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Take Me To Your Leader

Written in 30 minutes for the latest @txf-prompt-box challenge.

I set myself a limit of 500 words because I wanted something short and sharp. This is NSFW. It’s been smut Sunday here today!

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It’s dawn-dark, a soft glow of grey light rising off the horizon. Stars are fading. The moon is hanging on. It’s a dreamscape. Surreal in the unnatural light, surreal in the way the earth is floating away. Surreal in the way Mulder is kneeling in front of her, fingers unbuttoning her fly one moment, then sending jet flames up into the balloon hull to keep them flying high.

She should be really pissed at him. She should be charging him with theft, or deception or both. But he’s pushing her against the side of the basket, pulling her panties down and spreading her apart he can calm her down the best way he knows. His tongue is cold against her clit, and it’s heaven against the heat of the flames. The roaring noise covers her building moans and she bucks her hips forward as he delves deeper and deeper. She grips his hair, and the backs of her hands burn. But she could lose the skin for all she cares now, he’s so expert at this. His stubble is scraping the skin at the top of her thighs and the friction is delicious. She’s riding his face and the feel of his chin against her ass sends electricity jolting through her. His nose is buried deep and she writhes around it until he pulls away for air. As he sends bolt of flame up, he uses his fingers to keep her going.

In her periphery, morning is splitting the sky with its gold. The sunrise mirrors her own awakening and she stretches out her hands on the edges of the basket, gripping as sparks explode and she comes hard against his face. He leaves his tongue flattened at her core as she ripples like the new dawn.

She slumps to the cabin floor and he’s grinning at her. He’s literally stolen a hot air balloon for her. Because she said she’d never been in one before. There are two of them in a basket being held up by strings and silk, floating on hot air, hundreds of feet above the rural Virginian countryside. She looks up and laughs again at the balloon he has chosen.

“You will no longer be able to deny that you’ve seen a space craft floating above you, Scully.”

She shakes her head and leans forward to kiss his slick face. “What am I going to do with you?”

“Take me to your leader?”

He kneels up and she unzips his fly. He’s rock hard and ready. “I am the leader, Mulder.”

Yesterday I got dumped by the guy I was seeing recently. He said he didn’t believe I could be feeling so much for him in such a short time, didn’t want to be in a relationship again and that I should stop. We kissed and then he left.

We were seeing each other for about a month, usually once a week, and only when he could, because he was always busy. He would often cancel our plans in order to, said he, “study and sleep”. 

Did I mention yesterday was also my birthday?

I got dumped. On. My. Fucking. Birthday. 

Would you please send me some supportive messages? I’m really sad about what happened because I really like him (or love, I don’t really know how to define it anymore). It’s been a tough day. 


Alex went out with some friends that morning. Meanwhile, Luke and Maddie were in his room. Thinking.

Maddie: His grades have gone down the drain, he’s always breaking curfew, coming home drunk or dirty or both. I don’t know what we are going to do?

Luke: I think he needs a change.

Maddie: What do you mean?

Luke: He gets away with bad grades at his school, we should send him to a far stricter school. That will send the message. There one on the other side of Windenburg.

Maddie: You mean Forrest Prep? It’s a boarding school?

Luke: I know. This is what he needs. He has a year and a half left of school. He will survive. 

Maddie: I hate to think of him being so far away… but.. hmm I think you’re right. I can’t see him throw his life away to be cool or whatever he is doing. Let’s look into it.

Luke: Plus it will get him away from that Jessie girl. He’s been so much worse since he starting hanging around with her.

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Eggsy frowned, bottom lip stuck out stubbornly. "What did ya do that for?"

Tilde blinked up at him, her wide blue eyes red-rimmed. “You’re drunk.”

“You’re stoned!” Eggsy countered. “And you ate all the Chipotle guac!”

Tilde eyebrows quirked as she sat up in her chair, prim and straight-backed like she does at the state dinners that she so loathes and sniffed, “You should have bought more.”

Eggsy narrowed his eyes at her, swaying slightly on the spot; he shouldn’t have let Harry pour him those three extra martinis. “You’re lucky you’re my beautiful wife and that I love you.”

Tilde beamed instantly, her joy infectious in a way Eggsy has found is rarity in his world, and said, “Yes, I am very lucky.”

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(well I’m sending hc’s to u now hope that’s ok) so Race is in the hospital and he’s on that anesthesia stuff and you’re the nurse that’s taking care of him and he can’t stop flirting with you and you know he won’t remember any of it so you just go with it but little do you know that one of the Newsies there (probably Albert) is filming it all and is gonna show it to him later -chicken nug anon (should I do another part of this??)

im about to get ppffline but pls keep sendign these in, pls this shit is cute af

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favorite AU ideas for sansa?

i think you mean sansan?? if so wow okay:

  • runaway au!! modern or not, she either chose to leave king’s landing with sandor or she ran away to him or ran into him after running away and just UGH forced closeness please and thanks
  • the brotherhood stops at winterfell on their way north (*coughs* coming soon to a fic by me*) and sandor and sansa reunite and they just are Cute as they should be
  • beauty and the beast, even though that’s not really an au ;)
  • i loveee sneaking around and bed sharing tropes and that’s so easy with them in both modern and canon forms just UGH i love it

sooo many more wow do i love them

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Look I am Gillovny as all hell. I want to see all the pics of them together, practically groping each other. I want to read how you think they got it on, I can’t help but freak out when they do the flirting thing they do, I want to see the slo-mo break down of their touches and kisses, I want all of it.

What I don’t want is disrespect for Gillian Anderson (or David Duchovny for that matter). I will not judge her for her choice to spend some time with a consenting adult who is not DD. Gillian likes to have fun and play along with this Gillovny thing and we should enjoy that.

Please don’t send me messages about how bad she is or that this is 1955 and she’s contracted to be seen with him for publicity/promotion. Yes, I think Peter Morgan is a dork but truly who fucking cares. If she wants to spend time with him, even if it’s just every second Sunday, more power to her.

And while we’re at it, she is a fan-fucking-tastic mother in my opinion. She’s teaching her children to live their authentic life, to do what makes them happy and not stoop to the pettiness of others. They go low, she goes high. It’s obvious she loves her children very much and they love her.

And another thing, Gillian Anderson is a fucking superstar, she doesn’t need to pretend to be with anyone for any role. She’s up there with the best of them.

ps - she wasn’t giving the finger to her fans, just to the shitty people out there who dare make misogynistic comments about a smiling, happy, grown ass woman on vacation.

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Would be considered csa or incest or anything else if, when he was still living with us, my dad would take pictures of me naked (I was 5-8 when it was happening)? I dont know if he was using them for himself but i know he let friends see and be with me. I dont know if that means he actually did anything or if he just distributed junk..

Thats definitely csa and incest and u should put a trigger warning if you send ppl asks about that, not to be a dick. But yeah, that’s child pornography, and csa, regardless of if he looked at it himself, because there’s no purpose of taking pictures besides distributing them or looking at them. But it’s also incest because he was engaged in sexual behavior with you regardless of if he got off on it. I really hope you’re not still in contact with him.

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thoughts on Jay's lack of character development?

I was really dissapointed about it. I feel in D2 he (and everyone else essentially) was kind of just used to push Mal’s storyline along. I wanted to see more of how he was doing in Auradon. How is tourney, how’s his classes, those things. It looks likes they’re planning to set him and Lonnie up, and I don’t have a problem with that, I just think he should get some development. 

If you have descendants questions, send them in! 💙💜💙💜


kinda about that question about how long ago did someone last told keith they loved him

lance confesses kinda in a nonchalant way (keith thought it was platonic lol)

later keith tells everyone else he loves them and they say they love him back and lance is in the background seething silently in rage and jealousy (”we had a bonding moment! you caressed my face!!!”)

Here’s my dadsona August Rayne! He’s always tired and does a lot of art. He really loves Amanda too (okay but who doesn’t?)

Bonus with DamienxDadsona: 


Inspired by Shawn’s recent Instagram story and this line:

“Wanna, like– I mean, if you’re not busy… We could get lunch? Or even just coffee if you don’t have a lot of time?”

She sighed, looking around the mess that is her new apartment. Her back hurt, her arms were burning and she was so exhausted, she felt like passing out.

“Where do these boxes go, hun?” her dad asked, holding up a box with “books” written on it.

“Just put those in my bedroom, thanks,” she replied, taking a sip from the beer her best friend had handed her.

Moving into your new fancy place in Toronto could be really awesome but also very tiring and she groaned, seeing all the boxes in her living room she had to unpack.

Her best friend put an arm around her shoulders and as if she could read her friend’s mind she said: “Hey, the view makes this bearable, don’t you think?”

She grinned at her friend, squinting her eyes a little because the sun is shining bright on the balcony. “Yeah, true. The view made me buy this!”

“So… when’s the housewarming party?” her friend asked, raising her perfectly arched eyebrows.

The girl shrugged. “I have to put actual furniture here first. And clean up. And decorate.”

“Yes, yes, Miss to-do-list, I get it. It has to be perfect, I know. As always,” her friend stated, rolling her eyes.

They laughed as they go back inside and she knew she’s nowhere near done yet but she already feels at home. It’s a warm feeling. And she knew this is where she belongs.

Three weeks later

She’s on her way to the elevator, carrying a bag with groceries and another shopping bag from H&M because she just couldn’t resist buying that cute dress and the sweater she really needed as the concierge calls her name.

“Excuse me, Miss!”

She turns around. “Yes?”

“Could I ask you for a favor, please?”

She smiles a little, nodding. “Yeah, sure.”

“I have a parcel for… um,” he looks at the box, “Mister Shawn Mendes. Your neighbor. I know he hasn’t been home for quite a while but could you just take this for me? I have no space to store this and I would have asked Mrs. Johnson from 310 c but she would just forget about it, you know how she is…”

He smiles at her apologetically and she nods again. “Yeah, I can take it. I mean… I haven’t seen my neighbor yet and I don’t know him but I guess it’s a nice way to say hello”

“He’s very nice. You’ll get along perfectly,” the concierge says with a smirk. “You are both young and so hardworking! And both charming young things.”

She smiles back. “Yeah, we’ll see about that and um… thanks!”

She takes the parcel, briefly looking at it in the elevator. It says “Armani headquarters” on it and it got sent all the way from Milan. She raises her eyebrows a little.

Must be nice being a superstar. Getting free designer stuff all the time.

She felt a bit insecure when she found out who her neighbor was. 

Living door to door with a teenage pop sensation slash superstar could be a bit frightening, knowing how famous he really was.

She dreaded the thought of having lunatic fangirls standing in front of her door, screaming and shouting Shawn’s name but so far it has been very quiet and she hasn’t seen him yet as he was probably busy being the good looking popstar he was, traveling the world, making girls scream wherever he went.

She didn’t really get the hype. 

Her best friend freaked out when she found out who the mysterious neighbor was, making her want to move in with her. 

Or camping on Shawn Mendes’ doormat.

But the girl living in the condo next to him, didn’t get too excited. Sure, he was good looking and talented and cute and all of that.

But she didn’t understand how people could scream and shout, seeing him, shoving phones into his face for a selfie when he was just a regular person who happened to sing and play the guitar.

She didn’t understand until she saw him. In person.

It was a Saturday and she knew he was home.

There were footsteps in the hall, male voices, sounds of a guitar and doors shutting and she took a deep breath, brushed her hair and ringed the bell.

She wasn’t wearing anything fancy, heck, she was in her gym shorts and a loose band shirt she got at a concert some time ago. And she was wearing fuzzy socks.

Not sexy at all.

And she regretted her outfit choice as soon as she saw him, standing in the doorframe, looking like a Greek God or something. A light stubble, messy brown curls sticking up slightly, wearing black pants and a white t shirt that fitted him well and as he looked at her, eyes a bit sleepy and a wry smile spreading across his plump lips, she had to swallow thickly.

He blinked twice.

She looked down at the parcel and up at him.

“Um… hi!”

“Hi,” he said in a deep, raspy voice, smiling down at her.

“I’m your new neighbor and I wanted to say hi and I have this parcel for you and um… yeah, hi…” she rambled, blushing a bit because he was looking at her in a way that made her nervous.

He was checking her out. Briefly looking her up and down and she squared her shoulders a little.
His gaze rested on her bare legs for a little bit too long and he bit his bottom lip in a way that made her heart flutter and race and she felt hot suddenly.

“Oh, thank you so much!” he smiled brightly, taking the parcel from her. It looked tiny in his hands. “And nice to meet you,” he added, stretching his hand out. “I’m Shawn”

She shook his hand, saying her name.

“Nice to meet you, too.”

He leaned against the doorframe, obviously not in a hurry to close the door.

“I just hope I don’t bother you with my music. I’m working on something right now and it can get a bit… loud,” he said with a smug grin, dipping his head a little, after nodding into the direction of his condo.

He was towering over her, playing with the parcel in his huge hands and she looked at his long fingers, noticing a silver ring on his middle finger. He was wearing a black watch that looked cool and expensive and she pressed her lips together. She understood it now. The hype. The fangirls.

He looked like a teenage dream. Almost as if he wasn’t real.

Too handsome for his own good.

She looked up at him. “No, um, all good. I don’t mind.”

He gives her a crooked smile, licking his sinfully plump lips. “Okay, good. Just tell me if it’s too loud… and if you need anything I’m right here,” he said in that soft voice of his she already found so endearing.

She awkwardly shifted her weight from one foot to another. “Yeah, thanks! Goes both ways… the if you need anything thing… not the music thing, obviously…”

She blushed and he smiled at her, running his fingers through his curls. “Yeah,” he replied, never breaking eye contact and she felt like dying on that door mat of his.

“Okay, so I should try this on, I guess,” he frowned, looking at the parcel and she nodded.

“Must be something nice… coming from Italy,” she smiled and suddenly regretted her words. “I only saw that it’s from Milan, I didn’t…”

He laughed and it sounded like the most beautiful thing she has ever heard.

“It’s okay! All good. Yeah, they send me awesome stuff now… it’s just really cool because I actually hate going shopping,” he chuckled, blushing himself.

She smiled at him. “Oh, I can’t relate. Shopping is my favorite hobby.”

He tilted his head to the side. “Yeah, well, that’s because you’re a girl… must be natural, eh?”

She laughed. “Yeah, yeah, I guess. So cliché.”

He smirked and she looked down, avoiding his burning gaze. “Okay, um… I’ll leave you alone now… so you can try your new stuff on and yeah…”

He smiled. “Okay, yeah, see you.”

“See you,” she breathed and tried to walk gracefully back into her condo.

Don’t trip, don’t trip. Don’t mess up.

She exhaled loudly, closing the door after her and let out a little groan.
She reached for her phone because she really needed to talk to her best friend now and she quickly typed OMG CALL ME into her phone, pressing send.

Shawn sighed in frustration, looking into his empty fridge.

Living alone was not as cool as he thought it would be. His clothes were dirty and scattered on the floor in front of his washing machine, there was nothing to eat and he missed his mom.

Coming back from tour to his new posh place felt good at first but now all he wanted was to go back to Pickering to eat his mom’s roast and he started to feel jealous of his little sister who got to sleep in a freshly made bed and eat home cooked food all the time.

He groaned, looking at the stove. There was no salt. He had used everything his mom had given to him and he looked down at the chicken he was trying to make taste somewhat eatable.

He bit down on his bottom lip, turning down the John Mayer song he was listening to.
He could go to the supermarket and actually buy food – and get mobbed in the process.

Or he could ask her.

He was pretty positive that she had salt in her perfectly tidy condo with a full fridge and nice flowers everywhere. She looked like a girl who had flowers in her apartment.

And nice pillows.

He shook his head, trying to clear his mind. But he couldn’t help it. He couldn’t stop thinking about her.

Those long, lean legs. Her nice ass, he got a good look at when she walked back to her condo.

The outlines of her obviously nicely shaped breasts through that grey band shirt and he licked his lips again.

He was feeling frustrated, coming back from tour. He was needy, antsy somehow and he had felt hot and bothered, closing the door after receiving his parcel.

Leaning against the door he had to cup himself through his pants adjusting his cock that had started to stir against his boxers that were getting all tight around his dick as she had turned around and he had watched her hips sway slightly.

There were thoughts in his head. Thoughts he shouldn’t have about a girl he didn’t know.
Inappropriate thoughts crossing his mind. About her. Naked. Moaning his name. Panting. Legs spread and back arched.

He tugged at his hair in desperation. He shouldn’t feel like this about a girl he just met but the way she blushed and rambled made him want to be dominant with her. Be rather rough. Take her from behind maybe because he loved that position and she would feel him deep inside of her.

He felt guilty, thinking that. She probably had a boyfriend anyway. And Shawn would leave for Brazil soon. So that was that.

He hesitated a bit before knocking on her door. But he took a deep breath, fixed his hair and knocked.

His heart started to race, hearing footsteps.

She opened the door and he shoved his hands into the pockets of his pants.

“Hi!” he said, his voice cracking a little. “So this thing about needing something came sooner than expected,” he said with an amused huff and she smiled up at him.

“Yeah, I guess?”

“Well, I just came home from tour and the only thing that is in my fridge is some mustard and disgusting smelling milk and I wanted to cook something but I ran out of salt,” he frowned a little, his cheeks turning pink. “That’s why I was wondering if - um – if I could borrow some?”

She nodded, giving him a beautiful genuine smile and his heart did a stupid little jumpy thing he didn’t know it could make until then.

“Sure! I got you.”

She turned around and he was about to drool. He shamelessly stared at her ass and he didn’t want to be like this. Lusting over her like some horny teenager. But he couldn’t help himself.
He totally had the hottest neighbor in all of Canada.

She came back from the kitchen. “There you go,” she smiled and his fingertips brushed over hers as he took the small package from her.

“Thank you so much! You saved me from starving! I mean I could always order pizza but I’m trying to impress my mom.”

She let out a soft giggle. “Good luck with the cooking, it smells like you burned something though.”

He looked over his shoulder in an alarmed way. “Oh, fuck, yeah, I should go look after that! Thanks again!”

And with that he ran back into his apartment, trying to save his dinner.

She looks at her freshly baked cupcakes and knows that there is no way she would eat all of that. She had baked too many cupcakes and couldn’t stop thinking about knocking on his door.

She found it way too cute how he had nothing in his fridge and here she was, practically surrounded by food.

That’s why she takes two cupcakes, arranging them on a plate. This time she is prepared. With gloss on her lips, wearing her favorite bra and a nice t shirt, denim jeans and flip flops. All wavy hair and bare tanned legs. She knocks. And waits.

Maybe he isn’t home.

She is about to turn around as she hears footsteps. And there he is.


Fucking shirtless, only wearing some sweatpants he must have thrown over in a hurry.

“Hey,” he pants, looking at her, slightly confused.

“Hi! Oh. I’m sorry. Didn’t want to disturb!” she says, no, gasps.

He looks almost photoshopped. Ripped abs, defined v line, pecks and arms, defined and muscular. 

She swallows thickly, looking down.

He looks over his shoulder, an alarmed look on his face. “You aren’t! All good. Can I - er - help you?”

“No, no. I just baked those and have some left over and I thought you might like some?” she says tentatively, holding up the little plate.

He smiles in a genuine way, looking very grateful. But still tense.

“That’s so sweet. Thank you very much!”

He presses his lips together, hearing the high-pitched, female voice coming from his bedroom.

“Shawn? Who is that?”

A blonde girl comes up behind him, looking like she’s on the cover of Sport’s Illustrated or something, wearing nothing but a large men’s shirt.

And now she knows where his shirt is.

On some blonde bombshell with a D cup.

Silicone probably.

“Oh,” she squeals. “Cupcakes? Awesome!” the blonde girl grabs one, grinning at Shawn.

“Who’s that, Shawn? Your neighbor?”

Shawn looks flustered and his cheeks are red. As well as his ears.

“Yeah… that’s my neighbor.” He awkwardly introduces them and he shakes his head slightly - desperate -  at his pretty neighbor who looks shell shocked with her plate in hand.

As if he wanted to say no no she’s not my girlfriend. She’s just an one night stand. Meaningless. I swear. I was thinking about you all the time. Imagining you under me. Because you drive me crazy.

“Um-well,” she blurts out. “I should… leave, I’m sorry. Bye,” she hands Shawn the plate as if it had burned her and almost runs into her condo, leaving an embarassed Shawn behind.

He closes the door, groaning in frustration. That was not what he had planned. This shouldn’t have happened.

His one night stand should have left hours ago but she was clingy and annoying and Shawn was too polite to kick her out. But it was time now.

The blonde girl is nibbling on the icing of the cupcake and Shawn picks her clothes up, holding them up.

“Hun, I really should work now, sorry but… you know…” he says, sounding annoyed.

Her eyes widen. “Oh, I see,” she says, sounding ice cold. “I’ll leave. I get it.”

He sighs, turning around so that she could get dressed.

“Bye, Shawn! And don’t ever call me again! Asshole!” she spits out, leaving his place and he slams the door shut. 

“Yeah, bye” he snorts angrily. Just to huff a frustrated “fuck!” afterwards, letting himself fall onto his couch, hitting a pillow in frustration.

He slams his hand against her door. But she won’t open. Of course not.

“Hey! I know you’re home! Come on! Please! Open the door!” he yells.

He rings the bell again. Over and over until it starts to get annoying.

She opens the door with an annoyed huff.

“What?” she hisses. “I’m working on a paper and I need to concentrate. If you would stop ringing my doorbell- that would be nice. Thanks,” and she proceeds to slam the door into his face.

He’s quick, sliding a huge foot into the doorframe.

“No! Wait!”

She rolls her eyes at him, opening the door again.

“Your plate! Here!” he awkwardly holds it up, handing it over to her. “Tasted so good, really! Thank you!”

“Mhm,” she breathes out in an annoyed way. She isn’t exactly mad at him. She’s mad at herself. For believing that she would actually have the tiniest bit of a chance with this guy who looked like a young god and lived the superstar lifestyle. Fucking blonde bombshells included.

“She isn’t - that wasn’t - that girl is not my girlfriend,” he blurts out.

“I don’t care, Shawn”

“Okay. Just wanted to make that clear. I don’t have a girlfriend.”


“Okay?” he frowns, brows furrowed, curls messy and bopping a little.

“What do you want to hear? I don’t care about your love life or whatever… we don’t even know each other.”

She looks him in the eye, looking dead serious.

He licks his lip nervously and steps closer so that he towers over her, hands on either side of the doorframe. He looks down at her and gulps, tilting his head a little. 

“Wanna, like– I mean, if you’re not busy… We could get lunch? Or even just coffee if you don’t have a lot of time?” he asks, feeling his cheeks get bright red as well as the top of his ears and he shifts his weight from one foot to another.

She tilts her chin up a bit.

“I have to see about that - I actually am busy right now.”

She sounds distant and he sighs.

“Come on… please… I’d love to get to know you.”

She nibbles on her bottom lip. And he wants to kiss her so bad. Part those pretty lips with his and slip his tongue into her mouth. 

He wants, wants, wants her.

“Really?” she says, barely audible.

She knew there were girls out there who would sell their souls for this. A date with Shawn Mendes.

He nods. Eyes dark.

“I’m not who you think I am. I don’t have a different girl every night,” he says quickly.

“I know what you’re thinking. That I’m some stupid teenage star who has a lot of hook ups and gets drunk in fancy bars but I’m not!” he adds. “I’m a regular dude. Really.”

She shrugs. “I don’t really think ‘bout you so you’re good.”

His face falls. “O-okay, right, yeah. I shouldn’t have assumed that.”

His shoulders hang a bit as well as his head and he wants to turn around but she holds him back. “No wait! Sorry, that was kinda rude. I’m just- I mean… coffee would be nice,” she breathes out and his face lights up again.

It frustrates her how freaking adorable he looks like that, smiling, looking like a lovesick puppy.


“Yeah, I mean- it’s just coffee, right?”

“Just coffee,” he grins.

And he’s already so involved in this. He loves the chase. The thrill. And he can’t wait for what’s to come. 

I really like Tormund as a character, I like that he is brave and smart enough to join forces with his enemies to save his people. I love that he is into Brienne and considers her attractive and wants to have her babies. I would consider shipping him with Brienne IF she showed any sign that the feeling is somewhat mutual.

But all she shows is revulsion and embarrassment, you know, the same way most women do when they’re being catcalled by some random creep they never talked to.

It troubles me that people are finding it sweet, because he’s a good guy and no one really finds her attractive at first sight but him, so it must be true love, right? I mean, what are we really telling each other here? We’re sending the message that if you’re considered unattractive and believe no one can love you for who you are, you should totally hook up at the first guy who thinks you’re hot, even if you are creeped out by the way he leers at you from the very first moment.

I can also understand why some people don’t want to see Jaime ending up with Brienne, because she deserves so much better and he is such a damaged soul, with a sordid past, etc. I get it and I respect it. In real life I’d probably advise Brienne to run away from that guy, too. 

But the difference is…. no matter the objections we can come up with, Brienne is very interested in Jaime. And he is also very interested in her. 

I think mutual interest, affection, respect, admiration, willingness to sacrifice themselves for the other, companionship, etc. should be something absolutely mandatory when you ship two characters, regardless of their faults. If one of them is lacking, then he/she really shouldn’t be in that ship to begin with.

always on my mind

Derek had a completely normal childhood.

He spent his first few months of kindergarten playing with a ginger-haired boy named Will. Will was awesome, he liked hockey as much as Derek did and knew all the presidents’ names and his favorite color was green. Derek remembers this. He remembers Will. He remembers Will being real.

Never mind that, after months of raving about his new best friend, his parents ended up slipping his name into their parent-teacher conference only for his teacher to say that there was no redhead named Will in his class.

Never mind that his parents spent weeks prodding Derek to find out who this Will was.

Never mind that they ultimately decided that Will was his imaginary friend.

Soon, Will started showing up at Derek’s house, when he was alone in his room. He was just a kid. He didn’t question it.

Will kept coming around – sitting next to him in class, in the corner reading with him at recess, playing card games with him after school, helping him with his math homework – far after his parents deemed it acceptable to have an imaginary friend.

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BnHA Senior Portrait #9: Special Edition Jeans!Bakugou

Artist: JBadgr


With the help of @poulerslashes, here is the hc behind this pic:

This is a photo commissioned by Best Jeanist to remind Bakugou of what an upstanding HERO should look like. Bakugou hates this photo. B.J. photoshops fake fashion ad campaigns and sends them to him daily. His mother has it plastered all over the house. It leaks to the school. UA advisories and student announcements are posted as blurbs on this photo. Kirashima and Sero have yet to stop laughing. It has been 6 days. Bakugou has destroyed 12 desks. 


BnHa Portrait Series: #1 Uravity #2 Bakugou #3 Midoriya #4 Todoroki #5 Tokoyami #6 Kirishima #7 Kaminari #8 Mina

About Damn Time

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Anon request: could you please write a dean x reader fic where they end up locked in a confined space together that starts as annoyance but leads to more? and they’ve been hunting together a while but always had an antagonistic/teasing relationship to cover up that they have feelings for each other

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,000

Warnings: SMUT (that’s right, I wrote some smut. Can’t say it’s good, but it’s there) language, mention of death, minor angst, lots of sass

A/N: This is also for @wayward-marvel-sommer1196​‘s sarcastic writing challenge! Sorry I’m a little late - honestly I’m shocked and thrilled it didn’t take longer to finish this. Thanks for the fun challenge, and have a great semester, hun! (my prompt was "Oh, I offended you with my opinion? You should hear the ones I keep to myself…" and is in bold)

A/N/N: Look guys, a thing that isn’t firefighter Dean! It’s a miracle!

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Imagine demon!Dean beating a guy up to death because he touched you and he got jealous. (Part 2)

Read Part 1 here!

“How-” you voice felt stuck in your throat “How do you know me?”

“He-” she glanced at the door, hesitating as if he could come in any given moment “Doesn’t matter.” she breathed out, shaking her head as if to shake the thought off and turned to leave.

But you weren’t having any of it “No” you breathed out, rushing to grab her arm “No, please.” you looked at her with pleading eyes, for the first time putting all feelings of jealousy aside “Tell me.”

“I-” she sighed, looking around nervously “He’s mentioned you.”

“He?” your hand fell on your side “Dean, right?”

“Yeah.” she pursed her lips and oh you knew that look very well, jealousy and envy “Without really wanting to, uh a couple times. Once or twice in his sleep and other during-” she stopped herself, shrugging and now it was your turn to feel that unpleasant burn inside your chest “I asked him who you were but he always brushed it off, insisting it- you didn’t mean a thing but seeing the way he looks at you just… proves how wrong I always was for believing him. And how wrong he was.”

“About what?” you said in a low voice, biting your lower lip.

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