should i tag manager too lol

killian-whump replied to your post “So has anybody figured out the ‘watch free on Yahoo view’ thing yet??…”

I’m guessing it has to do with our new Yahoo overlords. It links to a Yahoo’s video portal for OUAT and seems to show up on posts with the OUAT or Once Upon a Time tags. There’s actually, like, hundreds of OUAT clips on there, along with the last 5 episodes, so, I dunno, I guess good for them?

Yahoo was the old overlords. Verizon are the new ones. LoL. 

But I DID manage to figure out how to block it. It was through Adblock. So if you use it, just right click on the ad link, go to where you see ‘adblock’ in the drop down, and select ‘block this ad’. Should make it go away!

(Tagging @captainodonoghue and @sailorkillian since y’all were wondering about the damn ‘watch free on Yahoo view’ thing too)