should i stop with these or

Overseen at Shinichi Kudo's phone screen
  • Conan: Shinichi-nii-chan! Thank you for the help in the recent case, Kogoro-occhan solved another mystery, and the criminal confessed to their crimes!
  • Shinichi: It's fine, kiddo. Thank you for helping me participate in this, although I'm so far away. You're really useful.
  • Conan: I'm always happy to help Shinichi-nii-chan! Oh, by the way, looks like Ran-nee-chan is about to call you soon ^-^
  • Shinichi: Wh... why do you think so?
  • Conan: Sonoko-nee-chan teased her and she became completely red! And she also was searching for the phone...
  • Shinichi: Don't she have mobile with her?
  • Conan: She forgot it at home ^^
  • Shinichi: Crap, she's really calling. I'll talk to you later.
  • Conan: Tell me what she'll say!
  • Shinichi: ...
  • ...
  • Conan: So, how was it?
  • Shinichi: Like hell I would tell.
  • Conan: She doesn't seem happy...
  • Shinichi: Does she?
  • Conan: Ran-nee-chan looks upset and frustrated. Did you say something bad to her, Shinichi-nii-chan?
  • Shinichi: That's none of your business.
  • Conan: That's so bad, Shinichi-nii-chan... Ran-nee-chan only seems to worry about you, and she always feels so lonely, although she tries to hide it. Why can't you be more soft to her?
  • Shinichi: None. Of. Your. Business.
  • Conan: Ran-nee-chan doesn't deserve it...
  • Shinichi: ...
  • ...
  • Conan: Hey, Shinichi-nii-chan...
  • Shinichi: ?
  • Conan: Shinichi-nii-chan, are you going crazy?
  • Shinichi: ...
  • Shinichi: Why do you think so?
  • Conan: Because, Shinichi-nii-chan, you see, I don't exist! And you're using two phones right now to send messages to yourself... Do you need help, Shinichi-nii-chan?
  • Shinichi: ...
  • Shinichi: Shut up.
  • Conan: So rude, Shinichi-nii-chan...
  • Conan: Well, talk to you later, Shinichi-nii-chan. I'm off to comfort Ran-nee-chan. At least I am the one who's close to her and actually can comfort her.

YO @leoriotheoreo!! *ties this to a rock and throws it at your window* I finished your commission! Man, can you believe it?? Martello is finally alive in color haha// Well anyways, I hope you like it my friend!! Also can you believe this dork?? Sitting on the dirt with white pants?? Unacceptable, mister.

We interrupt this Program to bring you some Lunara~~
I forgot it’s May, which means, redraw of the Lunara !! Every 6mo - 1yr I try to redraw her, to check my progression since I’ve started my Journey, and well, here we are!! 

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I never finished Year One / Posted it 


I am fucking livid.
Come to find out one of my dear friends deactivated her Tumblr because some others cannot take the fact that someone has a different opinion than the one you think is canon.

Because you think shaming someone that thinks differently is more important than school, uni, work, family.

I have an 11 year old daughter. If this happened to her, I would hunt you down and let you have it.

In fact, if you were in a state where bullying was prosecutable by law, I would get admins and police involved in a heartbeat.

And if any of you bullies see this, come at me, and not anon. I personally feel if you have to attack anon you are COWARDS.

The Assassin’s Creed fandom should be open to EVERYBODY, regardless of age, gender, color, culture, orientation or opinion.

*steps off soapbox*

ok, now this one’s the last one (im from new jersey, so i had to haha)

bonus at the end cos it’s coincidentally been a year since yesterday ;)