you said into his mic as you looked to Mark and Richard, who were already cracking up. They booed your boyfriend jokingly and you squeezed Misha’s shoulder as a goodbye before waving to the crowd, the cheers and laughs making you grin as you headed out to have a quick lunch before the panel ended.

Jared didn’t need to be told about what you did to know, and you sent off your revenge tweet with that mischievous glint in your eye, another giggle leaving your lips when you looked over the photo you’d snapped again.

@Y/N: The most romantic photo @mishacollins and I have ever taken together. #RafikiStrikesAgain


Inspired by a tag I saw on ao3 whilst looking for an ace!Cas destiel fic to read.

Because ace cas is my favourite kind of Cas.

And destiel.

Nice nice

tv shows
  • Season 1 : okay pEOPLE this is going to be a SERIOUS series and NO JOKING
  • Season # : *points* you got angsty background, you got abusive parents, you got bromance, you got bromance. AND DONT FORGET THE BROMANCE, also make sure to drop lots of hints and never confirmed them and probably some romance bUT NOT TOO MUCH bcs we will focus on bromance- i mean serious stuff

SPN Moodboard for @lunamisha [8/?]
Endverse!Cas - “It’s the end, baby. That’s what decadence is for. Why not bang a few gongs before the lights go out? But then that’s, that’s just how I roll.”
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