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day 14: something you wanted to see more of  ✧ dax/kahn

Spock: I need to leave and make little Vulcans

Jim: I need you Spock

Spock: Anyways so like I was saying where to next Captain

Scorch My Soul ~ Part 2

Jim Kirk is many things, from lifeguard to expertise flirt and a wisher of a more accomplished life in-between. He is not, however, a believer in the paranormal side of the world. But when his car breaks down in backwater Georgia and good, handsome Samaritan Leonard McCoy comes to his rescue he might start believing in miracles.

Until his dream starts turning into a nightmare.


note: oh my gosh, sorry for the wait guys! This took way longer than I’d planned because I got distracted by zombies and angst… Either way, here is part 2 and I do hope you enjoy it!

fun fact: all songs I mention from Jim’s playlist are linked to youtube


Leonard might have manners and hospitality running through his veins, but Jim does possess some charm and good-behavior as well – not thanks to his mom, who’d given up when he was about eight years old.

So when he wakes up at seven to sunshine in his face and a quiet house he decides to impress his host with thank-you pancakes for breakfast.

He stretches when he’s out of bed and throws on a washed-out pair of Bermuda’s and a white T-shirt before heading to the bathroom for his morning routine – take a leak, some cold water in his face, a quick brush of teeth and he foregoes his hair for the moment.

He pats down the stairs on naked feet, smile on his face. He’s not that good a cook but he makes a good breakfast – taught himself for the purely selfish reason that it really impresses the girls, as well as some of the guys, he brings home.

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Okay so here’s a long and probably rambling meta on Julian Bashir because I have a lot of opinions and emotions about the genetic engineering plotline and I want to sort them out

if any of you haven’t watched Star Trek: Deep Space Nine then you’ll have no idea what I’m talking about have a great day whoo

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OKAY FOLKS BUT lets talk about spock as a childhood abuse survivor because that’s important shit


spock who faced bullying from his peers no matter how well he did academically

spock who was treated with scorn and ridiculously high standards by his teachers; being gaslighted or victimblamed when he tried to complain about bullying

spock who was called a “hybrid” on daily basis

spock who grew up having identity issues as a result

spock having huge self-doubt, feeling like he doesn’t belong anywhere in the universe (this is 100% canon btw)

spock constantly overanalyzing every his word and action in order to be absolutely sure he’s doing the Right Thing

spock losing control when someone talks shit about his parents because they were literally the only ones who were nice and supportive towards him

spock choosing starfleet because he low key doesn’t trust most vulcans anymore

basically spock with c-ptsd, thank you for listening

i can’t believe i have TWO sci-fi shows i can get obsessed over now :D :D :D

the orville isn’t just star trek with dick jokes, it actually has HEART (which surprised me) ;O; and i like those characters and im really hyped for the little contained adventures ;v; (and it has a main cast gay couple too, if that’s what this what’s-the-better-new-star-trek-contest is about)

although st discovery was a bit underwhelming (too much focus on action in my opinion) - the only characters i kinda got to know where the captain (who dies in the second episode, so we wont see her again), michael burnham; i really like lt. saru !! (i think that was love on first sight? :’D i love my lovable cowards who are kinda right to be afraid). but story wise and how it feels it’s the complete opposite to the orville :O

and that’s good now i have BOTH kinds of sci fi: discovery for my serious action/wartime/space politics and the orville for the character driven, funny and kinda heartwarming space family stories :D

i’m gonna go and draw seth macfarlane and his cute crew now

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Kelley was never combative, but he seemed drawn to passionate souls…. Something in him liked a fighter, and he enjoyed the role of counselor that gave these heroes strength and rest.
—  1/∞ reasons why DeForest Kelley is actually Leonard McCoy (From Sawdust to Stardust)

tag yourself I’m Bashir

Star Trek: Temporal

While peace has kept the Alpha Quadrant quiet over the 29th Century a new threat is emerging from the future; a race called the Knowun has started going back in time to erase events throughout the Federation’s history. In response Starfleet opens up a new division, the Temporal Division, whose job is to travel through time and find temporal anomalies and erosions where events should not have occurred or would have been catastrophic and find out as much as they can about the Knowun. Among the ships commissioned is the USS Deviation, lead by Kass Sisko and formed from the best and brightest of Starfleet. Their first mission may seem simple enough to investigate temporal signatures in the 26th Century but they’re about to become the most crucial piece in keeping the Federation from unraveling through time.

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Based on a question from outerspace-innerspace! Which is “how big are redesigns in relation to each other?”.

This isn’t all of them naturally, it’s just a small smattering of DS9 people. But I figured it was a good start. The way I draw is a bit inconsistent so I’m not giving any exact measurements for that reason, but this is kind of roughly the right size.

Bajorans are just a bit shorter on average than humans, though there’s plenty of crossover between short humans and tall Bajorans, so I wouldn’t really say it’s a rule.

Cardassians… naturally their heights look different depending on what they’re doing. They’re so twisty, they change a lot. So I drew Dukat drawing himself up to full bipedal height. That’s about as tall as he would get before he started losing his balance. In comparison, Garak presents a shorter image in order to be less intimdating and noticable to the Bajoran populace on the station. His midsection sticks out as he curls his pelvis behind him and bends his legs, and he tends to keep his head bowed too.

Trill, as I’ve said before, are just fucking enormous. I guess they’re not the biggest aliens ever, but for a station that’s made for life forms that are around the same size, Trill are ginormous. To be honest, I’ve probably sketched Jadzia too short here, she should be extremely long. Anyway, either way, they’re big. Jadzia, and visiting Trill, tend to swim over the top of everyone’s heads rather than swim alongside them, just to make sure there’s enough space. Especially since they need to keep wiggling.