should i tag all trolls

pendaly  asked:

I've gotten my sister to watch the show on the condition that I watch iZombie with her so I've got that going for me at least XD. I appreciated ur freight-train metaphor immensely. It felt pretty accurate. Also knowing ur a filthy homestuck like me may I politely suggest you think about the idea of burner!Karkat and Kane Co. Employee Kankri? Because this brings me great pain and joy. Also Meenah as The Duke of Detroit. I mean the fish lady has a gold statue of herself?? Idk I have many thoughts.

YAAAAAASSSS  Meenah would make a fantastic Duke!  Have Feferi be Kaia (the extremist “well-intentioned” ecological terrorist, wa-hey) and you can make the three main villains a Pexies triad! >:D

Kankri would be such a Deluxian tho lbr Deluxe and Motorcity are a lot like Beforus and Alternia.  

Presenting also as counterpoint: a mutant limeblood, a psionic who dresses up like he thinks he’s a seadweller, and an actual seadweller who thinks you’re all trash. 


I also forgot to post these pooplords I finished in the stream a while back OTL
I have been so forgetful lately.