should i tag real names too

Please don’t think that you deserve to be misgendered because your pronouns are “too hard.”

Please don’t think that you deserve to be dead-named because your real name is “too different.”

Please don’t think that you deserve to have your gender invalidated because it’s “too new.”

Please don’t think that you deserve to suffer exorsexism because others can’t find it in themselves to learn or respect you.

You can be understood, and you have every right to live the way you wish.

You deserve to have a place in this world.

Turns out the Raza aren’t a race of aliens. “The Raza” is the name of this ship.

For everyone who plan to delete the game because they were only in for 1 or 2 of the charecters...

So at first i was very sceptical towards doing Yoosungs route. I had just gotten enough hourglasses for Sevens route and I was tempted to drop him. I didn’t. Instead i did 2 routes at the same time. I JUST finished Yoosungs route. I gotta say its SO WORTH GOING TROUGH ALL THE WAY. No matter what a bunch of people say about him - he along with every other character deserve EQUAL AMOUNTS OF LOVE. Sure theres nothing wrong with getting into the game because you saw one character (Zen/Luciel most often) and felt very attracted to them, but DO NOT delete the whole game without giving a shot to the other characters.

Yea they might not be your perfectly good looking or the biggest meme but THEY ALL HAVE BACKSTORIES and their own problems.

Its like they are separate people united by one cause. Nothing will be the same whoevers route you do except the first 4 days. As long as you give them all a shot you will understand and love them all. Dont be extremely sceptical when going into a route of a character who might not be your favourite.

  Give them all an equal chance.

 Its really worth it. You might not be attracted to a certain character and all of them might have “throw off points” at first ( Yoosungs constant comparing to rika and Luciels denial of his feelings) but if you go trough with it you get such a warm feeling deep down. No matter if Luciel is the “true ending” or not, dont make the other characters seem unimportant because of it


I really am so tired of seeing posts like “I wont do Yoosungs route because hes so obsessed with Rika” or “I wont do Jaehees route because shes such a bitch in Zens!!!!”. “Im only in for Zen/707 lol im deleting after their stories” “Jumin is too unemotional for me i cant play him at all” 
Like i get it if you wanna play this game for hot guys thats fine. But if you actually want to ENJOY it, then try to look at the PLOT of the game. Its like any other game. You dont play an RPG because of 1 thing that happens/1 charecter you get to play. You may have started it at first with those thoughts but its rare you end it with them. You get into the story along with it. Its the same for MM. You may find out and start playing it for one charecter but dont forget to pay attention to the story. Or else you wont ever really enjoy the game and you will feel unsatisfied at the end of the day. 

If you are thinking of this as your simple Meet and Date Otome game - then go ahead and do so. But honestly if you want to not only play but enjoy this game - then give all characters an equal chance and enjoy the story. Not just visual candy on your screen. 

Dont judge the book by its cover and dont judge the Mystic messenger characters by the first 4 days

Rules: Using only songs from one artist answer these questions and tag ten people.

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Artist: Journey

What’s your gender: Spaceman
Describe yourself: Raised on Radio
How do you feel: Sweet and Simple
If you could go anywhere: City of Angels
Favorite mode of transportation: The Wheel in the Sky
If your life was a tv show: Revelation
Relationship status: My Lonely Feeling
Your fear: It’s All Too Much

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A- AGE: 22
B- BIGGEST FEAR: being alone
C- CURRENT TIME: mornigs, that I hate
G- GHOSTS, ARE THEY REAL? hell yeah ’-‘ 
I- IN LOVE WITH: i wish..
K- KILLED SOMEONE? my happiness 
L- LAST TIME YOU CRIED: yesterday, reading a manga
O- ONE WISH: i dont know.. I really want to go in a twenty one pilots show
Q- QUESTION YOU’RE ALWAYS ASKED: how did u do that to your hair?
R- RELIGION: catholic
S- SONG LAST SANGED: History Maker
V- VACATION DESTINATION: I love to travel but I have no money to do it, so.. none
W- WORST HABBIT: hiding what I’m feeling
X- X-RAYS YOU HAD: teeth
Y- YOUR FAVORITE FOOD: I’m brazillian so I dont know the name in english.. its called Inhoque here.. and I love pudin.
Z- ZODIAC SIGN: capricorn.

sorry the bad english guys :)


watched this video and i couldn’t help but think it sounded like a converation Ruby would have with her dear old sister Yang

this is the first time i’ve ever made one of these fake text things so please don’t judge me too harshly


I’m back with another treat for you Until Dawn fans out there!  I heard a lot of squeals for sweet bby Chris earlier in the week, but now I’m doubling down by adding his bff Josh!  It’s always interesting to interpret real humans into plushies.  Actually, now that I think about it maybe I should tag this with the actors’ names.  Does that mean this Josh plushie doubles as a Mr. Robot plushie??  Maybe I’m thinking about this too hard…

Chris and Josh are a commission for Amy Oudot on etsy!

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holy shit that Harry/Merlin/Eggsy little bit of writing was so fucking hot, any chance of you writing more. I love that they got scared that they push too hard and now they should apologize by making Eggsy feel real good :)



Well, I was thinking about another scenario: Eggsy jerking off and fingering himself in the showers one night when there is no one else in the dorm room, Merlin watching him from behind the mirror. Once Eggsy finds out it was a two-way mirror, he flushes all over every time he catches Merlin’s eye, even though he can’t be sure that Merlin saw him.

And Merlin initiates a gradual seduction process—starts casually touching Eggsy more often than strictly necessary, quietly praising him when he does something well, lingering closely behind Eggsy during one of the written exams the candidates have to take (watching the blush crawl up Eggsy’s neck from under his shirt collar). At some point they’re having a chat in the corridor and Merlin wrecks Eggsy’s attention span by leaning in and talking to him in a low voice, his hand braced on the wall right next to Eggsy’s head, Eggsy completely distracted by his body heat, the smell of his aftershave.

That night Eggsy has a wet dream about Merlin and he just can’t deal with all of this any longer.

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