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the whole “let me hit my head to see if it triggers any memories” thing will never not be funny to me (although a bit worrisome)

me: *thinks about Grima while doing the dishes*
what if Morgan came to the past and didn’t lose her memories but still got separated from the rest of the children, but then Grima from alternate future got into trouble and had to possess Morgan when Robin’s body was damaged, and ran away to the past, too. And then he found the real Morgan and murdered her and started to pretend he’s her (having her body ofc) and he faked his amnesia just to avoid bothering with lying about Morgan’s childhood because he obviously didn’t know all of the details and it would be suspicious if suddenly Morgan began to tangle herself in her memories. Her “ouch, my head, but wow I remember something!” WAS A LIE
And then Robin sacrifices himself, wakes up in the field, Chrom picks him up, they hug and Robin cries because finally everything is over, they won, he’s free of the fell blood, grima is gone. And then there’s Morgan standing next to them and she’s like

and I

me: looks down at the dishes. There’s a knife in my hand,


“Robin, promise you won’t go.”

“Alright, I promise you won’t go.”

also I ripped your style sortof becauuuuse???? I don’t have an excuse, but here you go

HOLY GLOB. CHAI, LOOK (well you’re asleep at this hour so guess you’ll see this in the morning).

whatamilookingat. whatpositionisthat. whatisshedoingtohim. howdoesitwork. isitanalienthing. ohxhalwhatwhatwhat.

I have so many questions.

robindaspoopy  asked:

Red's S/O yawns and that causes him to yawn. They just stare at him for an uncomfortable amount of time before dramatically staring at their hands and going "oh my god. I haVE THE FORCE!!" and then preceed to try and shut the door with their mind

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* He doesn’t think much of it when you make him yawn, he just figures a good ol’ nap is coming up soon. So when he finally catches your stare his anxiety skyrockets trying to figure out what he did wrong.

* He’s starting to question if you’re okay when your gaze slowly goes down to your hands. He’s super worried and concerned. And then you yell out that you have the force. And Red just goes limp. Contemplating what the heck you’re talking about to the point of giving him a headache.

* Soon enough he sighs and gives up, noticing your intense stare traveled to the door now. He decides to have some fun, using some magic to slowly edge the door open for you. He’s going to be teasing you about this later, but for now he just likes to see your reaction.