should i tag real names too

Please don’t think that you deserve to be misgendered because your pronouns are “too hard.”

Please don’t think that you deserve to be dead-named because your real name is “too different.”

Please don’t think that you deserve to have your gender invalidated because it’s “too new.”

Please don’t think that you deserve to suffer exorsexism because others can’t find it in themselves to learn or respect you.

You can be understood, and you have every right to live the way you wish.

You deserve to have a place in this world.

Turns out the Raza aren’t a race of aliens. “The Raza” is the name of this ship.

Unleash Pt. 1

Creatures AU- You are… Well, you don’t know what you are and neither do your step parents. As you learn about the supernatural side and who your parents were, you get into WWE which is full of supernatural creatures. One of which knows who you are and wants to help. Could Aleister Black really help when you don’t even know what he is? 

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You never knew your real parents and it always sat weirdly with you. You were told that your father had just left because your mother died in childbirth. The whole thing seemed odd and made you question if that was really happened. You were quickly adopted by a supposed family friend, you were too young to know. Your step-father’s name was Hunter and your step-mother was Stephanie. As you grew up, they would tell you small things about your parents, but they stopped when you graduated high school. That was the day your vision changed, literally. They sat you down and started with a story that you knew all too well. 

“In this world there lives humans and there lives creatures. Humans didn’t like the creatures as they thought they were dangerous so the creatures disguised themselves as humans. Since then, they have lived in peace as only creature could see other creatures. That is why I know that Stephanie is a witch.” 

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anon said:  Also about the post on default ships…. when I first entered the fandom my friend shoved tae/kook down my throat and used to find that a main ship but the funny thing is (jimin is my bias) and I watched him a lot and noticed a lot of hidden/ subtle moments between jikook and the more I watched jikook the more I realized how much sexual tension there’s between them whereas tae/kook are honestly really really really good bros…. like v/min are soulmates but in a platonic way too… also Nam/jin (1)
(2) are a pretty strong bromance as well but I don’t get that feeling of sexual tension and romantic tension between any other ship in bts apart from jikook…. acc in my opinion the most moments I see are between jikook but maybe I’m biased cause i have a jikook tension radar now… point is these default ships are cool at first but they’re not end game like s/ope and yoon/min are nice but honestly I ship Tae/gi more cause of their dynamics like all the hate between the ships is so pointless….
(3) everyone should ship who the want to ship cause bts are so shipable and come on bts are so shipable you can ship them with other idols in other groups…. but for me I believe jikook is more than a ship I’ve watched so many analysis vids after I found the moments too much and needed someone’s opinion on this shit and somehow I noticed even more moments like damn jikook… idk we’ll probs never know but it makes me happy to think that there is something there so ship hate should stop

Hey just a heads up, please put a “/” in ship names, so they don’t go in their tags thanks!

But that’s how it was for me too. when i first became an army (dang around 2 and a half years ago??) yoon/min and tae/kook shippers had tried to convince me that those ships were the most real, and constantly shoved them down my throat as well. and i mean, they were cute, don’t get me wrong, they’re super close and have adorable moments. but i saw nothing romantic between them, so it was weird to me that everyone else did. everyone has their own opinion though, so again, i didn’t really care. then i got more into bts, discovered i was taehyung biased, with yoongi as my bias wrecker, lived my life blessed by my two beautiful mans and discovered the beauty that was jikook. at the time, jikook was not huge at all. like, we got maybe 4 posts in the jikook tag per day, it was kinda sad honestly. there were almost no jikook dedicated blogs except like jikookiejar and neverbefake i think. it was a hard life tbh. anyways, so at the time, when i reblogged jikook onto my multifandom blog, my friends i had made would give me major shit saying that jikook were fake, and they hated each other. and that jimin didn’t deserve jungkook or that jungkook diddn’t deserve jimin. and it was just so ???? to me. because like. ??? why are you trying to destroy a friendship between two members??? idk, but now i realize that it’s because those are the like ships everyone ships when they first get into bts, essentially. idk, i just find it so ridiculous that people actively try to destroy a ship because they don’t agree iwth it. and i agree omg, jikook  have the best chemistry out of all the ships. that’s what attracted me the most. and here i am today lmaooo. 

and yes omg preach. ship hate is so unecessarry and horrible. it’s like, let people ship what they want. come on. 

An Observant Kind of Man (A kylux fanfic)

You may have heard about April fools bodyswap - here it is, as promised, my first attempt at fanfiction! (My thanks to @hux-you-up​ and @sutoribenda​ for being wonderful human beings and helping me out!!!).

An Observant Kind of Man

General Brendol Hux Jr. had always considered himself to be an observant man, on the very sensible basis that not much escaped his notice. He had perfect control over  exactly what was going on in his ship at any given time, and he took pride in knowing everything that could be useful about everyone around him.

It is understandable, then, that he was not well equipped to deal with it when a big, obvious fact about his own life flew right over his head.

Hux had never intended to get involved with Kylo Ren. When he first learned that the Knight would be stationed on the Finalizer, he was expecting to maintain a cordial - perhaps even friendly - professional relationship with him. It was, after all, important to keep good relations with one’s colleagues, especially when said colleagues happened to be the apprentice of the Supreme Leader of your cause.

Of course, Hux’s well-intended plans for a friendly relationship flew out of an airlock soon enough. Two days into their new co-commandership of the Finalizer, Hux had witnessed a temper tantrum worthy of a rebellious teenager, all because Ren had failed to master some obscure technique in the time he’d set for himself.  He’d left behind a destroyed training room - and a disbelieving, disgusted Hux.

“Lord Ren! What in the name of the Empire do you think you’re doing? Desist at once!”

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Birthplace: Los Angeles

Current time: 7:33PM

Drink you last had: Water

Easiest person to talk to: My brother Aaron in real life. My friends online

Favorite song: I don’t know

Grossest memory: Seeing my own blood? Does that count?

Horror? Yes or No?: No, I hate horror movies

In love?: What’s love?

Jealous of people?: Some people

KeSha: I don’t care

Love at first sight or should I walk by again?: I don’t fall in love that easily, I am old-fashioned too..

Middle name: E (That’s all you’ll get)

Number of siblings: 6 (But one was miscarried by my mom, but I am the middle child.)

One wish: I would have to many to pick from..

Person you called last: No one

Questions you are always asked: Is that your real age?

Reasons to smile: For family and friends

Song you last sung: I can’t sing XD

Time you woke up: 4 AM Since I got sleep apnea

Underwear color: White

Vacation destination: The backyard

X-rays: Too many to count

Your favorite food: I got lots of favorites

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Only if they want to do this as well

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what should we call you: lea? leona? leo? lee? lemonade? ideally the first, but i’ve gone by varieties of the same internet moniker (some more embarrassing than others) for a long time so i’ll leave it to these. none of them are even close to my real name, but i’ve been lea for long enough online.
birthday: february 3
gender: female, she/her
orientation: not sure? i’m young i have time
age: *sweating* too old to be on Dance Moms
languages you can at least somehow communicate in: english, hindi-hindustani, marathi, kannada, and tulu are the languages i grew up with! i’m taking mandarin in school and i know how to write ‘eggplant’ in russian.

favorite cocktail/drink: KIDDIE cocktail because my favorite color is red and i’m underage
favorite candy: 100 grand, to reflect my ideal hourly salary but no i genuinely love it
favorite pizza: cheese with chicken, olives, and banana peppers
favorite meal: nothing can beat my mom’s mattar paneer served with slightly overcooked white rice bought in bulk from costco. it’s my childhood and it’s my future, it’s what i will be eating in college and beyond

best memory: going to the indian naval base in mumbai with my uncle when i was a little kid
best friend: sal khan from khan academy he got me through this many years of math class
best relative: i have… so many… i can’t choose
best pet: i’ve never had a pet so i would have to say my grandma’s cat battista. he is a cuckold if there ever was one, his gf ran off with another tomcat and now all he does is mope in the attic and eat lizards

one random fact about you: i’m a kathak dancer! i’ve been dancing for 10 years (which is wild).
one random fact about your day: i had lunch at a pizza place and i paid for my pizza in one dollar bills
one random fact about your muse: she has an anglo-indian accent when she speaks english, but it’s very english-sounding compared to the more americanized pronunciation that the newer generation of indian english-speakers are beginning to adopt. for a hindi-punjabi-bengali native, her accent in english sounds pretty old-fashioned, kind of like how a 1940s transatlantic accent would sound to americans / brits. it’s supposed to be quaint and charming, but her delhiite coworkers make fun of her for it :-(
one random fact about your job/school: i’m an unpaid intern at my dance company but i get free t-shirts as bi-monthly compensation
one random fact you wish was a fact but it isn’t: i’m not a procrastinator and i’m not doing this meme to procrastinate even more

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what should we call you : You can call me Virtually if you want? But my real name is Alyssa :)
birthday :  Feb 21
gender :  Female
orientation : pansexual
languages you can at least somehow communicate in : English

favorite cocktail/drink: Uhh Mike’s Hard Soda?? (I dont like alcohol a whole lot but my friend bought us some of this once and it was awesome)
favorite candy : Twix?
favorite pizza : Garlic white sauce, spinach, steak, no crust 
favorite meal : Chili?

best memory : The day before my birthday, when i asked my Partner to date me!!!!
best friend : I have a Squad who are the Best People Ever I don’t feel right picking favorites uvu
best relative : HahhaHAHAHA
best pet :  My dog Molly
best celebrity : Keanu Reeves ALL THE DAMN WAY

one random fact about you : I want to be an elementary school teacher!
one random fact about your day : I tried to sneak out of class and my professor caught me RIP
one random fact about your muse : idk lol
one random fact about your job/school : There’s this one leaf painted red on a bush near the art building and….idk why…why are art students so weird.
one random fact you wish was a fact but it isn’t : I have 6.3 billion dollars. Which i hear is what 2 submarines our military bought costed :)))))))


watched this video and i couldn’t help but think it sounded like a converation Ruby would have with her dear old sister Yang

this is the first time i’ve ever made one of these fake text things so please don’t judge me too harshly

So… “Rogers” isn’t the Killian we’ve known for five years? I’m not sure how I feel about that. I loved our Killian. I’m sure I’ll love this one too, but it’s not him!

On the other hand that means that the real one and Emma are still together and happy in Storybrooke. As long as those two are together and safe (and Emma isn’t dead! WOO!) I guess I’m happy…

For everyone who plan to delete the game because they were only in for 1 or 2 of the charecters...

So at first i was very sceptical towards doing Yoosungs route. I had just gotten enough hourglasses for Sevens route and I was tempted to drop him. I didn’t. Instead i did 2 routes at the same time. I JUST finished Yoosungs route. I gotta say its SO WORTH GOING TROUGH ALL THE WAY. No matter what a bunch of people say about him - he along with every other character deserve EQUAL AMOUNTS OF LOVE. Sure theres nothing wrong with getting into the game because you saw one character (Zen/Luciel most often) and felt very attracted to them, but DO NOT delete the whole game without giving a shot to the other characters.

Yea they might not be your perfectly good looking or the biggest meme but THEY ALL HAVE BACKSTORIES and their own problems.

Its like they are separate people united by one cause. Nothing will be the same whoevers route you do except the first 4 days. As long as you give them all a shot you will understand and love them all. Dont be extremely sceptical when going into a route of a character who might not be your favourite.

  Give them all an equal chance.

 Its really worth it. You might not be attracted to a certain character and all of them might have “throw off points” at first ( Yoosungs constant comparing to rika and Luciels denial of his feelings) but if you go trough with it you get such a warm feeling deep down. No matter if Luciel is the “true ending” or not, dont make the other characters seem unimportant because of it


I really am so tired of seeing posts like “I wont do Yoosungs route because hes so obsessed with Rika” or “I wont do Jaehees route because shes such a bitch in Zens!!!!”. “Im only in for Zen/707 lol im deleting after their stories” “Jumin is too unemotional for me i cant play him at all” 
Like i get it if you wanna play this game for hot guys thats fine. But if you actually want to ENJOY it, then try to look at the PLOT of the game. Its like any other game. You dont play an RPG because of 1 thing that happens/1 charecter you get to play. You may have started it at first with those thoughts but its rare you end it with them. You get into the story along with it. Its the same for MM. You may find out and start playing it for one charecter but dont forget to pay attention to the story. Or else you wont ever really enjoy the game and you will feel unsatisfied at the end of the day. 

If you are thinking of this as your simple Meet and Date Otome game - then go ahead and do so. But honestly if you want to not only play but enjoy this game - then give all characters an equal chance and enjoy the story. Not just visual candy on your screen. 

Dont judge the book by its cover and dont judge the Mystic messenger characters by the first 4 days

“But this is just a work of fiction.  It doesn’t hurt anyone.”

I think what I’ve finally grown tired of is the idea that any media doesn’t affect people.  Art of any kind – and in most intellectual circles, even the most atrocious literature is grudgingly given the label of “art” – is by its very nature intended to elicit a reaction in people.  And we all have our favorites - paintings or sculptures or novels or movies that stir something deep inside us so powerfully that it stays with us and changes us irrevocably.

But, what of all the art that doesn’t evoke such a strong reaction?

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I’m back with another treat for you Until Dawn fans out there!  I heard a lot of squeals for sweet bby Chris earlier in the week, but now I’m doubling down by adding his bff Josh!  It’s always interesting to interpret real humans into plushies.  Actually, now that I think about it maybe I should tag this with the actors’ names.  Does that mean this Josh plushie doubles as a Mr. Robot plushie??  Maybe I’m thinking about this too hard…

Chris and Josh are a commission for Amy Oudot on etsy!