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Would you happen to know why the chinese version of Obito's name is 带土? Because it sounds nothing like Obito and I'm kind of confused. As a matter of fact, would you happen to know the chinese names of the more prominant Naruto characters/places? I can usually guess, but my fluency in chinese is embarrassingly low >< (I don't mean to be a bother but you're like my only link to the chinese part of the Naruto fandom right now. Thank you.)

No worries! I like answering these kinds of questions. In fact I’m letting you skip straight to the head of the queue because that’s how much I like answering these questions. (Sorry, everyone else who asks me questions about Naruto! You should ask me about CHINESE Naruto instead.)

I did a post about Kakashi’s Chinese name here, and I’ll copy the relevant passage to this ask:

There are three major approaches to the names of characters in Japanese works translated to Chinese.

1. If the name is in characters, keep the characters and just pronounce them the way they would be pronounced in Chinese. This is the traditional approach in both China and Japan for handling each other’s names, AFAIK. Example: Karin’s name is 香燐 in both Japanese and Chinese versions of Naruto, but in Mandarin those two characters are pronounced Xianglin.
1b. If the character’s name is kana, but it’s obviously from a Chinese character, the Chinese character can be used anyway. Example: Sasuke’s name is written サスケ in Naruto, which is kana, but it’s quite obviously meant to be the name of the famous fictional ninja Sarutobi Sasuke whose name was written with the kanji 佐助, and that’s what he’s called in the Chinese translation (pronunciation: Zuozhu).

2. Sometimes the name is transliterated rather than translated, especially if the original doesn’t have an easy translation or is just meant to be sounds. Kakashi’s first name is an example of this. 卡卡西 “Kakaxi” (the /x/ in pinyin is pronounced more or less like the English /sh/ FYI).

3. ????? Sun spots? Whim? Dice roll? No reason that I can figure out, or such a reach that I’m wondering if the translator pulled a muscle, in other words. Kakashi’s Chinese surname is this. Hatake, I have been told, means “farmland” and uses the character 畑, but for some reason the Chinese translation uses 旗木 which is “flag + wood”. WHAT DOES IT MEAN? WHY?

Ok so back to the specific question of Obito. This is approach one! If you search the characters for Obito you get Obi “belt” + to “earth”. Now are these the kanji that Kishimoto had in mind when he gave Obito the kana name オビト? It’s… a definite maybe. Sometimes the translator gets it right because it’s obvious (see Sasuke or Karin above) but sometimes the translator just makes the “I dunno” noise and the “I’m not being paid enough for this and I’m on a deadline” shrug and eyebrow raise and does whatever, I’m guessing.

I later found out, for example, that Hatake being translated as 旗木 instead of 畑 is a result of the translator guessing wrong what kanji were behind the kana ha-ta-ke. Professional translators also fuck up! God bless us all.

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There’s no reason for this gif, I just really like it.

(For anyone wondering how Obito sounds to Mandarin speakers, it’s pronounced Daitu.)

Here is a site where some nice person compiled a Chinese to English dictionary of Naruto names and places.

can i say that even though i love Gruvia, i hate how Mashima did Juvia dirty. Juvia was such a complex yet wonderful character who had many aspects of her that could have been explored, and the fact that she loves Gray could have been apart of her, but not the only part of her. Mashima chose to make Juvia revolve around Gray and that was such an injustice to her.

we know nothing about her past, and every chance given, Mashima instead chooses to make it centre or relate back to Gray. Juvia could of had a deep, meaningful relationship with many people. for example, Lucy: instead of a loving relationship shown in tower of he an arc, juvia sees her as a love rival.

I love Gray, Juvia, and Gruvia as a whole, but honestly i’m so sick and tired of every aspect of Juvia’s character revolving around Gray.

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do you have any advice for someone who's just starting to use digital art/a drawing tablet? i can't get a single line in that's not super shaky and i have no clue what im doing help snsjsksksk

Well, first does the art program you’re using have a stabilizer?  On sai it’s here:

And they’re pretty easy to find on other drawing programs! They smooth out your lines and such like this:

Also I found that using quick strokes when sketching makes my lines come out a lot less shaky looking! 

Also! I know this is like, heard way too much but practice practice practice, bud! Figuring out my own drawing tablet took me a good while and experimenting! I wish you the best of luck with your drawing~

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Imagine Bellamy being sick and having and high fever, so somebody cut his hair to cool him down When Clarke found out, she cried

why would you cut his hair to cool him down THAT’S NOT GONNA HELP

okay imagine this: it’s been about six months since they left and his hair is growing wild. monty ambushes him with a pair of scissors and chops it all off, a bit shorter than intended and you can no longer see his curls that well. bellamy starts keeping it like that, trying to forget the boy he was on earth, so his hair is always close cropped and there’s always a bit of stubble around his chin making him look older than he already is

10 Characters, 10 Fandoms

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Rules: List you top 10 favorite characters from 10 different fandoms (in no particular order)

1. Nagito Komaeda: Danganronpa
I despise him with passion at the beginning for being an ass. When I keep playing SDR2 more and more, I somewhat understand his actions and well.. kinda fell for him after that :D

2. Akira Kurusu (aka. P5 protag): Persona 5
Please… he is so swag. I’m drooling over everything about him at first sight.

3. Ulquiorra Cifer: Bleach
I’ve been liking him for 5 years now. The reason i like him so much was because his cool stoic personality (this is my type). And some childhood headcanons i have with my brother.

4. Yuuki Konno: Sword Art Online II
Do I have to say how baddass and cute she was?

5. Yoshino: Date a Live
LOOK AT HER WONFGWOFMEHO so cuteee… also i like her design

6. Maki Nishikino: Love Live!
I kinda like her type of tsundere..? I like her voice too.. (Good job PILE)

7. Rem: Re:Zero
Best waifu. Such cinnamon roll. Subaru needs to die. #PROTECTREM

8. Mikoto Mikoshiba: Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
He made my days through how funny he was. And please stop getting embarrased by your own words..

9. Kaito Kuroba: Magic Kaito
Do I also have to say how baddass he is at stealing things with magic? His ability to disguise was perfect too… i like him.

10. Neptune: Hyperdimension Neptunia
She is such a cinnamon roll. Do i have more to say about her? No.

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A practice doodle turned into Saeran so here you go ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

he’s probably looking at Yoosung lol

(I’ve started playing Mystic Messenger again and I’m currently going through Jaehee’s route another time~)

                            When you want to make an Fairy Oc but you are not sure if anyone would interact with her.

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